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Finding Carter EP Explains Season Finale Twists, Defends Max's Decision

Finding Carter Season Finale

Tuesday’s Finding Carter season finale pulled the ultimate bait and switch, as new secrets were revealed and old habits reared their ugly heads.

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The final hour brought MTV’s freshman drama full circle, with Lori re-kidnapping Carter and Max waking up in the hospital… only to call it quits with Taylor. Also, can we talk about those photos? There’s apparently a lot we don’t know about what happened between Lori, Elizabeth and David in the ’90s.

Below, executive producer Terri Minsky gives TVLine the inside scoop on the finale’s biggest twists, including Lori’s possible motive for taking Carter (again!) and what really inspired Max’s heartbreaking decision.

TVLINE | After that cliffhanger, I feel like Season 2 could be called Finding Carter… Again! Is that accurate?
[Laughs] The idea was always that Lori abducts Carter again, this time against her will. When MTV called me and said, “We’re going to pick up the first season, but you need to have a great cliffhanger,” I was like, “I know what it is!” We were always headed for that abduction, but the question was how. When we were first planning the arc of the season, it was going to be a Christmas episode and Lori was going to selling Christmas trees — it was crazy. In the finale, we really felt like we had to answer some questions and have her interact with Carter for more than the usual abrupt, two sentences.

Finding Carter LoriTVLINE | I feel like, over the course of the season, Lori became less of a sympathetic character and more of a straight-up villain. Is that how we’re supposed to see her now, as a villain?
My idea for Lori and Elizabeth, because I’ve always thought of this as a mother-mother-daughter story, was that Lori was the fantasy mother and Elizabeth was the wicked stepmother prototype. The plan was that over the course of the season, the viewers’ attitudes about them would flip, but the characters themselves wouldn’t flip. I don’t think Lori changed, but we got to finally see the Lori that was capable of kidnapping a child. I feel both of their personalities are, fundamentally, the same as they were in the beginning.

TVLINE | In regards to those pictures Lori took, especially the one of David sleeping, I can’t help but feel like there’s more to the parents’ history with Lori that we don’t know about.
[Laughs] Don’t you feel like there’s more?

TVLINE | Of course. In my head, David had an affair with Lori back in the ’90s, or whatever — but that’s just my theory.
Well, I have to say, I’ve enjoyed reading people’s guesses about what’s really going on. The thing I wanted to always be an underlying backbone for as long as I could is “Why did this woman abduct this child?” I knew that the backstory had to be something that, when we knew what it was, would inform the characters and how you thought about them moving forward. The backstory has not completely been told.

TVLINE | OK, let’s talk about Max, who might just be my favorite character on the show.
Mine too! We had no expectation of bringing him back after the pilot; he was just supposed to represent what Carter was leaving behind. When MTV picked up the show, the idea was that Max could come back, we’d build Season 1 around Carter making a series of bad decisions, and it would culminate in [Crash] killing Max. He was supposed to be dead at the end of Episode 10. That’s how the first draft was written. The doctor comes out, says Max is dead and we go black. That was it. Clearly, that was the stupidest idea ever. … He was going to be our Ned Stark, where we fearlessly kill the favorite character. Finding Carter Max & TaylorThen the crouton scene started circulating around the same time as the draft was being written for Episode 10, and MTV called us up and asked, “Does Max have to die?” No episodes had aired, and once they started, we were like, “Thank God we didn’t kill him!”

TVLINE | Can you give me some insight as to why you decided Max needed to break up with Taylor? That was a crushing scene.
I wanted Max to come out of his situation changed. If he woke up and was just Max again, we would have wasted an opportunity with that actor, because Alex Saxon is super smart. He’s nothing like his character, yet he fully inhabits him in a way that I did not expect. Max’s entire description in the pilot script was “sexy stoner.” That’s it. But he’s taken it into a whole other dimension. To me, he’s become such a real person. So I wanted to see Alex play another side of Max, which is why he he reappeared at the end and broke up with Taylor.

TVLINE | That can’t be the last we’ve seen of Max, right?
[…radio silence…]

TVLINE | What about the other guy in Carter’s life? She doesn’t seem too upset about Crash being behind bars without bail. How are we supposed to feel about him at this point?
Crash is that guy you think you can fix, somebody with a giant hole at the center of him. Carter thought she could save him by appreciating him like no one else did. Carter had lost the one-to-one person she had a relationship with, which was Lori, and then she met Crash. He was a giant vortex that sucked everything out of her for as long as he could, and I’m actually surprised people liked them as a couple. I think the thing Caleb [Ruminer] did that was so genius was that he made you want to believe Crash wasn’t all bad.

Finding Carter fans, what’s your take on the season finale? Any new theories about Lori’s relationship with Carter’s parents? Whatever you’re thinking, whatever you’re feeling, let’s hear it in the comments section below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Amanda says:

    Great episode. Really enjoyed the Carter and Elizabeth scenes. Lori is straight up crazy. I can’t wait for the show to start again next year.

