Is Castle Heading for Another Wedding? The Answer May Surprise You

Castle Wedding Season 7ABC’s Castle already has (literally) detoured Rick and Kate’s first go at a walk down the aisle. But once the smoke has cleared from the season-ending car crash site, might they take a stab at “I Do, Part 2”?

“That’s a good question….,” series star Nathan Fillion acknowledged during his Comic-Con Q&A with TVLine (posted below).

“‘How much longer can we make people wait for a wedding’? becomes my question,” he added. “You don’t want people to become bored in waiting.”

Well, don’t plan to get bored.

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Although ABC is mum on the topic, we are hearing that Rick and Kate will follow through on exchanging vows and become “Caskett” in the eyes of the law at some point during Season 7. (If you need us to narrow the timetable a bit, watch for the couple to tie the knot before the end of 2014.)

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And just what sort of ceremony might (the oh-so-patient) Castle fans expect? As series creator Andrew W. Marlowe told us in the wake of heart-crushing Season 6 cliffhanger, “We know that we owe them a wedding that accurately reflects who Castle and Beckett are.”

What do you think that means? Assuming that Rick’s Hamptons home has been “burned” (oops, too soon?) as an idyllic venue, where might the nuptials be held?

VIDEO: Castle‘s Nathan Fillion Asks: ‘How Much Longer Can We Make People Wait for a Wedding?’

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  1. Laura says:

    The writers already ruined my excitement about a caskett wedding.

    • S. says:

      Not me. Buck up, my young padawan. This cynicism is not the emotion you’re looking for, and it’s not been about whether they’ll get married. They will, and we’ll all probably cry like a baby when it happens.

      • I know that I will be on the floor crying…..I always get emotional during Castle, that’s why I love the show! (and think it’s still one of the best show ever!) it’s the only one that I feel connected to…….(thanks guys)

    • Q says:

      I really don’t care when, or if happen some wedding.
      It’s just senseless teasing to fans.
      It’s just show, nothing more.
      If they have good storyline, FUN, crime for solve, and again FUN, I will watch it.
      With or without wedding.

      If they come with boring stuff, I will say good bye in 2 sec.

    • Cindy W. says:

      No excitement here, either. I couldn’t care less. For the first time since Castle debuted 6 seasons ago, I’ll be DVRing and watching something else live.
      And if it is a wedding that is truly “Caskett” it will wind up on the cutting room floor with the rest of the wonderful scenes they’ve deleted in the last few seasons or it will happen off-screen!

  2. sofia says:

    It’s going to be on episode 7×06, isn’t it?

    • nicademus11 says:

      I think so too. That or the final episode before winter hiatus is my guess.

    • I was hoping for esp 6 but i’ll take 9/10 the last of the sweeps.

    • Allie says:

      I like how Marlowe and Co. try to make this all a big mystery as to when it will happen, but everyone has already guessed it to be 7×6, probably rightly so. It’s a Terri Miller episode, a few cast/crew have tweeted it will be a fan favorite/something we have never seen before, will be in the November sweeps. This is a no brainer. I think spur of moment, no planning this time. Definitely small and intimate. The where has to be a non-public place, I don’t think they would risk a location shot for the wedding, so maybe at the loft? I always thought the comment in The Greater Good about Dr. Seuss getting married in his living room would have some meaning down the road. The biggest question is, what will Kate wear? :-)

  3. chris says:

    Okay honestly I don’t even care about the wedding anymore after what they did last season. The garbage that was finale has left a bitter taste in my mouth, so whatever they force feed us is gonna be cheap. Oh how I wish things could’ve been different for Caskett, but Marlowe and company destroyed everything was the beautiful about those two, all that amazing build up went down the drain ever since they got together. Ugh.

    • S. says:

      No it didn’t. You just didn’t get what you wanted which is fine by me because I’d rather get the vision of the show creator than something out of fan fiction. Do what’s expected and they get criticized for being boring and predictable. They can’t spend every episode back at the apartment kissing for awhile and talking about their day. It costs too much to shoot. I think some people wouldn’t have been satisfied unless they got that. The finale wasn’t garbage. It was fine and did the job of setting up the new storyline (apologies for the rhyming). The real finale came when they got Bracken anyway.

