Pretty Little Liars Recap: Seeing Double

Pretty Little Liars

What’s more terrifying than one Jenna? How about two of ’em? Pretty Little Liars served up a double dose of blind-and-crazy on Tuesday’s episode, as Sydney officially pledged her allegiance to the United States of Jenna.

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Spencer bumped into the dastardly duo during her ophthalmology appointment — she was actually sporting a version of “The Jenna” look, herself — and things got real tense. During a post-appointment chat, Sydney told Emily that everything she’s done has been to help Jenna “feel safe” around Alison, then fed Emily some sob story about how she never expected to like her.

But is Emily about to take Sydney’s crap lying down? No, sir. She got herself a new job as a swim coach to keep an eye on Sydney, a fact she made clear during their roadside confrontation. She even took a cue from pro-drowner Paige, telling Sydney, “I want to see you underwater.”

(Apologies to Team Paily, but that reference was just too good to pass up.)

Pretty Little LiarsINSURANCE FRAUD | Noel Kahn returned to PLL in a big way this week, as the girls discovered he has pictures of Alison during the time she was supposedly in captivity. Spencer volunteered to snoop around and see what else he was hiding, but she didn’t count on him showing up to confront her. In an attempt to defend herself, she slashed Noel’s hand with a fire-poker, which really looked like it hurt — but I think we can all agree he’s lucky she didn’t aim for the money maker. (And by “money maker,” I obviously mean his phenomenal set of eyebrows.)

Pretty Little LiarsZACK ATTACK | Speaking of people getting what they deserve, Caleb (and his fists of brooding fury) confronted Zack after Hanna revealed what went down between them last week. Aria also took a leap of faith and told her mom about Hanna’s accusations, and sadly, it wasn’t the first time Ella’s fiancé has been in this situation. Needless to say, the wedding was called off and poor Ella ended up devastated. Of course, there were a few good things to come out of it: not only did Hanna and Aria make up after last week’s blow-out fight, but Byron — who does exist, despite going unseen for months at a time — also got to share a nice scene with Ella. (Could there be hope for those two, after all?)

Pretty Little LiarsFALSE CONFESSION | In true Pretty Little Liars fashion, the biggest twist was saved for last: A man was brought into the Rosewood Police Station for questioning, and he confessed to kidnapping Alison. In fact, his confession matched Ali’s bogus story perfectly, which we later learned is because the guy — who looks like an evil version of Happy Endings‘ Zachary Knighton — is working for, you guessed it, “A.”

OK, your turn to talk: What are Jenna and Sydney up to now? Is there still hope for Aria’s parents to reunite? And was anyone else concerned about the safety of Noel’s brows? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

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  1. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on THB Files and commented:
    That episode has got me going like Energizer bunny. My favorite part was Hanna and Aria’s hug and they forgive each other. I ain’t never going to spoil it for everyone. Great storyline.

  2. JJM says:

    I’m so glad they didn’t continue down the ‘slut-shaming’ route. Last week was horrible for Hanna. I’m not sure if there’s an underlying message not to drink and to be careful what you wear. The fact that Hanna was uncomfortable in what she was wearing, Emily and Spencer were questioning it the story and Aria’s horrible talk with Hanna, I’m surprised she’s even talking to them.

    • Andy Swift says:

      I agree about the slut-shaming. I was worried they would stretch that story out, and I’m glad they didn’t. Things are bound to be weird between Hanna and Aria moving forward.

      • adam says:

        I don’t think Alison is a terrible person, I think she is making terrible decisions. I think she is scared, and wants someone to believe her, and since all she knows how to do is lie, that’s what she does. I also think she wants to change, for example when she was with Mona, even after Mona slapped her and she slapped Mona back, she still said it didn’t have to be this way. Also, yes she lied about what happened to her when she was gone, but terrible things still happened to her. Someone tried to kill her, her own mother buried her alive, her mother was murdered, and someone is trying to kill her. Overall, i think she doesn’t want to lose her friends, doesn’t want to be alone, doesn’t want to die and is making terrible decisions in trying to make that all happen.

        • adam says:

          I don’t know what happened but the above comment was supposed to be a reply for the Alison is a terrible person comment not about slut-shaming, which i actually am very happy only lasted the one episode, because i knew i wasn’t going to be a fan of that storyline and thought Aria and the others should have been helping Hanna not pushing her away to make more bad decisions.

  3. JJM says:

    God. Could Alison get any worse?

    • Andy Swift says:

      Right? I feel like the elephant in the room is that Alison is actually a terrible person and these girls should NOT be helping her.

      • tyler says:

        Same! I’m starting to think that Ali is A or something or I don’t know to be honest anymore

      • Erin2 says:

        I don’t think Alison is a terrible person, I feel like she is playing chess while all of her friends are still playing checkers! Also does anyone think that “A” is one of the Liars… because at the end when “A” is at the eye doctor he/she is listening to the same recording that was in Noel Kahn’s car and now in Spencer’s possession!?

