Post Mortems

Witches of East End Post Mortem: EP Talks [Spoiler]'s Death, Ingrid's Twist, Wendy's Journey and Much More

Witches Of East End Season Finale

Now that‘s how you end a season!

Lifetime’s Witches of East End wrapped its sophomore outing on Sunday with one devastating battle, two major deaths and more twists than you could shake a broomstick at.

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First, a quick recap: After defeating the King, Wendy gave up her last life to revive Tommy; Ingrid confirmed her pregnancy with a test; Frederick was killed by a unidentified witch hunter; Dash was arrested for murder, then secretly switched bodies with Killian; and, lastly, Wendy reunited with her other sister Helena in the Underworld.

Below, executive producer Maggie Friedman explains the finale’s biggest twists, then previews what we can expect should Lifetime grant this incredibly deserving show a third season:

TVLINE | Let’s start with Ingrid. Holy crap. Are we getting a “Who’s the Daddy: Dash or Mandragora” storyline?
Yes, exactly. She doesn’t know, so that’s going to be a big mystery when (I hope) we begin Season 3. That’s something Ingrid will have to deal with: Who’s the father of this baby?

TVLINE | Does her family even know she had sex with Dash?
No! And that’s another thing. There was tension between her and Freya already, and that’s just when Ingrid went on a date with Dash; nobody knows she had sex with him, too. That will be an interesting reckoning, as well.

ingrid-mandragoraTVLINE | Was it always your plan from the beginning of the season to get Ingrid pregnant?
Yes. From the very beginning, we knew we wanted Ingrid to get pregnant. We were on the fence about how far along she would get during this season, and we decided to save it. But yes, we knew it was coming. It felt so natural, given everything she’s been through this year, to throw that complication at her.

TVLINE | Moving to potential baby daddy Dash, who is just the worst, what’s his endgame?
Well, that’ll have to unfold in Season 3. It’s interesting because he’s been very bitter to Freya, but on the other hand, she jilted him and he did love her. So he has a very good opportunity to really f—k with her while she doesn’t know who he is.

TVLINE | And the King — is he dead dead? Or is he just gone for now?
You never know with this show, obviously, but his spirit was driven away and vanquished. We can do any number of things, which is the beauty of magic. For now, let’s say he’s dead; we have other villains to deal with in the future, and there will be some formidable opponents coming up.

TVLINE | One of those being the woman who killed Frederick. Am I crazy for assuming that was Raven?
I’m not allowed to say, but someone did murder Frederick and write “Death to witches” in his blood. So let’s just say there’s a witch hunter out there who’s going to cause some problems for the family. I leave it up to you to infer whose boots those were.

TVLINE | Whether that was Raven or not, I want to see more of her in the future. The scenes between her and Dash were ridiculous and so fun to watch.
I know! [Eric Winter and Sarah Lancaster] actually know each other in real life, so they felt very comfortable. They had so much fun with it, and it was great to see that side of Dash coming out. I mean, he’s a stud, what can I say? Plus, she’s a badass! I love Raven.

Witches Of East End FinaleTVLINE | OK, now let’s talk about that final shot of Wendy.
We shot that outside at like two in the morning. They built this huge pool with flame bars around it, and it was so cool to watch that sequence. Mädchen looked gorgeous, of course.

TVLINE | And we’re finally meeting the other sister!
Yes, her name is Helena and she lives hell, don’t ya know. We almost called the finale “Highway to Helena,” but we didn’t. [Editor’s note: They should have.] She’s the Gatherer! We set it up in Episode 2 this season, when Ingrid found that book with all of the women in it — Ingrid’s the Key, Freya’s the Traveler, Joanna’s the Dagger and Wendy’s the Bridge — and then she saw a veiled face that said “the Gatherer.” She didn’t know who it was, but it’s Helena; she lives in the Underworld and she gathers souls. She’s Wendy and Joanna’s sister.

TVLINE | Let’s say we move into a third season; do you have any actresses in your head for Helena?
Ooohh yes. There’s an actress we would reference in the writers’ room a lot when we would talk about this character, and who we’d want her to be, should we be so lucky as to have a Season 3. We’re not sure if we could get her, but the great thing is that there are so many amazing actresses in Julia and Mädchen’s peer group who would be fabulous. It’s going to be a fun role, so I hope we’re able to write it!

TVLINE | How do you envision that reunion going between Wendy and Helena?
Wendy’s going to get tested down there. It’s going to be a tough journey for her as she resolves some things with her sister. I think it’s going to be really fun. We have a lot of cool ideas about how the family is going to go on and what they’re going to do.

