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Oscar Winner Geena Davis Boards Grey's Anatomy for Major Season 11 Arc

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Geena Davis

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy is bringing out the big guns for its 11th season, casting Academy Award winner Geena Davis in a recurring role.

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Davis has signed on with the long-running medical drama for a major arc, TVLine has learned, playing a surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

An Oscar winner for 1988’s The Accidental Tourist (and a nominee for Thelma & Louise), Davis also has a Golden Globe on her mantel, for her turn as POTUS on ABC’s Commander in Chief. Her previous TV credits also include Will & Grace, an eponymous ABC sitcom and Buffalo Bill.

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Grey’s launches Season 11 on Thursday, Sept. 25, now airing at 8/7c.

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  1. abz says:

    Before I read the article, I thought they were finally going to bring on Derek’s fourth sister. Oh well I think I’d rather watch another surgeon than more new boring intern drama.

  2. Ali Sr says:

    I love Geena Davis – Grey’s Anatomy not so much. For her I will try 😉

  3. Ian says:

    Wow, this was a desperate move.

    But people love Geena, so it’ll work for them. The show was getting decent ratings anyway, but Geena will definitely give them a buzz they haven’t had in years.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Yes, “decent ratings” — No. 1 drama for 2013-14: http://tvline.com/2014/05/22/tv-season-rankings-2013-2014-big-bang-theory-greys-anatomy/

      • Ashley says:

        You get Em Matt lol

      • Wilma says:

        Matt…LOL. There is a huge difference between fans watching a show en masse and those that watch because it was once great and they can’t let go even though most of them just hate it. Think about Breaking Bad. The buzz was electric. Now compare that to the silent masses that watch this show. I turn it on for background noise but either fall asleep within five minutes or ignore most of what’s going on. Last year was a fiasco. Sandra Oh leaving and she and Ellen Pompeo’s characters fought with each other the entire season until the end when they said…meh…I’m not mad anymore…oh ok. Such stupid, juvenile writing. This show is nothing more than shock and sex. There are no good story lines. Oh and Mer and Derek are separating again….AGAIN…for the 1,000th time. Yawn! Like How I Met Your Mother…ppl and former fans are watching just waiting for the end to come. When it does…you will see tons of criticism…

    • Eran says:

      Desperate?! What a toxic, disrespectful thing to say, not only about the actress but about the writing staff! You don’t even know what the storyline is that Davis found compelling enough to agree to come on board for. Good work had to have been done in order to have made this happen.

      • Guest(Real name will be revealed when I say so) says:

        @Eran You’re right we don’t know what the storyline is BUT it does NOT give you the right to disrespect someone just because HE or SHE has an opinion! If you new to this site or the internet in general then welcome to the internet where WE have opinions and you CANNOT run from them. Did Ian say anything disrespectful about the actress? NO! Read his comment before you start being disrespectful because the only one doing that is YOU! And don’t reply back to me because you won’t win(In Roman Reigns voice) BELIEVE THAT! (The truth reigns plays)

        • Eran says:

          Welcome to the internet, Guest, where users get to reply to whomever they choose. And winning? Seriously? Someone needs to cut back on their ‘Game of Thrones’ marathons. The only battle I’ve any interest in winning this morning is with a nagging, nasty hangover, but I stand behind what I say.
          “Desperate Move,” dear, suggests someone’s action were motivated by despair – and to assume despair was the motivation here as opposed to a meeting of great, established talent and great storytelling as again, we have no idea what the storyline is (!), then yes, sorry; calling it a “desperate move” is disrespectful and a tad toxic too. And nowhere did I slag off Ian, whom I don’t know from Adam.

          PS – I too, have the Caps Lock button on my keyboard and what do you know? I was able to limit my use of it and still present an opinion.

