Arrow Recap: A Hero Is Mourned, and a Familiar Face Resurfaces

Arrow Recap Oliver Kills Tommy

That’s the thing about dwelling in caves — it’s dark.

Arrow‘s Oliver discussed that dilemma this week with both Felicity and Diggle, as everyone close to Sara struggled to process her shocking, mysterious death.

Laurel of course is out for blood, clawing for answers about her sister’s murder. So when a lead lands her at the hospital bedside of someone else seemingly targeted by Sara’s killer, she crosses a line or two to procure intel from the already injured man.

Oliver, too, wants answers, and Diggle assures his friend that he will very much be there at his side to get them. To that end, Dig uses Lyla’s connections to tap into an A.R.G.U.S. database to work the case. But through it all, Oliver stands gut-punched but stoic, prompting the aforementioned heart-to-heart with Felicity.

Upon beseeching his best gal to bring “her A game,” Felicity reports, “I don’t have it!,” crestfallen as she is — as anyone should be — by Sara’s brutal murder. To that end, she asks Oliver, “How can you stand there, being so cold and rational…?” Oliver makes a fair point, that he doesn’t have the luxury of falling to pieces when everyone is looking for him to lead. “If I grieve, nobody else gets to.”

Felicity, though, isn’t terribly moved by his fatalistic credo, announcing, “I won’t wait in this cave to die. There is more to life than this.”

After giving Sara the closest thing possible to a proper funeral, Oliver comes around to a version of that thinking, admitting to Diggle — who’s back on Team Arrow until Sara’s killer is found — “I don’t want to die down here” in the foundry. Dig’s answer: “So don’t.”

Elsewhere in the episode, fittingly titled “Sara”:

* In flashbacks, Amanda Waller via Maseo tasks Oliver with taking someone out — and that person turns out to be Tommy Merlyn. Seems that Ollie’s BFF got wind that someone accessed “dead” Oliver’s email from a Hong Kong location. Oliver of course begs off the assignment, so he and Maseo work out a compromise, in which Oliver kidnaps Tommy and, whilst disguised, convinces him that A) Oliver is “rotting at the bottom of the ocean,” and B) Tommy was the victim of a kidnapping for ransom, thus throwing him off the scent.

* In mulling mortality and the importance of loved ones, everyone decides, “Hey, it’s time to track down Thea,” prompting Roy to share with Oliver the “Dear John” letter he received in the Season 2 finale, in which Thea vows never to return. And at episode’s end, we see exactly what Ms. Queen has been up to, training in martial arts under the supervision of “Dad” aka Malcolm Merlyn.

* Ray Palmer spends big bucks to buy the Tech Village chain, so that Felicity will need to work for him one way or another — but instead, she outright quits. But in keeping with the “Get more out of life” motto she later adopts, she ultimately returns to QE and her new (and compassionate) boss.

* Though she comes close, Laurel can’t quite bring herself to telling her “fragile” father what happened to Sara. What might possibly be the dramatic payoff of this conspicuous procrastination?

* Can we get a deleted scene of Diggle discussing with Lyla the idea to name their baby after his scantily clad, blonde colleague?

* What’s cooler: Dueling archers on motorcycles, Oliver pitching himself out a window while simultaneously shooting a “batarang” arrow into the sky, or catching your opponent’s arrow and turning around to shoot it back into him?

What did you think of Season 3, Episode 2?


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  1. Judicar says:

    “What’s cooler: Dueling archers on motorcycles, or Oliver pitching himself out a window while simultaneously shooting a “batarang” arrow into the sky?”

    I’ll go with option C: catching your opponents arrow mid flight and then using it to shoot them in the shoulder.

  2. tamara says:

    Laurel and Katie….wow I can’t wait to see where this goes. The natural crier Katie is gets me every time

  3. Alichat says:

    So I have to ask……honestly now…….I can not be the only person who finds Ray Palmer seriously creepy, right? He’s supposed to be charming and the male version of Felicity in some ways…….but I find him arrogant, creepy, braggy, stalker guy. And no….the little moment at the elevator didn’t win me over either.

    • Enri says:

      TBH I’m ok with him. He shows emotions and I think Felicity was really needing that from Oliver and didn’t get it. Felicity decided there was more to life…now Oliver needs to do the same.

      • Alichat says:

        I get that Felicity was needing that. My dislike of him isn’t out of some loyalty or defense of Olicity. I really just don’t like his character. I don’t know if it’s Routh….which I don’t know why it would be….I liked him as Superman and haven’t really seen him in anything else……or if it’s just the character. I just don’t like him….i find him creepy…..and I don’t trust him.

    • JAB says:

      He comes off as smarmy.

    • Oh he’s totally a creepy ass, but dammit there’s something charming about him despite having virtually no good characteristics. Kudos to Routh, really.

    • Kate says:

      You are not alone. The character is creeping me out big time. Being a manipulative stalker is not cute, and it’s certainly not romantic.

  4. kate says:

    not nearly as strong an episode as last weeks. still a pretty good hour of tv, but wasn’t as satisfying. perhaps that’s the intention.

    i also just don’t find laurel to be an engaging character. i find that even when i’m supposed to be caring about her i usually just end up annoyed by her behaviour. not a compelling character and not one i appreciate focus on.

    • Sparky says:

      Was expecting it to be a very emotional episode but it didn’t quite get me the way I expected it should…maybe I’m cold. Ollie realizing that he could die that way and telling Dig that he doesn’t die down there I liked. The stunts were definitely very cool…my favorite when they threw themselves out the window of QC…flawless!!! Next week looks like it will be a very good episode…everyone’s favorite evil Dad back corrupting his long lost daughter. Thea has a very good stunt double…I’m assuming that was her double before she pulled off the mask; I bought it hook line and sinker that it was Thea!!! Only 7 more episodes until the mid season finale but who’s counting!!!!

