Video: How I Met Your Mother Stars Praise Series Finale, Express 'Relief' — Plus: Who Learned the Ending Last?

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How I Met Your Mother‘s series finale may have been extremely divisive among viewers, but the cast of the CBS comedy has nothing but kind words about the ending and the “narrative geniuses” who were at the show’s helm.

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Co-creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays are brilliant at “withholding information until it’s time for that information to come forward, at which point it changes everything,” star Josh Radnor says in TVLine’s exclusive video from Tuesday’s Season 9 and Complete Series DVD release.

Meanwhile, Cobie Smulders shares her gratitude that some important answers weren’t held back: “I’m really excited that we got to flash forward and see where these people ended up.”

Speaking of the show’s closing moments, the DVD extra also reveals that Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan were last to find out about the tearjerker finish. “[Craig] gave us the five-minute version, by the end of which his lip was quivering and he was getting ready to cry,” Segel recalls. “We felt the same. It was just such a relief to find out there was a plan.”

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  1. dman6015 says:

    Sorry, but it was a terrible ending to a nine-year run up to the Mother.

  2. Percysowner says:

    I’m glad they liked it, I still hate the end.

  3. Annie says:

    Oh HONEY.

  4. Canadian says:

    The fact that everyone associated with the show praises the ending doesn’t magically make the ending better.
    That said, I understand why the ending was what it was & appreciate it for depicting a realistic ending. I certainly don’t love it, but I don’t understand all the hate it’s gotten.

    • DL says:

      Robin holding out for the guy she rejected a hundred times, and Ted going for the girl he struggled for nearly a decade to let go of… Not exactly “realistic” in my book. More like a shoehorned fairy tale.

      • Ann says:

        Robin didn’t “hold out” for the guy. If that’s what you think happened, then you missed the point. She married Barney whom she loved, but it didn’t work out because she still had ambitions. She wanted to be a serious journalist and travel around the world. She lived a full life…the one that she wanted. She couldn’t have kids anyways, so why settle instead of having the freedom to roam like she got to do? Ted married his soul mate and lived the life he always wanted…settled down with a family and kids doing cheesy holiday stuff that he loved doing.

        In most series finale, like “Friends,” it ends in the present day…and we assume that everyone lives happily ever after, even though that’s not realistic. Does anyone actually believe that Ross and Rachel lived happily ever after? If you do, you’re kidding yourselfs. They were terrible for each other…and I’m pretty certain Rachel regretted giving up her dream job for a guy who she’d probably divorce after 5 years anyways. So, HIMYM’s ending was unique in that it shows you what happens 15 years down the line…and it was bittersweet like the entire series had been.

        • Anna says:

          The problem is that Barney was the one who all along respected her ambition. Choosing him was her realizing she could have her ambitions and love with someone who respected what she wanted and had similar life goals. Her ending up back with Ted was saying that her ambitions were inferior to his and that it really wasn’t okay for her to not want kids. And Barney was so out of character in the final (as was Robin for that matter).

          • cas says:

            People get divorced every day in real life. I think it was realistic to assume Barney and Robin wouldn’t make it. They were a lot alike, both very selfish and in the end I think it consumed them. For the record, you can think something is okay for years but eventually I think traveling around the world following your wife gets old especially when you are Barney. He needs to be the one in charge, with the power. He doesn’t want to be following his wife around. I don’t know why people can’t see that. He is your typical egomaniac male, who may want all those things for Robin and respect her but in the end he still wants to accomplish more than her. As far as her ending up with Ted, well it was many years later, kids were way out of the question and they were in different phases of their lives. Sometimes the timing is finally right. As for Ted’s soulmate (his wife) well sometimes people die and you move on. It’s called life.

          • Yeah, it was always Barney who was okay with Robin’s career and way of life, whereas Ted wanted a version of Robin with the character attributes of the Mother. Also in 2030 Ted is a suburb dad whereas Robin is a world travelling journalist, that doesn’t fit.

        • The way the finale showed it Robin OOC held out for Ted and left the group because of that and not because she wanted to be a jounalist; in spite of the fact that the show made a huge point about the fact that Ted and Robin didn’t fit together as a couple and that Robin was in love with Barney.

          The way the finale showed it Ted settled for the Mother, as he “tried to love her” is not the way you describe the love of your life.

          The finale of HIMYM isn’t unique as it ended the same way as 99% of all sitcoms, that the main character get the girl at the end, whether it makes sense or not. The end would have been unique if Ted would have ended up with the Mother whereas Robin would have ended up with Barney. If you believe that Ross and Rachel are a terrible couple, that applies even more for Ted and Robin as it was shown since S2!