      • Just one thing says:

        It’s great that Marlowe has apologists like you in the crowd to dismiss negative comments, but there are a few things you’re (purposely?) overlooking:
        1. The Wedding that Wasn’t has, by and large, been panned by viewers on both ends of the spectrum and otherwise dedicated TV writers throughout the web. This isn’t just a fringe group of fans who want Caskett going at it like Olitz.
        2. Unless you know more than the rest of us, you haven’t even SEEN this allegedly super-cool new mythology that sacrificed the Wedding that Wasn’t. In fact, it would seem only the big TV guns like TVLine and EW have even the faintest idea what to expect in a few weeks.
        Why? Because the showrunner(s) and ABC have chosen to shroud the entire story in mystery, as if we’re dealing with some Dexter or Breaking Bad-level “gotcha!” surprise here. As if Castle doesn’t revert back to procedural status quo by 7×02. As if the show’s writers haven’t demonstrated a complete lack of value for clear, impactful story arcs over a concise period of time.
        Casual, non-committed viewers are supposed to be enticed by repetitive showrunner quotes, inaccurate social media posts and 5-second teasers, when NBC and CBS are promoting their competing shows like their lives depend on it? Let’s see how well that works out in a few weeks.

        • TRivera says:

          Just for..Your posts have become predictable, boring and negative. This is just a show, a very good show but your over the top predictable, etc, comments read like some lonely person who thinks too highly of her/his self. You need a vacation from yourself as we certainly do from you. Boo-bye

          • Just one thing says:

            Thanks for making it personal and speaking for everyone on the Internet, pal. Message received. Enjoy the premiere!

          • lkh says:

            Well, well, well TRIvera here’s me thinking these horrid, nasty personal attacks had stopped here and you are a ‘swell enough person to bring them back (‘a swell enough person’ is a hidden name, really I wanted to say something much more colorful). Exactly why would YOU want comments from JOT who expresses positions in a well written way clearly with a sound grasp of language, comments that are well thought out and with an amazing consistency of position. Maybe we don’t always agree, but that’s ok, no? Evidently in your opinion the answer is ‘no’. And compared to myself, JOT seems to have a much better grasp of the workings of the entertainment business than I. Do you actually believe that JOT doesn’t have a real passion and interest in this show? Do you actually believe that we shouldn’t explore the strengths and weaknesses of a program in which we are all interested? Here’s something from the Dalai Lama that has helped me here (and believe me it hasn’t been easy) and might be valuable to you in the future: “Our purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

    • Annie says:

      Exactly. The entire last episode was horrible, ruined much of Beckett’s backstory and why? Is there a reason Castle’s “new mythology” couldn’t have happened after a wedding? Imagine if they’d spent the first half of the last episode on a beautiful Hamptons wedding and then started setting the scene for whatever they have planned for Castle. Can Marlowe really not imagine that a married couple is just as interesting as an engaged couple?

      • Just one thing says:

        I’ve been thinking a lot about that, and yes, I totally agree. Having the two finally – finally – see their happy ending with the wedding and their loved ones, only for Castle to be kidnapped, would’ve felt like a better rug-pulling maneuver.
        For the record, I still think ABC – or simple desperation – was the culprit for that episode.

        • Harvey says:

          Beckett knowing something about Castle’s past after the wedding would have been wrong to Beckett character. I mean, it might be wrong to make fans wait for wedding for a very long time, but the real mistake is that they didn’t bring up Castle past before.

      • Harvey says:

        Beckett knowing something about Castle’s past after the wedding would have been wrong to Beckett character. I mean, it might be wrong to make fans wait for wedding for a very long time, but the real mistake is that they didn’t bring up Castle’s past before.

    • some of it did…I wish they had done something different sure…..but all in all to me it made the characters better. I didn’t really enjoy the 623 all that much and yes they destroyed somethings but the over all pic/love story is still there and great!

    • Freda says:

      I liked the show until she started getting undressed every time you see her I liked it when she was playing hard to get now all she wants to do is get undressed

      • l marzen says:

        I like her undressed. What a figure! She can arrest me anytime! Great modeling shoots too. Definitely the most beautiful and sexiest actress on TV ! Kate Beckett forever! Bring on the LA episode swimsuit again!

  4. Andrea says:

    Thank you for posting this, I can’t wait for them to be married. I’m sure Marlowe and Co. have something wonderful planed!

  5. BrittBrat says:

    They should just get married at the police station since they and most of their friends are there already!!!

