So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 Finale Recap: And the Winner Is…

Sometimes, there’s so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can’t take it, like my heart is just going to cave in…

Tuesday night, I ironically trotted out that classic quote from American Beauty as I watched an oil-smeared napkin float some 10 feet above my head during Roger Federer’s U.S. Open match at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens. (Oh the joys of being a friend’s last-minute plus-one!)

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Tonight, however, the same exact bit of cinematic poetry popped into my mind — in unexpectedly earnest fashion — as we approached the end of So You Think You Can Dance‘s stunning Season 11 finale.

For the last three months, we’ve watched 20 ridiculously talented kids push themselves — outside of their own dance styles, well beyond their personal comfort zones, probably into ice-pack-clutching physical pain — in an attempt to sway viewers of what’s inarguably a very subjective kind of competition, one that probably has as much to do with the vagaries of choreography, costume and music choice as it does actual dance acumen.

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And yet there truly was “so much beauty” during tonight’s two-hour results finale: Rudy and All-Star Allison writhing through “Dirty Diana,” Zack and Ricky explosively getting down in their Battle of the Kings, Ricky and Jessica floating through that haunting Week 1 Sonya Tayeh piece, Emilio and All-Star Jasmine reprising their jaw-dropping snake-charmer duet, Jessica and All-Star Robert’s relationship drama… and so much more. (Fret not, I’m in no way suggesting that goofy routine by the winners of that Justin Bieber dance-crew mess have made the cut in my personal countdown of profoundly artistic moments.)

_W5A2073_hires2But whether or not the declaration of a “winner” somehow is at odds with the grand, sweeping art of Fox’s unlikely reality-competition success — let’s pause here and hope there’ll be a Season 12 — that’s exactly what had to happen at the end of the two-hour telecast. So without further ado, let’s run down the facts — before doling out some additional season-finale statuettes…

4th Place
Zack (wait — I was sure he’d be the runner-up, or perhaps even the winner!)

3rd Place
Jessica (that’s about right)

2nd Place
Valerie (I can’t lie — I’d have been totally dismayed if she’d won)

America’s Favorite Dancer
Ricky (as we’ve kind of known since his first audition, yes? a predictable result, but a very satisfying one, too)

And now, for some other winners (and losers)…

Beast (Best?) of the Night
All-Star Jasmine Harper was so mesmerizing in that encore presentation of NappyTabs’ snake charmer dance (along with Season 11’s charming Emilio) that I kind of want Fox to turn her Degree deodorant ads into a half-hour reality series. I mean, how can one woman get that low, shake it that hard, articulate that crisply — and make the ugliest pair of genie pants in the universe look positively sexy — all in a 90-second dance?

_W5A1689_hires2Favorite Dance of the Season
Ricky and Jessica’s “Vow” — from Week 1 of the finals — was even more stunningt the second time around. Our eventual champ’s extension reached such heavenly heights that I felt at moments like I was transported to the roof of the Sistine Chapel.

Most Unwelcome Surprise
Casey staggering as he lifted Jessica during the reprise of their “first kiss” routine

Winningest Smile
Rudy’s unabashed, megawatt grin during the Broadway-inspired opening number made my heart sing (and made me wish voters had let him go a little deeper into the competition).

Performance That Underscored Why Zack Deserved Better Than a 4th-place Finish
Zack’s very wise decision to give an encore of the haunting “Europe, After the Rain” with All-Star Amy showed the real maturity he’s gained over the course of Season 11.

Weirdest Omission
A two-hour show without so much as two seconds of ballroom? Given the range of styles represented in the Top 20, I was a little bummed by the relentless contemporary-ness of the proceedings. Was it just me?

Best Reaction by a Judge
The timeless Debbie Allen hooting and finger-snapping after All-Star Allison and Rudy’s “Dirty Diana”

MY2_7038_hires2Most Welcome Guest (That I Didn’t Realize I Wanted)
SYTYCD Australia champ Michael Dameski’s solo was so physically explosive and grippingly cinematic that it left me holding my breath in suspense. I loved it so much I won’t complain about those (rubber? leather? acrylic paint?) pants.

