Walking Dead Spin-Off: Meet the Survivors (Including a New 'Andrea')!

The Walking Dead Spinoff Cast and Characters

Good news for starving zombies everywhere: There’s fresh meet on the way!

On the heels of AMC officially placing a pilot order for its Walking Dead spin-off, er, companion project, TVLine has obtained fresh intel about the six principal characters populating the potential series. And they are:

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SEAN CABRERA | A Latino male in his early 40s, Sean is a good man trying to do right by everyone in his life.

CODY CABRERA | Sean’s whip-smart and rebellious teenage son. Known as the angriest kid in town.

NANCY TOMPKINS | A thirtysomething single mom to two kids, Nancy looks like the girl next door, but there’s an edge to her.

NICK TOMPKINS | Nancy’s screwed up teenage son. He’s too old to stay home, too scared to flee.

ASHLEY TOMPKINS | Nancy’s mostly level-headed teenage daughter. Her ambition is in direct proportion to her older brother’s failures. She loves her mom but it’s time to get out of Dodge.

ANDREA CHAPMAN | A somewhat wilted flower child, fortysomething Andrea — yep, another Andrea! — has retreated to the outskirts of the city to recover after a horrible marriage.

AMC has promised that TWD: 2.0 will shed light on a new, previously unseen corner of the zombie apocalypse — perhaps one where the living outnumber the undead.

As TVLine previously reported, there’s buzz that the offshoot — penned by showrunner Dave Erickson and TWD creator Robert Kirkman — will be a prequel of sorts, one that would chronicle the early days of the epidemic and the effort to contain it.

An AMC rep declined to comment or confirm anything beyond ordering the pilot.

Got casting tips for the six new survivors? Post ’em below!

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  1. Kubrick says:

    Well after the other Andrea became unbearable guess they have to keep her memory alive somehow.

    • Jess says:

      No, you go to hell. Andrea was one of the best characters and you know it. Rick should’ve been the one to die. He’s been useless since he started seeing ghosts.

      • Anna says:

        whoa, simmer down there Jess!

      • kms says:

        Wow!! Calm your tits!!

      • Wow…”go to hell”? Seriously. You need prescription drugs, asap.

      • Taylor says:

        Excuse me but this whole program is basically following Rick,Carl and Daryl.Rick shouldn’t die,This whole thing is basically following him since day 1.Everyone is gonna die anyway,Its the zombie apocalypse for christs sake!

      • alistaircrane says:

        I agree! I loved Andrea and hate Rick too.

      • Journey_93 says:

        Calm the hell down freak
        Rick is the protagonist of the series AND the comics whereas Andrea was a very annoying bitch

        • jillybean johnson says:

          i totally agree with you, Andrea was a bitch, and slut!

          • Star says:

            It’s your opinion but sleeping with two guys in a span of 6 months to a year is hardly a slut. One of whom she did have a relationship with (of sorts). As for passing over her dear friend I would have to argue that you can’t just walk up to someone and say someone is “bad news” without evidence backing it up. Andrea was no more stupid than they all were at times. Season 5 is starting with them all believing that Eugene knows the cure for the outbreak. It’s willful blindness because they can’t bear what the truth is which was Andrea’s problem.

      • ayden says:

        The fact that andrea doesnt play a big roll in the comics or story she had to do die rick and carl are the two mains of the story + adding michonne and daryl

      • Tim Ryan says:

        Yeah, no, Andreas character was the avg American half wit. Big on emotional decisions, short on actual knowledge or sense. She represented the loud mouths that send emails that start ” fwd:fwd:fwd:fwd:NOT MY AMERICA!!!! 1! 1!”

      • Josh says:

        Uh, how about no, Andrea was THE most boring character they’ve ever used.

        • Star says:

          I would say that Lori and Carol were the most boring but Carol changed. Andrea was many things but I can’t say boring.

        • Michaela says:

          Actually Andrea was one of the best shooters in the COMIC she was one off the most favorable character in the COMIC but in the tv series they change her into a loud mouth that deserved to die

      • Jon Krauser says:

        you are a dumbass, the whole concept of the walking dead is about Rick and his struggles in the ZA, ALL OTHER CHARACTERS are secondary.

