Law & Order: SVU Season 16 First Look: Meet Olivia Benson's New Protégé

Law & Order SVU Season 16

It’s never easy being the new guy on the team — a fact Peter Scanavino‘s character will learn the hard way when Law & Order: SVU returns next month.

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TVLine has an exclusive first look at the NBC procedural’s Season 16 squad, which includes guest star Scanavino (Person of InterestThe Blacklist) as Detective Dominick “Sonny” Carisi, Jr., newly assigned to Manhattan SVU after a few months working in other boroughs’ special victims units. Olivia will reluctantly take him under her wing and help him learn the ropes.

Detective Carisi is introduced on the season premiere, which also finds Olivia juggling work with her new life as a foster mother to Noah. Things become especially harrowing when Detective Amaro’s undercover work involves people connected to Noah’s mother, putting Olivia’s new baby in danger.

Law & Order: SVU returns Wednesday, Sept. 24, at 9/8c on NBC.

SVU fans, check out our first look group shot below, then drop a comment with your hopes for Season 16.

Law & Order SVU Season 16

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  1. Slowride says:

    Why on earth is there a cup of Starbucks pee on the table?!

  2. kate says:

    remember when this show used to have a courtroom angle?

  3. vdofan says:

    Was the baby’s name Noah? I thought he was being referred to as “Baby Boy Doe” or something similar to that. I wonder if Noah is a name that Olivia chose for him…

  4. fanfaren says:

    Enough with the baby drama. Just let Liv stay home with the baby and give us the ensemble show & SVU cases we long for. This just proves my point of bringing on babies on a criminal show… geesh…

  5. We used to see Stabler’s “babies” all the time on the show! Let Benson have her moment to shine as a parent —- but I expect SVU to keep me on the edge of my seat this season! Please! Don’t make me sorry I’ve been following this show for so long! Keep it FRESH!

    • Neil Antonio says:

      Well, that’s probably because Benson was hardcore :) His family life was boring as hell, but when it came to him hitting the streets he NEVER disappointed :) I friggen loved watching it when he was there. HE is what detectives really act like when they get out there solving crimes and come across scum bags: wanting to put the hurt on them in many ways possible lol :)

      • Richard Gatton says:

        Agreed. The Stabler character made SVU the great show it was. I still watch it, more from habit than because I “can’t miss it” since he left. This is not against the current cast, but the loss of too many characters (Cragan, Munch, Wong, etc.) have hurt it badly.

        • mary says:

          i agreed too many lost old time characters gone for medical or other but still wish you would have chris meloni back foe a guest appearnce for something miss the old crew.

      • Agree. Why did they get rid of him???

  6. Tori says:

    This dude went from Person of Interest and The Blacklist to SVU? DOWNGRADE.

  7. Jasmine Johnson says:

    When did Olivia get a baby is Noah considered to be a baby…. OMG I have to catch up….. Im shamed…. BOL

    • lilkunta says:

      jasmine ; i agree. i remember there was a mom who sent her son to the police station with a power of attorney note givingolivia custdoy…thiscant be the same boy as the description says baby noah.

      no way would CFS give olivia a newborn. she has no support system, is called to work all hours of the night.

      i have to see if i may catch up on a marathong on usa or on netflix.

      • Noah was the baby boy doe they found along with several other kids who were kidnapped by a couple (in case you forgot which couple, the guy was in a wheelchair), so yes it’s the same baby…after those kids were rescued the baby doe was put into social services care, they eventually found the baby’s mother & that his real name is Noah but the mother later died, and since no one else came forward to claim custody of the baby, the judge decided to give Olivia custody of Noah. It was all shown in the season 15 finale.

  8. Breanna Ridge says:

    I want to see Bensidy back together. They were not given a chance to really be together before they ended. They waa no real closure….

    • Sharon Siegfried says:

      I would love to Stabler come back

      • Ed Miramontes says:

        I agree .. bring back Stabler .. Oliva and Stabler made a great pair.

        • Mary Ann says:

          Didn’t you hear? Chris Meloni and Cote DePablo are going to have a new show on the MIA network. The name of it is “Let It Go!”

