So You Think You Can Dance Recap: It's Just Emotions, Taking Me Over

So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 Top 14

How can I adequately express my feelings about So You Think You Can Dance‘s Top 14 performance show? Allow me to take a cue from Paramore’s Hayley Williams: “After all this time, I’m still into you.”

Okay, okay, I realize that’s cheesy. But let’s face it: During the 120 minutes allotted for Wednesday’s episode, it was hard not to be legitimately frustrated that this gem of a reality competition series so often flies under the radar, when even in its 11th season, performers are still earning three-judge standing O’s (and millions from viewers’ living rooms, too).

In no particular order, tonight’s episode brought a looming sense of dread (when we were reminded that four dancers would be axed by night’s end, instead of the usual two); major excitement when the Bottom Six contestants were once again able to dance for their lives; and not one, but two routines that brought the judges — and me — to tears. (*)

(* The all-girls routine choreographed by Mandy Moore was particularly moving — yes, mostly because of those gorgeous dancers on stage, but let’s also give credit to Evanescence’s “My Immortal.” You all know that was the jam in 2000, at least when you needed a good cry.)

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And, let’s not forget the immense satisfaction of Christina Applegate’s return to the judges’ panel, where she offered excellent constructive criticism and fangirled right along with the rest of us. Much like my vacationing colleague/your usual SYTYCD recapper Mr. Slezak — who, you may have noticed by now, I am not — I’m still petitioning for Misty Copeland to permanently fill that third judges’ chair, but anything is better than Jason Deruuuuloooo telling me to wiggle, wiggle, wiggle my big, fat butt. (I will not, thank you very much.)

And thus concludes my gushing for the evening. Let’s get to the awards for tonight’s dances:

Jessica Richens and Casey Askew (Contemporary)

Valerie Rockey and Ricky Ubeda (Hip-Hop)

Emily James and Teddy Coffey (Broadway)

Jacque LeWarne and Zack Everhart (Paso Doble)

Bridget Whitman and Emilio Dosal (Jazz)

Tanisha Belnap and Rudy Abreu (Contemporary)

Carly Blaney and Serge Onik (Quickstep)

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And now, results!



I’m truly bummed for the four contestants that were sent packing tonight, but after Casey and Jessica’s stunning contemporary routine, sending those two home would have been nothing short of tragic.

What did you think of tonight’s performances? Take our poll below to vote for your three favorite routines, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the dancers, Christina Applegate’s return to the judges’ panel and eliminations!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. jaime says:

    I would have liked Carly to stay in lieu of Bridget :(

    • Leigh says:

      I’m sad Carly is gone too. I wish she could have stayed in lieu of Jacquie or Valerie. I also wish Teddy could have stayed in lieu of Rudy. Oh well. And what were they thinking when they paired Emilio with Jasmine? She is going to tower over him!

      • Shaun says:

        Wow,you ricky fangirls really dislike Valerie that much,even after tonights dance.

        • Leigh says:

          It has nothing to do with Ricky. I just think Valerie is the weakest of the female dancers and Carly is one of the strongest.

          • Shaun says:

            Ha,she’s never been in the bottom 3 and pairings aren’t being voted on anymore.It’s just all her.Tap is pretty hard to overcome,think only behind BBoying trying to do this journey.Not sure what supposed weakness you see in her,but she’s been top notch mostly.

          • Leigh says:

            I like Valerie’s personality and performance skills, but her quality of movement is not as strong as the other female dancers. That is the main weakness I see. However, just because she has never been in the bottom 3, doesn’t mean the weakness doesn’t exist (Rudy has never been in the bottom 3 either, and he is at a very noticeable disadvantage technically). Anyway, I don’t hate Valerie and I don’t think she is a terrible dancer. I just prefer the remaining female dancers more.

          • CWS says:

            Completely agree with Leigh!!!

        • Kate Young says:

          Valerie has really amazed me – and for the sheer joy of dance, none of the other girls match her. I think she’s adorable!

          • sarah j says:

            I agree with you about Valerie! She has been consistent and last night’s hip hop was insane!

      • waterbug says:

        I was thinking the same thing!!! She will be leaping over his head!

