Supergirl Series Lands on CBS — Who Would You Cast in the Lead Role?

Supergirl Series Casting

Supergirl is ready to fly… for the Eye.

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CBS has given a series commitment to an hour-long drama about Kara Zor-El, the DC Comics heroine who escaped the planet Krypton amid its destruction. Having hid all this time on Earth the powers she shares with “her famous cousin” (as the official logline cheekily puts it), 24-year-old Kara decides to embrace her superhuman abilities and “be the hero she was meant to be.”

The pilot (which was first announced two weeks ago) was penned by Ali Adler (No Ordinary Family) and Greg Berlanti (Arrow), both of whom will exec-produce alongside Sarah Schechter (of Berlanti Productions) and Warner Bros. TV.

Though there was some talk that the series might not actually be titled Supergirl, TVLine has confirmed that is the name. (So much for my suggestion The Blher.)

Laura Vandervoort of course recurred as Kara on Smallville, but now is the star of Canada’s Bitten. In her stead, who would you cast as 24-year-old Supergirl?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Not happy about this. Superman in a dress, meh.

    • Patrick says:

      I liked what Joss Whedon said about the DC vs Marvel universes, and why he thought it was easier to do Marvel heroes vs DC heroes on the movies. In DC land, many of the heroes are, essentially, invulnerable and unbeatable. Superman, WW, Green Lantern, Super Girl, and many others are super strong, they can fly, and many have a variety of other powers. Batman and Green Arrow being Marvel-esque exceptions (and really the same character, with Batman being darker and having better villains, hence his success in other media)
      People barked about how often Kryptonite popped up in Smallville, but it had to be that way. Otherwise its just an impervious being figuring out what the danger/villain is (or is up to), and then easily defeating said danger/enemy. That was why Welling’s Superman couldn’t fly. It is just too easy for such a being to win, which removes danger from the show, and why watch?
      This will have to be done well to work.

      • MPL says:

        All DC hereos are invincible? Typical response from someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. There are hundreds of DC heroes who have clear weaknesses, just as there are hundreds of boring invincible Marvel heroes, like Thor and Hulk. Even the DC characters you mentioned are all far more mortal than you give them credit for. Green Lantern is only as strong as he is when he has a charge, and his constructs have time and again been shredded like tissue. Superman and other kryptonians are weak to kryptonite as well as magic, and revert to human levels without yellow sunlight. A character is only as boring as the writer behind the story.

        • Typical response from a DC fanboy who didn’t bother to read the post. Patrick said MANY of the DC heroes, not all. All your points are moot because you are a fanboy and really don’t know what you are talking about. Wow kryptonians are weak to a very rare element. The magic thing comes and goes btw. As for the yellow sunlight. Kryptonians are basically solar batteries. They take awhile to loose all their powers. Let me give you a rundown of Superman’s powers since you are trying to say he is weak. He has shattered planets and dimensions with his punches. He has been known to lift over 10 million tons. He has survived being point blank to a star going supernova which destroyed everything else in the area. He is constantly healing. He doesn’t really need to drink or eat anything because he can draw energy directly from the sun. Etc etc etc Yeah he is really weak……. Fanboys are such idiots.
          Some Lanterns are extremely powerful. It all depends on the strength of their Will. “With few exceptions, the Power Ring was limited to a 24-hour charge and needed to be recharged at the Power Battery on a daily basis. However, that limit has been removed, meaning a Lantern is only obligated to recharge their ring when the power levels are depleted or gone. The amount of energy in a ring is measured by the ring, and relayed to the Lantern via a percentage scale of 0% – 100%.”
          Thor is hardly invincible and has had his ass handed to him dozens of times. He would not be able to hold a candle to Superman even if he used the hammer. Of course now they are saying Asgardians don’t use magic just a higher form of tech so Supes would not be vulnerable to it. FYI I prefer DC to Marvel.

          • This is dumb. You’re wrong and this Supergirl show seems bad. Just keep her origin.

          • cdhaskell says:

            I must disagree with Jeff. She need the right team that will help bring her series come alive.

          • Dave P. says:

            Ha ha hah…entertaining :) Calling someone a fanboy is not an insult. We are all fanboys…and fangirls, that’s why we want people to hear our opinion on the subject. He never said Superman was weak Period…he said he’s weak to kryptonite and magic. I agree that Superman would kick Thors @$$, in a crossover comic he kicked Hulks. People keep saying Thor is magic…NO…his hammer is magic and lightning would only slow Superman down. You are comparing comic facts…not movie facts. Do you really think he could, or would, shatter planets or dimensions with his punch in any upcoming movie? I enjoy Marvel way more then I used to, just like generally everybody, now that the movies have come out…but I have, and will, always be a DC fanboy, as you called it, and will always route for DC. It is good that Marvel got such a headstart on DC cause they needed it. They have a great universe going just like Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice will create, a competing, great universe. The true benefactors are the fans.

