CBS' The Young & the Restless Taps Sally Kellerman for Mystery Role

The Young and the Restless Cast Sally Kellerman

Hot Lips in the afternoon? You betcha.

Film and TV vet Sally Kellerman has been cast on CBS’ The Young and The Restless, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Kellerman, who nabbed Golden Globe and Oscar nominations for her portrayal of Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan in Robert Altman’s M*A*S*H, will join the soap as Constance Bingham.

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Not many details are available about Constance, but we know this: She’ll first air in November, she’ll be around for multiple episodes, and she’ll interact with several Genoa City citizens.

Kellerman’s recent television work includes gigs on 90210, Workaholics and Maron. Her Y&R casting comes soon after the daytime drama announced that Justin Hartley (RevengePassionswill take over the role of Adam Newman in November.

Got a theory about who Constance is and why she’s in town? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. jackie says:

    I don’t have a clue who she might be but I’m excited to find out. But, I’m more excited about Adam Newman’s character coming back. Yah!!

  2. Denise says:

    I am with Jackie who and when is Adam coming back

  3. Michelle says:

    With Justin Hartly coming on board, Melissa Egan must be drooling as she anxiously awaits the make out scenes with him!

  4. laura says:

    Phyllis’s mother

  5. raja says:

    You know the writer of this article is confused about this actress and her acting credits. The actress on Mash is actually someone different. They kind of look alike though.

  6. Fox Crane says:

    “Constance” was the casting call name they used for the character that most believe is a recast of Sharon’s mother “Doris Collins.” .. So it appears they got their “name” actress. .. From Daytime Confidential September 16:

    “The show has put out a casting call for the role of ‘Constance’, and is looking for a ‘name’ to portray the character. Constance is in her 70′s, a sweet and old fashioned grandmother who, is active and alert even though she’s in a wheelchair. The role is recurring for five episodes and starts Oct. 8.”

  7. Bonnie Benner says:

    She will be a great addition. Missing the “real” Phyllis. Her replacement is like luke warm water.

    • Pat Mosey says:

      I totally agree! So far she is offering nothing. Original Phyllis had fire – this one is milktoast!

      • jacobh785 says:

        The new actress will definitely be value added once they get past these ridiculous hide and seek game they’ve been playing this week. Gina Tognoni can hold her own against anyone. Trust me, she’ll provide all the fire you need.

    • jacobh785 says:

      Gina will be great as Phyllis. I don’t get the writers having her going in and out of homes without trying to make contact with anyone. It’s obvious she hasn’t suffered a memory loss. She knows all the whereabouts of everyone she would want to make contact with in Genoa City, including Jack, Summer, Nick and Avery.

    • alistaircrane says:

      How can anyone miss Phyllis? The character is evil personified.

      • Linda Sue Meagher says:

        I could agree with you on that subject, but I have been watching for over 25 years and I can tell you that Phyllis is one of those characters that you either love or hate…but mostly, long time watchers may agree with me that you both LOVE & HATE her at times. She is a very self-serving, egotistical, high maintenance character who will do anything to get what she wants. I think that any feelings of ‘love’ must come from the fact that she always kept the pot boiling, through one plot line or another. Perhaps others were not watching when she set fire to the Abbott house when John was still alive & intentionally backed over someone with her car, or that she drugged & then seduced Danny Romalotti & changed blood test results way BEFORE she slept with Nick just after Cassie died.

    • ravere7461 says:

      I miss Michelle Stafford, and do not like the “new” Phyllis at all. They can never replace MS in that role. I dislike her immensely…her acting is terrible.

  8. vic says:

    I think she will be Sharons Mom and show up at the wedding.

  9. Donna Poe says:

    I think she could be another one of Ian Ward’s wives

  10. Marion Hawksley says:

    I heard they was looking for a elderly woman in a wheel chair,for what I don’t know.Maybe Doris.sharon’s mother

  11. Gina Coutu says:

    Excuse me but the actress on Mash, Hot Lips Houlihan was portrayed by Loretta Swit. So I believe someone is mistaken here.

  12. gglenie says:

    Nikki’s mom

    • Janet Smith says:

      Nikki’s mom is dead and has been since Nikki was a teenager and new on the show. She died in a car accident. After she died, Nikki lived with her dad who she killed when he tried to rape her.

      • Maryl Diener says:

        I seem to recall that Nicki’s dad many years ago was the same man who played Rex Sterling and married Katherine Chancellor. I could be wrong but I remember that I recognized him when he was cast as Rex.

  13. Mary Furr says:

    Phyliss and Avery’s Mom??