    • cody says:

      i’m thinking that they will be married at the precinct with Martha and Alexis showing up

    • one of the thoughts (through a dream I had) was at the morgue! creepy yes but totally Castle! I was hopping for the roof top (in season 1 where they meet-first time). Stars above and earth below……..(it’s kinda “space”/roller coaster”- like and Beckett/Castle could bungee jump off…..) lol……

  6. Matthew Weber says:

    That’s awesome news!

    For people who are still complaining about last seasons finale, get over it or stop watching the show. It wasn’t that bad, and I like the fact that they are trying to set up some new stories having to do with the Castle character. Could of it been a better season finale? Yes, but it wasn’t the worst one ever.

    I’m really excited for Season 7 to start.

    • Ben says:

      According to every poll taken at the end of the season, Castle’s was panned (virtually unanimously) as the worst finale, so not just some fans thought so,reviewers (even those that usually took the bright side of everything Castle) had tghe same opinion.

  7. LL624 says:

    The Hamptons house was the perfect venue for them. I don’t know what they could come up with that would be as good as that would’ve been.

    • S. says:

      Was it though? It was beautiful but it was more Rick than Kate. It’s important to her through him and when she first went there she had some insecurities. It would’ve been pleasant to see for us, but I’d like to find something that is important to both of them. Thinking of places where important things happened usually involves alleys, skyscrapers, the interrogation room, bars. Not ideal spots off the top of my head, at least if you want guests and the usual aisle walking. I’m trying to think of where they might wanna get hitched that will make us all go ‘awwww’ even if it’s not what you’d expect.

  8. Dan Henderson says:

    IN MY VIEW, two mistakes were made in/post-623 which caused the uproar of fans. First was the use of only the last 3 minutes to start the ‘mythology’ that is carrying on into S7. IN MY VIEW, thats not long enough to allow viewers to realize that it IS a new mythology..this left fans confused as to any possibility of knowing WHY. Second was Marlowe’s sophomoric act of laughing at the fans post-623 angst in his post-S6 interviews. Neither mistake showed class on the writers/producers part.

    • S. says:

      If the last 3 minutes are unacceptable for the new mythology, then you can’t have a wedding in them either. It would’ve been way too little time for that whereas the cliffhanger is supposed to say there’s more to come–“in my view” it did exactly what a cliffhanger does and too much lead up to it would’ve given the game away. It was a fake out for us because the characters also didn’t see it coming, but letting us know might’ve seemed cheesy or defused the suspense. I felt some dread about this wedding going off the whole episode. It felt like something was gonna happen and it did. The ceremony would’ve had to be wrapped up in far too little time. How could it be that different compared to other weddings if they’d gone ahead with that thing in the Hamptons? Pretty venue, aisle, vows, cake. Zzz. It needs to be longer and more intimate for the fans and specific to Caskett. As for Marlowe laughing (in text basically which we know conveys tone super well), well he knows darn well they’ll get married and believes it’ll be better the way he’s got it. The fact that you were insulted is just you projecting. He didn’t do anything to mock the fans, geez. If you trust him, you aren’t mad at that, you’re waiting to see where the journey takes you and Caskett. The only reason to get mad is if you weren’t really all in to begin with because it always pays off with his vision. Sometimes you’re not gonna like it in the moment but there’s a purpose to it, a method to the madness. People griped big time about the separation and angst between them until “Always” and then they melted.

      • Tolo says:

        What being more zZZzZzz was the fact that Marlowe tried to stall the actual wedding by using up the whole 30-something minute in the finale with them chasing after Rogan, going through as many tv tropes as he can fit in. If he has a clear vision of storytelling, he would have used that episode more wisely to set up a new mythology. Even if there was no wedding, more people would be willing to swallow it. What you fails to understand is that many fans feel that he just pulled a big rug under them. All season, they’ve been teasing the wedding. Heck, the promos teased too (but this is not under his controls). Where was the payoff?

        • the part that got me wasn’t they didn’t get married….it was how they showed the characters, both Beckett and Castle’s……I didn’t expect or want a quicky wedding, but the ending is what i didn’t like…(i guess it was cause i was in a wreck like that-got out of car-then have it blow up minutes later) .if he ended it say at the phone call and not shown the car I would have been better…….but to me the best one would have ended the season with the season finale was done in 622 when they finally got Bracken…..

