NCIS Casts Battlestar Galactica Alum Jamie Bamber as Bishop's Husband

NCIS Cast Bishop Husband

This Thanksgiving on CBS’ NCIS, the introduction of Special Agent Ellie Bishop’s husband will be on the menu.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Battlestar Galactica alum Jamie Bamber will appear in a November episode of TV’s most watched drama as the oft-mentioned, yet-to-be-seen NSA attorney Jake Malloy.

“We’ve waited a long time to meet Bishop’s husband, and we’ve found him in Jamie Bamber,” says NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg. “Jamie is a charming, talented actor, and we’re thrilled to have him on-board for this Thanksgiving episode and some exciting surprises to come.”

In addition to his run as BSG’s Apollo, Bamber’s TV credits include Law & Order: UK, Monday Mornings and Rizzoli & Isles (where he’s currently in the midst of a two-episode arc). He also just this week booked a recurring role on the midseason CW drama The Messengers.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c.

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  1. sandy says:

    I like him!

  2. Anita says:

    I hope she will say she is pregnant and will go away to raise a child.That would be a great surprise!

  3. phuong says:

    Im excited I love Bishop!

    • Dean says:

      Careful the pro Ziva nutties will think CBS paid you to say that.

      • Nothing to do with Ziva,Bishop stinks DAU !

        • Dmac says:

          I actually really like her this year. They have toned down her “know everything” parts and she is part of the team. She is a goid buffer between MaGee and Tony.

        • TullaT says:

          She stinks even more this year. I don’t care about her or her husband.

          • Reilly M says:

            If you don’t “care” how come you flock over every time her name is mentioned to squawk you “don’t care”? Sorry your actions are showing just how much you do care–duh, logic.

          • TullaT says:

            Because I care about the show, just can’t stand her.

          • Angela says:

            @TullaT: Okay, but if you don’t care about her then logic would dictate that you don’t comment about her at all. But by constantly commenting on Bishop, even in a negative way, that’s an indication that you DO care about the character on some level. If you care about the show instead of her, then try actually talking about the show (’cause I’m pretty darn sure there’s plenty more to discuss about this series than Bishop), and don’t talk about her at all. Don’t go into any articles featuring information about her character (the headline for this article pretty much indicated it was going to be about her, after all) to let the world know (again) how much you can’t stand her, and wait for articles that focus on the show as a whole to comment on instead.
            It’s really pretty simple.

          • LucyAppa says:

            The Ziva haters are brandishing their muzzles. If someone cares about the SHOW, and they think a character is ruining the show, why shouldn’t they post about it? Does it make you cry?

          • Angela says:

            @LucyAppa: Ah, I have no issue with Ziva one way or another, myself. So your first mistake is assuming that anyone disagreeing with those who hate Bishop are automatically Ziva haters.
            Second, my point is that Tulla should just admit that clearly they DO care about Bishop on some level, given how often they rant about her. If Tulla genuinely didn’t care about that character, they wouldn’t feel a need to say anything about her at all, good or bad. But clearly this character does inspire SOME sort of feeling/response, to the point where they have to post in every comment section they can about how much they can’t stand her. So to say “I don’t care about her” , well, obviously that’s not true.
            And again, criticism is fine. But by now, it’s pretty well established that Bishop is not going anywhere anytime soon. So at some point, anyone who dislikes her is either going to have to learn to put up with her if they want to keep watching a show they otherwise love, or if she really “ruins” the show as badly as they claim she does, then they should probably just stop watching, because nothing is going to change. The show still brings in pretty impressive ratings, millions of viewers each week. THAT is what they care about, not someone making the exact same whiny post about how much they hate a fictional character over and over and over and over and over and over again.

          • Reilly M says:

            Excuse me, LucyAppa–who are you to call someone a hater? I haven’t ONCE made a comment against Cote or the character she played. I don’t like the bad mouthing that goes on against Emily or the character she plays, because it is malicious and childish. I fully intend to keep saying that every chance I get–just like I did when comments were made against Cote when she first started. If anyone has a problem it’s certainly seems to fall on your side–sorry you don’t like someone defending someone you HATE, but I suggest you learn to live with it–I’m not stopping to appease you.

          • TullaT says:

            OK, since this needs clarification. I don’t like her. When I say I don’t care about her, I mean that I am not interested in her personal life or her husband. Any time spent on that is time taken away from the characters I do like.