    • Enri4513 says:


  5. TvPeong says:


    • KCC says:

      I was pleasantly surprised to see Tommy again! I hope that he returns in the flashbacks

    • Rand says:

      Agreed. I did a happy dance when Tommy Merlyn shows up. Still not over his death! I thought he will be back in the flashback for a longer arc but it seems like a one-episode thingy.
      For an episode titled frickin’ “Sara”, I was expecting an episode that honor the character, nostalgia instead of an episode with all of them chasing down an archer to get revenge.
      Laurel, so excited to see her in a new role. I’d root for her no matter how crappy the writers write her.
      Oh and Brandon Routh/Ray Palmer is a creeper who gives away creepish feelings.

  6. Pleasantly surprised, but Laurel continues to grow on me. Her rage is captivating, and gives the character new purpose. Sad we lost Sara, but I’m interested to watch Laurel’s journey, especially since she’s off the table as a love interest for Ollie.

    • redmommy25 says:

      I agree! I can’t believe how I have gone from despising Laurel wholeheartedly in the first season to liking her last season and happily anticipating her role as Black Canary this season.

    • Sara says:

      Agreed. I have found her to be a fairly boring and/or obnoxious character, but I must say that I am excited to this new storyline play out (even if I am devastated over the loss of Sara, loved her!) Hopefully the writers don’t drop the ball here with her.

      • ANNA says:

        Every week Laurel finds new ways to irritate me. If they could just take 10% of the good stuff they put into other female characters and put some into Laurel then it would be an improvement.

    • Saurabh Mhapsekar says:

      Black Canary as off table for Arrow … not gonna happen :)

  7. Anon says:

    are we to believe that laurel carried sara to the foundry by herself and waited until morning so that team arrow can walk in all oblivious??
    i disagree with the choice to keep the truth from lance. he deserves to be at his daughter’s funeral.

    • Enri says:

      I thought the same thing. No way she drug Sara’s body back there by herself. I agree Laurel should’ve told Captain Lance.

      • Claire says:

        I agree as well, there is no way she carried her there. I also agree that she should have told her father — she has no right to keep that from him.

        • Jack says:

          She has EVERY right to do so. She can’t afford to lose Quentin, and this news will shatter him. It will shake his entire world up. What if he spirals? Turns to alcohol (as he has in the past) or grows too depressed to even look after himself when he really needs to the most. Laurel is right: its better telling him what has happened when the person responsible has already been caught, or is at least known.

          • Claire says:

            Again, speaking as a parent, she has no right.

          • kath says:

            I agree. People are often stronger than their children think they are and Quentin is very strong to have got through the last 7 years.

            And as a parent myself, I think Laurel had no right to take away the chance to bury Sara from him.

    • Angelina says:

      I am also disappointed, I am wondering this since last promo and specially not closing Sara’s eyes, creepy….
      I know I should give her a chance but that was really annoying, the same her being reckless multiple times even if I could understand.

    • Jordan says:

      Yeah that was just lazy writing. Similar to being asked to believe that a trained assassin happened to be calling his mom long distance at the exact moment Team Arrow needed to find him. Or that Tommy wouldn’t recognize his best friend’s voice because he made it sound vaguely raspy. The point is, it’s a tv show and you just have to look past those things if you want it to keep being fun. It’s not Laurel or her portrayer’s fault she was asked to be a part of one of those little plot holes.

    • brenna says:

      I don’t understand why everyone can’t really believe this. I have two sisters and I believe I could drag them anywhere if I needed to. Love and despair are two powerful emotions.

    • Marc says:

      Laurel thought it was perverse to bury Sara in her old grave, I thought it was perverse that everyone is getting the opportunity to mourn Sara, except her freaking father. I was/ am furious that the writers have actually let the group bury Sara without Captain Lance getting the opportunity to say goodbye to her. He more than anyone deserves to bury his child. And while he has remained deliberately oblivious to the identity of the Arrow he is most certainly a part of that team. He as well as Sara, John, Felicity and Roy have fought alongside them a number of times, hell, he was thrown in jail because he refused to cooperate in helping to identify the Arrow. It was insulting to him as such a huge part of the team to be omitted from the whole process because of some cock and bull excuse of his pills and his heart condition. For some reason I find him living completely unaware of such a tragic event and being denied the right to grieve, cruel and Laurel chickening out of telling him, cowardly. Someone, anyone, please tell him.

    • John NYC says:


      Henry Ford manufactured this newfangled thing called an automobile? People drive up, put stuff inside and drive off to their destination.

      Quite amazing actually, I predict it may catch on.

    • a girl says:

      And why were her eyes still open? That was just creepy.

    • Alex says:

      I can understand why she didn’t tell him, in his current condition there’s a chance he wouldn’t be able to take new news had have a heart attack or something.

      • kath says:

        That’s her logic. But her logic is often wrong and in this case, she took away her father’s right to say goodbye to his daughter. As a parent, and the daughter who has had to deal with her own parents’ illnesses, I think it was unforgivable. but show will probably handwave it as they do for Laurel.

  8. redmommy25 says:

    Option C, for sure!

  9. James D says:

    good episode. nice to see Laurel get her hands dirty. also cool to see Komodo even though we knew he wasn’t responsable for Sara it was still a good villian of the week. Unfortunately for Ollie and co Komodo wasn’t responsbile, he who shant be named did it and i can’t wait for his arrival, hope Ollie has more back up then the regular gang cuz he’s going to need it. Thea is a straight up samurai that was pretty cool way to end it so glad Borrowman is back. I said this last week but great job casting directors Brandon Routh is awesome as Ray Palmer/Atom.

