Scandal Recap: Dine and Dash

Scandal Jake Threatens Rowan

This week on ABC’s Scandal, Olivia reconnected with a friend who’s full of surprises, Jake roasted Rowan, David (and Abby) fought for their place “inside the bubble,” Quinn spent the night with a most unlikely person and Cyrus pondered the price for quenching a thirst.

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Three episodes in, I’m finally starting to feel some momentum building in Season 4. The past couple of weeks had their “moments,” and some terrific performances, but it all felt so segregated, that everyone was just doing their own thing. Maybe it’s also because it’s hard to see Mom and Dad (Olivia and Abby) fight!

First up, Mellie seems a smidgen better, taking a pass on the daily cemetery visit in order to obsesses over a national “news” story, about a “killer” bride. But when Mellie all but calls a cabinet meeting in the name of cracking this mystery — which just hours earlier had been resolved — we (and Fitz) see the wind come back out of her sails.

Fitz’s other main concern for the hour was the Elliot Gun Control Act, which was in danger of getting — and ultimately did get — roadblocked. Summoning recently anointed AG David into the Oval Office, Fitz speaks of how he needs his administration to mean something, even if it’s that wackos can no longer shoot up schools with AK47s. Having gotten a taste of POTUS’ “bubble” and liked it, Rosen uses a B613 file to “convince” the problematic judge to reverse his stance. That move earns David cheers from Fitz & Co., though it came with a price: the judge later killed himself.

The president’s good mood also was good for (G)Abby, who when invited into the Oval for some Scotch saw an opportunity to tactfully but rightly chide him for not knowing her name. Fitz apologizes, then pumps Abby for intel on Liv, whom she claims is “good” — though Abby truly doesn’t know, as their already fractured friendship took another hit this week.

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Olivia’s two priorities this week were 1) getting Jake to have dinner with her and her dad, at Command’s house, and 2) helping college pal Catherine Winslow (Lost‘s Sonya Walger) find her MIA teen daughter. But when Huck discovers that Catherine was shtupping her kid’s 17-year-old boyfriend, which the daughter then threatened to reveal to her dad, Liv races to the teen’s hotel hideaway, but is too late. Young Caitlin is dead, though Catherine insists she had no hand in it. Even so, Cathrine ends up arrested. It is when Abby stops by to ask Liv about their mutual college friend’s situation, only to get frozen out, that she sees how bad things are between her and her onetime boss.

When Jake isn’t mulling the worst dinner invite ever, hes smashing Charlie’s face into a candy machine, then taking the spook-for-hire prisoner. Charlie has but one request, in trade for all he knows: a “night with” Quinn, there in his cement-block confines. Jake comes through, and though Quinn claims indifference to her onetime lover, Charlie;s head games — about how Quinn has no people — get to “Robin,” and then eventually suck some face. Charlie’s words take on added meaning when Liv and Huck don’t even realize that Quinn was missing for 24 hours.

Cyrus and Michael the Brainless Whore On Track for an MBA kept crossing paths, until Michael finally invited the Chief of Staff to quench his thirst to replace the “dry lump” in his throat with… something else. Next thing you know, a beaming Cyrus is forking over $2,500 to Michael the next morning — after which, Michael reports back to RNC boss Liz, that all is going as planned.

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And last but not least: After a sad, needy and frustrated Liv tells Jake  that she is “done,” he agrees to dinner  at Rowan’s — now having seen video footage of Secret Service agent/B613 mole Tom infect Jerry Jr. with the bacterial meningitis. All is pleasant enough (though seems like Rowan’s roasted pork was a turkey), until Olivia exits the dining room to take a call. Jake than goes for the jugular, asking Rowan why he had Harrison killed/ Because he had learned he killed Jerry Jr.s death? Hitting a nerve, Jake commands Command to get out of town pronto, and never come back, but Rowan doesn’t retreat quietly. Rather, he plunges a steak knife between Jake’s spread fingers and declares, “I’ll be the one standing over you when you die.” And as the hour ends, Jake the next day spies Rowan going about his day, all BAU.

Now that Command has called Jake’s bluff, will Jake call his?

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  1. Cheyenne says:

    Dayum, David is a beast!

  2. KCC says:

    Who killed the girl? Was it the mother? Did the writers forget that they were working a case? Did I miss something?

  3. Genesis says:

    Come on, now! Jake knows how dangerous command is and he just goes and threatens him in his own home? I thought he was smarter than that!