  2. GoodOlSunny says:

    I cam already picture it opening scene carter waking up in a basement with leaking pipes and lori feeding carter food smothering her and saying how shes her real mom… #SavingCarter

  3. Remy says:

    Im so glad MTV gave the ending away before it aired with their blurb about next season. No surprise ending for me. Did anyone else catch it?

  4. mitchell says:

    I am so upset with the break up of Max and Taylor!!!! He better not be leaving the show!! Or you have lost this family!! The Wilson’s need him more then ever now especially Taylor. I think it will be a great season of the family and Carter finding their way back to each other but Max has to be a part of the show!!!

    • Patrick says:

      To me, that just underscored what a GREAT guy Max is. He is right. He has a lot of work to do. IRL, a wound like his takes 3-4 months to recover from. And that is with a lot of top notch therapy. Usually its just physical, but here there will a psychological aspect as well, because he was shot by his best friend/secret love’s new boyfriend.
      Point being, he can’t continue to be a drain on Taylor. She’s skipping school and ignoring homework, and not getting ready for the SATs. For him. And he realizes that for him to allow her to damage her future for him would be very selfish. He’s letting her go to get on with her life. When he gets better, he will be back. But he wants her to be able to live her life while he gets better.

      • Winter says:

        I hope so and I’m hoping it will give him a sense that maybe he wants to go to school and be more than a convenience store clerk.

      • Jan says:

        ITA, Patrick! Max was being so selfless. I love that kid!

      • Donna says:

        Right?! Giving her up when he could wallow and take advantage of her, and when he needs her the most. I want to see him get some help so his family can pay for his recovery. Do they have a victim recovery fund through the police dept. Where he lives? Perfect opportunity for Elizabeth to help him and prove to Carter what a good person she can be- when she gets Carter back from Lori’s basement, of course, lol.

  5. tamara says:

    They can’t get rid of Max!!! He’s the best character on this show!!

  6. Raven says:

    I did not see that ending blew my mind man I didn’t think that character would do that nice cliffhangerI’m guessing she’s going to try to tie Carter up and trying to convince her that she is her mother

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think that Lori and David had an affair and she got pregnant. But then David had her abort the pregnancy because he didn’t want to ruin his marriage. Then Lori went crazy and stole the child from David she believed she was meant to have.

    • neha says:

      That’s a good theory!

    • ejdax37 says:

      IDK about him making her abort but she could have lost the baby, a miscarriage or still birth.

    • Only problem with that theory is why would David want Elizabeth to arrest Lori if they had an affair? Remember the episode when David called Lori. He urged Elizabeth to meet Lori and arrest her instead of Elizabeth calling David. A guy who had an affair with the kidnapper would not want the two to meet. In fact, if he did have an affair, it would be in his best interest for Lori to escape.

      • Katie says:

        QAaHe wanted that to happen for his book. He wanted the dramatic phone conversation between the two mothers leading to the climax of Elizabeth arresting Lori it gives him a fiery conclusion to his book boosting his sales that’s all he was interested in.

    • Chris says:

      I like the theory. Maybe that’s why she got closer to David and Elizabeth (taking pictures of them). I feel like there is a reason she chose Carter though, rather than Taylor. Unless it was a matter of who was easier to take?

      • Stoneinfl says:

        I wondered about that too, but then I thought as much planning as she must have done, she probably thought she would arouse less suspicion with Carter because she had dark hair and looked most like her (Lori).

    • Winter says:

      So could maybe Lori and David had fertility problems and used anonymous donated eggs and Carter is biologically hers? I don’t know that seems crazy but they way she kept saying that Carter was always her daughter had me thinking.

    • kelly says:

      my sister and i sort of have the same theory

  8. Lindsay says:

    My theory, similar to msny others is that David and Lori have had a past. They were dating but David got Elizabeth prgnant so clearly hale had to pick her, making their relationship not the strongest from the begining. Lori moved in down the street from then to keep an eye on Elizabeth with David and to keep a part of David with her as well as to ruin Elizabeths life, she took Carter. The finale was amazing and i have about a thousand other ideas in my head but this one seems to make the most sense right now!

    • I thought the same, but if he had an affair, it would not make sense why he wanted Elizabeth to arrest Lori in a past episode. Remember the episode when Carter gave him a phone to call Lori. David told Elizabeth and urged her to arrest Lori. It would be in his best interest for Lori to escape if he had an affair. David and Elizabeth’s marriage was in a worse place at that point so the news of him having an affair with the kidnapper would have ended the marriage. So yeah, it doesn’t make sense why David told Elizabeth to arrest Lori.

    • Patrick says:

      I think Lori and David maybe had a one night stand prior to David even meeting Elizabeth. I feel like she may have been a fan girl stalker of David due to his writing, or something he wrote, in the past. She was a huge fan girl, and met him at some event, or stalked him to meet him out somewhere.
      Maybe they shot the satin rapids, maybe they didn’t. Maybe she broke in and took that picture without his knowledge.
      She has always acted like they had a relationship. David has done some ambiguous things in this regard. Well, if you believe Lori’s version, then David is lying about knowing her. But, many of David’s ambiguous actions could just as easily be interpreted as a guy who is unaware of said relationship because it is entirely imagined by Lori. But maybe they did meet. Lori told Carter her dad was a one night stand. Which David could have been, before he met Elizabeth, or before they were exclusive, or whatever.
      Lori waited until the girls were bigger, and then she took the one who looked most like Lori, ie the brunette. This allowed her to exult in the fantasy that Carter was her kid, the ultimate expression of love from the guy she was obsessed with.