Least Welcome Guest
That amateur-ish Bollywood dance crew that won the Season 11 sub-prize that none of us really cared about. See what happens when you get in bed with Justin Bieber? (Ugh. Sorry for putting “Justin Bieber” and “bed” in the same sentence. I’m officially the worst.)

Worst Costume
Am I crazy, or did Serge’s hip-hop skeleton shirt fit him really, really badly?

Triumph of Execution Over Concept
With its “strangers doing acts of kindness in a train station” theme, Sonya Tayeh and Christopher Scott’s group number — starring the Season 11 Top 10 and a host of All-Stars — had me worried we were headed for a tour of the cheese factory. But the emotional committment by every person on the stage somehow elevated the proceedings — and made me feel feelings I hadn’t anticipated were percolating beneath the surface.

Quote of the Night
“I just want to say to these two kings that this queen is a huge fan.” —Adam Shankman, heaping praise on Ricky and Zack’s “King of Diamonds vs King of Clubs” duet

What did you think of So You Think You Can Dance‘s Season 11 finale? Grade the episode in our poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Elena says:

    Ricky definitely deserved the win, he’s an amazing dancer. I have to admit though, I was very disappointed that Zack finished so low. He definitely deserved to place higher if not win the whole thing. His growth the past few weeks has been outstanding, not to mention his ability to connect emotionally with every dance he performs. Oh well, at least the best dancer won.

    • Lady L says:

      I second your feelings on Zach! He deserved to be in the top two and was potentially (I thought) a dark horse to win the whole thing. Ricky is a tremendous dancer as well. This season just had a narrative that was so unsurprising. A deserving winner, but a predictable end.

    • Nichole says:

      I have yet to see the finale (Australian here!) but reading that polled the least votes is very disappointing. While I expected that Ricky would likely win, I really felt that Zack had a chance to sneak in and get the number 1 spot, or at least number 2, which would have been wholly deserved. But at least on of the to dancers where the the winner this year.

    • David4 says:

      I didn’t think he’d be in the top four, so I’m not too disappointed, however I thought for sure he’d get more votes than Jessica.

      I think what happened in past weeks people voted for their top guy and gal and being that there is only one winner everyone took their 20 votes and only voted for one person instead of multiples.

    • S. says:

      Can we really say Zack finished much worse that he should’ve? He was the #2 guy and that’s about right. To me the top two was obviously Ricky and Valerie with Ricky towering over everybody, so I really don’t get why in Michael’s head she’d be a disappointing winner. She is, coincidentally, winsome. Cute as a button and a great dancer. I found both of them very talented and very likable from the word go (and it seemed to me that people like Nigel concurred) so Zack was competing against that momentum. Growing each week is great ‘n all, but I don’t object to someone who was already great and showed it winning. As for Jessica, it’s really between her and Zack for 3rd–people tend to watch the ladies a lot in a partnering situation (dance, figure skating, etc.) so Jessica and Valerie had that going for them. Ricky overcame it by just being that talented. Zack would’ve had to do a lot to finish second. As for 3rd, Jessica had the dance for your life storyline that might’ve energized her fans early to root for her. Everything shook out as I expected it to once this was our top 4. Not sure about whether I’d have included Jessica but I wasn’t as in love with this year’s top 10 girls anyway and figured a guy was gonna take it. The fact that Valerie was a tapper pleased me a great deal.

      • Fay says:

        I guess we weren’t watching the same show. I wouldn’t include Valerie in my top 4, much less the top 2. I was shocked when Zack’s name was called 4th. “Being cute as button” doesn’t make one a great dancer. To me to be top 2, you should memorable routines that I would watch again and again. There was no routine that Valerie that I cared to see again. I didn’t even remember that contemporary dance that she did with Ricky last night.
        Ricky, Jessica and Zack had routines that I would watch over again. Zack, in particular, had the highest number I’ve already added to my favorites on YouTube. And the routines were in different styles (tap, jazz, hip hop, Broadway, contemporary) as well. Anyway, I’m glad that Ricky won. I just wish that Zack would’ve finished 2nd.