        • PIMB says:

          Recapper is a lemming. Can’t stand Christina Crapplegate who is an uniformed fangrrrl, shut your mouth. Casey and Jessica will not go far in their partnership because it is over. Please get rid of her. Tanisha was not overrated. That was Rudy’s best dance of this season. Ricky hit it soft and was unimpressive. Don’t blame the dancers for getting the kiss of death, broadway and ballroom. Sorry to see Serge go. And Christina you moron, why would they watch Fosse. They were not dancing a Fosse choreographed number.

          • BrazenSongBird says:

            The film version of From This Moment On has a pretty memorable section in it that is danced and choreographed by Fosse (and Carol something??). It’s early Fosse but it’s definitely Fosse, shoulder shrugs and all. So Christina was not such a moron, maybe?

      • waterbug says:

        It will be easier to eliminate him if he doesn’t keep up with Jasmine. Will be very interesting. I am thinking it won’t be many lift routines.

        • The Costume Department says:

          They’ve already had to cut out lifts on his other numbers. I don’t think Valerie jumping on his back counts.

      • SL says:

        Yeah, she is! Bad pairing.

      • Cynx says:

        I completely agree with you, Leigh. Jasmine and Emilio are so ill matched, which makes me think that they’re setting him up for failure.

        It’s not that I dislike Valerie — I think she’s got a great personality — but I also think that almost anyone who was paired with Ricky would have gotten a ride into the Top 10, and that’s why Nigel paired her with him. She just doesn’t measure up to the other women.

        As long as she’s there, however, I hope they let her do a tap routine with Aaron at some point.

    • Mona Cattanach says:

      I agree, Bridget is a good dancer, but Carly really seemed to want it and put so much into every dance, I would have liked to see her stay.

      • I.R.E. says:

        I think Bridget will win it all, but who will be the other guy to win it all? Carly did not show a positive independent attitude like Jessica.

  2. Rowan says:

    I’m sad to see Teddy go mostly because (to me) he was soooo cute and very versatile. They should really just rename this season “So You Think You Can Beat Ricky Ubeda” because homeboy is living up to the hype and KILLING it week after week. I don’t like Valerie as his partner at all, though. I think she gets by solely on him.

    • Shaun says:

      Ricky isn’t the second coming of Jesus,he makes mistakes too.Saying he’s carrying Valerie is blinders behaviour.

      • Mona Cattanach says:

        Well said Shaun. I am a fan of Ricky and he is an amazing talent, but I am also a fan of Valerie, her talent and her personality. In fact in tonight’s number, which I loved, I thought she out danced him more than once. Both are talented in their own right and no one is carrying anyone else.

        • Sara says:

          I had to watch Valerie and Ricky’s performance 3 times, mostly because I couldn’t take my eyes off of Valerie the first 2 times! She is a great dancer with a great personality and I really don’t see why she gets so much negativity thrown her way

      • Last night was the first time that I watched them both. Ricky is, heads and tails, better than most dancers in this competition. His partner is excellent but not of the same caliber.

      • waterbug says:

        Totally agree Shaun!

    • sarah j says:

      It seems like the judges want Rudy to win…not Ricky. At least that is what it seems like to be!

  3. Casey should have gone home without a doubt. He’s had one good routine in the past few weeks, whereas Teddy and Serge have both been uber consistent. I’m truly disappointed. No more double eliminations.

    • AK says:

      And all the more frustrating because it leaves a top ten that is, once again, so overwhelmingly heavy on contemporary dancers. Did we really need a third contemporary male in lieu of any ballroom guys or a complete unique hip-hopper? The lack of genre diversity kills me.

      • Tamara says:

        I don’t agree that the top 10 is comprised mostly of contemporary dancers. Valerie and Zach are both tappers, Tanisha is ballroom, Jacque is ballet, Emilio is hip hop, Jessica is technically jazz. One ballroom guy would have been nice, but there is a bit of diversity at least.

        • Margi says:

          Three of the top 5 guys are contemporary. I would have liked to see either Serge or Teddy in the top 10 to give the guys more diversity.

