MTV's Awkward to End After Season 5

Awkward Season 4

The end of high school will also mark the end of Awkward for Jenna Hamilton.

MTV on Wednesday announced that its hit comedy has been renewed for one last season, giving fans a chance to say goodbye to Jenna, Matty and the rest of the Palos Hills High crew. (Let’s just hope Eva steers clear of any farewell parties.)

Awkward is currently midway through its fourth season, with new episodes airing Tuesdays at 10/9c on MTV. Showrunners Mike Chessler and Chris Alberghini tell TVLine that Season 4 will end with the PHHS gang’s Spring Break.

Are you bummed to hear that Awkward is coming to an end, or are you ready to say goodbye? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Miranda says:

    Nooooo! No need to end, just get rid of Eva.
    Will miss these potty mouthed miscreants.

  2. alistaircrane says:

    Meh. I stopped watching when Ming left. She was the best character.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I’m definitely bummed!!!

  4. J.B. says:

    I think this will be the trend for the successful MTV shows should they make it that far. Hitting 5 seasons in today’s TV environment is a very good achievement.

  5. knd says:

    I’m ok with this. Don’t want some convoluted non-plausible everyone ends up at the same college storyline.

    • johnhelvete says:

      This^^^ High school shows rarely make a successful transition to college unless the show is willing to do something drastic like get rid of half the cast. Even Rory Gilmore was less interesting in college than high school IMO.

      • Ally Oop says:

        I don’t agree. There have been a few shows that have successfully transitioned to college years and I think Gilmore Girls did a great job. So did Dawson’s Creek and Veronica Mars.

        • cdhaskell says:

          I agree that Veronica Mars, Dawson Creek and Gilmore Girl have the right kind of writer who know how to developed character who are growing up from teenager to an adult.

          • Kimmi says:

            Gilmore girls did it right because they were never over the top in their ambitions for Rory. She was a big fish in a little pond. No way she would have branched out and gone cross country after high school. One tree hill also did well by jumping past college. Dawson’s creek got it right in the finale with their time jump, which made it plausible when OTH did it.

          • I am glad that the three series decide to jump into the college year instead of trying to stay in the High School year.

          • Chelsea says:

            Lets not forget Save by the bell lol!

  6. Till says:

    It’s about time, all the characters are insufferable since Season 3 save for Jenna and Matty.

  7. Daniel says:

    I’m going to miss Awkward so much….but I’ll probably miss Sadie most of all. ;) Molly Tarlov FTW!

  8. ggny000 says:

    So was it cancelled or is it ending? Headline say one thing story say other

    • Arie says:

      Ending and cancelled is the same thing. When a network decides not to renew after a certain point, that means it’s essentially cancelled.

      • ggny000 says:

        Not really. The cast could have decided not to sign on for new season. The creator/writer could have decided the same thing

  9. Delante says:

    It had a nice run at lease they weren’t ruthless and just didn’t renew it making this season the last a la TNT and Dallas. So we know for certain there will be closure of some sort.

  10. rachel says:

    why? is this an agreed upon time to end the show or a cancellation by the network? confused.

  11. HANNAH says:

    While I’m sad to see the show go, I feel it’s necessary for it to end once the gang all graduate high school. After that, I feel like the storyline wouldn’t work. JUST AS LONG AS MATTY & JENNA END UP TOGETHER:)

  12. LE says:

    I don’t want Awkward to end but I’m happy that they are renewing the show for a final season!! What is the episode count for the season?

    • 'A' Has Spoken says:

      Most likely, 10, 12, or 13 (most likely 12) will be the count. I don’t think they’re going to go into the 20’s again seeing as its just going to chronicle after Spring Break into Graduation.

  13. Gabbii says:

    this is the worst thing to happen in the history of the world

    • Dee says:

      Agreed! By far the worst news I have ever heard! I LIVE for this show!! Haha okay maybe not live for it but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!! And will be Sooo upset when it’s finally over :(((((()

  14. Jacqi says:

    Bummed but glad they know ahead of time so they can give us closure.