      • Good thoughts Patrick. But if Lori was David’s stalker then why did she basically ignore him for 13-years while raising Carter. Why did she all of a sudden forget about David and turn to Carter. On the other hand, it might make sense. Lori wanted to talk to Elizabeth and perhaps she planned to kill Elizabeth that day (that’s why she had the drugs on her)

  9. Sarah says:

    Max did the right thing, with that kind of trauma he needs to accept himself again. He has tons of rehab and is moving back home to his parents to do it. He does love Taylor and breaking up with her was in his mind the best way for them to return to normal lives. The writers know the Maylor/Maxlor ship has a huge fanbase so that ship has not sailed, Max will be back. 6 really’s Maylor/Maxlor, I know its not over!!!

    • ejdax37 says:

      That is always the problem with shows, happy stable couple make for boring tv so they have to usually find away to break them up. I love Maylor more then any other relationship on tv right now. Max has to come back!

    • Donna says:

      Max had to be the sweetest! He sees the hotel he lives giving up on her own future to take take of him, and although her like it, he does something selfless and breaks up with her. Enough drama for our entertainment. And, I’d they had killed that kid off, I swore I would stop watching. I was hiding my face on that episode, when it looked like he would die. It’s just a tv show and I was actually worried for a fictional character. Great show.

  10. Adam Lenhardt says:

    Is this coming back January 2015 or Summer 2015?

  11. Chris says:

    I think Carter is actually Lori’s daughter, and David impregnated Lori and Elizabeth at the same time, so David and Elizabeth tried to play it off as if Taylor and Carter are twins. They did this to not get grief from family/friends. It is already obvious they are the ones that lead carter to the pictures. Did you all see how David put one of them standing up on his desk? Who would do that if they were truly taken by a stalker?


    • johnhelvete says:

      I think every theory needs to start with the assumption that Carter and Taylor are twins. If Carter was really her bio daughter than why would Lori not have told her that in the finale?

      • Chris says:

        Very true, but I am curious as to why Lori is obsessed with Carter and not Taylor. I wonder if she chose carter on purpose or she just scooped up whoever was easiest to grab out of the two

        • johnhelvete says:

          If Lori had a relationship with David, Carter is the twin that looks like David, Taylor looks like Elizabeth. Also if Lori had a child die (childbirth,miscarriage), Carter does kinda of look like her while Taylor does not.

    • Lou says:

      Lori led Carter to the pics. In one of latest episodes, Carter and Crash snuck into and stayed the night at Carters old apartment. While there Carter found the numbers on the height chart and wrote them down. The numbers ended up being the zip code/ address to the photo shop.

    • ACH says:

      ok but why would she drug her own daughter? I don’t think any mother would do that. And why would Lori give her child up to David and Elizabeth? Why would she kidnap Carter instead of getting legal action? Why wouldn’t Lori tell Carter right off the bat that she was her real mother. Lori herself said she led Carter to the pictures, when she was in their kitchen. Lori also admitted that she kidnapped Carter in the scene as well. In my opinion, Lori is definitely NOT her mother.

    • Good thoughts. The only problem with the affair theory is why David wanted Elizabeth to arrest Lori in a past episode. Remember the episode when Carter gave him the phone to call Lori. David confided in Elizabeth and urged her to arrest Lori. If he had an affair with Lori then it makes no sense why he wanted Lori arrested. His marriage with Elizabeth was close to an end due to Elizabeth’s affair and the news that he had an affair with the kidnapper would have ended it. There is def some connection. Lori told David in that brief conversation that he was never a good liar.

    • CBR says:

      The showrunner has said they are definitely twins so that isn’t a possibility.

  12. Timm Earl says:

    I’m not a fan of television but Finding Carter has held me captive since episode 1. I am so upset that I have to wait until 2015 to continue the saga! However on the topic of Lori, I think that somehow she has had something to do with the birth of Carter in some form or fashion, to what extent I am not sure but anybody who could drug a loved one and abduct them is a true villain. Max on the other hand is awesome and I think they should definitely bring him back for season 2. Btw thanks for not killing him as planned. Crash???? We’ll crash has had his downs but at some point you have got to be held accountable for your actions and not just with probation………. I had to pay for my mistakes in life and so should he….. So maybe we shouldn’t see him come back so soon. Although I think him and Carter make a great couple it just wouldn’t be fair to have him back on the show so soon to all the people out there who did and are still paying for a mistake they may have made and for whatever reason they made it. We all had it rough . Doesn’t mean you can get away with what he has done! Ahhh and David.. Yes I think David is hiding something and not being forthcoming of the truth about lori’s involvement with carter from the 90’s. Wish I didn’t have to wait so long to see more but I will be tuned in next season!!!!!!!