    • Ang. says:

      Thank you – Why did Casey stay and Serge go????? Casey did not deserve to stay over Serge who gave consistently wonderful performances. Casey gave mostly blah performances and then last night one great performance and gets to stay.

      • SL says:

        Totally agree – Serge should have stayed!!!!

      • Jakay says:

        I’m with you, too! Loved Serge and I’m so sorry to see him go. I knew as soon as he was in the bottom three with The Dreaded Quickstep that he would be gone, and he probably did, too.

      • Terry says:

        Because… Travis Wall routine = winning the lottery, Quick Step = kiss of death.

        • PIMB says:

          We knew it was over for the 4 when they got ballroom and broadway. It was obvious who they were sending home.

      • Margi says:

        If I’m being cynical, I’d say it’s because Casey would sell more tour tickets. Young clean-cut kid who is crazy at doing pirouettes. But personally I would have preferred Teddy or Serge.

        • The Costume Department says:

          Have they even mentioned the tour? Usually they can’t be quiet about it, but I’m not even sure they’re doing one.

  4. Elena says:

    Travis Wall seriously needs to get an Emmy. I was glad Christina mentioned his use of music in each piece because his choice of song for each dance always adds yet another layer to his already creative work.

  5. Babybop says:

    I agree that Tanisha and Rudy was overpraised. The whole dance was ‘meh’ to me. Jessica did well this week, and that was a beautiful routine…. but I don’t want her to stay. She has been disappointing week after week and is only good when she does her own style.

    • Tammy says:

      I agree. Carly did well in quick step, hip hop, jazz. She has proven herself while that jinxed Jessica has done mostly contemporary and one ballroom. She sends partnners home and it not fair. Really wanted Teddy to stay.

      • Sara says:

        This was Jessica’s first contemporary since the top 20 where everyone did their own style….. Carly and Ricky have both done contemporary routines more than her and with great choreography so right off the bat they had an upper hand and I think jessica gets compared to where Ricky is at but Ricky has mostly had routines that suit his style better

        • Different Sara says:

          Ricky and Carly have pretty much excelled at all of the various genres of dance they have been given. Jessica has floundered at anything that isn’t contemporary.

        • Margi says:

          Jessica was stunning in the piece with Ricky. Then she got west coast swing, choreographer Benji. Nigel got it right when he said that was a routine Benji would have been brilliant at, but it did a disservice to the dancers. Week 3 was one of Tyce’s worst choreographies. He is hit or miss, and he missed badly on this one. It sent Stanley home, which was a shame. Week 4 Jessica had fox trot, not quite as bad as drawing the quick step, but close. So this week was her first contemporary piece. I was surprised and sad that Carly was in the bottom 3. I feel like she deserved a place in the top 10. But I really want to see what Jessica can do with the all stars. Twitch and hip hop sounds like a big challenge

      • I.R.E. says:

        Carly looked 100% attractive in her turquoise quickstep dress!

    • Aprilcot says:

      Agreed! Her solo was pretty ‘meh’ to me. I wonder if it was coincidence that Jessica and Casey drew contemporary this week while the other two bottom couples got broadway and quickstep…

      • SL says:

        Mmmmm hhmmmmm . . . Coincidence! I think not.

      • Em says:

        I agree that her solo wasn’t the best. To me it came across as her being overconfident because she had a Travis routine, the best of the night, so she thought she didn’t need a good solo. Carly’s solo was way better than Jessica’s. Carly should have stayed because this show is about being good in genres besides your own, and Jessica has only excelled in her own style.

  6. LADY_in_MD says:

    I would like to start a petition for an all Travis episode he choreographs every dance for two entire hours would be amazing!
    I would have liked to see Valerie go to me she is the weakest girl she is lucky she’s had Ricky to carry her I think Carly and Serge should have stayed but no way they were sending Casey or Jessica home after that routine
    The all Girls and all Guys routines were AMAZING!!!

  7. Marge says:

    Carly > Bridget. So disappointed in the voters for that one.
    Also, loved having Christina Applegate on the panel. Misty whatsherface got super annoying.

  8. GTS says:

    Should Jessica have really stayed because of tonight’s recent dance, her first good one since her performance with Ricky?