  15. Agustina says:

    I’ve been a big fan of the show since season 1 but I think it’s time for it to end. I mean I love it but after season 2 it’s like they run out of ideas, it’s always the same thing, even though season 4 it’s pretty interesting (at least for now). I’m gonna miss it sooo much because I love all the characters but it’s time to say goodbye.

  16. cdhaskell says:

    I am sorry to read that Awkward will end after the fifth season. I hope that the writer will tie up all the loose end. Good luck to the future. I hope that there will be a Awkward the movie real soon.

    • me says:

      I am with u they need to come out with one good movie to some up everything that went on during summer and Mattie and Jennie gets marry.and maybe they have a baby or 2

  17. Sabrina says:

    I enjoy this show and while I’ll be sad to see it go I do think it’s best not to drag it out for too long.

    • cdhaskell says:

      I can’t wait to see Jenna Hamilton in her next non-Awkward role. I can understand why the series is ending next year because it will turn into one of those show where you know that the actor are not longer teenager anymore but adult.

  18. Ray says:

    Good riddance. It’s been awful for the past few seasons. Canceled my season pass a while ago.

  19. Jared says:

    5 seasons of Awkward seems like a logical ending point. There’s only so much you can do with a H.S comedy. Great little show for MTV!

  20. Joey Padron says:

    It is better to end the show when they graduated high school then them being in college. 5 seasons is a good run on TV for them. Can’t wait to see the cast will do next in their roles/projects.

  21. Sam says:

    This seems appropriate. I absolutely love the show and I’ve been watching since Season 1. As much as I’m going to miss the characters I think it’ll be time. Shows like Pretty Little Liars that seem to be keeping their characters in high school for 7 seasons just get ridiculous. Considering that Season 4 will end at Spring break, I think 12 episodes definitely sounds right to bring us into the end of highschool. However, it would be absolutely amazing if they went and did the full 20+ episodes they’ve been doing recently and gave us the summer at the end of graduation and before college starts. It’d be nice to have one less hoorah and it’d be cool to have the characters in that in between spot of an amazing summer right before their lives change.

  22. liv says:

    No!!! This can’t be true!!!!! I love this show!!!!!!! I am so emotionally attached I feel like they are my friends I don’t get why they are ending it. Following the crew to college would give an endless amount of “awkward” situations and tons and tons and tons of plot lines. What are they thinking. Mtv is crazy for not continuing the show. Probably will stop watching the network if they do. The rest of the shows are starting to suck

    • Dee says:

      Totally Agree!!! I love the characters team Jenna and Matty ! They need to keep it going ! College will be awesome for Awkward!

  23. Dee says:

    Noo this can’t be true!! :(( College Awkward would be amazing!! We are all sooo attached to the characters in this show it would be CRAZY to end it when it’s soo loved !

    • cdhaskell says:

      Awkward graduated from high school year to the college year would have work and even better beyond the college year. It would be interested to see how they handle getting a job after the college. Jenna Hamilton I believe handler getting a job.

  24. Nichole says:

    I really liked the first season of Awkward, it was fun, different and very quirky, but the last season or too the facial expressions in response to her “thoughts” are starting to seem over the top. If I was walking down a walkway towards Jenna, I would be concerned about all that face pulling!!! Still it feels like it has run it’s course and am glad the writers/creators will at least have a proper chance to wrap it up :)

  25. Kimberly says:

    Noooo I am very sad to hear about this.I look foworad to the next Tuesday to watch I count down days and I will watch it over and over this is so bumming to hear :'(

  26. sam says:

    Ive been a fan since day one. & i dont think that the show needs to come to an end. Why not follow the crew to college? College parties are a must have! Im not ready to say goodbye so soon.

  27. sarah says:

    Dont let this be the end I want to watch more into what happends when jenna goes to college what happens to tamara and her ? What happends with everything ! What school does she end up going to? 3ct ect need more details !!

