Syfy Sets Haven Season 5 Premiere Date — Get Scoop and Exclusive Photos

Haven finally has a Season 5 premiere date, and a new time slot to go with it.

The supernatural Syfy drama will launch the first 13 of its 26 new episodes on Sept. 11, now airing Thursdays at 10/9c, castmember Eric Balfour revealed on Twitter.

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Season 5 picks up immediately after the events of the Season 4 cliffhanger, in which Nathan, Duke and Audrey finally succeed in banishing the destructive Troublemaker William from their lives.

Yet in the Season 5 premiere, titled “See No Evil,” the gang learns that the victory is fleeting, as they are quickly thrust into uncharted waters. Duke is now a ticking time bomb, at death’s door and fighting to contain all the Troubles within him, while Nathan faces his greatest fear that Audrey — the woman he’s fought so desperately to save — may be gone forever. Making matters worse, Haven is hit by a strange new Trouble that’s silencing the townsfolk.

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Also this season, as first reported by TVLine, Laura Mennell (Alphas) joins the cast in the recurring role of Dr. Erin Reid Charlotte Cross, a brilliant CDC epidemiologist who fears that Haven is on the verge of a deadly outbreak.

But enough with the words; here are some shiny new photos of the cast and from the season opener.
Haven Season 5 Spoilers Haven Season 5 Spoilers


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  1. enri says:

    Yes! Love Haven glad to see it coming back. I am bummed that Emma Lahana isn’t coming back though.

    • Ray says:

      Totally. I was really hoping she’d come back.

      On the other hand, very happy that Dwight is included in the cast picture. Love him.

    • Olivia says:

      Same, I loved her character.

    • phuong says:

      I loved her character I was looking forward to Jennifer and Duke scene:(

      • Brooke says:

        Agree, they should not have gotten rid of her. I was unhappy about her death.

        • Ashley says:

          Eric tweeted a couple of months ago that it was her decision not to return. Something to do with her family. Though, I hope that doesn’t mean they automatically kill her. Maybe she’s just psychically recuperating somewhere outside of Haven? Hopefully? :(

    • Totally agree! I loved Jennifer’s character, and the fact that Duke finally had some happiness, but once again poor Duke misses out while (in my opinion) the most annoying character of the lot (Nathan) always eventually in some way gets what he wants! Duke is the only one of the 2 actually doing what’s best for Haven, whereas Nathan does nothing but brood about Audrey & put Audrey before everyone else’s safety, every time!
      They should’ve kept Emma Lahana & killed off Nathan (again just my opinion)

      Also, what Ashe,y said was exactly what I’d hoped would turn out to be….. emma needing time off, and then coming back with a “I don’t know I just found myself suddenly somewhere else” or something… Hope she comes back!

  2. Michelle says:

    Roll on September 11th then…. Can’t wait :)

  3. enuff said says:

    I am so excited! I have missed Haven. Is it confirmed this is the last season?

    • Moment says:

      It’s not the last season. If it continues to meet expectations it should get a 6th season renewal, likely at some point in 2015. I wouldn’t expect a renewal during the first 13 episodes, the likely scenario will be that it will occur sometime during the back half of the season.

    • Simon Jester says:

      Possibly… but as it was renewed for double the number of episodes (26), I’d guess we’re getting 13 this year and another 13 next year, so the equivalent of two seasons’ worth.

  4. csbd says:

    YAY! I can’t wait to see the direction the show goes after last season.

  5. CourtTV says:

    Woohoo!! Finally!!

  6. Monica says:

    So happy Haven is coming back! Missed Nathan, Audrey and the gang so much!

  7. hello says:

    So Edge has become a regular now?

  8. Joey Padron says:

    Great scoop about new season, photos for new season looks good. Happy show have a premiere date now. Hope show will do well on Thursday nights.

  9. Gina says:

    Can’t wait….bring it on !!!

  10. Olivia says:

    I can’t wait for this show to return! And if they manage to make their “silenced town” episode half as compelling as “Hush” from Buffy I’ll be super happy! :)

  11. Nada Mahamed says:

    i really can’t wait … my mom and i just love Haven
    i hope they brought that new female doctor for Dwight , i want a bit more romance in Haven especially after Jennifer’s departure

  12. Pat says:

    Thank you for the premier date. I am so excited for Haven’s return. I just hope this is not the las season but not placing any bets because SYFY has a bad track record for cancellations.

