The Originals' Claire Holt Joins NBC Drama Aquarius as Series Regular

Claire Holt Aquarius

Claire Holt is about to find herself on the hunt for a killer.

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The actress, who famously pulled out of her series regular gig on The Originals during its first season, has snagged a series regular role on NBC’s upcoming Charles Manson-themed event series AquariusHolt will play tough-skinned police officer Charmain Tully.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of Holt’s Originals character Rebekah Mikaelson. Not only does she appear in the trailer for the CW drama’s upcoming second season, but executive producer Julie Plec has repeatedly stated that Holt is always welcome to visit “New Orleans.”

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Aquarius also stars David Duchovny (Californication), Gaius Charles (Grey’s Anatomy), Grey Damon (Star-Crossed), Michaela McManus (The Vampire Diaries), David Meunier (Justified), Emma Dumont (Bunheads), Chris Sheffield (The Last Ship) and Gethin Anthony (Game of Thrones).

TVLine’s sister site Deadline was among the first to report the casting.

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  1. Cass says:

    Ugh! WTF! Stupid Julie Plec. I bet it’s all her fault.

    • Ari says:

      It’s always my first instinct to blame Da Plec.

      Congrats to Claire on her new role. Maybe she’ll be given an actual storyline instead of being relegated to being the token woman.

    • It’s not Plec’s fault, like the article says, “Holt is always welcome to visit New Orleans”. Maybe Claire wants to branch out of the supernatural world for a while. I LOVE her character as Rebekah and it will suck if we don’t see much of her but at least Julie didn’t kill her off like she did with Bonnie, Damon, Jenna, Lexi and so many other characters that most of us love! We know by now that “dead” doesn’t mean “gone” but it still sucks to see your favorite characters being taken out, especially when it’s during the season finale. I am STILL going crazy over Damon and Bonnie, lol I think we will see more of Rebekah than the than we think, Her, Klaus, and Elijah are gonna have to work together to kill their evil parents and it’s not gonna be done in just 1 episode, plus, she has the baby and the fans are gonna want to see as much of her as possible and Plec knows that so *fingers crossed* that we get to see lots of her and Rebekah!!

    • Lynne says:

      Kudos,, Clair Holt Rebekah /Bex:) Looking forward to the new Drama “Aquarius”. It will be a short show, around 3 months long, and you will be with some incredible actors.!
      I am sure we will hear (Narrating) you if not see you, on T.O.
      Always looking forward to that. T.O. needs you & the baby Hope,, to survive.
      Otherwise, it will be re-named, “the Hayley Diaries”, if icky J.P. has her stranglehold way.

    • Tala says:

      I don’t think it’s Julie’s fault,actually it’s claire’s life so she’s going to decide what to do.RIGHT?

      • Lynne says:

        I agree. How is anyone to learn if a right choice has been made, if you do not make it. C.H. tried this before and it flopped. Let’s wait & see if this choice is better. You never know, we may like this new program.

  2. Lena says:

    I bet Claire didn’t like where the story was going on the Originals. She probably hated that whole Rebekah/Marcel thing too. Yeah…

  3. Ian says:

    LOL. Cue the angry Rebekah fans’ rampage.

    Sounds like a great gig though. And if I were her, I’d rather be playing a strong character like this one, rather than another one of Plec’s Elenas over on one of her shows, which is exactly what Rebekah would have ended up becoming.

    I’m excited to hear her pull off a tough cop – sounding voice and American accent too.

    • Angus says:

      She’s keeping the Aussie accent.

      • lechatnoir says:

        I hope she gets to keep her Oz accent . Her faux British accent was dreadful. We should do away with people “cross-imitating” the variety of anglo accents they are not familiar with because its terrible.

  4. B says:

    Hmm. Filming location is more appealing I guess (assuming L.A.)? She’s definitely missed on The Originals, so I hope she can/will make multiple guest appearances.

  5. mariangela says:

    Great news for Claire!!! The actors on this series are amazing and Tully sound great! I hope that the show do great when air

  6. saddyB says:

    I didn’t like the storyline Plec gave to Claire.
    She is a good actress and I am happy for her!
    Go girl!

    • bigguy3080 says:

      Plec doesn’t know things would be so much easier if she just listened to the fans. She’s just a stubborn earth whale with tunnel vision.

  7. Darla says:

    Is an “Event Series” like a mini series?

    Also, can everyone stop bashing Julie Plec and blaming her for everything. I don’t love everything that happens on TVD or the Originals, but there is a hell of a lot I do love. And she plays as much apart of the good as the bad. She deserves some credit for all of her hard work.