        • Harvey says:

          Beckett knowing something about Castle’s past after the wedding would have been wrong to Beckett character. I mean, it might be wrong to make fans wait for wedding for a very long time, but the real mistake is that they didn’t bring up Castle s past before.

          • carbono says:

            I agree Harvey! He has been the forgotten man for much too long. Sounds like they plan to rectify that this final season though! While I didn’t like all of the silly overused crap in that finale I am really looking forward to this season 7 premier.

      • Harvey says:

        Actually they could have made somethings, I mean, if they are going back to Castle’s backstory and everything, there should have been some scenes in which maybe, Castle wants to tell something to Beckett, but isn’t able to, in the finale or even in other episodes of the season, that would have been better.

      • I like your comments, but there are two things–It is REALLY hard to even consider the start of a ‘new mythology’ that AWM mentions..we saw 3 minutes–that’s all in 623, and there was nothing but a Black SUV which MIGHT have been a part of a “new mythology”. So–we take AWM’s word for that? With the showrunner’s performance in the past, and particularly in S6, I won’t be fooled by idle and failed promises–we had too many of those in S6 promotions to even consider putting much faith into any showrunner comments. The second is that hopefully the new showrunner won’t laugh at, or disrespect the fans like the past one did in his post S6 finale interview. Lots of fans do not appear to be coming back because of the perceived ‘arrogance’ of the showrunner. I hope that won’t be the case for 701, but there seems to be still a lot of negativity out there in the fandom. Word of Advice–it’s your show–give the fans an opportunity to believe the writers/showrunner by making the episodes reflect the words you give the fans. If you don’t, the fan base will drift away. That surely did not happen in S6.

    • Mika Charles says:

      I didn’t mind those last few minutes kicking off the new mythology, I thought the was they best part of the show. My problem was that it was the tag for an otherwise lame episode.

      Looking forward to the premiere!

  9. Kourt says:

    My bet is the wedding episode being 706

  10. Christy says:

    I could see them using the Swings. Or the library.
    SO excited to see where this “new mythology” goes and more of Castle’s backstory. And think of it this way, by the time we actually got to the venue in the finale, the wedding would have been 5 minutes long. Maybe now we’ll get more of it. Like vows, first dance or some of the reception. *fingers crossed*

  11. Tran says:

    Talk about a “wedding car crash”.

  12. Mallory says:

    I honestly don’t understand why people really thought they were gonna get a wedding last season. I’m pretty sure they said it wasn’t a sure thing and besides, their (supposed) competitor Bones had a wedding last season…why give haters yet another thing to say Castle is copying from Bones? Just saying… I’m very excited to sweet progress of Caskett’s relationship, wedded or not. But hey, it’s only my opinion :)

    • Mallory says:

      See, not sweet. Random autocorrect

    • why does everyone compare the two (“bones” and “castle”) of them……I haven’t seen “bones” in a long long time and it is nothing like “Castle”, not even close (no offence to those who love that show-I just saying) And to me they aren’t copying anything-at least I hope they aren’t.

      • Mallory says:

        I don’t think they copy each other either; I’m just saying some “haters” say that, and why would TPTB want to give more ‘fuel to the fire’ per se. That’s all I’m saying. :)

  13. Fran says:

    Sounds good to me. I’ve never watched the show just to see a wedding between the two, and honestly…. with the excessive amount of time they spent on wedding talk last season, I’m surprised anyone actually thought it would happen. The Hamptons wasn’t right for the two of then anyway. I’d rather see a small, intimate ceremony and then its on to business as usual. I know people still won’t be happy with this but Im looking forward to it.

  14. lame says:

    Episode six or seven, whichever ep. they’re filming now, is the wedding. Should air about mid November.

  15. Just one thing says:

    I wish I cared that they were still getting married. LOL
    I’m not a romantic, and I didn’t think Castle and Beckett ever needed to get married, but the ad infinitum talk leading up to the “Wedding that Wasn’t” (after admittedly funny, but totally stupid and unnecessary hijinks), I can’t imagine how they can get married in a couple months without further planning discussions sounding redundant.
    It seems like it would have to be a spur-of-the-moment decision, which could be nice in its own right, but I’m not holding my breath on it being “organic.” It’d be different if the writers maintained arcs over consecutive episodes, but they’re not very good at that. So the idea of a “when are we getting married?” theme being sustained over 5-6 episodes is rather laughable.
    And then there’s the risk of a subdued wedding coming off as “cheap” for any viewer who saw the elaborate design the WTW underwent by crew in comparison. (I always kvetch about ABC pinching Castle’s pennies, but what an unholy waste of money…)

  16. Kate says:

    Now that I know the wedding is before the end of the year, I’m even more excited for the new season to start. I can’t wait!