          • Gus T.T. Showbiz says:

            The show didn’t make the point that they didn’t fit together. The show made the point that at the time that the story was taking place they didn’t fit together. Robin didn’t want kids and wanted to travel the world. Ted wanted kids and wanted to live a “normal” life. At the time that the show ended they had both lived their lives and got what they wanted out of them. At the point that the story ended their goals in life had changed and they finally fit together. He also didn’t “try to love her” as you put it. He said that he always had to remember that through the good and the bad to always love her as much as he could because he never knew when the end would come and he didn’t want to look back at his life with the mother and have any regrets. I seriously don’t know why this is so hard for people to grasp. I get why people may not like the ending but, to just make up stuff to fit your argument is weak.

  5. Anon says:

    I think the ending was poorly executed. The Barney/Robin wedding should not have happened. Had it been a different wedding and had things been written to make you want Ted and Robin it might have worked. I loved the mother but could have accepted the ending if it did not look thrown together in five minutes.

  6. DT says:

    What else are the actors supposed to say for a video that appears on the box sext? Seriously…

  7. Rob R says:

    An ending that makes you regret you watched the entire series is not a good ending.

  8. radmcawesome says:

    I’m still bitter over that stupid ending. I will forever carry a grudge.

  9. Gazzoo says:

    I would have liked it better had it been the events of the FINALE that was stretched out over the final season….not the pointless wedding.

    • chrisjroof says:

      This is one of my biggest pet peeves about people complaining about the finale – it was the weekend he met the mother! They all met the mother! That’s why that weekend was important for the entire season. It just happened to be the wedding weekend.

      Very much enjoyed the finale and the way it perfectly wrapped the series.

      • ProfessorPreis says:

        And the real problem was Jason Segel – he went to film a movie and so wasn’t able to film with the rest of the cast for about half a season, which meant they couldn’t do many flashforwards.

        • SMPD says:

          Which was a terrible decision on Jason’s part. I get it, a movie is big money, etc. But the movie he made will fast be forgotten. HIMYM fans will not forget this series and the final season. I agree, I think the story would’ve been better told if Barney and Robin hadn’t gotten married. Maybe Robin to Don or someone else. Just not Robin and Barney.

  10. Sabrina says:

    Apparently my daughter and I are in the minority, but we liked the ending. Maybe because we mostly binge watched the first 7 seasons but if you watch the show the ENTIRE series was about the relationship between Ted and Robin. We hated the Barney/Robin “romance” and always felt it was off. So yeah, you can hate all you want, and I do understand some of the vitriol but seriously, watch the series again and you won’t be in any way surprised about the ending.

    • radmcawesome says:

      You’re entitled to your (minority) opinion but you do not get to passive aggressively call everybody else stupid for not sharing your views.

    • chrisjroof says:

      Wholeheartedly agree here! As the daughter mentioned, the story was always about Robin. It was so obvious and I’m glad that the creators stuck to their idea because having Ted not end up with Robin would have not felt complete.

    • Dmac says:

      well congratulations, apparently you and your daughter are so much more enlightened than those of us who hated the ending.

    • Kristina says:

      I agree Barney and Robin always felt off to me…like they needed something for those to do. That is, until the final season. They set up the whole season for the viewers to buy into the Barney/Robin relationship, and the wedding was supposed to be the big payoff for that. I FINALLY got to a point where I liked them together, and then they pulled the rug out from under us. I didn’t care for it, and it felt more like a desperate need for drama than an actual dramatic twist. Then on top of that we got all attached to the mother, only for her to be killed off in the finale. The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth. I do get what they were trying to do, but even as someone who was a Ted/Robin fan for years even after it looked like it was never gonna happen, the ending fell flat for me.

      • Gus T.T. Showbiz says:

        Congratulations. You are one of four people that have posted on here since the finale that disliked it and were able to give rational reasons as to why you felt the way that you did.

  11. Aprilcot says:

    Of *course* they’re going to say they liked it. It won’t make the rest of us magically approve of it. I can’t even watch HIMYM reruns anymore.

    • John NYC says:

      The no reruns, yeah same with me.

    • Amie says:

      Yup. Haven’t watched a rerun since and won’t buy the boxed set. It just wrecked the whole thing for me. A couple of cheery quotes from the actors can’t fix that.

