Big Brother Recap: Double the Evictions, Double the Fun

Big Brother 16 Double Eviction

Before Thursday’s episode of Big Brother even began, I knew how I was going to start this recap.

I was going to talk about how dull this season has been, how the Detonators have easily steamrolled over their fellow houseguests all summer and how we all know Derrick is going to win this thing, unless something major happens in the next couple of weeks.

And while Thursday’s double eviction episode didn’t flip the script that much, it certainly did bring one houseguest’s journey to an unexpected end.

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THE WEEK SO FAR | This week actually began with a teeny, tiny pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel for Nicole. Even though the Detonators continued to perceive her as a competitive threat — for reasons that still baffle me as I write this — Derrick, Cody and Caleb finally clued into Christine’s untrustworthiness. They put her on the block next to Nicole, agreeing that Nicole’s inevitable eviction could wait another week. It was all falling into place so perfectly!… until Christine triumphed in the Power of Veto competition and promptly removed herself from the block. And even though Caleb and his cronies contemplated — can I pat myself on the back for that alliteration? — backdooring their equally shady ally Frankie, Caleb ultimately squashed what was probably his last chance to make a big strategic move this season that was actually his to make. He decided to nominate Victoria instead — all the while delivering an appalling speech about how Victoria shouldn’t fret, because Nicole’s still Public Enemy No. 1 — and prompted Victoria to make her most astute Diary Room observation ever: “He’s just a wimp.”

So, it’s a somber mood (for Nicole fans, at least) heading into the double eviction — but the evening wasn’t entirely without its highlights. Here’s how it went down:

* Before the live festivities begin, we get a glimpse at the last few days in the BB house, where, in the spirit of this season’s contestants confessing all their sins to each other, Caleb admits to Frankie that he considered backdooring him. Frankie’s reaction is essentially, “Moi?!” and, although he’s not surprised to learn that he’s becoming a target among the Detonators, he is concerned with who brought up the backdoor plan. Caleb pins it on Cody, Derrick gets evasive and Frankie is skeptical of the whole lot of ’em.

* The night’s first eviction isn’t a surprise to anyone, not even Nicole, who gives a surprisingly gutsy goodbye speech to the contestants: “Let’s stop playing Big Baby, let’s start playing Big Brother and let’s make some big game moves!” She’s got no chance of staying — evidenced by the 4-0 vote to boot her — but her last-minute moment of gumption earns cheers from the studio audience and a “Well done!” from Julie Chen (which feels a lot like that moment in The Devil Wears Prada where Meryl Streep’s character gives her steely nod of approval). Oh, and in case you’re wondering how Nicole and Hayden’s showmance is going, here’s an adorable schoolyard moment from the jury house: “We both admitted we liked each other!” Presh.

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* The final six contestants head outside for a Q&A-based Head of Household competition, which Derrick wins in one question. (Given Derrick’s track record with competitions, does anyone else think he was actually trying to throw the HOH challenge, and accidentally won? Theorize in the comments!) Regardless, Derrick’s HOH reign plays out a lot like the last season of Game of Thrones, except instead of Daenerys listening to the requests of her people from atop a throne, Derrick waits in one of the house bedrooms while each remaining houseguest enters, pleads his or her case not to get nominated and leaves Derrick alone. But the men of the Detonators seem to have a rock-solid plan: Victoria and Christine will go up on the block (with the goal of evicting Christine), and Frankie will be the replacement nominee if Christine wins the Power of Veto.

* That plan goes about as smoothly as anyone could have asked for. Frankie pulls out a Power of Veto victory, leaves Derrick’s nominations as they are and Christine is swiftly evicted in a unanimous vote. And not only does Christine bolt out the front door without saying goodbye to anyone, but she’s met with overwhelming boos from the studio audience. (Which the houseguests can totally hear, by the way: “That means we made the right decision!” Frankie says, while the rest of us just sit back and let it sink in that Victoria is probably going to win $50,000 in a couple of weeks.) And in case your memory needs jogging, the last time a houseguest was booed that hard, Season 15 contestant Aaryn was getting skewered for her racist comments. Lesson learned: Cozying up to a guy who’s not your husband all summer will put you on the BB viewers’ blacklist.