  13. kay kay says:

    I loved this season didnt expect the twist at the end. 2015 does seem far im dying to new season already. They definately need to keep max and taylor a couple. I liked seein him on the fosters as well. Hes very cute and a good actor cudos. I think that david and loree probably dated and either she had a miscarriage or maybe they juz dated a.k.a. fling.He ended up getting elizabeth pregnant and left loree idk. I wonder if depending on the real secret will carter believe and wanna stay with loree and if she wants to go home then wat?

  14. Amrit says:

    Man was that final scene so stupid and basically every character was hit fiercely with the stupid stick. I mean, Elizabeth knows the Lori is unstable and is desperate yet she brings carter to get kidnapped, I mean that is crappy stupid writing by the show. Ugh.

  15. Stoneinfl says:

    I was enjoying everything about the finale and all the plot twists but all the responses to Lori being there made no sense. After Lori left the Wilson house, Carter was obviously still wary of Lori, so how is it that she didn’t immediately call Elizabeth (or David) and tell them Lori had just been there? Then if Elizabeth has all these people set up to arrest Lori in the square, why did she allow Carter to be anywhere near there? And why did she and Carter sit in the square talking before Lori was supposed to arrive? Isn’t anybody on that police force smart enough to tell Elizabeth Lori is probably watching the square before the meeting time to be sure Elizabeth is alone and not going to have her arrested?

  16. BedHead says:

    Lori and David had an affair. Before re-kidnapping Carter, Lori said she wanted a mother-to-mother talk with Elizabeth because they had Carter and David in common with each other. I’m of course going to watch season 2 to get the whole story before I write Lori off as “crazy”.

    • Sarah says:

      Lori is crazy, its so obvious she drugged her “daughter” and said because we are so good together.

      • Patrick says:

        I think Lori fixated on David. Maybe they had a one night stand, maybe not. I think it may have been before David met Elizabeth, or maybe before they were exclusive. But Lori has an imagined relationship with David. She’s crazy. When he left her, or didn’t follow up on their brief relationship, which he may not fully remember, she imagined some grand romance that was thwarted by Elizabeth’s pregnancy. Once the kids were old enough (new infants are hard to explain, care for, and afford), she decided to take one. And she took the one that looked most like Lori, and acted most like David. Elizabeth told Carter that, having known Carter for a few years, Carter would have turned out exactly the same even without Lori. So, Lori picked the girl she “liked” the most to kidnap (which would make for some good inter-twin drama in a future season).
        She cray. Cray Cray.

  17. Winona Kraus says:

    I officially hate Lori! I want Crash to come back in the second season. Also, I want Max and Taylor to be a couple. I think David was part of Lori’s life once and he may be responsible for Carter’s kidnapping, well he doesn’t know he is.

  18. Star says:

    I love love love this show. Hate that I have to wait til 2015 for the new season though. I feel Elizabeth should have known better as a cop and mom. If Carter was at SCHOOL, maybe she would still be at home. I think David is a hypocrite and cheated on Elizabeth with Lori. Lori was probably butt hurt that David chose his wife instead of her so, she kidnapped Carter to have a “part of him”. Im so sad that Max and Taylor had to break up but he has to get better mentally and physically. The season is a 10 but the cliffhanger was a 7.

    • Only problem with affair theory is David urged Elizabeth to arrest Lori in a past episode. Lori and Carter were suppose to meet. Carter confided in David. David gave Elizabeth the address of where Lori was suppose to meet Careter. If the two had an affair, why would David want Elizabeth to arrest Lori. His marriage was falling apart and the worst thing that he could do is to reveal he had an affair with the kidnapper. I think MTV is just setting people up to think an affair occurred, but there is a twist.

      • Jen says:

        Broken record. We read what you wrote the first and second time. Give it a rest.

        • I made three similar comments because I saw ten other comments suggesting an affair between David and Lori. So I repeated it since obviously people weren’t understanding how that affair didn’t make sense.

          • Nessie says:

            Maybe he figured that if she did tell, he could just call her crazy and that he has no idea who she is so she must have made it up in her head (crazy fan). He doesn’t have to tell the truth just because Lori does (in this supposed theory). Or maybe it was a drunk one night stand so long ago that he doesn’t even know it was her.
            I’m not saying the affair theory is right, but there are ways to make it work.

      • Cheryl Ferwerda says:

        Even though David told Elizabeth to arrest Lori, I think he knew Elizabeth wouldn’t do it. I think David has his own lies and secrets he is keeping.

        • Dmac says:

          No, to obvious and the show runner already indicated that the answer isn’t what you think and must of you have already jumped to the conclusion that David had the affair. Maybe it was Elizabeth to have the affair?

        • Elle says:

          I agree. Another thing to consider with the affair and obsession theory would be Lori e’s skills of reinventing herself. It is possible David and lorie had a short fling in high school. David didn’t take it seriously. Lorie became obsessed. Stalked him and eventually changed her identity and look and stole one of his daughters. If she was obsessed with him then she could feel like the daughter that looked more like her should of really been her and davids.