    • SL says:

      No she shouldn’t have!!! I was super annoyed and felt like it was fixed for her to make the top 10. She and Casey get contemporary and now she finally does well. She has been in the bottom every week!! I thought Carly was better than her too. Also, super bummed Serge went home – tons of potential. Casey is fine, but doesn’t blow me away. Still think it was fixed based on the routines given out this week. Why didn’t one of the judges say to Jessica and Casey, “We expected this to be great, because you are both dancing in your own style.” Then Serge and Carly get quickstep – the dance of death on this show!!! Annoying!!!!

      • justme says:

        ^ this

      • Jessica says:

        She wasnt in the bottom every week, this was the first time. Her partners were always in the bottom and got sent home…

        • SL says:

          You are right, she wasn’t, but she should have been. The sexy thing only gets you so far. But Nigel loves her . . . .

          • Margi says:

            Just wondering which piece she was sexy in –Vows with Ricky? West Coast swing? Foxtrot? Tyce’s magic carpet? or Travis’ piece this week. And she’s definitely had criticism from Nigel more than once.

  9. AJ says:

    Please don’t make me look at Rudy’s rubbery face one more week. Does he not realize how much of an idiot he really looks like? Just simply smile, dude. It will work wonders.

    • Mona Cattanach says:

      So true AJ, I was so hoping Rudy would go home, no such luck. I wonder if Nigel is getting tired of the over the top stupidity, based on his Mary Murphy’s love child comment?

    • Mytake says:

      Amen! I’m really sick of the over the top fake face.

      • sarah j says:

        Me too! I am glad others out there feel that Rudy is way over the tip. I also feel that Jacque is not a strong dancer and she escaped the bottom 2 because Cat keeps playing up her and Rudy’s relationship.

      • Em says:

        I love/hate Rudy. I think he is an amazing dancer but to me he’s really fake. It’s soooo annoying how every dance with Rudy turns into a conversation about how he loves Jacque.

        • veronica says:

          I want Rudy gone as soon as possible. Dude just rubs me the wrong way what with his over the top facial expressions (that one face he makes terrifies me, you know which one) and grating personality. His technique leaves A LOT to be desired. I find myself yelling “POINT YOUR FEET!” a lot whenever he dances. His technique is just sloppy for someone who’s genre is *apparently* contemporary. I don’t know who’s voting for him, but I’d hazard to guess that it’s a bunch of 13 year olds in love with the idea of him being “in love” with Jacque, or something along those lines. I can’t imagine who else. He’s like a rash you can’t get rid of. Rant over.

  10. Lady L says:

    So disappointed yet not surprised at the results- just goes to show how choeography and music are so important. Jessica and Casey definitely had an advantage there. That’s not to say they didn’t dance well, but Carly and Serge have been consistently great throughout the season. What a bummer, but you could see the results coming a mile away…

  11. Disappointed in the eliminations says:

    I was sad to see Carly and Serge go. They have been consistent and beautiful in all of their dances and have progressively gotten better as weeks went on. Casey and Jessica did well in their own genre of dance but have struggled with other types throughout these past weeks. Each of their partners have been eliminated. That says something. I don’t think one excellent night in your genre will determine how you will change with all stars. They had their chance to show it. I thought Carly and Serge were a strong couple. I would have preferred her over Bridget as well.

    • Lady L says:

      I so very much agree with you!

    • Jaclyn says:

      Perfectly put and is exactly what I was thinking and feeling! Carley and Serge were far superior and consistent. Judges so obviously play favorites and their comments after the bottom 6 couples dances were so blatant in their decision making.

      • SL says:

        Yep! I knew how Carly and Serge were going to be critiqued before they even danced. You could tell they were going to keep Casey and Jessica after they danced. Carly and Serge, “the quickstep is a really hard dance and you did a pretty good job, but let me point out a few things you need to work on.” Said just enough so they knew they were going home! Lame!

    • Erin C says:

      I totally agree with you as well!

    • Ang. says:

      Carly and Serge definitely should have stayed. I wanted to know what the judges were thinking after last night. UGH. If they would have had the Travis Wall piece they would have killed it. As it was, they killed the quick step and it still wasn’t noted.