    • bigguy3080 says:

      Joseph Morgan carried TVD and now that he’s gone, the ratings were down as much as 40%. He is the reason why The Originals was created.

  8. Sara says:

    Since it is a 13 episode event series, that still leaves a pretty wide open door for her to return to either The Originals or The Vampire Diaries at any time. It really is a win-win for her!

  9. Fran says:

    Interesting. Didnt she say she left The Originals because she wanted more free time to spend with her family? She’s definitely missed on that show… But I love Claire Holt and wish her the best in whatever she does. I had no desire to really watch this before but I’ll check it out now.

    • Television says:

      Yes, her reason for suddenly leaving was that she needed to spend more time with her family…………….right. More to that story.

  10. Trenton says:

    I just get the feeling she felt her character was always gonna be second or third tier. So rather than meander through most episodes in the b or c storylines she pops up in half of the episodes with only meaty storylines.

  11. webly3 says:

    LOL she is such a mess. She leaves everything she works on before the shows finish.

    • ... says:

      She’s literally been on four television shows. H20, PLL, Vampire Diaries, and The Originals. She left H20 in order to film a movie (and probably because she felt like she was aging out of that type of material, which is a valid concern), she was on four episodes of PLL as a minor character, she left The Vampire Diaries to do its spin-off, and she left Originals for reasons I don’t know if we’ll ever know for sure.

      • Television says:

        She said she was leaving the originals to spend time with her family…..

        • kate'shomesick says:

          And now she probably has spent some time with her family and would like to work again ….maybe they couldn’t really write her back in or during her off-time she had the feeling there had to be something new creatively….

  12. Frank says:

    Nothing to do with Julie or the Originals.. Claire wants to be a star. That’s why she leaves shows so quickly. She will star in this show and move on to a bigger role and then movies. Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan know the Originals are the best they will have but Claire is young beautiful and crazy talented. Makes no sense to stagnate her career for the CW.

    • RobMF says:

      That worked out so well for Mischa Barton.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I think its smart. Shes gotten enough exposure to grab some peoples attention, show her talent/skills on national TV, but not so much exposure that like say some others on Vampire Diaries, she wont be forever connected to the show. If they continue to spend year after year of their prime 20’s-30’s on this one role by the time the show is done they will most likely have missed out on multiple great roles in movies/TV. They will also be in a different bracket of casting, going from being in their mid twenties to potentially 30, and the guys going from mid thirties to almost forty. Now im not saying thats a guarantee theres NOTHING out there or that its a fact they missed out on stuff, but i imagine shooting in Atlanta for what? 6+ months a year…that cuts you out of the running for a LOT of big roles.

      So, Claire got out, shes got great “reel” for casting directors, shes still fairly unknown and can truly break out big time if she got a big role…which with her accent/talent/looks its not hard to imagine. With Gal Gadot getting Wonder Woman, who knows Claire Holt could audition for and get Captain Marvel.

    • Moment says:

      Spot on. The more likely scenario will be that she will get bigger role offers, either on an established show, or something upcoming on a bigger network. It wouldn’t surprise me if we see her on a CBS, or ABC series at some point.

    • Daniel and Joseph are both fine actors. I understand why you would praise Claire, as she is terrific, but there’s no need to hit below the belt.

    • cece says:

      Joseph Morgan is starring in the movie ‘Dermaphobia’ with Ron Perlman and Walter Goggins.

      • Brooke says:

        Yeah, Joseph Morgan was in Immortals as well as other movies. They don’t have to be limited to just The Originals. They just have to know how to manage their time. And Joesph Morgan has two movies coming out that are in post-production right now. He knows how to manage his time, so he can do both.

  13. mac says:

    Obviously, with TO basically being “The annoying Klaus and Hayley” show I expect Daniel to leave soon as well…the best characters always go first because the annoying ones take center stage

    • joyon7 says:

      I agree about “The annoying Klaus and Hayley” show.It is a mess now.But Klaus wasn’t always annoying and Joseph Morgan is a good actor.The worst about this show is Phoebe Tonkin.Bad actress and an unlikable,annoying character.Why these writters insiste to keep her around?Kill her and i won’t even sorry.She is the disaster for TO.She can’t even speake.She is not even an Original.

  14. K says:

    Great news. So happy for her. She is so much better than the CW.

  15. Cas says:

    No!!!!! Come back Rebekah! I mean these days NBC’s new shows don’t get that great of ratings so hopefully hers will! David Duchovny might help, maybe. On a side note, does anyone else dislike Michaela McManus? I have never liked her. Even when she was in One Tree Hill and after that L&O:SVU for a few episodes.