  4. Alichat says:

    Ok…..I’m thinking Jake is going to die. I don’t want it to happen, but my god, he knows what happens to people who threaten Papa Pope. Also, while that scene was playing out, I was really expecting that Jake was the one who’d called Olivia, and she was in the other room listening to the threats flying between Jake and Rowan.

    And I’ve never been a fan of Abby, but man, I really felt sorry for her during this episode. For the love of god, she can’t get any respect in that White House.

  5. Susan says:

    I think Mr. Ballard’s days are numbered since he is going to be starring in a new rom-com by Ms. rimes.

  6. Coal says:

    Abby to Liv: ” Ethical ? You rigger of elections ?” That’s best moment of the season for me so far since Cy told Fitz “we all know how this movie ends”. Speaking of Cy I hate how he and Mellie have been dumbed down over the course of the series they were smart, manipulative, calculating, savvy, power hungry, political animals who were beyond this whole mushy, emotional, woe is me ! Nonsense.

    • RReg says:

      Dumb down? Do you expect them to be cartoonish without any after effects of their loved ones dying? Oh for Pete’s sake…

      • Coal says:

        The dumbing down has been happening before the loss of James and Mellie’s son. Its been more melodrama than cohesive story telling in terms of their characters.

        • RReg says:

          They are peripheral characters. They should not have been brought to the forefront in the first place.

          • Coal says:

            Then what should Scandal be about ? Goldwyn and Washington making out each week while their characters talk about their feelings each episode while the other actors are just warm bodies on set ? That would make for really dreary viewing.

      • Most people are multidimensional – Cyrus lost his husband that he truly loved and Mellie lost her child. they’re mourning and Cyrus is also lonely.

    • bethjanelle says:

      Agree with the dumbing down. What is Cyrus thinking about a male prostitute who just happens to keep hanging out where Cyrus happens to be? How many politicians (and husbands/marriages) have been ruined by sex scandals? (Side question who is taking care of Cyrus’ daughter now that his nurturing partner is dead?) I am so disappointed by Cyrus. Hopefully this is just the plot point to bring Olivia back to the WH when this scandal starts to spin out of control.

      • ejdax37 says:

        I have gotten the impression that James was Cyrus’ first, if not only long term relationship with a man. From the flash back ep they had last year we know he wasn’t really out to the world, his friends knew but he wasn’t hanging rainbow flags from every window. We know he was married to a women so I would assume he came out late in life, so really he is new at the whole dating thing, what he is going through now most people go through in there 20’s, the bad-for-you-but-so-hot relationship after your first really serious relationship ends. Unfortunately he is not getting over a break up but a death so his grief is magnified by that. I know he can be a nasty man when he wants to but I really don’t want him to get hurt in this way.
        And of course he has a team of Nannies raising his daughter, or she has gone to the same place that Erica Hahn from Grey’s Anatomy went to.

  7. Overthinking says:

    David is acting like a kid in a candy store. He needs to realize he is dealing with old timers and he is just a rookie to the DC dark side. It is just a matter of time before the other shoe drops. Hopefully he comes out alive.

  8. RReg says:

    So I see we are right on track for Fitz and Liv to be back together. It’s all being set. He’s just asked “Gabby” about how Liv is doing… He’s doing the looking at Liv on tv thing…. Here we go again

    • Overthinking says:

      Buckle down for their emotional roller coaster. 3 down 19 more to go……………..

      • RReg says:

        No not for me. Not again. I have laid out the plan for their getting back together this season, based on the previous seasons. I will continue to watch Scandal to see if I called it right; but at the first hint that they are breaking up again- that will be it for me. I have already dumped Castle for making Castle and that silly detective a couple; Scandal too, will go the way of Castle for me.

        • Overthinking says:

          I hear you. So are we also going to go down another road of Fitz drinking? The mean Fitz came out with how he dismissed Gabby (regarding Mellie) and yelled at David.

          • RReg says:

            I don’t think that Fitz is in the alcoholic vein again. I think he was just having a scotch because of a long day. His shouting at Gabby didn’t have as much to do with the alcohol as it had to do with the frustrations of not getting the gun bill passed.

            Plus now that Liv is back in DC, he’s holding on as much as possible to not crawl back for some of her magical thighs. Notice how he worked Liv into the question to Gabby?

        • Cheyenne says:

          You might as well spare yourself any further torment and stop watching now, because you know it’s going to happen unless he divorces Mellie this season, and you know that will not happen.