          • Dantski says:

            Can’t let it go!! Stabler was AWESOME!!!! I even expected him to appear somewhere last season to help Olivia when she was kidnapped!

    • Nancy says:

      Amen! There is NO reason they could not have stayed together. DW has a new show yes. But it won’t premiere until mid season and there is no reason he can’t come back to to svu in the meantime. Who knows if his new show will even make it! I don’t buy for a second that he didn’t want kids or marriage either.

    • LadyB says:

      I was a Bensidy fan too. Would love to see him back! She and Stabler had great chemistry, but that relationship was completely ruined by the end.

    • Laura C says:

      Who in the heck is Bensidy? If this is supposed to be a “cute” way to join names, it’s not. Just use both their full names please. If you are talking about Benson & Stabler, they were partners, they didn’t have to be a romantic pair, what’s to close?

  9. dawn says:

    Please bring back Det.Stabler

    • I always wanted Stabler and Benson to get together. They had soo much chemistry and it was clear that they had some feelings for each other. I didn’t like it when he kissed Dani. Why didn’t they give him and benson that momen??

      • svufan1 says:

        Lol I despised Dani beck.. I would live for stabler to come back. Or if he would just be in contact with liv after all those years he was her partner, there would be no way he would just never call her or meet up with her. It kinda kicked him.off the face of the earth, and hee was the main reason I started watching that show. I’ve watched it for several years now. They kept up with cassidy…. why? Ill never know.

      • Did not like that Dani at all. Wouldn’t watch if she was on…

      • LadyB says:

        Agreed! The whole Dani thing made no sense to me.

        • shrona says:

          It’s called “Mariska Hargitay’s Maternity Leave”. The reason they gave “that moment” to Dani was because she was temporary. If it happened with Olivia, there would be that whole ‘Will They/Won’t They?” vibe over every episode. Besides, Olivia would not do that to Kathy Stabler. They’re friends.

      • Mary S says:

        Melissa, In what world do you live, that it would be okay for Stabler to leave his wife and 5 kids to “be with” Benson??? Do you really see her as a homewrecker? Or is that SOP in your life? See someone you like and go after him, long marriage and kids be hanged? What kind of woman are you???

    • Pat Blackwell says:

      I totally agree — nothing against the new guy, but we will always compare anyone new to ELLIOTT!!!

      • Carol Woodruff says:

        Yuk on new guy. . Bring back Stabler even though I read where he was getting 1 million per episode. Don’t seem near enough does it? (being sarcastic).

  10. Jasemine says:

    I love Law & Order SVU. It’s one of my favorite TV shows.

  11. Gaby Gonzalez says:

    BRING STABLER BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS HIM SOOOO OOOOO MUCH!!!!!! :( :( :(

  12. I already don’t like him, lol. Not to be mean but what’s up with the mustache? They need someone younger and hotter :)

  13. Sharon Siegfried says:

    looking forward to season 16, love SVU

  14. mrs troy green sr says:

    I can’t wait!!!!!! Let’s go!!!!! #TeamOlivia

  15. I’m not up to date on the last couple of years, so, what happened to Danny Pino’s character?

    • Linda F says:

      He got in some trouble (oh, that Scotty Valens Latin temper!) and has been knocked down to traffic patrol in Queens. According to Warren Leight, he should be back with the squad in a few episodes. He’ll be on the show, though.

  16. Lisa says:

    I LOVE Law & Order!!!

  17. Nancy Richards says:

    More Barba in episodes than he appeared last season. Another Barba-centric episode. Not too muc baby Noah, please.

  18. Kristen says:

    I want Stabler to come back.

  19. alex02 says:

    Bring Stabler back !! Even if just for a cameo I need closure

  20. Jose says:

    Hope he’s not hot head, like Elliot. Lol :) Can’t wait for “SEASON16”.

  21. Florrie says:

    Bring in the new peeps but please bring back Chris Meloni

  22. I can’t wait I’m marking my calendar love Marrissa and love the story plot go mama

  23. julie says:

    I would also like to see stabler. But maybe olivia and barber together…

  24. Terrie Dyer says:

    Please, please , please bring Christopher Meloni back!!!!

