Person of Interest Casts Lie to Me Alum as Fusco's New Captain

Person of Interest Season 4 New CaptainThere’s a new sheriff — er, NYPD police captain — in town, as Person of Interest Season 4 gets underway.

VIDEO Person of Interest Season 4 Trailer Teases Changed World, Identities

TVLine has learned exclusively that Lie to Me alumna Monique Curnen has landed the recurring role of Captain Felicia Moreno, Fusco’s latest (and hopefully not corrupt!) boss at the 8th precinct.

Moreno — who first appears in the new season’s third episode — is described as “New York-born and whip-smart,” and she will have her work cut out for her as the city’s homicide rate rises.

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Curnen’s other previous TV credits includes roles on Revenge, Hawaii Five-0, The Mentalist and CSI.

POI‘s Season 4 premiere, titled “Panopticon,” airs Tuesday, Sept. 23.

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  1. JC says:

    Thanks for the scoop, Matt. Hopefully she won’t be corrupt like almost all the rest of the cops on this show.

  2. Nic10 says:

    More Dark Knight Trilogy actors. Awesome.

  3. Moment says:

    It’s too early for a group like HR to be revived. I think at the very most she’ll be influenced by Decima.

  4. TVOnline says:

    more likely she will be just a pain for fusco as he helps the crew. HR thing is done. The show is too far gone into other realms to go back to dirty cops. It’s just too small of a scope.

    • Moment says:

      Once Decima are finished with, there will be enough room for another group to fill the void.

      • Ben says:

        Yeah, but lets hope it is another group. From my perspective, HR are done. And it would cheapen Carter’s death to see them come back.

        There are new directions for this show to go now.

  5. bj says:

    She seems rather young to be a police captain.

    • HAP says:

      Funny thing about that. The two sources I could find that list her date of birth are different dates. Wikipedia has her born in 1971, while IMDB shows 1977.

  6. Tran says:

    Really giving up on Person of Interest before the new season begins. I was hooked from the very first season but losing Carter in the middle of last season truly disappoints me.

  7. Will not watch anything on CBS except sports and news says:

    I remain convinced Jonah Nolan and Greg Plageman, with the support of Warner Brothers, CBS, Les Moonves and Nina Tassler, are doing everything in their power to make Person of Interest the most Caucasian show on television and the most racially imbalanced drama ever produced and filmed in New York City. I will never watch again and I despise their socially bankrupt attitudes.
    This show needs to be canceled immediately. This is NOT a white world!

    • prish says:

      The actress who played Carter said she took the acting job because the character would only be on for a few years.

      • Dana Lee says:

        No, that would be wrong. She said she was okay with being told by the producers that she might only have a job for a few years because no one was guaranteed to make it on that show. The producers, namely Jonathan Nolan, have said this too. I think she still wanted to be on the show, but they let her go. Big mistake if you ask me.

    • hud says:

      Moron. It,s a TV show. If part of this planet was not caucasian there would be no TV for you to watch. Everything that happens is not ABOUT YOU…

    • C says:

      I think you’re a paranoid racist. Based on demographics, they have a pretty accurate racial demographics. They might need a few more latinos and Asians, but otherwise they’re good.

    • Dana Lee says:

      They do seem to have something against black people. Look at how they’ve treated all the black characters on that show. Its’ appalling.

  8. I am no longer a Woman of Interest Irrelevant, because you had the best woman on the show and killed her off says:

    So Reese becomes a detective in Season 4! There will be ANOTHER woman on the show?
    WOW. Can someone please explain to me for what reason Joss Carter had to die for? I hate what this show has become. I really do….

    • Ben says:

      OK, so I see you are writing three comments one after the other. But if you actually, genuinely want an answer to that question, here are some reasons why killing Carter works in the scope of the show. But you are going to have to accept a couple of things to accept the answer.

      1) At the end of the season, everyone who was a known associate of the machine needed a new identity. Fusco was not a known associate to Decima. Carter was. She would have had to leave her job, and have her son change his school and identity as well… or else the team would have had to cut her off completely anyway. She could also have compromised Fusco remaining unknown. From a plot perspective, Carter was a road block to doing what they wanted to do.