  28. Marlene says:

    Never ready to say goodbye, but it seems like it should. End of high school, end of Awkward… Although i’ll miss it so much. But please MTV make season 5 a good sseason for Matty and Jenna. I would loooove to see them having a grat and mature relationship

  29. Courtney says:

    Noooo!! I love this show, I don’t want it to end. You can totally follow them into college!

  30. Valerie says:

    I think its so dumb how they keep all of stupid shows on air but they cancel all the good shows. Like seriously STOP making stupid reality shows and take the annoying ass kardashians off TV too they are a disgusting family!!!!!

  31. Debbie says:

    Too bad Awkward has to come to an end. I taught all the characters were amazing.Jenna was my number 1 then Sadie..oh and that guidance Councillor who simple can’t figure herself out. Once it ends well I’m cool.

  32. Madelynn says:


  33. destiny mendoza says:

    They should have a show of them struggling through college and Matty and Jake don’t make it to college so they work at mcdonalds

  34. Raw Yvon says:

    Noooo, I love this show.I cant believe its coming to an end. I have been a loyal fan since it started. Im sure going to miss this great show.

  35. Jaime says:

    NO !!!! NOT READY TO SAY GOODBYE , but it would be pretty cool if they made some college show or a movie

  36. It buma me out that awkward will be coming to an end so soon. This show is a comforting show, when I have a bad day I like to watch this show it gives a great laugh and therw is always some drama put into it.

  37. I have to say it sucks that awkward will be ending soon. Akwarsa is my favorite show, its so funny theres is always a part in it when it just makes say what the heck just happened

  38. kiki says:

    No….I loved awkward.. :(

  39. Tyler Laken Cooper says:

    NOOOOO!!!! 😩😩😩😩😩 it can’t end this is horrible horrible news!

  40. Tyler Laken Cooper says:

    NOOOOO!!!! it can’t end this is horrible horrible news!

  41. Katy says:

    I absolutely love love love awkward! Will be sad when it’s gone for good. Would like to see what everyone does after high school.

  42. I hate that Awkward will end after Season 5! I love this show, it’s a part of my Tuesday night routine. Hey don’t the writes know that Freshman year in college can be just as awkward. All the Freshman still wearing their high school letterman jackets, can’t find classes, hard professors, making new friends in college, or in Jenna’s case what to do since she didn’t get in????!!!!!!!

  43. jeanette says:

    I hope they have a great new show to cover their spot with…cause other than this one teen wolf and happy land I really don’t like all the teen mom crap and all that junk even real world shows are getting old to me :/ anyways I would love for them to go on and on because let’s face it it would still be awesome I just hope they give Jenna and Matty an awesome ending! Though I think the writers seem to be heading to the friendship ending more than romantic. Love Sadie and love awkward♡

  44. Robyn says:

    My heart is broken!! I have watched this show from the beginning and I will miss them!! It sucks watching mtv anymore because shows don’t run very long on this network!

  45. kay says:

    The show is great and has so many viewers please tell me it’s not permanent.

  46. Kimmi says:

    This is sad, but it’s a good thing. It’s closing the story without being absurd. I’m 31 though, and only moderately embarrassed this show is my weekly crack. It’s so funny.

  47. Casey says:

    Weren’t the first few seasons episodes 1 hour long instead of 30 minutes? For me, that is when I stopped loving Awkward as much. When you add in all the commercial time, the show is really only 15 minutes per episode now.

    • Matias says:

      Hell No jdasjdajajajjajajajaja. Awkward runs for 20-25 minutes each episode. Since episode 1 season 1. Really? Your memory is failing to justify your dissapointment at the series. So you don’t like it anymore xD I’m still loving it.

      P.S.: The only episodes that are 40-minutes long have been some seasons finale, like the last 2 episodes of Season 3 and the first one of Season 4

  48. Sha'kema says:

    Awww man thats suck that its gonna end! I Just hope that Matty and Jenna stay together when its over.

  49. Sha'kema says:

    I hope Matty and Jenna stay together