          • stephen lamar says:

            Ya all need to give this show a chance its one dam Pilot Some of us do like it please stop trying to ruin it for the rest of u, btw I am going to call CBS and make sure they keep this supergirl

        • James Wilson says:

          You are right. But people assume that Superman’s biggest weakness is kryptonite. His biggest weakness has been and always will be Lois Lane, because without her he could never be the hero that he actually is. To put it simply, she completes him.

    • christine says:

      She is not at all like Superman these days….for better or worse.

    • no offense to DC comics and all but why do they have too or think that we should have a women in the comics too… being a woman and a fan of comics can’t stand this being pushed down our throats (just like the gays or the B vs W stuff on tv now-i have nothing against any of those groups it’s just i stick of hearing about it) that all superheros need to be equal, granted i like the idea it’s just…..seems off……sorry. I liked comics and superheros to be men…..that’s just how i feel. it ‘s not that woman can’t do the same or better than men,-i know they can hold there own and kick some a$$- to me when i read one it was well….a fun manly thing. sorry not interested in watching it!

      • Jessica says:

        why do i have a feeling that ur not actually a woman? women have been in comics for a VERY long time..tbh your misogynistic opinion doesn’t matter because women make up half of all comic readers so they deserve to have just as much representation as might feel as if its being shoved down ur throat but representation has yet to be equal to the amount men have gotten for the past 50 years total…its because ur not used to seeing this many women getting proper due in comics and its bout time for that to happen…so you might not be interested in watching but millions of others do and for various reasons..not just because they want to see a woman lead a show but also because they want to see well-written characters on television

        • Angela says:

          I just always love it when people say something on TV is being “shoved down their throat”. ‘Cause it’s not like there aren’t ways for people to just, y’know, change the channel if something isn’t to their liking, right?
          Anyway, good post. A little more diversity and variety on TV won’t kill anyone. Seriously.

        • Dave P. says:

          I really enjoy Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Black Widow…for you to say half the comic book readers are women though?…That’s pushing it a little, or a lot! First of all it’s more likely a baby will be born a boy, second of all boys are drawn to that sort of thing…especially since most superheroes are men, but even if it was 50/50 there would be more male readers than female readers. I’m not going to get into the arguement of which sex is superior cause that’s what a few of your comments dictate you would like to do. I agree with Angela, if you don’t like it don’t watch it…

      • jag says:

        I love women as superheroes. The problem with this if the show is simply a knock off of superman. If the title will not be supergirl then they are heading on the right decision. If they put her on the costume with the classic red skirt, man that will be the most boring show. If they do this with flashback and put her as a detective or an agent that might work. ground the character. as in dont let her fly at least for a season, if the show get even shown.

        • cdhaskell says:

          Most fan wanted to see Supergirl in action. I wish that the writer will developed the character as well as the costume. Supergirl need to promise that she is her own person and not the female version of Superman.

          • James Wilson says:

            You got that right. But she always has been her own person. I liked they way they showed her in the animated film “Superman/Batman: Doomsday” where she appeared to be more powerful than Superman. He surprised her and everyone else though in the end of the program. He has been on Earth since he was infant. She has been drifting in space for a long time after the destruction of her home without the benefits of a yellow sun. So how in the world could she be more powerful?

        • Apollos12 says:

          She is not Wonder Woman.which is what you just described. It would be interesting if the had a version of Wonder Woman in the program to mentor her.

      • Ray says:

        It’s just entertainment so sit back and enjoy it and don’t complain

    • John C. Lepant says:

      She’s not ‘ Superman in a Dress ‘, she’s a foil. The Superman character has developed
      over the years with 3 feminine foils, each tied to the 3 persona’s in the Superman
      character : Lois Lane is the romantic foil to the SUPERMAN, hero persona.
      Lana Lang is the foil to the Clark Kent, EVERYMAN persona and Kara Zor-El
      is the foil to the Kryptonian personal Kal-El . The foils have to be women or
      they would become rivals if they were equal in power to the main

      A proper story for each foil would be as:

      If there is a story concerning Smallville with Clark Kent reporting on some evil
      plot to hide water contamination, the foil should be Lana Lang. ( Lex Luthor
      is the right villian as he is from Smallville. )

      If it’s a classic ‘ hero gets girl ‘ story with Superman saving the day, Lois
      Lane is the best foil.

      If the story conerns a Kryptonian villian, such a Zod or Brainiac, the best foil
      is Kara.