      2) The show has been open from day one that people would not be safe, and the show wouldn’t feel real if there was never any real danger. It was inevitable a major character died at some point. Because of (1), Carter was a logical decision.

      3) Carter’s end was an absolutely phenomenal end of an arc. Her taking down of HR was epic. She got a seriously good send off.

      4) Unrelated to Carter – I don’t live in America, so I guess I have difficulty understanding how race issues go down where you are, although I live in a country with its own race issues. But I really don’t like the habit I see of calling people white who are not white. I see it about Steven Adams who plays for OKC, who (given I come from his country) is the exact opposite to white in his own country – he is the racial minority. In the PoI context, neither Shaw nor this new character are ‘white’. One is Persian, one is Latina. This is ethnically diverse. It just isn’t African-American.

      • Alex says:

        1) How was Carter a known associate to Decima? She didn’t know about the machine (well until the very last episode when that stupid line was thrown out nonchalantly.)

        2) I really hate the ‘keeping it real’ excuse for Carter dying. Cars fall off bridges and people walk away without a scratch,etc… Did you see Provenance? Please explain how Shaw and that woman got in/out of that cage thing. All the characters should be dead by now.
        3) It was great to see Carter finally take down HR but her send off was rushed (see #1 regarding “I figured you built a super computer.” DUMB

        • Doug says:

          You do know that Taraji signed on to play Carter because she knew that the storyline would end at some point? She said it herself, she was looking for opportunities elsewhere, that was a condition of her playing Carter.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            You mean as Taraji expressed, quite sincerely, in this interview (among many others)? http://tvline.com/2013/11/21/person-of-interest-taraji-p-henson-leaving-carter-dies/

          • Alex says:

            @Matt Webb Mitovich…sincerely? You should know better than everyone here that Taraji is a professional actress, not new to Hollywood, and was not about to burn any bridges. What did you expect her to say? I was amazed at the lack of real questions you and other websites asked her. You assumed she wanted to move on but never said “hey, would you have re-signed?” Anybody ask her that? No. The interviews Taraji gave around that time all had conflicting info leading me to believe there was a lot more to the story than her wanting to seek “opportunities elsewhere” or it “always being Carter’s plan.” She had nothing lined up when POI ended. Nothing. In an interview she did for her play (I believe it was for a Pasadena newspaper) she talked about how incredibly hard it was for a 40+ black actress to find work. She then signs on to ANOTHER tv show filmed on location. Why leave a hit show on CBS to take a chance on one with FOX? As for movies, she (like Caviezel) has been filming all along while on POI. She also said in another interview (I believe it was Wendy Williams when promoting From the Rough) that she was signed onto POI for 3 years and expected to be there the whole time. Wendy Williams was the ONLY interviewer to actually ask her “were you fired, did you quit?” What was Taraji’s answer? “I didn’t quit.” And do you REALLY believe that Nolan planned Carter’s death from before the show even started? And what about the fact that Taraji was told of her departure right after Nolan told Tassler “I found my catwoman.” It was Tassler who pushed Nolan to feature Taraji more back in season one. I think Nolan had no interest in writing for her and got rid of her as soon as he could.

          • Dana Lee says:

            @Doug, it was never a condition of her playing the character. Those were the terms the producers set and she said she was okay with that. ALL of the actors had to be okay with that when they all took their roles. She, Jim, and Kevin ALL did other work while the show was on hiatus, so there was no reason for her to leave the show to “find new work.” That’s just baloney. She never chose to leave the show and I think she still wanted to stay because she said it was hard getting the news that she was being let go. And how they did it was really wrong. They pretty much rubbed her replacements in her face before having her gunned down on camera. What an evil thing to do to a woman that by all accounts is nice, caring, talented, and professional. They made a big mistake.

          • Dana Lee says:

            And do you know that’s not true. She said she was fine with knowing (because the producers told her this because it was THEIR stipulation) that she might only be on the show for 2-3 years because she didn’t want to be on a show for 7-8 years. I think she was willing to be on the show for a good while longer than the 2 and a half years she was on because she had grown really close to her co-stars and really loved what she was doing. She said she was told early 2013 that they were letting her go for the other women they were bringing on to the show. It seems to me that she got a really raw deal, but I admire her for how she handled herself afterward. That woman is nothing but class.

