Vampire Diaries First Look: What's Brewing Between Stefan and Elena?

Vampire Diaries Stefan Elena

Everybody needs a good drinking buddy… but Stefan and Elena? That’s a pair we never expected to see sharing a beer.

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A new batch of photos from The Vampire Diaries‘ Oct. 23 episode, “Black Hole Sun,” find the exes clinking bottles and sharing a laugh — an unusual, but not altogether unwelcome, sight from Mystic Falls’ most infamous exes.

Of course, the new photos aren’t all toast-worthy. There’s also a shot of Stefan getting all up in some guy’s face, followed by a troubling photo of a bloody Stefan picking himself up off the floor. (Bar fight, anyone?)

“Stefan and Elena have to take the lead and save the day,” Nina Dobrev recently told TVLine of the exes’ journey in Season 6. “They’re left to pull through and grieve the people they’ve lost.” As for any romantic developments, Dobrev merely said, “Anything could happen.”

Vampire Diaries fans, are you happy to see Elena and Stefan getting along? Are you hopeful there might be a future for the former lovers? Browse the new photos, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Kay says:

    Yes, I do wish Stefan and Elena would get back together and stay together…..that way the fun Damon can come back! I hope I’m not the only one but I can’t stand them two together! I really don’t want her with either one of the brothers but we know that won’t happen….

  2. Sibi Stella says:

    Yes, I do, i want them together again. TVD needs their love to shine again.

  3. Ines says:


  4. blah, blah. same old stuff, get some new material, julie.

  5. Karina says:

    Yes ofcourse we want stelena back, they where real, and loved each other without problems! And stefan was happy with her! Damon was selfish and did’nt do anything for elena, like a date, but stefan did! end he makes her happy, but the only thing damon wants is just having sex with her! We need stelena back! After all this time:there beautiful relationship, i tought they love each other so much, and everything will be good! Stelena has too bd endgame

  6. Christopher Molchany says:

    Stefan and Elena should get back together again and stay together I don’t really care much for Damon in the seriesyou should stay out of their life’s and everything would good if Damian comes back he should find his own girl to love instead of Elena.

  7. Lies says:

    Bring back stelena! Paul wesley and Caroline Dries may have giving up on them, but the fans that are there from day 1 will always have hope for them! It doesn’t need to be this season, next season would be great!

  8. kallie says:

    I’ve actually stopped watching because of all the delena bs. Stelena made much more sense buy i don’t see how stefan could forgive her he deserves so much better like a new doppelganger that takes Elenas place and gives us a fresh start idk maybe that’s crazy

  9. TVFan says:

    So who said that seeing Stefan and Elena together in any form was unwelcomed. Everyone doesn’t ship Damon and Elena.

  10. Nunaya_Bidness says:

    The only thing that excited me about this whole article is that it was finally realized that its always Bonnie and sometimes Damon to the rescue.

  11. Allison says:


  12. Guest says:

    Every inch of Elena still loves Damon, its like Stefan never existed in her life. I doubt Stelena will happen this season. Poor Stefan he will always love Elena.

  13. Brittany says:

    Stephan and Elana have got to get back together. It’s what really got me liking the show to begin with. I liked Damon but he’s not for Elana. Stephan and Elana are suppose to be soul mates so to speak; destined to find their way back to one another. If not, I’m done. I’ve been patiently waiting, but now I’m ready for the long wait to be over.

    • anabel says:

      Totally agreed.. I really want them back together…

    • Elizabeth says:

      We need to do what ever all the delena fans did. They were so pushy that they changed the show. It was always shops to be Stephen and elena but ian and dina started dating in real life and everyone complained in till they changed it. Well it needs to change back!

  14. Fazi says:

    Stelena forever <3

  15. Katherine says:

    Sure- Stefan and Elena had a wonderful loving relationship. But I don’t think it needs to happen again. Stefan is too good for Elena. Elena trashed all the good memories that she had with Stefan the moment she chose Damon. She was good with him. Damon just brought the worst side of her. On the other hand- blood is thicker than water- Stefan will never give up his love for his brother over a woman. He will always choose Damon’s happiness and if Damon is happy with Elena so be it. Elena doesn’t deserve both of them to my opinion.

  16. Debra says:

    Yes I think they were the better couple.

  17. Sarah Wellert says:

    I have to say that Stefan and Elena were perfect for each other. When Elena was human she needed Stefan not Damon. The moment she became a vampire she was no longer the same Elena. She needed a new perspective of life and Damon gave that to her. As soon as that happened she fell in love in Damon and I don’t think that will change. I don’t think Elena and Stefan will get back together and I don’t think th ey should because they both are completely different people than they were when they were a couple.

