Mistresses Recap: If You Like It Then You Shouldn't Put a Wiretap On It

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who’s the craziest
Mistresses character of all?

Could it be Karen Kim, as she orders Pad Thai
During bathrobe-clad sleepovers with patients who cry?

Or maybe it’s Anna, who lives like a hoarder
And might also have a personality disorder?

And then there’s Doc Jacob, who’s totally cute
But too moony-eyed to detect a malpractice suit

We could point at sweet April, who’s fighting the law
Storming FBI offices and shouting “Hell naw!”

Toni Taut and Treacherous is still in the race
At least until Savi takes a bat to her face

I’m ruling out Scott, despite his shoe fetish
Though his marrying Joss might make Harry turn reddish

On that note let’s end this rhyme experimentation
And recap the week in the Mistresses nation…

APRIL | April’s stalker dude shows up at her house — but it turns out he’s with the FBI and he’s trying to track down her not-dead husband Paul, who’s gotten mixed up with an east-coast drug cartel. In a scene that’s pure comic gold, Karen shows up outside Maison Sur Mer, gets in touch with her inner Sydney Bristow and deducts that April’s house and workplace are under wiretap surveillance. Turns out, crazy Karen is right — although her sexurity (typo and it stays) expert Gary Dourdan turns out to be on vacay, so the home-sweep job goes to a guy with whom none of our core cast is likely to become intimate. (Insert sad-trombone sound here.) When April realizes that even Lucy’s jewelry box has been bugged, she storms down to FBI HQ — and no, she’s not going to take a seat in the waiting area! (“I am here to find out why the FBI bugged my 12-year-old daughter’s bedroom: DO I NEED AN APPOINTMENT FOR THAT?” she seethes wonderfully.) When she gets inside the building, though, she sees something shocking and terrible: Daniel. Not wearing a tight Henley. Or a skimpy bathtowel. But a drab blue FBI windbreaker. And her face is like, “What in the whatting what?”

Key Questions | Was Daniel bedding April all part of an FBI sting operation? And if so, is he working from a CIA playbook written by Homeland‘s Carrie Mathison? If that’s not the case, and he’s really in love, would April be so crazy to forgive him — once she’s got an immunity deal and Daniel’s made sure she’s not about to be the next forced employee of a Cuban drug cartel?

KAREN | Oh Em Gee, this MESS! So the episode kicks off with Anna waking up the morning after her emotional confession to Karen — ON KAREN’S COUCH. And when Anna asks if it would be weird for her to get a cup of coffee, our recently suspended psychiatrist is all, “I think it’s safe to say we’ve passed that boundary,” before offering her a towel and unlimited access to her bathroom. (I mean…) The next day, Anna calls Karen in the middle of a possible mental breakdown/drug overdose/panic attack — who can tell, because it’s over the phone — but instead of dialing 9-1-1, Karen goes to Anna’s flea-infested apartment, takes her pulse, drives her to the hospital for tests and then invites her to be her roomie — and even lets her choose their takeout option on Night One!!! (Oh, if I could just hear Elizabeth Grey’s reaction to all this. Actually, Rina Mimoun, is it too late for a Webisode featuring Elizabeth Grey’s reaction to all this?) Jacob, who’s clearly gotten a taste of “Hotel Karen” (if I ain’t being too subtle) responds to news of his possibly suicidal, possibly former prostitute ex-girlfriend crashing on the couch of her therapist/his current girlfriend with a big goofy smile and the most obvious observation in the history of the world: “It’s definitely not the appropriate thing to do…” and then adds, “but that’s why I love you.”

Key Questions | This is soooo going to end in a three-way, isn’t it? (And how did it take me this long to arrive at the tawdry realization?) Also, what exactly did Karen need to get out of her bathroom/shower before Anna was allowed to go up there? (Karen’s collection of hooker wigs?) And is it possible Anna has a nefarious motive — seeing how Karen did steal her man (however inadvertently)?

JOSS | When Joss gets invited to Scott’s grandma’s 97th b’day — dang, Old Girl looks terrific, no? — Harry gets in her head, telling her she’s a boozy, sex-joke-dropping tornado who’s something of an acquired taste for the future mother-in-law set. Joss comes close to smashing the metaphorical $300 soap dish she’s bought as a gift by acting as if Scott’s weird for wanting his family to dig her, but the big day is all hugs and charades and miniature soaps — and Joss admits to her beau that the familial closeness is all too new to her, seeing that it’s only been her and sister Savi against the world their whole lives. Clearly moved — and moved to action by Grandma June’s enthusiasm — he slips an engagement ring into a pair of pumps, and (¡bam!) I’m already envisioning a montage of Joss trying on wedding gowns. So is Harry, seemingly, though who he’s imagining as the groom is an entirely different matter.