        • Dana Lee says:

          Yeah, I don’t see where Ben is coming from, and he seems to put Fusco’s safety above Carter’s. None of that post really makes any sense. I do think she could have figured out that at least Finch was hacking the government’s computers to get his info and do his work. She might have figured he built a computer to do the hacking, not knowing that he built the government’s supercomputer. So, I don’t think it was dumb, but I do think it was very rushed. BUT, when the writer has all of ONE episode to squeeze in ALL of the development a character is going to get…. Poor Carter, and poor Taraji. Poor us.

      • Moment says:

        Carter was known to HR not Decima. Decima had no idea she was helping Reese/Finch and co. It was only until the night she died that the HR grunts knew of her, knowledge of her involvement was limited to the upper ranks of HR and anyone they deemed trustworthy enough to befriend her to gain intelligence on her, such as the rookie cop she went on duty with(Who didn’t do a good job to begin with).

      • Caroline says:

        Thanks, Ben. Good answer. But there is a 4th reason, that may have set the entire plot into action and led to HR being taken down and by Carter. Taraji P. Henson only wanted to do short-term, so her character was never going to be permanent. I understand the frustration folks have felt with her being killed off, because her character was so great: she was a very strong, independent, capable woman of color, but she personally (not as Carter, but as Taraji) only wanted to do the show short term. Given that, I think the show’s creators have developed Shaw and Root tremendously well. In the beginning, I was disappointed with Carter’s death also, but I still think this is one of the best shows on TV and Tuesday nites are my favorite nite and basically my ONLY nite to watch TV, because of P of I and NCIS:LA.

        Love your #4 — thanks!

        • Ashley says:

          Not true at all. This is the misconception that’s floating around. Please provide proof that Taraji wanted to leave. She has said THEY presented her with a 3 year contract. She didn’t demand it.

          • Dana Lee says:

            Yeah, it’s not the least bit true that she wanted just a 3 year contract that only ended up being for only 2 1/2. The show certainly has suffered without her, and I doubt all of the new faces will help.

  9. Person of Interest becomes more unwatchable with every Nolan and Plageman Bonehead Move says:

    So the show keeps adding women after they killed off the best woman on the show? Doesn’t make any sense, and not even the horny young boys of the desired demographic are going to buy this kind of idiotic casting. Seriously……..? Joss Carter had to die for what this show has become? Utterly ridiculous and insulting. Jonah Nolan and Greg Plageman must think the world is populated by idiots who will embrace anything they serve up on their “girlie platter.” Wrong! These bozos are just putting more nails in the show’s coffin. Let the decline in ratings continue. I will watch that happen, with delight!

  10. U n b e l i e v a b l e says:

    They HAD the damn best woman in the most recent TV History: Joss Carter….
    No one can ever replace her…no one…i can’t forget Joss Carter…
    POI is done…

  11. LaBete says:

    From the trailer, next season looks better than ever to me! I do want the team back together asap, though. I just wish Root had added Grace to the new machine’s “invisible” list so Grace and Harold could be together.

  12. Alex says:

    I still can not believe that Reese’s new identity is a cop. I’ve heard rumors he’s a detective-not sure yet if that’s true or not. But a cop? How dumb do the showrunners and writers think the fans are? The NYPD had a massive manhunt going on for ‘the man in the suit’ as recently as The Crossing. Did they all forget about that? And he’s wearing a suit on the job!! Unbelievable. Not to mention the fact that it hits a bit close to home considering Joss, whose death shook up Reese, was one. SMH.

    • Austin says:

      Are kidding me? Did you even watch the show? The manhunt for the “Man in the Suit” was only sent to HR officials and criminals on the street. It wasn’t sent out to honest cops, as only two of them were aware of this because Harold Finch sent them the information to shield Reese from HR. I’am sure that two already forgot who Reese was from The Crossing point on. Being two cops out of millions, its pretty hard to keep track of the jobs in New York.