          • RReg says:

            I don’t see it happening again. Shonda surely must have gotten her act together. I refuse to believe she will do something so inane again. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

          • RReg says:

            I do not understand why you think that they need to get married right this instant. Is it not possible for them to be in a relationship sans marriag for now and sans the stupid breaking up for all sorts of stupid reasons?

          • Cheyenne says:

            And while they are enjoying this blissfully happy relationship for the next three and a half years until the end of Fitz’s second term, what is Mellie supposed to do in the interim? Be a good little wifey and pretend it isn’t happening or get it on with Andrew or maybe one of the SS guys?

        • I am in the same place. I’m sticking around for the Olitz reunion but if they do another bait and switch and break them up or leave them in limbo without a presidential divorce I’m out. I can watch the first to seasons and be content.

  9. Rachel says:

    How old is Olivia supposed to be? Her law school friend has a 17 year old daughter. Most people start law school — at least– age 22. Are Olivia and Abby 40? Did the friend get pregnant first year of law school? No mention of caitland being a step child, although they did say Katherine was a side piece before being a wife. I don’t believe they are all supposed to be 40+.

  10. RReg says:

    I wonder if Jake will tell Fitz or Liv what Rowan has done. He better, before Rowan kills him…

  11. David P. Graf says:

    I dislike the TV Line sponsored videos that pop up on your pages and start playing without giving me a choice. Of course, the sound from the video competes with the music I’m playing and it’s just annoying.

  12. Ella J. Wade says:

    I hope Jake calls his bluff. At this point, he seems to be the only one on the show that realizes what is happening. If he dies, then I’m out. So tired of the love her, love her not, love her, love her not. How many daisies does Fitz have? And Cyrus is too smart for the way he is being duped.

    • taim says:

      jake is like the most annoying character on the show. Rather have him dead than Rowan, he is at least interesting.

      • Juice says:

        If anyone is annoying its Cyrus, i know james is dead and all but its episode 3 already and its like he’s not even in the show. Even Ellen’s wife seems to be more ruthless than Cy. Jake is a breathe of fresh air

      • RReg says:

        Preach! Don’t understand why he was brought to Scandal in the first place. What a waste of space.

    • herman1959 says:

      Hey Ella, I’m still not convinced that Cyrus doesn’t know what is going on with Michael. He had plenty of time to check him out between the first and second meetings, plus Michael and RNC woman have been meeting out in the open -they even met at her daughter’s school; come on, how easy would it be to prove they’re in cahoots? We’ve heard this story before – RNC woman can’t use the intel because it would bring everyone down – her included. Just wait.

  13. RReg says:

    The dynamic of the relationship between Fitz and Liv and the crazy cases of the week were what attracted most viewers to Scandal. If the relationship between Fitz and Liv did not exist, there would not be a Scandal.

    • Lovely says:

      Scandal definitely cannot survive another Fitz/Olivia makeup-breakup plot. But I have been enjoying this season so far with Liv and Fitz NOT being together and Liv focusing on her cases of the week, etc. Not too thrilled about her and Jake though… There is just zero chemistry between them. Maybe Jake gets killed and Liv starts dating a whole NEW guy?!?! I’m just over Liv and Fitz trying to work it out… they have destroyed their relationship for me with 3 seasons of nonsense and its sad. I rolled my eyes during the preview for the next episode because I am not here for another tired Fitz and Olivia rollercoaster ride. Sadly, I think that is all these unimaginative writers can do. SMH.

      • RReg says:

        I cannot survive another Fitz/Olivia make up break up either. That nonsense truly has been played. Either let them remain apart for the rest of the series or fully on.
        Jake needs to be killed off. Once again, I will say he just doesn’t work. I find the character annoying and the way he treats Liv is unlikable. I do not understand why Shonda has written this way. I’m just waiting for him to start slapping her around. A booty call… Really????

    • Cheyenne says:

      Don’t worry, they’ll be back. Fitz is just waiting for Mellie to get out of her funk before he jumps back into Olivia’s bed. Of course if Mellie is smart enough to realize that, she might decide to stay in her funk for a while.

  14. RReg says:


    While Fitz and Liv are in a relationship. Mellie does exactly what she is doing now or has been doing from Season 1.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Um… No, I don’t think that will work any more. Are they supposed to keep it under wraps and pretend nobody knows for the next three years? She’s already been outed as the president’s mistress and was saved only by deflecting the blame to another woman. But that only works X number of times. You think Mellie is going to sit tight and play dumb while Fitz and Olivia get it back on? Mellie never impressed me as being a passive little wifey looking the other way while hubby does his thang. She was okay with it as long as she thought it was just a political move but Fitz falling in love with Olivia threatened her status as his wife. And Mellie is a stone bítch when her status is threatened. Somebody better look out.