Key Questions | Was Joss’ interaction with Scott’s family so sweet that you’re totally on his team now or was it so sweet it made you root for her to do something rash and untoward with her ex-brother-in-law? Also: Was Scott’s decision to bring his shoe fetish into his marriage proposal a Liz Lemon-style dealbreaker?

SAVI | Savi’s a fairly passive player in her storyline for the first two-thirds of this week’s episode, discovering (along with everyone else at her firm) that Toni has accused Dom of sexual harrassment in the wake of their one-night stand. Dom (who might want to change the spelling of his name to Dumb) realizes too late that Toni never had another job offer and that she set him up for a takedown — something she openly admits to out in the parking garage. Last partner in = easiest target, buddy! Savi finally invites Dom over for drinks and a chat — and explains to him why her nonexistent relationship with her dad makes her always eager to be the focused, together half of her relationships, to take care of guys who are a mess and need her desperately. It’s a great moment for Alyssa Milano and Jason George — a moment of quiet, somber realization. And when Dom demands to know why he was the only one who was ever all about the Dom-Savi dynamic, Savi has an epiphany: “I was also an ‘us’ with Harry — so there were consequences and wreckage.” She takes his hand, just like her took hers in the hospital in the Season 1 finale, but it’s not a romantic gesture, not really. “We never had a chance, did we?” he asks. And just like that, the final embers of the formerly scorching-hot love affair die out.

Key Questions | Is it possible for Dom and Savi to rediscover the magic? Could a common enemy in Toni bring them back together? Or are they kaput completely? And dreadful as Toni may be, isn’t it a more interesting storyline if she winds up triumphing by the end of Season 2 — even if it’s just to watch her get torn down in (what will hopefully be) Season 3?

Your turn. What did you think of this week’s episode? Which couple do you ship hardest? Did you gasp at the Daniel revelation? Or at the engagement? Or at Jacob’s “I love you”? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    Oh they got me. I so did not see that Daniel twist coming at all. I love it when shows surprise me like that!!

  2. Ian says:

    I didn’t see the Daniel twist either! I don’t think it works tbh. He was clearly an artist with a wife and a house of lies when he met April, so how does all of that fit together with him being an FBI agent too? Shenanigans!
    And please please PLEASE let that be the end of Dom. God, I just want that over. Savi, go find another practice now or become a mystery-solving freelance lawyer or something.
    And Harry and Joss is still the last thing I’d ever ship. She made a passing comment about Scott thinking they spend too much time together the episode before, and now Harry’s saying things like “Well maybe he was waiting his whole life for you” – it’s insanely ridiculous. No, you weren’t waiting for Joss, Harry, and only just realized it 5 minutes ago. You were happily married and truly in love with her sister! This is where Mistresses tips over the edge for me. There’s such a thing as ‘too soapy’, and this is that point.

  3. H says:

    err yea it was as obvious as hell as soon as they discovered the place was bugged I knew Daniel was involved.. this is one stupid stupid show.. Im done watching it.. The female leads are all imbeciles.. they guys are wimps.. I can’t believe it made it to season 2.. so DONE my brain has been threatening to strangle me since I started watching.. kept hoping it would get better.. it got worse

  4. Flick says:

    I dig Scott and Joss so so much. #TeamScott

  5. Eric7740 says:

    OMG!!! Is Alyssa Milano going to make it to the end of the season before she pops???!!!

  6. Rob says:

    What’s interesting about Savi’s realization that she seeked out men who ‘needed’ her and why she never felt that connection with Dom was because he didn’t need her and the reason for their breakup, may actually be what brings them back together. With Dom’s trouble at work because of Toni, he’s actually in need of help now. So, to make this relationship come full circle for Savi with being attracted to guys who ‘need’ her, she’ll be pulled into a position where she helps him. Which is why I believe the argument in the promo for next week is staged and is part of a plan to reveal Toni’s sexual harassment claims are bogus. Thoughts?

    • rhysinstar says:

      .I totally agree with you Rob! I said the exact the same thing when I watched the show last night. I think this show should have better writers. I can predict everything. I knew that Toni was going to set up Dom some sort of way. She’s attractive and very flirtatious and I knew he’d walk right into her web…even after seeing her make it. I do however believe that Joss will either sleep with Harry or come extremely close to it…tension will arise with between Scott and Joss because of her guilt and avoidance of being with him. Ever notice how people always want what they don’t have…the challenge of claiming the prize. Daniel and April…so boring. April is flimsy. She’s a very passive female. She doesn’t know her worth/ value. April seems like she has low self esteem. She’s attractive and independent career wise but she’s still not sure of herself. Karen needs to get married and have a baby. She’s a natural caretaker. She opened the door to Anna and it was like inviting a vampire in to drink your blood. This will not turn out good for Karen

