Graceland Season 2 Finale Recap: Whose Life Was Left in Limbo?

Graceland Season 2 Finale

The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from Graceland‘s season finale.

Just as Graceland‘s Season 1 finale left FBI superstar Mike Warren’s future with the titular house in question, the sophomore closer put his life on the line — perhaps even a flat line.

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Given how last week left off, the hour opened with most everyone in quite a pickle. Pregnant Charlie, who had been hunting down Amber, was grabbed. Johnny had discovered that the marked bills he labored to land in Sid’s hands instead wound up in his own. Briggs was rolling with Sid, aiming to take down the dirty cop and Solano, unaware that his cover was blown. And Paige was as close as ever to deducing that Mike not only didn’t rescue Lina, but burned her himself.

Taking the roommates one by one…

JOHNNY ‘fessed up to Lucia that he was a Fed out to arrest her father and brother. Lucia was reasonably “OK” with it all, but soon afterwards, Carlos lured Johnny away and held him at gunpoint (having spied Jake swapping the bills the night before, effectively blowing their cover). Later holding both Johnny and Lucia at gunpoint, Carlos forced the Fed to keep his U.S. government-operated drug planes running — or Lucia dies.

PAIGE brought the letter “Lina” had sent home from “Scotsdale” to Jakes, perhaps realizing he didn’t have any sort of season-ending storyline but also needing ICE’s help in seeing if the note was legit. After ICE found Lina’s prints on the stamp, Jake told super-skeptical Paige that there is a version of this story where she’s, you know, happy for her friend. Paige starts to believe that — but more on Lina later.

CHARLIE got roughed up by Amber’s money launderer, some British guy named Germaine who was determined to make her admit to being a cop. Charlie put up a good front (even I started doubting she was the law!), and Amber did her best to have Germaine dial it down a notch. Meanwhile, when BRIGGS checked in with Mike just before entering Solano’s compound with Sid (where he surely would have met his maker), Mike (…the dope) let slip that Charlie had gone missing. Briggs thus hastily aborted the op and drove back (three hours), arriving at the warehouse just in time to save Charlie, and their baby. Germaine is in the wind, however.

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And then there’s MIKE. Just as the tac team is about to monitor Briggs’ infiltration of Solano’s, Sid had a bomb scare called into the FBI office, forcing them to cut bait. And since Mike had just sent Briggs racing to find Charlie, he took it upon himself, sans any sort of backup/sanctioning, to close the deal at the compound. But what the cowboy finds there is most everyone — cartel thugs, Solano Sr. himself and Sid’s team — dead. Sid himself, wounded by his own hand, gloats to Mike about the frame job he has pulled off, killing his guys with the gun he pinched from Graceland.

Mike goes into hiding, but since he got shot at the compound and needs medical attention, he phones Briggs for a fake ID. It’s Paige who brings it, though — and she also delivers a mea culpa, about how she came to see evil in the faces of good men like Mike. So, Mike’s in the clear for Lina’s death… until his groggy self mumbles to Paige that it was “better” for Lina’s family to “believe” she lived. Oy!

Steaming mad, Paige takes off, into the rainstorm, ultimately winding up at Sid’s office. There, she informs him that Mike has been hospitalized under a dummy name, and nudges him to “finish” the job.  Sid indeed later shows up at Mike’s bedside, where he swaps the heart rate monitor onto his own finger while he crushes Mike’s breathing tube. Sid vows to go after every burned Graceland Fed, as Mike gasps for air. Briggs, having learned from Paige what she did, arrives right after Sid has left, and just as Mike flatlines….

So, not only is Season 3 up in the air, but so (ostensibly) is Mike’s life. Does he have one last gasp in him? Or, does anyone think that Paige blabbing to Sid was part of a ruse? After all, he did sing like a bird in the hospital; maybe it was all caught on camera? (Unlike his invasion of Graceland, a video which would have easily exonerated Mike of the massacre.)