  14. ELH says:

    Since the writers like going back to repeated and repeated again storylines, we haven’t had a Shiela return for a couple years. lol Or maybe Ian got a sex change to keep the pressure on Nikki.

    • Maryl Diener says:

      When Sheila “moved to LA” is when I also started watching The Bold And The Beautiful so that I could follow her. She was really, really evil and so I just had to know what she was going to do next. She was so worth watching. Kimberlin Brown, I think.

  15. Nathanael cannon says:

    She will either be Jill s mother or Phillip Chancellors sister!!!!

    • Cathy Treadwell says:

      Now that’s a thought! I’ll go with Jill’s mother. There was a women back a few years ago acting as Jill’s mother.

      • Linda says:

        Elizabeth Foster was Jill’s mother and I’m pretty sure I remember the storyline when Elizabeth was dying and had this huge secret to tell Jill before she died. Something about Katherine or maybe the fact that she was Lauren’s sister.

        • Leo M. Gates says:

          We’re talking about Hope Wilson. Not Jill Foster. I believe Constance is Hope’s mother. Maybe looking in Victor’$ direction? If Nikki continues drinking, Victor will be back on the market and vulnerable.

          • Chris says:

            She is not Hope’s mother :) She is not Adam’s grandmother at all . Adam (with big help from young woman named Sage) pretends to be that elderly woman grandson Gabriel :(

          • There is definitely duplicity going on with the resurrection of Adam, who seems to be involved in yet another questionable endeavor… but Victor is not a guy who goes back “on the market.” His character has been married at least 5 times that I know of, but he is much older now & his entire focus is on the family he never had growing up. He will move heaven & earth to help Nikki once he discovers her secret. He is steadfastly loyal to his family, but too controlling & manipulating.

        • The secret was that Katherine Chancellor was Jill Foster Abbott’s real mother. Elizabeth was Jill’s adopted mother. I have been watching for over 25 years & I may forget a thing or two, but I know this part is true. (I go back to before the original Victoria-Heather Tom, now on the Bold & the Beautiful-was married to her 1st husband, Ryan, when she was about 21.Actually Jill was played by another actress, too)

          • Maryl Diener says:

            Yes, all true. Jill had been played by a Brenda someone. I’ve been watching since the very beginning, March 26, 1973 and I’m not gonna stop now. Whew!

          • Linda Sue Meagher says:

            Is anyone else going nuts wondering if/when Adam/Gabriel will reveal himself to Chelsea? She ‘knows’ there’s something there but the facts defy the chemistry she’s so uncomfortable with. It’s getting even worse with Billy & Victoria. I don’t get the same vibes from the new Billy as I did from the old Billy. Lately the sub plots have gotten convoluted with many things hanging- Victor’s agenda, Sharon’s fugue state, Austin’s murder & the lipstick messages, Neil’s & Nikki’s drinking, Michael Baldwin’s ‘performance anxiety,’ the death of Kelly (I’m not buying it) Nick & Sage, etc.

        • Maryl Diener says:

          I remember Liz Foster’s secret as being the fact that she was not really Jill’s mother but that Katherine Chancellor really was.

  16. Markie Bell says:

    I can’t wait for Sally Kellerman!

  17. Bob says:

    The Yawn and the Restless. I have watched for many years and am tuning out. Y @R used to be a family based show. Now it’s a bunch of people Noone knows or cares about. When will they get rid of JFP?

  18. Cp says:

    Could be Avery and Phyllis’s mom

  19. Tammie says:

    Wasn’t her name Loretta Swit not Sally Kellerman?

  20. Lori says:

    i think shes the one who hit Billys little girl. Since Adam never felt it. I think he came after the accident when almost hit her dog.
    I want the real Adam back.

  21. Mary Earlene Olsen says:

    Catherine’s long lost sister! No one can ever replace Michael Muhney! Big mistake firing him!

  22. de says:

    The ghost of kate cause no one actually no if she’s dead right lol

  23. Ruben Roberto Gomez says:

    Ms. Kellerman has also just finished shooting the feature film The Remake, where she plays the formidable Aunt Peg! Produced by Ruben Roberto Gomez.

  24. She ‘s the pawn shop owner that pawned Phyllis’ wedding ring – without knowing that she was let down in the Genoa City sewer.

  25. MaryAnn says:

    They can’t keep the regulars happy, but they can keep adding characters to an already perfect show.

  26. Shannon says:

    It’s Adams Grandmother it’s got to be.

    • It is Sharon’s mother. Why can’t people see that? A grandmother in a wheelchair is Doris. With everything Sharon has going on it also makes sense. As for Adam’s grandmother, Victor’s mother is dead and Hope’s has never even been mentioned. It’s like some of you have never even watched the show.

