Teen Wolf Recap: Grandma's Girl

Teen Wolf

The Benefactor’s identity was finally revealed on Monday’s Teen Wolf, and it turned out to be the one person nobody was expecting. (Stop rolling your eyes, you did not guess this.)

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Anyway, after accusing practically everyone they’ve ever met — including Lydia’s dead grandmother — the gang finally came face-to-face with the big bad, herself: Meredith! So not only is she alive, but I guess we also know why her hair is so big; it’s full of evil.

Lydia figured out Meredith’s big secret after cracking the final cipher — it was “Ariel,” Lydia’s childhood nickname — and following the trail, with Stiles in tow, back to Eichen House. They thought everyone on the third part of the dead pool had committed suicide, but they were really “helped” to their deaths by an unfriendly doc, who eventually met his own demise. (It’s the circle of life!)

Meanwhile, in other parts of Beacon Hills…

Teen WolfMAN ON FIRE | Quick question for the group: What is Deputy Parrish? Dude survived a car explosion — kudos to whichever TW writer was able to organically incorporate fiery shirtless-ness into a Parrish scene, by the way — and beat the crap out of his attacker, so let’s not even pretend like he’s just our friendly neighborhood law man anymore. So what is he, some kind of fire-starter? A phoenix? The true evolution of Charmander?

Teen WolfTHE $18 MILLION BOY | To say that Liam’s buddy Mason became “suspicious” of his new friends this week would be a bit of an understatement. After seeing Scott, Malia and Liam seemingly crippled by music at the annual bonfire — sadly, no, the beats were not being spun by Teen Wolf‘s own DJ Cole Plante — he jumped right in to save the day. (Does Stiles suddenly have some competition for Most Useful Human? Also, why did Liam’s death pool price tag skyrocket to $18 million? And what, was Cole Plante busy or something?)

CONFESSIONS | Scott and Derek also had a brief, albeit heartbreaking, honesty sesh this week; Derek came clean to Scott about his impending power outage, while Scott told Derek about his name being one of the cracked ciphers. As we saw, the dead pool is merely written in ink — not set in stone — but I’ve got to say, things still aren’t looking great for Big D.

Teen Wolf fans, were you surprised to learn that Meredith is the Benefactor? What do you think Deputy Parrish really is? And did you even notice Kira was M.I.A. this week? Watch our interview with the cast, then drop a comment with your review of the episode below.

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  1. Kait says:

    I honestly didn’t notice Kira was gone this week til you brought it up, forgot she was off with her Mom at the OutOfTown Hospital. So bad-orderly dude was being “controlled” by Meredith? Did she take banshee steroids that gave her new powers, or what?

    • Andy Swift says:

      Honestly, for an episode that provided so many answers, I’ve never had so many questions.

      • Kait says:

        Not really relevant but The Hulk’s son was in the episode, saw Lou Ferrigno Jr in the credits and knew the name sounded familiar (I think he was the dude naked smoked Parrish/Braeden was punching on?)

      • Robert says:

        I totally agree but I am hoping the next episode will give us all the answers.

    • Luli says:

      I love when she is M.I.A. …

    • Josh says:

      Banshee powers are so ill-defined. They’re basically, “What do we need this episode to make the plot work?”….Somehow Banshees seem to be a mix of witches, telepaths, clairvoyants, and actual banshees. Next, we’ll out they have super strength, telepotation abilities, he ability to go back in time, the ability to shapeshift…Whatever the plots call for really.

  2. Mare says:

    Thank you for the recap! I’m enjoying this season except for Derek’s story. Really disappointed how they are taking everything away from him, again. No longer an Alpha, no longer a werewolf, no longer on the list. They’re really setting him up to be written off and I don’t like it.

    Definitely was surprised by Meredith! I had honestly never considered her.

    Liam suddenly being worth 18 million was lame though. They’re playing him up a little too much, too fast and it’s starting to turn me off the character

    • Kait says:

      Well, he was able to tree-frog climb out of a deep well and had the guts to attack the Berserker, impressive for a Freshman Baby Beta

    • Rook says:

      Liam didn’t randomly get bumped up to 18 mil, they said Derek’s name was taken off the list. So I took that as the money for killing Derek was moved to Liam.

      • michelle says:

        II think derek name is off the list because right now because he is not supernatural and is human right now. His name is the cipher because his were died.

        • derekgirl says:

          Good I like Derek so much and that makes sense he lost his power that is why is was the key word. I really hope he gets his powers back though I miss him and his roar. I like him with Braeden I hope she sticks around.