    • Amy L says:

      I could not have put it better myself ! (minus the Bridget part because I love her)

  12. Mona Cattanach says:

    I guess I was wrong last week when I started to think Nigel might be over Jessica and willing to let her go. Once again those mysterious forces of fate that seem to determine the “random” dance choices were at work to save a favorite.
    Just when Jessica needed another stellar routine to save her from the mass cut of four dancers, low and behold the “random” forces land her another Travis Wall contemporary number. I’m not saying the number wasn’t beautiful and she didn’t do well. But this girl has only performed well in one style with one choreographer. That’s hardly the well-rounded dancer Nigel is supposedly looking for.
    I would much rather have seen Carly stay. Nigel even said she and Serge have done well in everything they have been asked to do. Apparently that is not as important as Nigel’s seeming fixation on blonde bombshells.
    As for Casey, I have nothing against him, and he does so some wonderful turns, but he sometimes seems kind of immature in his dancing and I think Serge’s ballroom technique or Teddy’s versatility would have been a better choice to keep, though tonight wasn’t Teddy’s best performance.

    • Hayley says:

      That was her first Travis wall routine…

      • Mona Cattanach says:

        You’re right Hayley, my bad, the one with Ricky was by Sonya. But I stand by the intent of my comment. She has only excelled in her own style with the show’s most amazing choreographers, still not my definition of versatile and well rounded, and still a very convenient “random” dance assignment for her tonight.

        • Margi says:

          Her genre is jazz. And Carly, a contemporary dancer drew Sonya, Stacie, and Mandy. It’s wonderful to get a Travis Wall choreography, but not too shabby to get both Mandy and Stacie either..

    • MC says:

      We are told that Christina is only a “guest judge,” but she emphasized tonight that Jessica was her absolute favorite from day one and that she had predicted Jessica could win from the beginning. Listen closely to the playback and Christina literally passed on any comments regarding a few of the dances tonight. This is because she was totally fixated on Jessica’s eventual turn in the rotation. Nigel is definitely influenced by Christina’s opinions or they wouldn’t invite her back over and over as a “guest judge.” Don’t blame it all on Nigel because some of this is due to Christina’s need to be right. Lucky Jessica now has Twitch as her partner. I wonder how that will work out. The suspense is killing me.

      • Mona Cattanach says:

        Good point MC. Suffice to say I am not a fan of Christina as a “guest judge”. Jessica is indeed lucky to draw one of the most entertaining and popular of the all stars, but I think it could work for or against her. Twitch is an amazing partner and has drawn some real swag out of some non hip hop partners. However in call back week and on the show, Jessica has struggled with other genres. If she continues to struggle and her dance is sub par next week, she will just look that much worse next to Twitch.

        • Aprilcot says:

          I was just going to make this same point about Jessica. Her hip hop during callbacks was staggeringly bad.

      • lily says:

        she can be a “guest judge” only once and still love a dancer it’s called watching your favorite show on tv…

    • sarah j says:

      I was very upset that Teddy was sent home! He is a very versatile dancer! I wanted to see Casey go! As for the girls I would have liked to have seen Emily stay.

  13. Mona Cattanach says:

    Am I the only one that is getting tired of Cat hyping Rudy? Either she is really a fan, or she has been told to really play him up. A couple of times she has singled him out for a comment after the opening intros, or a group number. It’s really noticeable after he and Tanisha dance. Last week after the judges finished telling Tanisha how she killed it, and she did, Cat brings up Rudy and Jacque’s “date”. Tonight Cat goes on and on about how Rudy lifted Tanisha, blah,blah,blah and not a word about how Tanisha danced. It’s a credit to Tanisha that she just smiles and acts like it doesn’t bother her. I guess I’m not so mature because it’s bothering me! But full disclosure, Rudy bothers me!

    • cjinsd says:

      I so agree with you. I have never understood the Rudy love.

      • MJ says:

        I do not understand it either. I don’t remember him that much in auditions and then when the top 20 started there was so much Rudy love. He does nothing for me at all. I didn’t even think he was good enough for top 20.

      • mariat753 says:

        Ugh, I find him downright repulsive. Sorry.