  19. Shaun says:

    Bleh,what is this,The Following?At least have someone watch Carter.

  20. holly says:

    Omg. I cant believe its over. Lori is such a psycho. I thought she was just some crazy lady who wanted a kid but clearly something is going on between her david and liz. I still cant believe liz left her alone in the coffee shop with no one watching her. Lori is a grade a psycho. I want her arrested so bad. And letting that creep in her home giving her more chance to harm carter is crazy.

  21. Catherine says:

    I knew there was going to be something wrong with the coffee as soon as she got it.

  22. Coal says:

    It would have been nice if this show was about a kidnap victim and her struggles in trying to come to grasp with the realities of her new life,but it was to quick to resolve that part of the plot to create more mundane love triangles, infidelity, deceit and the typical teenage girl willing to put her whole life on hold for the boy she loves angle. Reminds me of The Lying Game the initial plot got me, but I didn’t return after it took its break.

  23. Jae Yim says:

    “In the finale we felt we had to answer some questions” NO. You guys literally answered ZERO questions and only brought up the same questions we’ve had the entire season but only highlighted them more. This was the most annoying finale because there was zero give and take and then they’ve got this huge cliffhanger we won’t see come to light for a whole year.

  24. Delaney says:

    I have three theories.
    1. Lori was an egg donor who became obsessed with her “twin” girls when she was accidentally given access to confidential records with David and Elizabeths info. (which is how and why she would have taken photos of them in the park before the girls were born.
    2. Lori gave the girls up for adoption but then realized she needed to have them back, but could only kidnap one of the girls.
    3. This theory is REALLY OUT THERE (interesting but not likely). Lori was an egg donor for David and Elizabeth but there was a unforeseen outcome to the couples fertility treatments. They originally used an egg donor as Elizabeth was thought to not have viable eggs, but during this procedure two eggs were fertilized. One from the donor (Lori) and one (miracle) egg from Elizabeth. Which would explain why Lori only kidnapped one of the two girls- the girl who came from her donated egg.

    • Millie C says:

      Dalaney – you and I are on the same wavelength regarding your #3 theory!!!

    • Chris says:

      I like the 3rd one..that makes a lot of sense as to why Lori is only obsessed with Carter

    • Sarah says:

      In the very first episode they established that David and Elizabeth were her father and Taylor was her twin. In the episode where David and Liz are watching a movie on the couch he tells her I still married you even though you were the size of a house so the pregnancy I assume was unexpected. Elizabeth the whole series has talked about how she knows her daughter because she was just like her. David and Elizabeth are the parents and Carter, Taylor and Grant are biological siblings. Lori is crazy and they are acting like their is a link with David but I wonder what it is, I want to see how it plays out but its obvious Taylor and Carter biological twins with all their scenes they have done together.

    • Patrick says:

      Sorry, but there was a line in a recent show, maybe last night, where David said he would have married Liz even if she hadn’t gotten preggers, which sort of forced the issue.

      AKA, she got pregnant, and they got married due to the pregnancy. They weren’t married and trying to get pregnant.

  25. Millie C says:

    I love this show more than I thought I would. I think Elizabeth was Lori’s surrogate and got pregnant at the same time with David’s baby (Taylor) and Carter is actually Lori’s daughter and David is her dad. Just the soap opera lover in me coming out!

  26. Selina says:

    I think David and Lori were having an affair and Elizabeth STILL has no idea. Elizabeth got pregnant with the girls and Lori was jealous, I’m not sure why she waited 3 yrs to kidnap Carter but somewhere in her twisted mind, she believed Carter was her daughter.

    • Patrick says:

      She didn’t immediately plan to take one of the girls. I think her obsession worsened over a few years. When she decided to take one, she moved in and got close. She may not have decided to take one even then. Once she saw the family, I think she decided to take one. She got in the house to meet the kids. She took the one who acted the most like David, and looked the most like her. ie she took the kid who she could most believe was truly “hers.” Hers and David’s.

  27. sami says:

    Theory-Lori and David were a thing, they plotted a kidnapping for a book and he paid her

    I think Elizabeth would know if she gave birth to one vs two for those other theories

    • mediatzar says:

      Totally agree with this theory.

    • Gus T.T. Showbiz says:

      I was thinking something along the same lines until the pictures were discovered last night. Now I think that David was seeing Lori and Elizabeth at the same time and Elizabeth got knocked up so he chose her and they got married. Lori just couldn’t let go. Unless David and Lori were criminals, a con artist team, and David got with Elizabeth for a long con because her mom has money. But, when Elizabeth got knocked up he fell in love with her for real and never told Lori that the con was over. So, she still took the kid because it was part of the plan to get ransom money and when she called in the ransom demand to David she found out that he wasn’t in on the plan anymore. So, instead of a ransom demand kidnapping it was portrayed as just a regular kidnapping. But, the way Lori was talking last night it seemed like Elizabeth knew her well. So, maybe Elizabeth was in on the kidnapping as well because she hated her mom and wanted money from her. So, many possibilities.