          • flootzavut says:

            Newsflash, Tulla: you’re not the only person watching and the show isn’t here to cater to your personal taste. Everyone has characters they’re not wild about, the sensible thing to do is to concentrate on those you do like. If you really can’t do that, 1) grow up and 2) stop watching.

        • Dean says:

          Right I’ m the DAU? Says the person who thinks the cast and crew will bend to his will if they see his computer comments. Nice try chucklehead.

        • Jackie says:

          Bishop has no chemistry with the cast and adds nothing to the show.

          • Nick Richards says:

            Says–who???? I think she has great personality and am enjoying the show immensely. (And, the cast looks pretty happy as well…..)

  4. tp says:

    He is beautiful. Almost makes me want to watch again. I’ve liked him in the few things I’ve seen him in.

  5. JC1 says:

    Hmm, ok. I like him, but to be honest my first reaction was “isn’t he a bit old for her?” I thought she was supposed to be in her mid twenties, but I can’t remember if they’ve ever actually mentioned her age on the show.

    • ComeOn says:

      Same here! Would Never say no to have him on screen but I thought Bishop’s husband is her age and since she acts like she still in collage, rather professional of anything. I just thought her husband to be early 30 at most.

      • JC1 says:

        I have no issues with Bishop. But I too had it in my head for some reason that her husband was around her age, and Bamber’s 10-15 years older than what I was picturing.

        • TullaT says:

          They were supposedly in college together. It makes no sense.

          • JC1 says:

            Ah, that’s where I got that idea from! Thank you. And you’re right, that doesn’t make sense. Bamber’s 41. He’d have to be playing at least a decade younger than himself for Jake to be anywhere close to Bishop’s age.

          • John NYC says:

            Freshman versus last year of Law School or he did some post graduate work beyond even that? The actors are thirty and forty one so it’s within a reasonable distance. They were perhaps at school the same time, that’s not necessarily the same year class.

          • TullaT says:

            There is no scenario in which both of them could be in college/law school simultaneously.

          • lizzie says:

            I don’t recall – did she say they went to college together, or that they met in college? He could have been a professor or something like that.

          • Sarah says:

            “No scenario”? Use your imagination. The obvious one is either that he was a mature student or that she went to college younger than average, neither of which is especially unusual.

          • LucyAppa says:

            I thought they were college students together. It seems like it requires a creative scenario.

          • flootzavut says:

            I was at college (a collegiate university in the UK) in my late teens and early twenties. I rubbed shoulders with and became friends with people in their 60s.

            A ten year age difference, even if they choose to play it that way (which they may not) is not remotely untenable for people who met in college.

          • Andrea says:

            When I was in college in the late-80s/early 90s, I was the traditional age for a student—right out of high school. However, I had numerous non-traditional students in my classes as both an undergrad and a grad student. Men and women who were 35-40 to my 18-22. We know that Jake and Ellie met in college, but I don’t remember any reference to them being the same age in college.

        • John NYC says:

          Or they both were in graduate school at the same time: people take breaks of different lengths and then return to school, get some real world experience or another different degree (MBA,, MFA, whatever)…

          • flootzavut says:

            Yup. There are so many scenarios in which they could have met in college, event if they decide to have Bamber play his real age or close to it.

          • Angela says:

            Exactly. People of all ages go to college together. Have some here never here never heard of middle-aged adults, for instance, returning to college to get x degree? When I was in school in my early 20s there were plenty of people much older than me there.

          • LucyAppa says:

            She didn’t have time to go to grad school, if she studied Parsa for six years.

          • flootzavut says:

            Timelines have never exactly been a strong point on NCIS, Ziva didn’t have time to do all the activities attributed to her, either.

          • John NYC says:

            Of course she had time for grad school! Trivially easy academic path. He graduates from undergrad at 21, she’s 11, he gets an MBA, two years, she’s now 13, he’s 23, he works various international finance jobs piling up his resume for 8 years and then decides ( gets recruited by NSA?) he wants into the legal side of things and returns to law school, leveraging his international business experience into an entry into a top university law program, I know science doctorates having done the same to top law and business schools when the grant rat race got old. She’s entered the verysame university on the graduate school side of things: at 13+8=21. They have some foreign relations classes together. He’s on the law side, she the system’s analytical side. Perhaps he introduces her to his NSA superiors. She’s a quick student so she’s got her Doctorate in 4, joins the NSA as a shiny new Ph.D. at 25. Six years later she’s about 31 while her husband is 41.