        • Patty says:

          Yes… OMG I think KATE is actually helping Derek by taking his powers away…

    • Lizzy says:

      I see it too! I’m gonna be so upset if Derek gets taken off the show like Allison!!!!!

  3. M says:

    Every episode since Parrish was first introduced I can’t help but think how they just had to cast someone who looks very similar (at least IMO) to Colton Haynes.

  4. CK says:

    I don’t usually expect logic from Teen Wolf or MTV, but I’m going to need a lot of convincing that Meredith was ever functional/lucid enough to set any of this up.

    • Patrick says:

      I honestly don’t think Meredith is the benefactor. All I got from that episode was that she was the one who wrote the list. But it could be for someone else…

  5. Luli says:

    What were the Doc’s last words? Couldn’t understand a thing…

  6. jag says:

    Now the question will be – Why Meredith, why?

    I think Meredith is not acting by her own morals (if morals is applicable in her mental state). I just can’t settle with her being the Big Bad. i still feel there is more to come. With TW you never get it easy. And Parrish, not knowing what he is? play-date with Lydia will be catastrophic to say the least.

  7. Laura says:

    Didn’t miss Kira at all! I cannot stand her charachterl let’s keep it this way!

  8. Chase says:

    I actually did guess it?! I’ve never gotten the villain right before. Oh and check my twitter spac3rox11 for the proof. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season

  9. aligmich says:

    All I can say is: whaaaaaaat?!
    That was a shock! But better then the doctor because I was disappointed when it apparently turned out to be him.
    Also I think that in her own way she thinks she is giving them release, like the doc said, and therefore thinks that she’s is sound something good.
    But seriously wtf is Parrish! I vote for either Phoenix or angel – like something immortal and indestructible. Like it doesn’t necessarily have to be connected to fire cause he could have survived multiple things.

    • Hmm says:

      If he were an angel, I’d imagine he’d top out the list as most expensive hit.

    • PA says:

      The first thing I thought about was him being a fire Kitsune. A Phoenix sounds really good but there are way too many supernatural beings already on the show lol Guess we have to wait and see

  10. dancmh says:

    Meredith as the Benefactor makes absolutely no sense but, then again, I don’t watch this show for it’s Law and Order adherence to logic.

  11. Matthew b Lawler says:

    I would never thought of Meritus but my question is how does this harken back to season one so I thought the reveal of the benefactor was supposed to go all the way back to season one my shot in the dark guess was that it was going to turn out the benefactor was Danny sense at the end of last season we found out he knew about werewolves and then suddenly disappeared without even a mention this season

    • Dee says:

      I wondered that as well. I think next week they will give us all the answers and show how it connects back to Season 1

    • Liz says:

      Have been saying that since someone asked where danny was at comic-con? It’s weird he hasn’t been there because he always provided light hearted moments. But I doubt Jeff Davis would go there. But I think Merdith created the list for other reasons. Someone got it and turned it the dead pool. Its just weird that a banchee would want to kill all supernaturals.

  12. Emma O'Neill says:

    Easily one of the best episodes this season. In fact, one of the best episodes since Motel California if not the. I noticed Kira’s absence and a minimizing of lines to Malia and have to say it did improve the episode significantly. Not because I don’t like the characters – okay a little because I don’t like the characters – but it keeps the writers from having to create unnecessary B lines for other actors when we just want to see the main plot.
    This episode had everything you could have wanted – Stilinski family scene, Lydia in a scene with more than just her, non-stop action – I don’t think there was a slow point to this episode – and Derek actually being useful and not some side character who, considering has been a werewolf his life, is actually terrible at fighting. I couldn’t say enough good things about it.

  13. S says:

    I did not even consider Meredith for one second. Nice job Teen Wolf!!

  14. Mad Gouveia says:

    My god, Teen Wolf has THE WORST fandom ever. The hating on Malia and Kira is disgusting.

    • Lena says:

      Add Braeden to that list.

    • Zayne says:

      Fandoms of shows in general are awful. I loathe having to slog through comment sections to find the people that are intelligently talking about an episode. I thought I’d finally found a safe haven in The Good Wife but then when the big death happened this year, people devolved into slobbering masses.

    • SarahJ says:

      Yeah good god can they be really bitter. It is interesting how the fans are so generous to new male characters but overall hostile to female ones, lol. I mean Liam is practically the male version of Kira last season- clueless, new with being a supernatural and stuff. Also goes the same for newly introduced male characters in previous seasons.

      • Ari says:

        I honestly don’t understand the purpose of Liam. Why was he added in? At least when Kira showed up her plot was relevant to the whole dark kitsune/oni situation that was happening. I’m hoping Liam turns out to be more important than just another werewolf.