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  1. Kate says:

    I hope it was a ruse. I’m not buying that Paige set Mike up to get killed even if she is mad. I liked season 1 better. This year the characters and stories seemed disjointed. Jakes kid story was prominent then dropped. It seemed like any loyalty to Mike was gone from everybody. Johnny’s obsession with Lucia and Charlie wanting to turn in Briggs just felt off. I think they tried to go too dark this season. Last year had dark stories but they still found time for some fun with the housemates. Hopefully if there is a season 3 they go back to the original formula because everyone in the house clashing makes the show a lot less fun.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Alas, more I think about it, the ruse theory doesn’t hold up. (Why would Briggs have only then raced out of the house to the hospital? Wouldn’t he have been camped out to catch Sid in the act?) Still amazed that Graceland, the easily accessible beachhouse in which a half-dozen cops live, doesn’t have a security camera.

      • Alichat says:

        Exactly. I don’t think it was a ruse. And if they decide to go that route in the S3 premiere, I may just pull this one off the DVR list. Mike’s expression when Sid told him Paige gave him up, Briggs racing to the hospital with no backup…it just doesn’t say ruse. I have not enjoyed this season. Season 1 was much better. Too many holes and dropped plots. Along with Graceland having no security cameras, none of the Solano’s housekeeping staff could state that Mike showed up after all the shooting began? Why would a bomb scare require an entire tac team to return to the office where the potential bomb is? No one has GPS on their phone and can be tracked? How is it Sid was found, recovered from his wound, returned to the US after questioning by the Mexican federales, and returned to his office to be found by Paige all before Mike makes it to the hospital? Wouldn’t Mike have bled to death by that point? And speaking of Paige, I have never been a fan of her character. They just cemented that dislike with this season. Pathetic character.

        • Jakes says:

          I agree I’ve taken it off my DVR already, I loved season one but man oh man season two just got to ridiculous, things started bad for the house and just keep getting worse and worse, it started getting depressing and the house part got lost they tried to bring it back with Briggs speech at the end where he say we watch out for each other, the whole season pitted people in the house against each other with Briggs tapes, the whole Lena thing, Jakes drinking early in the season, people became to obsessive Mike with Sid’ Paige to Mike, Johnny to Lucia, where’s the fun, had a little romance but with drama, and just when you thinks things might get better they kill Mike, season 1 great, season 2 horrible

        • John says:

          My guess it wasn’t a ruse. Next season will start with mikes funeral but at the end of the episode we will find out that mike is really alive but only Briggs knows. Part of the season will be mike going after Sid when everyone thinks he’s dead

      • M3rc Nate says:

        You see the problem is, she is using logic, common sense, and a understanding of the character created in S1, and trying to line it up with the character they have shown in S2..big mistake, because the writers are FRAKING MORONS. Lol. Your so confused Kate, your trying to make sense and find a way for what you just watched to not be just horrible writing and showrunning, but fact is, it is.

        There is a review of this season and finale on EW (sorry that its a competitor but its a REALLy good article: Google EW graceland-season-2-finale-recap/ )

        It is perfect, it talks about how this show veered off from what it was in Season 1 that we enjoyed so much…this was a surfer show! It had that surfer south cali vibe, a group of friends/co-workers, a family vibe, with them doing police work kinda on the side. There is NONE of that in Season 2. There are a billion plot holes, characters acting NOTHING like has been established in season 1, characters that were once loved are made to be insanely annoying/bad/unlikable and so much more.

        This reminds me of what Fairly Legal was forced to do for its Season 2. For ratings they adding a love triangle, out of left field had the lovable ex husband character a former cheater, made the cases and the lead characters actions so much more drama filled, melodrama filled, and everyone disliked it and the show was cancelled.

        This show had some heart, had some funnies, had sexiness, it had a lot going for it. They decided to go the super dark route this season, everyone being betrayed, everyone acting out and becoming bigger criminals than the ones they are trying to take down, making the bad guys cartoons, and so much more.

        So sad. Im literally watching before my eyes my favorite network move away from its “Blue Skies” mantra and into the “Dark Cloudy skies, full of cheating and betrayal”. I mean Satisfaction? Rush? This season of Graceland? This season of Suits? Not only is everything dark, but the way in which they are going dark is by using every trope, every stereotypical plot, every single easy to write story line there is….im so disappointed.

        • Coal says:

          I’m in full agreement with you in the direction that USA is taking, its trying to be a poor man’s FX and there is no need for it to do that. I loved USA because it told good stories which had some levity to them. Its now slowly losing its unique selling point.

      • ange says:

        and has a picture of all the “undercover” Feds on a table out in the open.

