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Nashville Season 3 Scoop: Deacon's New Muse Is… Batman's Mother?!

Nashville Season 3

Martha Wayne has gone country.

Actress-singer Brette Taylor, who plays Batman’s ill-fated mama in Fox’s Gotham pilot, is joining Nashville‘s third season in a major recurring role, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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She will play Pam, Luke’s sultry, extroverted new backup singer. An incredibly talented musician in her own right, she quickly becomes Deacon’s muse — even more so when her complicated and dark past comes to light.

Taylor’s credits include playing “Crazy Debbie” in Season 2 of Rescue Me, and a recent guest stint in CBS’ Unforgettable.

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Nashville Season 3 bows Wednesday, Sept. 24 at 10/9c on ABC.

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  1. Beckers0505@yahoo.com says:

    So I’m guessing Rayna doesn’t pick Deacon…

  2. Dude says:

    So Nashville is going to “Chuck and Blair” Deacon and Rayna then? Putting up ridiculous roadblocks in the way because they’re incapable of writing a stable relationship.

  3. Leo says:

    Exactly what the show needs, more aspiring singers that nobody gives a f about.

  4. Sara says:

    So Rayna will choose Luke, and another woman for Deacon. Just great.

  5. Maria says:

    aaaaaand confirming my decision not to start watching again this fall.

  6. MelindaB says:

    Meh. I’m tired of being jerked around over Rayna and Deacon. And I’m not crazy about Luke.

  7. Jill says:

    I was only considering watching season 3 after the disastrously boring season 2 for the chance to actually see the writers write the Deacon/Rayna relationship…the reason I started watching this show in the first place, but with this news it looks like I’ll be finding something else to do on Wednesday night. I have no interest in watching Deacon with another stand in love interest, or Rayna with Luke, one of the worst written characters in TV history.

  8. Shira says:

    Deacon doesn’t need another muse. He needs a chastity belt.
    The show ended season 2 in such a high note, sure hope they’re not going to ruin it with another boring useless storyline like this.

  9. Miranda says:

    Oh GAWD. We do not need any more distractions from the core Deacna (RayCon?) ‘ship.
    Seriously ABC cannot get it together to give the fans what they want and maybe, possibly improve the show next season.

    • amy says:

      Hey its Deyna. Get it right LOL

    • Justie says:

      I don’t think ABC is to blame for your favorite characters not getting together or what you want from this show. I think if you want to be mad at anyone be upset with the writers. They are the ones that write the show and develop new characters on this show.

      • Miranda says:

        I definitely blame ABC because it is well known that they give copious amounts of notes to the writers and producers on how they want to see the show progress.
        They are very involved in how the series develops and don’t give Callie Khouri carte blanche on how to run her show and tell her story. I recall her husband T Bone Burnett, when he left the show as the music supervisor after season 1, bemoaned how little creative control Callie has and how ABC have inserted themselves into her creative process.
        Cable networks like HBO are not beholden to advertisers or the FCC the way ABC or Fox are so they get all the creative freedom in the world.
        But network shows are very restricted and keep their showrunners in check. It can really handicap a promising series and that’s clearly what’s happened with Nashville.

        • Justie says:

          Well I don’t think it all ABC fault yeah they are probably part of the problem. But I think the writers can share some of the blame too. We don’t know what the writers or the studio and network are really thinking when running this show. I think if Callie and the other writers wanted to have more creative control with the show. Then they could have tried a cable networks instead of a major network like ABC.

  10. Claire says:

    So done with this show.

  11. buffy522 says:

    agreed. NOBODY wants a new love interest for Deacon and Luke’s character is more bland than Teddy.

  12. This show just barely escaped cancellation…why risk losing ratings, and alienating fans by going this route?? Let me guess – once Deacon becomes involved with this woman, Rayna will get jealous and THEN want Deacon back?? I would much rather see the fallout from the broken (and very public) engagement…will the fans turn on her? Will Highway 65 survive? It would be refreshing to see how Rayna & Deacon’s relationship develops/matures/stabilizes instead of the old ‘will they/won’t they?’.