        • JR1234 says:

          I think Liam has at least 2 purposes. 1) Alpha Scott has a “pack” which is oddly lacking in actual Werewolves…he’s got everything else, but no wolves except Liam. 2) He’s a alpha in training so the show can go on after Posey leaves. Oh, and 3) he’s an innocent that Scott bit which he was warned not to do on the first episode of the season….something has to come from that.

    • phuong says:

      Every time I read a nasty comment about Kira and Malia I roll my eye its so annoying if you dont have anything nice to say than dont say it at all stop being so mean

      • Lizzy says:

        Right?? I love Malia & Kira! I noticed right off the bat that Kira wasn’t there! & I want Malia to go back to Stiles already ;( Team Maila & Kira all the way!

    • Tai says:

      I know! It’s terrible. I really don’t get the hate for either character at all. Fandoms really irritate me for that very reason.

    • bloody hell says:

      Malia is she wolf hot

  15. Craven says:

    Meredith as the benefactor actually makes sense to me, but I think there is more to it. I think she has moments of clarity like Lydia has, which I assume is a banshee thing, plus I’, thinking her banshee powers were amplified when Lydia’s grandmother experimented on her and caused her to be in the hospital for over a year. Maybe it made her a little less crazy and she’s been playing up her crazy factor so no one would know that she’s evil. Maybe not really evil, I believe she said that the people on the list are bad/evil people.

  16. Dee says:

    Yea didn’t think it was Meredith at all! Girl is smarter than she looks for sure! She played them all!

  17. Craven says:

    I like the fact that Scott seems to get stronger in each episode, it’s not something that really stands out. It seems to be happening slowly but it’s happening. the music didn’t affect him as much or as fast as the others, I know he’s an alpha and that means he is stronger than Malia and Liam but still he seems to be holding his own more. I’m hoping instead of them writing Derek off this is more about growth for him. I thought that Liam’s “bounty” going up was a combination of Derek being off the list and the fact that if he’s with Scott then he’ll be harder to get to and if someone does get to him it’ll make Scott weaker…as Scott actual beta (I always consider Stiles as Scott’s beta even if he is human) and the fact that he survived the first attempt on his life I think he became more interesting and worth more money. His pure rage will make him harder to kill. In this episode he was rather weak.

  18. Ash says:

    I am obsessed with Parrish! Newest member of Scott’s pack..aw major feels :) Ryan Kelley is so hot! I think Parrish is a Jinn of some sort..I’m thinking an Ifrit because a phoenix is a bit too obvious for me! I’ll allow possibly a dragon. I was definitely not expecting the benefactor to be Meredith! I gasped haha how dare you lie to me like that Meredith after a mourned your death!? As much as I love Stalia I have to admit those Stydia scenes had me all giggly like a 15 year old girl going on her first date with the coolest boy in school! The hospital scene with stiles and his dad dang near broke my heart! Loving this season :) new characters and all

    • Tai says:

      I didn’t even think of a Jinn. That’s a really good one. I’m just excited that they finally got around to addressing that Parrish was clearly something. Now hopefully we get an answer to that before next season!

      And yes, I loved the Stydia moment too. They’re always going to be my OTP even though I do adore Stiles and Malia together too.

  19. jm says:

    I Do not think Meredith is the Benefactor. She might be of course… but she said that the doctor was not in her list cause he was a “evil” person.

    For all the people we saw in this list the only devious one were the Wendingo family, but i dont think they killed anyone, they just stole body corps in order to have food. Then, the guy who fight with Scott in the second/third episode, he needed food… so he was not him at all…

    Is Kate on the list? if so, my teory of good people is not really correct… i know that Peter is not on the list… so Meredith tried to protect good people… good supernaturals…

    • derekgirl says:

      Peter wa snot on the list maybe he didn’t have his power at the time like Derek she didn’t add him but there were new list coming out maybe he is on one of the new list. Yes Kate was on the list. I think there is something missing too I think Meredith had help other than the Dr. Love Scott he is thinking more on his feet knowing about the music. I like Mason hope and Liam become the next Scott and Stiles. I loved Derek and Braeden fighting together the epi was good was surprised it was Mer didn’t see that one.

      • WhatIf says:

        So if they got Derek out of the list why wouldn’t they add Peter instead who’s becoming a monster.. I’m pretty sure he is behind this, not saying that he is the benefactor but has to do something with it

  20. Erin2 says:

    Parrish is for sure is either a Phoenix or a Jinn!!!