          • Guest(Real name won't be revealed until I say so) says:

            @Eran Uh yes you did slag off Ian. You said and i quote, “What a toxic, disrespectful thing to say not only about the actress but about the writing staff!” That is what i called slagging off someone. Cut back on my “Game Of Thrones” marathons?! I have never seen or watch the show but it is good i could tell you that right now. What i mean about winning is once October 30th comes, Grey’s will be in a fight for it’s life because it’ll be facing The Big Bang Theory and The Millers, Tv’s #1 comedy a.k.a. ratings juggernaut and Tv’s #1 new comedy from last season respectively. So yes this casting kinda is desperate because everybody knows that the 11th season will be it’s last. I know it, Grey’s fans know it(don’t lie, fans), ABC knows it, The cast(who cares if most of them are on contract for season 12), and crew knows it, and you know it. So unless ABC announce that the 11th season will be it’s last which they probably won’t, there’ll be an article on this site saying “Grey’s Anatomy cancelled after 11 seasons” in May 2015. P.S. i have a Caps Lock too and other than starting my first letter with a capital letter in my sentences and i was able to avoid using it. (evil laughter)

        • Guest(Real name won't be revealed until I say so) says:

          I made an error. I meant to say you’re in my second sentence. My mistake.

    • Babygate says:

      Gotta love it. People putting down a show that they dont like and thinking that the whole world agrees with them. Greys still kicks all kinds of butt in the ratings and it is crazy popular overseas as well. And new episodes frequently trend on Twitter sooo, whatever. ..

      • Guest(Real name will be revealed when I say so) says:

        @Babygate Do you want to know why people put down shows? Just as i told Eran a few moments ago is because WE HAVE OPINIONS! So if you’re new to this site or the internet in general then welcome to the internet where WE have opinions and you CANNOT run from them. Popular overseas who cares?! New episodes trend frequently on twitter again who cares?! Once October 30th comes, the ratings will falter because Grey’s will be facing a ratings juggernaut a.k.a. Tv’s #1 comedy AND Tv’s #1 new comedy last season which are The Big Bang Theory and The Millers! So you and your overseas friends should enjoy it while they can because Season 11 will be it’s last regardless if ABC announces it as it’s last or cancels it. And don’t reply back to me because you won’t win this argument (In Roman Reigns voice ) BELIEVE THAT!

        • Eran says:

          You heard Guest, @Babygate, don’t reply back because far be it from us to come between this budding relationship between @Guest and the sound of their own voice. Oh and @Guest, a little scared of you right now, if I’m honest…. Believe that.

          • Guest(Real name won't be revealed until I say so) says:

            @Eran You should be scared of me because i am not the type of person who just gonna sit back and watch 99.99% of people on this site insult me because i had an opinion! And no i don’t the have the sound of “their”(who’s their) voice, it’s really MY voice.

        • Hayley says:

          So you talk on and on about opinions and are rude to the people that do not agree with you BUT yet you tell @babygate that they should not respond to you because they will lose the argument. Can we say hypocrite. If you are allowed to say your opinions and say other should be able to say their opinions then that goes for any one especially ones that do not agree with you! I am sure you will have a nasty comment to make back to me as you seem like a person that gets a high from bashing others and for that I feel very very sorry for you! People like you make these forums and sites no fun.

          • Hayley says:

            This comment was meant for Guest, not for Eran as I agree with Eran!

          • Guest(Real name won't be revealed until I say so) says:

            @Hayley I keep talking on and on about having opinions because most people on this site still does not get the fact that we have them and cannot run from them. So unless most of you figure it out already , (In Him from The Powerpuff Girls demonic voice) I’M GOING TO KEEP ON SAYING IT! (In normal voice) Calling me a hypocrite?! look who’s acting and talking like one meaning YOU! Calling me names that’s real mature there… NOT! These forums are already not fun even if i’m not involved(hence the name “Guest”) look at the ones for NCIS, everytime TVline has an article related to that show, let’s just say it’s a war zone on the comments section. Believe Eran all you want i don’t care. I don’t care what people on here thinks about me, but i can give my opinion on any article i desire. If you’re not down with what i said, i’ve got three words for ya, DEAL. WITH. IT! That’s my opinion and the bottom line because I said so!

          • Eran says:

            @Guest, ‘their voice’, seeing as how I have no idea whether you’re male or female. And dear, it’s only television. Watch it. Don’t watch it. Watch Duck Dynasty for all I care.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          One (1) user name per IP address, thank you!

          • Kim says:

            Wow, did someone create a username just to publicly agree with him/herself? That’s all kinds of sad. You just made my night Matt.

  4. Marge says:

    Nice catch, Grey’s! It will be great to see Geena on Shondaland Thursdays. :)

  5. Robyn says:

    Intrigued by the casting. FYI – The Accidental Tourist was 1988, not 1998.