  17. Mary says:

    I´m sure I´ll love it! I enjoyed s6 finale for the new possibilities it opened and I don´t care there wasn´t a wedding (I´m not the type of fan who hates something just because the creators didn´t give me what I wanted – if they did, they wouldn´t be able to surprise me)! And, anyways, I don´t watch the show because of the C/B relationship, that is just a bonus…

  18. BetiSA says:

    Season 7 will be the last one, so stop worrying about the plot and enjoy it!

    • lame says:

      That depends on the two leads signing on for another season or two.

      • Badpenny says:

        Nathan has been clear about not liking the hours of a series and wanting to do smaller projects when his contract is up. There will not be a Season 8. Even Andrew Marlowe has moved on to other projects now – not the least of which being a Derek Storm series.

        • John NYC says:

          That has the smell more of people’s fantasy based on their dislike of Fillion. Quite the over reaction for a missed day at work IMHO.

          • Maria says:

            Nope. I adore Nathan Fillion (and Stana) and it’s pretty obvious to me that he will likely move on after this season. The guy looks bored out of his mind.

          • Badpenny says:

            Go look up the Canadian Convention video he was at last year. He was asked directly by one of the fans in the seminar. He gives a fairly direct answer. He’s tired of the 16 hour days. He wants to do smaller projects once his 7 years is up. There’s nothing wrong with him not wanting to keep working 80-hour weeks and only having 3 months off from that.

          • John NYC says:

            Badpenny- Indeed there is not. For the sake of a show I enjoy and would wish to continue I’d be disappointed were that to come about.

        • David4 says:

          The actors of Supernatural had said the same thing during the 5th season.

          Season 10 starts this month.

        • Harvey says:

          There would have to be, I mean, it would look odd that they ended Bracken storyline just a season, which would mean only 2 episodes, as that story is picked up in 1-2 episodes in the whole season before the whole series ended. That will be pointless, anyone would know that a whole series plus Bracken ending would have been bigger than ending a series with a new mythology that has come for only a season.

      • BetiSA says:

        @lame NO, imo it depends on ratings, which will be lower than last year, I guess 1.4 or 1.5 and 7 or 8 mill. no more than that. Tough competition this year.

  19. DarkDefender says:

    I was not surprised the wedding didn’t go off, since we were given every little detail throughout the season (left nothing to show – and no surprise – on wedding day).. While I agree the crash seemed ill timed and the “I’m already married” storyline a bit contrived.. I’m still glad to be a Castle fan and have no plans to stop watching my favorite show.
    The only TV wedding I thought knocked it out of the park as organic to the characters, was the Meredith/Derek post-it wedding. That was perfection.
    If I was going to choose the new wedding site I’d pick the NY Public Library (my first choice all along) or the park by the swings. Just Caskett, Martha, Jim, Alexis, Lanie, Espo, Ryan, Jenny and maybe even Gates with Judge Markaway officiatiating the nuptials. <– this, because on their 1 minute guest lists they only listed each other and it should be a very small intimate affair.

    • Fran says:

      Yep I agree that the wedding not happening wasn’t a surprise, but like others have said, it would have been nice if the crash happened after they were married. Like you though, it certainly doesn’t make me enjoy the show any less.

      And I actually really like your thoughts on a wedding at the library and the guest list, I think that would be fantastic and much better than the Hamptons.

    • i thought that too. it does seem to fit with the “castle” style. i would laugh if i’m right…..people did call me crazy for thinking that!

    • Boiler says:

      Great idea doing the wedding in the park by the swings. OR catch 3xk and have him and Bracken watching from jail cells:). Really looking forward to the new season!

  20. MKS says:

    Guys how about something fresh as opposed to reposting what was said over the past four months? There is absolutely nothing new in this article that we did not already know.

    • Fran says:

      I didn’t know the wedding was going to take place before the end of this year so its news to me. I don’t catch every article about Castle though so I guess that’s already been said here?