  7. LaLa says:

    The first thought that popped into my head with the big Daniel reveal, was, At least he’s not married, then! But he could still totally be married, huh? I hope April calms down and gets the lay of the land before she flies off the handle. In the very least, she should be able to get some type of deal from the FBI, seeing as how Daniel crossed all sorts of lines and whatnot.
    I am such a Jason George (Dom) fan. I was totally hoping he had some type of recording device while Toni was monologing with him. Oh well, to Savi and Dom. Her loss, I do believe. But it looks like next week’s ep will be interesting,with the two of them setting Toni up.
    Somehow, I don’t see Joss making it down the aisle with Scott. It seems as if this train is running straight to a never-knew-how-much-I-loved-you-til-I-almost-lost-you scenario with Joss and Harry. Which is still just all sorts of wrong with me. I thought the ring in the shoe was a nice touch by Scott. But it all seems a tad fast for me.
    I don’t even know where to start with Karen, Anna and Jacob. Karen just seems to keep running headfirst into those buzzsaws. I definitely think Anna is setting her up. I just don’t understand why Karen won’t employ more caution, or heed the restrictions I’m sure exist in her professional code. And no, I don’t buy Jacob’s little description of how Karen is just made this way. She’s just survived a madwoman’s (and her son’s) attempts to derail her career and end her life. You’d think she’d know better. Idiota.

  8. I was shouting NOOOOO for about 30 seconds when Daniel was in that FBI office! I need him to get it together, cause him and April were hot! I guess that’s not gonna happen, though? April’s gotta have some serious trust issues after it’s all said and done.. she should’ve stuck with hot dad!
    Didn’t realize Alyssa Milano was pregnant, that explains her change in appearance– her and Dom probably need to be done anyway, I never really liked that relationship, especially with how everything went down with the baby and Harry.
    Anyways, I can’t wait to see how Daniel explains this! And yay for Joss and Scott! (even though I don’t think her heart is in it!)

  9. Leila J says:

    Daniel working for the FBI was a shocker. In the opening credits I saw Ricky Whittle’s name and I kept waiting for him to show up. When the episode was nearing its end with still no Daniel and the camera panned slowly to what April was gasping at and then it came to me that this dude is working for the FBI!!! Scott proposing to Joss, though sweet, was not a surprise. Joss will somehow ruin this happiness she has with Scott for Harry. Harry said the sweetest line in defense of Scott’s singleness when he said “maybe he was just waiting his entire life for you.” But then the look he had after he said it made me think he was talking about himself and then it became bittersweet. All I could think about was if they go there with Joss and Harry, what will that do to Savi? Well, it would be entertaining if nothing else. Nothing Karen does surprises me anymore. If she does one sane or rational thing, that will be a shock. Toni makes me want to slap her, but she played Dom like a fiddle. He really is a simple little man like she called him. I agree with what you said, Sir Slezak. I would love for Toni to triumph in this season only to have Savi (or anyone with a hot poker) bring her down next season. It would be a great setup for a comeback for Savi and her original fierce and feisty self from season one. I enjoy mistresses so much and I do hope the show gets renewed for another season. Great and hilarious recap, sir. The poem was awesome, btw! Your recaps are always priceless!

  10. B Warcola says:

    Love this show!!! Daniel’s FBI involvement, total shock, although I already figured out last week, the guy was probably FBI that was “stalking” April. I don’t think Daniel is married, just part of the cover up. Joss cracks me up, she’s a bit of a thrill seeker so of course, she said yes to the ring. It’s not going to last, her and Harry will end up closer than just being x-in laws. Karen’s “date” while she was an “escort” (the guy who yelled like a girl at the earthquake tremor) I think is going to reappear and then Jacob is going to find out about the whole escapade. Savi and Dom…I like them together but he’s got a hot mess on his hands with Toni!! I foresee the guy from the accident coming back in Savi’s life. Can’t wait for next week.

  11. rhysinstar says:

    I totally agree with you Rob! I said the exact the same thing when I watched the show last night. I think this show should have better writers. I can predict everything. I knew that Toni was going to set up Dom some sort of way. She’s attractive and very flirtatious and I knew he’d walk right into her web…even after seeing her make it. I do however believe that Joss will either sleep with Harry or come extremely close to it…tension will arise with between Scott and Joss because of her guilt and avoidance of being with him. Ever notice how people always want what they don’t have…the challenge of claiming the prize. Daniel and April…so boring. April is flimsy. She’s a very passive female. She doesn’t know her worth/ value. April seems like she has low self esteem. She’s attractive and independent career wise but she’s still not sure of herself. Karen needs to get married and have a baby. She’s a natural caretaker. She opened the door to Anna and it was like inviting a vampire in to drink your blood. This will not turn out good for Karen

  12. Anisha says:

    Harry is so in love with Joss! OMFG! It is going to be interesting to see how he isn’t able to hide his feelings towards her when he gets to know abt the engagement. Scott is sweet but I feel nothing during Scott/Joss scenes. They are way too mushy to the point of being annoying. No doubt the writers will create a Joss/Harry thing just to create tension between all the characters next year.