    • This theory doesn’t make sense. 1. It would ruin any possibility of Carter wanted a relationship with David, 2. David will go to jail, 3. David wouldn’t want Elizabeth and Lori to talk; he encouraged Elizabeth or someone else to meet Lori and arrest her in a past episode when Carter was suppose to meet Lori, and 4. Lori suggested that both Elizabeth and David know the reason Lori kidnapped Carter. Best theories is the egg donor theory, which explains the obession; another good theory on the thread is Lori is a stalker of David’s writing; last, Elizabeth’s mom may have hired Lori (why wait three years to do it)

      • cmunney says:

        1. Maybe that’s part of the point of the show that the viewer doesn’t know yet, that David is just a really bad guy. 2. See number 1. 3. Maybe he was hoping that Lori would flip out and get shot by the cops. Also, see number 1. 4. Maybe the character of Lori is under the assumption that David would have come clean to Elizabeth already about an affair. Also, see number 1.

        All of your points are easily countered. Post something original.

        • @cmunney, all of your counterpoints are too risky for David to take. It’s not smart for David to take the risk she will get shot. The chances of Lori telling Elizabeth are far higher than the chances of Lori getting shot. David would have known that and not taken the bigger risk of Lori snitching by revealing Lori’s location. David is very manipulative from what we have seen, which suggests he carefully thinks his moves (e.g., convincing Elizabeth to go along with the plan to pretend they were getting a divorce; convincing Carter to let him write the book, etc.). The only time he made a mistake was leaving his book bag at the counter, which he made when he was very upset.

          I don’t understand why Lori would assume that David admitted to Elizabeth anything. If he did, Lori would probably assume Elizabeth would leave David or have gotten David arrested by now. There aren’t that many things worse for David to do than arrange for Carter to get kidnapped. Why would Lori assume that Elizabeth would be okay with that?

  28. Joey Padron says:

    Great finale and bit sad one too. Lori is crazy and creepy. Not good she kidnap Carter again. Hope Max & Taylor can remain as friends. Surprised David could not remember the photo of him sleeping when Lori took it. Can’t wait for season 2.

  29. Cheryl Ferwerda says:

    I think David has alot more to do with what happen to Carter. They way he talked to Lori on the phone is not the way a concered parent would talk with a possible stalker or person that stole a child. They both seem way to relaxed when comes to any thing with Lori. David is a writer and he has been secretive with Elizabeth about is writing and remember he was going to be getting paid, ( never said anything to Elizabeth). He is hiding alot more. And WHAT POLICE takes a child to a kidnapping meeting? Really! Plot wpold have been better if lori took Cater the day she met her at the house. But, it is good show needs some tweeking.

  30. Liannys says:

    I think David and Lori set the whole thing up from the beginning. They made a plan that Lori would kidnap carter so he could write a book about it. Lori was suppose to return carter so he could write another book within a year or so but she decided not to for whatever her reason may be.

  31. Antoinette says:

    I think that david set up the whole kidnapping to write his book and that if she helped him that he would give her some of the money….They also may have had an affair of sorts since elizabeths family always looked down on him and she can be quite cold at times….That is my theory

    • CrazyPaula says:

      But why would he then go to Liz with the address and burner phone of where Lori and tell Liz to arrest Lori after Carter choose to stay in the birthday episode. If he was involved in the kidnapping and Lori got arrested that would then implicate him once Lori talked, so I just don’t see how David was involved in the kidnapping. More likely Lori has a thing for David, I wonder if she fell in love with him the author as it was established he wrote books before Losing Lyndon but they were not successful.

      • johnhelvete says:

        Yeah if David was involved in the kidnapping for 13 years, he would have been better off meeting Lori and killing her, instead of telling Elizabeth the address and phone number.

        • Patrick says:

          Yes, it would have been easy. He shows up, with a gun (which is very easy to quietly obtain), or a knife even. He meets up with Lori, and kills her. Puts he knife in her hand, for finger prints, and then cuts himself. Then immediately calls the cops/his wife. When they arrive, he claims that she demanded to meet up with him or she would do something to the kids. He showed up to tell her to leave them alone, and then she attacked him with the knife (which he brought, but with her being dead, it will be hard for her to prove otherwise). At this point he tells the pigs he took the knife, and stabbed her fatally in the struggle for the knife. The cops might not totally believe him, but they will think he “took matters in his own hands” to protect his family. Plus, this ties up the entire case in a neat bow, which they love.
          Yeah, getting rid of Lori would be easy.

    • mediatzar says:

      This is what I think too. I think he just didn’t count on Lori not returning Carter.

  32. nikki says:

    I loved this series much more than I expected to. I initially turned it on and thought whatever ..nothing else is on.. this is another teenager sitcom and I LOVE it. I think it’s relatable in ways that we didn’t expect it to. It’s far more adult than I expected it to be. I was a little bit disappointed in the way that Crash and Carter ended last week. I love that she went and she listened but I wasn’t expecting her to lead him into arrest and I was expecting her to seem so unaffected. I really really wanted her to care about what happened to him and it didn’t seem like she did. Even though Crash is that sexy bad boy that every girl wants to fix.. Caleb did such a great job making us realize that there’s good in everyone and there was good in him. I was extremely disappointed that he wasn’t in the finali at ALL? That bummed me out.

