Post Mortems

Vampire Diaries Post Mortem: EP Talks Elena's Shocking Request, the Bonnie/Damon Mystery and More

Vampire Diaries Season 6 Spoilers

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Thursday’s season premiere of The Vampire Diaries.

The Vampire Diaries returned for Season 6 on Thursday night, but not all of its players were back to their old selves.

Elena, for one, was suppressing her grief by taking witchy drugs to “see” Damon and feeding on humans on the outskirts of Mystic Falls — not that it was helping. To truly make the pain go away, she asked Alaric for a drastic favor.

Then there’s Stefan, who was off living a new life with a new girl, while Damon and Bonnie were bonding… somewhere.

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Below, executive producer Caroline Dries weighs in on the duo’s whereabouts, Ric’s response to Elena’s request, the love triangle’s future and much more.

LOST IN…? | So where are Damon and Bonnie hanging out? “We’ll figure it out in the next episode,” Dries reveals. “They’re discovering it along with the audience.” Could the presence of Collective Soul’s 1993 ditty “Shine” and Damon’s flannel attire mean that they’ve gone back in time? “It’s supposed to make you ask questions like that,” is all Dries would say. (Hmm, could the upcoming 1990s Damon/Stefan flashbacks in Episode 4, which “help tie together a bunch of storylines,” have something to do with all this, too?)

FORGET ME NOT | Overwhelmed with the idea of feeling the loss of Damon for eternity, Elena asked Original vamp Alaric to compel her to forget she was ever in love with the elder Salvatore. But will Alaric actually go through with her request? “That’s a big part of the next episode,” Dries replies. “Damon is his friend, too. For her, it’s a hard decision. But for him, it’s also like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this to my friend.’ So that will be his emotional journey in the next episode.”

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And although it may seem like Elena’s love life is dead, what with Damon gone and Stefan cutting off ties to Mystic Falls, Dries assures, “We definitely keep the love stories alive. They may not play out in a traditional way, but they will feel very satisfying. … I think it’s done in a way that feels fresh for a show that’s in Season 6 and has had these same characters in this love triangle for a long time. I don’t really call it a triangle because Stefan has become more of like a soul friend of Elena’s. He’s dealing with his own stuff, but these two are still very connected. It’s more of, ‘How do we maintain Elena and Damon’s love story while he’s not present?’”

Vampire Diaries Season 6 SpoilersALL HOPE IS NOT LOST | Stefan’s new love interest will be sticking around “for a little while,” providing a glimpse into what Stefan’s “process is as a vampire, starting over and living a different identity,” Dries describes. Part of beginning his new life, as we learned in the premiere, is abandoning any hope of bringing back Damon – not that everyone shares that pessimistic outlook. “Enzo is going to turn out to have had a different reaction to Damon’s death,” Dries previews. “He’s not going to give up on him. His point of view on Damon is in direct conflict to Stefan’s point of view on him.” Meanwhile, Enzo and Damon’s other “bro,” Alaric, won’t be drowning their sorrows together any time soon. “If anything, they will not be the best of friends,” the EP teases.

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MAN ABOUT TOWN | Thriving in a supernatural-less Mystic Falls, Matt has found a “father figure” in Colin Ferguson’s community protection leader Tripp. But this being The Vampire Diaries, “not everyone is who they say they want to be,” the EP warns. “But he’ll ultimately become an interesting layered, dynamic character that’s not necessarily a good guy or bad guy. He actually represents a normal person’s point of view on the whole vampire world.” As for Matt’s roommate, Jeremy, “he’s going to try to find some meaning in these first few episodes,” Dries says. “But he hasn’t hit his rock bottom.” Yikes.

ANGER AND LUST | Tyler and Liv may have been all testy with each other in the season opener, but we know what’s underneath all that tension: hormones! “They’re going to part of each other’s storylines,” Dries admits, adding that Liv will help Tyler “with his resisting of indulging in his rage.”

HERE COMES TROUBLE | Border stalker Elena is the least of everyone’s troubles. A new villain named Kai (played by The Carrie Diaries‘ Chris Woods) will emerge in a few episodes, and “he is just like a crazy person,” Dries describes. “Very charismatic and charming and psychotic. Likeable and unlikable in all the right ways. He’s going to stick around for a while.”

Vampire Diaries fans, should Alaric fulfill Elena’s request? What are your theories on Damon and Bonnie’s “Shine” moment? And how mad are you at Stefan for not returning Caroline’s calls? Hit the comments with your thoughts and grade the episode via the poll below!