  10. Carol says:

    Not sure I liked the episode.. I was expecting much more. Laurel’s scenes weren’t boring per se but I didn’t FEEL anything. I was supposed to feel sorry for her and to grieve with her but I felt nothing, which is bad because it’s clear how they will be focusing on her character becoming the BC this season. The episode as a whole felt lacking.. everytime I teared up they’d cut to some action scene or a Laurel scene and my eyes would immediately dry. The only thing that made me cry was Stephen’s killer performance with ‘ I don’t wanna die down here’.. I could feel his desperation. Even the Olicity scene felt weird, no clue why though. Maybe I just need to sleep on it but I hope next week gets better.. and we have a deserving tribute to Sara at some point because she deserves to have Oliver really grieving, which now that I think about it, is probably why the episode felt lacking (even if I know why he was acting that way). I’m still not sure where the show is going this season out of the BC storyline and the Olicity angst, which has me worried.

    • JAB says:

      Ah, the S3 curse.

      The scenes you mention that feel off are off because what you’re witnessing is the writers reshaping the characters to fit the story they’ve chosen for this season.

      I can’t remember and episode where Oliver and Felicity were so cold to one another. But they can’t be friends again until Felicity and Ray hook-up and Oliver sleeps with someone else. (It’s a Hollywood thing. )

      As far as Laurel, although I appreciate the effort to actually give her a story, it’s not working for me. Canon or not, they killed off the wrong character.

      This show is now quite simply “Greys Arrow” and this was quite likely my last episode since I could barely work up the motivation to watch.

      • kath says:

        They’re re-shaping the show to fit Laurel. That’s why Sara why, why Oliver and Felicity are at odds (so that Oliver can get comfort from Laurel instead while Felicity is pursued by Ray), why Laurel is giving Felicity orders now, and why Quentin doesn’t know. Welcome to Laurel’s Arrow.

        • kath says:

          why Sara died — I meant to type

        • Hmm says:

          I have not seen a more ridiculous statement made than this. This show is and has always been about Oliver. In terms of Laurel becoming the Black Canary, she was always supposed to be, as dictated by the comics. Oliver and Felicity’s “angst” has nothing to do with Laurel and everything to do with attempting to insert some additional obstacles into their relationship, like they usually do with romances. Sara’s death MAYBE propelled Laurel’s storyline – fine I will give you that, But her death effects EVERYONE on the show and will have ramifications for each character’s story lines. I get you don’t like the character of Laurel and that’s fine, but don’t make up ish to justify it. Be real.

      • ANNA says:

        I didn’t like her giving Felicity orders either.

    • anne says:

      didnt fell anything, i was very surprised because i thought that the only problem was laurel’s character. now i am thinking that it may be the actress too.

    • Teresa Rhoda says:

      I thought SA excelled in both overtly hiding yet at the same time conveying his emotions. I very much hope to see him in future films/TV doing a range of roles. He is fast becoming one of my favourite actors (and I count my favourites on one hand).

  11. Rick Katze says:

    Very strong episode until the final scene which unfortunately overwhelmed the first 58 minutes. Really looking forward to next week which I do not expect to conclude next week but to blossom probably in an unexpected way.

  12. Linda P says:

    My latest wish is: Let baby Sara do a soap opera and age very quickly, grab the jacket from Laurel and become the new Black Canary.

  13. kath says:

    I can’t believe they killed Sara for this. What a waste of a great character!

    I really don’t care who killed Sara because it was so obviously Plot Contrivance to get Laurel into her black leather.

    The best things about this episode were seeing Tommy, Diggle’s solid presence and Stephen Amell’s acting. He really hit it out of the park with sad, suffering Oliver.

    I hope Quentin really lays into Laurel for not telling him and giving him a chance to bury Sara but given how this show loves whatever Laurel does, he’s probably just going to be sad and hug his remaining daughter.

    And of course Oliver and Felicity are not allowed to comfort each other because Oliver has to be All About Laurel now.

    Too bad they didn’t show Laurel dragging Sara’s body back to the lair because? impossible. Why didn’t she just call an ambulance? If Sara is dead, it doesn’t matter she’s wearing her Canary clothes. Besides, the Vigilante Task force is over.

    Show, you’ve been so much better.

  14. wonderwall says:

    I really didn’t like this episode. I felt so disconnected from it for some reason. I didn’t feel bad for Laurel, which I knew I was supposed to. The Oliver/Felicity moment felt so off and weird to me because it wasn’t really paid off in the end… I just keep on thinking, I can’t believe Sara had to die for this… As of now I really don’t care who killed Sara. All I care about is that she’s dead and it’s a mistake I think the show will pay for which is unfortunate because I love this show.
    This season is shaping out to be really disjointed and it’s such a shame because I was so excited about it over the summer. I’m not overly excited for the rest of the season right now and I hope next weeks episode fixes that.
    The only stand out moments for me was Oliver telling Diggle that he doesn’t want to die down there and Felicity breaking down in front of Ray. Otherwise it was a pretty underwhelming episode.

    • fzzball says:

      I Think that it feels disjointed because the writers can’t really make up their minds which direction they want the characters to go in. Re-watching season 1 Oliver was competely focused on Laurel and by season 2 episode 1 he was completly over her because of all the Laurel hate. Now season 3 episode 1 he is in love with Felicity a character that was never meant to be such a big part of the show. Which I am l glad that she is,but the fact is she wasn’t supposed to be. Oliver is supposed to be with Laurel according to Canon. The writes aren’t reshaping the show for Laurel their reshaping it for Felicity to accomodate the Olicity shippers.

      • Briggs says:

        They’re going with what works. Laurel just wasn’t working, and Stephen Amell was among the first to say he wanted Felicity back. That’s what it was. If they were really just doing fan service, they wouldn’t have given Felicity two more love interests *and* Laurel would be dead.

      • wonderwall says:

        Eh, I disagree. They’re not reshaping the show to accommodate shippers or Felicity or even Laurel. Felicity was already a big part of the show in season 2 and so was Olicity. In fact, Oliver and Felicity only had one scene in this episode so I hardly call that accommodating considering they didn’t have closure.

        The season feels disjointed because they’re cramming in so much character development/plot into each and every single episode. It’s quite jarring.