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        You’re not crazy — that a wedding would definitely happen this season had not been reported before, let alone the “by year’s end” timetable. This is in fact new information. Enjoy!

  21. Lori Anderson says:

    I think it could be in a church. Just knowing that they’re getting married is enough for me.

  22. Tina says:

    Why not have it at The Old Haunt bar that Castle bought. There should be no trouble getting that venue any time. Just a thought…

  23. arial2 says:

    The Cloisters would be a nice NYC setting. So would a Central Park location. Just so it’s not at City Hall. I’d like to see someplace more festive than a government building.

  24. lame says:

    The question that should be asked is, what the hell is Beckett gonna wear. She’s had two gowns trashed, everything with sentimental valued has been destroyed. Maybe she’ll do a Julia Roberts and go to the Gap.

  25. LadyC says:

    Have you ever had a day when everything you do goes wrong? You drop something and it takes 3 tries to pick it up and so on? This seems to be the case with Rick and Kate. The writers of this show are very inventive and imaginative. Give them a chance……they’ll gt that wedding accomplished and makes us all happy. I imagined them chasing a felon in a car, or maybe a school bus, with Ryan and Espo (as witnesses)and a Minister or Justice of the Peace in tow performing the ceremony during the chase…..wouldn’t that be a hoot?

  26. Ben says:

    Wedding talk doens’t do much for me (and a number of others, I’m finding). Seems to be a case of WAY too late (SHOULD have happened in 6X23.) Too late now to generate very much excitement. Someone’s ego got in the way and has about killed Castle for more seasons. JMO (And, as I said, I’m finding a number of others who feel the same way.)

  27. Leona says:

    I have watched all of the Castle episodes and the cliffhanger of last season ruined the whole show. After 5 seasons I think the fans deserved more. I don’t know if I can watch another episode.

    • carbono says:

      You’re kidding me? The season 6 finale wasn’t as bad as the final 3 ep’s of season 5! Those 3 ep’s made absolutely no sense what-so-ever following the ep’s aired right before them. All of sudden Kate is worried about Castle’s commitment? She’s flirting (and almost kissing) some rich dude? She lies to Castle about a job interview? Castle had just stood by her side while she stood on a bomb!!! Then to top it off the least romantic proposal in tv history! But if I can get over those ep’s (I just pretend they never happened & even own season 5) I will get over the totally cliche’d season 6 finale. Actually looking forward to the season 7 premiere more than ANY other season before this! Ooops, sorry I somehow forgot the season 5 premiere! That was the best one. Anyway, Castle finally being a part of the show again is great news to me!! I love both Stana & Nathan but he’s really been underused for awhile now. Can’t wait til he’s back to being a competent member of the team instead of just reacting to whatever is happening to Kate. Not saying they need to soley focus on him but at least have them both working together & as equals as it was in the beginning. He was very clever & helped come up w/clues that actually helped. So buck up Leona I think it’s going to be a great season! Also, unfortunately the last season so may as well see how it all ends! 9/29 cannot get here quick enough!

      • Harvey says:

        Agreed bro! I hated Season 5’s ending, especially that Eric episode, for me, that episode actually came close to ruining Beckett’s character and their relationship than Season 6’s last episode did. I don’t watch Season 5 at all almost because the ending was this bad, especially Eric episode.

  28. lame says:

    The overnight ratings on Sept.30 will tell if the production has lost fans or not. Castle will be facing what appears to be strong competition for their time slot.

    • lkh says:

      I dunno. October 7 might say more–folks are pretty curious and might just tune in on Sept 29 for only that reason. If it’s not good, October 6 may suffer.

    • carbono says:

      Anyway you look at it the ratings are going to go down. NCIS LA (Is that what it’s called?) comes with a huge fan base so there’s no way the ratings don’t suffer. Like most people keep saying though it really doesn’t matter as this is almost definitely the final season. I can’t see ABC being dumb enough to cancel it during the season no matter what so really ratings don’t matter this year.

  29. N says:

    I’ll wait…..Patiently :-P

  30. David4 says:

    “You don’t want people to become bored in waiting.”

    Too late!

  31. ljd213 says:

    The wedding will have to be at the swing set where they’ve had some of their most emotional scenes.

    It’ll be wrapped in ribbons and flowers….

