Revenge Season 4: Victoria Sends Emily a Nasty Warning in First Promo

Revenge Season 4 Promo

Here’s a familiar scene for Revenge fans: A beautiful Hamptons resident is explaining how she plans to get even with the person who has wronged her. But wait, something’s different this time!

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In the first official teaser for the ABC drama’s upcoming fourth season — apologies for the quality, by the way — Victoria takes on the role of narrator, sending a threat to a certain someone who had her committed to a mental institution back in May.

“When everything you love has been stolen from you, someone has to pay,” she seethes. “Emily Thorne, I’m coming for you.”

Revenge returns Sunday, Sept. 28, at 10/9c on ABC.

Hit PLAY on the teaser below, then drop a comment: What do you hope to see in Revenge‘s fourth season?

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  1. James says:

    Well this just got interesting.

  2. MattArmando says:

    That’s a KILLER promo. Hopefully Madeleine Stowe gets some weighty material this season, that she’s been missing since the first season. Emmy nomination? Ok, maybe not. Haha. She was already snubbed for season 1.

  3. Matt C. says:

    Love the concept of Victoria taking over as narrator/revenger. Obviously her “revenge” isn’t as warranted as Emily’s was, but it’s a fun way to reboot the series.

    • Isak says:

      I seriously doubt it’s going to be that drastic. Emily still is the main character. But the Revenge part of the plot is going to be reversed for sure…

  4. Deion says:


  5. abz says:

    This season was pretty much ruined for me the second they went the cliche route of revealing that David Clarke was alive. I’ll probably tune in just to see what happens between Emily and Victoria and to get my Nolan fix, but aside from that I don’t think the show will receive a fifth season.

    • Coal says:

      I feel your pain, you invest your time into something just to find out its all been a waste.

      • Josh says:

        How was that a waste? The Graysons destroyed the Clarks’ lives. Just because David’s alive (and now supposedly damaged and unstable), it doesn’t mean he wasn’t branded a terrorist, thrown into jail, lost a couple of decades of his life in the hiding, away from his daughter who ended up in juvie, until she finally managed to clear his name.

        The writers and the new showrunner did a great job getting the show back on track in season 3. Episodes 10-14 and 19-22 were particularly excellent. And what they did in the finale gives the show the much needed shot in the arm to find new life beyond the takedown of the Graysons. They could have stretched it out indefinitely, instead they took bold choices.

  6. Allison says:

    Watching Madeline Stowe has and will always be the reason I tune in to Revenge!

  7. azu says:

    Victoria has no reason to revenge anything!!! She has caused more pain than even Conrad. She doesn’t have the moral highground to make such threats!!! I love the return of David, I just hope they don’t make him out to be a jerk as Victoria tried to do at the end of last season!!! That’s when I’ll finally stop watching!!!

  8. Ella says:

    Great promo but frankly, I hope they don’t make the show all about Victoria’s revenge, she’s too despicable a character for anyone to empathize with. Emily was well within her rights (not always morally, not always legally but still) to do what she did and she still has enemies to take down. The Graysons, and especially Victoria, deserved it. Emily, on the other hand, does not.

  9. Mark says:

    You got the date in your article wrong? It says 28th in the video yet 18 in the article?

  10. F says:

    Sept 28 at 10pm not sept 18 just saying it’s wrong but can’t wait so excited love this show

  11. Fred says:

    Definitely interesting, but Victorias reasons are not really grounded. Conrad, not Emily murdered ‘the love of her live’ (who appeared in only 5 episodes, and who she fell in love with only in the 4th of those 5 eps). Victoria thinks Emily did it but she just jumped to conclusions. And Victoria already took revenge for Pascals death by killing Aiden.

  12. Victoria Grayson Rules says:

    I am so glad Victoria is finally getting her chance to be awesome!!!

  13. Stefan says:

    But, but… She already killed Aiden!

  14. I love Revenge says:

    This looks very interesting! I am as always looking forward until they return. I have seen many complaints about this because
    1) people say the promo has no New footage but this is not the official promo do not forget that!
    2) people are unhappy that victoria is seeking revenge now and they think she will be Main Focus.
    I think it 3 illegal be interesting to see her doing it and it will probably be a battle between the two! Emily will always be Main Focus
    Just look at the official promo when it comes out and give season 4 a try.

  15. cultureinstincts says:

    Please change this post because Revenge comes back on Sept 28 not 18th

  16. S W says:

    I want Aiden to be alive and Victoria taken down

  17. Janet says:

    I love this show so much, that on Netflix I watch it over and over. It is my favourite show. I have alot going on in my life right now and watching this show helps me get a wonderful break from things I have to deal with.It’s a great escape for me. Love the show…:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  18. Delante says:

    I cannot wait!! No flash forward…just Victoria vs Emily!!!

  19. Melissa says:

    I love this show can’t wait to see the next season. I hope the show isn’t all about Victoria.

  20. Angel from cali says:

    so to all the comments about re booting the series.. where the heck have you been im on edge every single episode… and to the writers of Revenge…. Please do not switch from Emily getting her revenge to Victoria.. you have made me hate her character, and I actually look forward to seeing her get what she deserves for her role in the crimes. Also im interested to know where we are going with David Clark coming into the show!!!!

  21. Smedleton says:

    are you sure David Clarke is really alive? Or did the grim reaper just take the form of Conrad’s worst dream as he was killed by someone else?

  22. Esther says:

    Can’t wait !!!!!

  23. Car says:

    Madeleine is the greatest actress. This season will be different, but I think still great!

  24. Lopez says:

    You are now repeating what has happened with Emily Revenging. To Victoria being the underdog. So so wrong,I am tired of seeing Victoria come out on top. Emily needs some back up to help her. Jack now in police dept. Why,would this help her. I would like to see them finally be a team. Her father needs to now be her protector. Not team up with Victoria. I am totally disappointed with rumors of what be going down. Bring Mike Kelly back. These writers just do not know where to go with this show. Maybe Shandra needs to get involved.

  25. Lopez says:

    Victoria is not a great actress. Emily is much better than her. Why is there so much focus on Victoria is hooked up with someone on high. She is an average actress not great.we need to remember Emily’s actual acting in this show. All her action scenes, Victoria struts around and looks good. I’m

  26. martin says:

    like what Stosur said at French “It’s getting silly.” I enjoyed Season 1, Season 2 soso and Season3 yaks. Now for Season 4 I got better thing