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  1. Nara says:

    a really bad episode

    • david says:

      i know i am surprised people thought it was awesome

      • Kevin says:

        I thought it was an awesome episode; it actually focused on ALL of the characters, not just the main trio; especially glad about alaric’s more parental role in ALL of the kids; love the new focus on matt and tyler (their character development hasn’t happened in a long time); love the focus on characters and not some random traveller/doppleganger drama that doesn’t really concern all of the characters

        • Tanya says:

          I think many didn’t really like it because it was character driven and not plot driven. Yes, its good that all the characters get focus but at least make something happen, nothing really happened in this episode

        • Sharon says:

          Is that a joke it was else as episode everything was about her I mean her convo with rick asking him how he felt was just so she could talk about herself it’s ridiculous we get it Damon and her love each other but they are goi overboard and it is beyond cheesy it’s attracting mice their romance is not supposed to be like this elena is a bells 2 .0 all her speeches were guy wrenchingly pathetic and weak

          • Sharon says:

            (*sucks you can’t edit *)Is that a joke it was elenas episode I get she’s the. Man character urgh but everything was about her I mean her convo with rick asking him how he felt was just so she could talk about herself it’s ridiculous we get it Damon and her love each other but they are going overboard and it is beyond cheesy it’s attracting mice their romance is not supposed to be like this elena is a bella 2 .0 all her speeches were gut wrenchingly pathetic and weak I know she’s lost someone heightened emotions I get it but they do too much I mean in the earlier seasons with. We I don’t think they went that overboard with showing their love and I wholeheartedly believed them and I don’t even ship them with de it’s too much and tooooo central

        • lexi😜 says:

          I agree mostly exept bonnie and damon were only in one scene! I wanted to see more of them, but overall it was pretty good.

    • Jenny says:

      Enjoyed it!

  2. XtremeCota says:

    With Stefan and Damon gone, will Elena somehow get a storyline NOT connected to a man or will a new man being coming in to give her a storyline that ends up being about him or the brothers.

    Sorry ladies ,no storylines for you. Unless it’s Bonnie. You can have storyline, so you can die your storyline.

  3. Jared says:

    So happy Alarics back.

  4. Fran says:

    If they are stuck on maintaining Damon and Elena’s “love story”, that will be what will cause me to finally quit this show. Their relationship is no love story to me. Its obsessive. I had hopes that with Damon gone, we could see Elena be free of this crap and become her own person again. That doesn’t appear to be the case. I dont know if I should give it a few episodes or not…

    • Adi says:


      im so over damon and elena why do the writers keep insisting on that? damon and elena together bother me even when they are physically apart

      im not sure ill be watching it next week

      • Fran says:

        I think I’ll just stick to reading the recaps. Its also frustrating to watch them try and pretend Stefan and Elena never had a meaningful relationship. Don’t get me wrong, those two getting back together is the last thing I want, but show some respect at least.

        • Guest says:

          I think anyone who doesn’t care for what the show has become the last couple of seasons should go to ew . com and read those comments. It is a place we can all go that isn’t filled with Delena shippers. We discuss what the show used to be and how bad the writing has gotten. Check it out!

    • Maria says:

      ITA! I am so sick of the Delena show. Even when Damon is not around, the obsessive relationship with Elena is the central focus. I did not like this episode at all. I wanted to see less Delena not more. She is a pathetic shell of her former self (Pre-Damon) Can we get a new storyline? on a side note, I can’t stand Tyler.. He is my least favorite character on the show.

  5. Cory says:

    Damon and Elena is not a true love story to me. It seems like they are obessessed with each other. It’s getting old to me.

    • Jenny says:

      Obsession and passion, there’s a difference. You’ve bought into society’s story that love is flowers. There are many kinds of love.

      • Fran says:

        Yes, there are many kinds of love. Obsessive love is one of them. And no, sorry, no one is expecting sunshine and roses. This is a vampire show after all. I do, however, expect a relationship where one doesn’t change their entire personality just to be with someone. Stefan and Elena weren’t perfect but at least she had a life outside of that relationship. She was caring and strong and could handle things on her own. Now she is literally only about Damon. Every single moment in her life is consumed by him. A consuming love is not healthy. Damon decided to go and kill because Elena “broke” up with him. Elena then justifies this as an acceptable reaction. That’s not passionate, its obsessive and creepy, sorry. Since it IS a vampire show and no one is supposed to be perfect, I could accept this if they were being truthful about the kind of relationship it really is. Instead we’re constantly being told that Damon and Elena’s love is epic. Its just not.