Witches fans, who do you think murdered Frederick? Who’s the father of Ingrid’s baby? Who should play Helena? There’s so much to discuss, so browse photos from the finale, then drop a comment with your thoughts and reactions.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. analog says:

    Predictable that Frederick gets killed.

  2. Patty says:

    Was not pleased with the Killian/Dash switch at all!

  3. Sparky says:

    Was on the fence about this show last season but got totally on board this season. Just wish Dash wasn’t as evil as he is. Hope they give it a 3rd season

    • Kate says:

      I have a potential excuse for you…I think that when the King had Dash captive, he triggered whoever this Bastien guy was, which seemed confirmed when Dash was looking at the covers of the books and clearly started going through the one with the B on the front and then had a devious look on his face. I think he still has Dash’s loyalty to Ingrid, but Frederick wasn’t clear if Bastien and Ingrid ever had anything together.

  4. Tasha says:

    Not liking the fact that Frederick got killed. He’s a member of the family but I guess any male outside of the brothers is going to be the yearly sacrifice in order to keep the kill level high. This is probably the most predictable show ever when it comes to who lives and dies.

    • Katie says:

      love this show!!! I hope season three comes back quick. Can you set it for January or something? This is the only reason I watch lifetime and now there is nothing worth watching now on this channel, except for the occasional movie.

  5. Katie says:

    love this show!!! I hope season three comes back quick. Can you set it for January or something? This is the only reason I watch lifetime and now there is nothing worth watching now on this channel, except for the occasional movie.

  6. Katie says:

    Love this show bring it back quick

    • Ella says:

      Don’t know how I can enjoy my Sundays nights until next summer. Enjoyed every episode and would want to see more of this show. Don’t kill it.

  7. Briana says:

    This series is awesome!!! I just recently discovered Witches of East End with my mom. The last time I got her hooked on something was when the first Twilight book came out…and we all know how that turned out!!! This winter is going to drive me nuts waiting for Season 3!!! My mom and I are hooked!!! I would love it if some “Team Dash” and “Team Killian” T-shirts popped up!!! Whoever wrote this series is a pure genius!!! Goodbye vampires…Hello witches!!!

  8. tara says:

    oh and this show needs a third season!!

  9. Shawn Clement says:

    Very great finale but very bitter that they left us hanging that way. (I guess that’s what you are suppose to do) but man…. Im bitter about the switch, i’m sad about wendy giving up her life, Frederick dying.:/ Just tons of emotions. And now we have to wait several months for the next one :(

    • Jesse says:

      Wendy can’t stay dead.. Helena is going to be released . something with the curse… But Wendy is a great actress.. I want her and tommy together …. Season 3 is a must and more episodes!

      • Holly says:

        I am absoooooooooolutely in love with this show my favorite!!! I love Wendy DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT KILL HER OFF!!! Also i think it should start back at the first of the year or make it like a Sunday soap opera and just run it weekly. great show

  10. Brecca says:

    Ok the Dashgrid ship needs to sail! She could be what saves him. After all he was Archibald in previous lives who was in love with her. They could be soul mates like Killian and Freya. It would be even more awesome if the baby was his and not the Mandragoras. Could be the thing that brings him from the dark side.

    • phuong says:

      I hope you are right I feel like Ingrid gets the short end of the stick in the relationship department all her guy turn out crazy or evil. I liked her with Dash before they turned him evil

      • Tomp says:

        I agree Ingrid relationship with Dash’s grandfather and now him? I like Dash but don’t want to see him turn evil. Ingrid probably got pregnant by him, but we are unsure whether her father raped her there are some loos unconscious moments after he traps here. Grandfater would be reborn end and stronger than ever inheriting Ingrid’s powers.

      • Bridgette says:

        Adam wasn’t evil! He just died as a consequence of her resurrecting Wendy!

    • Amber Rose Trusty says:

      But if the baby is the mandragoras’ then it would make for s8me fantastic action going on. Would she keep it? Would it be evil? Like mother, father, or hybrid? What if its something weird like on charmed when cole got phobe prego & it turned out to really be the seers baby? Thats some exciting cheese!!! Seriously…think about.

    • Jules says:

      Instead he gets more angry because Ingrid dies in childbirth… Like star wars? Nah.

    • Ray says:

      Dash was not his own grandfather (Archibald Browning) in a previous life. Don’t know where you’re getting that.