      • Clare says:

        I really don’t see what you mean about Zack not being impressive from the beginning – there might have been more attention paid to Valerie at the beginning because she was partnered with Ricky, but it doesn’t mean that Zack’s performances were weak. Even in the first week when Zack and Valerie did “Sing,” Zack killed the routine and outshined Valerie in how grounded and fast he was with his taps – he seemed much more comfortable with the stairs, since Valerie kind of looked down at her feet the whole time. Mary already called him a genius that first week, so he was obviously great from the beginning just like everyone else. His African jazz, “Stay With Me” hip hop, Sonya jazz, and paso doble in the weeks before top 10 were all great. When people talk about his growth, I see it more as the growth in his fanbase and people starting to notice him more, which helped improve things like his confidence and stage presence. If you go back and watch his early routines, his actual dancing has always been spot on. And I agree that he had a lot to do to finish 2nd, since he wasn’t pushed by the judges as a frontrunner in the beginning, but I think he did more than enough to earn his spot, especially in the last half of the competition. Sonya was so impressed by him when he did that routine with Amy, which was beyond stunning on a not only visual but emotional level. Not many other non-hip hoppers could have pulled off that intricate routine with Fik-shun, and his 2 broadways, hip hop with Ricky, and everything he did in the finale all stood out more than any of Valerie’s routines. I think Valerie is adorable and seems like a lovely person (I actually think she is a really talented actress and might be better suited to that than dancing), but she just doesn’t have the fluidity, movement quality, or technique that the other three have. If this is really a show about dancing, there is no way she should have placed above Zack, or frankly Jessica and a lot of other people (Carly, Tanisha, etc) for that matter.

        (Also, if the fact that Valerie is a tapper pleases you so much, why does Zack being a tapper not do the same – especially when anyone who knows tap can see that he has more musicality, fluidity, intricacy, clarity, and just a clearly a higher skill level than Valerie when it comes to tap)

        • Aaron says:

          Bravo! exactly my thoughts about Zack!! Some appreciate him like I do since top 20. :D

        • Ray says:

          As Nigel always points out, this show is about crowning America’s favorite dancer, not the best technician. I agree that Zach is a better tapper than Valerie (as was evident in their stair number), but you can’t fault Valerie for placing above him. SYTYCD is a popularity contest for amateur dancers, plain and simple. If folks were voting based on talent alone, Emilio and Teddy would have made it a lot further into the top 10. Also, god-awful Rudy would have never made it into the top 20, let alone top 10.

          • JLB says:

            I can indeed fault Valerie for placing higher than Zach! Even her tap routines were clunky, her own genre! Zach wasn’t just a better technician he was hands down a better dancer, more emotionally connected to each performance and way more likable than Valerie. BTW, who does her hair? It looks like it was cut with a stone tool for Pete”s sake. Voting for someone just because she seems nice and earnest and cute is just wrong. It’s a dance show first and foremost. Judge on dance skill first then choose the best from that point on. Neither Valerie (Miss Clunky) or Valerie (look at me aren’t I pretty (hair whip)) should have even been in the top 4..

          • JLB says:

            *Jessica, Hair whip, typo

        • Winn says:

          I agree with everything you said. Zack got me voting for the first time, and I’ve watched since season two. Zack was robbed.

  2. Juan says:

    Congrats to Ricky who deserved his win and is just all kinda of amazing. I see that some people were hating on Valerie but this is Americas favorite dancer, not best and Jessica and Zack might have been slightly better dancers but Valerie’s personality was just great. Anyway fantastic episode, I loved the top 10 group dance sooo much and almost all the chosen dances were great.