        • Jake says:

          Yes but you can’t compare it to a normal relationship. A break up might not effect us the same way it would effect someone doomed to live without the other eternally.

        • Karen says:

          To tell you the truth, I don’t like Damon, never have! Damon mostly cares about Damon, and really nobody else! If Damon is suppose to be so madly in love with Elena, then why do the writers have him killing, and trying to kill the people she loves and cares about? It makes no sense! Stefan and Elena’s love relationship was passionate, epic, and true! Damon and Elena’s love relationship on the other hand? Their relationship seems like nothing more than just lust, and that’s all! I will have to agree with m ost people, ever since Elena has become a vampire, and been with Damon, I don’t like her now as much as I did back when she was with Stefan! It seems like everytime Damon goes out on one or two of his killing sprees, Elena overlooks, or excuses him for what he has done! Actually, their relationship is a major bore to me! So tired of Delena, they’ve already been there, and done that, now it’s time to move on! I know a lot of people are saying, they think Stefan and Elena are completely over, but maybe since Damon is gone, their love can rekindle somehow! Who knows, just maybe some of the old Elena would come back around!?

  6. Kirsten says:

    I hope alaric does erase her memory, buthe needs to let her keep all the memories of the bad crap Damon has done to her and those she loves, then maybe she will see what an idiot she was for ever falling for a psycho, abusive, murdering, obsessive creep like Damon!

  7. Wendy says:

    The song Shine, by Collective Soul-How ironic, that Grams saved Bonnie’s(and ergo Damon’s) soul… Collectively speaking. And In the picture, has anyone noticed the two clock towers? There is only one in town. I’m loving the flannel shirt on Ian.

  8. Tran says:

    The Season Six premiere was a disappointment in more ways than one. Julie Plec and her writing staff better fix some of the problems they went through since last season and the season before it.

  9. alistaircrane says:

    It sure would be funny if Stefan ends up with Caroline, Damon ends up with Bonnie, and Elena ends up alone!

  10. Ian says:

    Going by the next preview, it would just seem like Bonnie and Damon ended up in the real purgatory version of Mystic Falls. Which makes sense, even if it’s kinda boring after all the suspense this show has been trying to keep everyone in about where they ended up. Qetsiya didn’t create Purgatory, just a place called The Other Side, so a place where all souls can go before passing on must still exist.
    The only thing still interesting me is where the eff they are and where that’s going. I couldn’t care less about Elena having the sads, or anything else going on on this show. It’s all so very tired and retread at this point.

  11. I don’t think Elena’s memories should be erased of damon. They ha an epic love tht never dies. Hopefully damon and Bonnie can find their way back home and Stefan and Elena hoes back to their old selves. I can’t wait to see what happens next ! Maybe damon and Bonnie are going to come back as humans ?? I know one thing for sure .. I miss DELENA!!

    • Angel says:

      I can’t stand Delena or Delena shippers. The couple is played out and tired. Obsession I not real love and any girl who thinks it is is an idiot.

  12. Skittles&Bits says:

    I really wish they’d great rid of Enzo. He’s a terrible character. Last season he was nothing but an overdramatic whiny nuisance. I was hoping he would stay dead.

  13. Joie says:

    I didn’t even have to watch the episode to conclude that the best part would be about Bamon.

  14. cherylle1980 says:

    I have to say that I am really tired of Delena. Does anyone realize that Damon transferred all of his feelings for Katherine onto Elena? Her doppelganger? There wasn’t even an adjustment period after Kat’s betrayal. This is why I think their relationship is toxic. Had Damon fallen for someone else and was slowly drawn to Elena over a period of time I would believe their relationship would be considered true love. It’s like when therapists transfer a patients love for someone they lost onto an inanimate object, like a doll or stuffed animal.

    • Jenny says:

      Based on this theory… Wouldn’t have Stefan done the same?

      • Fran says:

        Stefan wasn’t still obsessed and in love with Katherine when he met Elena though. Damon was. Stefan was drawn to Elena because she looked like Katherine, but they developed a relationship over a period of time after getting to know each other. Damon wanted Katherine and only Katherine. It wasnt until he found out that she never loved him that he started going towards Elena. So no, I don’t think its the same thing.