      • NayNay says:

        I like Rudy. I may be the only one but, I just think he is genuinely a happy person and is very excited. Yes, he needs to tone it down. But, I like the way he dances and I like the fact that is so excited to be there. He doesn’t seem fake, he seems genuine.

        • Aprilcot says:

          I like him too. He’s like a puppy that just can’t contain his enthusiasm.

        • snailagain says:

          Thanks, NayNay – my feelings precisely! I do wish he’d tone it down, and I really wish Cat would tone it down when she’s talking to or about him, but I truly think the kid is just so excited about being on the show that he’s having a hard time controlling himself.

        • juliebug04 says:

          I agree too, NayNay. I don’t think it’s fake at all. I think he has been wanting to be on the show for a long time and I think he’s still got the ‘fanboy’ thing going, and I think he is genuinly excited and thankful to still be there because I think he realizes that he is not as technically strong as some of the others. I wish he would tone it down a bit and that Cat wouldn’t focus on it so much, but she loves all of the dancers and takes them all under her wing, our Cat. :)

        • Kate Young says:

          I like him too! I don’t see why people feel the need to bash any of these dancers about anything. They are all out there dong their best, and its a hell of a lot better than I could ever do. Let’s just enjoy and not take offense at things the dancers don’t control – as in over-praising or asking about the ‘dates’ or whatever.

  14. Mona Cattanach says:

    So excited that Chehon will be back next week as an all star! Do I smell classical ballet?

  15. Wynne says:

    Loved Carly and sad to see her go. I will join the Misty Copeland for permanent judge club

  16. Ashton says:

    Sad for everyone hating on val, she may not be the strongest dancer ever but she is very talented and is the best performer!

  17. eman says:

    I can definitely see the argument for Carly as she was strong in every routine, compared to Jessica who was great in two, but in Jessica’s defense she had some horrible choreography to contend with, the awful magic carpet ride by Tyce and the west coast swing that even the judges pointed out that it was just too hard for two people completely unfamiliar with that style. So it is tough but Carly really impressed me especially with her skeleton hip hop that was completely out of her style. Serge was solid, but was not good in that hip hop routine I just mentioned from a few weeks ago. I never considered him to be great thought just solid. Casey is a bit of enigma as technically he is right up there with Ricky but he has trouble connecting with his partner, except for this week. But you knew after there dance they had it made.

    I don’t agree with some of you that Tanisha’s dance was over praised I thought it was one of the top three dances of the night and I really like her. She might not be traditionally pretty but she exudes sexy, in a classy way, better than any of the other dancers and for a ballroom dancer she is very versatile.

    Glad Zach made it as he is very versatile and fun.

    For the first time I thought Valerie stood out with that amazing hip hop routine. She really was the doll and that split, wave, leg thing was very cool. Ricky was also very, very good. He is incredibly talented but he is being pimped so much that it feels heavy handed almost as if there is an agenda to put him front and center.

    Thought both the group routines were amazing!!

    • MC says:

      Good comments. Tanisha is one of my favorites; she’s been very consistent lately. Valerie did a great job of playing the doll. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Jessica killed it tonight and you’re right that she has faced some challenging choreography; that West Coast Swing was almost absurdly difficult. I wish Christina hadn’t pegged Jessica as the winner in the early rounds because Christina now seems to be obsessed with Jessica. Having Twitch as a partner is a big advantage, but I’m cool with Jessica winning. I just don’t like the appearance of bias (from Christina) and any other signs of favoritism. Also, how random were these all-star pairings?

    • Jenks says:

      I honestly don’t see how Ricky is being pimped. Rudy is the one being pimped. Ricky stands out in every routine because he is a great dancer. No pimping needed.

      • NayNay says:


        • Jenks says:

          Yep, really. Have the producers created a fake romance just to call attention to Ricky? Does Cat make some inane comment about him after every single performance? The best dancers on this show get praised for being the best dancers and people cry “pimping”. That’s why the best dancer rarely wins, Melanie excepted. Thankfully, talent wins out in the end, as evidenced by tWitch, Katherine, Alison, Travis, and many others. Ricky will go far, regardless of where he ends up on this show. Rudy will just…go.