  18. Kelley says:

    I despise Damon and Elena’s stupid, annoying “relationship”. Season 4-5 were ruined because of them. They’re so annoying together. Stefan and Elena are perfect, passionate and suspenseful. WHY the producers would wreck such a good plot is beyond me. I used to love Elena’s character, now I think she is ridiculously aggravating. It’s completely insulting for her to be so obsessed with Damon when Stefan and her love was so powerful. Frick off, Delena. Get over it. Make this show what it used to be.

    • Stephanie says:


    • honeybeeblondee says:

      toally agree!!! ^^^

    • Samantha says:

      Yay would love for her and Stefan to find their way back to each other I loved them together their love was real and unselfish. Damon has changed Elena and not in a good way.

    • I totally agree!! I couldn’t stand it when Damon and Elena were together. It was about sex…that’s not true love.

    • Giada says:

      I agree with you, lately I’ve been watching again the first series and it was totally different, more involving… I really like Damon, but actually the storyline has become repetitive, just sex scenes and eternal love declarations, going ahead like the first three seasons and the story between Elena and Stefan have never taken place. I think it’s changing the nature of the show a bit too much…

  19. Yes! I want Stelena back ♥

  20. Une de Mai says:

    The actual funny thing about it is that these pictures came out RIGHT AFTER the very disappointing ratings of the heavily promoted Delena premiere came out. They’re just fanbaiting the Stelena fans again, hoping for better ratings, because there is no way Plec and Dries will give up on their precious Delena – no matter how deep the ratings will fall.

    But if Stelena actually were to happen again (without Elena’s memory loss, that would be SO LAME) then I might consider watching the show again. But with the way they’re romanticizing Delena… Nope. I refuse to support an obnoxious, toxic, codependent, abusive “relationship”. It’s Stelena or it’s nothing at all.

  21. Jen says:

    I do not want to see them back together. I like them as friends. I really want Damon and Elena to stay together no matter how messed up they are.

  22. sarah says:

    please just put stefan and elena back together. It made the show ten times better and its literally depressing that they aren’t with each other THEYRE MEANT TO BE

  23. Jessica says:

    Stelena were the true anchor of this show. Delena is a horrible relationship that needs to end. It brings out the worst in both Elena AND Damon. Damon’s best match would be with Bonnie. He can be himself around her and she puts him in his place. Bonnie can challenge Damon in ways Elena cannot. Bamon would actually be a much healthier relationship for Damon. Stelena are soul mates and are meant to be. Fix this crap, writers and get rid of Delena NOW!

  24. Ariel says:

    Wow who would want Elena to jump from brother to brother. Everyone talking bout how bad Damon is but Elena is the main problem. Damon and Stefan both deserve better. First she loved stefan then she loves damon and later might go back to loving stefan. She doesnt need to choose. She needs therapy. I’m tired of Elena always playing victim

  25. jessie says:

    I can’t stand Elena and Stefan together, gosh they are so boring. Yuck all they ever did was talk . Now at least with Damon she had fun and she didn’t seem like she was always trying to be the victim. … besides Damon and Bonnie always saved the day!!!! $

  26. KaitlynChristie e says:

    Iabsolutely LOVE Elena and Damon together. Since the first season i had been hoping they would end up together. They proved that prophecies dont control who you love. They are PERFECT for each other and i bawled like a baby when damon couldn’t come back to his love.

  27. Chloe Daly says:

    STEROLINE and BAMON FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both Stefan and Damon are too good for Elana

  28. Alivia says:

    I’m at the final straw with TVD yeah Damon and Elena was a cool spin on things but let’s get back to what and why everyone watched this amazing show for… the true love of stelena. If they’re not back together by this season I’m done. I fell in love with them. Uhg this aggravates me how they ripped them apart. I’ll never give up <3

  29. vampD says:

    Black hole sun- might that be another early 90s reference for us this season?

  30. Farsana Hafiz says:

    Yes, i want them back. The story started with these two and should end with them. Its so calles “Vampire diaries”. Elena and stefan were the ones writing them. And i just feel actually sad about stefan. It would be more interesting to see damon fall in love with someone else so he might come over katherine/elena.

  31. Maddie says:

    Would LOVE for Stefan & Elena to be together again! I fell in love with TVD because of the romance and love between those two… Just hoping that love comes back again one day ❤️

  32. Kate says:

    I hope for Stefan and Elena reunion! They were the reason I was watching it! Stefan was her first, true and romantic love! Please, they must end up together!!!!