So, in short:

First houseguest evicted: Nicole
Head of Household: Derrick
Nominated: Victoria and Christine
Power of Veto Winner: Frankie (leaves nominations the same)
Second houseguest evicted: Christine

* Before we’re left to eavesdrop on the houseguests, Julie informs us of yet another twist: the Big Brother Rewind button, which, if pressed sometime in the next week, will bring Wednesday’s live eviction to a screeching halt and reset the events of the entire week (meaning that next week’s nominees could feasibly avoid eviction altogether). Am I a cynic for thinking that this twist will probably be a flop? (No need to answer that. I’m definitely a cynic.)

What are your thoughts on Nicole and Christine’s evictions? Did you think the Power of Veto competition was a little too easy? And might Jeff and Jordan’s return to the Big Brother house already be the highlight of next week’s episodes? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sam says:

    I stopped watching weeks ago, but Christine’s elimination still stings. Yet another season of reality TV where the men have all the power in the game. For my money, Frankie is the only likable one left. Derrick’s okay but reeaaallllyyy boring, and the other two guys are both pretty much just eye candy.

    That being said, I’m shocked Victoria’s stayed so long. The fact that a floater made it this far is pretty damning evidence that this season is a misfire.

    • dys says:

      I don’t personally think that it is too shocking that Victoria has made it this far because she in all likelihood has no chance of winning, therefore making her a non threat and a perfect person to bring to the end.

    • Bartleby says:

      You clearly haven’t watched the last few weeks, or seen anything from the live feeds, because Frankie is by far the most awful and least likable one left.

    • Cj says:

      Frankie is the only likeable one? Are you crazy he’s a villain and acts and says repulsive things. He insults gay men With his stereotypical flamboyant presence.

      • Sarah says:

        Not to mention the way he practically jumps the guys in the house. If he acted that way toward a girl, it would practically be considered assault.

        • TomG says:

          It wouldn’t “practically” be considered an assault — he’d be jailed.

        • Dude says:

          The guys don’t even seem to like it. He grabbed Caleb’s crotch last night and he yelled “Stop! People are going to think Im a fruit”

        • B says:

          That’ a very good point. All too often gay men get away with either overtly rude behavior or borderline sexual assault, on the basis of it being a part of their “sassy” personalities.

          And before people yap at me, I say this AS a gay man, albeit who has little patience when I am on the receiving end of unwelcome gropes myself.

        • AlsoMaggie says:

          That’s what happens when last years BB house used the racist card. The BB16 players were warned to watch themselves. So even if they hate Frankie hanging all over them and making moves, they just try to ignore it so as not to cause controversy like last year. Gosh I’m sick of all this PC crap.

      • Frankie’s “flamboyant presence” is not insulting to gay men, at least those with a modicum of self-respect. Some gay men are feminine…deal with it.

        Frankie’s actions and words are what I find insulting to gay and straight people alike. He is a horrible person but it has nothing to do with his femininity/flamboyant demeanor. None of the feminine gay men I know are anything like him outside of the quirks and affectations that they share.

    • Victoria isn’t really a floater…she’s just been lucky enough to be the chosen sidekick of the player who is essentially controlling the entire game.

    • James says:

      That’s what she gets for ditching her side alliance and had she actually took Donny’s advice to heart.

    • Dude says:

      If you believe Frankie is likeable, you have a lot to learn about people. He’s human garbage. What about him is likeable? That he said about Nicole “I wanna punch that c-nt in the face” or that he told Caleb and Cody to go and rape Victoria in her sleep and quote “Take both her virginities at once”

    • Jesse says:

      It’s obvious you haven’t been watching the last few weeks because Frankie has really let it be shown that he is nothing but a self obsessed, and entitled rich brat.