          • NayNay says:

            Ok, then. Nigel doesn’t go on and on and on about how great and awesome and wonderful Ricky is every week?

          • Jenks says:

            That’s because Ricky is great and awesome every week. Again, people seem to want to hate on the best dancers. I do not get that.

  18. Gabby says:

    Super bummed about Carly and Serge I really liked them. :(

  19. Jerome says:

    I get tired of listening to the judges rave about Ricky. Yes he is good but Casey is just as good and his jumps are much higher. I am glad he is safe.

    • Leigh says:

      There’s more to good dancing than just technical skills. The judges don’t just rave about Ricky because he is incredible technically. They rave about him because he is the “complete package” (i.e., technical skills plus an exceptional ability to connect to the music and the emotions of the dance)… If it means anything to you, there are at least two post show interviews on YouTube where Travis Wall raves about Ricky also.

    • Jenks says:

      Sorry, but Casey is nowhere near Ricky’s level. Dancing is about more than just jumping and spinning around the stage.

  20. tammy says:

    Enough with the Misty hate. I get it. You don’t like her. Carry on.

  21. The Costume Department says:

    We were dreading having Christina Applegate as a guest judge again. Yes, we get that she’s had dance experience and that she’s passionate about dance. Yes, she had one funny line about the boys pulling up their “tube tops.” But what annoys us is that penchant for turning every critique into some sort of spotlight on herself. UGH.

    • NayNay says:

      She needs to just shut her face. So annoying.

    • Mona Cattanach says:

      So it’s not just me that is tired of SYTYCD being preempted by “The Christina Applegate Show”!

      Yes please do waste more precious dance time by telling us about taking your daughter to preschool!

      When did Mia Michaels and Tyce Diorio have a spotlight stealing love child?

  22. Em says:

    I can’t believe they sent Carly home after all the great routines she did!!! Why did they send one of my favorite girls packing and leave the two people I wanted gone most? I understand that it wouldn’t make sense to eliminate Casey and Jessica after that routine but they have only been impressive in their own styles, while the other dancers have had consistently good reviews with other dance styles.

  23. I.R.E. says:

    Carly and Emily are both beautiful contemporary dancers and they both got eliminated last night. Jessica was chosen showing an independent positive attitude. Casey was chosen but his positive attitude was ranked 2nd after Jessica’s. Serge had the most bottom situations and I’m glad they got rid of him!

    Carly looked 100% attractive in her turquoise quickstep dress. She twirls around both ways making her turquoise skirt fly around, she sometimes grabs the right side of her turquoise skirt and sometime grabs the left side of her turquoise skirt. It would be better if she pinches both sides of her turquoise skirt during an encore.

    Emily was a little more stiff during her performance, while Teddy
    was more awkwards, IMO.

    I would prefer Bridget to be win the the girl most overall, Tanisha would be the worst choice to win.

    So far, Jacque, Valerie, Ricky and Rudy are the only four contestants safe so far without being in the bottom!

  24. NayNay says:

    In my opinion, Serge and Carly should have stayed. They have out performed Casey and Jessica every week, and I love Travis Wall, but what exactly was so special about that routine? The two group performances were everything as Mary would say. Seems to be her favorite compliment this year. Zach and Jacque were good. I did not like Bridget and Emilio’s routine. Was it supposed to be Jazz or Hip Hop? Loved Rudy and Tanisha. Ricky and Valerie did a good job. Can not stand Christina. Shut your face.

  25. Amy L says:

    Bridget and Carly are my favorite girls by far… I wish Carly had gotten a spot instead of Jacque. I knew after Jessica got Travis Wall (and killed it!) and Carly got quickstep that she had no chance. Just a shame that’s how the voting turned out.

    Looking forward to seeing the all stars… and the height difference between Jasmine and Emilio haha.

  26. juliebug04 says:

    I’m not really sure why people think that Ricky is carrying Valerie….the voting is individual, and she has never been in the bottom, so people are putting votes in for her. As much as I loved Serge and Carly, they didn’t get enough votes individually or they wouldn’t have been in the bottom–Serge has been in the bottom several times. I think he is a strong dancer technically and is very versatile–I’m sure someone will pick him up for a paying job in the industry. Actually, I think all four that went how were great and I think they’ll be able to find work.