  33. Cyndi says:

    I love Stefan, but I believe that Damon & Elana belong together. I almost think that Stefan would be great with Caroline. Actually, I’m still kind of hanging onto the hope of Caroline and Klaus!

  34. Yes Stefan and Elena belong together. Stefan never failed to tell Elana how much he loved her. I have never heard Damon say I love you once to her. She is the one who says I love you Damon. I still believe it’s part of the sire bond!! Stefan and Elena can still live a normal human life that they both want. They may not be able to have their own children but they can adopt the same as Elena was. It’s their destiny!! Damon be damned….Caroline be damned too.

  35. Karina says:

    yes,stefan and elena together again! cause stefan is heartbroken because she loves damon, and that they break up on a very sad way! and all the stelena fans does’nt want too see him that way!!

  36. xadshat says:

    yes,stefan and elena together again! cause stefan is heartbroken because she loves damon! and all the stelena fans does’nt want too see him that way!!

  37. chey says:

    I want Stefan and Elena back together. They are way better together than Damon and Elena. I mean think about it who is always there by Elane’s side when things go bad and she needs someone? Hello Stefan is and they are cuter together.

  38. sierra says:

    I want elena and Stefan to get back together again

  39. Courtney says:

    Yessss stefan and Elena need to be together again!!!! Please let this happen they were together first and Damon needs to move on with someone else already he should have never went for his brothers girl that was wrong!

  40. jackie says:

    They should get back together there suppose to be together because there doppelganger and like many people said doppelgangers are suppose to be together so make them date again please let’s hope we will see stelena together January 22 2015

  41. Zhayantel says:

    STELENA FOREVER. Their relationship was so epic and filled with true unselfish love. I love damon but damn I love stefan even more.

  42. Sydne says:

    Stefan and Elena need to get back together they are like the cutest couple I have ever seen!! If they don’t I will still like the show just not as much as I did with them together. Team Stelena all the way!!!

  43. Callum Burns says:

    Stelena please!!!!!!!!!

  44. Stelena needs to return would be so nice to see love compassion two people with an epic connection. Delena is done over caputts finished why can’t the writers let it go. Why are they so much Delenaites and Stefan and Caroline are friends and should remain such. Ewww just the thought of Stefan’s lips touching hers make me vomit on my iPad. Why are writers doing this there’s more Stelena shippers than Delena shippers if Delena continues rating are about to hit rock bottom and that’s a shame a lot of us love TVD

  45. Pearl Marie Ecaldre says:

    That would be awesome.You know everytime i see Delena on the screen i close my eyes and fast forward the scene.It just makes my heart break everytime i see Damon and Elena,its weird to feel Stefan’s pain now that i know he will Always love her.That love,his epic love for elena will be there always and forever.I think the writers will have brilliant ideas to make Stelena comeback even though it seems impossible but know this the universe is pulling them closer together,Ha-Ha..I want STELENA BACK!

  46. I think someone needs to let Caroline and Damon know that Stefan proposed to Elena back in October. Sounds like a good job for Enzo. Would like to be fly on the wall when that happened. Why the question from Liam as to how longer had Stefan and Elena had been together why the proposal why the phone call and him telling her he was in love with her and wanted her to know everything. Please end this mess with Damon quickly and the same with Caroline and Stefan let them realize friendship is meant to be all they will have. Fix it please I know you writers can do it all you have to do is to want to do it. Please for TVD fans Paul says you are magicians so show us some magic. I’m 66 yrs old and instill believe in magic, miracles and Santa Claus. So please make an old lady happy fix her favorite show so it can go out with fireworks. Ok I’m off my soap box now. Please and thank you for your time. If anyone even reads this. But it feels good to get it out even if it is never read. Again I say thank you.

  47. Jessica says:

    Omg yes please bring stefan and elena! For gosh sakes i want the whole elena and damon thing to end! Its gross and nauseating! I dont see the “true love” they share… Not like elena and stefan! Delena is boring! And damon seems way better with bonnie. Thay would be cool! And caroline and stefan are better as friends and nothing more than that. Im tired of her always dating elenas exes. She and klaus should be together! But anyways stefan and elena are the real “true lovers” and they are epic and the best! I agree!

  48. Sul says:

    Stefan and Elena make a good couple and Stefan Is dying to get back with her so it think they should get back together and she should break up with damon i just hate them together but Stefan is kind,nice,cute,smart,srong,and unselfish

  49. Sul says:


  50. Zinhle says:

    crazy or not that kind of love never dies!!! Stelena are the real deal a reflection of what true luv is…i want dem back together!!!