  32. Pat says:

    Rick’s Hamptons Home was burned, is this for real??? Was this a definite spoiler oops?? I think they will get married, but it will be a low-keyed wedding.

  33. Rich Abey says:

    As long as they handle it with far more grace & subtlety than they did in the Season 6 ender we’ll be okay.

  34. a says:

    Their wedding is just going to be some 30 second (if that long) tag on the end of an otherwise mediocre episode. We’re not going to see anything but them either standing at the end of the aisle or walking into City Hall. That’s the wedding Marlowe thinks the fans – and the characters – deserve. Such a hack of a showrunner.

  35. Kristina says:

    my guess is that they’ll have it during the sweep week(s), so it could be toward the end of November… at least, that’s what I think. by (possibly) having it during sweep week, then, hopefully, the ratings will rise or stay steady for it. seeing as it could potentially be the “Caskett” wedding, I don’t see how that could be a problem! either way, regardless of when the wedding is, I’m excited! I love this show and can’t wait for the Season 7 premiere!

  36. whydoucare says:

    I think it was a mistake having them finally given in to their lust. It is always fleeting at best number one. The show is losing it’s luster and starting to drag so if they marry or not (I go for not sorry) don’t think it will last as entertainment much long but as you know the networks they drag it out sucking the very marrow out. Too bad was a great show still love them all though.

  37. PLC says:

    The serie can’t be as great as it was as long as whatever is going on with NF and SK isn’t cleared. And I don’t think it will be so … You would thought they’d at least tried to remain professional but no, we have to keep watching the most awkward relationship betweem two leads.

    • Mallory says:

      what do you mean ‘whatever is going on with NF and SK isn’t cleared’? Did something happen that no one knows about? “remain professional”? i’m so confused…

    • Mallory says:

      I’m confused. What do you mean by “whatever is going on with NF and SK isn’t cleared”? “remain professional”? did something happen that virtually no one else knows about? I don’t understand…

      • Mallory says:

        shoot. didn’t mean to post twice. didn’t think the first one took. Sorry!

      • carbono says:

        There have been rumors for quite awhile that Nathan & Stana don’t get along at all. While sometimes I do believe that something is going on there is 1 story that makes me think that everything’s fine. 1 of the producers has said that in that beginning scene of “Still” when they’re in the bedroom & Kate is on Rick’s lap & they kiss then she gets off & starts walking away to get ready for work but then yells wait! and comes running back & kisses him again. That was Stana improvising that last part of the scene. Now if they hate each other as much as the rumors say would she really be that comfortable improvising an added kissing scene? Food for thought.

  38. I don’t care where they get married, as long as they do!

  39. Brigid says:

    I liked the season finale, it left me with questions and makes me want to come back this season for the answers. I really don’t understand the criticism from fans. I’ve read all the negative comments and I completely disagree. I think Marlowe is a great writer and has written this couple wonderfully. This is one fan who will be watching the season premiere with excitement.

    • i can’t say for everyone but i think the fans thought they were waiting all 6 seasons for the wedding which didn’t happen and fans thought they were cheated….i know that i thought that too I was somewhat happy with the esp-not all- cause of the car scene and what they did to the characters. i don’t blame the fans to be upset. they have every right to. i can’t wait for it to come back! go Castle. (IMO-you’re still number one show!)

  40. Jim says:

    Show runners running scared. After disastrous finale of season 6 they fear that ratings will fall because marriage ceremony will not take place in first 2 episodes. Damage control in an attempt to hold the viewers through November sweeps. Wedding hook has lost it’s touch. Each succeeds or fails on it’s own against tough competition. They need to be concerned.

    • true to that. i think they are “leaking” info cause they want to do “damage control” more than give anything away to sway the fans to come back, which IMO is a good thing. I for one am still on the fence to return but the more that i get the more i think that i will stick with the show that I do love very much, (has some of the best actors in it). They do need all the help that they can get. I will be watching Monday night football this year too….. if i’m not impress with the 1st esp I might go for “blacklist” and watch reruns later one……

  41. Jace says:

    I know people are gonna jump on me but I’m kinda tired of Caskett and it’s partly because Nathan looks bored as Castle while Stana is giving it her all in every scene. I wish they’d just break-up and give Beckett a hot, sexy guy who will adore her and have chemistry with her in intimate scenes. I remember when Ioan Gruffudd was on the show…he and Stana had so much chemistry, that spark, whereas Nathan is just not into it anymore. I’m just not feelin it with Rick I bet Nathan would much rather be pimping Firefly right now. Caskett has been a major dud, and Marlowe and co. have ruined everything that I loved about them. Don’t really care for a wedding now, the moment has passed and whatever they do now is just cheap trash.