    • Alex says:

      LOL, n00b. At least one floater generally makes it VERY deep into the game every single season.

      The men have the power because they’ve earned it with better gameplay than the women (in general).

      • AlsoMaggie says:

        Agree Alex. Women cannot work together. I like this season much better than last season. I’m glad the guys are sticking together…shows their plan is working.

  2. L says:

    Worst season of the show by far.. Just boring.. the battle of the block twist was terrible and one group has controlled the whole game… all the likeable people are out so no one to root for… just let it end soon.

    • TomG says:

      Battle of the Block made it the most predictable season ever. Every week the only sensible move was to target the weakest competitors. If they wanted to have 2 HOHs fine — lets have 4 nominees and let the HOHs nominate each other. NO BOB!

  3. Angel says:

    Where was the reset button when there were still contestants we cared about left on the show? It’ll be used to save Ariana Grande’s brother.

    • AlsoMaggie says:

      all the contestants I care about are still in!!! Maybe you’re caring about the wrong people. Jocasta’s skanky imitations, like the one of Christine and the knife in the back, shows she’s not the nicest person in the world. And remember Nicole and Hayden tried to backstab a couple of people but they were too stupid to pull it off. And Donny couldn’t even get an alliance going with anyone .

  4. webly3 says:

    People are saying it’s the worst season ever – it’s not. Does everyone remember what happened after last year’s laughable double eviction? Five very dull players made it to f5. The two arguably most “interesting” of the five went home after. Then, a rat won (but I mean, it was clearly deserved). Also, this is arguably the same if not better than BB12. Of course, we don’t have an amazing contestant like Britney. But, there is a guy’s alliance and a pretty clear winner to it. This season has had much more twists than BB12 and made it more interesting. Also, has anyone even seen BB9? That season was complete and utter barf. It was Big Brother: Bachelor Style except that no couple was actually into each other. And, there was the worst winner ever. Ugh, that season was just so terrible that I think everyone forgot about it. So, no this is not the worst season. It’s just not a good season.

    • Hmmm…let’s see. We have 5 people left in this house: an easily manipulated, win-nothing dolt who could only win a comp if it were a Kathy Najimy look-alike contest; a backwoods cowboy who, prior to the show, made videos discussing his hate for black and arabs and who still calls gay men “fruits”(he almost gets a pass for that simply because I loathe frankie); one of the dumbest Italian men I’ve ever witnessed who gets by on looks and a put-on swagger that isn’t backed up by, well, a single move he’s made in the game; a deplorable, evil little sham of a human being who believes that gang-rape and suicide are joking matters; and, finally, we have the “brilliant” mastermind, Dan-wannabe who is impressed by the fact that he has been able to manipulate one of the dumbest casts in Big Brother history.

      Yes, I found the people in last season’s show to be mostly appalling, but it surely wasn’t boring and predictable.

      • CountryQueen says:

        You wanna know what’s appalling? Chelsea, from season 9, putting scrambled eggs and ketchup in Natalie’s bed ‘cuz she had an abortion. And everyone else in the house laughing and following up. THAT’S appalling! Season 9 was the WORST, most disgusting cast in the history of this show (I don’t like Natalie, but that was so uncalled for)

    • L says:

      Those other seasons were more entertaining.. BB12 had a much more fun entertaining cast… and BB9, despite having a terrible winner, at least was more entertaining and it did have more sex on it.

  5. Cj says:

    Why the hell wasn’t this rewind thing around a few weeks before. Come on big brother.

  6. abz says:

    I’m really disliking post-Zach Frankie. I’m realizing now that the only thing that made Frankie likable (or maybe the better word is ‘tolerable’) was when Zach was in the house. I just can’t stand him anymore, I hate how he acts like such a fool in front of Julie all the time, sucking up to her, and prancing around the house. Maybe if Derrick had put him up initially that would’ve frazzled him and he wouldn’t have done as well in the POV comp.
    This stupid rewind twist should’ve been brought in when Zach was nominated (a contestant a lot of us enjoyed watching). They’re only bringing it in now because BB production knows their precious Frankie is the current main target of the house and they want to keep him. Ugh!!