  3. analythinker says:

    I swear I’m not going to vote again. (That’s bull, of course.) But it seems like every time I vote for someone, they end up eliminated or finished last.

    Not to say Ricky didn’t deserve to win, but I would love for an underdog (read: Zack) to win, specially when his trajectory on the show is nothing short of amazing, while Ricky already has been amazing since day 1.

    Not mad with the girls’ placement, though, because I connected to Valerie more somehow. Maybe it was Jessica’s facial expression…

  4. Jessicafanboy says:

    I found it really dumb that Jessica didn’t even get in the top two. It seems as though America is losing braincells and not voting for the right person. She should’ve at least got 2nd. Congratz to Ricky, as he was my other fave, but still Jessica only getting 3rd leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  5. Leigh says:

    Yay Rickie! He was my favorite from the start. Also, that Australian guy was awesome!!!!!!

  6. Mike C. says:

    Can we just talk about the show itself? Not ONE ballroom number in two hours. No Broadway, either, save for the fab opening number. So much contemporary I thought I was going to go to sleep. It felt like the Travis Wall telethon. Tara Lipinski is just annoying. And why is she a “judge”? I just feel like in past seasons I would rush to You Tube to replay so many amazing numbers from the season. I can’t name one from this season that I would. I love the show, but perhaps it’s run its course.

    • Landon says:

      RIGHT?! The Emilio and Bridgit Jive, the Tanisha and Ryan Argentine Tango or even the Carly and Serge quickstep(which I loved) would have been amazing! Not to mention the Jacque/Zack Afro-Jazz. The fact that they wasted time that could have been used for the top 20 for a performance from those two irrelevant guys who I muted the tv during and carried on that sloppily thrown together JB dance crew thing was laaaaaame. I wish they would have kept the focus on their dancers.

      • Iván says:

        I totally forgot about Tanisha+Ryan’s Argentine Tango! Damn, can Michael do a countdown of the Best numbers never performed in a finale? Because that one would be in my top 5, easily.

    • Amie says:

      So agree. I’ve watched since season one, but I watched less this season than any other. Too much angsty contemporary. Too many contemporary dancers.

    • Caitie says:

      I agree. I thought almost all of the ballroom dancers left too soon, as well. I guess SYTYCD’s demo just isn’t really into ballroom dance, but there’s way too much contemporary and too many contemporary dancers. I also haven’t rewatched more than a handful of dances. I don’t mean to pick on this season’s cast of contemporary dancers; I loved Ricky and Jessica and think they deserved to be in the Top 4… but overall this season was a snooze.

    • AngieD says:

      I agree that I didn’t feel there were that many outstanding #’s. The most memorable for me were Europe After the Rain, the Mandy Moore all ladies # , and Travis Wall ‘Wave’ by all the guys. It wasn’t one of the better seasons of SYTYCD in an overall sense IMHO, but I still enjoy watching

  7. Iván says:

    It was a great season finale. But, as you tweeted, I felt the emptyness of the lack of ballroom. Heck, I would’ve given anything to watch Ricky and Anya dance that amazingly hot chacha again.

    Anyway, great finale, great winner.

    I say a little prayer for season 12 to happen!

  8. Barbara says:

    I have watched this show from the beginning and now because I have Direct TV I can no longer watch this show. I am upset that I can no longer see this show. I missed the last show of the season. I hope that by the time the show comes back on next year that I can get my show back on. Direct TV is working to try and get it back on. I really love this show and will miss it.

  9. Barbara Randalson says:

    Why did the season finale not air here–Fox had re-runs of Law and Order on???

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  11. Lana says:

    I was devastated that Zack was fourth, in fact I think he should have won, but at least runner up. However my second favorite, Valerie being runner up was awesome. I am very happy with Ricky as he is a beautiful dancer, but if that Michael guy from Australia had been in this competition it would be Ricky who? He was amazing and I sure wish I could have watched his season and all the dances he did do, oh well at least we got to experience him at least once. Great show, great season, bring on Season 12!!!! Please!! I would have canceled Direct TV from the minute I found out I couldn’t watch SYTYCD cause I refuse to miss that show.