            Easy Peasy.

          • TullaT says:

            LMAO no one gets a PhD at 25, let’s say she did. The character is supposed to be in her mid 20s. When did she study Parsa for 6 years again?

          • flootzavut says:

            Actually I can think of three people I personally know know off the top of my head who had PhDs by their mid twenties. Sorry bout that.

            And as has been mentioned elsewhere – NCIS? Not great on timelines. Same goes for Ziva, the number of things she fit into her life didn’t fit the timeline they gave her. At least be consistent if you’re going to pick on stuff that the show isn’t great on.

    • Gloria Sterling says:

      There are many people with a big difference in age, both ways, so what’s the beef?

    • lizzie says:

      I am not familiar with this actor, but judging from the picture above, I think he could pass for early thirties.

  6. Irishrose says:

    Bamber is a wonderful actor with depth to him. Wouldn’t mind seeing him and DiNozzo going head to head.

  7. Julie merritt says:

    He is cute

  8. Bella says:

    Lucky girl!

  9. Laura says:

    Whatever, Bishop is annoying, hope he takes her away with him to Siberia and stay there

  10. Bonnie says:

    Am a big fan of Jamie Bamber and find this casting a great choice. Love Bishop’s character and be very interested in seeing how this plays out.

    • Dean says:

      Careful people will acuse you of either being a cote or ziva hater or of being paid by cbs for saying such things.

    • arial2 says:

      Totally agree. He’s great and so’s she. Cote de Pablo would be the first to tell you she chose to leave, much to the chagrin of the show runners, so I don’t get all the hatred.

  11. Rocky says:

    Breaking News: Ziva will return for 300th Episode of NCIS just to kill off Bishop…Yes, I can’t wait.

  12. Christine says:

    Good actor for a useless character!
    Bishop is so annoying she ruins any scene no matter who is in it with her! Maybe fans can get Mr. Bishop as Ellie replacement+Ellie stays at home so viewers don’t have to watch her again!

    • Dean says:

      Better idea: why dont you and the orhers who claim to either not watch NCIS or don’t like it anymore cuz of the new girl actually not watch and quit complaining. Have the sack to commit

      • flootzavut says:

        But that would be a logical and adult way to behave… Can’t have that now, can we! *sigh*

        • Angela says:

          Apparently not.
          If some of these people’s immature posts are indicative of their personalities/behaviors as a whole, I’d really hate to run into them offline. I can’t even begin to imagine how they treat people in their everyday lives that they build up some weird hatred for. It scares me to think many of these posters are adults with jobs and families of their own.

          • Em Cooper says:

            Well, judging by certain “fans” who constantly post the same thing over and over–calling any of them “adult” is really stretching it. If challenged, they fall back on whining it’s their right to have “their” opinion. Yes, it is, however, their tactics, repetitiveness, malicious behavior and downright obnoxious manners only showcase their own issues in dealing with reality. I tutor high school English–there are plenty of teenagers around more mature than what I’ve seen written here. Pretty darn sad…….

          • Angela says:

            Well, judging by certain “fans” who constantly post the same thing over and over–calling any of them “adult” is really stretching it.
            This is true. Yes. Should’ve added “for lack of a better term” after that part of my post :p.
            I tutor high school English–there are plenty of teenagers around more mature than what I’ve seen written here.
            Also true. I just…don’t get why this whole thing riles some people up so much. These are fictional characters. On a TV show. It’s really not worth the insane bickering that’s going on here. It’s called “entertainment” for a reason-it’s supposed to be FUN. If a character or a show is making someone THAT upset, I really don’t get the point in them watching further if all it’s going to do is up their blood pressure. It’s not worth it.
            And yes, people do have a right to voice their opinions, and critique shows. But actual criticism is something like, “I’m not wild about this storyline” or “The chemistry between x and y characters feels a little off to me” or something like that. Criticism is NOT, “Her eyebrows don’t match her hair, oh, my god, she’s so ugly and I hate her!” That’s just lame shallowness.
            And just as people have the right to voice their complaints, others also have the right to call them out when their complaints sound ridiculous or silly. Bishop is here. She’s not leaving anytime soon. So people need to just get. Over. It. Already.