  6. Juan says:

    Yay, love greys

  7. Babygate says:

    I’m all for it but I find it funny that Shonda said they couldn’t afford Tyne Daly to play Derek’s mom but they can afford Geena Davis. Maybe Shonda just burned her bridges with the Daly family after getting rid of Tim on Private Practice. This woman can spin so well she should be in politics and not just as a major donor.

    • Christian says:

      But is Geena really in a position to command a big salary? Sure, she won an oscar over 25 years ago, but so what? Halle Berry won much more recently and is doing sci fi schlock for CBS in the summer!

  8. webly3 says:

    Wow, Geena Davis! I haven’t seen her in anything for a long time. Although I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy, I hope she does more stuff soon.

  9. bc323 says:

    I was excited for a minute about seeing Geena Davis acting again, but I’ve never watched Grey’s and I won’t start just to see her

    I once saw her in person. I was at a multi-plex, and this very tall woman in a peach colored pantsuit walks out of one of the theaters that was just emptying out. What caught my eye was that this woman was wearing sunglasses — inside and in a fairly dark area. That’s the only reason I noticed her in the first place. Then I recognized her (hard not to since she was over 6″ tall (plus she was wearing heels), and had reddish hair, and I wondered if she realized that her wearing those sunglasses was what got people to look her way in the first place.

  10. Diane says:

    So I’m the only one that didn’t even recognize her as Geena Davis? Bad plastic surgery.

  11. Bear75 says:

    I think Geena Davis’ finest hour was The Long Kiss Goodnight. So if she’s a suspected double agent pretending to be a surgeon and TJ Hooker car rolling all over the OR tables or just popping up like a gun-toting mere cat in the back of “seriously?” dramatic scenes; then it could add a little something… :)

  12. Kit says:

    it’s the beginning of the end of this show

  13. chris says:

    Davis is pushing 60, kind of old to be a draw for the younger set of eyeballs advertisers are after or to play a love interest for Owen. The show has a casting call out for amputees so perhaps she will play another ortho doc who runs a therapy group for amputees? That would fit with the comments Rhimes made about Arizona and Callie having to deal with their issues this season.

  14. KC says:

    When a show wants/needs to bring on ‘Academy Award” winning talent, you know there is a reason for it. Also, does anyone younger than 40 even know who she is? The only thing I remember her from is Beetlejuice.

    • cdeno says:

      I’m in my twenties and know who she is. But I do agree that this will be a major storyline and seeing as it is the season of Meredith it probably has to do with her and the new sister.

  15. Guest(Real name revealed until i say so) says:

    @Eran Do you think i know that it’s only television? Of course i know! I watch what i want to watch and people watch what they watch, it’s really that simple. I don’t watch Duck Dynasty and never will but if people want to watch it then that’s their choice. Watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians or the 11th and final season of Grey’s Anatomy for all i care. Stop wasting my time because i am done arguing with you. By the way, i am a male.

  16. Wilma says:

    This show bites! I’ll be watching Kate Walsh’s new show this fall. It goes up against Grey’s. Excited to see her back on the screen. Funny…she quit PP and is now challenging Shonda. LOLOL! Pretty brave of her. SR is a huge bully and can’t take criticism at all. She is still reeling from the comment by Katherine Heigl that the material (writing) didn’t warrant an Emmy…and that was about 10 years ago. We all know Katherine was right. To give an actress an Emmy for their role because she’s Americas sweetheart of the moment is wrong. I’ll be watching her show this fall too. Love Kate Walsh and Katherine Heigl. Wish TR Knight would star of KHs new show. That would be the bomb. I’m excited just thinking about it. Funnier thing would be if it went up against SRs new show….HOW…TO…GET…AWAY…WITH…MURDER!!!!!!!! LOL!

  17. hello says:

    The last Shepherd-sister that we haven’t seen?

  18. DoctorWhoFanatic says:

    I was thinking maybe she’d be in some of the Ellis/Chief flashbacks as a bigwig back in the day… but I’m not so sure since it says she will be playing a surgeon at Grey-Sloan Memorial! :P

  19. Marcella says:

    Geena Davis is awesome on Grey’s Anatomy, simply awesome!