    • Alex says:

      To be honest, I’ve found Castle’s character boring since season 4, I don’t know if it’s Nathan’s fault but he has nothing to do with the character I used to love.
      But I wish eveyone would understand the show can’t exist without him, just like it couldn’t without Beckett. If Nathan or Stana want to stop and move on, Castle is over.

    • you’r not the only fan that has seen that, i don’t see the fun,driven, spark loving Castle anymore but i never gave up (Yet) cause i really like the actor. love to see what he can do and yes the writing has to do with it too.

  42. GRACIE says:


  43. Aj says:

    For fans to wait for so long it’s not right seams they want to hold on the fans as long as they can they are going to lose then nathian is right how long can yor wait.?

  44. polly says:

    I would like to know why some shows are aired for some others don’t. I love the show!

  45. JW says:

    I just hope they don’t drag it out for too long. I hate when a plot thread/story line just goes on and on with no end in sight. Do it and move on to a new plot.

  46. lame says:

    Now let’s see if AWM & CO devote more time to Caskett’s ceremony than they did to Ryan’s. What was that four minuets?

    • lame says:

      Oh yeah, Three and a three quarters of those minuets were in the vestibule.

    • i hope so too…. I just hope however (whenever) they decide to do it. They will do it justice. I’ll stick around even though I’m still up-set about the 623 finale. (I love the show and the actors too much-as a whole) There were so many ways (besides a wedding) to get fans coming back……When does sep get here?
      oh wait it is…..

  47. shirley says:

    Just please give us a wedding.
    The wedding that” we fans” deserve.
    That is all.

    Thank You

  48. and so are you…no really he seems to be getting there but who really cares, he still looks good….and to me it doesn’t change him as an actor (look at a lot of actors these days!-sorry).

  49. lame says:

    Marlowe said the ceremony will reflect both. Okay, Castle does everything huge, Beckett wanted something that included her family. Castle is an internationally famous multimillionaire author, Beckett has gain notoriety in the press as Castle’s muse and her association with him. Both are an item in the New York social scene. Now let’s see how Marlowe translates those Castle facts into the ceremony. He’ll either be cheered or raked over the coals, especially since a large number of fans hold him responsible for the infamous, hated episode 6.23.

    • lame says:

      Wonder if that warehouse in Vernon, that’s been used for two days of filming so far is the wedding ceremony in progress. Hummmm.

  50. JoyAnne says:

    Wow. I thought I was a big Castle fan but all these comments make me feel like a newbie to the show. :). About that last episode. I did not enjoy it but not because of the delayed wedding or the missing Castle. I never figured out how someone as intelligent as Becket didn’t know she was married. Now that was done in TBBT. Penny found out she was married in what she thought was a joke wedding. That made sense. It’s a comedy and she plays at being stupid but funny. Becket on the other hand is an intelligent law officer. To me it did not make sense. Plus the crazy way they went about fixing it. And a question. What in earth have I missed about something in Castles past that Kate needs to be told? Did he miscounted the # of ex wives? Sorry for being stupid but I don’t get it.

    • Harvey says:

      Obviously it’s something he hasn’t told her, and that’s why it hasn’t come on the show yet, how would or anyone know it? We all know he didn’t have a father, his mother was struggling, he was home sick, I think, he had to change schools many times, it’s obvious that at one point he might have done something, or something risky, anything. How is that stupid?

      • that’s what this season is going to get into his past…..i like to know why he changed his name, but i think some of it has to do with the people that he met while writing his DS books…..bad guys…..umm……it will be fun to find out what……it must have been something major to stop a wedding! I just hope fan, real fans don’t give up on the two of them or the show for that matter! I still say and I’m sticking to it, that this is and will be one of the best shows of all times. (that is till i see another one that can match it)

    • not too many people understood that one either! i was confused at how she couldn’t know, anyway i thought was a pretty good esp…..I watched it only twice so far, and well i think that it’s growing on me. of course I’m a big NF and SK fan, can’t get enough of them. sexy and handsome at the same time!