          • Em Cooper says:

            I totally agree. I never knew it was a social horror (not to mention an artistic and dramatic one) to have eyebrows DARKER than one’s hair! GASP! The angst! Guess what, I live in California, that’s the norm out here, hate to break it to everyone. Californians are now hanging their heads in collective shame–actually, no, we are not. Seriously, if the venom in some of these comments directly at an actor doing her job is the only thing driving these people, my suggestion would be to seek medical attention immediately. No one is arguing that having an opinion should only be one sided, but I agree with you, if that opinion is valid, fine however, sneering about eyebrows, or how “ugly” a person is, or “I HATE her”, isn’t a valid argument, it’s childish behavior. There is a great deal of ugliness in the world, I certainly don’t condone it and given the option will do what I can to call people on it. If they don’t like opposing opinions, too bad, too sad. Want to be treated like an adult? Try acting like one.

          • flootzavut says:

            There are at least a few in the WE HATE BISHOP SOOOO MUCH who are supposedly parents/have responsible jobs, etc. It is frightening…

      • I wish I could give you a thumbs up Dean. I don’t know why people torture themselves by watching a show they no longer like.

        • leia says:

          AMEN to that. I think that Captain Apollo will be great on NCIS. I could totally see him in the NSA. And let’s not be snarky about how young Bishop looks, the character is actually older then Ziva was when she joined the show. IF you have a problem with eyebrows I suggest you go back to video from the 90’s and check out the First Lady Clintons’ eyebrows back in the day. The only blondes that have light eyebrows are natural blondes, and you can count them on one hand on hollywood, and most of the world for that matter. FOR some reason everyone wants to have blonde hair.

          • John NYC says:

            I’ve dated more than a few natural blondes who darkened their eyebrows to give more detail to their face given their pale brows sort of disappeared at any sort of distance… just a style choice.

    • Erin says:

      Right on! Every scene she is in grates on my nerves. And no, people, it has nothing to do with missing the Ziva character, except that that actress could at least act and be believable as an agent.

      • Dmac says:

        What is with you people. You hate a character so much that you come on here just to comment how much you hate her??? What is wrong with you and yes, it is because of Ziva, it always is. Bishop hasn’t been over the top and nothing this season has focused directly on her and yet you hate her?

        • TullaT says:

          Bishop is somewhat tolerable this year because they took away her stupidest and most annoying quirks. However, that doesn’t make her any more interesting, let alone appealing. She’s a lump of wood.

        • Anna D. says:

          You’re clueless! Why do you spend so much time coming on here to monitor the comments of others? And news flash- not everyone liked Ziva, so that makes your comment stupid. I didn’t like Ziva, but I can’t stand the actress who plays Bishop. She can’t act. Anyone can read lines and make faces like she does, and before you ask, yes, I could do better! My point is recast or replace the character, and you might find a lot fewer complaints. As for Ziva, I had no problem with Cote’s acting ability, which was heads and shoulders above Emily’s, but I didn’t like the character at all. I watched the show for the ensemble cast, but the problem is Emily absolutely ruins the part, and she has no chemistry with the rest of the cast, so she sticks out like a sore thumb and creates a very negative distraction. It’s painful to watch her in any scene, and she doesn’t seem to get better. It’s just a question of how much air time she has. So yes, I still watch with the hope that the actress learns how to act someday, but it is very suspicious they hired this subpar actress in the first place. She’s cute and nice, but that doesn’t get the job done!

          • Anna D., thank you for your kind words about Cote de Pablo as an actress and I appreciate that you didn’t like Ziva. I also agree with you about Bishop…..this is the 20th episode and she’s still not fitting in. Don’t know what it’ll take to get the job done.

  13. Julia says:


    • Dean says:

      You’re caps lock is on.

    • Dmac says:

      You are a complete idiot. If you don’t like Bishop don’t watch, Ziva is gone, Bishop is here and life goes on

      • Anna D. says:

        Excuse me, but where did she mention Ziva? Can you read?? She mentioned Borin, which I completely agree Diane is a far better actress than Emily. I’m not sure about how they would fit her on the team, but I’m sure the writers could come up with something believable. As far as Bishop getting pregnant, that would work too as long as you get Emily off the show or at least most of them! I would settle for a recurring character that’s a one and done thing, but this girl is not savvy enough to be regular cast.