      • jillybean johnson says:

        I could not stand Andrea, tried to play hot to trot and got what she deserved. Rick, are you serious??? He is the show! Great actor and the rest of cast are great. But Andrea, chose a loser wackoo over her dear friend.

      • Star says:

        I liked Andrea too although I see why people found her annoying but she was a good person so she’s all right to me. It’s a shame that the writers did her in the way they did. What they did for Carol they should have done for Andrea but they sacrificed her for the sake of ratings.

        • Amy says:

          No im sorry but I gotta say that what they did for carol was perfectly fine. It shows that like even though she was abused, her daughter died, and was kicked out of the group, she is still strong and will fight back. Andrea just kinda needed to die sorry…

          • Star says:

            Yeah what they did for Carol was fine and they could have done that for Andrea which was my point. You can have your opinion but I feel the writers sold Andrea short. As far as coming back from abusive trauma not everyone can do that can they? They could have had Andrea be more like her comic self but she was used as a plot thickener which is where I agree with you that she had to go.

      • Zommy says:

        Its alright Jess. Andrea is a character in the comics too. You can go read about her and its like she’s alive all over again. You understand though, she’s not real?

      • Xombe says:

        Jess I think a Walker should eat you.. Turning on someone, another fellow human being for stating the RIGHT to express their opinion which you indeed have too.. Over a fictional character of a fictional TV show.. It only shows what kind of human trash this world is breeding these day (you.) If zombies ever do become real, I hope you’re the first to go.

    • Jennifer says:

      I agree. Couldn’t stand her from the start. The only other character I had that reaction to was Shane whom I wasn’t crazy about and I really tried to like both of them. I’m not saying I wanted Andrea to die but I was quite happy when she left the show. Andrea should have been played by a different actress, maybe then I could have tolerated her. I always thought of Michonne as what Andrea should have been.

      • robert says:

        well in the comic’s andrea is still alive tyress is dead and rick, carl, and michone are all still alive glenn is dead and sophia is still alive with maggie. So allot of changes from the book to the screen and i expect they will have many more changes coming when it comes back this season

      • BellaKS says:

        I really like the cast now.

    • DVR says:

      Andrea aside, is it me or the group sounds a lot like season 1’s group only with a latino male “Rick” and teenage son “Carl”? Serously, there’s an Amy, a Carol, a Shane and everything!

      • jillybean johnson says:

        Why does everything have to be racist?

        • BellaKS says:

          Racist? Saying a Latino “Rick” is not racist. I’m Latino! As for the comment you replied to, of course every group is going to have a leader, lead character. He just happens to be Latino, no big deal. Seeing a different group in a different place starting from the outbreak instead of when everyplace is already overrun sounds like a great idea. We didn’t get to see the progression from the start of the outbreak to where TWD started, with the exception of the flashback of Shane going to the hospital to try to get Rick. There was a Latino family that left the group in season one and now there is one Latino woman who is with the group now with the Sgt. I like the idea of more Latino characters that are not the semi-thugs with a soft heart for the elderly. We are not all inner city! I live in a nice middle class suburb of a smaller city, not a town. We are college educated U.S. Citizens. Not what most shows stereotype as Latinos to be.

  2. Chris says:

    So it’s basically the same show with similar, yet slightly different, characters. I don’t really understand why it’s being made – other than to cash-in obviously.

    • Mau says:

      It’s not an uncommon practice in TV. I think the Walking Dead will lend itself well to another show – provided it is filmed somewhere quite different, like Seattle or Minneapolis. If it’s set in South Carolina or Florida, rather than Georgia, I’ll be disappointed.

      • faith says:

        Seattle please!