      • RReg says:

        What marriage is there to threaten? There is no marriage to threaten. I am approaching this from the perspective that both parties had checked out of the marriage even before Liv came on the scene. If you are now talking of a marriage being threatened – then Liv has no place in such a dynamic and she should extricate herself fully and completely and allow the Grants to get on with their lives. Thus the series should end with Fitz and Liv apart. They are currently apart right now – let them remain so forever. No more on and off again BS.

        • Cheyenne says:

          There is still a marriage, albeit in name only. Mellie’s status as First lady is derived solely from her being married to Fitz. Being First Lady is everything to her. If anything threatens her status she is going to go full on nuclear. Of course Olivia has no place in such a dynamic, any more than Camilla Parker-Bowles had a place in Charles’ marriage to Diana. Of course “Scandal” could still pull off a Camilla/Charles ending, but Charles and Camilla weren’t exactly hands-off during his first marriage, and Diana did comment that the marriage got a bit crowded with three people in it.

          • Dani says:

            This episode was alright, but boy do I hate seeing Cyrus being so dumb with the male escort guy. And i’m still still loving Abby. And surely no one is expecting Fitz and Liv to actually reunite during the next episode, right?

          • RReg says:

            I don’t know how many times and in how many ways I can say this. I have said continually that Liv and Fitz could be in a strong workable relationship, right this minute without getting married right this minute. While marriage could be the end game it doesn’t have to happen right now. Just as (to use your example) Charles and Camilla were in a relationship with each other even when both of them were married to other people. This dynamic would not threaten any marriage nor would it stop Mellie from being first lady.
            Do you think Charles and Camilla broke up with each other every year and got back with each other every year for the 15 years that Charles was married to Diana? Do you think that Charles and Camilla broke up and got back with each other every year while Camilla was married?

            If Liv and Fitz cannot wait to get married and he must remain married to Mellie because of some illogical bent to Shondaland’s politics. Then let them remain apart. Trotting out a sex scene between the two once a season to keep people interested is losing its effect.

            The on again off again of crazy of Liv and Fitz, degrades the very sweet spot that attracted many people, and to continue to do so reduces the show’s selling point. No one will care that they eventually stay together if it continues; even when Shonda has ABC go overboard with its usual promotions, and no matter how heavily the actors tweet. People would have already tuned out.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Rreg, puh-leeeeeze, ditch the rose-colored glasses. Charles screwing Camilla all though his marriage to Diana was the major factor in the break-up of his marriage to Diana. She couldn’t deal with it. What wife with any self-respect could? Not her and certainly not a woman like Mellie.
            So while Fitz and Olivia are in this “strong, workable relationship”, is this supposed to be a purely platonic relationship for the next three years while both of them remain celibate, or does she hump Jake or somebody else on the side, or what? Because if she and Fitz continue texting and sexing right in everybody’s face, what is Mellie going to do about that? Nothing? You’ve got to be kidding.
            You’ve imagined a situation with is totally incompatible with reality. This is reality: Fitz is in love with another woman and his wife is understandably pitching a fit. Booty calls are one thing; a genuine love affair is something else altogether. It threatens both her marriage and her status. Meanwhile, Olivia is kept waiting for something that may or may not ever happen. How is she supposed to feel about that? Eventually she throws in the towel and says screw it, I’m done. But she and Fitz can’t stay away from each other so they get back together. This is the reality of this situation. Either deal with it or watch something else that doesn’t annoy you so much. But Shonda isn’t going to change the show just because you’re tired of it.

  15. RReg says:


    Please explain to me which part of Scandal is reality.

    Most of what you are saying proves my point by the way. Glad to see that you finally agree with me.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Rreg I’m starting to wonder if you’re more than a bit delusional. I haven’t agreed with anything you said and I can’t imagine why you think I did. “Scandal” is not reality. It’s a TV show. When I said “reality” I meant the reality of the Fitz/Olivia situation, which is two people in love whose relationship can’t go anywhere as long as one of them is married to somebody else.
      Anyway, tune in Thursday for more fun and games. Mellie sees Olivia walking down the hall in the White House and totally loses her shít.