  14. natalia h says:

    Aaaaand I’m back watching the show now.

  15. James says:

    Bishop STILL sucks

  16. James says:

    The ‘Bishop’ character is till a joke. When they get rid of her, I’ll start watching, again.

  17. Lorie says:

    Woo! I have loved Jamie ever since I discovered him on L&O:UK.

  18. Lizzievee says:

    He’s a cutie!

  19. as524 says:

    Interesting choice….will admit my mental picture of Jake was completely different but it’ll be easy to keep an open mind as far as what he brings to this character and how they write Ellie with him in the picture.

    Can’t wait to see how EW plays this!

  20. Erin says:

    All you people have to say is that he is cute? Shouldn’t you be more concerned about the fact that the Bishop character is still horrible and the actress can’t act? She has ruined the show. Now if this actor is a good actor and he will take over her part and they get rid of her then I am all for it. But get rid of her, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Dave says:

    Wow, sounds like Dean hates anyone who doesn’t like Bishop. Apparently he doesn’t think anyone is allowed to have an opinion that conflicts with his own.

    • lsperling says:

      Best to ignore the troll and hopefully, he’ll go back under the bridge.

      • Dmac says:

        He is the troll?? You and friends go on every article
        regarding NCIS just to tell everyone how much you hate Bishop and than try to pretend that it has nothing to do with Ziva.

        • Dean says:

          They’re just pissed after 8 years they never saw the emmy award winning season that featured Ziva David birthing Tony DiNozzo the third.

      • Sammi Lee says:

        Sorry sweetie, trolls in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Anyone who likes Bishop, has the likes of you and your fellow cronies, telling them, their opinion is wrong, stinks, etc. Nice try at deflecting.

        • lsperling says:

          People are entitled to hold their own opinion of Bishop whether they like her or not. It’s you and your ilk who think that no one else should have that opinion or that the only reason she isn’t liked is because of Ziva.

          • Em Cooper says:

            Well, you started it out calling someone a “troll”, and yet, now, when you are called out on that comment, suddenly start waving the “we are entitled to our opinion”, flag. It works both ways–they are entitled to theirs, without being called a troll. Considering you started the name calling, I find it hard to feel anything of value in your statements.

          • lsperling says:

            And, of course, your opinion of me is something about which I really care. NOT!

          • Em Cooper says:

            My, my. I was under the impression I was dealing with an adult–not a petulant child. What’s next? “I know you are, but what am I?” Or, maybe just a general, “Nah, nah” to cement your argument? You don’t care what people think of you, so what? Childish behavior like yours really doesn’t merit any attention, when you become an adult and can discuss things like an adult, maybe people will pay attention. Obviously, that day is way into your future.

          • lsperling says:

            My, my. Who died and made you the arbiter of what’s adult and what isn’t. Apparently, anyone who doesn’t agree with you is childish. Well, in my book that certainly beats being a control freak and expecting anyone with a different opinion to just keep quiet. I have a suggestion, why don’t you just let everyone express whatever they wish and if you don’t like what they have to say, just ZIP IT.

          • Em Cooper says:

            Oh, no one died and made me an arbiter of anything. I am observing a immature person, proving my point with their childish comments. You resort to name calling when people don’t snap to attention when you comment, then berate them for not agreeing or following your oh, so, superior remarks. Why not take a page out of your own book–leave people alone who have differing opinions from YOU and zip yourself SHUT. Your hate campaign falls on your shoulders, the remarks posted are yours–if you don’t like being called on them, too bad for you. Here’s a newsflash for you, if anyone has control issues, that would be you–who are YOU to tell me (or ANYONE) to not read what is written and comment or to ZIP anything? It’s real easy to spot who is an adult and who isn’t, and you have proven that point very nicely.

          • lsperling says:

            You’re so blind you don’t even realize you’re doing the same thing you accuse me of doing. It isn’t childish (you slung that one first) to express an opinion that differs from someone else. It’s called freedom of speech. We’re done here.