      Of course, the foils can all be together in any given story, but each would relate
      differently to the main character, Superman. Lana would refer to Superman
      as Clark, Kara as Kal-El, and Lois Lane would call Superman ‘ Superman ‘.

      The series should work if they humanize the character and build it around
      the proper relationship with Superman. A good story would be along these

      Kara’s Bad Day: She tries to fix a leaky faucet, and thinks it’s repaired, then
      it blows up with water shooting everywhere. She’s drenched & frustrated.

      She’s interrupted and has to save the world from Brainiac. Talks about her
      ‘ bad day ‘, no one understands, as she defeated the villian.

      Returns home, successfully fixes the faucet. Now its a good day!

      That would make the character empathetic as we all have problems like
      leaky faucets, and would be based on her Kryptonian heritage – she would
      be the right hero to stop that villian. ( Why didn’t Siuperman do it? He’s
      human – he has to go to work at his job, like the rest of us! )


      John Lepant
      Brighton CO

      • Supergirl was conceived as a marketing gimmick to sell Superman comics to girls, hence she’s Superman in a dress. Anything else, are attempts to make that gimmick work and fit the narrative. There is a reason why in the decade or so since DC brought this version of the character back, both her and Superman have been rebooted multiple times (at least half a dozen each), with each one having different origins with different explanations.

        At one point, her origin established that HIS origin was a mental delusion SHE was suffering, yet some comics treated that so-called delusion as if it was real canon. It was a clusterfrak of epic proportions, instigated by outdated 60’s gimmicks such as Supergirl that writers and editors have struggled with trying to make work in a modern context to no avail, hence the multiple reboots.

        • Sheldon W. says:

          Just because the original Supergirl was created as a marketing gimmick that doesn’t mean she hasn’t evolved into a fascinating character(s) in her/their own right(s).

          Grow up.

          • She hasn’t. Not in the last 10 years since she was brought back. Who is she? Is she someone Zor-El sent to Earth to kill Kal-El because he hated his brother, Jor-El, like she was depicted in Loeb’s comic book? Or is she someone who Zor-El sent to Earth to save Kal-El from a Phantom Zone wraith that took over him when he left Krypton, as another writer later depicted her? Or is she a cosmic Lara Croft in search of the missing city of Argo, like Rucka tried to depict her in however few issues of her series he wrote before another writer replaced him?

            Or is she a rehash of the Silver Age Supergirl who lives on New Krypton with her mother and the other 100,000 Kryptonians who Brainiac kidnapped from Krypton before it exploded like she was depicted in the Sterling Gates series?

            Or is she the bratty teenage alien girl who hates Earth, like she’s depicted in the more recent series?

            She hasn’t evolved. She has no character. She has whatever gimmicky plot whatever writer is currently handling her comes up with. Nothing more, nothing less.

            She’s been an assassin. She’s been a ghostbuster. She’s been a would-be archeologist. And now she’s just a brat.

            That’s a character with no direction, no story, not nothing.

            The bulk of her pre New 52 series involved her meeting up with other characters from the DC Universe. For the bulk of the pre Gates run, every single issue of her series had some other DC character in it, meaning that she can’t even carry a comic on her own.

      • Supergirl need the right team behind her. She need to get the right storyline and plot to make her a winner.

        • Well, I like what Goyer did in the prelude to Man of Steel. He found a way to make her unique without turning her into Superman in a dress. He gave her her own story, he gave her real purpose.

          • Dave P. says:

            Michael…I was going to reply to your comment that was above the one you just left but there was not reply button to be pushed. I just know Supergirl as Supermans cousin…maybe Superman is Supergirl in pants :o lol It doesn’t matter that her storyline isn’t the same all the time. Different writers trying to do different things with the character. If she shows up in the DC movie universe she will only have one storyline. And I am certain it will be a good one. Gimmick? Superman is just a gimmick to make money, is he not? I miss the days of being naive to all the trash talking going around…but that was a long time ago. Superman is my favorite comic book character FYI…

          • Supergirl was specifically created as a gimmick to sell the concept of Superman to girls, that’s why she has no story and keeps changing every few years.

          • I read somewhere that DC Comics created Supergirl as to keep the copyright DC property. Her rogue gallery is so small that no one ex very loyal fan remember them. Either they came from the Superman or the Justice League individual member rogue gallery. I hope that in the new Supergirl’s new series will built the supporting cast/rogues gallary

          • So far she’s taking characters from Superman, such as Hank Henshaw, and creating some new ones, like giving her a human sister.

          • I love the way the writer is slowly developed her supporting cast. I can’t wait to see what kind of ID that the writer will developed. I hope that it isn’t the mild manners type. I still can’t wait to see what kind of rogue gallery that will pop up in the series.

