How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Selfie-Defense Training

ABC might not be able to make Selfie happen — the Tuesday-night rom-com is pretty cute, though, despite its title — but this week’s How to Get Away With Murder showed us that the Kardashians’ favorite form of photography isn’t without some value.

Yep, the flash-fowards to our “Circle of Four” law students — Michaela, Connor, Wes and Lauren/Laurel — found ’em resorting to snapping candid pics around the giant campus bonfire (Laurel’s idea) as a way to establish an alibi for the killing of their law professor’s hubby. (Snap poll: Do we really think any of these four ambitious kids committed the actual homicide, or are they merely the cleanup crew? I vote the latter.)

If the quartet follows the formidable Annalise Keating’s lesson plan, though, the next few weeks ought to find them discrediting potential witnesses for the prosecution, establishing an alternate theory of the muder/possible new suspects, and then creating an avalanche of additional misleading evidence that would send any jury to the corner of Reasonable Ave. and Doubt Blvd.

In other news, Annalise’s Hot Detective Boyfriend investigates Sam’s whereabouts the night of Lila’s death, discovers the hunky professor wasn’t where he’d claimed to be, and then lies to Annalise and tells her he’s found no reason for suspicion. (What the whaaa?) And Annalise — who perhaps needs to double down on a “trust no one” life philosophy, at least for a spell — takes on as a new client one half of the duo accused of murdering Lila (AKA her hubby’s possible lover) (AKA possibly a campus drug dealer despite her family’s apparently unspeakable wealth).

LIZA WEIL, VIOLA DAVIS, CHARLIE WEBER, JACK FALAHEE, ALFRED ENOCH, AJA NAOMI KING, KARLA SOUZAWith sooooo much plot, let’s condense the action from this week’s episode into delicious bite-sized morsels:

CASE OF THE WEEK | Kind of a clunker, if you ask me, and a waste of the delectable Anna Ortiz (Ugly Betty, Devious Maids). In a nutshell, she plays a suburban mom picked up for polishing a sexy stranger’s immunity idol — if you catch my drift — in a public park, but two seconds after Annalise gets her released, the lady gets re-arrested. Turns out “Paula” is living under an assumed name — having been on the lam since skipping bail on a felony murder charge some 20 years ago. You see, “Elena” (the name on her first birth certificate) and her anti-globalization cronies set off a bomb and killed a janitor — but since the episode gives us no sense of “Elena’s” life prior to her arrest, the arc doesn’t really resonate emotionally. Girlfriend’s still pining for the group’s imprisoned ring-leader (Jason Gedrick), but after he unexpectedly rats her out on the stand (in exchange for early release), she flees Philly by bus — with Gedrick’s mastermind in a bus seat alongside her! Wait, the court didn’t even wait for the cops to put out an APB on Fugitive Terrorist Lady before letting her former lover skip out into the sunlight and head for parts unknown? I call baloney — and not the delicious kind you fry in a pan with sauteed onions and serve over Spaghetti-Os. The only riveting moment from the proceedings is when Elena — driving with Annalise, Michaela and Bonnie — talks about subsuming her passions for two decades, and having realized that despite the guise of domestic bliss with her husband and kids, she’d missed her imprisoned lover — and the thrill of fighting for a cause — every day. When Annalise tells Michaela at the close of the hour to “choose your husband carefully — you only have yourself to blame if it ends badly,” it seems as much a pep talk to herself as it is to her Tracy Flick-ian student.

JACK FALAHEE, AJA NAOMI KINGSAM’S BODY IN THE WOODS | Aside from our quartet establishing their alibi — the mania of Connor juxtaposed with the mortification of Michaela, plus his demand that she “smile or go to jail,” proves utterly perfect — the dimly lit, frantically edited subplot takes a few more turns. We see Rebecca was indeed in Annalise’s office along with our core quartet on the night Sam met his demise — so maybe she really is the one who inflicted the blunt-force drama trauma. Michaela loses her engagement ring somewhere between torching Sam’s corpse and heading back to the van. Oh, and making the backstory even juicier, we find out in the present that Michaela’s fiancé Aiden had sex with Connor back when they attended an all-boys boarding school. Connor has altogether too much fun with Michaela’s horrified reaction —”I hooked up with pretty much all the hot boys at boarding school, if it makes you feel better. Also, I barely remember what his penis looks like. Wait. No. I still do,” he oozes. But Michaela has plans to get married in bespoke Vera Wang, have one child, hire a cook and a nanny and conquer the world with Aiden. And so she accepts his explanation that he was merely a member of the Horny and Experimental Teenagers’ Club and not an applicant for the Future Down-Low Hubbys of America. Her threat to divorce him, take all his money and destroy his political aspirations is a really romantic kicker to her speech, too, no?