        • dan says:

          Lol so we can hear hippies preaching about their refusal to fire a gun, or eat meat even as the world falls apart. Please, not the pac NW haha

          • Scott says:

            Yeah, because EVERYONE in the Pacific NW is either a pacifist or a vegetarian, or both. Idiot. Oregon is actually a very interesting state in many ways. Beautiful geologically with mountains, desert, oceans and one of the largest rivers in the world (the Columbia), it leads the country in “green” technology & recycling, and has a very diverse population. The “I-5 corridor” with university towns, the seat of government in Salem, and Portland, is very liberal. The rest of the state is very rural farmland and very conservative. Learn something about the area and don’t spout stereotypes.

          • Yeah Seattle — the fastest growing city in the country with perhaps the strongest economy of any city in the country — has nothing going for it but hippies. Dumb ass.

          • Steven says:

            f u asshole u only hate us westcoasters cause were more civilized than u and not mindless gun toting excessive cigarette smoking beer drinking “usa usa usa!!!” chanting football fanatic homophobe racist republican morons that u wish the entire world was like

    • Jack says:

      The article states that their is buzz that it chronicles the early days. So, no, it is not the same show.

    • cannoir says:

      and it appears all the titular characters are caucasian yet again , I’ll be surprised if the Cabreras are portuguese. I think ATL has a sizeable latino population and more than 40% of african americans . Its so dull when the main cast and the B Listers are so uniformly monochromatic. Perhaps we’ll get the exact same type of acting too . Ugh ! a throw away token will pop up when the show will be in its 5th season .

      • Alan says:

        Point to me exactly the part of the article that says any of these characters js caucasian. Excluding your own prejudicial judgment, of course.

      • jillybean johnson says:

        Why is everything racist? Just let it the @$@#$# GO!!!

      • Zommy says:

        Omg. Really? Who cares what color they are. TWD has plenty of racial diversity though. Is it really going to make the show better for you if each and every race is portrayed? Would you be happy with a spinoff featuring an indigenous tribe from the Amazon rainforest?

    • Yep, they must be following the same NCIS/CSI/L&O formula.

  3. jrobbed says:

    Really, three more kids? Because we loved them so much on the original show?

  4. Casting tip for the character Sean Cabrera. How about the wonderful Lou Diamond Phillips?

  5. Mark D. Moss says:

    Fresh *meat* … not “meet.”

  6. Steve says:

    CODY CABRERA | Sean’s whip-smart and rebellious teenage son. Known as the angriest kid in town.

    Wow – why do shows always have to add some unbearble teenage kid

    • DL says:

      The first thing I thought was he’s Carl, five years older. Carl 2.0. “Cody! Coooody!” Get ready for a lot of that. ;)

    • Rachel_H says:

      Because, unfortunately, the world is full of unbearable teenagers, or haven’t you been T a fast food counter recently? To exclude them would portray an inaccurate picture of America as it stands today.

  7. Those descriptions do have a prequel vibe.

  8. Babygate says:

    Whatever you do, AMC, do not cast Ramon Rodriguez. He bombed in Charlie’s Angels and Gang Related. Lou Diamond Phillips would fit the bill. Or, Marco Sanchez or Adam Rodriguez.

    • Babygate says:

      Also, this cast seems a little light. The grownup/teenager ratio doesn’t feel like the right fit for this. AMC is no CW or ABC Family.

    • Ramon Rodriguez didn’t bomb in Gang Related. The network burried it in the summer graveyard and the writing was somewhat inconsistent. (another discussion for another day)The role calls for a male in is early 40s, and I think Ramon Rodriguez looks too young for the role as described. I’m thinking Easi Morales, Nestor Serrano, Danny Pino (SUV), or Michael Pena.

    • Jooshua says:

      Ramon Rodriguez was Bosley? Craziness.. didn’t watch that show. I enjoyed ‘Gang Related’ though. Also just noticed from his IMDb that he was in ‘Day Break’ as well.

      Two good shows, one bad one.. maybe ‘The Walking Dead: Somewhere Else’ could finally be a success for him.

      Now I don’t want anybody else.

  9. Kalee says:

    Maybe they want redemption to the Andrea name for her comic counterpart didn’t translate as many others hoped for.