      • Alex says:

        A better part of season one was about the NYPDs hunt for the man in the suit. Carter stated she didn’t want Reese involved in her battle with HR because she didn’t want to be linked to him (Endgame.) Youre telling me no one remembers him?? Have YOU watched the show from day one?? It’s amazing how dumbed down this once intelligent show has become.

  13. Viewer1 says:

    More of the same in regard to the lack of black women with darker complexions from the CBS, Warner Bros, and Sony alliance, add to that pool: Nolan, Abrams Tassler and Plagman. Oscar, Emmy & SAG Nominee Taraji P. Henson’s credentials were rejected because of her skin color. They clearly did not want an African American lead actress…period. Unheard of that a lead actress with her resume would be left off of promotional materials, as was done to Ms. Henson. After season 1, there were all types of articles online about how she was being marginalized by Nolan/CBS with Tassler promising to change that situation. Of course the promises were just to stave off criticism that CBS was just up to more of their same bait & switch tactics regarding the lack of diversity, (particularly brown skinned black women). Taraji P. Henson did not ask to leave, she simply was barely invited and eventually excluded all together in favor of women whiter in appearance. Now black women are changing the channel in favor of shows and networks that include them beyond the occasional guest appearance or supporting roles. Unbelievable that CBS chose to “demote” Henson to supporting in favor of a whiter actress, yet they still expect us to support this show and their network. You can google articles: from Shadow and act “WAS TARAJI P. Henson Marginalized.” And Nolan’s TCA 2014 Comments. Be sure to read the comment sections beneath each article…they’re a blast!

    • Kel says:

      Ok? Maybe I’m weird but the race of an actor has nothing to do with wether or not I’ll watch a show. Not sure what your agenda is. If you complian enough they’ll bring her back? Or you’ll convince people that race of characters is so important that they’ll stop watching a show they like? Neither is going to happen and you just come off as a butthurt shipper that can’t move on. They made inescapably clear in the pilot that there was no happily ever after.

      • Ashley says:

        I don’t pick and choose shows off the race of actors either BUT that’s easy for me to say when MY race dominates tv shows and movies. It would be nice to see more diversity in general. It’s sadly lacking. And why do you assume all Carter/ Taraji fans are “shippers”? I never shipped anyone on that show-it’s not a romantic drama-but I did love Carter and I don’t think the show is the same without her. She was clearly ousted to make room for Nolan’s “catwoman.” The show is a hot mess-look at the ratings. I’m hoping they get it back together in the new season but hearing John is playing cop makes me doubt it’ll happen.

        • Viewer1 says:

          Thank you Ashley! And for the record, in reverse other races have financially supported shows absent of diversity since the dawn of entertainment. Amazing that some now draw a blank when the issue of the lack of inclusion is raised. Sadly, boycott i$ the only term some appear to understand. Also, why should adverti$er$, who profit heavily from the support of African American Women, feature adds during Person of Interest? Since some media outlets as well as CBS/Sony/Warner Bros, feel the need to serve as apologist to Nolan’s racist/elitist behavior, perhaps season 4 should be the season of “the boycott.” There are many folks (of all races) on twitter who would happily tweet #boycottPOI during the show with the understanding that diversity (the inclusion of all races) matters! Person of Interests ratings have already declined against the amazing diverse cast of Chicago Fire. The latter happened because Americans expect to see stories told about all of America. The absence of diversity is not an accurate depiction of our Nation or world.

      • Moment says:

        I genuinely find the race card talk irritating at times. Some people are happy to transform anything positive into a negative. There are plenty of good African American and Asian actors and actresses on TV. Most of them have earned the role they were cast in, they weren’t selected because of their race like some people seem to want with shows.

        Call me weird but when I see a white person, or a black person, I don’t think of race, I just see a regular person, no different to anyone else lol

        • Alex says:

          you must be white

          • Moment says:

            I am white yes. I also don’t believe that each show should have a quota for each minority, the very notion is ridiculous to me. If you’re a good actor or actress you’ll never have a problem getting a part in a TV show. People should be cast on ability and not color.