      • Robin says:

        Why does everyone think it is Sharon’s mother???? these people have nothing to do with Sharon?? She has been referring to Adam as her grandson, but she as well could be mistaken, but I am thinking she is Adam’s grandmother the writers add people and relatives all the time. Time will tell us all. And what about the theory that Kelli killed Delia?? Hopefully something about that will come out after Adam returns.

      • Chris says:

        That lady is not Sharon mother Doris Collins ! Her name is Constance Bingham. Adam (with big help from young lady named Sage) pretends to be Constance’s grandson Gabriel.

  27. Leo M. Gates says:

    Hope’s mother would be my guess. Victor would be her “common law” son in law and Conner would be her great grandson. Constance and Sage were aware of the spy cam so their interest has to be Chelsea and Conner.

  28. Laura Venable says:

    Constance should be Adams birth grandmother. Victor ‘s birth mother.

  29. joey says:

    Victors biological mother

  30. Bonny says:

    Constance is either Victor’s mother or hope’s mother

  31. mary says:

    Could Constance be Adam”s grandmother? She would be Hope’s mother?

  32. Jennifer says:

    could she be victor’s mom or hope’s mom. In today’s episode he said grandson?????

  33. Siri says:

    I hope that she’s hope’s mother, and that she’s finally found her grandson that she’s been looking for, for a long time and she’s going to help Adam get back on his feet and she’s going to give Victor and all the other Newman’s a run for their money. she’ll be the new rich old matriarch of Genoa City. not taking Katherine’s place because catherine was a class act. but this lady she can make her own footprint

  34. Siri says:

    I hope she’s somebody’s who’s going to rock Genoa City to its core.

  35. Terrell says:

    She will turn out to be Victor Newmans long lost mother. She appears to be a woman of considerable means and recall when Victor tracked down his father (played by George Kennedy), he was a very wealthy man. It was never fully explained why Victor was raised in an orphanage.

  36. Tim says:

    She’s Adams grandmother. Probably Hopes mother

  37. duke says:

    I think she is Victor’s Mom

  38. D says:

    Adams grandmother or person that hit delia. Pretty sure it’s adams gma though.

  39. Garnitha Johnson says:

    I think that Constance has to be Hope’s mother because Victoria’s mom is dead. The only problem is that she appears wealthy and Hope was somewhat poor. And who is Gabriel that she keeps calling him?

  40. What was Victor’s Mother’s name? or What was the name of Hope’s Mom’s name? Because grandson was referred to today.

  41. Michael says:

    OK ADAM CALLED HER GRANDMOTHER ON FRIDAY,But Hope was poor but does that mean her Mom was mm not sure on that but Victor was really poor, i think its Victors Mom, yes Victors dad past away, but i never heard anything about his Mom, Sharons mom is Doris, so rule her out, she playing a role of a 77 year old women, how old is Victor,

  42. Mz linda says:

    On Fridays show–Sally Kellerman made the comment about the Adam character getting burned when he tried to “save that man in the burning car” and she didn’t call him Adam!!I think we have a ringer! Someone just claming to be Adam but isn’t….

  43. Nancy says:

    We’re thinking maybe a relative of Hope, Adam’s grandmother maybe?

  44. Debbie Gillis says:

    I love her and I could not believe it when I saw her on th Young and the Restless. She is beautiful and a wonderful actress. Shes still got it. I will all ways be a dedicated fan.

  45. Debbie Gillis says:

    I love her and i could not believe it when I saw her on The young and the restless. She is playing Adams gma. I will all ways be a dedicated fan of hers. Im watchin mash RIGHT now. Shes still got it. A beautiful women and wonderful actress.

  46. Debbie Gillis says:

    Didnt know my post went to bottom of page. Couldnt find it so did it twice. OK IM MISSING MASH

  47. Debbie Gillis says:


  48. elaine says:

    I believe Constance is Jack Adam and his sisters mother. She never did like Victor.

  49. Char Holt says:

    I believe Gabriel and Adam were both in the car that burned. Gabriel must have died. Adam was badly burned and had a facial transplant from deceased Gabriel. Gabriel’s grandmother must have been Constance, being cared for by Sage who also became Adam’s health aide. I think Sage was in on the deception and did not want Constance to be hurt by Gabriel’s death, so she has been helping Adam recover and keeping his secret. I think she is now in love with Adam.

  50. amy says:

    I think she’s victor newmans mother

    • Mick Brewstr says:

      For everybody’s information Sally Kellrman (Constance) is 77 yo. Eric Braeden is 73 yo. I doubt highly that she is Victor’s mother.