          • I don’t expect much from the show. I wish they had waited until the Man of Steel movies established Kara and whether or not she even exists in the present day. I’m far more interested in the Krypton prequel.

          • I can’t wait to see how the new Syfy’s New Krypton series will be developed. I got a feeling that DC didn’t wanted Marvel series become bigger hit than any new DC series/film.

          • Very possibly. I do hope that since Goyer is involved in that one it will be connected to the movies.

          • I wish that the movie would included Supergirl in the Man of Steel. It would be interested to learn how they meet in the first place and how she became Linda Lee Danvers. I remember in the original origin story that she live as Linda Lee until she was adapted by the Danvers family.

          • The prequel comic showed that Kara lived on Krypton 18,000 years ago, and that she was part of the crew of the ship Clark found buried under the ice. The prequel comic showed either her or Dev-Em, another member of the crew, leave the ship after it crashed all those years ago. My preference would be for her to have lived and died on Earth back then, for her to have used the embryos on the ship to create Kryptonians who ancient humans revered as Gods, and have those Gods become the Greek Gods that later on created the Amazons and gave Wonder Woman life. Kara becomes the linchpin for the whole thing. That way she can have a story of her own without once dressing up like Superman. Ironically, a booklet that comes with the DVD/Blu-Ray bundle I purchased says that the suit Clark found on the ship belonged to a member of the crew. Since the only member of the crew from the House of El would be Kara, that means that, in the movie, Superman is wearing women’s clothes…

          • You have created an better movie than any series that would appear on TV. I can’t wait to see how the new Supergirl series will developed her as a heroes and as person.

          • Heh. Well, we’ll see.

        • JEREMY says:

          TOTALLY AGREE!!

          I suggest the producers of HAWAII FIVE-O, with scripts by writers who have worked on BUFFY,X-FILES, LAW & ORDER, AMERICAN HORROR STORY, LONGMIRE and various other quality shows.

          As for the actress,I would suggest AMANDA RIGHETTI(‘The Mentalist’) ,or one of those girls from ‘Pretty Little Liars’ who could grow into the role.

        • Alberto Roberto says:

          I think Supergirl needs to rid of the Puritan Anglo-Saxon morals and become more Nietzschean. Supergirl needs nothing and nobody, she is all powerful, she can do whatever she wants although she won’t do evil things because, deep inside, she’s commited to justice and truth (just as Nietzsche said, only the superior man can be really noble and good), and this was supposed to be the charm of this character. No writer should ever write Supergirl’s stories without having read NIetzsche’s “Thus Spake Zarathustra” beforehand.

          • I can’t wait to see the pilot. Good luck to the actress who play Supergirl.

          • Jim Wilson says:

            Yes and no. She is from a superior race but that doesn’t mean that she should not have any morals. After all Nietzsche died from syphilis (even though some say it was cancer) so he was not all that moral either. She needs people just like Superman needed people. The difference is Superman was raised amongst humans while Supergirl was pretty much isolated. She needs people to learn what it means not so much how to be human, but how to be a hero. We have heroes in the DC universe with no powers at all that fight the good fight. Supergirl could learn a lot from Batman, Green Arrow,and the Question. No of them have superpowers but they fight for truth and justice.

          • I hope that Supergirl will learn to be human being while learning how to use her power.It will be interested who what kind of villain that the writer will created. The heroes is only good as the crisis that she must encounter.

          • Apollos12 says:

            I completely agree. Supergirl deserves some good enemies and not just the next nut job like they did in the “Lois and Clark” series in the 1990’s. I will admit enjoyed that series, but it was cancelled when they were starting to get it right. And it lasted three years.

          • I don’t remember half of the villain that appear in Lois/ Clark from the 90’s. I believe that Lex Luther,Metallo and maybe the Toyman. Supergirl need an deadly villain that will give her a run for her money. Let’s face if you look up the rogue gallery in the Supergirl biography you will discover that her rogue gallery is very small indeed. She was encounter villain that debut in her famous cousin Superman or better yet in the Justice League individual member magazine. Good luck to the future series.

    • Dave P. says:

      Don’t watch it then…

    • cdhaskell says:

      We both know that the actress who will become Supergirl/Linda Lee Danvers will be some unknown actress who look like the comics book version. I am worry what kind of story that the series will developed. How important that the director/producer/writer will developed the series. Will the villain/villainess make me wanted to make sure that I got room in my DVR/VCR each week. I know that this sound silly but I remember tape something and look at it later and I ask myself why I tape it.

      • They’ve said it’s a procedural and that he bad guy is Hank Henshaw, who in the comics was the Cyborg Superman.