  10. It’s not a spin-off. It’s a companion series. A spin-off has characters from an existing show who get their own show, ala Frasier.

    • DYS says:

      What you mention is a common form of a spinoff where a regular, recurring, or one episode character is “spun off” into their own show. However, the first two CSI spinoffs and all of the Law and Order ones are defined as spinoffs not as companion series. Long before they ever had crossover episodes they were defined as spinoffs despite having no shared characters. In the case of The Walking Dead, the new series can probably be called either by someone and that person would not be wrong.

  11. uk-usa-tvaddict says:

    I was hoping the group would be lead be a 50 year old Korean school teacher. No reason, just to have a group lead by a mature Asian female. Oh well.

    • Jooshua says:

      That actually sounds really interesting. My excitement for this show lowered a smidge because of your awesome thought. It’s such a simple yet different way to approach it, that I am surprised the writers haven’t announced at least a female lead. Maybe this ‘Nancy Tompkins’ or even ‘Ashley Tompkins’ will rise to leader. I imagine since all of these characters are new… that NOBODY is safe… not even a Rick Grimes-esque character.

    • Ming-na would be fantastic in that role. Korean shop owners successfully defended their property during the LA riots by banding together and taking up arms against looters. No one screwed with them in the face of such determined resistance. If they go Pacific Northwest, please, please include some survivalist/prepper characters. Would make for a more interesting group dynamic if there was a “bury-their-head-in-the-sand” left-wing tree hugger unable to accept the new reality. I’d also like to see a lot more firearms and a lot fewer armorer oversights than we’ve seen on TWD. i.e., flat top AR-15s with no sights or optics

  12. Deadhedinfekted says:

    so basically its TWD in another city..well, slow claps all-round for originality!

  13. i thought they would bring in the tell tale charcters.

  14. NICK TOMPKINS-how about gregory smith,he played the teenage angry son well in everwood

  15. Drew says:

    It’d be cool to include Sam Witwer and tell the story of how he ended up a zombie in Atlanta.

  16. Beth Maloney says:

    that should be very interesting.

  17. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Great, another Andrea sounds like OLD meat instead of ”fresh” meat even though these are 2 different characters. Andrea from the original show was SUPER ANNOYING in both season 2 and 3!

    • alistaircrane says:

      Actually, Andrea was pretty fab in all three of her seasons.

      • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

        There you go again always defending characters (especially TWD) that people think is annoying! WELL guess what you’re not changing anybody’s mind including mine and my opinion is…….. Andrea is an ANNOYING BITCH!!!!!

      • Aundria Premo says:

        And I’m of the rare species known as the “Lori fan.” I’m rare indeed! But liked her right up til she told Rick to kill Shane, then got mad that he actually did (had to). But I still hated when she died.

  18. Sean craft says:

    I love tv it’s like a getaway from reality to just get away

  19. Big Mike says:

    Great, another “whip-smart” teenager on TV. I can’t tell you how tired I am of that trope.

  20. Rune says:

    Suggestions for the main characters/actors. Me!

  21. Kal says:

    Lotta hate coming from less-than-informed people around here. For instance, why throw Ramon Rodriguez out there when he’s too old to play Cody Cabrera and too young to play Sean Cabrera. Back on the subject, my vote is for Amaury Nolasco as Sean Cabrera. Great actor in everything I have seen him in (including Gang Related) and perfect for this.

  22. Patty says:

    Ill be happy to play Nancy or the new Andrea! Love the zombie… I mean walker world! 😱

  23. Sue says:

    I think if you get good charismatic actors like TWD, the show will go over very well. Sounds like a good premise for another Walker Show. I cant wait… a real TWD fan.

  24. Elena Arcos says:

    Can they have any real celebrities characters? Like Dwayne Johnson or any celebrity? I wondered what would happen to them in a zombie apocalypse? after all Bill Murray was in Zombieland!

  25. Joey Padron says:

    Good info about characters for spin-off show. Nice tribute having one of characters named Andrea.

