Glee's Lea Michele Confirms Frozen Cover in Season 6, Shares Set Photo

Glee Frozen

In case you’re wondering, the cold never bothered Lea Michele, anyway.

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Confirming buzz from last week, the Glee actress on Friday tweeted a photo of herself filming a performance of that little indie track “Let It Go” from Frozen. Rachel Berry will indeed channel her inner Elsa — or her inner Adele Dazeem, whichever you prefer — for the show’s sixth season premiere, slated to air sometime in 2015.

As previously reported, the Fox comedy’s final season will find the gang returning to Lima, Ohio, to revive the New Directions, along with a few other no-longer-surprise twists.

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The stars of Glee have actually been doing quite a bit of tweeting over the past few days, and we’ve assembled their best behind-the-scenes photos in a gallery below (including the first shot of Naya Rivera back in action).

Gleeks, what are your thoughts on the upcoming final season? What are you excited to see? Drop your hopes and dreams in the comments section below.

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  1. Tom Is Ugly says:

    They should have brought back Rachel’s mom to perform “Let It Go” instead.

  2. Asheley says:

    She looks stunning! So excited for that!

  3. Anne says:

    So an already overdone song phenomenon will air sometime next year when it will seem an even more out of touch reference. And I thought Glee was late with their whole “twerking” episode. At least Lea looks pretty.

  4. jim says:

    The only surprise her is they were able to get the right. At least by January or Feb it might not seem so over done.

    • Jake Minger says:

      or it will seem massively overdone because Once Upon a Time will have spent at least half of season 4 with the characters of Frozen. I’ve seen the movie, and I like both it and the song, but its kinda crazy how much their riding this train. Personally I think “Tangled” Which I just saw last night for the first time (Rented it) is a much more cohesive and enjoyable movie.

  5. alvin says:

    they should have brought back Rachel mom and santana girlfriend – Dani, to duet the song indeed. lol

    • postalidol says:

      A dream sequence that included Rachel’s mom, Santana’s girlfriend, Dani, and Jesse St. James while Rachel sings “Let It Go”…haha!

  6. meresger says:

    More Frozen? Damn it! OUAT is bad enough. Do people have no imaginations anymore? Just because Lea could be Idina Menzel’s jaw double doesn’t make this okay! Glee was annoying enough last season, but “Let it Go”? Reeeeaaaally? Are they trying to annoy the crap out of viewers? Does anyone over the age of six want to hear that song again? Anyone???

  7. Bobby blaze says:

    Nooooooooooooo I don’t want glee to end I looooooooove them way to much to let them go (crying) and for lea singing ‘let it go’ its just perfect for her :*

  8. K says:

    Lea is the obvious choice to sing that doubt, her voice is too similar to Idina’s. Would’ve loved thm to have gotten Santana to sing it!

  9. dee123 says:

    Let it go. Oh the irony.

  10. Tammy says:

    As far as Frozen is concerned, I think everyone needs to “Let It Go!” ARGH! I already dumped OUAT because of it. Someone tell me later how Emma and Hook turn out. I’m glad I DVR Glee so I can FF through this!

    • Ashley says:

      I think you should give season 4 a chance. They’re bringing in the Original Snow Queen, and I guarantee, no one shall be singing Let It Go. It’s going to be an interesting storyline, plus supposedly Emma and Elsa are going to be friends, and there’s going to be a lot of Captain Swan from what I hear. Maleficent will be the second half of season 4, if you’re still wanting to skip the Frozen thing.

  11. Bittersweet.. I never want to see Glee end!!! I love this show … Gleek forever

  12. Fernanda says:

    I hope the producers find great amazing songs for the final season or arranged new versions and not copycat the originals. Sometime I hate Blaine but at least Glee producers would give Darren the opportunity to sing his original songs, like “Human” my favorite or “Not Alone” from his musical parody of Harry Potter. Lea should sing “Cannonball” also

  13. Niki says:

    It’s Idina Menzel, not Adele Dazeem. And ironically enough Idina did play Rachel’s mother, so I think it’s very fitting.

  14. John says:

    Why must they leave after the 6th season. Get new writers if the ones now are getting tired.

    • Anne says:

      They have to end it because the way the ratings are looking I’ll be shocked if the show doesn’t get pulled off the air a few episodes in. Look out Saturday nights, Glee is coming for you!

  15. Mike says:

    I’m really hopeful for this season!

  16. David4 says:

    The last song sung on the show should be Let It Go as a hint to all the fans that can’t let it go.

  17. Joe says:

    It’s weird that a show called “Glee” is anything but anymore. The quality of the show has significantly decreased since the Season 3 finale, and with Cory gone, I think they lost the heart of what made the show special and successful in the first place. The show was probably going downward even with him for the majority of Season 4 as it seemed the newbies weren’t as liked as the originals or they were cheap imitations of them. Now it seems like Ryan Murphy got bored from the show along the way, some of the more likeable originals were either phased out or wanted to move on from the show save for the occasional episode, and characters that most fans don’t like as much were forced to be in the lead when they probably shouldn’t or deserved to be.