    Max. Our sweet Max. I love this kid. I LOVE this kid. He might be a stoner but he’s probably the sweetest and most honest character on the show. He’s hilarious. I know he’s supposed to be ‘stupid’ but he’s not.. he’s smart in ways people didn’t really think he would be. I would have been done with Finding Carter if he was killed off. I was shocked to see him lash out but also not because that’s a pretty real and normal emotion for him to have in that situation. I did NOT expect him break up with Taylor. That was almost unbearable to watch. BUT it was also pretty typical Max.. caring for someone else more than himself. I felt like he did that because he didn’t want to be the reason she wasn’t living her life or the barrier that kept her from doing the things she worked so hard for. He clearly loves this girl. I LOVE them together.

    I think that Crash should find a way out of prison and he should be the knight in shining armor that finds Carter and brings her home. At that point, Elizabeth would have to forigive him. You can’t hate the boy that brings your child home. I think Max should find a way back to Taylor.. maybe she reaches out to him because he knew Lori so well.. maybe he helps with the investigation.. i don’t know but he can’t be gone and he can’t be without Taylor. I LOVE those two love stories. It doesn’t hurt that Caleb and Alex are ridiculously cute either. :)

    • Winry_Rockbell says:

      Oh God thank you for thinking so much like me !!
      I mean Crash ?? He CANNOT leave Carter’s minds, they HAVE to be together again. Even Max should forgive him or something.
      Max is a cute boy, really smart, he should go back with Taylor (and I’m sure he will)
      I’m so mad to think that maybe Crash will never come back, but Carter did the good thing by making him arrested …

  33. ggny says:

    Just please tell me Crash is gone for good. Im all in it for the ride with crazy Lori/Elizabeth/David and now Saving Carter, Max doing the right thing in letting Taylor go for now. But please tell me the worst part of a otherwise great season Crash is gone.

  34. kay kay says:

    Yea the more i think about it i can believe lori is obsessed with him from writing books and thinks shes in a relationship with david. It was really stupid to take her where they planned to arrest her. I kept thinkin she was watching the whole time. I knew the tea was from lori and something was in it once she started talkin to carter. When did they find out the thetapist was even lori?… Max and taylor need to stay together or get back together once he recovers

  35. Jenny says:

    Sure hope that Elizabeth finds Lori and Carter…that way she KNOWS she was kidnapped AGAIN and not WANTING to go after she became close with her. I didn’t enjoy the ending at all!! I would have rather seen differently!! :(

  36. Guest says:

    I’ve been wracking my brain for a common thread since watching the episode. It all points to David being involved somehow with Lori which immediately sends up red flags. Lori seems to really be a down right stalker so it’s that’s the case it wouldn’t have taken much of a trigger to start an obsession from either elezibeth or David. I just can’t shake the facts that in real life most kidnapping cases involve immediate family of some sort. I know right off the bat I wanted to jump to one of Carter’s parents being behind lori’s motives but I have this theory that maybe it was Elizabeth’s mom. Here’s my thoughts. Elizabeth’s mom knows her daughter has always had to struggle with money because of her husbands writings. Maybe she then hired Lori to temporarily kidnap one of the girls to either 1) knock sense into Elizabeth on her terrible choice in men (from there interactions so far with David she seems to hate him). Or 2) give David the motivation he needed to write a best selling book. I would assumes gammy would have known her daughter and son in laws schedules..even had access to ways to getting pictures to David sleeping. I’m sure there are plenty of gaps in my theory but I can’t think of anyone else!

    • That’s a good theory. If David or Elizabeth were involved then that would forever ruined their relationship with Carter. It might be that Lori and Grams were involved. Lori thought David and Elizabeth were in on the plan, but in reality, they were not. Grams may have misrepresented David and Elizabeth’s knowledge to Lori.

  37. Kelly says:

    The worst part of the season finale was finding out I have to wait until 2015 to find out what the hell is going on!! Lori makes me so mad! It was nice to see Elizabeth and Carter’s relationship getting stronger and then crazy came and took her away. Definitely curious to see what the deal was with those pics… 2015 hurry!!!

    • Kelly says:

      ALSO, I definitely feel like David & Lori had an affair and maybe when David tried to call things off Lori went coo coo and stole Carter. I feel like he may have known who took Carter all along. Sketchy dude that David

      • Ray says:

        This show is completely whack. Characterizations are off. As a cop Elizabeth should have known better than to have Carter anywhere near the operation to arrest Lori. It was bad enough she failed to thoroughly search Crash’s hangout space and turned away when she received a call.