        • Melanie says:

          I still think Spencer could be bipolar or something. So she’d be A without knowing it

          • ek says:

            Off topic but that is a really ignorant comment. Bipolar isn’t a disorder where you could be doing something like this without knowing it. Please stop spreading ignorance about mental illness.

        • Penny says:

          I think that the, “alleged kidnapper,” is Duncan Albert! You know the guy who flew with Ali and also met Aria? He seems to have a huge connection with Cece and Ali! Ali looked confused as to why whoever was confessing, was in fact confessing. Anyone with me or am I crazy? P.S. That was not the same recording Noel Kahn was listening to, it was the one Ali made to keep the story straight for the liars.

        • Tina says:

          That’s not the recording in Noel’s car, it was the one Alison gave to the girls so that they would memorize the story and stick to it. That’s how A came up with what his agent would say, the one who confessed to kidnapping Alison.

  4. VD says:

    Does anyone else think that the one who confessed to kidnapping Alison was Noel Khan in a disguise???

    • Heather says:

      No, actually I think that whoever this person is, they will bring bad news for Ali. Whether Noel gave him the tape or he’s unrelated, Ali’s story is now fishy either way. Yes, this mystery guy is supporting her fake kidnapping story; but Ali can either tell the cops that she has no idea who he is (which is suspicious because he got the story exactly right), or she can tell them she does know him (which if she doesn’t, proving it will be quite difficult. By the look on her face during his interrogation, she is either frightened because she has no idea who he is, or because he is a big (negative?) person in her life.

  5. lauri5567 says:

    After my comment last week, I was happy to see Noel back. I think there’s so much story that he could be involved in. I was glad Sydney was exposed, but did Emily realize she wasn’t Paige so she doesn’t drown people (shooting being something entirely different.)?
    Loved seeing Caleb punch Zack. It would be nice to see an adult male who doesn’t think he needs to find his dates at the local high school.

    • Liz says:

      Excuse me while I ROLL MY EYES, Paige didn’t try to “drown” Emily, she dunked her head under the water. I swear the way people latch on to that and then conveniently forget that Paige SAVED SPENCER’S LIFE on the Halloween train idk.

      Also Emily wasn’t literally talking about drowning she was using that to describe how closely shes going to be watching her.

      The Noel story line seems interesting, I think he and Spencer have an interesting dynamic and are a good match for each other.

      Also Alison is sooo full of it, I think this guy confessing is a major set up, as soon as she says he’s the guy things are going to start blowing up. I really hope Ali actually dies in the finale.

  6. Melanie says:

    I wonder why Emily didn’t ask Sydney how comforting it was for Jenna to have twin. I mean, what is the most surprising is not their connection but how come they dress the same!?

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  8. Cate53 says:

    I’m loving the dramas of Ali’s return but the dynamic of the show has changed quite a lot. Alison really is an awful person, I hate how she’s manipulated Ashley so callously. How can anyone believe a word she says. However, I like that this has made this season a bit different after 4 seasons of the same dynamic.

    Poor, poor Ella! I’m sorry they made Zack be a creep as she deserved some happiness. On the it her hand, the speed with which she guessed Aria’s reservations show she must have had some doubts.

    Is Jenna up to no good with Sydney? The other week they met with Mona but so done else too. What is their agenda? Just to watch Alison? I think Sydney was the one who put the rat in Paige’s locker and also passed probably texted the comment snout Hanna’s big mouth.

    Who is that guy who is confessing to kidnapping Ali? Just an A minion?

  9. Jane says:

    YAWN! This show is so dumb and predictable.

    • says:

      Predictable??? the writers dont even know whats going to happen week to week, so how would any of us? Did you really predict last week that Ali’s kidnapper would turn himself in and that Noel would evidence that she wasnt kidnapped? didnt think so.

  10. Vivian says:

    Hanna used to be my favorite character! Now I hate seeing her like this. Spencer was right about how Caleb and Hanna used to support each other, and now they bring each other down. Please make Hanna sober up and make her cheerful and fashionable again!

  11. Gilby21 says:

    “Spencer volunteered to snoop around and see what else he was hiding, but she didn’t count on him showing up to confront her…”

    Sometimes I wonder if you guys even watch the episodes you’re recapping, lol. Emily snooped in Noel’s car to get the tapes & photos and then Spencer drove up to her family’s lake house to stash them somewhere safe. That is where she had the confrontation with Noel.

  12. PrettyLittleLiarLover says:

    Does Sydney “like” like Emily, as in love, or does she mean she just likes Emily??

  13. mollytanner says:

    That scene in the eye doctor’s office with everyone in sunglasses was pretty funny– the situation was funny. Spencer saying “there was another Jenna”, when in fact she was also a Jenna at the moment and then Emily walks in with her sunglasses for no reason. Jenna and her knack for showing up randomly in places is my favorite part of the show, but is now rivaled by Rhonda I hope she comes back.