  21. J NIcole says:

    Hmmmm. One half answer and a whole lot more question:

    – Noted Kira’s absence within like 30 min into the show (one of the few that actually like her, i guess)
    – Def think Parrish is a phoenix (he literally rose from the ashes with no werewolf healing pow er to begin with (a la Peter),

    – I give Meredith credit for the list she is a banshee after all,however unless she has been faking her mental status this whole time she literally cannot be the brains behind the operation (making sure every one gets paid through wire transfers, that requires system knowledge and equipment (this is the girl who talked to a disconnected phone here…) As for revenge, i can understand Lydias Grandmother and the orderly at Eichen… why would she target the new kid?have to wait and see i guess…

    – Derek: I am afraid that this season can mean nothing good for my fav character: I am just waiting to see the news feed about him leaving (a la Reed/Sharman/Carvers (havent seen Danny either). I certainly hope this is not the case however, 1) scott is growing into his own as a true alpha (how much can derek continue to teach him, which was his primary role when the show was created), 2) His name cracked the deal pool list (but Lydia’s broke the suicide list ????… curiouser and curiouser) 3) He is being stripped of his powers and currently with a girl with no powers. 4.) He is my fav character that usually means bad things.

    OH well… next week this post will probably be all void anyway

  22. Ari says:

    I did notice Kira was gone. I know i’m one of like 5 people that actually like Kira. I think she could do so much more but they are sending her to Allison land where you only show up to get smacked around by the big bad/saved by Scott/ make out with boys. I wish they’d give her a real storyline again. I can’t wait to get more into Derek’s storyline. Now that his secret is out we have to see more progress on that right? RIGHT?

  23. vanessa says:

    I’m very surprise Meredith is the benefactor.The thought didn’t even cross my mind.I love Parrish,can’t wait to find out what he is.Kira wasn’t in the episode, no wonder I enjoyed the episode.I don’t like what’s happening with Derek.

  24. Radha says:

    Yes, I noticed Kira was gone right away. They could have mentioned her in a comment like Scott saying he spoke to her and her mom is okay. Or had a quick scene with her and Scott talking on the phone and him telling her to be careful. Kira is a part of the pack and she and her mom ARE targets. I don’t get the lack of worry when assassins are running around and the pack is completely split up all the time.

    So yeah I noticed her gone. What I didn’t notice was Malia’s absence until they had her come in halfway through the show. I could have done without that. I know people–and this site–adore Shelley Hennig and Malia, but I just cannot get behind the character. I went in this season with an open mind and was immediately put off by her apparent “soulmate” relationship with Stiles in the premiere. Yeah these two were getting so close over the two month break–even though she should be mentally and 8 year old. It just rubs me wrong. You know what situation would have been perfect?:

    Malia is actually FERAL–like she realistically would be. We actually WITNESS the pack trying to acclimate her into society. Stiles is in character and reacts to her the same way he acts with ANY new person in their group–with great reluctance (Remember Isaac, Liam, Erica, Derek and even Kira a bit)–until he warms up to them. For some strange reason, however, Malia latches onto Stiles. Stiles can’t figure it out and he starts telling Scott: “We wake up and she’s sleeping on our Kitchen floor, Scott. My dad is freaked out.” Or even Stiles waking up and finding her on the floor of his room or under his bed. These would have been amusing scenes and Stiles initial freak out would have been awesome to see. And he’d hate it. Yet…we’d start seeing him soften towards her, and start to help Malia, and we’d actually see this bond that developed between them over the hiatus. Then, maybe not this season, because Malia is still acclimating to her life as a now 17 year old and shouldn’t be in the mindset of dating anyone, maybe in season 5 we start to see some actual romance develop between them.

    I like to see my romances develop. I don’t like being told they happened off screen to characters who aren’t developed well and being shoved with fan favorite characters in order for said fan favorite character’s popularity to rub off on them. I don’t know. That’s just me.

    And just so Malia won’t be reduced to just a love interest status, then they could also slowly introduce her to Derek and Peter and actually form a bond there as well. And also see her relationship with her adopted father. We see her returned to him yet never saw him again. How is their familial relationship going? Do they talk like they used to? The man was devastated over his family’s death and got his daughter back yet we see nothing of them together again. It’s just crappy writing regarding the entire Malia character.

    Kira may not be a fave, which I cannot understand, but she was introduced slowly, has some actual parent/family background and is developing a romance with Scott. Yet she’s not liked and everyone is fawning over Malia. It makes no sense to me.

  25. DArla says:

    Kait hi and hello how are you today so far my name is darla leight