  15. Sam says:

    TErrible. I am stunned that this was supposed to be a love letter to Sara and I felt nothing. I love Olicity but they felt so OOC. They are never like that with each other. Diggle barely knew Sara so to name his baby after her is freaking weird. Ray is a stalker weirdo. they fridged Sara and then literally put her in a fridge. Omg. I am so upset. I spent the summer so excited for this show but if everything is changing just to make Laurel fit them I am done. Awful. I’d rate this an F if I could.

  16. Joey Padron says:

    Good episode and emotional. Laurel did great in the episode. Jump out of the window and motorcycles scenes was cool. Good to see Tommy again. Good to see where Thea is with Malcolm at end.

    • Linda P says:

      On the other hand, I thought Laurel’s character acted really stupidly. I mean, running to a window where an arrow just came thru and killed someone? Really? Then trying to shoot somebody and not even knowing there weren’t any bullets in the gun? Ha, ha!

      • ANNA says:

        I yelled the same thing at the TV! Running up to a window an arrow just came through should immediately disqualify her from any and all crime fighting in the future.

        • Caroline says:

          Omg! I totally agree with you about Laurel and the window scene. I mean what was she thinking? I think Kc is trying too hard to impress her fans but it just aint workin. And if she keeps that up the ratings will fail. She’s bad for the show.

  17. Christy says:

    Emily Bett Rickards isn’t good at emotional scenes. That’s why the Olicity scenes fell flat. She’s a terrible crier.

    • aunni says:

      i hv seen u saying praise of kc when she became melo dramatic. yeah thnx fr ur comment miss self proclaim critic

    • At least her face moves when she emotes and she doesn’t speak in monotone

    • Maria says:

      Please lol. Felicity crying when leaving Queen Industries eclipsed any crying scenes Laurel has done.

    • ruby says:

      I totally agree with you. Emily is not good at crying. I think that since ladt season. But look at the poor oliciters that cant hear a critic lol.

      • Briggs says:

        No, some of us genuinely have no idea what you’re talking about. Emily’s crying is some of the most powerful acting on television. The ‘ugly cry’ is actually quite life-like, seeing as I know precisely no one who looks good after being that upset. But keep asking like that’s working against her, the rest of us will just continue to feel differently…

        • Barron says:

          Most powerful acting on television? You must not watch a lot of tv.

          • Briggs says:

            You mean I’m selective? Why, yes, yes I am. Thank you for noticing that I don’t watch just anything. My TV watching is a quality experience. I have a grand total of 5 shows on my Live Watch list, right now…

      • aunni says:

        didn’t knw u r a member of emmy….!!!! may i suggest tatiana’s name for next yr plz..

    • anne says:

      Actually, she is the only one whose pain i felted in the episode

    • Teresa Rhoda says:

      I thought EBR did the emotional scenes very well. The emotion resonated in me. I don’t believe anyone can be a “good” crier. Crying is a raw emotion and it shows.

  18. aunni says:

    i was kind of expecting this episode to be slightly dud… coz remember when moira died on seeing red, the next episode city of blood was a dud..

    tnk god for malcom merlyn. he will add spice for sure…

    creepy or not im enjoying ray, he is bringing different tone to the show,which is much needed atm.

    i LOVE it when my OTP goes through drama,angst rather than boring happy ;)

    proud of felicity. oliver dude im crying

  19. Jenny says:

    I don’t care much for Sara, never did so this episode was just ok for me. Can’t take any more of Katie Cassidy’s awful acting.. Hope she’s next to go.

    I LOVED the jump Arrow did from the window… Looked so cool :P

    And I love the Ray Palmer/Felicity scenes. Rooting for them to get together in the future.

  20. DarkDefender says:

    Best action sequences ever! (All of them)
    Love Thea’s haircut almost as much as seeing John Barrowman back on my TV.
    For a second (albeit brief) I actually thought Oliver was gonna snap Laurel’s neck as he hugged her at Sara’s gravesite.

    • Marc says:

      I wish he did. Actually I wished that Komodo had done the honors when she stupidly ran to look out the window after he shot that guy in the hospital. but oh well…

  21. Let me start off by saying: Not a fan of Katie Cassidy. Or of this version of Laurel.
    However, the executive producers clearly have huge plans for her and seem to be fans.

    Or so they say?? But if that’s true, then I ask — why do they keep assassinating her character week after week? As a non-Laurel fan, even *I* have a hard time believing she’d kill a guy in cold blood whom she knows is NOT her sister’s killer. Which is what she would have done had the gun been loaded.

    She’s killing him … why?

    * Because she is irrational and bloodthirsty when she’s angry and/or grieving?
    * Because he’s already a bad person, so it’s OK for her to execute him in lieu of a trial?
    * Because she no longer has a conscience? (Big question — is that a permanent change?)
    * Because she doesn’t like French black people?
    * Because she doesn’t believe that he is innocent AND she is willing to accept the consequences of murdering people because she is now a law unto herself?

    All those are very different answers. #2 and #5 lead to … a very dark and interesting new character which I don’t necessarily object to, but some serious follow-up would be necessary SOON. #3 is not believable. #1 is too stupid to be taken seriously. #4 is just gross.

    Here’s the problem: I think it’s #1, in the mind of the executive producers. Why? Oliver says later: “What matters is that you didn’t [kill the bad guy].”

    NO, Ollie. What matters is SHE TRIED TO TOTALLY MURDER SOMEONE — and this is someone whom you’ve always known to be moral and just.

    WTF !? How are they both so OK with that?

    Character assassination. That’s all I can call it. I promise you it will NEVER be mentioned again. And that’s … seriously bad writing.

    I’m no fan of Laurel Lance … but I NEVER saw her as a cold-blooded killer or a sociopath. So why are you writing her that way?