Wes impersonates an attorney to sneak into jail to see his wide-eyed (but not that innocent) neighbor Rebecca — but she wants no part of his assistance. Later, though, when a call comes in to the phone Rebecca had hidden in his bathroom floor, he answers it and discovers it’s actually Lila’s, and the caller seems to be looking to score some narcotics. The university, meanwhile, wants Annalise to take on the case of current student Griffin, Lila’s football player boyfriend, but she stalls for more time — first and foremost wanting to be certain her husband isn’t the killer. Yet while Det. Ab-rageous eases her suspicions about Sam, it’s another handsome fella who proves more persuasive. When Annalise has to bail out Wes from his fraudulent act, he tells her Rebecca is poor and helpless and needs to be championed. And Griffin’s frat-party alibi to Keating & Assoc — his DNA was under Lila’s nails because caught him having sex with Rebecca after the latter woman delivered cocaine to his frathouse — doesn’t exactly paint him as a pigskin-throwing charmer. She takes Rebecca’s case, then tells her students she’s banning “further discussion on Lila Stangard murder” — which seems somehow at odds with her entire teaching philosophy, no? Too bad by the time Annalise arrives at Police HQ, Rebecca has already confessed to Lila’s murder. “Got it all on tape, too,” smiles the self-satisfied detective.

Silly lady, didn’t she hear that pride goeth before a fall? And that goes double when you’re up against Annalise Keating.

Other last-minute queries:

* Was Bonnie up to something more nefarious than looking for high-carb snacks when Sam walked in on her in the kitchen?

* Did we miss fun sexytimes between Connor and his tech-geek boyfriend?

* Did Nate lie about Sam just so Annalise will stop showing outside the house where his ailing wife is hunkered down?

* How did I not realize that Frank isn’t a lawyer? (Bonnie still has to be one, obviously, no?)

On that note, I turn it over to you. What did you think of Episode 3 of How to Get Away With Murder? Were you a little let down by the case of the week? And is Aiden perhaps a little more into the fellas than he’s letting on? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Connor is a bad bad boy – LOVE IT! haha

  2. analog says:

    Yeah I think Bonnie is a lawyer since she sits with Annaliese during trials.

  3. Greg says:

    Definitely the weakest episode of the series thus far. Still engaging but not as on fire as the previous too. I agree the case of the week was well, weak. Am I understanding it correctly that the entire thing was set into motion by Ana Ortiz and Jason Gedrik? As in, she planned to get arrested so she could meet him at the jail, set up his testifying for an early release and then she could go on the lam with him? It would certainly explain why her mother was calling him in prison but it does seem like an awful lot to go through to get from point A to B. I was a little confused by the whole thing and it didn’t really capture my interest enough.

    The juice of the episode going back to Lila’s murder, Sam’s murder and all the shenanigans surrounding that was fun. I especially loved the little subplot with the not-but-maybe-bi fiance. LOL. Anyways…while on the surface, the story might seem confusing, I know the producers have a clear and concise ending in mind by episode 15, so I’m not worried. Like another show I relate this to, Damages, I am sure it will all explained to our satisfaction by finale time.

    I am, though, getting a tad bit annoyed with the constant flash forwards that repeat themselves and add in just a few tidbits of new information. I appreciate the new stuff but how many times do I need to see Wes flipping that damn coin? So yeah, an okay episode following two stellar ones. Still my favorite Thursday night guilty pleasure.