  38. Benji says:

    Watch if Lori is both Carter and Taylor’s mother (Kind off), bear with me. We know that Elizabeth had a hard time giving birth to Grant. What if Elizabeth had a hard time getting pregnant with Carter and Taylor, so they decided to use a donor, anomalously. Lori was that donor, found out that David and Elizabeth had used her and become obsessed with them, and this way Elizabeth and David know nothing of Lori. Also that comment Elizabeth made “It was a hit, like we were targeted”, and Lori’s comment “They made it impossible for me to tell you the truth”. I may be overlooking it or looking in the totally wrong direction but I think this is the secret Lori/Elizabeth/David are keeping only it not considered i secret to the latter two, Who would ever think that your donor (Anomalous donor that that) would come after your daughter.

    I know this doesn’t explain the whole Lori/David thing, and to be honest I don’t know if anything is there. Maybe the writers want us all to look in that direction so we are all blind sighted by what really is going on. On one final note. HOW COULD YOU DO THAT THE MAX & TAYLOR! My heart hurts. Next year cannot come soon enough.

    • Pewpew says:

      The show established that the pregnancy of the twins was unexpected and that led to David and Liz getting married when she was as big as a house so I don’t believe in the whole surrogate theory at all. David and Liz are the twins parents in my mind.

  39. Meri says:

    I was disappointed, I thought this episode was very predictable, which I didn’t think about for the rest of the season. I hope the next season is like the first 11 episodes!

  40. Deb says:

    Here is a way out there idea.. Maybe Elizabeth had an affair with Lori’s husband or boyfriend and Lori found out about it. Husband died and she wants one of the twins (Carter) because she is part of her former husband/lover. Just a thought.

  41. cyclone says:

    We have to go back and ask, what do we know? Elizabeth became a cop AFTER Carter went missing (what was she doing before?) We know that David stayed home writing. And we know that Lori allegedly worked (lived) in the neighborhood. Now we know Lori took pictures of David and Elizabeth before the twins were born and that Lori kidnapped Carter when she was 3. If David did have an affair with Lori I believe it was after the twins were born and David gave that same cheater speech of “he’ll leave his wife for Lori and they can be a family”. But then why wasn’t he suspicious that Lori took Carter? Why wasn’t Lori a suspect in that 13 year period? As much as things kind of make sense (affair, stalking) they really don’t and these questions need to be answered.

    • Good thoughts.

      1. We also know that Lori used several aliases in the past. Why would she use that many before it was revealed that she was the kidnapper. If she was never a suspect for the kidnap then there is no need for her to use all of these aliases. This suggests she had a long history of being a criminal. That might be the key to figure out any link she has with David and/or Elizabeth.

      2. Lori assumes both David and Elizabeth know why Lori kidnapped Carter.

      3. Lori wanted Carter to see pictures she took of Elizabeth and David. Those pictures were a way for Lori to justify kidnapping Carter. She was afraid that Carter believing she was a stalker prevented her from ever revealing the “truth” to Carter.

      4. Lori told David over the phone that he was never a good liar (this could just be random thing she said).

  42. Carter freak says:

    So good

  43. Stoneinfl says:

    I’d like to remind everyone to reread the article above before you consider things like the tone of the actor’s voice or the way they looked at another actor. When they were making most of these episodes they didn’t know where this was going at all because it hadn’t been written yet. They were planning an entirely different ending (wrapping everything up), but changed it when MTV renewed the show for a second season and MTV wanted a cliffhanger at the end of the first.

  44. kelly says:

    Ever since the episode where Carter chose her family rather than going back to Lori, my sister and i think David had an affair with Lori. Things must’ve ended badly between the two and so she wanted to either get back at him by kidnapping his three year old or she wanted some part of him in her life forever.

  45. Cassie O says:

    The finale was not that great in my opinion, but the show has its flaws. But I do want to know the mystery behind it all. I think that Lori used to work at the photography place and that is how she got that picture of David… I don’t know, just a theory.

  46. Natasha holley says:

    I just want max and taylor back together he so adorable i just hope he comes back for season two he obviously loves her max is my favorite character

  47. This show was awesome I can’t wait to see the next season and the finale. Omg it’s sweet

  48. Sarah says:

    Amazing episode. It really sucks that we have to wait almost a year for the new season though.

  49. jodi says:

    I think the show is very well written and I can’t wait to see more! I hate having to wait a week between episodes!

    • jodi says:

      now I heard we have to wait till next year that really sucks#! At least the show was so good that it will be easily remembered so when we see the next season we can pick it up on it pretty easy.

  50. Winry_Rockbell says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Crash & Carter HAS to be together ???? I mean, it’s the most matching couple I’ve ever seen, she’s the only one who could make him being a better man. Plus he doesn’t wanted to shot Max, Carter told him that the gun’s safety was on … I’m so angry right now, I just want him to stay in that awesome show. I don’t know how, but I want it !!
    I think Lori is a psychopath who abduct David’s daughter because they had an affair & he didn’t wanted to get divorced from Elizabeth, she went mad & took the girl. That’s all. Just a freakin’ psycho.
    Once again, Carter & Crash should be back together (in a 3rd season ? Not too fast though, it would be a terrible mistake !!)