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Satisfaction Finale Post Mortem: EP Addresses Cliffhanger Concerns, Reveals Ideas for Season 2

Satisfaction Season Finale

USA Network’s Satisfaction ended its freshman season with a bang — or the possibility of a bang — on Thursday, leaving every relationship (and several lives) in limbo.

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By the end of the hour, Neil and Grace had decided to go to Italy together and work on their marriage, Anika was off to see Mateo in a hot new set of wheels, Ariana’s estranged husband (Revenge‘s Henry Czerny!) had returned from his non-stop global adventure and Simon was out several very expensive paintings.

Below, creator Sean Jablonski explains why he chose to end the finale with that cliffhanger — don’t worry, it sounds like both Trumans will live — and previews what a potential second season would hold for the people in Neil’s world.

TVLINE | Gunman aside, Neil and Grace seemed pretty happy in that final moment. I hesitate to ask, but has their marriage been fixed?
Oh, absolutely not. They were about to go to couple’s therapy and have a lot of secrets come out, then they became almost manic. They were like, “We’ll go back to the beginning, where it all started, and hopefully we can put [our marriage] back together again.” I feel like it’s a worthwhile endeavor, and I think it can work, but the sins of the past always show themselves. All of that stuff is now coming home to roost, so to speak, and looking ahead at a second season … that lifestyle they were living can only sustain itself for so long. Things are going to have to get even more complicated.

TVLINE | The logical next step is for either Neil or Grace to get shot. Is that where you’re thinking a second season would start?
I don’t want to necessarily commit to that yet, because I do have a different idea about where to start a second season, and I’m not sure I like the idea of doing a “Who shot J.R.?” kind of thing. We’d have to wait for the person to recover, and it’d be a whole thing. The jeopardy is real, and it’s absolutely what you saw on screen, but I have a different way I’d like to handle it.

TVLINE | My favorite part of the episode was Neil’s speech to the investors. Can you take us inside his head in that scene?
It was about him coming full circle, looking at his life and the person he was before, who stood up in the pilot and said, “I think you’re an a—hole.” There’s a more realistic approach to life; you hope for the best and you give your all, but there are no guarantees. … In the initial scripted version, which got cut out, Victor asks who would like to write the check, then the door opens and a woman comes in. She says, “Oh my God, I’m so sorry I’m late,” and it turns out she’s the translator. She says, “They don’t speak any English. Do you mind starting over?” It played fairly funny, but when I watched it, it kind of undermined the whole moment for Neil.

Satisfaction Season Finale

TVLINE | We saw them interact, but can you sort of explain Adriana and Fisher’s relationship in your own words?
Theirs is yet another window into a modern marriage, which is to say they’re two people who have been together for quite a while, then reached a point where they realized it’s not working. Rather than get divorced, he took off. She was welcome to keep the house and hold onto the money, but it made more sense for them to not go through the legalities of a divorce. They have that agreement of “You do what you want, and I’ll do what I want.” He can come home whenever he wants, but neither of them is going to judge the other or ask them to change. It’s kind of an enlightened approach; if you love someone, set them free.

TVLINE | Had Fisher not been there when Neil arrived, might things have ended differently?
Oh, 100 percent. He would have come to Adriana and made a very clear statement: “Don’t contact me again. I can make life very difficult for you.” It would have been done in much the same way he handled things with Simon. If Adriana was willing to say, “I’ll be your next client,” why would he ever believe that she would also feed him other clients? It’s clear where it was going, and it’s not about Neil getting into a relationship with Adriana — at least not in Season 1.

TVLINE | Do you see a place for Fisher moving forward, or is he off on his next adventure?
Absolutely. I think he sticks around for a little bit. It makes life way more interesting for everyone.

Satisfaction Season Finale

TVLINE | I want to say “poor Simon,” but as we learned, he’s not poor. Does he know much he’s worth?
Absolutely, and at the risk of giving away too much, he had a very strong disagreement with his father, which led to him being pushed out of the family. I think he probably said, “F—k you, I’m not going to take your money,” which is why he did what he did and became who he became. Having grown up in that world allowed him to keep a lot of contacts and access to things, but now that he lost those paintings and they’ve hit the market, word’s going to get back to the family. That’ll open up a whole new world for him.

TVLINE | Now that Neil and Grace are trying to make their marriage work, is Simon done pursuing her?
Simon not trying to be with Grace is just too safe for us. We’ll definitely be exploring that more, and I think their relationship could move in a different direction, but it’s not going away.