    • Jess says:

      It didn’t barely escape cancellation. The reason it took so long to renew is because they were deciding who was gonna be in the cast.

      • Brandy says:

        @Jess no .The reason it took so long to renew was because Lionsgate only wanted to do 13 episodes but abc /abc Studios wanted a full season and TN tax credits became less.It did barely escape cancellation, it went to low 1.s in demo and was very lucky abcs freshman shows besides Sheild & Resserection were flops.

        • Justie says:

          From what I heard it was ABC that wanted to shorten the season to 13. Liongates was the one who wanted the full 22 episodes.

          • Brandy says:

            Yep, you’re right.I just got it switched around.Sorry.My bab.
            My pont still stands that abc & Lionsgate bickered over episode order and and we’re considering moving Nashville-production of- to Texas or LaA due to less tax credits than in the past.The renewal wasn’t held up by “deciding who was in the cast”.

      • I was going bananas waiting for them to renew it (and constantly reading ‘it’s on the bubble’ on this site). I was SO happy it got a S3 – I was really getting worried.

        I’m not in love with this storyline, and honestly – I kind of wish I didn’t know about it (but I LOVE spoilers…what can you do??). I will still tune in regardless – even if I want to yell, and shake my fist at the TV. :)

  13. Froggie says:

    Oh I am done. There is no hope this show will get a season 4 if they put more pointless road blocks up to keep Rayna and Deacon apart. I’m not watching another season with Luke and Rayna. I cannot stand the actor Will Chase and my friends that were watching stopped because of him. It’s not that he is just keeping Rayna and Deacon apart it is that he has NO chemistry with Rayna. I think the writers are just hoping viewers come around but keeping them apart to just give the actor Will Chase something to do is just making fans mad. All that support last season when it was doubtful that a S3 was going to take place will be gone before the end of the premiere.

  14. MA says:

    Ha! I realize this means nothing but more “putting off” the Rayna/Deacon pairing and that’s completely lazy and ridiculous, but I still say…”Go get her, Deacon!” If Rayna chooses Luke at the start of season three, I feel that the Deacon/Rayna ship should sail, and he’s too good for her. Clearly they’re not actually meant for each other and their relationship is beyond saving. So move on with the hot young blonde, dude!

    • Jill says:

      Totally agree. Rayna choosing Luke after Deacon put everything on the line like that in the finale is basically a major F-you to him. Never thought I could hate a character played by Connie Britton, but the Nashville writers have made sure of that.

      • MA says:

        I don’t hate Rayna, though the writers made her increasingly self-absorbed and unlikeable in season two. But if she picks Luke here, it seems crystal clear that we’ve been wrong all along and she does not want Deacon. So…OK. Move on then. Deacon can do better than a woman who doesn’t want him. I think my biggest beef is that if Rayna rejects him (which she has the right to do; I mean, if she doesn’t want him, she doesn’t want him), then Deacon needs to scrape his self-respect off the ground and stop going after her. If he doesn’t, he’s just really pathetic, and I like Deacon a lot. I’d rather he not be pathetic.

        • Jill says:

          True, but their relationship was the only thing I was interested in on this show, so if this is the case I’m out,and I think a lot of other people feel the same.

  15. Amy says:

    This is horrible. What a cruel tease that finale was to the fans.
    I was really hoping they’d finally have the courage and creativity to write Rayna and Deacon, but I should have known better than to get my hopes up. It’s funny how those involved with the show are always asking for fan support, yet seem to continue producing the exact opposite of what everyone wants to see. Why they don’t write the brilliant story right in front of them I’ll never know, but I’m not sticking around to watch this garbage.