      • StrawberriesandCream says:

        Same here. Can´t watch any of the old episodes anymore, the finale is like a poison that ruined the entire series

        • Percysowner says:

          I’m there as well. I really liked the show for a long time. I even enjoyed it when it began to wind down. But the finale has just ruined the entire series. I don’t even want to see it when I run across it in reruns.

  12. Eric says:

    I LOVED THE ENDING. That is all.

    P.S. I want to win the bar from MacLaren’s and use it to open my own bar called Puzzles.

  13. deadline86 says:

    There are only two types of HIMYM fans. Those who have good taste and hated that flaming piece of garbage of an episode, and those who enjoy to get sh!t slung at their eye sockets.

    • Gus T.T. Showbiz says:

      I agree. There are two types of fans. There are those that got waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy too invested in having the story turn out the way that they wanted it to and now spend all of their time trolling the internet looking for new articles so that they can gripe and moan about the ending and there are the other 99% of the viewers that either liked it or disliked it but, can comment on the show without acting like petulant twelve year olds.

      • deadline86 says:

        You’re the one who can’t handle other people having a negative opinion about something they like. Who’se the petulant 12 year old?

  14. S says:

    I have not watched a rerun since the finale aired because those last minutes forever changed the series for me. I am sad that the creators gave themselves a game changer ending at the expense of longtime fans. At least the alternate ending exists. I honestly think in 10-15 years, the cast will admit they didn’t like the ending (because really, everyone else is already there).

  15. c-mo says:

    Of course they’re going to say they like it! What kind of idiot badmouths their bosses on video? They do need to work again…what they say to their inner circles might be vastly different.

  16. Nelly says:

    Do i have to say it? ok,i’ll say it..people who disliked the finale are stupid and immature. I said it.

  17. chrisjroof says:

    I’m happy to hear that they enjoyed the ending – it is an ending that I wanted from the pilot. If you don’t think that Ted and Robin belonged together, than you really weren’t watching the right show.

    As Ted’s daughter said in the finale – this has always been about Aunt Robin.

    • Dmac says:

      Of course, why didn’t I think of that. It has always been about Aunt Robin, that is why it was call How I Met Your Aunt Rob…oh wait. I was a faithful viewer from year one and I never got the sense that the show was about Ted’s journey back to Robin. I guess I wasn’t watching the show as keenly as you were.

      If it isn’t too much trouble could you could post a list of shows you are watching now? In that way if I have any questions on the direction of a show or if I am confused on a certain storyline I could look to you for guidence or even to to clear that up any confusion I may fave on a particular storyline as you clearly “get it” and are one of the very few who really “watch” a show.

    • John NYC says:

      And after the pilot that ending would have worked, but after so many years?


      They went way too far away from who those people in the pilot were: and somehow the writers didn’t recognize that but stayed locked on their “cool” planned nine years before, ending.

    • Anna says:

      I would have said the same thing several seasons back. But while things started out with Ted and Robin, the story we ended up getting was that they wanted completely different things out of life and weren’t suited, that he was obsessed with his idealized version of her but she didn’t share those feelings, that Barney’s journey was about growing and maturing and realizing he had to be worthy of Robin, that Barney and Robin worked because they had similar life goals and could love each other for who they were, and that there was someone out there who wanted the same things as Ted and who would love him for who he was.

  18. Anna says:

    How much of this is honest, and how much of this is them trying to be loyal to the creators of their show/shilling for them because that’s their job?

    Either way, the final is still awful.

  19. Lindsey says:

    They talk more about how the ending shows things in the future than they do about what they think of the mother dying and Ted being with Robin. No one said, “I’m glad Ted and Robin ended up together.” It’s not like any of them would say they didn’t like it anyway.

  20. Wendy says:

    Just seeing this brings the rage-hate back in full force. And makes me glad all over again that HIMYD was passed on. As for the cast, they have a right to their opinions just as the fans do. And this former fan *still* says it was a pile of cow excrement and *still* have not watched a repeat since this finale crapped all over the show.

  21. tsevca says:

    Considering that Cobie said she wass glad Robin would end up with Barney, because she had never loved Ted, this is so clearly just not to talk badly about her show.

  22. Mark Jack says:

    I love the show but ended to quick for me. Would like see more of the mother as Tracey played an amazing role. Lots of sad moments where you wished they could of lengthened the show more towards the end. It left me wanting more. I thought it was always Robin in the beginning that Ted would Marry. But when I seen the Mother Tracey and the way she acted towards Ted I thought this feels right. Barney change his ways an him an Robin stay together.