Showtime Boss Talks Dexter Spin-Off, Happyish Recasting and More

Dexter Spin-Off

That possible Dexter spin-off? Don’t hold your breath for it.

While Showtime President David Nevins said Friday at the Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour in Beverly Hills that he’s kept in touch with star Michael C. Hall, “there’s no particular next project” in the works between the actor and the network.

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An offshoot is “always possible, but there’s nothing actively happening,” Nevins clarified.

As far as the rumors that the Dexter producers were forbidden by execs from offing the title character in the series finale, Nevins responded, “No one pitched the idea of killing Dexter. Neither Michael nor the producers thought that was the appropriate ending.”

Other highlights from the exec session:

* On the status of Happyish, which was to star Philip Seymour Hoffman: “I now am sitting on five scripts…that I think are brilliant. If I can cast it right, it’s something I will probably make. It’s got to be perfectly put together.”

* The new drama The Affair will premiere Oct. 19 at 10/9c. Season 1 will run for 10 episodes, and while the storytelling framework suggests a limited series, it’s “intended as an ongoing story,” Nevins said.

* Helen McCrory’s Madame Kali will be Penny Dreadful‘s “great antagonist” in Season 2, which is about “deepening the relationships and complications between the characters.”

* Regarding Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex‘s soft return ratings, “when you see the live plus 3 [numbers], both of them are almost exactly equal to last year,” Nevins countered. “To be flat year-to-year is an incredible achievement.”

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  1. hello says:

    Thank you, the last thing we need is a Dexter spin-off. Never has such a great show gone off the rails like Dexter did in its last 3 seasons

    • *last 4. The last thing the show needed was a new love interest for Dexter mere episodes after the death of Rita. I hope the show runners know now that they killed her too soon. Such a great TV death, with nowhere legitimate to take the show after they did it.

      • alistaircrane says:

        Agreed. The show was a hot mess after that.

        • bob says:

          Nah you guys are both high. The only season that was truly week was the last one and not because of a lack of creativity. The show was over produced and when that happens you get the lazy ending you got with Dexter. Breaking bad didn’t have that problem that is why it had a better ending.

    • Pat D. says:

      Season 7 was very good, IMHO, especially the ending. 8 was terrible, 6 only slightly less so.

      • kavyn says:

        The ending was the only thing I HATED about season 7. They should have started Dexter’s final season with him being the “big bad”, and Laguerta was the only one who could do that. They not only killed Laguerta off (obviously to please the vocal fans of the show who hated her), but they got the wrong character to do it, basically destroying that character in the final season.

        Season 8 would have played out perfectly with Dexter vs Laguerta. Both sides are “wrong” yet “right” at the same time – Do you root for the corrupt cop or the serial killer with a code?

        Season 7 was great but the ending was absolutely horrible, and it’s clear they made the wrong choice based on how season 8 played out.

    • I still think a Miami Metro spinoff could be great, as long as Batista, Quinn and Masuka are involved

  2. Yolanda says:

    Can I recommend Hugh Laurie for “Happyish”? I think he’d be perfect.

  3. Cleve says:

    Lol at them still defending their decisions on the worst finale of all time.

  4. luke says:

    When Scott Buck joined the show it went down hill. He joined at the beginning of season 5.

    • Joey says:

      Incorrect. Scott Buck joined in season two. In addition to scripts in seasons two, three and four, he did pen the excellent “Hello, Dexter Morgan” season four episode.

  5. Nico says:

    I have another theory. The ratings are softer for Showtime’s returning series because viewers are fed up with this network ruining shows whether by creative interference and squeezing every last bit of life out of something was once good (Homeland/Dexter) or cancelling the one series that had found its footing and was getting better – The Borgias.

  6. Ray Donovan & Masters getting the same ratings in Live+3 is nice to read. Both only in their second seasons with no established show for a lead in so the network is asking alot of getting both to stand on their own. I enjoy both shows.

  7. David Santos says:

    Granted, the Dexter finale was disappointing, and the show went off the rails long before that. I started to watch it again from the beginning, and I couldn’t keep going after the beginning of season 4.

    Anyway, with regards to the character Dexter Morgan, what could have been a satisfying finale?

  8. […] Y acabo como he empezado, con Showtime. El jefe dice que no hay nada pensado para un posible spin-off de una de sus series más famosas, Dexter. Menos mal, ya pensaba yo que […]

  9. yurie says:

    For me personally Dexter peaked at the end of the 1st season and went downhill after that. Only thing in Season 4 that was great was the excellent John Lithgow’s performance. Anyway, the end of Season 1 is still one of the most inventive and brilliant endings I’ve seen and yet to see something like that in the past 7 years.

  10. They killed the wrong one. Please no more !

  11. Joanette Nelson says:

    Mr. Nevin’s owes Dexter’s fan a continued version to Dexter’s personal life and survival after the death of Debra. Also, Dexter was devoted to Harrison and I cannot imagine Dexter permanently turning away from seeing his son grow up. Can Dexter’s and Hannah’s dark passenger’s gradually go away? I beieve it can….in the real world I believe the some but not all of the worst people can be cured by spiritual grace. Dexter, Hannah and Harrison deserve a second chance to a make a life for themselves and Harrison needs his father…..abandonment of his father is out of the question!

  12. Curly Fries says:

    They could totally make a spin off of Dexter and I’m hoping to God they do. Perhaps featuring Harrison as an adult, serial killer himself. And that Dexter would find him and teach him the code. Even if Dexter was just in the first season to start it off, think about it, it’d be the same idea as the original show but with different plots and characters and a few major twists. Like if Harrison’s insanity was much more noticeable than his fathers, that’d be a great twist. And eventually Astor and Cody could take place in the show because they were completely left out in the ending of Dexter, I’m still wondering what happened with them. Cause the ending of Dexter was thought our pretty poorly and I know for a fact it ruined the shows experience for a lot of people, everyone would love a spin off and I really really hope they make one.

  13. Dexter having an ongoing spinoff series about getting back to his son would be awesome!!! The storyline was amazing.. and nobody wants to let dexter go. Best show ever!!! (: