How I Met Your Mother's Alternate Ending Paints Rosier Picture

Still crushed over How I Mother Your Mother‘s series finale?

An alternate conclusion to Ted’s tale — which was first teased as a DVD extra by co-creator Carter Bays following the divisive last episode — has surfaced on the interwebs.

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While reps have yet to confirm to TVLine that this is indeed the official alt ending, a new voiceover from Ted (as voiced by Bob Saget) strongly implies it is legit.

The video has since been taken down, but TVLine got a glimpse. So what’s different in this wrap-up? Ted’s VO on his wedding day is certainly more optimistic, even hinting at a bit of hope for Barney and Robin, and recaps pretty much his entire nine-year, “easy” run-up to meeting the future Mrs. Mosby. But it’s what’s not included that’s more important: Whereas the original ending found Tracy meeting an early demise and Ted eventually showing up at Robin’s apartment with the blue French horn, this one simply cuts off after Ted and Tracy’s train station meet-cute.

Press PLAY to watch Ted get his happy ending, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Eric says:

    The video is not working.

  2. K Erik Souza says:

    Blocked. That was fast.

  3. Babybop says:

    Dang it! Already blocked.

  4. The video is blocked due to copyright :(

  5. Anon says:

    It would help if it was actually possible watch it. All I get is “blahblahblah copyright issues”

  6. Amber says:

    Since no one got to see it before it was blocked, maybe your article could include more description. Just a thought.

  7. Zataar says:

    Dude…already blocked

  8. anonymouse says:

    seriously FOX? I really would have liked to have seen it

  9. ana paula says:

    It´s blocked by FOX :/

  10. Joe says:

    and blocked…..

  11. Hann789 says:

    UGH FOX! Unblock it!

  12. Analee says:

    Why is FOX blocking a clip on copyright grounds that comes from a show that originally aired on CBS? NOT YOURS TO BLOCK, FOX. NOT YOURS.

    • hello says:

      Fox actually owns the show because they are the production-company

      • angelfire17 says:

        Well I’ll be darned…I was unaware that Fox was actually the production company. You learn something new every day! I don’t usually pay attention to who produces what, so I never knew that.

        • Mark says:

          Just as well it was on CBS then because with Fox being the one season ponies they are these days it wouldn’t have got the run it got under there banner.

    • RDT says:

      Fox as in 20th Century Fox, i.e. the studio that owns the show. So, yeah, it is well within their rights.

      • angelfire17 says:

        Honestly? I don’t pay attention to who produces what, because I’m usually off in the bathroom or getting a drink during commercials and end credits. So I was unaware of this.

        • Miffy says:

          Well, then perhaps you should pay more attention before you shoot your mouth off.

          • angelfire17 says:

            Wow…why the negativity? I’m almost positive I’m not the only person who’s ever gotten something wrong before, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who didn’t know this.

            You seem a little more…I dunno…miffed at my error than you should be!

          • DYS says:

            They asked a question, and questions are normally asked because of wanting an answer, got that answer, admitted that they were unaware, and seemed thankful for their new knowledge. How horrible of them.

    • cuius says:

      Contained liberal tendencies

  13. powerturtle90sdudemon says:

    You’re right, it’s a /much/ happier ending that Tracy’s right to live was blocked on copyright grounds. This is why complaining never works

  14. RP says:

    Wow, they sure got to that one fast! The new ending was how it should have been all along. They’d almost be better off taking the other ending off the series altogether. There isn’t much enticing new fans to binge the entire series when it’s so widely known that the original was so damaging.

  15. Princess Adora says:

    People need to get over this. The ending made sense. If any changes should happen on the DVD it should be to include the cut out scenes that Alison Hannigan spoke about, which gives us more time with Tracy before her death and before Ted and Robin get together, so it doesn’t all feel so sudden.

    • S. says:

      No it didn’t and no we don’t have to get over it. They ruined the whole thing. It’s hard to muster up the energy to watch a previous episode anymore. Dangling a maybe on Robin/Barney would’ve been okay to an extent but spending a whole season on it made that divorce insufferable when they for sure broke up in the canon of the show. Then the fact that they spend so many years convincing us that Ted and Robin really shouldn’t be together only to insist on trying to shoehorn it in…that’s what happens when you try too hard to stick to something predetermined. The characters and writing should’ve led them another way. I doesn’t matter how sudden it seemed in the finale. It wouldn’t really have been enough to include the deleted scenes. Ted and Robin just shouldn’t have gotten together. By the end of the series it just wasn’t believable. It totally negated the emotional investment we had in Ted ending up with the not-yet-named Tracy. If they were going to have him end up with Robin, they needed to write it differently so that we had time to root for it even after having been talked out of it, and they needed to not have us fall for Tracy as a character despite the little we got of her. She was awesome. The alt ending sounds like many people would’ve been raving about it with some minor grumbling about the season being spent more on Robin/Barney’s wedding than they’d have liked instead of giving us a bit more Tracy. The real crime of it is that Ted and Robin didn’t feel inevitable in the end. Ted and Tracy did, and they switched her out on us.

      • tamara says:

        You are just a bitter shipper. From episode ONE its been about Robin. The ending we got wasn’t cliche. It was realistic. We love, we lose, we love again.

        • Cas says:

          I don’t understand why people are having such a hard time seeing this. To me it’s rather clear. Robin was the story the whole time, but life happens and sometimes it doesn’t exactly work out as expected but in the end it works out.

          • Ann says:

            Agreed. I love this ending because long-time viewers kinda expected the Mother’s death…so it didn’t just come out of nowhere. The ending was realistic. Who actually believes that in this day and age, Robin and Barney would remain married? Who hasn’t lost the love of their life because of death and found solace in an old flame? It’s realistic and it was lovely that he lived his dream life with his soul mate and was able to move on after her death.

            How many of you actually think that Ross and Rachel on Friends stayed together and lived happily ever after and that Rachel never resented giving up her dream job to settle down? Be realistic!

            I”d admit that the last season wasn’t that great. Extending weekend wedding for the entire season was a big mistake…but the finale was great.

          • Dmac says:

            Well good for you. Apparently they’re a lot of people who didn’t get it. Personally, I thought it was awful and a cop out from the writers. A series’s grows and changes organically after nine years and yet they still stuck to their ending they wrote back in season one. So no, I don’t get it and neither did they if they had to add an alternative ending so people will buy the series. As for me not know now not ever. The orginal is stuck in my head. *shudder*

          • matt says:

            Numerous polls have shown that the overwhelmingly vast majority of long time viewers hated the ending. If you’re one of the few who liked it, cool. We’re glad for you. But don’t try to justify it with stupid arguments about it being “realistic.” The entire show’s charm is based on lack of realism so this argument is just dumb. Besides, TV entertainment is meant as a temporary escape from reality. Their choice to end the series this way was poor, pure and simple.

          • KevyB says:

            I love the “realistic” argument! Cuz this show was nothing but a weekly foray into reality! The simple fact of the matter is, this show pretty much jumped the comedy shark after they killed Marshall’s father and had him moping around for a zillion episodes. So then they go in and kill the mother for the finale? They not only refused to learn from the history of the show, but they couldn’t even be bothered to realize that killing people in sitcoms rarely makes anyone happy. They just made so many dumb decisions over the last few seasons and this finale was just the rancid cherry on the cake.

        • Brooke says:

          It’s a bit odd calling us “shippers” when the title of the frakkin’ show was HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. We weren’t “shipping” them, the show had been telling us for 9 frakkin’ years that the Mother was the end game.

          • Zed says:

            LOVE this comment!

          • Mo says:

            YES. Thank you! The thing I was bitter about was spending the final season getting to know & love the future Mrs. Mosby, then in the last few minutes of the series she dies, off-screen! There was no need for them to stick so doggedly to an ending they decided on before they even knew where they were going to go.

          • wgsecretary says:

            ^^^^^^So much this! In discussions with my friends who watched the show, this always came up. Why was it called How I Met Your Mother when we barely got any of the mother? I was happy to go along with the journey and realized it was mostly about Ted’s journey to his future wife. I was fine with not meeting the mother until the end. That’s how I always assumed it would happen. But, the writing in the last season was poor. They ignored their own character development. No one will ever convince those who hated the ending that it was “realistic,” or any other positive term. No one will ever convince those who loved it that it was trash. We all should just agree to disagree. But, anyone with any sense, who can look at just the writing of the last season objectively, should see that there were some poor choices made. It is well documented that this was the ending they envisioned at the start of the series. Good writers would have realized that if they wanted to stick with that ending, some changes should have been made in the plan for the last season. I could have been ok with it being Robin in the end had they spent the last season giving me more of Ted and the mother, which was what fans had been waiting for for the entire run of the show. They should have shown more of Ted and Robin growing closer again after her death. It was too quick. This is a tv show. There was too much that was only told and not shown in terms of Ted and Robin growing closer again. An entire season of Robin and Barney in love and getting married ending with a divorce and Ted and Robin back together in the very last episode was just poor writing. They could have stuck to that ending and made both sides happy had they simply wrote the season in a better way.

        • Dmac says:

          I am not sure where you got that when we spent how many episodes convincing us it shouldn’t be Robin.

          • matt says:

            Seriously? You’re kidding right? Try watching any of the final four seasons. That was the ONLY ongoing plot device. I agree, though, that if they had done a better job throughout the season keeping us open to the idea of it being Robin in the end, that the finale would have worked better.

        • Ann says:

          The people who strongly disliked it went online and voiced their opinions…but the ones who thought it was okay, didn’t bother to voice opinion because they weren’t passionate either way… Online polls where you require people to log on a computer to voice an opinion don’t mean much…because the only sampling of polling you’d get are from the ones who are passionate about it either way. In these discussion threads, you read comments from people who passionately hate it or passionately loved the ending. The people who think it’s meh, don’t bother to voice their opinion…

          • matt says:

            Interesting point, but your evidence for this is no more scientific than the polls your criticize. If even a few more people vehemently hated the ending than there were who felt “meh” about it, it’s safe to say that the producers messed up. Don’t get me wrong, we get the logic behind their ending. It was just too short sighted and not as clever as they thought. Hey everyone makes mistakes. Too bad their biggest one was in the series finale!

        • DJ Doena says:

          The year 2014. Ted meets his future wife. A few years later. Barney and Robin split up.

          Robin leaves the gang because she can’t see Ted happy and doesn’t want to be around Barney.

          She disappears for about a decade.

          The year 2030. 16 years, Robin having been AWOL for a lot of years, Ted still loves Robin.

          Yeah, totally realistic.

          • Steven Bell says:

            Robin’s AWOL period ended in 2020 when Tracy convinced her to attend the wedding. She was gone 4 years. But what they really blew was the 6 missing years after Tracy died. What did Tracy say to get Robin to come to the wedding? What did Tracy say to Robin when she found out she was dying? What did Robin tell her? What happened when Ted was left with 2 small kids to raise?

            Who wouldn’t trade a few episodes explaining all of that instead of 10 episodes of Marshall driving around with Sherri Sheppard and ninjas hunting cell-phones.

            Did you see the episode where Robin found out she couldn’t have kids? They dropped a huge clue at the end that she may have helped him raise the kids as an “aunt” after their mom died. Would have totally explained the ending they chose and even Ted’s daughter’s disrespectful rant, but bizarrely they completely forgot about it.

            They also failed to make the case that by that point in their lives, Ted and Robin had both lived the lives they originally wanted, accomplished everything they wanted to do and no longer had a reason not to be with each other. They kind of half-assed made the case Ted was done parenting small kids and fulfilled his dream of a perfect marriage, but said nothing about Robin’s career slowing down or having her fill of world travel or her values changing.

            So it may be realistic, or it may not. But they left so much to the imagination that they just didn’t make their case.

            I can see both sides of the Robin/Tracy thing, but my take is this: if you’re going to stick your neck out and do something a good part of your fans will hate, you’d better make your case and execute perfectly…this fell far short of that by any standards.

            I think something went horribly wrong in the writing and the production, and we may not know for years what it was until someone’s contract ends and they write a behind the scenes book.

            For example, the awful filler stuff with Marshall’s road trip had to do with some scheduling conflict when he was filming Sex Tape.

            We know from Allyson Hannigan that bad decisions were made in editing certain scenes.

            We know there was some difficulty until the last minute deciding between endings.

            We also know the writers were capable of doing some high quality work and tying up some pretty intricate loose ends. Episode 200 “How Your Mother Met Me” was one of the best episodes of any sitcom I’ve ever seen in my life. The umbrella scene was perfect. Barney’s job was perfect. Almost every scene with Ted and Tracy was perfect. No pineapple explanation, but that’s ok – you can’t have everything…

            But they blew the ending, and that’s all anyone will remember. Out of context that rant was just disrespectful to their dead mother, factually wrong and to come right after the umbrella scene is something that just bothers me more every month. As someone who invested years I feel as entitled to a quality ending as Carter & Bays feel entitled to their artistic vision.

            I would hope at least there’s an explanation at some point, even if it’s embarrassing to some high powered people with huge egos, that doesn’t leave us feeling disrespected as fans. And seeing as how this already derailed the HIMYD spin-off I hope it does nothing to detract from Cristin Millioti’s new show because she was brilliant…

          • Ann says:

            If you think that’s what happened, then you entirely missed what happened in the last episode. Robin reappeared in Ted’s life when Penny was young…remember, she called Robin, the “bus lady.” After Ted’s wife died, Robin and Ted reconnected…maybe she reconnected with him to help console him after his wife’s death. As the kids were growing up, they saw her often enough to be able to call her “Aunt Robin” and as they’ve mentioned, she had come over for dinner before….so Robin didn’t disappear from Ted’s life. She was a busy women and if real-life is any indication, once she hit 40 yrs. old, she probably had a hard time working on television, because you very rarely see old women doing the news like you see old men…most women who do the news on tv are young.

        • JLK says:

          Oh please. It wasn’t realistic. Why do the few people who actually enjoyed the load of crap they dumped on us at the end keep trying to insist that it was realistic? It was a sunshine, sparkles and lollipops kind of ending. I was waiting for Ted to run up, kiss Robin and have fairy dust surround them because it was such a ridiculous fairy tale ending. The guy got the girl he’d been pining for, even though there was no earthly reason things should have ever worked out for them. They turned Robin into someone who gets divorced and, even though she lives an amazing life traveling all over the world, is incapable of meeting anyone or apparently doing anything except pining for the guy that she rejected over and over and over again to accomplish that goal. It’s just ridiculous. Honestly, all I could think as I was watching the finale was that Carter and/or Bays had some relationship with a woman earlier in their lives where they were rejected, and it broke their hearts and they created this show and ending as some kind of crazy wish fulfillment. The girl regrets the way she rejected the guy and then she winds up pining for him like he’s pined for her all those years! It’s just completely fantastical. It wasn’t cliche, I’ll give you that. But, realistic? No. Most people don’t sit around pining for something they chose not to pursue. They may wonder about the road not taken from time to time, but unless they’re completely insane, they remember why they made the decisions they made and move the hell on. But nope, Robin couldn’t do that, even though it was completely within her character to move on and not dwell. Just ridiculous.,,,

        • Michelle says:

          Love that. Very well said.

        • DL says:

          Who’s the shipper here? The whole last couple seasons have been about Ted LETTING GO of Robin. Which he finally did. That’s life. We form projections and expectations that don’t pan out, and then something unexpected happens that turns out better than anything we’d previously imagined. That’s how it was with Robin and Tracy. Ted had to let go of her to find the one he was really meant to be with. That was his ENTIRE ARC on the show. To pull a bait and switch at the last second and nix years of character development and him being able to let Robin go was completely WTF-worthy.
          Also, need I remind people who are saying the show has always been about Robin… Um, it’s called How I Met Your MOTHER. Not How I Finally Ended Up With Aunt Robin. Ted’s search for true love was always the CORE of this show, and to have him find it, and then have it snatched away, was infuriating as a fan. How is that so hard to understand? Wanting Ted to be with the woman he’s spent nine seasons looking for is hardly being a “shipper,” in my opinion. Saying Ted should end up with the woman who broke his heart countless times, over his true love, on the other hand, is definitely being a Ted/Robin “shipper.”

          • Brooke says:

            Agreed, agreed, agreed. Very well worded.

          • Dan says:

            I love you comment. Couldn’t agree more!

          • Ari says:

            Exactly! The last season especially was about Ted letting go of Robin. There was an entire episode dedicated to the metaphor of Robin being a balloon that he had to let go. So why, after what seemed like an eternity of waiting for Ted Mosby to realize Robin wasn’t right for him, do we suddenly end up back there? Oh because Ted Mosby is a jerk.

      • bimi says:

        I am totally on your side, I prefer the happy Ted/Tracy ending…however, I could have lived with the (aired) finale if the “final trick” of Carter and Craig would have been that Ted really told the kids the story of how he met their (future step-) MOTHER Robin instead the love story of him and their (biological) MOM Tracy. In my opinion, that also would have been a nice ending that makes sense (at least for me, if you have in mind that the kids always say “mom” and think about Tracy whereas Ted always says “mother”). But the aired one just does not feel right.

      • kidstellar says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more.

      • JohnnyB says:

        If you go back and watch the entire series, knowing the ending, you can see that there is a pretty serious narrative thread going through the entire thing that shows that Robin and Ted really were set up to be a good fit for the post-Tracy, post-Barney relationships. They really did keep coming back together – and each was the other’s go-to friend when their respective relationships fell apart.

        I’d have liked a bit more on Barney’s future, settling down as a single parent of his daughter…

    • Dmac says:

      Umm that would make it worse. Tracy by far was a better character than Robin. So how would having more of her make it better?

  16. It doesn’t matter… It’s like reading a book for a second time. The first ending is the one that will stay in your head forever.

    They know they f**ked up the show and this is their poor atempt at trying to get in the good graces of everyone who watched the show for nine years.

    If they wanted this ending they should have ended the show on it’s third Season. They wanted to do nine years of it? Well, then you MUST evolve with the show, since it can’t be stuck for six years. That’s writing 101.

    I’m never watching a show made by these two ever again.

    • John NYC says:

      Indeed. They got one try and, for me anyway, failed.

      Skip all reruns and as above, with shows being about trust, I’m avoiding these people.

      Nothing personal, just disagree with their apparent entertainment vision.

  17. Ryan says:

    Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long after the DVDs are released to see it. The season comes up on Netflix soon, so paying 30-40 for the extras seems a little harsh.

  18. CTRLALTDEL says:

    This is how it should have ended–not killing off the mother and having Ted go back to the mother—the death ending pissed me off so much I have stopped watching reruns and not going to buy the series box set–yes some may think it is silly of me–but that is how much the death pissed me off

    • ES says:

      I agree though. Why sit through those many, many episodes where we were told how wrong Robin & Ted were for each other and how perfect their Mother would be for him? And it made me feel like both Ted & Barney were written to break up with Robin so they could have their own kids. I feel like Robin’s character was not well served at all.

    • janna says:

      I couldn’t agree more. In fact I was just complaining to my husband that starting Monday nick at night is dropping Friends for HIMYM. I enjoyed the show so much when it aired but I can’t do the reruns. Not now. The ending was awful. It wouldn’t have been awful if they hadn’t spent 9 years telling us that Robin wasn’t the one Ted ends up with. Adamantly. Yes she wasn’t the mother, but to me it felt like they played a technicality. And then to spend the whole 9th season telling us how wonderful Tracy was – I really did like her much more than Robin. And the whole season at Barney and Robins wedding only to have them get divorced? I could have lived with her dying – it would have been sad. But so is life sometimes. Sending Ted back to Robin is where my issue is. I felt like I was lied to for 9 years.

    • Lindsey says:

      I don’t think it’s silly at all, and I feel the same way. I’ve tried to watch reruns every once in a while, and the ending completely ruined the show. Had it ended like this alternate ending (from what we can tell from the description), I would have continued to watch reruns and DVDs a lot. As it stands, I haven’t watched my DVDs because they ruined it so much. I would not watch another show by Bays and Thomas either.

  19. K says:

    Honestly I thought the ending was perfect as it was…..though I will say I did not watch the show as it aired over the years. I binge-watched on Netflix as soon as it finished. So to me, going through all that very quickly it made perfect sense that Ted would end up back with Robin. That was what the entire series was about. We barely got time to care about the mother….but I certainly cared about Robin and Ted. I’m glad Ted had his time with the mother….but I think the ending was the way it was supposed to be.

    • Zed says:

      That’s the debate I’ve had with friends who binge watched. I hated the ending, they loved it. But they didn’t spend summers dwelling on the little morsels of info we’d been left with in May about who this mysterious woman is and they didn’t have to count down the days until September. The reveal at the end of season 8 was a reward for all those years of patience and delayed gratification. So the finale literally undid 9 years of watching and waiting, and for that I cannot be happy with it.

      • Brooke says:

        I actually teared up at the reveal at the end of season 8. After 8 years of wondering it was just such an emotional moment. I agree that binge watching the entire show would not have the same impact.

      • Kate says:

        I binge watched and had just caught up as the finale ran around… and i hated it and it has ruined the whole show for me and made no sense to me after the last 4 seasons… i could get it after season 5/6 but futher than that hell no…

    • cuius says:

      Fully agree. Don’t know if the name has different connotations in USA, but as soon as they named her Tracy – it was a downer. The ending then made sense.

  20. Ram510 says:

    I thought the original ending was well done. It had it’s twist and turn just like real life. I personally wished that Barney and Robin would’ve stayed together, but that’s life, you never know where it’s going to take you. Most times life isn’t a pretty picture fairy tale, this isn’t Disney

  21. guest says:

    Does this count as an alternate ending if they just cut off the last terrible few minutes?

  22. Roy says:

    Fu@&ng A!!!
    That changes everything. Big mistake not going with this one in the first place.

  23. jab says:

    I know I am in the minority but I liked the original ending. Penny said it perfectly – the story was never about the mother it was about Robin. I always thought people were way too hung up on the title.

    • Lizabeth says:

      I am also in this minority. I was surprised by the ending but I wasn’t mad about it. I loved Barney and Robin together, yet somehow ending with Robin and Ted made sense to me. Plus, I appreciated the shock- factor of this twist. In no way did I see it coming.

  24. rk535 says:

    This was soooo fantastic. CBS is ridiculous for not making this the official ending. this will always be the end to me.

  25. AJ says:

    Excellent. Should have ended it that way.

  26. emw says:

    Awesome ending… much…much …MUCH better than the original. . I hated the original so much I stopped watching reruns hate it’s coming on nick at nite & deleted it from my dvr… I get real life but for goodness sake this was a comedy…I’m just glad Cristin has a new show to make up for that mess of an ending…

  27. Gordy says:

    Would have been so much — wait for it — better.

  28. Jesse says:

    Wow, this is so great. How the hell could they not use this?

  29. Jacqi says:

    Much better ending!

  30. Cassandra says:

    You can’t unring a bell. Anyone who watched the original ending, is still stuck with remembering that eventually Tracy will die and Ted still wants Robin.

  31. Nikunj Dixit says:

    This ending actually didn’t make all that much sense even though its emotionally more satisfying. Given that they did quite a build up around Tracy’s death in ‘Vesuvius’ and ‘The Time Travellers’, it makes no sense just to ignore it. For the ending to work, there would need to be an explanation, at least for ‘Vesuvius’. Then Robin’s sudden feelings for Ted are also left unaddressed in the ending. So it does seem like a manufactured ending just to please the fans and not an actual alternate ending that was a valid possibility.

  32. abz says:

    Even though I wouldn’t call it an alternate ending since all they did was cut off the dreadful last few minutes, that ending would have been WAYYYYYYYYY better than the route they chose. Can’t believe how stupid they were. As it stands now for me HIMYM had one of the worst finales (and pretty much final season) ever and is right up there with Dexter and True Blood. It’s a good thing that ridiculous HIMYD pilot didn’t get picked up.

  33. Colin says:

    The fact that people got so angry over the ending is stupid. I love the fact that this was the ending since the beginning. I wanted robin and ted together so this was perfect. How we got there in the last season was not great, but the last four or five episodes were perfect. So overall I guess I’m upset that they even released an alternate ending.

  34. Ann says:

    Okay, for those who want a more detailed description of the ending…I saw it. Here’s the best description I can give.

    Right after the scene where everyone is at the bar and Lily makes a toast “It was a long difficult road. Thank God we all finally got here” is Ted and the Mother’s wedding scene. At this point, we here Bob Saget’s voiceover instead of Josh Radnor’s. Bob Saget’s Future Ted says, “Aunt Lily was half right. It was a long road. You might even say it was a really, really, really long road. But difficult? Nah. It was life. Stuff falls apart and stuff gets put back together. (During the voice over is the wedding scene we saw in the finale, but where he says “stuff fall apart and gets put back together,” the camera has close-ups of Barney and Robin gazing at each other…I think this was shown in the original finale too but with different voiceover words…this might imply that things work out for the two of them in the long run).

    Bob Saget’s Future Ted continues his voiceover, “When I think how lucky I am to wake up next to your mother each morning, I can’t believe how easy it was.” At this point, the voice over continues to recap the entire series and we see a montage of the show with everything he talks about…he says something to the extant. “All I had to do was leave the apartment a few hours so Uncle Marshall can propose to Lily…meet Robin, fall in love with Robin, fall out of love with Robin…meet the wrong girl…meet the wrong girl again…let Barney fall in love with Robin,…let Robin fall in love with Barney…make sure they have a wedding…make sure they have a band…” It goes on like that, basically recapping the entire series at all the major points in his life that lead to him meeting the Mother…It’s too much to type, but you get the idea.