        Supergirl in a procedural is going to be extremely lame given her vast powers. She can use thermal vision, microscopic vision, smell, and other enhanced senses to crack a case in an antosecond. If CBS wanted a a superhero procedural, there were far better options than Supergirl, like Elongated Man, or even Detective Chimp.

    • cdhaskell says:

      CBS wanted a series that they will believe will be a hit and will get the right rating for the network. The only reason why they pick Supergirl because the copyright on both Superman/Superboy is still be challenge in court by the estate of the original Superman/Superboy. I know that WB/DC Comics have won the last two lawsuit but the lawyer is still going to court. It is all about the almighty dollar.

      • They should have still waited until she was introduced in the movies.

        • cdhaskell says:

          I agree with you that they should have waited until she was introduced in the movie but it still all about the almighty dollar. I could be wrong when I type this but introduced Robin in the George Clooney version is another reason why I won’t see Robin the boy wonder in any future live Batman movie. The movie forgot that Robin as Dick Graysons was somewhere between 10 year to 13 years and not some hollywood 20 years old. Supergirl was introduced into several animated DVD/wb kids animated series. I remember that there was several version of Supergirl but some reason that back from the dead as Supergirl the cousin of Superman. I can’t wait to see what will happened to the DC lineup when the comics reboot again in June 2015. DC Comics should learn from Marvel Comics on how and why their film/series is a hit and avoid the past mistakes.

          • A lot of people expect DC to reboot again, it’s true. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did, but we’ll see what happens. And Robin was introduced in the Kilmer movie :)

          • I forgot that Robin was introduced in another Batman movie before George Clooney’s movie. The producer forgot that Robin was in his pre-teen or maybe 13 year and not some college age person. The producer decide to change the Robin costume and get rid of the one that was created for Batman’ 60 series. The producer will hired an unknown actress who look like the image of Supergirl comic book, I just that the producer will remember to hire the right cast,crew and writer for the show.

          • I forgot that Robin was introduced in the Val Kilmer movie(Batman). I believe that George Clooney got the biggest uproar from all the Michael Keaton’s fan who love his version until Christian Bale’s version.

          • Clooney’s problem is that his version was a parody, akin to the West version. It lacked plausibility and verisimilitude.

          • I suddenly remember that George Clooney version came off like a comedy and no one took anything serious.

          • He had a fraking Bat-Credit Card, man.

          • cdhaskell says:

            I wanted to thank you for remaining about how bad that the George Clooney’s version was. I still remember the Batman/Robin’s costume look straight out of a halloween costume party. I can’t wait to see what the new Supergirl actress look like in the costume. I wanted to wish her all the luck in the world. I guess that it won’t be until May 2015 before I learn either the good new or the bad news if CBS will tell what night that the Supergirl will debut.

          • cdhaskell says:

            I know that I need a life but I still remember the Vampirella’s costume and how it was differ from the comics book version. There was no way that the comics book version would get pass the R-rating or even the NC-17 rating. I don’t wanted to see segment where Supergirl and Linda Lee Danvers are fighting over the same male like it was done to death in the Superman-Lois Lane-Clark Kent triangle. It make me wonder if Lois don’t need to have her eye exam in she don’t see that she looking at the same person dress in differ clothes.

          • I’ve never seen the Vampirella movie. I want to, but it’s never on TV here. Bad distribution deals, I’m sure. If the Supergirl TV show is anything like the old comics, expect Supergirl to date a horse.

    • cdhaskell says:

      I suddenly remember in the old Supergirl’s comics book that her horse Comet the Super Horse thank to a comet became a human male until he was turn back into horse at the end of the story. I believe that the artist name was Jim Mooney. I don’t remember how many time it happened.

      • Those are before my time, but every now and then those old stories come up and it’s clear they are as bad as the Bat Credit Card.

        • cdhaskell says:

          I believe that the Vampirella is available on DVD now. I believe that it starring Talisa Soto/Brian Bloom. I don’t think was a it hit and I don’t think that it make the Razzie Award for 1996. I believe when DC Comics decide to reboot the lineup with the new 52 period that they put the super-pet story into limbo forever. I hope that I am wrong until June 2015 when they reboot again.DC Comics will bring back storyline over and over and hope that the fan don’t remember the past.

          • DC will keep rebooting as long as Didio is there.

          • cdhaskell says:

            It sound like there will always be Superboy,Supergirl and Robin in the DC reboot lineup. They(Superboy,Supergirl/Robin) won’t change in appear. I remember the Helena Wayne from Earth-2 was giving the code name Robin in a few issue before becoming the new Huntress. Damien Wayne was killed off last year and suddenly year later he return from the dead like both Superboy/Supergirl. I just wish that both Superboy/Supergirl will get more interested storyline. I hope that when DC Comics reboot again in June 2015 they will get a new beginning again.