        • Cas says:

          Whatever helps you sleep at night. Even though it would be the same thing.

          • Fran says:

            Lol, its just a TV show so I sleep just fine. But how you cant see the difference makes me wonder. To each their own though.

          • Fran says:

            By the way, I do think Damon ended up developing real feelings for Elena. But at first? Yeah, his interest was because he couldn’t have Katherine.

        • Mike says:

          Fran, you explained the difference just fine. Not to mention that if Stefan was only transferring his feelings for Katherine over to Elena, Katherine showing back up should have ended his relationship with her. Especially since Katherine very obviously wanted Stefan. I think some people are buying into what the show is trying to sell now and pretend like season 1 never happened.

      • Angel says:

        If u remember correctly Stefan never really truly loved kat she compled him also even if he did he would have got back with her as soon as she showed up because it was obvious that she still lived him! Watch the show better!!

      • Angel says:

        No it’s not the same thing and if u can’t figure that out ur a complete idiot!!

  15. “The Vampire Diaries” 6×1 “I’ll Remember” >> wiksTV

  16. LYNN says:

    Whether or not Damon and Elena stay together, I watch Vampire Diaries, mainly because of Ian Somerdolder’s on-screen presence… The more scenes that include Damon, the better for me!

  17. Katherine says:

    I thought the premiere was awesome. It’s a fresh new start for everyone. New venue. Mystic falls is really getting old. It’s time to venture out of that town. I think while it’s best to throw flashbacks, they should move forward for each of the story line and character- develop each character to a more mature role. I don’t agree with Alaric erasing Elena’s memories of Damon. She needs to go through the grieving process and move on. We need a good villain that can bring more suspense and action just like the good old season 3 klaus days. I must say I miss Bonnie being the witch. I’m excited to watch the next episode and learn more of where Bonnie and Damon are. Some parallel dimension perhaps.

  18. Heather says:

    I hope Alaric doesn’t completely take away all of Damon’s memories from Elena. Maybe he’ll alter them a little.
    It was all pretty sad to see the group all broken up and working on issues together.

  19. Sandra sanchez says:

    You know, I didn’t really feel focused as I was with the other episodes. I HATE Stephan for leaving Caroline, I really felt as if they were going to end up with each other. And the one thing that really surprised me was that Damon and Bonnie were still “alive” somewhere in the world. It is really obvious that they’ll be together. I don’t think they remember anything as the show kinda points out. With Luke and Liv, I think they are perfect in the storyline. One thing that has bothered me so much is that Tyler can no longer be a hybrid. Like watadafahck! It took him so long to be a hybrid and it all ges away. Lastly, Elena. I hate her right now, like seriously move on already. Everyone else did. Well… Umm, yeah.

  20. Katie says:

    Yeah I actually thought tonight’s episode was great, actually. I loved Elena’s meltdown (Nina always brings it and seeing her grieve for him so hard when it’s always been him longing for her), Matt trying to get through to Jer, Alaric being back in general, Stefan taking a step back from the drama, and Caroline trying to keep everyone together. For the first time in a while I’m excited for Vampire Diaries.

  21. kyshields87 says:

    I find it more than coincidental that the writing/stories and viewership is down since the writers “went there” with Elena and Damon. I mean, I get it. Ian is gorgeous and he and Nina have great chemistry. But it doesn’t make up for the fact that 1. Damon has done, did, and continued to do terrible crap from Season 1 alllll the way up until 5 (Killed Elena’s friend Aaron?). Its still early in 6, so I won’t rule out other atrocious things he might pull. 2. Their relationship is not healthy in the slightest. The hottest sex in the world does not a good relationship make. They’re obsessive and he brings the worst out in her. I find it almost comical that the writers continue to highlight the good things about Stefan/Elena even up until last season (Elena: “You always trust me and let me make my own decisions.”) As opposed to Damon who just controls her. Don’t get me wrong. I am a huge Damon fan. But do I like him for Elena? Not a bit. Stefan is the healthier, better choice. Period. Anyone who is past tween-age and in their own healthy relationship with a good guy will attest. I wish the writers would go back to the VD we all got hooked on.