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  1. DaisyPoo says:

    I really enjoyed Satisfaction this summer and am really hoping there will be another season!

  2. mom2specialboyz says:

    I like the show but not the guy with the gun.

  3. GEM says:

    I loved Satisfaction. I can’t wait for next season. I hope Neil and Grace are ok and stay together. Great job.

  4. B says:

    I thought this was a really good show with unexpected stories and angles. Definitely hoping for a second season.

  5. Ethel says:

    Let’s see…….a person we see with a gun heading toward Neal Truman on Satisfaction. Jim Longworth being shot and laying on the floor in Glades. Oh well, at least this time we would have known who shot him. Deja Vu anyone

    • drhenning says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing!! I do have a feeling like The Glades, we’ll never find out what’s next… Ratings for this show have been low…

  6. Algernon says:

    I liked the show but it really underperformed and I blame the writers for that, if they had made this the mid season episode then it wouldve been interesting to see what happens but it feels like they wrote the story in a trilogy way with season 1 being set up but they way it was done im not sure if there will be a season 2. I really hope there is though I like the show

  7. Justin says:

    Definitely hoping for a second season with this one.

  8. Kris says:

    Why would they keep the doors open?! That was all I can think about at the end.

  9. Trenton says:

    It definitely was an interesting take on modern relationships but something’s just don’t ring true. I guess being unfaithful is viewed as quasi natural in this post modern take. Rather than be angry or communicate he just returns the favor. She has visions of leaving him for the prostitute. I wanted so much to like the show bc the cast is great. But all I kept thinking and seeing is that rather than try and fix their relationship the wife just started cheating and when he was trying to change in the show she kept cheating and started lusting after a third guy who her sister started dating. I get that he lost touch in that family unit via being all about his job but so did she being all about her pro. Idk I never found the mom redeeming and I guess I thought I would at some point.

  10. susan says:

    i hope they do not renewal the show. The show had very little concept other than Neal double life. He made a mistake in the long run getting back together with Grace because their marriage is going to fail, Their marriage will be fine for a while but someone will get bored again and cheat. I hope Neal does not get shot but it could be a blessing for Neal marriage if he does because they have to focus on something else for a little while,

  11. RValencia says:

    There was always a “water” theme in the background. Has this been discussed here?

  12. Alliko says:

    This show was pretty darn weak. I’m glad Neil and Grace get shot. Two morons. They “Happiness App” was deeply insulting to anyone older than the age of five who understands technology.

    Also, all that time was wasted with the daughter’s singing for no reason. There’s a reason I don’t watch singing competition shows.

    I will give the show credit for casting a disabled actress for Adriana (given the way she was sitting/walking I think she had the same disease as Walt Jr.).

  13. Tiara says:

    I wasn’t interested in watching but because of Matt Passmore I finally gave it a shot halfway through its season. Loved it! Didn’t love the finale…but look forward to a season two.

  14. Tom says:

    I really enjoyed the show. Great acting, love the characters. It has to come back

  15. Luis says:

    I might be amiss here, but if Matt Passmore’s character were to get shot without the show then getting cancelled, a whole munch of angry “Glades” fans might burn their studio to the ground.

  16. Toni says:

    Hanging on the edge over here. Satisfaction has to come back for another season. Love all the characters. Looking forward to seeing it again and again.

  17. Barbara M. says:

    Outstanding script and cast. Please do renew “Satisfaction” for another season.

  18. lisa carroll says:

    Omg….love it love it love it I cant wait till next season…..all the characters are great the show is great there better be another season I have to no what’s next to happen I no some people think bad of the show because of all the cheating and breaks all marriage Morales but come on people its 2014 not 1959 this kinda sh”” happens all the time and if people who t ruely love each other find ways to work through everything me and my husband watched this show every thursday and absolutely love it its just a great show come on season 2 cant wait

  19. Funmi Ayo-Ojo says:

    Great series…loved the finale and I can’t wait for the next season.
    God bless all the crew.
    Wonderful story!

  20. Jessica says:

    I love satisfaction! Every episode is intriguing to me. I’m not sure if the viewers are ready for it by the talk of cancelling. As for me I want a season 2. This is all too real because it happens in real life. I hope they bring a season 2:( I would be devastated if they didn’t!

  21. Alex says:

    Outstanding show! Very original. Also, Matt Passmore’s performance was amazing in the finale.