    I think this show would’ve been cancelled after the disaster that was the majority of Season 5, based on their pathetic ratings, but I think they got renewed for two seasons in advance a couple months before Cory died and FOX had no choice. His death presumably affected the writers’ storylines for Season 5 and probable series ender. I think Rachel would still be on Broadway and not trying to revive the glee club if Finn were still here. It seems way out of her character to be doing this unless she thought it would be what Finn wouldn’t wanted.

    I think I’ll still watch the show, mainly out of dumb loyalty and curiosity, but it’s crazy how much this show has fallen in quality and ratings and how many people gave up on it.

    • Tracy says:

      Cory’s death hurt Glee but it is Ryan Murphy’s ego that killed Glee! RM’s insistence on having the original kids graduate and bringing in the less than talented newbies, his all over the map and inconsistent plotlines, the poor writing and the total lack of attention to what the fans want to see doomed the show! Rachel is a good example! Rachel has been totally committed to her dream of starring on Broadway for years and when she finally gets her big break and lands the lead in Funny Girl she immediately wants to give it up to be a TV performer despite having told Finn in S3 that she didn’t want to move to LA because she wanted to be on Broadway and because LA was about looks while NYC is about the work! But Rachel ruins her rep on Broadway, hires Santana the most antagonistic person on the planet to do her PR when Santana has no PR experience – Rachel isn’t this stupid! Even in S1 Rachel was savvy enough to get Finn a job at a restaurant by keeping him in the wheelchair they used for Glee club and telling the restaurant they couldn’t discriminate and not hire him! The more I write the more frustrated I get…Rachel should not be coming back to McKinley as a failure! Rachel should be coming back as a star! Why would Rachel even have the clout to restart Glee as a failure? It would be more believable to have Rachel come back as a star with Artie as a film maker to show her roots, encourage the arts and launch a new reality singing show! I think the final season of Glee will be awful with RM’s plotline!

      • Sil says:

        Agreed! Everything is terribly out of character for all the characters. IMO, season 4 on almost everyone of the characters were written to alter or morph into whatever the terrible storyline was for each episode hence forth. Glee lost me that season. I keep coming here to see if there might be hope for its last season. No! Not IMO. I think that if Glee sticks around for its 13 episodes that would be a miracle.

  18. Lin says:

    I couldn’t care less about that song tbh. The only thing I’m still mildly curious about in regards to Glee is whether FOX is contractually obliged to air all the remaining episodes, or they’ll pull it from the schedule once it inevitably crashes to 0.3/0.2 ratings.

  19. fonda says:

    the only thing that i wanted see for this season is the klaine wedding

    • Sil says:

      The 1 thing that is totally uninteresting to me. Klaine. Relationship stories took over the show and left character development on the back burner. Sam and Blaine also.

  20. Anandasky says:

    Wonder why Rachel and Brittany are both reading a book entitled “I Don’t Want to be Crazy” … described in real life as a “poetry memoir” from a girl suffering anxiety attacks after her life implodes … hmmmm

  21. Cathy Viviano says:

    I am so excited about glee 2015 :)

  22. Tracy says:

    Thrilled to see Puck and Tina in these photos but still so annoyed that Rachel is coming back to McKinley as a failure! We want to see Rachel as a star and living her dream rather than finishing out Finn’s! This just shows a stunning lack of creativity by Ryan Murphy and it will erode ratings even more!

  23. Tracy says:

    For all the people saying Idina should come back and sing “Let It Go” I doubt that will happen since she is starring on Broadway in “If/Then”!

  24. steve wiczen says:

    Why ?… In my opinion, if they had let the old guys graduate, then continued with the show being what is was, a HIGH SCHOOL glee club program it would still be going.. Enough Rachel show already. she is not all that !

    • Brigid says:

      Yes, she actually is all that. This show was built around Lea. She is an amazing actor and has a voice of an angel. The writing may not be great or consistant but the singing on this show is 5 star and that’s the truth.

  25. densbtly says:

    OMG. . . Rachael’s going to sing the most overplayed and over-covered song in a decade. Shocker.
    Way to go Ryan M, way to think outside the (ice) box!
    Will the kids also be doing the ice bucket challenge six months from now? Surely you thought of that.. can’t let a good, slightly out of date meme pass you by. . .

  26. cdhaskell says:

    I can’t wait to see what Scream Queen will developed the individual character each season.

  27. Angel c Mercado says:

    Been a glee fan through the beginning it was devastated when cory passed away thean again finns song’s with Rachel and hope to see attude needs and please do something majer with hudsons memory santans chericter please come back with that mecican attude

  28. I.R.E. says:

    I still think that 13 is not a good number for this season’s episode order because it will create more imbalance along the way. why not try 12 or 14 instead?