    • Joy says:

      If Elena was the old Elena, then she would deserve Stefan. But she isn’t. I really don’t have any respect for her character since season 3. I know that when they’re vampires, they’re emotions obviously highten, and it feels impossible to control, but I still think with how strong they made her in the three seasons as a person, they should have showen her logical side, eventually, instead of her emotionally hysterical, “kill, kill!” side for half of the show of seasons 4-5, which she is starting to get back onto in season six because of herbal drugs that makes her crave more blood then usual.
      And honestly, half the time that Elena’s let Damon into her life, that was her choice. He maybe a bad influence on her, but she chose that, she chose to be around him and date him and she’ll have to live with that choice for the rest of the seasons of TVMD. Stefan doesn’t deserve to go through that kind of thing with her again. Not unless she completely tries to change and be a better person, an independent woman, for herself and her friends and family, then maybe I could see it between them again, but not unless she was kind of like Elena from season one, two and three. But I can understand why you like them, because a lot of people do. . .but to me it is just as tweenie and shallow, unless the writers do it right by their characters of Elena and Stefan. But I think that would probably take two or three more season at most to see that kind of development. And by how Julie Plec and Caroline Dries seem to mostly want to make it all about Damon and Elena’s love story, sadly I don’t know if they will do such a thing. And anyways, I hate how they make Stefan suffer through a triangle, when they, the writers and fans know that they are putting Damon and Elena together.
      But I do agree it probably should have been Stefan and Elena, but unfortunatly the writers kinda screwed that up. Sorry, for some reason I can be very protective over the Stefan character, haha. I think it’s cause he’s my favorite out of all the characters on TVPD, and they seem to like to screw with his character the most, sometimes. ;) Now I’m going to stop, lol.

      • Joy says:

        lol, and I mean TVD. . .XD

      • kyshields87 says:

        Oh trust me, I agree that Stefan is wwaayyy too good for her! I was just highlighting the reasons why they never should’ve put her with Damon. Its just not justifiable when comparing her relationship to Stefan. The only reason I can think that they did this was to pander to the tweens and those who just liked her with Damon more “because he’s sexier!” And the show’s quality has suffered because of it.

        • Jake says:

          And Stefan hasn’t done atrocious things? Ripper anyone? Damon is an honest character, and yes he does horrible things but he’s a vampire. I believe he loved her for real, and honestly not everybody can be perfect, so the idea that only the quintessential good guy should get the girl is not only outdated, but just naive.
          I love Olric (SP?) and I’m glad he’s back. I hope the bonnie and damon show is something interesting. A time jump would be super yummy.

  22. zed says:

    6×01 was Ok… Bamon should definitely happen and finally Damon gets a real love story. Elena wanting to be compelled, hahaha, to forget, shows again that she can’t cope, unlike Katherine…anyway, I agree that Damon transferred all of his love for Katherine onto Elena. Damon and Elena are NO epic love story, just hot sex. She had a sweet teenage love story with Stefan. But her real epic love story is yet to happen and that would be with Elijah.

    I’d like to see Elena at the end of the season to finally find herself and that she is so over Salvatore brothers.

  23. Letti says:

    Wow, the plot seems awful. Glad I didn’t watch. First year without TVD.

  24. Vicki says:

    Elena asks Alaric to compel her because ‘he was created from an original vampire so he can compel other vampires’, but if this were the case then wouldn’t Marcel on The Originals be able to also compel vampires since he was also created by an original vampire? As far as I know he can’t, so why can Alaric? Think they might have overlooked this part!

    • Bob says:

      Alaric was created by the ‘Original Spell’ – putting him on par with the Original Family and giving him similar (if not the same) traits as the others. Marcel is just an ordinary vampire like any other as he was created by another vampire and not by magic. Hope that makes sense.

  25. Lies says:

    so it is still all about delena? what about stelena’s love story, i believed this show was about a love triangle? so what is she talking about? soulfriend?

  26. Maryann says:

    This was the best episode of the series to date. It was character driver rather than plot driven for the first time ever. The show has reinvented itself and everything feels fresh and new.

    • kyshields87 says:

      “Fresh and new”? I’m sorry but I must disagree. Elena is losing her mind over, and going way out of character, because of Damon, Caroline is sadly pining after a guy while pretending like she’s strong and independent, Stefan is trying to ‘save’ Damon again all the while being broody and detached, Alaric is babysitting young adults, Jeremy is in a season 1 downward spiral. Tyler is running around in what appears to be a roid-rage like state. The only character that has progressed and grown is Matt and even this rent a cop storyline is boring already.

  27. DL says:

    So, Kai is “very charismatic and charming and psychotic.”
    Klaus 2.0, anyone?