    • dan says:

      They need to dump the “case of the week” storyline and this episode was a perfect reason why. Absolutely nothing about the Elena plot made sense from a legal or logic perspective. Assuming her fingerprints in the local prison matched to the federal database, the Feds would’ve contacted the local authorities immediately. They wouldn’t have let her be released. Instead we have the scene of two or three big black SUVs speeding down the street to capture the fugitive. Ridiculous. Then suddenly we’re in the midst of a Federal trial. What? Don’t these shows have legal consultants? It can take years for a Federal case to go to trail; barely hours after Elena’s arrest we see Annelise arguing in front of a Federal Judge and jury. The whole thing about the “star witness” being hidden in some Federal prison hospital so the defense couldn’t find him? Never would happen. But the best, most ridiculous part: we’re to assume that Elena, who was in Federal custody, was left alone during or after the trial so that she could wander away in a baseball cap to find her criminal boyfriend who is waiting for her on a bus?!? I think the Federal Marshals have some explaining to do (by the way, the boyfriend would not have been released before the trial ended in case he was recalled to the witness stand). The Elena storyline was bad from beginning to end. The “who murdered Lila and Sam” storyline, however, is still intriguing and they need to focus on those stories.

      • dan says:

        I just remembered another glaring error (again, doesn’t this show have a legal consultant? if not, call me): Annelise and her team interviewed the quarterback at the request of the university, where were his parents? Then she decided not to accept him as her client. That should have been the end of her involvement in the case. She can’t then decide to defend Rebecca because she knows the quarterback’s story. It is an ethical violation to take on the co-defendant as a client. Couples getting divorces do this: one of them will go to a bunch of attorneys in town for advice, then pick one and file for divorce; then the other spouse tries to find an attorney and all the good ones say “I can’t take your case b/c your ex was already here and didn’t hire me.” I understand this isn’t a documentary about legal procedures, but this kind of stuff drives me crazy (and is usually the reason I can’t watch legal shows).

        • S. says:

          Oh I hear you on that. I could tell this show was gonna be terrible with legal procedure from one of the promo trailers. I don’t get it because to me, the real drama of the legal system is more interesting than the way any show fudges it. I get the easy way of creating drama by going to court way way more often than you would in real life or getting things done faster in the judicial system or with police work than you might because it’s an hour show. Still, use the time it would take as a way to create suspense. Show the burden of time, bureaucratic red tape, people trying to do the right thing and not having the tools or the political will, all that stuff. You don’t have to end up going after witnesses all the time on the stand. The complications of how things go can be addressed without showing a secretary sitting at a desk doing paperwork or an attorney hunched over a computer working on their brief.

      • kent says:

        Connor is annoying and Mikaela is a fool. Ana Ortiz’s character looked like shyt. Jason Gedrick should have been cast as Frank, he’s more believable as a ladies man. This episode wasn’t as thrilling as the previous episodes, but I still love the show.

      • Amie says:

        I had the same reaction to the immediate trial and the fact that she appeared to be out on recog while awaiting trial. Who the heck would release someone who just spent the last 25 years as a fugitive without thinking, hey, she might just up and walk?

      • Will says:

        Thank you Dan!!

        I have no law background, and even I thought the story line was completely ludicrous. Anyone who has ever dealt with the government knows how slow everything moves. The fact that she was already on trial… I mean c’mon!

        That being said, I do like the mixture of soap and weekly case. Scandal, for example, used to be good at this and then last season it just became a mess of super soap opera drama.

  4. abz says:

    Connor is such an a**hole and I love it! LOL
    Glad we got to see more of Mikaela. I still don’t like Rebecca and I don’t think that will change.
    Bonnie is definitely lusting after Sam. I have this feeling she might be involved with the murder somehow. Liza Weil has never lasted for more than a few episodes on Shonda’s shows. Hopefully she does on this one.
    My one complaint is the cases of the week. I mean nothing can live up to the TV genius that is The Good Wife and their amazing law cases, however, they really should put a little more effort into the cases. This one was pretty lame and uninteresting and a complete waste of the lovely Ana Ortiz. Aside from that, loving the characters and looking forward to next week.