    Way stupid.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Maybe they are just setting her up for Oliver’s “You have failed this city” speech (and all that comes with it)

    • wonderwall says:

      Laurel is a cold blooded murderer. Remember that ‘cop’ she killed by shooting him 500 thousand times with a gun and felt no remorse for it? That’s why when Laurel said “I can’t believe I almost killed him” it just felt so off and seemed untrue.

  22. Laura says:

    typo in ray palmer blurb its supposed to be “buy” and is Queen Consolidated officially Queen Enterprises? is that why it says QE??

    WHERE IS SIN?!?!?!

  23. A says:

    I am probably exaggerating a little but I feel like Arrow is the best thing to every happen to TV. And Felicity is the best thing to every happen to Arrow.

  24. KCC says:

    I was hoping for a moment where Oliver broke down with Diggle there to support him.

  25. Still not entirely sold on Laurel but I do appreciate her having a good reason to pursue and Ollie having the foresight to empty her gun. I hated her not telling her dad though. For the love of God, will these people learn that keeping secrets is a bad thing already?! The characters are growing and changing (sometimes for the worse but dems the breaks) but that’s one hurdle they can never seem to get over

  26. Karen says:

    Ray Palmer is a little creepy, but I like him for some reason. I never saw him as Superman, but he was on Chuck and in Scott Pilgrim where he played a douche on each. I think his stumbling is a kind of endearing.

  27. R says:

    ARROW WRITERS/PRODUCERS/WHOEVER REPLACES ACTRESSES; Please replace the actress playing Laurel

  28. Briggs says:

    I’m sure, when Laurel got herself together after finding Sara (I have a sister, that felt genuine to me), that she dragged her *to her car*, drove to the foundry, took Sara out of the car, then dragged her in. I highly doubt she dragged her all the way from the scene to the med table.
    The Olicity scenes made me want to punch Oliver, which is how you know they did it right. LOL Felicity’s actions made me sad, but I completely understood. And good for her. No waiting around for our genius hacker. And she inspires Oliver to go look for his sister, which will bring all kinds of goodness to the plot.
    As I’ve said before, Oliver needs to work through his demons before he can have a healthy relationship. He’s not there yet. Nowhere near. Not only is that apparent in the Olicity scenes, but whenever he held Laurel while she cried, he was looking at Sara, and doing his own grieving. He held Laurel, but wasn’t connecting with her emotionally. Which is good, because he’s still relearning how to be human, and focusing on himself is a big part of that. I’d be good with him being single the whole season, just so he can get his head on straight.
    Speaking of holding, how sweet was Roy being, holding Felicity when she needed him? Like a brother comforting his sister. He has shown tremendous growth, and this is just more of that. I was so proud of him during this whole episode, and him finally ‘fessing up and showing Oliver the note was perfect. I loved Roy in his episode.
    Laurel’s storyline here was better than most of season 2, but not quite up to the standard set in the last three eps of last season. I’m not saying it was terrible, but I really felt for her when she had the shark, at the end. Hopefully, they build on that. I want more stuff with her father and (should the chemistry hit just right) Ted, Her scenes with Oliver feel off, which is more of the same there. Do *NOT* jump on me for being a shipper, all I said was it felt off. Unlike a *lot* of other people, I’m not advocating her death. It just felt forced, both times they had her throw herself at him in grief.
    Ray Palmer reminded me of a supermarket romance hero in his scenes with Felicity, but in a good way. I admit, I’m kinda in love with him at the moment, so that my be coloring my vision of him, but he really seemed to want the best for Felicity, not just wanting to get into her panties, so I’m eagerly awaiting his storyline with her. I suspect something will happen in ep 3 or 4 to send her to Central City and Barry, though.
    Oh, the Merlyns. Perfect way to end the episode, IMO. And Thea calling him Dad… Oh, next week is going to be good. It’s going to be very good.
    And I don’t think Lyla will mind the name at all, though why they waited on the name is beyond me. Aren’t you supposed to have a name at the hospital to fill out the paperwork? But other than that, I was okay with it. All in all, a good episode.

  29. anna caroline says:

    Laurel deserves to die,not Sara;how many peoples have to die on arrow to makes laurel better?? I’m sorry but she doen’t work in this show

  30. reesa says:

    I’ve read the interview with Arrow’s EP once again; so can anybody tell be A) If and why you cried during yesterday’s ep? B) why would he say that this ep was one of Arrow’s best?? and C) did they cut out the scene that was supposed to clarify the hallway olicity scene of the premiere a bit better or did I just not see it?

    • Jack says:

      I think the pay off was in that scene where Felicity says she refuses to wait down in this cave with him to see him end up like Sara. She wants more out of life, and more than Oliver can offer her: enter Ray. I don’t think Felicity and Oliver will have what it takes to get together and stay together because it seems as though there is no Arrow without Oliver Queen, and there is no Oliver Queen without the Arrow. Felicity can’t keep living the way that they are and so she, respectfully so, has chosen to move on. Keep in mind this is a fan-favourite ship, and we’re only two episodes in, so it’s not “over” over lol

    • Sparky says:

      Yeah thank you for mentioning that. I thought that Guggenheim mentioned something more was going to be said about the previous episode between the 2 of them. And if I’m not mistaken didn’t he say something about ‘I love you’ been mentioned by one of them.

      • Sarah T. says:

        I think he said that “I love you” would be mentioned again this season, not specifically this episode. I think the fact that Felicity told Oliver she didn’t want to die down in the case was what Guggenheim was referring to when he said it would be clearer who kind of ended things (or the beginning of “things” anyway).

        • Sparky says:

          Ok good to know….now that you mentioned it you are right!! I know SA mentioned that she is the only woman in his life this season and a slow burn is what I am hoping for. The tone of the show is definitely different this season. Anxiously optimistic about how it is all going to shape itself in the coming weeks!!!