  12. The chosen dances were spell-binding. Is Ricky from Puerto Rico, I thought they mentioned. I don’t remember any of their life stories, so much going on. Nigel and Mary are a lot of fun.

    • Lana says:

      When Ricky was learning the Cha-Cha he was asked where the dance came from and he said Cuba and (I can’t remember the dancer’s name) he said that was what Ricky was. So I understood it to mean Ricky is Cuban.

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  14. Aaron says:

    Poor Jacque… Top 3 girls yet no dance from her… Will was there and her old partner Zack was definitely there. Why? :(
    Where is Zack and Jessica in the opening number? So much Ricky and featured Valerie but no Zack and Jessica?

  15. Gordon says:

    I agree! I thought Zack should have been at least runner-up if not winner.

  16. brad says:

    overall, i think this was a weak season, with both the contestants and the choreographers. a very predictable season boot-order (the only surprise was really top 8 week when rudy and tanisha were eliminated) and predictable (but definitely deserving) winner. but i will say there were a few good routines, and i’m glad they chose emilio/jasmine, jessica/robert, rudy/allison, and ricky/valerie (hip-hop) to showcase tonight. i would have also liked to see jacque/chehon (she is the only one in the top 8 to not get a reprise), jacque/will, emilio/teddy, and valerie/twitch. if fox doesn’t pick up the show, i hope another network will pick it up!

  17. Terry says:

    Way too much hip hop for my liking.

  18. Eileen Hargis says:

    This show is the best thing on tv each season. It gets better each year. The talent is simply amazing and the choreography a treat to watch.

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  21. Laz says:

    Aust SYTYCD winner Michaels solo wowed Australia and cinched him the win.

  22. LynnH says:

    Was anyone able to ID the all-star dancing with Emilio during the Christopher Scott number? He looked so familiar but my brain isn’t making the connection.

  23. kjmorse says:

    Aussie here- so won’t see final for a couple of weeks, but am very happy to here that Michael Dameski was well recieved.

    Makes me wish for a international all-stars season!!!

  24. I.R.E. says:

    I agree that Zack should have ended up as a runner-up, but Ricky, the youngest of the top 4 deserves to win.

    Some of you wanted Valerie to win, but she had two reasons why she ended up as a runner-up: 1.) bad criticism on one dance with allstar Ade and 2.) she had a wardrobe malfunction during one rehearsal. Although she will return as an allstar.

    We still continue to fight for a 12th season now before noon!

  25. Luli101 says:

    Loved the finale!! Ricky was a no-brainer. The only ballroom I cared to dee again was the Tanisha/Ryan rango, but still–didnt really care that much. I thought the Carly/Serge hip hop wasn’t as great as I remembered. I really hope to see this show for years to come. I have watched for years, with no dance background whatsoever, and this show has taught me so much– I think by showing me week after week what great dance looks like. I’ve learned how this dancer is better than that dancer and why and what things to look for in a dance. I think, most of all, it has given me a love of the art of dance and a love of the way it can take an idea and make you feel it in your soul. I love that we can communicate these feelings and ideas through this palette and canvas we all share as humans– the body. Thank you SYTYCD.

  26. I.R.E. says:

    That guest judge Jenna Dewan Tatum looks 100% attractive in her mint blue-green party dress and I want see more pics of her n that dress, woo-hoo!

  27. PIMB says:

    I thought Aussie guy looked like River Dance self flaggeating in a leather bar. But he is stil who Ricky hopes to become :

  28. PIMB says:

    Enrique (no last name) is an icon???? Like Dita.

  29. PIMB says:

    And so it was ordained….and so it shall be.

  30. PIMB says:

    What I won’t miss and didn’t need to see again. Nigel doing his Wendy Williams, Cat saying Shazaaamm. Christina Babblegate telling a girl recovering from an eating disorder that she saved the world. That is Teith’s job.