          • Em Cooper says:

            Calling someone a “troll” is the same as calling someone “childish”? Really? Perhaps you should invest in a dictionary and look the words up. You refuse to acknowledge the fact, you act like a spoiled child, name calling others who don’t agree with you. Then when called on that fact, fall back on you are “expressing your opinion” and topping it off with “freedom of speech”. Pray tell, where does “ZIP IT”, (your words) fall into that little mess? Let’s not forget the royal, “we’re done here”, gracious, how dramatic. I guess debating is a little out of your wheelhouse, isn’t it? Tell you what, when you start acting your age instead of your shoe size, perhaps people will take you more seriously…….

          • flootzavut says:

            Your behaviour would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad. Yikes.

    • Dean says:

      No its common sense, Davy. What can you achive by ranting about how a character, you clearly don’t like, on a show you no longer claim to watch is not good? Yet you still know enough of the character and the current show to make your criticisms. What do you think that the cast and crew will notice your comments and suddenly bend to your will or that Cote Depablo will see them and be inspired to immediately comeback? Guess what the cast and crew don’t even know your names much less are obligated to meet your demands.

    • Dean says:

      on that note if you’re so unhappy with the show then find something else to watch and quit whining.

      • Dave says:

        I never said I was unhappy with the show. And I’m not the one who’s posted more bitchy comments on here than almost everyone else, because I’m not the one who’s whining; YOU are.

    • flootzavut says:

      *bwahahahahahahahaha* oh my goodness, the irony of this comment is seriously painful.

  22. lsperling says:

    I’m not familar with his in any other roles, but he sure is easy on the eyes.

  23. crunchycon says:

    I like him – still hate Bishop. I’m not a “pro-Ziva nuttie” as others have been accused of; the program survived Kate leaving after all. Cote de Pablo can do as she wishes with her career, but I wish that the NCIS casting directors had done a better job with her replacement.

  24. Andrea says:

    I know there’s been mention of Oklahoma, but can Jake have a British mother, father, relative of some kind so we get to hear Jamie’s lovely accent? Thrilled about this casting!

    • John NYC says:

      That could work, she went to graduate school: so he’s gone back after his law degree to get international classwork into expand his portfolio for the NSA. Maybe Cambridge or whatever? He might have been who recruited her?

      • TullaT says:

        When did she have time to go to graduate school, then study Parsa for six years?

        • Lillian says:

          About the same time Ziva served 2 mandatory years in the IDF, go to college, work with Shepard on covert ops and be Ari’s control officer, all before she was 24. I don’t remember them starting Bishop’s age definitively, unlike Ziva.

        • John NYC says:

          The actor is about 31: minus six for Parsa is 25, four years graduate school goes to 21: an age not unusual for someone to graduate from undergraduate school. And, IIRC, Parsa was an early assignment for her.

    • flootzavut says:

      I would really love for him to be able to play Jake as a Brit. I’m not going to hold my breath, but I would be very pleased!

  25. Biya says:

    I didn’t particularly like Bishop last year but it wasn’t because Ziva was gone. I just thought her character was a little immature for this show, i.e., sitting on the desk/floor, etc. However, I am liking her this year. They have toned down her actions and she is more a part of the team now. It will be good to see the other side of her.

    • TullaT says:

      They took away her most annoying quirks. Now she is a blank, a waste of space.

      • Sammi Lee says:

        Lordy, you people are flipping unbelievable, all last year when Bishop was introduced, you bitched and moaned about everything she did wrong. Her eyebrows were too dark, she’s too quirky, she sits on the floor, she’s NOT ZIVA. The writers have toned down some things that were distracting and sharpened her focus as an agent–now, per you, “she’s a blank, a waste of space”. Sorry, since you really are now just being annoying, anything written by you is a waste of space. (And time, what a child you are.)

  26. TullaT says:

    I love him! he is way, way too good for Bishop.

  27. bj says:

    I really like Jamie too. This was a pleasant surprise.

  28. Beverly Holmes says:

    He’s cute (and I’m an old lady-ha) but you know, I was beginning to get a feeling that Bishop’s husband was going to turn out to be a man of color (black, Asian, etc.?). Don’t know why I got that vibe tho. ???

  29. Justaviewer says:

    Bishop as a character was well written in the first episode: why not eliminate her eccentricities? I think she might then grow on people a little. However, that old woman they got for Tony has had way to much Botox: her lips are huge. Maybe instead of her, they should get Tony glasses, he obviously cannot see well.