    • CountryQueen says:

      I, too, am really disliking Frankie for the reasons you stated. At first, (or But first – lol) it was entertaining, but he has worn out his welcome.

  7. Renaak says:

    Cody wants Frankie out, no balls and doesn’t backdoor

    Caleb wants Frankie out, no balls and doesn’t backdoor and the entire time Cody trying to convince him to pull the trigger

    Frankie gets POV tonight and could have easily pulled whoever off and attempted to get rid of Cody or Caleb, again no balls

    When are these people going to stop worrying about “getting blood on my hands” and actually play the game?!

    • AlsoMaggie says:

      Actually Caleb didn’t want Frankie out. He agreed to it from pressure from Cody but then thought better of it…knowing that Frankie will likely take Caleb to the end. I like that these guys are loyal to each other, as much as you can be in this game.

  8. missy2u says:

    Absolutely I’d rather watch Rachel or Amanda whine than finish out with these losers.
    Derrick has this house unless he gets to cocky which it looks like might be the case. How he has explained Victoria lasting presence is amazing. But it’s Dog eat Dog time, we might be in for a ride.

  9. Bob Smith says:

    Can’t wait until Frankie is evicted and he gets booed the same as Christine. TPTB have definitely overplayed Frankie as the likeable one, when in fact, he has no idea what America wants.

  10. Yoki says:

    Victoria will get booed too with her obsession over married Derrick. There is no one left in rooting for. Nicole played the game with her heart on her sleeves.

  11. Al says:

    This is easily the worse BB ever. The double HOH is just a stupid idea. What does it really accomplish? I am starting to think that the show is scripted. We all know exactly what will happen, as the sheep follow the sheep every week. But then there are these camera-on-one interviews where someone talks about what we all think SHOULD be done. Ya know, the “I think it is time to make a big move and backdoor Frankie, or Caleb or Derek or Cody” (fill in the name) and we think NOW YOU’RE TALKING! These conversations add the only EXCITEMENT to the show that has been missing all summer long. But in the end it is all BS. The sheep do exactly what we all knew they would. Without the “scripted conversation” just think how boring this show would really be.

    • DCTodd says:

      No need to put “scripted conversation” in quotes. It really IS scripted conversation, though some of the houseguests are better at reading the prompters than others.

  12. icage says:

    LOL, so glad christink was voted out and too bad vicblob is still in the house. The women this season (excluding Amber & Britt) were nothing but a bunch of jealous immature school girls. Frankie is a disgrace in every way imaginable, Cody is slime (don’t put your hands on another man’s wife, not cool), Derrick is a good liar and playing the BB game but he’s just not likable (IMO) and Caleb, well the phrase, seen and not heard comes to mind

  13. SUPERMAN says:

    I am glad Christine is gone, now she knows what it feels like to be back doored, she sat around grinning looking like a witch feeling up on a man knowing she is married. As for the others they have made the show so boring now, I can’t wait when this season is so over.

    • AlsoMaggie says:

      You’re so wrong….From the Big Brother site:

      Big Brother this Sunday night drew 7.3 million total viewers and a 2.5 demo rating, rising 7 and 9 percent week-to-week to hit season highs.

      I think this has been a great season. Everything going on plan. This has been one of the best alliances ever. They win when they need to or they convince some other dumbass players (Nicole, Hayden, Christine, Victoria) to do their bidding.

  14. Jerm says:

    Christine was the key to this season being SO predictable… You always need that stupid chick who thinks she’s not on the bottom of an all guys alliance. If she had aligned with Nicole & Hayden, this season could have been much different. Instead she gave the “detonators” the numbers all season only to get 6th place. She deserved the boos.

    Derek has played an almost flawless game with all these ridiculously stupid people in the house, he has no competition. If he doesn’t win it will be a shame. And how anyone can like Frankie is beyond me.