  31. brenna says:

    This was a pretty depressing episode to me. I loved the Diggle/Oliver scenes. Everyone did a good job with acting such a tough episode. I think the premiere placed all the emphasis on what works best in this show, so it was kind of sad to see everyone and everything fall apart. No matter what the future holds for Oliver and Felicity, I hope they get back to their fun scenes. After the great first episode, it was difficult seeing Oliver reverting to distance and her being kind of mean to him in his grief. Loved the action scenes as always.

  32. C! Catching your opponent’s arrow and turning it back on him. BAMF.

  33. Eo says:

    So, I am beginning to think that Malcolm killed Sara. Oliver said that he knows of onky 10 archers capable, but he still thinks Malcolm is dead. Sara said she was in town on league business, and we know Ras wants Malcolm dead. Who better to hunt him? This also could explain how Ras becomes the big bad. The league will be out for his blood, but he also has Thea- and Ollie would never let anything happen to his sister. This will put him into protect mode- Team Arrow caught in the middle between Malcolm and Ras.

  34. BBussey says:

    Here’s an odd observation, unrelated to the episode in general — Felicity’s scar from the stitches Sara applied to close the gunshot wound was missing. The orange sleeveless dress exposed nearly her entire shoulder blades, so the scar would have been visible.

  35. Liz says:

    The EP’s said on twitter this was a love letter to Sara but I found this insulting. They literally killed off Sara to make Laurel BC and with the weird way everyone was acting out of character this just showed what a terrible decision that was.

    Oliver and Felicity didn’t even feel like themselves. I get that they were hurting from their ‘break up’ but they are always so supportive of each other, giving comfort when needed and I just feel like Sara’s death should have enabled them to put aside their hurt over their romance and be there as friends. Watching them was heartbreaking. I don’t like this storyline at all.

    Diggle would never name his kid after Sara. They basically just reduced him to a plot point. Well done show.

    Laurel not once garnered any emotion from me. Not once. And I get that Oliver had to be the one to comfort/hug her out of everyone else but even their hugs are awkward. I don’t see this supposed ‘bond’ that the two have. And I hate that they chose this as a way to start her journey to BC. Cheap and lazy writing. Plus I thought it was super insulting to fans of Sara for KC to tweet about the ‘rise of Laurel Lance’ during the episode. A lot of people loved Sara as BC and it just shows KC has no respect for that as long as she gets what she wants because the comics said so. *eye roll*

    The EP’s showed how little they cared for Sara by literally sticking her in a fridge. The irony is painful.

    Ray is smarmy stalker. That’s all I have to say about that.

    Worst episode in a long time.

    • speedy says:

      Tweeting about the rise of Laurel Lance was tasteless when it was supposed to be about Sara’s death. I unfollowed so fast after I saw that.

  36. speedy says:

    One of the worst episodes of Arrow ever with the best stunts/action scenes. The action rocked, and I liked the Roy/Felicity and Diggle/Oliver friendship highlights, but everything else? So many issues. Can we talk about the fact that they literally put Sara in a fridge!? Seriously, writers. You fridge the character and then put her in a literal fridge. Just when I think the misogyny has peaked, the Arrow Writers prove they can do worse.
    I can’t believe how bad this show has gotten, but I guess that’s what happens when you eliminate a strong female character without even letting her fight back and then attempt to replace her with her sister who can’t tell the difference in weight between a loaded gun and an empty one. And yeah, not telling Lance or her mom? That’s just wrong on so many levels. She whines about “no one will know.” Of course no one will know, YOU DIDN’T TELL ANYONE, NOT EVEN HER FREAKING PARENTS.
    I actually did like EBR’s acting (and SA and DR were both great) because her grief came off sincere to me and I think it’s very much in Felicity’s character not to break down completely, but to hold herself together.
    My obsession with the show is definitely gone and I am incredibly bitter about that.

  37. Sarah T. says:

    This episode wasn’t quite as emotional as I thought it would be but that’s okay. I think coming off a dramatic character death, it’s hard to write the grieving follow-up episode because everyone grieves differently so how they see others “grieve” can seem off if it’s not how they would do it. That being said, I thought Felicity crying in front of Ray was good. I actually really like his character and I’m interested to see their relationship develop (though I’ll always be for “Olicity”). I think the writers are doing a good job of the slow burn between her and Oliver. He still has a lot of growing to do and she does too really. I think it’s important for her to figure out what she wants out of life/a relationship. I think her being “wooed” by Ray is a great way for her to figure that out.
    Laurel is growing on me somewhat this year. I can see her rage/grief over losing her sister turn her into the Black Canary. I’m thinking the payoff might need to wait till at least the end of the season. I know there have been those that have said it takes years to get that kind of training and while I agree she can’t pick up everything overnight, I think she can get a lot of it over the course of a season. After all, in S1 she kicked some serious tail in an elevator fight scene and chalked it up to fighting/training her dad had insisted she had being a cop’s daughter (if I remember correctly). Also, if we can believe that Roy can pick up learning how to fight over the course of about a season to turn into Arsenal (and he had less experience going into it than Laurel did), I think we can allow ourselves to believe that Laurel can become the BC.
    Lastly, I really liked Stephen’s performance tonight. He did such a great job of barely controlling his emotions and grief with both Felicity and Digg. And I loved Digg’s response when Oliver told him he didn’t want to die in the cave. Perfect.

  38. Brigid says:

    I liked this episode! Great acting from everyone. I felt Laurel’s pain and anger. The scene in the graveyard when her breath hitched from crying really got to me. I’m mad that she didn’t tell Quentin because he should have been by her graveside grieving with his daughter. Fantastic action scenes and seeing Tommy again was icing on the cake. If people think it’s possible for Thea to be trained within 5 months, why can’t Laurel? It doesn’t take years to be trained in fighting, it takes dedication, ambition and the desire to succeed, which after last night Laurel has.

  39. Gordon Rick says:

    Sorry but I am one of the ones who dumped this show causing the dip in ratings. If the EP’s will not listen to the people who said keep Caity Lotz, maybe they will listen to the lower ratings (causing lower ad revenue).