  31. PIMB says:

    Some random comments. Les Twins were adorable. Alison on DWTS!! She isnt ballroom but I am sure she will be wonderful. Mrs Twitch looks different every time I see her. I was disappointed in Serge last night. TANISHA!! Still didn’t thnk Zach and Ricky’s hip hop was the SHIZ. Loved Emilio and Jasmine but her outfit looked just as awful as the first time. Love JTF. The last dance was Ricky and Val? What a coinkydink!!!!

    • snailagain says:

      Well, of course it was a coinkydink! How dare you suggest that just perhaps the “favorite routines” are based on anything other than what the judges actually liked best? Ricky is pretty amazing (and I don’t necessarily agree that Michael is what he hopes to be: Michael’s background is clearly heavily ballet, and I don’t know that Ricky has any training in that direction), although I too am disappointed that Zack didn’t at least finish as runner-up. Overall I thought the finale was good, although I would have enjoyed seeing some of the ballroom pieces again instead of all of the hip-hop, and I’m really sorry they didn’t do Zack and Aaron’s tap number again. I loved that one!

      Great season. A lot of really wonderful dancers, and I hope the exposure helps each and every one of them find work! And I can’t wait to see Alison on DWTS!! I could watch her forever. Although I would actually prefer to watch her dance contemporary……

  32. Aprilcot says:

    I thought it was a pretty great finale. My random thoughts:
    – Ricky deserved to win, although I would have loved to see Zack take home the prize. He definitely deserved to finish ahead of the girls.
    – That Christopher Scott/Sonya Tayeh piece was AMAZING. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed him this season. I’m still trying to ID all the all stars there…Will, Amy, Dominic, Fik-Shun, Jasmine, Robert, Kathryn…who am is missing?
    – I was shocked that there was no mention of the Chehon/Jacque piece (or of Jacque in general, actually). I’m hoping it’s just because Chehon was unavailable or something, because that piece was incredible.
    – Rudy and Alison’s ‘Dirty Diana’ killed it again. That one was the standout of MJ week for me; those two were just insane together.
    – Slightly disappointed at the lack of diversity in the dance styles. A *lot* of contemporary and hip hop tonight…and zero ballroom.
    – I wish we could have seen Zack and Aaron’s ‘Piano Man’ again.

    • Aprilcot says:

      Oh, and Syncopated Ladies were robbed! SO much better than that Bollywood number!

    • Aaron says:

      -u missed Jenna and Courtney
      -Jacque was totally ignored poor girl, Emilio, Rudy and Tanisha who finished lower than her got more screen time even in the group number than her

  33. WAJ53 says:

    I’m surprised there was no mention of Jesse Tyler Ferguson in this recap. I thought he was a hoot!

  34. David4 says:

    Of course Ricky was going to win. Valerie being second wasn’t a surprise, however I thought Zack would be third and Jessica be fourth. She just isn’t very good and Zack grew so much. However it was a shock Zack made it into the top 4 to begin with.

    If the show ends at least it ended with a high note.

  35. Marilyn says:

    I would have been happy with either Ricky or Zack. Zack, to me, is probably the most versatile dancer of all of them, and Ricky the most technically (and charmingly) adept.

    I too am a bit bummed that there was no ballroom–and also no Twitch. Was he out of town?

  36. yumi says:

    I would have picked a different routine for Rudy and Tanisha, either their hiphop or their ballroom routine. I also would have wanted to see Emilio and Bridget’s contemporary (Again, I know. :P ) routine on the bed posts.

  37. Djaye5 says:

    I’m happy for Ricky and he is a great dancer, but I gotta say I was ‘gobsmacked’ by Zack’s 4th place finish. I definitely had him in at least 2nd position, and honestly was rooting for him to win. I just loved his growth and humility. Oh well.