  15. CountryQueen says:

    The Detonators saw Nicole as a comp threat ‘cuz Derrick wanted them too – plus, she has won HOH several times. Derrick didn’t throw that comp – he has a photographic memory – at least he said so a few epis back. He told the others – if you paid attention when they were running around not strategizing – that the massage statement came after the kisses. He pretty much told them, word for word, what that part of Donny’s letter said.

    Derrick may have done himself some damage last night. Nah! This house is too stupid and/or full of themselves (looking at you Caleb) to realize it. First, he knew Donny’s letter, pretty much word for word, and then, he spent a ton of time with Frankie chatting about the Veto. So much so, that Julie had to break up their little convo with her 1 minute warning. But again, they’re all too stupid to really realize what that was about.

    I am not bored by this season. CBS must be frustrated, they finally put likeable (for the most part) people in the house, and now the complaint is that they’re boring.

    Derrick’s game is fun to watch for me. I enjoy seeing him manipulate Caleb into thinking he’s actually running the house and making decisions. That was epic fun on Wednesday’s show. It seems that Derrick is a foregone conclusion to win – but so what – it’s fun to watch him with these people. They are so self-absorbed they have no idea what he’s doing. And he might not win – he has to be very careful right now.

    At the finale, after everyone has voted, I want Julie to reveal that Derrick is an undercover cop, and then show a montage of how he has manipulated these idiots. The look on Nic’s face when she realizes that comparing Derrick to Dan is what got her booted will be good. I want to see that CBS!

    Oh! And I want Julie, when he gets evicted, to ask Caleb why he thinks he’s the King that runs the house?

    • amanda says:

      Couldn’t agree more…I also really want to see everyone “find out” about Derrick. That would truly be a high point in the finale. Please CBS!!!!!!!!

  16. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    After I see Victoria’s weak ass get evicted next week I’m going to stop watching cause I can’t stand seeing Frankie’s annoying face in the final four. I will see the last 2 mins. of the FINALE(WHEN EVER THAT DAY IS) to see who’s gonna win……and my guess is Derrick, I mean he plays the puppet master so well in the house and Caleb damn I want to see his face when he knows the truth that his so called ALLIANCE turned against him and is now the Detonators. AND NO he does NOT rule the house……moron! haha.

    • AlsoMaggie says:

      Surprise, Caleb already knows about the detonators. Zach told him. He’s keeping that in the back of his mind when it comes down to making a decision on who stays with him at the end. Caleb started the bomb squad and it has remained since the beginning. And it’s been Caleb who stopped some of the stupidity of Frankie or Derrick when they wanted to get Zack out which meant more women in the house than men. Caleb said the bomb squad in my opinion. Derrick has switched mid stream several times so I’ll give him credit for adjusting his bad strategies.

  17. Dj says:

    I do think Derrick wasn’t planning on winning HoH. He didn’t look to happy with his win. As for Frankie he is a villain, but there isn’t anyone on the show better at comps then him.

  18. Janet says:

    Hated to see Nicole go, loved seeing Christine booted out – she deserves more than just booing – hated her constant giggling at anything Cody or other men said – only thing better would gave been Christine and that disgusting Frankie walking out!!!

  19. SUPERMAN says:

    90% of the games to me was set of for the men, and Frankie made a big mistake with me calling Nicole a bitch behide her back when he is the biggest lying bitch in the house.

  20. Terry says:

    I almost made the choice to stop watching BB; however, when Christine was finally ousted, it’s worth watching to see if Derrick wins BB! I was surprised by the “boos” when
    Christine exited the house, but then again, with her snubbing the people in the house as she left, she got what she deserved…..the others who exited after their eviction, showed class.

  21. Joanne Orlando says:

    Frankie only nspires me to stop watching.
    i hope that whoever snarkily brings Victoria to the end is shocked when she wins!
    i would vote for her over any of them…except mebbe Derrick