    The montage ends with Bob Saget’s Future Ted saying something like “…be in the right place at the right time and somehow summon the guts do the stupidest most impossible thing in the world. Walk up to that beautiful girl standing under the yellow umbrella and start talking.” Then we see the entire scene with Ted and the Mother talking under the yellow umbrella, like in the finale. After the conversation ends and the camera starts to slowly pan out, Bob Saget’s Future Ted says, “See, easy. And that kids, is how I met your mother.” Then the train passes by. That “Midnight Train” isn’t playing in the background. There is no music. Then the show ends with the same ending as the finale with all the actors and their names…with an instrumental background music, instead of the “Remember” song in the original ending.

    That’s the alternate version I saw and it seems legit as the writer of this article says because Bob Saget is doing the voiceover.

    • DL says:

      Sounds like the right ending to me!

    • Elsa says:

      Thank you so much for typing this description, you are an angel!! This ending would have been perfect.

    • Ann says:

      But see, even if the above alternate ending were the true ending, it wouldn’t make sense. It would leave some holes in the story, like why was Ted crying when the Mother said “No mom would miss her daughter’s wedding..” and also, in the alternate ending version, Future Ted speaks of the Mother in the present tense, which wouldn’t make sense why he never spoke to her in the present tense in the past, even when he was talking about what kind of person she is…like when he talks about her singing and doing goofy things at breakfast time, or painting….all this was spoken in the past tense….which always, to me, implied she no longer does those things, which makes sense if she were dead in the present…but makes no sense if she were still living. Am I to believe she no longer sings in the present time? Or paints? Or acts goofy? If she were alive, those voice overs would need to be changed to make it so that she still sings or acts goofy in the present tense. For a long time, the producers took special care to be consistent about speaking about her in the past tense because they knew she was dead in the future. The original ending is the only one that makes sense if you watch the entire series as a whole because they wrote the entire series based on how they wanted the show to end.

    • Lulu2 says:

      Thank you!!!!!

  35. Percysowner says:

    Too little too late. You get one chance to stick the landing and HIMYM failed SO badly that it’s too late to correct for me. I slight miss I could have lived with, but what they put out, I can’t unsee or put behind me.

  36. Ann says:

    I remember when 3rd Rock from the Sun ended and people didn’t like that ending. In subsequent re-airings of the show in syndication, they showed the alternate ending, which I hated. I hope syndicates don’t do that to How I Met Your Mother, because by doing so, the entire series won’t make as much sense…the original ending with the Mother’s death is beautiful and poignant.

  37. barbaradarlin says:

    It’s blocked by Fox!

  38. GuessWhat says:

    Is this it?

  39. Mike R. says:

    While I didn’t abhor the ending as much as some, but I think I will try my hardest to consider this the real ending in my mind, so if I do end rewatching to seeing an episode in syndication I won’t feel like very moment in the journey was pointless.

  40. Figures the proper ending is an ‘extra.’

  41. RyanC says:

    Oh how I wish they went with this ending instead. For everybody saying “but the show was always about robin”, yes, you’re technically right. But more accurately, and repeatedly it was about how ted and robin were inherently just not right for each other. In fact you could say that’s what the entire final season was about. And betraying years of character development for Barney because something something robin has a career was honestly bull. Just shoddy writing.

    Saying the ending was realistic, seriously? “Hey, I know we’ve not spoken in a decade, but remember that blue French horn joke from 25 years ago that we repeated with drastically diminishing returns? Let’s hook up. ” wow. So true to life.

    • NJMark says:

      I didn’t like the ending either, but it’s not true that they hadn’t spoken in a decade. They remained friends and in each other’s life. The kids commented on how he acted around her when she’d come over for dinner (which seemed to be somewhat frequently), and recognized that he still wanted her.

      • DJ Doena says:

        “I didn’t like the ending either, but it’s not true that they hadn’t spoken in a decade. They remained friends and in each other’s life.”

        That must have been after Tracy died. Because Robin explicitly left the group and was basically out of their lifes because she couldn’t be around Barney and see Ted happy.

        Which means that Robin returned at some point after Tracy’s death and re-inserted herself back in Ted’s life now that the “competition” was out of the way.