  40. Vicki says:

    So in TVLine’s follow up to the first episode of the season Guggenheim was quoted as saying, “Our goal in writing that scene was to make it even-handed in terms of who’s ending it… If [viewers are] interested in what that scene in Episode 1 meant, I think there’s a scene in Episode 2 that clarifies it a good deal more.” I’m assuming this scene is when Felicity suggests Oliver doesn’t have any feelings. I may be the only one, but that doesn’t clarify their break up for me.
    Also, I really wanted to like Ray Palmer. The idea that he and Felicity would have this great banter, which I felt was sort of missing previously, was exciting. But I didn’t get that this episode. Rather, in this episode I found him to be creepy. Between Oliver’s lack of emotional support and Ray’s stalking, I was left thinking ‘Felicity should go to Central City and hit up Barry Allen’.
    Stephen Amell knocked it out of the park tonight though. Performer of the week, TVLine??

    • John NYC says:

      It’s when Felicity said she no longer wanted to live like that and walked away from him. Quite clear; No longer into that life, or lack thereof.

      The deal breaker as she stated: just tired of being walled out. And I agreed with that sentiment, you don’t have a relationship when one person refuses to participate and that there’s zero you can do about it get’s proved over and over again. Good for her she cut her loses. Girl has spine. Not that that was ever in doubt.

      • Vicki says:

        Okay. So you’re interpreting it as Felicity breaking up with Oliver by walking out of the foundry this week. I get that. I guess I was waiting for more of a follow up to the previous episode than that, and maybe read more into Marc’s comment than I should have. Thanks for the reply.

        • Briggs says:

          Okay, so Felicity walks out, saying she doesn’t want to die down there… then shows back up later in the ep *back at the foundry*? How is that definitive?

      • Trish says:

        I love this! I love the way they’re handling Oliver & Felicity this season. They’re adding layers to their relationship, depth, conflict – yet they’re doing so in a very realistic way. As for the rest of this episode, I’m a hardcore Diggle fan, and this episode was b***s**t. He barely knew this woman for 6 months, yet he spent more time ‘honoring’ her than his own murdered brother over the past year. Eh. Hopefully the Arrow I love will be back next week. Also, I loved Komodo & felt he was misused in this episode. He was formidable, yet was brushed off easily as the everyday villain of the week. Such a shame.

  41. I know it is part of the story telling.But personally wish they would stay in the present and not flash back to what was..If one was to google Ray Palmer he was The Atom for awhile in the comics

  42. ScorpionGlow says:

    This was a really good episode.

  43. Claire says:

    Saw the episode and have mixed feelings about it as it was like watching two different shows really. One had the amazing cast of characters — Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, Roy and at the end Thea and Malcolm — all mourning the loss of a dear friend. Then you had Laurel who lost a sister, and yet I didn’t get any vibe of grief or anguish, and who was in the Lair bossing Felicity around acting like she owned the place (((she didn’t even close her sister’s eyes for Pete’s sake))). Make that THREE, because then there was poor Quentin out in left field totally oblivious (not happy with this at all).

    I’ll start with the bad first. You guessed it, the sister that didn’t die, but it will be quick and painless. I normally ff through her scenes, but I gave it a shot and watched … and I felt nothing before and still feel nothing. She’s like this thing obstructing my viewing pleasure that I just want to shoo away, esp when she’s in the lair barking at Felicity or Oliver. It’s like “look at me, look at me!” and all I want is a flyswatter. Hopefully this episode was the max for her screen time for like, ever. Ironically this is also the episode that brought Tommy back to us (NICE!!) — the episode where Laurel yells “you know I don’t LISTEN”. *yawn* Yes we ALL know, especially Tommy seeing as he died to further your role … errr rescuing you.

    Moving on! I like Roy, he’s really growing on me. Nice and subtle this one. The writers are doing well here acclimating the audience to his his presence — at least for me. I am glad he came clean with Oliver about Thea though, get that out of the way. And I am liking Ray as well, not as a replacement for Oliver by any means, because that’s just not possible. I just enjoy Felicity getting some attention, finally! YES! She is gorgeous, smart and funny and I’m supposed to think no one has noticed? I will enjoy this season of growth for Felicity and am very happy for Emily Bett that she really gets to showcase her talent. Really looking forward to seeing her story develop.

    Sara died, it sucks. Sara wasn’t my favorite, but as I stated before, I liked what she brought to the role and I liked her chemistry with the cast. I really felt for Oliver, Felicity, Diggle and Roy — you felt their grief. I enjoyed the scene of Felicity with Sara and wish we could have seen more of their friendship, even though I had mixed feeling about it in the beginning (the great lunge of 2×13 kind of spoiled it, but oh well). Oliver deals, by distancing himself even more from Felicity, and even though this is occurring, I was happy with his conversations with both Diggle and Felicity, absolutely wonderful and heartfelt. He’s distancing himself yes, but still opening up, tricky combination that Amell does well with both Emily and David. Two things Felicity did and said came back around though him which is encouraging — he doesn’t want to die down in the foundry (ever straight-forward Diggle FTW with his perfunctory response!) and throwing dirt on the coffin, very nice.

    Looking forward to seeing how it all plays out for Oliver, Felicity (as individuals and as a couple), Diggle and Roy as well as Quentin. I am also very excited by Thea’s story! She looked great! Focus on this stuff and wow, good stuff coming! (P.S. Great job again James Bamford! Loved the stunts. We’ll get you an Emmy yet!

    • Caroline says:

      If we maybe get a different actress to portray Laurel instead of kc then will finally get to see a different side of her. Instead of her usual whining/ bitching. I also agree with r notices her

  44. Caroline says:

    Oliver has had three years to come out of darkness, fighting his demons from the island. Now its time to embrace his future with the woman he loves. Instead he’s pushed her away saying he can’t be both

  45. Caroline says:

    Jumping off the window was super cool. He’s done that once with Felicity. And may I say how much I dislike Laurel. Last night’s epi was for her to shine. Ha! Are you kidding me? What’s so special about her????