  13. Beda says:

    A bit too soon for Joss and Scott to tie the knot but it should be interesting to see how he copes with Joss’ flip flops.

    I wasn’t surprised to see Daniel as an FBI agent. I remembered when he heard April say she was in love with him. He was at her house and coming down the stairs and he looked stunned. He was probably putting the bug in Lucy’s room then.

    I hope Dom/Savi are over. They are boring together. Dom needs to carry a tape recorder with him to catch Toni unawares.

    I would really like to see Savi and Harry back together again. A BIG NO to Harry/Joss.

    Karen is crazier than her patient but I love her character.

    Can’t wait for next week.

  14. Marge says:

    I knew that Dom would end up sleeping with Toni but I didn’t think she’d be setting him up! When I saw the look on Dom’s face as she left the parking I couldn’t help but think that somehow Toni would end up dead by the end of the season (or maybe I watch too much movies lol)
    Even though I’m happy that Savi and Dom are over for now I thought her way of thinking was strange. She said she loves the men in her life to need her but at that exact moment Dom needs her and her support more than everything so I think they’ll maybe patch things up later in the season.
    As for Daniel being an FBI agent, from the moment we knew he was hidding something I was sure that he was an undercover agent working to try and see if Paul was really dead and I was so surprised to see I was right lol so I’m looking forward to see what he’ll say to April to try and justify his actions.
    Although I like Joss with Scott I feel it’s a little early for them to be engaged. But I’m still absolutely against the idea of a romantic relationship between Joss & Harry! Everybody keeps on suggesting this but I think it would be a TERRIBLE idea! I mean Harry was married to her sister for 15 years! We know that Joss is at least 10 years younger than Savi so that means when Harry and Savi got together Joss was a young woman and we know he has seen her as his sister as well so it would be so strange! But even though last year there were no real signs between them I can see now that the writers are pushing in this direction (Joss being uncomfortable when Harry gets out of the shower then pushing a woman on him) but I still hope it won’t happen!

  15. Rob says:

    When first watching this episode, I never really gave much thought about Scott proposing to Joss. However, reading viewers comments the next day I saw a common thread within the comments. People were surprised by the proposal because they felt the relationship was too new for the writer’s to have them engaged.This got me thinking a bit. I came to 2 conclusions.

    The first being that this show, like many, doesn’t really follow a strict time line where each episode is a day or a week or whatever. So, while in episode time Joss & Scott have been dating for like 5 episodes, within the show the 5 episodes could have covered several months, which is why the proposal didn’t seem strange to me. However, reading that other people felt the proposal was to soon, had me look at it from that perspective. By doing that I came to a second conclusion, which I haven’t seen anyone address yet.

    Could there be motives behind Scott’s ‘quick’ proposal & Joss’s acceptance? I think yes. Look at how the writer’s teased the friendship/chemistry between Joss and Harry, and how it bothered Scott enough where he questioned Joss about it. Which then made Joss question herself enough to set Harry up on a date hoping to get him in a relationship and therefore unavailable. So, could Scott’s proposal be motivated by his concern that Joss may eventually stray to Harry and believe’s that proposing to & marrying Joss would remove that concern? And could Joss’s acceptance be her doing the same thing? Believing that by accepting the proposal, that whatever feelings she has for Harry, will be easier to ignore because now she’s finally committed to someone so Harry is off limits.

    • Vivian says:

      Rob, don’t know who you are, but you are great! Lol drama between Joss, Scott, and Harry is definitely my favorite storyline right now and you just put it into two different perspectives for me that are very very interesting! I’m thinking to myself, would the writers really do something THAT crazy as to put Joss and Harry in that sticky situation. And although I love Scott and think he’s the best thing to happen to Joss, besides Harry (odd), there is no way they are going to let that marriage happen…

  16. Joss and Scott ftw! says:

    The mistresses writers, please don’t screw up with Joss and Scott relationship, they are so good together. Joss and Harry won’t work, it be gross to sleep with your ex brother in law. Come on. They are family.

    I really don’t care about savi, Karen and what the other woman’s name, I tune in for Joss and Scott. It be a good surprise to actually see Joss have a normal relationship considering her past. It is too overwhelmed having too much ruin relationships in the series.


  17. Mari says:

    Didn’t see any of it coming! So sad when the episode ended and can’t wait till Monday!