  2. Kait says:

    Any idea the chances that this show gets renewed? I don’t know how ratings work or how this fared without Suits before it. Please say it’s at least a “mostly likely” and not “could go either way”

    • Maryann says:

      According to, Graceland is ranked #5 out of a total of nine shows (exact middle of the pack) on USA, and is substantially down in the ratings from last year. That doesn’t surprise me. Last year, if I missed an episode, i caught up within a day or two. This year, I saw the first few episodes and then got completely behind. I was just now planning to get caught up, but after seeing how the season ended, I figure I will wait at least until I know if the series is renewed, and possibly til after the first episode of next season.

    • Shelton says:

      Jeff eastin said that all signs point to yes for a season 3 so I’m thinking it might be renewed. He also stated that season 3 has already been mapped out.

  3. Joey Padron says:

    Good & intense finale. Hope Mike doesn’t die. Hope show will be renewed for season 3 for next summer.

  4. Mike says:

    there has to be a season

  5. Mike says:

    there has to be a season 3 sorry for the double post

  6. Bwhit says:

    I would believe it was a ruse had it not been for that scene between Paige and Mike in the warehouse. That being said what Paige did was 10x worse in my opinion. Mike tried to save Lena and couldn’t (should he have burned her, no) but Paige knew what Sid was going to do and gave Mike up. On a side note… I really hope it gets renewed and Aaron Tveit is back as Mike, I can’t picture Graceland without him!!!

    • Justin says:

      Paige was a thorn in his side at every corner. She blew the call reacting to Lena’s “escape.” She is way, way too emotional and selfish. And revenge? Revenge for failing to save her is death by not only a criminal, but his nemesis? What a terrible character.

      If there is a S3, I have no clue how they save her. That’s why I think Mike comes back. If he doesn’t how does she deal with his death, since it is completely at her hands and in cold blood.

  7. marilyn says:

    Watched the whole show and didn’t understand… why did Mike have to go into hiding???? Where the police going to blame him for the murders or where the Cartel going to blame him for the murders?

    • Dean says:

      Sid took Mike’s gun from his desk drawer and killed most of the solano cartel, three of his cops and shot himselft with said gun. It makes it look like Mike was trigger happy and plugged everyone.

  8. Kath says:

    HATE, HATE Paige now, and I really liked her Season 1, early Season 2, esp her chemistry with Mike. Really, Paige, you’re going to set up a fellow Federal Agent to be murdered by a dirty cop because he lied about how a girl died (she has to know Mike didn’t kill or intend to have Lina killed)? I really hope Mike isn’t dead. I liked him better in Season 1, too, but I get that this season we delved deeper into how everyone had changed. Also, still no resolution, really, with the Briggs-Badillo thing? Here’s hoping Season 3 happens (anyone know when they would announce a renewal?), Mike lives, and Sid gets taken down.

  9. Mark says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only person who thought this entire season was a mess. I wasn’t that enthused about season one, but the show really went downhill this year. Even if there is a season three, I don’t think I’ll be back.

  10. Coal says:

    Definition of melodrama: a sensational dramatic piece with exaggerated characters and exciting events intended to appeal to the emotions….Sound familiar ? This season really had nothing to do with actual law enforcement hence the shoddy treatment of things like security at Graceland. Personally I liked the show, but I won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t return.

  11. Nikunj Dixit says:

    This was just dreadful. Not only did they completely ruin Paige, but they ended up with the agents having accomplished nothing in the season. Both major villains of the season are alive and kicking and all the agents are going down the rabbit hole. Season 1 was so much better because at least the story was clear and there was some accomplishment of the goal for the season. This season had only one story which they kept stretching out and they didn’t even resolve any of it. Overall it was terribly conceived. As for Mike, for all the sins he’s supposedly committed, the only bad thing he’s done is cover up a murder which he didn’t commit. On the other hand we have Briggs who is guilty of both murder and attempted murder and Paige who pretty much betrayed a fellow agent as revenge which seems to have led to his death. Dreadful writing. I can only hope that Mike is alive somehow because otherwise I’m dropping this show.