          • Dana Lee says:

            @moment, if people were cast and kept on ability and not color then Taraji would still be on the show. YOU SEE that’s not the case, so I rest mine.

      • Dana Lee says:

        @Kel, Okay, I had to pause at “butthurt shipper.” Where in Viewer1’s comment does she come off as a shipper? I didn’t see a mention of a relationship at all. Seems to me that you may be the one with the agenda. I wish I had known from the pilot that this show would go down in quality so much. I wouldn’t have bothered had I known.

    • Jake says:

      So now it’s “black women with darker complexions”? Getting a bit specific there, aren’t you? What precise shade of pigmented skin would be acceptable?

      • Viewer1 says:

        Yes. Apparently, you’re not familiar with the color line that has been used to discriminate against African Americans, both in society and especially in entertainment. It was commonly referred to as the “Paper Bag Rule,” meaning that if you were darker than a bi-racial complexion or a paper bag, you had to use the back entrance (literally). Darker skinned persons weren’t hired to certain jobs and weren’t allow to perform or star in productions. Read the biography of Lena Horne. Clearly, CBS and the entertainment executives behind Person Interest still subscribe to this belief. There have been many complaints against CBS regarding this. Taraji P. Henson was never allowed in “the super hero cave.” per CBS Tassler’s admission (Google the Shadow and Act article: Was Taraji P. Henson Marginalized). I’m sure Henson now wishes Nolan and CBS would have simply held a paper bag to her face rather than waste her time they way they have! Women of darker complexions were rarely seen in starring roles on television and especially in movies prior to Tyler Perry and Shonda Rhimes. What do you think all the buzz created around Lupita N. was all about? Hollywood wanted to… give the appearance that they’re finally open to inclusion and diversity, especially in regard to black women of all shades.

  14. Jen1 says:

    One of the best casting decisions of Law & Order was employing S. Epatha Merkerson as Lt. Anita Van Buren, A beautiful woman in her own right, she is an incredible actor who brought complete credibility to the role. I’ll wait to pass final judgement, but at this point Ms. Curnen has too much ‘cupcake’ appeal that I fear will distract from her performance before word one is spoken.

  15. Paul says:

    At a guess, she won’t be corrupt. She’ll be curious enough to wonder *why* the Homicide rate is rising and possibly smart enough to figure out that Fusco is making a difference. And that will automatically put her on the radar. That will leave Fusco in the unenviable position of trying to watch out for her without tipping her off, and if she’s that smart she’ll figure out what he’s doing but not why or how. Some good Fusco stories possible here.

  16. Carol says:

    I am really surprised and disappointed with the turn in POI as it enters season four. I thought that the chief reason for murdering Detective Carter was to give space for a new direction on the show — towards the Artificial Intelligence story line and the war of the worlds between the two humongous data-gathering machines. I was mildly interested in seeing where this would go. I understood from show runners Nolan and Plageman’s comments that Carter had to die so that the POI 2.0 could take off, fulfilling their unique vision for the show. But now we are told that there will be major new storylines involving lots of NYPD officers including this new captain for Fusco. What gives? Why kill off Carter? Why not simply use Carter — who had depth, believability, and engaging relationships with the other major POI figures — as an excellent character to further explore the urban crime storylines involving Elias, the Russian mob, HR and other issues. The loss of Taraji P. Henson continues to bleed the show of its credibility, gravitas, and comprehensibility. Matt, I hope that when you get a chance, you can pose these questions to the POI showrunners. Inquiring minds want to know why they destroyed a major character in this damaging and apparently purposeless way. I’m frustrated and sad that Carter won’t be back this coming season and now I am getting angry too.

  17. Marsha Scarbrough says:

    Love the show! I can’t Wait for the next season. It shocked me that Joss was killed but not completely unexpected. It made for fantastic plot points and it was amazing to see the angst in Reese and wonder if he would continue to go off the deep end. My heart was breaking right along with him. That was some amazing acting.

  18. Pat Campbell says:

    BEST show on TV. GREAT cast with excellence in writing and production. I expect more of the same this season. Lots of diversity in this series.

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