  38. Ms. C says:

    DId anyone else notice that Stanley fell flat on his bottom during one of the group numbers? He recovered pretty quickly, but my kids and I were laughing–not at him, but because we have been holding our breath for all these seasons wondering when someone would go splat!

  39. Ray says:

    No Michael, you’re not alone. That skeleton shirt looked absolutely horrendous on Serge. Its even more unflattering than Jasmine’s snake charming outfit!

    All I kept thinking was how tubby Serge looked in that routine (as I did the first time).

  40. Shar says:

    Has the show been renewed yet??

  41. Maxsmom says:

    I probably tuned out emotionally after Zack’s 4th place finish, I had convinced myself that he could win despite the fact that “the fix was in” on Ricky’s win. Ricky was simply incredible and was a deserved winner but I just didn’t connect with him emotionally once I realized weeks ago that he would surely win.

    Two kings was great but I would love to see Twitch and Cyrus have a turn.

    I also miss the separation of male and female winner which would have made Valerie a winner too.

    On the plus side it was great seeing my picks for last year Aaron and Jasmine this season.

    As for the finale as a whole, there was too much filler in a show about dance that simply should have been filled with dance.

    I, too, hope for a season 12 but I think the ratings dip this year was due to an obvious winner, nice but mostly dull finalists, and a lack of diversity,

  42. Barbara Larsen says:

    I find that Cat really gets on my nerves, and it got worse each week. She emotes all over the place.
    After the crowd applauds, she says again “put your hands together for (whomever).
    Enough already!!

    • Aprilcot says:

      I hate to say this, because I’ve always loved Cat, but I kind of agree with you. I feel like they’re trying to make her “up her game” or something. She feels very false this season.

  43. cheryl says:

    I thought it was great. America got it right. Ricky was a winner. You can always tell the winners at the starting gate and Ricky was a winner. I too, thought Zack should of come in as the runner up. I didnt think that either gal was that memorable. Good, but no Jasine who is totally out of this world.

  44. Jess says:

    This show left me breathless and frankly tear-soaked. The raw emotion and commitment from every dancer was profound and the vision of the Devine choreographers is other worldly. The top 4 were such great people with true empathy it was a true treat!

  45. Alex says:

    I agree – where was the ballroom? I was pleased that Ricky won but I expected Zack to be the Runner-Up, followed by Valery and then Jessica

  46. bouionice says:

    So happy for Ricky – for once the best dancer and the favorite dance were one and the same. That being said, I was kind of surprised that Zach ended up in 4th, he was for sure a better dancer than Valerie and was much more polished and accomplished in all of the many styles that he had to perform. I do wish that we could have seen more dancing from the contestants and less (i.e. none) from that dance crew. This is an idea that needs not to come back next season. As for the lack of ballroom in the finale, there were few if any ballroom numbers all season that were worth reprising. Honesty, while I always find Jean-Marc Genereaux entertaining I was underwhelmed by all of his routines this year so not much to chose from as far as ballroom.

  47. Art says:

    OK…I must have missed it when they changed the format from best girl AND best boy dancer to just one winner. Much preferred last year’s format where both Amy and Fickton won. Do others agree?

  48. J says:

    “Oh Ricky you’re so fine…” I won’t continue but hooray for Ricky! Well deserved. I thought Jessica deserved 2nd place. hey did anyone notice the sizzlin chemistry between Jessica and Robert? yowsa. I really do hope for a season 12 but who knows. I thought Nigel rigged the finale with two tappers because season 11 IS the last season. But I hope not because I adore Cat Deeley. That is all.

  49. Beth T says:

    Finally! This is the first time since Season 1 a male contemporary dancer has won – and Ricky is a very deserving winner at that.
    Re: no ballroom. I don’t remember which season tour it was now, but I remember being surprised that in the entire show there were no ballroom numbers. I’ve been to every tour and that was the only time I remember that happening. The fact there were no ballroom routines in the finale show has me wondering if that will also be the case this year…
    (Guess I’ll find out November 8!)

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