    Personally, I think Rudy and Emilio are the weakest remaining males, but their personality is pulling in votes because they are so excited to be there, and that is more than obvious.

    I think pairing Ricky with Lauren Froderman is genius–she is one of the best female winners they’ve had and that should be great no matter what genre they get. I also think pairing Chehon with Jacque should be wonderful too, as they’re both ballet dancers. I’m not sure who decided that pairing Emilio with Jasmine would be a good idea. He is vertically challenged and she is so NOT. Also looking forward to Jessica with tWitch. First, I love watching tWitch ANY time, but she has struggled in a lot of other genres with facial expression and technique, so I’m curious to see if she can pull it off. He has a way of bringing out the best in people, but it will likely depend on the choreography. Hopefully it will be Pharside/Phoenix or Christopher Scott.

    Bring on the All Stars!!!

  27. Csbd says:

    I actually gave up on the show after watching the last nine seasons after the audition rounds this year. (Primarily because of format and judges, not dancers) I was at my sister’s last night so I watched it. I see that Nigel is still controlling all of the comments of his panel.

    Valerie is a cute girl, but the praise was so over the top and ridiculous. She stuck out like a sore thumb in the girls routine, and the hip hop routine she needed to drop down by at least six inches through the whole dance. Her flailing arms were so distracting.

    My sister filled me in that she is a tapper, but I hate when at this point in the competition the dancers “specialties” are giving them free passes. This is even worse because they aren’t even giving her critiques so she could improve.

    • Shaun says:

      lol,jump in mid season and judgy mcjudgerson starts ranting.Valerie was supposed to be loose,she was playing a doll.

      • Csbd says:

        I think coming in mid season allows me to be objective. I said nothing about her being loose, I said she was flailing, those are not the same thing. Her arms were flailing the exact same way in the girls dance. Lack of hand positioning and elbow control.

        She actually did a floor turn in the girls dance that was supposed to be in unison and she was in a completely different position than everyone else.

        • CWS says:

          I agree with your comment that Valerie was overpraised. But like most of the other people, I like her so much that I was glad she wasn’t critized.

          May be this is why reality shows are not fair – personality counts.

    • waterbug says:

      Totally agree Csbd.

  28. sarah j says:

    Personally I would like to have seen Zack and Jacque in the bottom! I was sad that Emily and Teddy were sent home. However after Jessica and Casey’s dance I knew they were staying.
    My top 4 are Valerie, Jessica, Ricky and Emilio.
    WHO WILL be top 4 Tenisha, Jessica, Ricky, Rudy.

  29. Terry says:

    I loved the 2 group numbers, those were both so amazing!!!

  30. CWS says:

    Jacque should be home, not Carly.

  31. Morgan says:

    I’m really curious to see how short Emilio will dance with tall Jasmine!!!

  32. MAS says:

    I came to hear from the Val fans so thanks for commenting on that. I find her awkward. I haven’t been able to understand why she wasn’t in the bottom 3.

    I think Rudy’s performance skills are outstanding. Maybe I see in him what others see in Valerie.

  33. The Costume Department says:

    At the risk of sounding cranky (which we are), I know Nigel made much of the kiss in Casey and Jessica’s dance, saying that she took “a breath” and how beautiful it was. Just went back and rewatched it, and it didn’t look like a breath so much as if Casey had shuffled his feet on shag carpet and then shocked her with static electricity when he kissed her.

    Also rewatched Valerie and Ricky’s number, and Valerie was awesome. Ricky wasn’t very noticable in the number at all, although maybe it’s because we couldn’t see his face under that Jiffy Pop contraption on his head. What was that?

    • Mona Cattanach says:

      Maybe Fox is brining in extra revenue with product placement ads. This week Jiffy Pop hip hop, next week Snapple sponsored Salsa?

  34. mary says:

    Jessica has been VERY lucky this season to be on the receiving end of some incredibly choreography and mostly in contemporary numbers. She is very good, but wouldn’t any dancer in that number have been extraordinary?