    • Angela says:

      Connor’s taunts were indeed fun and amusing, and yet, when he was teasing Mikaela at the courtroom…I felt for her. Not the time or place, buddy.
      Much as I’m liking Mikaela, though, I will say this: She spent a fortune on a Vera Wang wedding gown and got a pretty sweet-looking engagement ring. So she’s used to expensive tastes, and her speech to her fiancé implies she’s well aware of how much care must be taken to preserve such fancy purchases. Maybe the events the night of the murder took her by surprise, sure, but…you’re telling me there was absolutely NO point during any of the proceedings prior to putting the body in the car where she stopped to think, “Oh, maybe I should take my ring off and hide it somewhere so I don’t lose it”? Really? I’m going to chalk that up to her being in total shock about everything that’s happening and therefore not in proper thinking mode, or maybe a really good reason for her not doing that will surface in future episodes, because otherwise…bad choice on her part. Bad, bad choice.
      I didn’t mind the case of the week, mainly because I liked the “mind control” angle of it all, and how it could tie into whatever’s going on with this gang and the murder coverup. Someone’s definitely either playing or going to be playing some very manipulative mind games with this group to get them to do their bidding, and I’m looking forward to seeing how that unfolds. Plus, the whole, “who can you trust?” angle is always interesting to explore.
      I also agree that none of the students are likely Sam’s killer. They’re just the poor pawns roped into this mess. And yeah, Bonnie and Sam’s interaction at the end DEFINITELY had me raising my eyebrows. Hmmmmm.

    • Mary says:

      I agree about Bonnie, in fact I think she is the one having an affair with him. If she is not the one who did the killing I think she is involved some way.

      • laura says:

        I kept thinking in that kitchen scene who is going to kiss who first Bonnie is mighty suspicious and I’m thinking Frank and Laurel will be starting a romance or already had one started before she got the gig with Analise

  5. ronnie says:

    The case of the week was not the best, however the shady behavior of Annalise’s lover has me wondering if his agenda is much darker than it seems. Also, I have a feeling that engagement ring of Michela’s is somewhere on the floor in the office leading her to be one arrested at some point. Next week’s episode for this and Scandal both look like they are going to go off the rails in a good way.

    • TigerLIL says:

      Yeah ok, what was that about that threw me for a loop. But he is doing two things payback and get back. It seems as if he is trying to put some distance between her and his job. Someone must have found out they are having an affair and the court room thing might have confirmed it. I can’t wait to see the back story on how they fell into an affair. He seems to love and fear her at the same time. She seems like she is in love with him and some what dependent on him because she is not nearly as cocky with him as she is on the surface. I mean she seems like she totally fears the guy but is intensely in love with him at the same time. Kinda strange?

  6. westwingwolf says:

    I thought it was a weak case too because it seemed like a set up at the end, but that’s a big risk to take to hope it all works out for getting a former boyfriend out of jail. How could they be certain he would be offered a deal? The fact that he got out that quickly is just one issue I had with the episode. Did the prosecution really think getting her in prison was worth letting the other guy go? Creative license, I guess. If it wasn’t planned, then she abandoned her kids to run away with her old boyfriend even after he sold her out. Obviously she’s a bad person, but this case still felt like it had holes. If she ran away just to avoid certain jail time, I would have understood. However running off with the old boyfriend just felt contrived. I want her to come back just so Annalise can slap her for making her look foolish.

    Is Michaela more traumatized than the others because she committed the murder or because he was killed in front of her? It seems more than just a personality issue in dealing with it because the others are behaving more calmly.

    • Nick says:

      I am pretty sure Michaela is freaking out more than the others because she’s a control freak. Just look at her planned life with Aiden “one kid, a cook, and a nanny – and we’ll take over the world” and her snapping from sweet to psycho “I’ll divorce you, take all your money and all your hope of a political career”.
      She’s a control freak and she can’t deal with the fact that they have to hide a murder.

      • Cheyenne says:

        She’s an obnoxious, entitled b*tch. When she threatened to ruin her fiancé’s career, divorce him and take all his money, he should have yanked that five-carat diamond off her finger and walked out. And left her stuck with her bespoke Vera Wang wedding dress which probably cost her parents upward of $20,000.

  7. Angel says:

    Definitely a weak episode compared to the previous two, but that’s usually what happens with new writers trying to get a feel for someone else’s characters.

    Could Aiden be the reason why Connor doesn’t do boyfriends?

  8. KCC says:

    Why is Sam so obsessed with Rebecca?

  9. zac says:

    If I were in Annalise’s class I would be really pissed. You study the cases but only 5 people always gets called haha

    • dan says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing during that scene. I guess the producers didn’t want to pay any of the extras to have speaking parts.