  22. Robert Zak says:

    Annika said dead bodies will be floating up from pool!

  23. Amy says:

    I really loved this show, and though Matt Passmore did a great job. I hope that it get a second season.

  24. HBH says:

    I thought the concept of the show was stupid when I first saw the trailer, but i gave it a shot and i actually really liked it. I hope it gets renewed. And does Henry Czerny being on this show mean he is officially dead at Revenge? because i certainly hope not

  25. Greg A says:

    I like the show hope we get another season. Though I think the writers wrote themselves into a box. So how will the show continue without the main characters? Or is Simmon going to be sacrificed to stop the killer ? Or will Neil be sacrificed so Grace and Simmon can live out Graces fantasy? Or will Grace be freed from both to get with her Photog lover? Poor sister will be jilted once again! Whats an unfaithful wife to do!

    • Greg A says:

      I also add it’s kind of funny how most of the replies here are from women. Seems this show plays right into the women and how much they like to walk on the wild side of relationships. Must be a lot of women out there that feel like Grace?

  26. Simon says:

    Satisfaction is a show that takes you to a slightly twisted reality. The story has a different hook to your normal drama. It tells you no one is perfect, but yet although they make mistakes, they are likeable characters. Grace has her little demon, bored out of her mind, rich enough to seek attention somewhere else, but yet clearly loves the family. Grace is vey cute, not sexy, but very likeable expression and smile. Neil has his deep voice, smart educated demeanor, not good looking, but yet also likeable and somewhat handsome. He loves his wife Grace, tormented by her hidden betrayal, but know deep down she loves him and the family. The relationship is very well put together. The daughter is smart and talented as well, the relationship with her boyfriend seems geniune… we will see how that turns out.

    There comes the evil bitch that you can see from miles away, she is somehow falling for Neil is some strange way. Simon on the hand is an ok character, has yet to develop to his potential.

    I personally think it is a great storyline, the series has definite potential, and I wish it will be allowed to continue. I will look forward to the 2nd season.

  27. nancy says:

    Looove this show! Hurry… can’t wait for season 2!

  28. priscilla says:

    I have really enjoyed Simon maturing in the end and willing to give up his lifestyle for grace, they have grew on me as a “couple”.

  29. Ray says:

    Best new show on TV.
    So many twists! Really keeps us on our toes…
    Everyone I know is talking about Satisfaction.
    Waiting for season 2 to begin.

  30. Oho says:

    I’m so happy we’re getting a second season. They deserve a second chance.

  31. Sonya says:

    I cannot wait for season two!!!!

  32. Bob White says:

    Let’s explore how modern love handles an unwanted pregnancy. Here is a likely story line. Neil had a vasectomy years ago when they decided that they didn’t want any more kids. Then in episode 4, Grace showed up unexpectedly at Simon’s catching him off guard. He was out of condoms. Now, Grace is pregnant and Simon is the father. Neil has chosen to love Grace and forgive her infidelity. Now that she is pregnant with Simon’s child, can he still choose his love for her over her indiscretions?

  33. Jennifer says:

    When is Satisfaction coming back on USA? I have been waiting and I want to watch what happens.

  34. Donna says:

    Just trying to see when it starts again. Hoping soon

  35. Jerry Kramer says:

    Please don’t let Simmon win. It seems like all your competition make the Marrage not very important. Be different !!! My read is Neil didn’t tell Grace because he loved her, not because he wanted to hurt her. The sad point is Grace went back even after Neil started to fix things.

    • s mcnames says:

      I really liked the show alot because I loved the Glades which was cancelled big mistake, what date in 2015 is Satisfaction coming back already Their daughter’s is not good at least replace her with younger girl she is too old for the parents and not very attractive either!

  36. Lucy Cameron says:

    I started watching the show because I really like Matt Passmore. I was hoping the show would get better as it went on, but no. I don’t know if I will watch another season.

  37. Gigi says:

    Lets get season 2 AIRED! Can’t wait!!!!! What a GREAT show!!!!!

  38. Kevin Fowler says:

    Stupid show. If they want cheat on each other that bad then they should not be married. And it also seems that they don’t care the other people they hurt along the way.

  39. Binge watcher says:

    OMG! I didn’t even know season 2 was on! Totally different from season 1 and I loved it. Talk about 50 shades of graceee! Great trust, I was wanting more from the cliffhanger. Where did the FBI go? I Knott it stubby CSI but damnnnn