    • zelita says:

      agree! Killian+Freya don’t have the chemistry that Dash+Ingrid have, I know that Freya and her soulmate is supposed to be super romantic, but they´re kind of boring, I’d rather see the relationship between the two sisters or Dash+ingrid than Killian+Freya. Maybe it’s different in the books, but on screen I think Ingrid+Dash could be more romantic

  11. Witch@heart says:

    OMG !!!what an ending loved it!! Killian can’t get a break damn Dash. Aunt Wendy is the best she proved self sacrifice is a beautiful thing & good or bad Freddy was a cutie… Please bring him back (tear) !! Terrific way to end the season can’t wait to see what’s next (fingers crossed)

    • Tommaso says:

      In this show they have brought back to life too many characters too many time,
      undo Freddie’s death would be ridiculous

  12. Robin says:

    This show totally got better during its second season. And I liked it last year too, but these last few episodes have been very good!
    So good that instead of watching Once and Revenge and all the ABC Sunday good times…I watched this tonight!

    I feel like the Mandragora is probably the Daddy. I really rather it not be…b/c that is not going to be pleasant. I’m already disturbed just thinking about it.

    I’m super interested in who they would get to play Helena! And I don’t want Wendy to be gone!! :( I knew they shouldn’t have left her alone with Tommy’s body.

    • Tommaso says:

      Exactly! Just like Johanna with ingrid and Freya’s death, they really should stay around when someone dies in this famyly

  13. Dylan Webb says:

    I absolutely think there should be a season three to Witches of East End , don’t know why there couldn’t be. I think that Raven killed Fredrick and the Mandagora is the father of Ingrid’s unborn child, that would be an interesting twist. I also think that Jennifer Love Hewitt should play Helena but Sarah Michelle Gellar would also be good for the part.

    • Amber Rose Trusty says:

      Omg!!! Bring back SMG!!! Shes got that seriousness about her face when she acts. And if your lookin for sadistic & crazy I think shes the actress for the job. But JLH would be great for playing it bored & cruel. There are so many amazing choices!!! Just so long as they keep it in the age group of joanna and wendy. I might have to stop watching if its someone ridiculous & stupid.

    • Fred says:

      Are you kidding? Love-Hewitt or Gellar to play the witch of the underworld? Come-on!! They are both lightweights!! They need a stronger actress to play that role. However, the actress who plays Freya is just about the same – can’t stand her either!!! Let’s get better talent and stick closer to the books.

  14. Caryl says:

    I really like this show, it definitely got darker this season and too many people dying off.I understand that you need to leave us hanging ,but why sooo much drama . I think too many twists and turns,now u dead ,now u alive ,frustrating and very emotional. I am totally upset and have crossed off Dash ….. he is not worthy of Ingrid and Freya should be able to tell it’s not true love’s kiss with the “exchanged” Killian.Poor Frillian!!

    Frederick made the right decision and was killed off, OMG! Why didn’t you guys kill off Tarkoff ,since you need to kill so many people!

    Wendy dead and gone to hell, OMG! I thought they were going to find a way to replenish her lives ! Too much darkness!

    Anyway ,all in all ,still one of my favourite shows and I hate the waiting until next season!

  15. Jonathan says:

    I need a third season!!!!!! This is the best thing sense charmed!!!

  16. mark says:

    Amazing finale. Left me wondering what is next. Which i hope there will be a next season. Didn’t like the switch between brothers. I hope they get to switch back. And dash pay for being always greedy. Cant wait to know Helena and hope Wendy comes back.

  17. Caryl says:

    There MUST be a season 3 , I need it :). I assume Wendy will be able to communicate with Joanna and that Frederick will meet her in the underworld.Please let the Mandragora be the baby’s father . Dash needs to be erased and all traces of him wiped from the show, or maybe go and live in Azgard. Killian needs to be reunited with Freya and Joanna needs a new love interest ! Helena needs to be hot and dark haired like my other witches! See you in season 3,my witches!

  18. Ashley says:

    I’m honestly a little disappointed that they killed Frederick. I do hope that it was Sarah Lancaster though, so she moves forward into season three. Which they better get! Such a good show!

  19. kalinatatum says:

    I really think they should of kept Freya and Killigan together. You cannot have fans watch due to a love interest on the show and constantly separate them. Where is the viewers satisfaction? You could of waited until season 3 (if picked up) to do that scene. And with Frederick, that was too predictable. Why not have the king still imprinted on Frederick or have someone that still secretly fought for asgard in the family? I think Dash should have rotten and prison and they should of exposed more of Dash life while he was in prison. Him getting free was a little cliche. I hope they can remember that freya and killigan is the base of the show and at least leave them alone.

  20. Hcthomas says:

    You guys are starting to rival the big networks to include Fox programming. I’ve been hooked on this since the first episode. And, I’m hoping you’ll bring this and The Lottery back for several more seasons! This is trending well with our tweens. Our teenagers are as hooked as we are.:). DON’T hesitate in bringing this show back…it’s a fav of favs across all networks. CAN’T wait for the next season…next week wouldn’t be soon enough!