    • Some chick says:

      5 or 6 seasons tends to be the SyFy norm so yeah…..I am approaching this as the final season in my mind, but hope to be proven wrong

      • Brooke says:

        With its ratings, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at each renewal, SyFy is very difficult to predict. I’m assuming this next run of 26 episodes spread out over 2 years will be the end of it, but even if that’s true, I’m thrilled to have had 6 seasons total (I don’t care that they’re calling it all season 5, it’s 6 in spirit and likely ordered all at once for financial reasons).

  13. i’m beyond excited with this tiny news, seriously one of my favorite shows these days! but come on you really had to show me Audrey pointing a gun at Nathan!! =s

  14. omnikey1 says:

    Can’t wait for more Nathan and Audrey .Mara pointing a gun on Nathan i don’t like it .

  15. desiree says:

    i love this show! there should be a season 6!! :)

  16. Mildred Jackson says:

    I’m si excited for haven season 5 I love this show. I hope that Audrey’s to Nathan is so strong that their love will overcome anything, after all they are always going to have that connection since they have a son together. Can’t wait!

  17. Hope that Audrey and Nathan’s love will be so strong that they can overcome anything. That Audrey’s love for Nathan will keep Audrey be Audrey.

  18. Are we ever going to find out what happened to James Audrey and Nathan’s son? I love this show and all the character in it. I can’t imagine Audrey become Mara the original person who is really bad person? But I hope Audrey will come out and over power Mara.

  19. Aerika says:

    The kiss that Audrey and Duke shared is gonna come back up in season 5…that I’m excited about. Wanna see how Nathan handles that tid bit of info.

    • Sarah says:

      I am sick of Nathan’s pain being a source of amusement for people. I am not looking forward to that reveal at all. Duke is like a brother to Nathan; after losing Audrey again, this is the LAST thing Nathan needs to deal with.

  20. Aerika says:

    Oh..Duke is getting a major hair cut too. Not excited about that. I love his hair.

  21. Whatever159 says:

    Since it says “The supernatural Syfy drama will launch the first 13 of its 26 new episodes on Sept. 11” and all the seasons are 13 episodes, I’m assuming that it has been contracted for a 6th season, right?

  22. Priscilla San Miguel says:

    I can’t wait, I’m so excited

  23. McV says:

    I’m so glad that Haven is going to return!!!!!! Start planning season 6 please!

  24. I’m so upset that Emma (Jennifer) is not in the cast. She added a light heartedness to the show.. I think it was dumb for them to not keep her on

  25. julia says:

    I love it

  26. Lannette says:

    Love Haven and Audrey and Nathan’s romance!

  27. Sarah says:

    Haven is one of the most underrated shows! I am so excited for it’s return…there is SO much to discover, like the RINGS, where Dave is really from, and my beloved Nathan, will he EVER get to marry his beloved Audrey and have the house with the “sea monster in the pool”?!

  28. vlgrannum says:

    BRING BACK DUKE’s HAIR!!! It was part of his roguish charm! Not happy at all about the haircut. And I am really bummed about Emma Lahana not returning to the cast. I loved her character. But I am super excited to see what happens next. I wouldn’t mind seeing William make his way back to Haven either…those blue eyes…so full of trouble…sigh… :)

  29. Andrea Fraser says:

    I really hope audrey comes back because this keeps on happening to poor nathan.and will duke survive I really hope he does and is jennifer dead

  30. Can anyone PLEASE tell me when the second half of season 5 will start? (Ep14?)
    Just watched mid-season finale & I’m already jonesing lol I’m happy if I at least have a date in my head to look forward to but IMDB shows the episode but not the date & I can’t find info anywhere… Anyone…. Please?!

    ~ haven’s #1 fan (also Duke’s nomnomnom) lol

  31. francois says:

    I have not seen haven season 5 when will it be showen in south afrika?

    • gisela says:

      Post when you receive response from DISH or UNIVERSAL. Suspect many are quietly addicted to HAVEN in spite if the odd airing times.

  32. eva says:

    Looking for the start date for the 2nd half of season 5, miss watching Haven, totally addicted to it.

  33. Mollie says:

    Love Haven, one of the best episodes to air in a LONG time. Just wish you would rerun the whole thing beginning from #1. I missed a few, my husband was sick & passed away.