      • Paula says:

        I was thinking the same thing, I mean you have your interns but they are still 200 people in the classroom. I’ll be pissed.

  10. analog says:

    In the three shows I’ve seen Aja Naomi King, she’s played a control freak-bitch in 2 – here and Emily Owens. In Black Box she was playing the complete opposite.

  11. Matt says:

    The case of the week was lame but the Connor/Michaela (& Aiden) stuff was all kinds of bitchy fun. I hope Oliver is back soon so we can see the less vicious side of Connor. He was almost too mean this week. As much as I like to see him antagonize Michaela, I hope they eventually form some kind of friendship.
    Also, I want to slap the stupidity out of Wes. Repeatedly.

  12. Jamie says:

    I enjoyed the episode and I understand why Ana Ortiz’s character ran away with Jason Gedrick’s character after the smoldering look he gave her and the heat that passed between them it was inevitable; especially when she talked about how he made her feel and believing in something and how she felt kind of meh when it came to domestic life with hubby and kids. I knew something was up and found myself cheering inwardly for them. I guess I just have a thing for smoking hot bad boys. That would also explain why I don’t care one little bit for Wes. He is just to doe eyed and innocent looking for me. His expression always seems to be one of shock and surprise in nearly every scene. He’s cute, don’t get me wrong, but there is just this sweetness to him that makes me want to hurl. I didn’t like Connor, but I can’t stand Michaela and he tortures her to no end, so last night’s episode made me heart Connor to infinity and beyond! Keep up the good work, Connor! I hope they get to the point of Sam’s murder because right now, I am not seeing a motive. I love a good mystery, but this one is starting to get ridiculous! Anyway, glad for the full season pickup and hopefully, there will be answers soon.

  13. Dennis says:

    I’m still bitter, but…they cancelled Happy Endings for all these new comedies ABC has had which have failed…just sayin!

    • roki says:

      oh my god are we still talking about HE cancellation? the show was cancelled a couple seasons ago and the casts have moved on, you should too

      • Dennis says:

        I know lol but still, it was an awesome show that deserved another season! Haha you’re right though…actually looking forward to Marry Me on NBC!

  14. I think the “case of the week” is sort of a moral compass thing. We will get a message from it that will tie into main story but it will never be strong enough to override the main story so it doesn’t bother me that it was weak.
    My gotcha moment was Nick lying to Annalise!! I’m thinking payback for what she did to him in court and maybe a way to get back into good graces with his Superiors because he smells a good, high profile case in the making. Billy Brown played an awesome cop in Dexter and he is doing the same thing here. He is nonsense and straight forward in Dexter and I’m seeing a lot of that in him now and a lot of abs!! Good Gawd the abs!
    Anyway, I think he will always be loyal to his wife and his job first. Annalise played him to win a case and he is not as forgiving as she is.
    I think Bonnie is a scorned woman. I think she hates Annalise but loves her job and her boss’ husband. I don’t think Prof Hubby would play that close to home so I’m thinking Bonnie is a great candidate for the killer. I’ll even go one step further to say that she was a student of Annalise’s who won the trophy, hence the perfect way to stick it to her boss. She kills her unrequited lover with a symbol that means a lot to Annalise and can also point to another suspect since someone else is supposed to have the trophy. My two cents.

  15. chuckiechk says:

    i see a direct link between the case of the week and what one of the circle of four is going through.

  16. Maryann says:

    It looked to me like the coin toss landed one way and he called it the other way. Did my eyes trick me?

    • dan says:

      That is exactly what happened. We learned that tidbit of information in last week’s episode. Wes isn’t the goody-two-shoes everybody thinks he is!

  17. Amie says:

    I’m so confused. I never get everything that’s happening and I have to watch again to figure it out. Meanwhile, I did think Elena/Paula ran off with the boy from the park, not the leader of the Symbionese Liberation Army. How could I screw that up? I guess I need my vision checked. That was the strangest plot, leading me to say to my husband, “This show has the most complicated characters.” After a steady diet of TV People Who Say Exactly What They Mean, these people — and they’re mostly women, because let’s face it, Bambi Gibbons is the opposite of layered — are diabolically complex, shaky and vulnerable one minute, fierce and in charge the next, or, in the case of Elena, simple and sweet one minute and out of her mind and acting all sociopath the next.

