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Vampire Diaries Season 6 Trailer: Stefan's New Love Interest Revealed

Stefan’s hopping into bed with a new girl when The Vampire Diaries returns next month. And no, it’s not Caroline.

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The CW on Monday posted the drama’s official Season 6 trailer, and while most of it is a rehash of what we’ve already seen — Elena misses Damon, Jeremy’s hitting the bottle and Caroline is buddying up with Alaric — there’s one new, titillating addition this time around: Stefan’s strange bedfellow!

“Now tell me something I don’t know about you,” Stefan’s mystery woman says in the trailer, to which he coyly responds, “I’m a vampire.”

(Wait, what?! That’s supposed to be a secret!)

Vampire Diaries fans, what do you make of this new development? Are you glad Stefan is moving on with this new lady friend, or do you think he needs to make room for a certain blonde in that bed of his? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. over it says:

    eh don´t seem to find the excitment for this show anymore but yay to NO STEROLINE although knowing these showwriters they´ll try to push it and show it down our throats with making caroline looking like a fool not forgotten that 520 episode where they made her look like an idiot. Kinda want this to be the last season so these actors can start doing new and better things (sorry not sorry)

    • Ally Oop says:

      Stephen and Caroline getting together is the only storyline I like at this point

      • Dmac says:

        Ugg no. So tired of ships, why
        Can’t they stay friends. At this point theirs is the only healthy one on the show.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          I do agree that it is possible, and should be shown way more on TV, for a guy and a girl to be platonic friends. They can have chemistry, they can even flirt a little (natural for two hetero people of the opposite sex) but not get together sexually. BUT…that said, i really like Stefan and Caroline together. She has her head on the most of all of the female characters, he has his head on the most of all of the male characters, and they have some pretty good subtle chemistry. That friendship is the exact foundation you want for a romantic relationship.

          Either way i want the Stefan/Elena/Daemon love triangle OVER…but i know that wont ever happen. :/

      • Allison says:

        It’s STEFAN. S-T-E-F-A-N. Who are you? I’m so tired of these people writing about Helena, Stephen and Damian. I hate this show, which has become The Delena Diaries, but I at least know how to spell the character’s names.

        By the way, that promo is tragically hilarious. Elena thanking Damon for the adventure of committing suicide? LOL. If you think that’s love, you need professional help. But I guess that’s what happens when the writers let Twitter write the show for them. #OMGDELENAFOREVER #DELENARAINKISS #NIAN5EVER. And the ratings are plummeting! Get a clue!

  2. M3rc Nate says:

    Wow this surprisingly….looks good. Probably because they arent (at least in the trailer) showing any love triangle (stupid Elena/Stefan/Dameon triangle). I’d say the only thing i wasnt a fan of was Stefan with the random chick…i really do like him with Caroline. But overall, idk if its just how they cut this trailer but it looks like its even shot better than it used to be. The only thing that looks stereotypically annoying is Elena’s brother drinking. My big hope is they dont get Stefan and Bonnie together…thats gross, besides that, this trailer has peeked my interest in the new season.

    • Ally Oop says:

      I’d watch Bonnie and Damon together–I’ve always thought that can be an interesting storyline. I hate Elena and would love to seeher without a Salvatore brother. When Katherine took over Elena’s body way back when I really hoped it was permanent

  3. Ray says:

    Unwatchable. Should’ve bailed on TVD three seasons ago but I guess it takes me longer to learn some things than others. Won’t be making that mistake again.

  4. Deion says:

    It’s Elena. A show full of interesting , if sometimes predictable, characters and the main whiny chick is all they focus on. Let’s see Tyler’s new lease on life, How EVERYBODY ELSE deals with the loss of Bonnie, maybe Elena TAKING SOME STEPS TO CONTROL HER UNDER AGE BROTHER! But no. She mourned less when her aunt was turned into a vampire and killed in front of her. I hate her so much.

  5. tamara says:

    I stopped watching once Selena got together and from this promo it still looks like crap.

    But please don’t tell me Caroline and Stefan is actually a thing? Ewwwww

  6. sane says:

    Let me just go back to pretending I care and I say this with a straight face and sincerity. GO TO HELL WITH THAT DELENA DIARIES. stefan with a new love interest? Who is more whoreish, stefan or caroline. Elena can pluck her eyes out in tears and I wouldn’t give a damn. That damn bitch. Epic was stelena, not this ughhgghhh. So Done!

  7. Ari says:

    This actually looked decent. Too bad it’s going to be a constant Elena whinefest. Elena crying stopped being affective in season 3.

  8. Tvdfan says:

    Actually the way it was shot looks pretty good. I’m excited that this season (hopefully) wont focus on the love triangle. The story line is overused and lazy and I’m ready for something fresh. Originally I wanted Stefan with Caroline and I still have hope for that but I also really like the fact that he’s kinda distancing himself from the MF group just a little. I think they should all do that to be honest. And words wont describe how OVER Elena I am. I’m tired of her tears and stuff and sobbing and I’m kinda glad that when she calls Stefan he responds the way he does. She does need to move on. Their relationship wasn’t healthy like they both stated a million and one times and that they were “bad for each other” but I’m genuinely excited and it’s been like 3 seasons since I’ve been excited about TVD coming back. Counting down!

  9. Leah says:

    I don’t know if I’ll ever get over the fact that Elena and Stefan aren’t going to be together. But I know I definitely don’t want to see Caroline and Stefan together. I love their friendship. I want it to stay that way!!!

    • Allison says:

      I’m sure the writers will find a way to reboot the triangle, don’t worry, they’ll be together again.

    • Emma says:

      I totally agree. I love their friendship. I can’t imagine Caroline and Stefan as a couple, that’s just ewwwwwwww!!! Why do they have to ruin their friendship. When are these writers going to learn that they don’t have to pair up every single person on the show. I thought about giving season six a chance but the more news I hear and read the more positive I am that I’m not going to waste my time. It’s a real shame this show looked pretty decent up until the middle of season 4. In my opinion season 6 should definitely be the last season. Most of the actors deserve so much more than this mediocre show.

  10. Ally Oop says:

    Groan. This is one show I’m not looking forward to the return of. This show has fallen so quickly from my favourite to one in which I don’t even want to watch but do because I got my significant other into it way back when and he says I have to watch it with him.

  11. 80s says:

    I’m actually looking forward to the Stefan and Caroline storyline. I try not to get too involved in the “shipping” on this show, but I actually really like the pair.

  12. Fran says:

    I have no desire to see Elena this way. As someone else said, she mourned less for her own aunt. And she likely will mourn very little for Bonnie (who she’s always treated badly). It will all be about Damon. I’m STILL trying to figure out when Elena became “head over heels, die for you, always and forever” in love with him. I suppose I’ll never get an answer. I’m fine with Stefan being with someone though. He deserves it instead of being relegated to a third wheel in the Delena relationship. I would even be fine with him and Caroline IF they treated the relationship with respect and actually allowed it to grow naturally. But I know that wont happen. I know I should quit this show but Paul Wesley keeps me hanging on. And hopefully having Alaric back will bring in some good. We’ll see I guess.

  13. Das Snow says:


  14. Cas says:

    I’m really over everyone’s crying and moaning about it. Get over it. And really if the love of my life died (and I know not everyone agrees that Elena and Damon belong together but for arguments sake let’s say she believes he is the love of her life at the moment)
    aka my husband I would mourn more for him than my aunt. Sorry but that’s the cold hard truth. And did anyone think that maybe losing Bonnie and him at the same time just pushed her over the edge in a different way then Jenna? And frankly Bonnie has done some crappy things to her too. Not that she doesn’t deserve mourning because she does.

    • Fran says:

      I’m sorry that you consider negative comments-or ones that you dont agree with- to be “crying and moaning”. I think people have explained pretty well why this seems over the top. Personally I find it hard to believe because I never saw the love of her life kind of love with Damon. The show wants us to think that, but I never saw it. Especially when she barely blinked an eye when Stefan died (who was also supposed to be a great love to her). Its hard to believe Elena is acting like she lost a great love when you never saw that love in their living relationship. I only saw a toxic codependent lust. That’s why people are comparing her reaction to others that have died. If you feel differently, great! That doesn’t mean others are wrong.

  15. Kirsten says:

    Really elena?! So what was what you had with Stefan, chopped liver? So over this show.

  16. Eric says:

    it looks like the CW is trying something different with their marketing this season… its obvious with the trailers from arrow and the flash and now VD. different from how they were last season.

  17. Marco says:

    Terrible trailer. Pathetic Elena’s still whining about the guy who murdered Aaron, Jeremy (temporally) and so many more. She really gets off on that. Can someone please fire Julie for Delena pandering. Way to go Stefan! That guy really needs to score.

    • Cas says:

      Oh god someone cared about Aaron? I know whining about someone you love dying is so horrible.

    • alex says:

      Because Stefan, unlike Damon, never killed anybody. Riiight…

      • Allison says:

        He never really killed anyone that matters to Elena, that’s the point. Nor raped, like Damon did with Caroline. Stay pressed.

        • renukarath says:

          dude, nobody raped caroline get your facts correct. yes. damon did use her but for blood not sex. u cannot just use the word *rape*.
          And ofcourse damon is not a saint, nobody in the show is. Everybody has killed.
          and the thing abt jeremy being killed by damon is SO long gone. Even Jeremy is over that. And if you are so much into the past then why not remember that stefan tried to kill elena and turn her into a vampire the same place her parents died, where she nearly died.
          that is not bad?
          Am not saying damon is better than stefan. Everybody has their own choices and preferences. You prefer stefan and there are people who prefer damon.
          like we cant change your perspective, you cant change ours.
          so why not just stop fighting and relax and be teamDefan and part of the tvd family. :)

          • Emma says:

            Damon compelled Caroline to have sex with him. Basically gave her a magical roofie.
            That’s rape, unless you’re Republican, in which case it’s illegitimate rape, I guess.

          • Cas says:

            Incorrectly. Damon compelled Caroline to forget a lot of things and do a lot of things but the show never once showed him compelling her to have sex with him. She could have easily just serve her purpose and then left. She stuck around for the sex, that’s her fault.

    • india says:

      Elena haters need to just drop the show and stop spreading your negativity. I love Damon and Elena together but i still love stefan too. I will watch the show because I’m invested in it.

  18. Luli says:

    Please, no more Dullena….

  19. alex says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing a darker and out of control Elena, she needs some development in that department, But I would’ve liked to see more Alaric, Jeremy and Bonnie in the trailer.

  20. Danielle H says:

    Perhaps this is the reboot this series needed. It looks very stripped down, back to the basics, which is fine by me! I can tell there will be a lot of feels when ghost Damon appears though:/

  21. Dmac says:

    Dear God Elena listen to the man and please move on… Your crying face is getting beyond annoying.

  22. Brigid says:

    I have to agree with most of the postings in here and say that putting Damon and Elena together has really hurt this show. It just seems forced since human Elena would never want this for herself. I understand that she is a vampire now but when exactly did she fall in love with Damon? Is it still from the sire bond? Did I miss something? I’m not feeling it and hope that Elena does move on. I am excited about Stefan and Caroline and hoping Matt is loving the simple life in Mystic Falls, so there’s that stuff for me.

  23. mia says:

    i hope they don’t ship bonnie and damon #IFreakingCant……i stopped reading when they did that in the book and although i am i serious fan i will stop watching. teen wolf did it with Allyson and Isac. thank god they killed Allyson lol i could barely stand it then and vampire diaries started hooking everyone up with everyone i don’t know how long i can hold on. i kinda hope they kill Elena like in the book

    • mia says:

      isn’t there a friend code i don’t even care if your a teen or a grown adult you do NOT hook up with your friends exes.it just leads to issues :/

      • Emma says:

        Because hooking up with your ex-boyfriend’s brother doesn’t…?
        I really hope Bonnie and Damon get together, that’s honestly the only reason I’m still watching this show. I love their relationship in the books, and I would love it in the show if the writers would give it a chance to develop, rather than just pander to the DELENA4LIFE crowd.

  24. Sharie says:

    Elena is such a one note pathetic character since the whole Damon thing. So pathetic and sends the wrong message to young teenage girls. Plus it’s a mess to ship…

  25. Lucy says:

    I think they need to put Stephan with Caroline. They make a good pair. I hope they bring Damon back. I don’t think the show would last long without him.

    • danish khan says:

      i think stefan with a new love story will be much liker but not with the caroline..Phobe tokin will be best for this bcos she is paul weasley real life girlfriend too..so it will be a little more realistic nd intersting to watch

  26. Summer says:

    OMG CAROLINEE ALL THE WAY HE SHOULD HOOK UP WITH HERR BUT ILY STEFAN idc what decision u make but it would be best with Carolinee

  27. lalala231 says:


  28. desiree says:

    As long as Damon comes back IDC about the triangle! :( I just want Damon back!

  29. craine says:

    In thd books its very different. I like the way they took the show. I am over the love triangle, that story line is dead. They need to find something better for Jeremys character other than the drug and alcohol use. I would like to see more people get storylines such as bonnie and caroline. Tired of everyone giving their lives for elena.

  30. Ariel says:

    Ummm I still think Elena and Stefan should be together cause they are destined like season 5 said because no matter what happens they will find each other to be soul mates.