    • lsperling says:

      I thought it was just me who hated those Botox-lipped women. Ever notice that they kind of have a mind of their own when they move? Always a pursed lip expression. You don’t pay attention to what she’s saying, just the way her lips are expanding and contracting. And she needs to dispense with the hair tossing. Either cut it or tie it back, but constantly tossing her head to get it out of her face is annoying.

    • JC1 says:

      In what universe is 34 (Stephanie Jacobsen’s age) an “old woman”?

      • Angela says:

        Good question. Apparently must be the same universe where some people have no issue with making shallow comments about an actress’ looks. Seriously, every time I read a comment from someone online making nasty comments about another person’s looks, I always want them to post a photo of themselves so we can judge their looks in return. It’d be only fair, right?

  30. cindiy says:

    Who cares if her husband is Frankenstein?!?!?!?! We just want her gone!!!!! She adds NOTHING to the show and has pretty much ruined it for me.

    I like what Anita says,maybe she is pregnant and will go away to raise the baby! That would be the BEST news!

  31. al haborak says:

    first you don’t get rid of that stupid emily now you want to bring her husband on the show boy is this show really going to the dogs. whats wrong with the people that write the show that they don’t listen to the fans that watch that they want the bishop character gone she sucks.

  32. Mike Creed says:

    I see you’re still trying to put a dress on a pig to disguise it as an Actor. Just admit “Bishop” is wrong for this show, Fix it, And move on. Before the rest of your fans MOVE ON.

  33. mrsfoxxe says:

    Don’t need another actor on CSI. Get rid of her she stinks!

  34. Great addition to the storyline, and he is handsome too ! Hope he stays as part of the Cast.

  35. michelleAnn says:

    ohh! He’s a hottie! He and Emily makes for an attractive couple. I like Bishop. That’s my opinion and I’m standing by it!

  36. AK says:

    I’m guessing the show runners wanted a pretty recognizable actor in that role to try to drum up interest with the viewers who don’t care about anything Bishop-related (for the record, I find her a lot less obnoxious than she was last season but still feel no connection or emotional investment in her as a character). It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out – one the one hand, good for them if it works and wins over more viewers for Bishop, but on the other it might be hard to get him back if he turns out to be popular.

    • John NYC says:


      I, for one, have no idea who the guy is.

      • Robert says:

        BSG Captain Apollo. Lee Adama.

      • lsperling says:

        So, naturally, because YOU don’t know who he is, no one else should. How arrogant.

        • flootzavut says:

          Kind of like how people assume that because they don’t like Bishop, that that’s the opinion of the fandom at large?

          Hi kettle, it’s the pot, you’re black…

        • John NYC says:

          Thanks, watched the original series but not, for some reason, the remakes.

          His IMDB had things I’ve seen but he still doesn’t ring a bell. and to clarify for the squinty: for ME, as stated. Others as always can HYOH.

        • John NYC says:

          He may be “recognizable” for some but as inferred, not a universal recognition. So to what extent his recognition is an asset? Shrug.

      • Andrea says:

        Jamie also played Matt Devlin on Law and Order: UK. That’s how I know him, and I think it’s interesting that he recently worked with Sasha Alexander. Admittedly, he wasn’t who I was visualizing as Jake, but I like Jamie and I like the character of Bishop. I’m looking forward to Jake and Ellie’s interactions as a couple

  37. grandmal006 says:

    I don’t like the Bishop character, so I no longer watch NCIS. If she was only on once and a while I could maybe stand her.

  38. Sorry, I don’t really care for “Bishop”, and I do not think she adds to the dynamic of the rest of the cast. Bring Sasha Alexander BACK!

      • flootzavut says:

        My feelings exactly. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Kate, but bringing her back would require some serious supernatural intervention. It’s not like she just disappeared, she blimmin’ well got shot in the head and was autopsied in house!

        Plus, I get the impression that Sasha Alexander is serously happy with her choices.

        (I’ve had the same impression from Cote de Pablo, too. It saddens me so many people fail to respect these women’s decisions!)

  39. Bobbee says:

    Loved me some Apollo on BSG.

  40. JAO says:

    Good choice! Versatile actor.

  41. Jackie says:

    I hope the surprise is that Bishop is leaving for good.

  42. L. Griep says:

    I would rather see Ziva come back..

  43. LucyAppa says:

    Love Jamie Bamber! not sure he is right for this part. I thought Bishop went to college with Jake.