  21. kalinatatum says:

    Really think the ending was over played. They didn’t have to mess with freya and killigan. If they are going to be the leading love interest on the show, why have so many obstacles and not allow them to be together. You place Ingrid with dash , which was wrong, but cannot put freya and killigan together ? Really don’t get it. And why have dash take his brother spirit and switch bodies? When will dash ever face honest consequences? And if freya is drawn to killigan soul more than his face, as said by Wendy in the finale, why couldn’t freya fill that killigan was distressed or in trouble. That should have ended with freya looking at dash beyond the bars and feeling compelled to him, or a feeling for dash(who was actually killigan) they aren’t staying very true to the ploy there writing. I’m hoping season three comes stronger if renewed.

  22. carmen l says:

    I need them to bring Frederick back…. I love the episode except for that part…. he tried so hard for his family and still got killed….. hopefully he meets with his aunts and come back

  23. Stephanie says:

    I’d love to see Melinda Clarke play Helena. She was awesome as Lady Heather in CSI, and she’s brunette, in the right age group, and could totally pull off the whole Queen of the Underworld thing. Other possibilities: Rena Sofer, Rhona Mitra, or Elizabeth Mitchell (with brunette hair.)

  24. Ermila says:

    Love this show please 3rd season

  25. Sylvia says:

    Absolutely love the show. Actors are awesome! Please bring back for a 3rd season. Can’t wait for the storyline to continue.

  26. mia says:

    So why do the males in the family all die within one season. Wendy will come back. Why didnt helena take fredericks soul.

    • Katherine215 says:

      How do you know Helena didn’t take his soul? Just because we didn’t see it doesn’t mean it might not have happened.

  27. Emilee says:

    I can’t wait for season 3. Please please bring it back!! I hated it when you’re beginning to enjoy a show then they immediately canceled it.

  28. Greg Stanphill says:

    I do hope they renew it for a Season 3. Very sexy, fun drama and I am a male that found the ideas with this show fun. Bring on more seasons

  29. Jennifer Thomas says:

    This show is great! Aunt Wendy is a very convincing character.
    It would be interesting to see Helena played by a real life sibling of one of the witches.

  30. Karsus says:

    Dash’s nastiness is pretty extreme. He should’ve just magicked his way out of getting sent to jail in the first place. He almost feels like he would be legitimate villain material if he had any vision.
    And Killian… Always hopeless.

    I’m not sure what I thought about the King getting whacked as easily as he did. That dude also wasn’t epic… Wonder what happened to Tarkov, reliving his life. Kinda expected him to reappear a hundred years stronger and more dangerous.

  31. Meli says:

    Love, love, love this show!!! Maria de la Cruz is a genius! I read her blue blood series and fell in love :) and I wasn’t sure about the other books but love them too. Glad lifetime picked this up and hope it gets renewed. Now if only they would do a blue blood movie or series!!!! I would die!!! Lol :) Back to reading, at least till the new season comes out.

  32. Jessica says:

    LOVE this show! The romanticism behind magic and witches draws you in but the characters and plot lines keep you reeling. The Season 2 ending definitely was hard to take in but will lead to some more great plot lines, so I will take it. And what about Tarkoff? Is he really gone too? He kind of gets forgotten at the end, but I bet we haven’t seen the last of him.

  33. I cant wait for the next season! so many twists and swiming in drama!
    I love to hate the villains and hate to loose the characters I love!

    Is there a place to sign for us crazy fans to ask for the 3rds season to come back?

  34. awesome but you can’t end a season like this!! season 3 now!!! :)

  35. i wonder if the teleporter guy thats in love with joanna is going to come back cause he did say that he knew another way…out of the past …and i’m wondering if freya will notice that dash is inside of killien? because she did have this thing with recognising killians soul, and when freya brought killian back from the dead with a kiss was that like a true love thing or was it apart of there spell that killian had to drink?

  36. Christy says:

    This is a GREAT series! LOVE all the twists turns and surprises! I Hope there is a season 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 well you get it! Excellent writing & acting!!

    • Mynah A. says:

      I agree! I want this show to go on forever! I haven’t been more engrossed and obsessed with a show like this since Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I just love all the fun drama, the HUMOR, how there are so many elements and plotlines! The characters..the actors..the chemistry..amazing stuff! Lifetime network better be noticing how this show is affecting us fans! We can’t get enough! :-)

  37. C. Judge says:

    Should rename Killian…. Killagain. Lol. How many times does that man have to die? Sheesh! Maybe Wendy will meet Freya’s father in hell…. That would be cool. Oooh. Then Tarkoff could go there too…. A little drama. He could fall for Helena. Like her little slave/lover. If he can’t have Joanna he could have her sister. ;-) You should pay me for these amazing story lines. Lol.