  25. rasheedah says:

    I can’t wait…i love the entire squad!!! #TEAMBENSON

  26. michelle lynn says:

    I hope stabler comes back to the show him and Olivia make the show along with all the other svu family

    • Rita Avant says:

      Elliott won’t come back, I read some where when he 1st left the show…. Because of money. In negotiation he wanted an enormous amount to back after the episode when he shot the teen who killed sister peg. I think we all felt cheated with no closure. I love those two together.

  27. angie morris says:

    I am so excited for this new chapter in olivia’s life but I hope this diesnt keep her from episodes.

  28. Crystal Klein says:

    Would luv to see Elliott in an episode!

  29. Looking good guys, but I would also like to see Finn!

  30. David love says:

    Can’t wait

  31. Cecilia Francescon says:


  32. JoAnna says:

    I want to know why we saw Amarro n Rollins looking kind of cozy on the couch in either the second to last or last episode of season 15? Also I hope Benson is able to keep this baby, the last time she was a foster mom she lost him back to his mother.

  33. cindy says:

    Iv always loved the show, love the fact Olivia now is a foster mum, hope she adopts, always trusted the writers for a great story line ,they have never let us down…bring on season 16

  34. Jennifer Magan says:

    I love law and order SVU. I have watched every season, even the reruns. I only have one question are you ever going to bring Elliot back?

  35. can’t wait for the new season to start.

  36. Laura says:

    This show is lacking Stabler and Alex Cabot. Every other new character is inferior to them. You have to be a friend of Warren Leight to get on this show, and he vomits and goes into a mad rage when they’re mentioned.

  37. Amanda Nash says:

    Elliot makes a visit to help Olivia with being a foster parent

  38. Rudolph Torres says:

    Man I think that is the best show every made . Ive been hooked on it for EVER . But I think yall need to bring back stabler back . Good luck on the new season . Hope everyone likes it I know I will . And I will also be recording it to ? GOOD LUCK SVU …….

  39. Elaine sanson says:

    no love interest for Olivia. more features with Fin. shorter hair for Olivia.

    • Christine Teague says:

      Agreed. Would love to see Benson’s hair shorter. I also loved the old Alex-Olivia chemistry. In my mind, that was Benson’s one true love. I dream they would somehow find their way back to each other. I know I’m in the minority but I’ve been old school SVU for years.

  40. Olivia says:

    Where is ice t! I wish stabler would come back! All u ppl who don’t know about Noah missed the season finale

  41. victoria says:

    Whatever just get rid of Amaro he sucks as an actor and bring back Stabler and Munch

  42. Gael says:

    Can’t wait!!

  43. Rolando Sta. Cruz says:

    Missed you guys!!

  44. Barbara E. Panzanella says:

    What about getting Elliot back for a guest role and have him and Olivia meet up again. There was never any real closure between them. I’m sure thousands of fans feel as I do. No closure for them n no closure for us !!!

  45. dianne cox says:


  46. We will accept him because we have no choice. But, would really like to have stabler back!

    • Richard Gatton says:

      Chris Meloni won’t come back, I don’t believe, at this stage. Although it would have been damn awesome to have had him brought in as the replacement for Captain Cragan (Dan Florick) at the captain. There should be a way to get Munch back as a consultant or something.

  47. cina says:

    I cant wait! Although I want Eliot back, hope the shows have good story, keeps up the good work!

  48. Teenz Tully says:

    When do we get Season 16 of SVU here in Australia?

  49. Can’t wait! I love this show!

  50. shirley raso says:


    • Nancy says:

      They can’t force actors to stay. That’s kind of wrong.

    • linda2009 says:

      Danny’s not leaving, thank goodness (he’s the only reason I started watching this show; I love the new squad). He just won’t be at SVU for the first few episodes. Amaro’s paying his penance for what he did at the end of the season by being knocked back to patrol from what I understand. I’m curious if they’ll keep the new guy around once Nick comes back.