  12. Trenton says:

    They made the show so much darker. Briggs goes from doing bad thigs but not evil things to catch a monster and now he was gonna murder mike by proxy. Mike gets a person killed out of his hubris and desperation. Paige murdering mike by proxy and also asking him to hook for her own professional needs. Johnny I feel bad for and it looks like he is in trouble going forward… And jakes well all his mess ups were done early in the season so at least he was sober. Didn’t like it. So disjointed I can see how they wanted it all to come together but they made all these characters go just so dark and unheroic. Hope they can do a white wash job cause some people either need be cleaned off or go away.

    • pecola says:

      This is a key point: “So disjointed I can see how they wanted it all to come together but they made all these characters go just so dark and unheroic.”

      USA’s been trying to break out of their formulaic shows with Graceland (and, later, with Satisfaction and Rush) but they went way overboard with this. We love an anti-hero but everyone can’t be an anti-hero…at that point, they’re all just villains.

  13. Not a ruse mike looked shocked when Sid told him Paige gave him up and I’m sure mike will live . I hope next season they go by what made season 1 work with them teaming up as a unit .

  14. pecola says:

    What a dreadful finale…a fitting end, perhaps, to what was a terrible season. By this time last year, USA had already announced the show’s renewal so their silence, plus the mediocre ratings, might burn Graceland once and for all.

  15. Does anyone else call bull on Paige’s resolve to give away Mike to Sid? Unless this is part of an elaborate scheme to get Sid by showing that he tried to kill Mike (recording his conversation with Mike while trying to kill him) I don’t get why Paige in her self-righteous frame of mind would deliberately give Mike up to the very dirty cop they were trying to take down! I’m hoping they are just playing with our heads and the recording angle is a fact for next season because if Paige is proven to clearly have betrayed Mike she has no place with the rest of the team anymore. She somehow thinks that Sid, the crooked cop that was working with the cartel, was a better person than Mike in this scenario? Are you serious? That’s just idiotic writing…

    I’ve been critical that this show has too many grey characters, but what does it say when Paige, who comes off as self righteous in her quest to prove Mike is guilty, settles it by giving him up to the very dirty cop they trying to take down. For Paige’s character to go all in for the girl, then seek to find Mike guilty for her death, not him causing it by not getting her out, but literally saying he killed her with no evidence. Unless Lina reminded Paige of her sister or something I don’t get this zeal to just save her. She hardly mentioned the other girls in there; it was just Lina, Lina, Lina. If Paige hadn’t pushed Mike into getting Lina out, she would probably be still alive right now at least, even though not in an ideal situation. For Paige’s character to be considered the moral compass of the show only to turn on Mike and deliver him up to the very dirty cop that they were trying to take down…this seems too far-fetched to me.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      “Does anyone else call bull on Paige’s resolve to give away Mike to Sid?”

      That’s what I’m saying — that was so extreme a bit of “revenge,” I want to think something else was going on.

  16. Mara says:

    I don’t think it was a ruse. I think the show would be better off with the character of Mike being dead. Not only was he annoying and self-righteous, if he were dead it would unite the others and have some of the same feeling as Season 1. I really hope it’s renewed – so much potential and with the character of Mike gone – way more enjoyable. He was a complete jerk this seaso .

  17. Maryann says:

    So Mike has to pay for his sins but Briggs doesn’t?

    • Bwhit says:

      Right there sums up my whole problem with this finale and the creator’s reasoning. He said in an interview that Mike had to pay for his sins. What sins were bad enough for Mike to pay with his life? He tried to save a girl and she was murdered by a perverted psycho, not Mike. Briggs is Odin and kills a federal agent, but Mike is the bad one? I wish they would of reversed the roles and Paul went to the warehouse. Mike would have confirmed he burned Lena and they both would of held a secret about each other. Mike with the tape and Paul knowing about Lena. That could carried over to season 3.

    • CJ says:

      I think just about everyone else’s sins were far worse than Mike’s. He didn’t kill Lina, and he had the bigger picture in mind: saving a lot of girls vs saving just one. And what he did for Lina’s family was kind, if misguided. Paige is far too emotional and her one-track mind ruined an entire operation and may have cost Mike his life undeservedly. What a frustrating finale, and the reasoning the creator gave makes no sense.

  18. laura says:

    why would briggs not call the hospital and have them go check on mike? or have someone else in the house do it while he’s racing there? it’s a shame these federal agents forget technology exists.

    i also don’t buy that paige’s attachment to lina became so strong in the time they spent together that she’d be willing to give mike up to a guy she knows wants to kill him. paige and mike had been through far more and yet she’s willing to let a guy murder him? it just doesn’t make sense to me. i understand covering up lina’s death wasn’t the right thing to do but it’s not like he was the one that killed her. he was trying to get her out.