          • They need to stop trying to following the Silver Age formula and reinvent the characters to fit the modern age.

          • cdhaskell says:

            I agree that DC Comics should drop silver age formula and created new heroes. I got a feeling that it won’t happened. It is about the all mighty dollar and they wanted to top Marvel Comics Group in the bestseller. It sound like GMC wanted to top Toyota Motor Company again and become no. 1 again.

          • cdhaskell says:

            Marvel Comics Group got their act together and created great film/series. The Marvel Shield series is manage to escape from the cancel list. DC Comics manage to created a hit series in the Arrow and The Flash series. I wish that the same team will manage to get a winner in Supergirl series. I still believe that the new Supergirl will be some unknown blonde who look close to the comics book version, I wish I know what happened to the Wonder Woman series that was creating on the CW channel.

          • They probably stopped development once they decide to include her in the movie.

          • cdhaskell says:

            I would be shock and surprised if DC Comics decide to included Supergirl in the Batman/Superman movie and we both know that it won’t be the same actress that was hired in the series because we both that the series will be somewhere in Canada and who know where the movie will be tape. In order to get the same actress in both the series and the movie that both director/producer (from the film/series) must work out some kind of scheduled that will be work for everyone.

          • I wouldn’t expect the same actress to show up in both.

          • cdhaskell says:

            I will be so glad when the producer finally tell who will be the new Supergirl in the CBS series and finally focus on making the series great one. I am pray and hope that the new Supergirl don’t become the biggest bomb in history.

          • Based on what’s been said so far, and the conceptual flaws with it, I wouldn’t expect much.

          • cdhaskell says:

            I got a sad feeling that both CBS/DCComics(Warner Bros) will do everything to make the new Supergirl series survive the first episode and first season.

          • anything can happen.

    • cdhaskell says:

      I hope and pray that the new Supergirl series won’t becoming Superman in a dress. Supergirl/Linda Lee Danvers don’t need to become her own rival like Superman/Lois Lane /Clark Kent was in the past.Let’s face it Lois Lane must have be blind in order for not seeing that Superman/Clark Kent was the same person.

    • cdhaskell says:

      Taylor Swift is too busy with her singing career to play Supergirl/Kara Danvers. We both know that the female must look like she is the live version of comics book version. I hope that She also don’t look like Clark Kent in a dress. The actress must look and sound like she is playing two differ woman instead of we know that she is the same person.

      • I’m sure they’ll find an unknown. This is how things usually work out. Batman’s been the exception.

        • cdhaskell says:

          We both known that the show will hire some unknown actress who can play Supergirl/her ID in believable manner. I wanted to know who will write the series,producer/director,cast and the rogue gallery that the fan wanted to rush home to watch or better yet DVR. I read somewhere that fan who DVR can save a series from being cancel or better yet oversea also help a series. I still remember that the CW keep Nitlka on the air for that reason. I could be wrong.

    • cdhaskell says:

      I can’t wait to see who will get hire to play the rest of the cast and most important how the writer will developed the rogue gallery which belong to Superman/Justice League individual rogue gallery. I hope that it will go beyond the lead actress playing the evil version of herself.

  2. Leanna says:

    I hope they do as good a job as DC Comics is doing on TV

  3. L says:

    Interesting… I wonder how they are going to approach this without including Superman in the cast. As for casting, i’d prefer an unknown for this role rather than an established actor that would bring some baggage to the part.

    • Fido says:

      Do we know if they’re allowed to even mention Superman ? Cos I could see it working with the opener showing us her leave Smallville and Superman (or maybe that should be Metropolis) to make her own life on her own, and all we see if Superman shot from behind, almost a blur. Then they needn’t mention Sups at all during her series, apart from the odd Newspaper article that’d be cool, and possibly the odd phone message akin to “hey Kara, gotta pop outta town for a bit to defeat some baddie in Jupiter, can you look after me city for me, thanx pet, luv and kisses, your Bro”. That could work.

  4. sinchicodo says:

    when the premiere?

    • Patrick says:

      It hasn’t been pick up yet. So, if it goes to series, it wouldn’t be until the 2015/16 season. AKA next tv season beginning in September 2015.

  5. Patrick says:

    We can throw out all the names we want. Ultimately they will pick a relatively unknown model/actress, cause she needs to be approximately 5’8, or taller (not much more than 5’10 or casting male leads will get problematic). And such an unknown will be relatively cheap, because this will be a demanding role.
    Whoever they cast will have to remain in peak physical condition (like Ammell on Arrow or Welling on Smallville). This could be particularly onerous if the show runs for a while, as there will be extra pressure on her not to procreate (can’t shoot with a pregnant Super Girl).
    Any name actress would cost too much. They will go unknown here.