    • bethjanelle says:

      I am so confused too! I can’t follow half of what is going on to keep the story lines straight. There is too much of shifting from the present to the future (or is it the past?) I have to read the articles that summarize what I just saw. I am not a stupid person, but this show is turning into to much work to enjoy. I guess I am built more for the mysteries on PBS like Sherlock, Miss Marple, etc… However, love Scandal and GA. I’ll give it one more try, but if it is as confusing and pointless as this past week, it will come off the DVR list.

      • abz says:

        Just wondering which parts are you finding so confusing? I was actually surprised to see how many people online keep saying that the show confuses them. I don’t find it that confusing. Maybe some people are new to this type of show and be expecting it to explain everything to them immediately. It’s a mystery type show and not like the usual boring procedurals which wrap everything up neatly at the end of each episode. The mystery unfolds over time with each episode providing more clues/answers and raising more questions (via flash-forwards) as the season progresses.

        • I guess that I am most confused as it felt like I should know who these characters are and how they fit together, at least on the surface from the first episode. Although some of the information has filled in in the last couple of episodes, I don’t feel that I know enough to care about any of them. With Annalise, I can’t figure out is she just bored in her marriage, is she just using the cop, why was she crying with the law student who caught her with the cop, is she headed for a break down, has she already had a mental break and is now trying to put her life back together/ So far, I haven’t seen anything that grabs me and lets me know what direction this is supposed to be heading or what I am supposed to feel about these people. I thought she initially picked 4 law students and then added the one who caught her with the cop. I keep looking for the 5 law student, but don’t know where he ended up or if I imagined the whole thing. Like they say in baseball – you can’t tell the players without a score card!

      • H.Houston says:

        People said the same thing about Scandal when it first started – the characters talked too fast and moved too quick. There were folks who took awhile to be able to keep up with the pace. I think the show is fascinating and if everyone can give it the same chance they gave to Scandal they will really like it.

  18. garyg says:

    This show isnt much different from Scandal.

  19. kimberly pinder says:

    Will somebody explain to me why Nate did not tell Annalise the truth about her husband’s where abouts?

    • Matt says:

      I think he wants to investigate it more on his own & doesn’t want her to come unhinged until he has more facts.

    • H.Houston says:

      I think that Nate is going to use the information to make sure that Annalise gets screwed in court. Think about this – she goes into court and she is arguing that “someone” else obviously was responsible – remember she said to point to an alternate suspect. Nate is making sure that the prosecution will be able to point at Sam thus making her be in the horrifying position of defending her client at the same time as throwing suspicision onto her husband

  20. Pat says:

    I still do not get it? I assume that they had nothing to do with Sam’s death, but yet they are still committing a crime by tampering with and covering up a this murder by destroying the body. So let me guess, that they will all receive an A+ in this class?

    • H.Houston says:

      I think the girl, Rebecca killed Sam. I think over the 2 months as things pan out Wes and Rebecca end up getting close (as we have seen in the flash forwards). I think somehow there is a fight or confrontation between Rebecca and Sam – he attacks her and she hits him in the head with that statue. She calls Wes, he and the other three show up to help her. We already learned that Annalise is out of town at a funeral.

  21. Olive says:

    Even though they seem to hate each other, there is so much sexy tension between Michaela and Connor, I’m having a hard time believing he’s gay in their scenes together.

  22. Tamara says:

    Why is no one mentioning how annoying Rebecca is being?! Literally has done nothing to deserve Wes’ kindness and devotion to helping her, and yet she seems to do nothing but mope around and rebuff any chance of positive development (FOR HER).
    I will admit, some of my incredulity has to do with her refusing drinks with Wes because really who wouldn’t want to get drunk with Wes haha, but on a serious note, she has done nothing redeeming so far and this episode really irritated me, he got a freaking top class lawyer to represent her but obviously she had to play rebel again and confess. Maybe there’s more to the story, but for now I am unimpressed!

  23. Pavanne says:

    Totes was missing fun sexytimes between Connor and his tech-geek boyfriend–I’m sure that was why everyone thought it was such a weak episode :>

  24. susan robinson says:

    There is nothing amusing or funny about watching two men go at each other on this show or any other. It’s disgusting and has no place on tv.