        That doesn’t speak very highly of Robin either though…

        • NJMark says:

          I don’t know about “competition,” or “re-inserted herself.” We don’t know who called who.
          We do know, from the kids, that at some point after Tracy’s death, Robin sometimes came over for dinner. I assume she didn’t barge in uninvited.

  42. Nikki says:

    I really liked this alternate ending, but I honestly didn’t have a huge problem with the original one. I was disappointed that the Mother ended up being dead, I thought that was a bit bleak, but in the end, despite the name of the show, it always was about Ted and Robin. How much he loved her and always came back to her, despite everything saying he shouldn’t and giving him so many other choices and obstacles. The finale just brought it full circle.

    • Journey95 says:

      blahhh thats just your opinion
      the show wasn’t about Ted and Robin for the last 4 seasons
      but you just keep thinking that

      • Nikki says:

        Sure, it’s an opinion. What else do people post here? But think about how many times Ted did come back to Robin, and how his feelings for her did end up interfering with his other relationships. Even in the later seasons, and supposedly right up to her wedding to Barney and that whole silly thing where Ted “let her go.”

        I want to be clear I’m not necessarily a Ted/Robin shipper or whatever, I actually really liked the Barney/Robin dynamic, and I wish we’d seen more of Ted and the Mother. It’s just my opinion that a recurring theme throughout the entire show was that Ted loved Robin and he always came back to that. I’d guess the writers felt the same given how it did end.

  43. Tee says:

    If they think that will cause me to buy the DVDs… hah.

  44. peter says:

    i’m ok with both endings but i’m glad that that’s is not the original
    in the future the kids tell ted that when aunt robin comes for dinner they are obvious about their feelings meaning that they see each other on the regular bases and she is not a total stranger like apear before, so is understandable they he realizes his feelings about robin

  45. Mike V says:

    Found a working link on reddit. Click on my name and it should take you there.

    Enjoyed the clip but miss the “downtown train” cover they played in the official ending. Definitely would’ve p.o.’d less people! :)

    • Fernanda says:

      Thanks, this ending was sweet but left the storyline of the mother’s sickness. Future Ted could say something like “I was afraid when she was sick but Thank God she stays with us..”. The Best part of this alternate ending, the recaps and Bob Saget’s voice

      • wgsecretary says:

        It appears she never got sick in the alternate ending. Everything is in the present tense. It looks like they were deciding between her dying and Ted ending up with Robin or her staying alive. The only mention of her death in the original ending was through all of the pictures they showed during the voice over in the finale, such as the Christmases and things like that.

        • Mike V says:

          Yeah but there was that episode near the end where they were clearly worried she was ski and a lot of foreshadowing before that in previous seasons/episodes. I thought the same thing that fernada said too. Pretty much implies they were never going to go with this ending but it’s still nice to see.

        • Ann says:

          According to Allyson Hannigan, they also filmed a funeral scene which wasn’t used in the finale. She has stated that she wish the producers had used that scene because it probably would have eased viewers’ minds. I hope someone gets a hold of that deleted scene and puts it on Youtube or hope it will at least be included in the dvd release.

  46. Kelly says:

    This show was always supposed to be about making the best out of a bad situation. That’s why I love the original ending, because it represents reality better than this alternate ending does. It shows that yes, tragedies do happen, but also, that you can get past it. If there’s a moral to the story of this show, it’s that. And I’m so glad that the creators reflected this in the ending. It may have been controversial, because it wasn’t perfect, but it was true to the show.

  47. S says:

    If this is truly the alternate ending, I am thrilled. I also question why on earth they thought to use anything else!!!

  48. R.O.B. says:

    I also think it would have been awesome if we found out the secret Barney has been hiding from Robin is that he is a field agent for the CIA (this could tie into his whole confidential informant thing with his workplace). He doesn’t divorce her. He recruits her and they both travel the world as spies. How legendary would that ending have been for them?

  49. Alice says:

    Sounds like they just copied the fan-made alternate endings that appeared hours after the finale.

    • Cecily says:

      I saw the video. The fan-made versions were BETTER because they didn’t have Bob Saget droning on and on. Basically, he recapped the entire series in a speech about what it took to get to that train platform. Ugh. The speech was lame and I could have done without it. We just needed to get to that conversation on the platform and that LOOK Josh Radnor gives her when he says “St. Patrick’s Day”. That is the payoff, and that’s all we wanted FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. (The alternate ending does get there, too, thank heavens.)