  6. JeffDJ says:

    Georgina Haig, though she’s busy being Elsa now on OUAT.

  7. Mike Dyson says:

    This doesn’t seem like the most obvious fit for CBS, makes me curious as to the tone of the show. That being said, if CBS was just wanting to have its own superhero show, this may be the best bet for a broad reaching one.

  8. It will never last on CBS lets be real, unless they make Supergirl a detective working for a crime unit.

  9. Tedock says:

    The only thing tempering my excitement is that its CBS. I hope its more Person of Interest than NCIS.

  10. sean says:

    I’d love for Candace Accola to play the role but she has a gig already

  11. Rich says:

    How about someone black? You know lets have more blacks on TV

    • Amber says:

      Well, I guess Superman could have a sista as a cousin.

      • cdhaskell says:

        DC Comics finally created a new Power Girl who is black teenager and will be part of the teen titan magazine. Supergirl will be tall blue eye blonde model who look like a super model.I wanted to know when the Wonder Woman film/series will finally see the light of day.

        • Robby Horine says:

          That’s what Kara has been since the 60s. Trust me, 9 out of 10 times DC fools around with a character to make him or her fill a certian demographic, it ends with poor sales.

          That said, I think the new PG will do good. But I hope Kara Zor-L isn’t going anywhere.

          • cdhaskell says:

            She and The Huntress will still be starring in their team-up title. It would be interested to see if the new Power Girl will help the new Teen Titan magazine. We both known that the producer will hired an unknown actress who look and breathes the Supergirl appearance. It will be interested to see how many of the DC heroes and villain will pop up in the series.

      • Rich says:

        Amber ,again, that was sarcasm

    • Miffy says:

      No. Supergirl is white. Period.

  12. Drew says:

    CBS? I haven’t been able to watch anything on that network for years… except for The Crazy Ones and then they canceled it and lost me again. I will try this out though.
    For those who think that this is just a girl Superman, the personalities are quite different. In some comics, Kara is actually a little Buffy-like in her personality.She can be more fun than Clark is.

  13. Kelly says:

    Claire Holt

  14. Delante says:

    Yea CBS is definitely not the right network! I don’t see the show lasting long at all.

  15. Molly Quinn or Elle Fanning

  16. Tran says:

    CBS better hope they won’t green lit Supergirl but if it does, blame it on Moonves & Tassler.

  17. Patrick says:

    This could have potential. Unlike Clark Kent, who arrived on earth as an infant, Super Girl grew up in a technologically advanced society. But, she left before she really understood the tech. ie I can use an iPhone, but I can’t build one. There is a lot of inherent humor in her struggling with what might seem like a technologically backward human society. And, unlike Smallville, it would be great for her to get the vast majority of her powers all at once, and have to deal with implementing them, and hiding them, in a very wired world.
    And yes, she would have to be a cop, or raised by one, for her to be near the crimes she needs to solve.

    • DigificWriter says:

      This version of the character escaped the destruction of Krypton during its destruction just like Kal/Clark, and has been on Earth for 24 years hiding her powers.

      • Robby Horine says:

        No she is 24 years old. Every origin of Kara has been her coming to earth as a teenager.

        • Robby Horine says:

          If she’s been on earth for 24 years. Then she would have landed when Kal-El was 6-12 years old. Before he gained his powers in full. Not to mention that Kal would have to store her somewhere cause she never lived with the Kents (in comic canon). So you might want to re-read the article before you make a fool of yourself.

          • Davey Elmer says:

            I don’t need to re-read the article because I know exactly what it says and conveys, which is that she’s been on Earth since Krypton’s destruction and, now at 24 years of age, is ready to reveal her powers.

            It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read the description we have and figure out what it’s trying to tell us about this particular version of the character.

          • Robby Horine says:

            Davey read the comics. The way Kara left krypton was that she was in suspened animation. When she left, she was older than Kal-El. When she got to earth (since Zor-El’s ship didn’t have the same ‘hyperdrive’ as Kal-El’s ship) it was at least 20-25 years (depending on the origin that DC Comics is going with at the time). Again for it to be your way, the math doesn’t line up.

          • cdhaskell says:

            Kara left Krypton when Kal-el was a baby She was a teenager when she land on earth and she didn’t need to created her Linda Lee Danvers ID. I can’t wait to see how her series will fill in the gap from the comics book and the series.

  18. Nicole says:

    Hooray for a series committment! So basically, DC wants a superhero show on all the networks save Marvel hub ABC: CBS- Supergirl, CW -Flash and Arrow, NBC- Constantine, and FOX- Gotham. I’m excited but honestly, Supergirl (like Ringer) feels like it belongs on The CW or if it weren’t Marvel affiliated, on ABC. FOX might allow it to be grittier like Sarah Connor Chronicles but I’m just happy the project is getting a shot on any network.