    • Bwhit says:

      Probably the same reason a house full if highly trained agents have no security cameras and a 20 dollar front door lock from the Home Depot. :)

    • Melissa says:

      Seriously Paige was my favorite character up until all this Lina crap. She dropped any friendship and loyalty to Mike the second he couldn’t magically save a girl she had known for a week? He was looking at the bigger picture and trying to save the thousands of girls who would have come after Lina if he wasn’t able to take down the cartel and all she cared about was Lina, Lina, Lina. Paige was insufferable this season and if she really did turn Mike over all over covering up Lina’s murder I hope she leave the show. It’s just all so lame.

  19. Diz says:

    I still enjoy the show and it was a good finale, but I thought season 1 was much better.

  20. 2760jam says:

    Plz don’t kill Mike off. We need the Whole team to win against Evil ppl

  21. sarah j says:

    Paige has been so mad at Mike about Lina that she can not see that he did what he did to protect her. He knew if he told Paige about Lina she would have gone into Silmar, guns blazing and she would have been killed!
    I read part of an article with Jeff Eastin and he said that he can not confirm nor deny that Mike died but that he had to pay for his sins……sorry but Briggs has sinned a lot more and yet he is still alive.

  22. Bobby says:

    Season 3 Theory:
    Mike will still be alive but Briggs will be the only one who knows. Everybody else will think he died in hospital. As Jeff has said in a interview, the start of season 3 will most likely be Mike’s funeral. Mike and Briggs will then work together to take down Sid. But I don’t think we will see Mike though until late in the season, all his stuff will be behind the scenes.

  23. Television says:

    Season 1 was awesome, season 2 was terrible. Too dark, too many story lines. Things I didnt like; why pregnant story lines in every show, the gay thing with Johnny, the russian girls thing, the Mike is a jerk now thing, Jakes kid drunk thing, Briggs back and forth thing. So why didnt Briggs call the hospital security to warn about the guy coming to kill Mike? Why didnt he call the hospital room? And just bending the giant air tube was going to cut off all oxygen? Those oxygen masks dont seal, so why was he not able to breathe a little room air? It was just too all over the place with no connecting of the household.

  24. Paige was pretty unwatchable this season, get character was too hung up on Lina. I hope she isn’t part of S3.

  25. matt says:

    I think Graceland would b a much better show if Briggs became the central character in a way similar to Dexter and Walter White. He’s an awesome actor and I’d like for him to b a total (good) badass, doing illegal things for good reason justified reasons. He could carry the show imo.

  26. It is sad to have waited 9 months for Graceland to return for season 2 and have it be a dis-jointed mess that most of us including the writers couldn’t follow. Jakes being hauled off in handcuffs in front of his son, Johnny breaking all conduct codes falling for Lucia, Charlie is now pregnant with Briggs baby, Mike’s OCD is now focused on Sid and then there is Paige, for the life of me I don’t understand why she is still on the show. I am hoping when the Blacklist returns Monday the bottom doesn’t fall out from under it too,

  27. MWOO says:

    You can monitor this all day. Paige was a traitor. The writing was bad the second season.

  28. Heidi says:

    Thanks ‘TVLINE’ for the post on the renewal of ‘Graceland !!!! Much appreciated & looking forward to the new season……Additionallly, THANK YOU for this link posted within the post to enable me to refresh my memory…….. Well done! :)

  29. Anita Ward says:

    So looking forward to Graceland’s return!

  30. Michael white says:

    I think this show is greatcan’t wait to come back on

  31. Lynn Wren says:

    I love this show. I hope Mike survived and kicks some butt. I’m excited to see what you do in season 3. You have a great talent for cliff hangers and I look forward to the next big bang.

  32. My husband and I love Graceland, it was one of the few things we looked forward to and made time to watch together. We are soooooo excited to hear it’s not over and can’t wait to see what happens with Mike and Briggs next.

  33. Tori says:

    I haven’t read the comments.

    So, these TAC watches, which Mike appeared to have on at Solano’s, they’re not recorded, at least when the agents need them to be?

    C’mon now, really?