    • flootzavut says:

      Never heard of people going to college early, mature students, grad school? I was at university with people from every age from 17 to 60+.

      Not to mention the possibility that actors don’t always play their own age.

  44. Rose says:

    Finally the addition of a credible FBI character this week. Now she would have fit in well in Bishop’s role. She brought some enthusiasm to the show.

  45. Christie says:

    Hopefully he’ll announce he’s been transferred far away and is taking his young wife with him. Bishop is a colossal failure.

    • Em Cooper says:

      According to who? I honestly don’t care if you like or don’t like her, but, seriously, implying Bishop is a “colossal failure” and not basing it on anything is an extremely lame statement. The show’s ratings are doing fine. Outside of a few (and the same) malcontents who come scurrying in for their daily hate-fest when the character’s name is mentioned–kindly show me what you are basing your input on–outside of a personal hatred.

      • Pete says:

        Personally I think the 8 year experiment with Ziva was a colossal failure – but then it all depends on how you measure success and failure. It’s my opinion, and whilst I am sure there are people who agree there are people that would dispute it to the death.
        Overall, there is no denying that NCIS has been a success over the years – whether that is because of or in spite of Ziva – or (more likely) somewhere in between – will probably be never known for sure.

  46. guest says:

    After an exhausting read of all these comments, I wonder if the people who are asking anti Bishop people to stop watching realize the same thing was asked of the anti Ziva people. For almost 8 years people took great pleasure in coming on these pages and making their weekly Ziva gripe. Anti Ziva comments continue to be made even a year after she has been gone. I loved Ziva but I respect Cote and her decision to leave. I like Bishop just fine and she is starting to grow on me. If I didn’t like her I certainly wouldn’t come on these pages and make bad comments about her. I’m just not that type of
    person. I guess what I’m getting to is to tell people to stop watching or to grow up or that their opinion is wrong won’t change a thing. Bishop bashing will continue. It’s not right, but it will continue. Perhaps now anti Ziva fans can see how incredibly frustrating it is to have a character you like continually slammed on a regular basis. In this fandom, this debate will continue. But I agree, the comments should stick to the content of the show, not their physical appearance and talent. Emily Wickersham shared this story link on her Twitter page and I would hate to think that she read some of these horrible comments about herself. We need to remember, these are real people with feelings. Would you talk to EW or CdP in person the way you talk about them on these pages? And really people, would you like everyone to review and rate your job performance on a weekly basis and then post their mean comments for you and everyone else to read? A little compassion and human kindness goes a long way. It would be nice if we could remember that.

    • flootzavut says:

      I think way too many people have zero comprehension of the notion these are real people. The lack of respect for Cote de Pablo’s decision (and for Sasha Alexander’s, come to that) is breathtaking. With fans like these, who needs enemies? :-/

      Personally I’ve liked, enjoyed, or been able to tolerate pretty much every character who’s crossed my screen on NCIS, but I wouldn’t cast aspersions (like implying Emily Wickersham must be sleeping with someone to have got the role – really???) on the actors, and it boggles my mind how cruel people are about these people.

      I liked Ziva, but Kate was one of my all time favourite characters, still is. Would never have occurred to me to be awful about Ziva/CdP for eight years even if I’d hated her. If I had disliked her as much as some of these clowns seem to, I would’ve stopped watching; ditto Bishop/Emily. It baffles me that that doesn’t occur to people as the more reasonable course of action.

      I gotta say, I’ve come across a few really virulent Ziva haters over the years – heck, there’s someone on fanfic who goes by DieZivaDie :-o – and I pretty much avoid them as much as possible, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the kind of personal vitriol that I’ve seen aimed at Emily Wickersham :-/

      • guest says:

        I so agree with you. At least with Ziva the comments were kept to mostly the character. Most Cote bashing didn’t really occur until she chose to leave. The vile things said against Emily and her character as a person are disgusting. Apparently the “perfect” people on these pages feel justified in spewing the garbage they do on these pages.

  47. Brendan says:

    Jake Malloy was the name of the character portrayed by Sylvester Stallone in the direct-to-video film D-Tox (aka Eye See You in the U.S.).

  48. colleen says:

    That’s so great that we’re finally gonna get to meet Bishop’s husband! I love the Bishop character. She’s interesting and quirky.