  19. BJ says:

    Alexandra Daddario. She had the light hair in the last Percy Jackson movie. But, I agree with the other commenters – they will most likely cast an unknown.

    • Nick says:

      If that beautiful Alexandra were just a little taller (I guess like three inches, which is more than a little), she would be about the best Wonder Woman/Diana Prince anyone could find (who’s already an established actress).

  20. Benii says:

    I think Lyndsey Fonseca would be a great choice for Supergirl.

  21. Cecily says:

    Ugh. I will probably stop visiting this site now that I know there are inescapable pop-up video ads with SOUND turned on. Alas, you were one of my favorites.

  22. leahbh says:

    I bet nothing comes of this, especially on cbs

  23. Bindy says:

    McKaley Miller

  24. Luis says:

    OK, that’s a surprise!

  25. Luis says:

    “Dont Trust the B- From Krypton”?

  26. Jo B. says:

    I would cast Blake Lively as Supergirl. :-)

    And as for people saying that it won’t happen coz it’s CBS, let me know remind you guys that one of the first shows that was carried by a woman was a superhero show – you might remember it? A little show called Wonder Woman? :-)

  27. Dave says:

    CBS? Seriously?

    • onelastemperor says:

      yeah…….Supergirl is kinda not their profile, I mean if it was NCSI:5-0:Los-Metropolis Supergirl I would’ve understood)

      • cdhaskell says:

        I am surprised that CBS is picking the Supergirl series since the series will be tape in Canada,Laura Vandervoort is able to both her current series Bitten and the new Supergirl series. I hope that the producer will hire Helen Slater in one of the role.

  28. Dave says:

    Oh, and also … not Laura Vandervoort. :o)

  29. Lysh says:

    If the movies won’t make a female-lead superhero movie, then I guess TV is the next best thing. I hope this takes off! (hah)

  30. MB says:

    Laura would be awesome. Go get her CBS!

  31. TV Gord says:

    Kate Upton, if she can act. She’s the right age and she would draw in most fanboys (even the ones who will inevitably protest my suggestion). Also, that big ‘S’ would look better than it ever has!

  32. Patrick says:

    I hope they go with a Dean Cain-isque casting. Not some boring white girl.

  33. dude says:

    I know Clarie Holt is busy with Aquarius but…CLAIRE HOLT!

  34. dcl33 says:

    Not gonna lie, but for some reason I picture Heather Morris as Supergirl. She could pull it off.

  35. Coal says:

    I don’t see this working out on CBS. CBS has its own identity and it works well for it. Also this reminds of the whole Wonder Woman story, it never worked out.

  36. V says:

    AnnaSophia Robb would be fantastic.

  37. chuckiechk says:

    what about AnnaSophia Robb formerly of the carrie diaries

  38. Fan says:

    Dianna Agron or Becca Tobin for the lead role!

  39. Tonya says:

    Hayden Panettiere (if Nashville doesn’t make it another season), but it will probably be someone like Britt Robertson

  40. Me says:

    love this!
    Dianna Agron would be perfect

  41. Aleana says:

    :Mackenzie Rosman Kay Panabaker Danielle Panabaker Bridgit Mendler Megan Park Jessy Schram I would love to see play Supergirl

    • GoSGGo says:

      I would love to see Bridgit Mendler play Supergirl. She’s get the right figure, is over 21 and is very pretty as well.
      It will be interesting to see what they do.

  42. Rudolf says:

    Recently, Dan, a newly hired manager pulled mee aside and told me:
    . Coupled with othe ice skills to decrease icce resistance, it’s a very
    powwerful skill. In the monthjs sihce their swearing in, thee
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    pass legislation to force conservative talk radio show offf tthe air
    (whilst Air America goes bankrupt), and have off course voted over and
    over to try and force a premature surrender in Iraq.

  43. chuckiechk says:


  44. Jennifer Moon says:

    Yvonne Strahovski for the lead. For the love of god, Yvonne for the lead!

  45. Dorn Hetzel says:

    They need to get Laura Vandervoort back to do it. She did an excellent job already as Kara and would just seem completely natural in the role :) Maybe the scheduling would allow her to do both?

  46. KC says:

    It doesn’t matter who is cast, the show will flop.

  47. Bruce_F says:

    Since Supergirl is supposed to be a… you know… girl, I’ll once again suggest Skyler Samuels formerly of Nine Lives of Chloe King.

  48. Alias627 says:

    Natalie Hall from Star-Crossed and AMC.

  49. Shuler says:

    Britt Robertson