  38. Evo says:

    I liked everything, but the Dash/Killian switch-a-roo. It didn’t make any sense in the context of how the show developed him as a character. It seems like Dash would wait it out to see how deep the doo-do had gotten. It made Dash seem rash.

    • Mynah A. says:

      I think it’s pretty obvious though that EVERYONE on the show uses their powers irresponsibly, especially Dash! So he IS rash. The only exception would maybe be Joanna, the most levelheaded one. But don’t worry people..with season 3, all it takes is Ingrid giving one visit to Dash in jail for the truth to get out!

  39. Lies says:

    Loved it! But i hate the fact that frederick is dead. It is always good to have a man around. Look at charmed i couldn’t imagine the show without Leo. Really want to meet Helena, hopefully there will be a season 3!

  40. Fran says:

    I guess I’m the only one who didnt really care for the episode! Frederick dying was predictable, Wendy sacrificing herself was predictable, it was ridiculously easy to defeat the supposedly super powerful king, and the other sister in the afterlife would have been a better reveal if they didnt release the deleted scene…. And a “who’s the daddy” storyline?? Seriously?? Poor Ingrid, always getting the terrible storylines. Plus I’m not a fan of keeping the main couple apart for season after season. I understand there needs to be drama but that can still be achieved in a relationship. It starts to feel a little manufactured after awhile and Dash’s switch with Killian felt off to me. Dash is becoming cartoonish in his evilness. Sorry to rain on everyone’s parade! I still hope it gets a season 3 renewal but I just wasn’t feeling this finale.

    • Caro says:

      Finally! I like this show but the finale and the previous episode were not good at all. I agree with you on the witch switch (Killian and Dash) feeling off.

    • Ray says:

      Predictable, thy name is Witches of East End. This show has proven it does not have the courage or conviction to kill of a series regular. If someone does in fact “die,” their death is easily reversed 10-20 minutes later (in episode time). Ingrid, Freya, Tommy, Killian and now Wendy and Frederick will follow suit in the annals of characters this show has killed off only to resurrect.

      Just as I feared and predicted after “The Fall of the House of Beauchamp,” death has become meaningless. Death is merely a transient state, much like on The Vampire Diaries. Shame on Maggie Friedman & co for undermining any and all future threats of mortal danger. Everything seems to be reversible with the correct spell or enchanted object.

  41. dream says:

    That finale was amazing,. So many cliffhangers! I wanted to strangle Dash at the end. What a twist. Lifetime must renew this show!!

  42. Shannon says:

    What I was thinking is if Freya can recognize Killian’s soul won’t she be able to see that isn’t really him?

  43. D. says:

    They better renew the show OR ELSE!

  44. Meghan says:

    Whole lotta cliff hangers, so please give us a third season! Hope they can get Wendy out of the underworld, and can’t wait to know more about Ingrid’s baby. Not really feeling the whole freaky friday plot with Dash and Killian. I hope the show stays focused on the amazing characters that exist and not bring in a ton of new ones.

  45. Lizzie says:

    Loved the season ending. The cliffhangers were awesome. Freya will figure out the switch at the beginning of season three. I think Dash should be the father. Seems the whole Killian/Freya and Dash/Ingred thing has been going on since their days in Asgard. As for Helena, I think Melinda Clarke would be my number one choice. Can’t wait for season three.

  46. Paige says:

    Mmm what about Charisma Carpenter as the the sister, Helena. She would be good !

  47. Why was the season so short? Maybe next season should be a six month run. Please! We love this family.

  48. Muse says:

    Don’t know if Helena is oldest or youngest of the sisters, but here’s some ideas. I think it’d be fun to explore a fiery redheaded stepchild kind of character, maybe use Molly Parker, Marcia Cross or Evan Rachel Wood. For the brunette set maybe use Selma Blair or Shannon Doherty.

  49. Bonita says:

    Kelly Monaco should play Helena and Dash should be the father

  50. michelle says:

    pretty good finale. it made me look to see about the next season. I feel sorry for Killian because they always forget about him. The girls come back from the warrent more that phone call maybe a text too. Also he was dying the whole episode. Igrid should have called his brother even though he is evil by the end. Disappointed because the last 2 episode in the past meant nothing except we find out joanna was a druggie. Poor freddie he was like a floppy fish