  16. Rosy says:

    Thanks for 2 seasons (actually just 1) of Connie Britton’s glorious hair, but I’d rather watch a diashow of Kim Kardashian selfies than another episode of this show – *yawn*

  17. Juju says:

    Noooo… I want him with Laura Benanti!

  18. Whatevah says:

    Another question I have was what was the point of the episode with Charlotte Ross? I thought that was going be the new wedge for him and Rayna. Was that just a test?

    • Ann says:

      Nope. That was just to make his commitment to Megan even more heartbreaking as she was simultaneously screwing Teddy.

      • Jill says:

        That was clearly missed because no gave a damn about Meagan, like I’m sure most people won’t care about Pam. I can’t imagine at this point where these writers think they’re taking this show, but I’m actually more intrigued to see if anyone follows.

      • Whatevah says:

        Ahh…okay. See? It went right over my head. I guess she should have gone back to Days of Our Lives. :)

  19. amy says:

    So this Sadie chick is supposed to be friends/ a rival of Raynas. And now there is this Pam chick who is what- essentially the same thing? If Pam is with Deacon, does that mean Sadie is going to go for…Luke? Which means Rayna ends up with…no one?!!! Well no one is better than Puke Wheeler but effing seriously NO ONE watching this show wants to see another chick join Deacons warm body club just because the writers can’t think up anything original. They did this already with Megan and Stacy. GET A CLUE!!!!

    • Justie says:

      Maybe Sadie, is not for Deacon or Luke. She probably going to be part of Rayna inner circle of friends she can trust and talk too. I heard Judith Hoag (Tandy), was done for while after filming episode 2 of season 3. I read from the actress titter account there are rumors saying the actress is not going to around that often in the upcoming season 3.

  20. Daniel Armour says:

    I watch the show for the ensemble, so I don’t have a particular problem with Deacon and Rayna not getting together. Then again, I’m just not into the whole shipping thing.

    • Daniel Armour says:

      I do, however, have a problem with will they/won’t they romances. If they aren’t getting together then great; If they are getting together then fantastic. Just don’t keep playing both sides endlessly because that can be pretty annoying. Other than that, I’m looking forward to Season 3.

  21. Alex M. says:

    The more I reflect on season two, the more reasons I find for how awful and unwatchable it was. The juiciest moments were tepid at best and please do not get me started on the god-awful music. I’m praying it can have a Revenge season 3 style resurrection in quality because as of this moment I am not looking forward to seeing it in September. None of the “news” about season three is doing anything to change my mind.

    • Brigid says:

      God awful music??? I don’t know what you are watching but the music on this show is the only reason I stick around because the soap opera aspect is so lame. I can’t believe you don’t like the music. Why do you watch a musical show? THIS boggles my mind.

  22. JJReynolds says:

    Rayna only seems to want to be with Deacon when he is becoming interested in someone else. Luke did help her get her career and album going. He was with another label, but had her join him on stage and recorded Gunnar’s hit song with her. Luke was already a hit singer, so I don’t see how he had some idea to ruin Rayna’s career. At this point, he has only helped her career. Deacon needs to find someone who loves him all the time, not just use him when they need a new song. Rayna didn’t seem to really want him, but didn’t want anyone else to have him. I still don’t understand how Edgehill allowed Luke to promote Rayna so much. However, even though I do love Deacon, he needs to “grow a pair”,, as Lamar Wyatt once said to Teddy…Just my opinion.

  23. Don’t spoil the a Deacon and Raynor thing. It is wonderful

  24. fanfact says:

    i think this show has officially become a telenovela…i mean seriously!! at this point deacon seems even more pathetic than he was in s01 every one has a breaking point. he needs to grow a pair abd move on. because this whole “i love u even when u consistently tell me to f off is getting sad to watch. And as Ryana i liked her in s01 but she became increasingly self absorbed and i hate it….and as for luke i dont even know wat to say.
    the writers need to do deacon a favor and make him move on then maybe rayna can see him as more than his angry sad man.