  16. SonicQueen says:

    Awesome news, she deserves better than The originals.

    Will be checking out this show now, hope its good.

  17. dude says:

    Damn it! Now I have to watch this! LOVE Claire Holt! Although, I wish she’d get a headlining role. One of the most talented actresses out there.

  18. Nicolas says:

    Maybe she can’t stand Phoebe Tonkin and that’s why she decided this.

  19. Kristen says:

    She really was fantastic as Rebekah, and I have definitely missed her on the Originals. I will never forget how shocked I was at her exit, and even though I think Joseph and Daniel are great the show was never the same for me without her. I have actually been watching some of the summer reruns because of her.

    Well, as sad as I am that she will probably never go back to the Originals as a series regular,
    I will definitely check out this new show now that she is in it. Can’t wait to see her in such a different role. I am sure she will be amazing.

  20. AGENT AMERICA says:

    “the male-dominated world of the LAPD in 1967” ~ You MUST be joking!! Who makes this import junk, “Australians” and “Jews”??!!?? Oh, yes, so it is. Both subsidiaries of the same brits behind the ruinous Manson, the reason why California changed the execution laws to keep the little limey mole alive, and the knock-off so-called ‘british invasion” which was always more of a bust that never made it to the 1980s. I’m sure Manson will be watching… something… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8O

  21. itsbighead says:

    if it means that claire holt gets a strong storyline when she does make a guest appearance on the originals, im all for it

  22. anonomous says:

    Im sorry i love claire holt TONS but if she said she left one show to spend more time with family and turns around and goes for another full time gig on another show it just sounds fishy to me. If she wanted to take a break from acting to spend more time with her family that’s completely understandable but when she wanted to returm to acting why didnt she just return to the role she left prior to the break? Instead of getting an entirely new role on a different tv show it woulda made more sense

    • joyon7 says:

      It is not Claire’s fault.
      Julie Plec didn’t let her to be honest with the fans from the begining and of cource Claire didn’t want to hurt The Originals.It was very clear that she is not a regular anymore.Only a few guests perhaps.

    • Television says:

      I agree, spend more time with your family, I guess that means, audition for a different show. I would never hire her after all she seems to quit everything.

  23. anonomous says:

    also she’ll back on TO soon enough because every new nbc drama always crashes and burns

  24. Jake says:

    That would be all well and good if this chick could act.

    • Ginger says:

      Exactly! She’s really nothing special as an actress and I can’t see her carrying a show. Besides its an NBC drama so its destined to fail.

  25. sarah j says:

    I though Claire was exhausted and missed her family so that is why she left the show and said it was a temporary break, she was not planning on being gone forever.
    I just think she was not happy on The Original’s. I wonder if it is because she was not given as much screen time as Joseph Morgan. Oh well we can all speculate the reasons.
    I hope she has success with this new show.

  26. Fabian says:

    Well, you can’t blame her for leaving The CW. She is moving from a last place network to a first place network. I hope this is a great series and I guess I will have to check it out now! I wish we all knew the real reason she left The Originals, but I guess it will always be speculation!

    • Cas says:

      Really a first place network? Clearly, you don’t read ratings much. NBC may have some shows that win their time slot consistently but I’d hardly call it a first place network.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        NBC was No. 1 in the demo this past TV season:

        • Jessica says:

          Thanks for that clarification Matt. Hey Cas, instead of calling someone out on the carpet in a comments section, maybe yourself should check the facts out.

          • Cas says:

            I apologize. Sorry for having more of a life this past year and not being able to read every single article on TVline. However, it was a reasonable assumption considering it had been 10 years. Also, I knew the Blacklist was the number 1 new show, but didn’t realize NBC had enough quality shows hitting high demos to finally take the no 1 spot. Good for them! NBC use to be awesome back in the day.

        • Cas says:

          Oh I take that back then. Guess I was still thinking about those prior 10 years :) Guess I’ll have to brush up on my ratings data.

          • Brigid says:

            If NBC won the 18-49 demo ratings and CBS won most viewers, how does NBC win the tv season?.

      • Moment says:

        The Blacklist was easily the most consistent performing new show on all major networks. NBC are looking to replicate that success too.

  27. Shaun says:

    She didn’t like working in Atlanta,wanted to be in LA again.

  28. Candice says:

    That’s a nice cast.

  29. Harrison says:

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  30. bigguy3080 says:

    This all has to come down to how much $ she is getting paid…or maybe she couldn’t stand Julie Plec…who knows?

  31. bigguy3080 says:

    Just say it Claire. Plec wasn’t paying you enough.


  33. liz says:

    the show is a mini series so claire will be back

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