  26. Erin says:

    Sean Cabrera Possible choices

    Carlos Bernard
    Kevin Alejando
    Greg Serano
    Mark Consuelos

    Cody Cabrera possible choices
    Ryan Guzman

    Nancy Tompkins Possible choices

    Maggie Siff
    Anna Torv
    Evengaline Lilly
    Kate Sackoff
    Summer Glau
    Tamara Braun
    Annie Wersching
    Amy Ackerman

    Still thinking about the others.

  27. James says:

    I’m wondering if this Zombie obsession is ever going to end especially when further challenges to viewer intelligence like the almost comically violent ‘Z Nation’ are trying to capitalize from the perplexing longevity of those ‘Walking Dead’.

  28. RONALD says:


  29. spartan says:

    I think a change in geography could be the twist to make the spinoff/prequel interesting — often wondered what was going on in Dead world OUTSIDE of Georgia. But don’t know about all the “smart, rebellious” teenagers. That could get people rooting for the zombies!

  30. Cathy says:

    i love Andrea (Laurie holden) thats all!!!!

  31. T says:

    Where is the official AMC announcement or direct quotes regarding these character lineups? Convince me that this is not bogus.

  32. Abram says:

    Are there already actors for these parts?? If not, where can I try out!? Would like to play the part of Cody Cabrera. I’m a Hispanic male age: 22

  33. chaosrainz says:

    All I did was read the descriptions and already, I don’t like this group. Sounds like Rick and Carl with a few more years on them, and the women sound annoying.
    Can we a please have a strong female character who ISN’T screwed up? Maggie is the best example of this on tv anywhere. I would LOVE to see normal, strong women in leadership roles more often. We’re not all “damaged”, by the way.

  34. shawn says:

    When and where there be a casting call for this show ?

  35. scarlett says:

    How’s about a really strong female lead for once? Why are the group leaders always guys?
    And don’t go down the road of ‘guys are stronger = better leader’.

  36. Abby says:

    I think Thomas Brodie Sangster should be one of the characters. He’s amazing.

  37. Abby says:

    I think Thomas Brodie Sangster should be Cody Cabrera.

  38. Gary says:

    Hopefully this Andrea will be more like Andrea from the comics. The TV Andrea as to gullible and didn’t trust the ppl she should have. Michonne especially.

  39. Really needed to stay away from the family drama on this one. Is anyone else really enjoying Z Nation?

  40. jillybean johnson says:

    Well I would really like to (off-the-walking dead-subject) let all the networks know that I for 1 am sick and tired of reality shows.

  41. richard wittkohl says:

    I hope they start from the beginning and cover a story that follows through the outbreak and all the chaos that followed it…wd skipped that while rick was in coma

  42. Kathy says:

    Need to bring Shane back, never should have killed him off, he was the women’s favorite, bad boy, hot, protector, willing to kill for love he had it all, can’t Shane have had a brother somewhere out there, that way one could be about Rick and one with Jon Bernthal.

  43. Victoria says:

    I love the walking dead so much like I would love to be in it so can I get a script for the part of Ashley Tompkins

  44. Joey says:

    Emma Watson as Ashley Topkins would be great :3

  45. james says:

    Honestly I love all the characters, I hope the morales family makes an appearance

  46. Roger says:

    How come the zombies have liquid blood and it’s still red this would imply a circulatory system and a beating heart – doesn’t work.

  47. Can’t wait for the spin off series. Everyone needs more walking dead in their lives!!

  48. paul (sparkie) scroggins says:

    well its about time they started to fill in the blanks as well as the months between twd. i am prone to go nuts between april and oct.oh dont forget rick is the catalis to the story. like to see how you would fair losing someone befor you could say i am sorry.

  49. christopher redman says:

    How can i apply to play a part in the upcoming spin off to the walking dead?

  50. pet says:

    I just started watching TWD season 3 , and right away I was like”beth sucks!!!”
    Shes the WORST actress and just plain annoying, even as EK too, no offense, but the hunched up skinny shoulders and that blank face and smile is just straight up annoying. Period!!
    Sorry Emily….but it is the honest truth.
    thank you.