The Legend of Korra Book 4 Premiere Date, Title Revealed by Nickelodeon

Legend Of Korra Book 4 Premiere Date

Airbenders, rejoice! Nickelodeon has finally outlined the online-only return of The Legend of Korraand it’s only weeks away.

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In a video uploaded late Wednesday night, the minds behind the hit animated series revealed that Book 4 will premiere Friday, Oct. 3, and will be titled “Balance.” New episodes will be available to stream on and the Nick app every Friday.

Very little is known about the upcoming fourth season, save for the title of the fourth chapter, “The Calling,” which appears in the background of the announcement video.

While we wait not-so-patiently for the new season to begin, drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below: What do you hope to see when Korra returns?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Chris Leonardi says:

    Don’t really see a reason to rejoice. If there was any doubt that Nick is trying to burn off the episodes as fast as possible and be done with the franchise, this pretty much killed it,

  2. rachelle says:

    This show is so awesome. I wish more people would watch it. And Nickelodeon does seem to just be trying to burn the episodes off, but I’m not too pissed about that because at least we’re getting more episodes.

  3. Aha says:

    Why should fans rejoice? Nickelodeon royally screwed over the show with insane amounts of breaks, sloppy leaks, and two unpromoted returns to television. Now they’re just burning them off online. They ruined their chances to have another avatar sized successful series after season 1!

  4. Mike R. says:

    I hope it releases on amazon that day as well, that is how I have been watching them in order to watch it on a tv, but I’ll watch it either way. Shame it seems that Nick is burning them off. I will miss this show.

  5. The plan was always four seasons and they seem to be getting blu ray releases regardless of Nicks ridiculous treatment of the show so I’m still happy about this…BluRay set and a difinitive end for the show after a healthy lifespan of four seasons.

    • Chris Leonardi says:

      You’re thinking to short term. Yes the plan was 4 books and that’s what we’re getting, but if Nick treated it right there was always the potential for more. Also you don’t continue a franchise that you’re treating like this. So even if they ended korra with book 4, there always could have been another series. There is next to no chance of that happening now and in all likelihood the entire Avatar franchise ends when the last episode of Korra airs.

  6. wordsmith says:

    Last Airbender was a weird fit for Nickelodeon, and the more mature Korra is even more so. It makes sense that they aren’t sure how to deal with it.
    That said, it’s not like we are getting any less of the show as a result. 4 books, just like the first series.
    The only question now is whether they (or somebody else) will pick up the franchise for a third series. It’s fun to imagine what that world would look like, given the dramatic changes between the first two.

    • wordsmith says:

      Actually, now that I look back, the first series was only three books, but they were longer. Overall, Korra will work out to be about ten episodes shorter. Still, it seems like they will have ample time to tell the whole story that they set out to tell.

    • Rook says:

      I could see Netflix doing a third series

      • Chris Leonardi says:

        I always like how people say this like it’s as simple as:
        Netflix: “Let’s make a third Avatar series”

        Nick OWNS the franchise, Netflix and the series creators can’t do anything unless Nick approves it, something they are not likely to do.

        • wordsmith says:

          You’re right that there are legal complications, but Netflix seems to be pretty good at navigating them. See: Clone Wars, Arrested Development, The Killing.
          Cartoon Network resurrected Futurama and Family Guy. It’s hardly unprecedented. Unless Nick actively DOESN’T want there to be more of the series (and why would they?) it seems like at least a possibility.

          • David4 says:

            Comedy Central resurrected Futurama along with huge DVD sales, but Fox still gets the DVD money, and had first right to air the episodes. DVD sales had Fox bring back Family Guy… for Fox.

  7. evanovich says:

    As happy as I am that Book 4 is coming out so soon after Book 3 ended, I am just as mad at Nick for screwing up the show in how they promoted and treated it.

  8. Lizo says:


  9. superCoderOne says:

    Cut the check!

  10. David4 says:

    TVLine can you actually be decent and do your job? That be great!

    The title of the fourth season is BALANCE, not “The Calling”. The Calling is what the fourth episode of the show is called.

    • 'A' Has Spoken says:

      They were talking about what appeared behind the creators during the announcement. It said “Book 4” and under that “Chapter 4 The Calling”. So technically, they got it right and DID do their job. They even mentioned that the season was called “BALANCE”!

  11. Avatar Addict says:

    Michael and Bryan have created the awesome series again.LOK is really getting heated after the appearence of Kuvira in it’s book change,the last episode.I hope nick should release the book in Amazon and flipkart so that,we the Avatar Addicts can have the comic/novel in our hand before October.What do you say guys?

  12. William Baughman says:

    Why isn’t season 4 not being aired on tv

  13. Ivy Carpenter says:

    When can I see The Legend of Korra on TV or buy it from the store?