    • kath says:

      What’s so special is the name. While Andrew Kreisburg was writing Green Arrow/Black Canary comics, the Black Canary was called Dinah Laurel Lance (as opposed to Dinah Drake or Dinah Lance at other times).
      Basically, they’ve created a divide in the fandom. Those who came from the comics want Laurel to be the Black Canary because that’s canon, while those who just want to watch a good TV show don’t care if Laurel remains a lawyer, especially if they loved Sara in the Canary role.

      I don’t like Laurel for a number of reasons, disliked her from the pilot episode, and if they insist on pushing her in as the Black Canary, I’m going to have to figure out if my love for Oliver/Diggle/Felicity is strong enough to keep watching. For me, Laurel is only going to be the pseudo-Canary.

      • Briggs says:

        I come from the comics, and I fell head over heels for Felicity. That being said, I’m willing to give this storyline a chance. I’ve actually started liking Laurel again, so maybe they can still salvage this. I’m hopeful, anyway.

        • kath says:

          I don’t know if they can make Laurel likable to me. There were some good moments for her here but then she didn’t tell Quentin so he couldn’t go to Sara’s burial to say a proper goodbye. Instead of doing something like asking his doctor if he was strong enough to take a shock, she decided for him. It’s going to hurt much worse when he finds out as he inevitably will. As a parent, and a daughter, I’m appalled by that.

          And she’s giving orders to Felicity “Meet me at Verdant”. And why didn’t she call 911 when Sara was shot? It might have been a problem for Quentin that his daughter was the female vigilante but at least she might have lived.

          For some reason, they always manage to have Laurel do things that make her unrootable for me.

          • Briggs says:

            I didn’t agree with her decision either, but it’s her grave to dig, so to speak.
            I don’t feel like she gave Felicity an order, it was more in league of getting them somewhere so they could work on their problem more effectively. Since Felicity seemed to be in agreement as to their end, I think it was probably just a case of minds thinking alike.
            I was under the impression that Sara was pretty much dead that the time Laurel found her. Taking her to Verdant was more a vain hope than because she honestly thought they could do anything for her. And yes, the vigilante thing meant she didn’t call 911, one of a few decisions she made for what she felt was her father’s own good, as well as Sara’s. If you’ll recall, Felicity made a similar decision during the two-parter in the last season, when Oliver was injected by the-man-who-would-be-Grundy and had to be saved by Barry, via rat poison. It’s not the first time anyone made that kind of call, and they’re still learning how to be vigilantes in one capacity or another. Unfortunately for Laurel, when she found Sara, it was already too late. What could they possibly have done after she took three arrows to the gut? I saw no reaction from her when Laurel cradled her in her arms, did you?

          • Briggs says:

            Laurel made a few decisions that she felt were for her father’s own good. I think she should have told him, too, but I can understand why she didn’t. I don’t like it, either, but it is what it is, and unless you are able to physically shake her for it, there’s no point in kvetching.
            And she did *not* order Felicity, I think they were of one mind on the subject. Felicity wanted to find who killed Sara just as much as Laurel did.
            If you’ll recall, Felicity had to make a similar 911 decision in the mid-season two-parter last year. In that case, Oliver still had some life in him, so they abducted Barry and had him save Oliver.
            I don’t know about you, but when I saw Laurel cradling Sara, I knew she was dead. There was absolutely no reaction whatsoever from Sara’s body to Laurel’s rough handling of her. Not so much as a twitch. She took her to the lair because she didn’t know what to do with Sara’s *body*. She already knew she was dead.

          • Carol Mulu says:

            I reckon she should’ve told him. He had a right to know. No matter how painful it would be. He will find out sooner or later and then what?? But yeah like you said it is what it is

      • Caroline says:

        So basically the only reason she’s there is because she’s canary? I’m not a fan of the comics but I’ve seen Dyna Laurel in action. She kicked ass! compare to the one we have on the TV show… I say she’s a freaking doll. And what does a doll do? NOTHING! Thank you for replying &for disliking her. That’s a bonus LOL

  46. Breno says:

    Sara was a great character, like a great character. Laurel is too much meeeeh.
    SA do a awesome acting job. Atom can develope great… but, it’s sad how Felicity is not going with Oliver… The show is really a bit odd… The writters did a mistake choosing this history for this season, a shame. Hope it gets better soon….

  47. Caroline says:

    Please she needs to go! EBR maybe a lousy crier but she’s deffenitely a better actress than Kc. So please don’t fail the show and the fans

  48. Connie Capps says:

    OK. At first, I was so very happy and enthralled about Oliver and Felicity finally getting together. But just as quickly as that euphoria washed over me, it was washed away by the stupid scene where he and she decide it’s not the best thing to do. WHAT??? Seriously?? I’ve been a “Arrow” freak for as long as it has been on but, if the writers insist on Oliver bedding other women and Felicity bedding other men… well, might just hang up my hood and bow and arrows! If he (Oliver) returns to Laurel, it’ll definitely be the end for me. Seriously.

  49. joe says:

    Someone please explain to me how everyone on Arrow can train to tbe level of marksman elite fighter in a matter of months. Roy was show once how to fire an arrow. Now he’s almost as good as Oliver and somehow learned martial arts competently enough to fight off 4 armed soldiers at once. Thea was with Merlin about 6 months and has become some sort of ninja master. Now Laurel is going to a kick boxer class to become the next Mockingbird. I love the show, but please dial down the bs…

    • Connie Capps says:

      I wondered about that myself a bit. It seems that everyone is getting into the marksman/ninja/elite fighter thing. I love all of that, but it seems that it’s kinda making everyone in the show an equal to the Arrow! What excitement and awe will he inspire if everybody else can do the same thing. Really.