  28. Guest says:

    This episode was great

  29. Angus says:

    Dobrev really needs to work on her crying skills. Jeez she looks and sounds pathetic when she goes into a crying scene.

  30. sara says:

    I’m sorry but that episode was boring. More Elena in ‘trouble’…same old story. I like Caroline a lot but why are they making her that girl who wants to be in high school forever? Bad episode.

  31. KB says:

    For me it was ok but the little piece with Damon and Bonnie at the end was better then his few times with Elena in this episode!

  32. Brigid says:

    I was hoping it would be a Delena free episode but not so much. Look, I like Ian Somerhalder but Damon is a one dimensional character that never learns from his mistakes. He and Elena are the worst thing that has happened to this show. I don’t see chemistry and I don’t see love. There was no love until the sire bond. If Damon had changed where he wasn’t threatening Jeremy or Matt every other episode, I could probably accept it. I cringe whenever they are on screen because it feels forced that I am suppose to believe that if Elena wasn’t a vamp that she in any way would fall for him, it goes against everything she believed in. I’m not a shipper who wants her with Stefan, it has nothing to do with that. This plot line just hasn’t worked for the show and it is evident in the declining storylines and viewership. Move on!!! Have Elena and Damon move on from eachother and stop making every story a love triangle.

  33. ChrisGa says:

    Another “meh” episode IMO. What very, very little interest I have in Elena continues to dwindle–the character’s just become really unappealing to me–and I couldn’t care less about Delena. Alaric being back was easily the high point of the episode for me.

  34. Lili says:

    I think caroline dries is so biased. All she cares about is delena. Spending more than half an episode on them is probubly why the ratings keep going down. And stefan being a “soul friend” wtf. No. Where’s kevin Williams. Now there’s a good UNBAISED writer

  35. Danielle says:

    I love Damon and Elena’s love story they worked really hard to get there so I think they should keep that going she shouldn’t forget that. Please don’t end their love story I mean they are the main characters.

  36. Tyhessia Toure says:

    Damen and Elenas love is all consuming that is what everyone wants that :)

  37. stelena shipper says:

    I personally thought the episode was too bland plain and boring.
    I wanted it to focus on bonnie damon and lexi? I mean seriously where is LEXI?
    Tbh I expected more, julie (the writer) can do much better than this,and we all know it.

  38. Anj says:

    I don’t think that having Elena make epic declarations in regard to Damon and seemingly belittle all she went through with Stefan is necessary all the time and I say that as someone who preferred the ‘Delena’ dynamic. It just feels wrong and over-laboured.

  39. D.N. Simmons says:

    Well, I enjoyed that it had some character development, but like someone else mentioned, in order for me to call it a great episode, I needed some plot development. There was none. Also, still too Elena-centered. I also don’t understand why Tyler came back human when everyone came back a vampire. He should have come back a hybrid or at the very least a vampire, too. because he did die as a werewolf to be turned into a hybrid. But you know what, I’ll just put that aside and go along for the ride…wherever it’s going. I wanted to see more of Damon and Bonnie and Enzo. So, no, this episode didn’t really do it for me. However, I am waiting to see what is going to happen next. For some reason, I think they should put VD on before The Originals, because THAT series started with a bang.

  40. Afua afriyie says:

    Elena fell in love wit damon be4 stefan buh damon compelled her to 4get.So wen she turned into a vampire she remembered all da things he compelled her to 4get yh damon n elena love each they do everything possible to mke their love work

  41. Karen says:

    I positively did not like The Vampire Diaries new season 6 premiere! The 1st episode, it really didn’t make much sense, it was a crazy jumbled up mess! With no doubts, I already know that I don’t like this Ivy character being with Stefan, it just doesn’t look right! It’s not right, period! I was so much set against for Stefan and Caroline being together as an intimate couple, but in this case, I’m all for it now if it means getting rid of Ivy! Yes, I know that the character Stefan has lost his only brother, Damon, but Stefan was not the Stefan that all of us Stelena fans have grown to love on the show! He has shut everybody out, including Caroline, and that is so not like him! I also wasn’t expecting for all of them not being able to return to Mystic Falls! I was thinking by them getting rid of the travelers that they would still be able to remain living in Mystic Falls! Another thing, what in the world was up with that ending on episode 1? In my opinion, at the end there, it was just plain stupid!

  42. Kaaat says:

    I wish Caroline would go to New Orleans XD

  43. Angel says:

    Yea tweenage idiots who are probably breaking curfew to watch the show it the first place.