The Leftovers Premiere Recap: Seconds, Anyone?

In the harrowing first moments of The Leftovers, a young mother straps her baby into his car seat, turns around, and that’s it — he’s gone. Vanished. Disappeared along with 2 percent of the world’s population. Where did everybody go? And why? When we pick up the action three years after that fateful October 14, those mysteries remain unsolved. But at least this recap of the breathtakingly bleak HBO series’ debut may be able to answer a few questions for you…

DARKNESS FALLS | Early on, we meet Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux), the sheriff of suburban Mapleton, New York. He’s trying to keep both the town and what’s left of his family together, but under the circumstances, these are the most formidable of tasks. On one hand, he gets no support from Mayor Warburton, who insists on holding a “healing” Heroes Day tribute to the goners in spite of the threat of a visit from the creepy-as-sin, chain-smoking, silent, white-wearing, adjective-inspiring Guilty Remnant cult. (Worst idea since Mayor Vaughn refused to close the beaches in Jaws.) And on the other hand, son Tom has joined an entirely different cult, this one fronted by a worrisome character called Holy Wayne (and less into white clothes and Virginia Slims), and daughter Jill has not only begun expressing herself violently, she’s attending sex-and-drug parties with BFF Aimee (who boinks the one boy Jill actually likes during a game of Spin the Cell Phone!). And these, we soon learn, aren’t even the biggest of Garvey’s troubles!

STALK FOOTAGE | Elsewhere, when members of the Guilty Remnant gather for the equivalent of a staff meeting, they puff on their cigarettes and pass around manila envelopes full of intel on people that — for reasons we’re not told — they are targeting. One such victim is Meg (Liv Tyler). She’s understandably unnerved when the ghostly figures of Laurie (Amy Brenneman) and one of her cronies show up outside her house, at the restaurant where she’s dining with her fiancé, pretty much everywhere. She even loses it at one point and slaps Laurie. Then something totally bizarre happens: Meg takes a cab to the Guilty Remnant cul de sac and asks if she can stay. (WTF?!) Of course you can, says leader lady Patti — aloud, adding that this will be the last time she and Meg speak. (Granted, Meg’s fiancé seems like a tool. But to join these nutjobs?)

BEGGARS AND CHOOSERS | After the Guilty Remnant employs a Westboro Baptist Church tactic — raising signs reading “Stop Wasting Your Breath!” — to incite a riot at the Heroes Day event, Garvey gets drunk and shows up at the cult’s compound demanding to see his wife… who, it turns out, is Laurie. She’s as gone as any of the people who went missing on October 14, only — and maybe this is worse? — he knows exactly where she is and just can’t get her to come home. (Maybe it has something to do with the flash we see of him having sex on the day of “The Sudden Departure”? Maybe it wasn’t his missus with whom he was having sex?) When she refuses, as she apparently always does, Garvey drives off and spots the deer that he glimpsed earlier in the episode (and suspects of trashing his house the night before… it’s that kinda weird.) This doesn’t go well. As bad as we feel for Garvey when we first meet him — when the dog to whom he’s saying hello in the street is shot dead in front of him by a gun-toting crackpot — we feel worse for him when he sees a pack of canines gruesomely attack the deer and tearfully joins the crackpot in shooting them down. This is some soul-crushing s— right here.

OK, your turn. What did you think of the premiere? Were you intrigued? Depressed? Scared? Impressed? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ian says:

    I hate shows that try hard to be profound. The Leftovers just didn’t grab me. At least, the pilot didn’t.

    Not every new show is going to strike just the right chord though like Penny Dreadful and Tyrant.

    • Lia says:

      Same here.

      • SUSO says:

        “Meh” in just about every way and trying so, so hard to be deeper than it is. There’s too much focus on the mystery and mythology building as well — the best parts of “Lost” were when the characters were characters and they weren’t focusing on mysteries we knew weren’t going to pay off.

        Poor Amy Brenneman deserves so much better.

        • Temperance says:

          And worse, there isn’t any real plot – they aren’t concerned about exactly what happened or why, just examining the turmoil. Sounds dreary and long to me.

    • jag says:

      Penny and tyrant? were in the same hemisphere Ian.

    • Len says:

      Loved the pilot.

      Word of warning though. Don’t get too hooked up by the mystery aspects. There won’t be any answers. Don’t want you to get disappointed when they don’t come :)

      It’s not about answering why,

      It’s about seeing how people would react.

      All I could think about as I watched the show was I need to read “On The Beach” again, best book ever.

      If you didn’t like On The Beach, or I suppose the more modern The Road. You’ll hate this show. It’s dark. It’s futile. But life is what it is.

      • tarlcabot says:

        Well that’s what my wife just told me as well, that the book didn’t answer any questions at all. I don’t need to watch a show like that to be entertained – that is just depressing and all of this inward reflection is just tedious. That “what would happen” is just not entertaining for me, and I’d also say that is just one person’s perspective on “what would happen” – too many stretches in this series for me get involved in.

        Easy example, all the dogs are now feral? Really? The series “assumes” that’s what would happen if 2% disappeared. No, dogs would simply find another owner.

        • marco says:

          Absolutely !

        • Len says:

          What is any piece of fiction, other than one persons view?

          Of course it is a personal view, that is whet writers do!

          As for the dogs. They aren’t feral because their owners are gone and they can’t be bothered to form another bond with another human. Dogs could well be feral from whatever the effect was that caused the disappearance. Much like they have different hearings it might well affect them differently.

          To each their own. You don’t like it, that’s cool. But it’s more than a bit unfair to rip apart any piece of fiction because it is one persons view, because they is exactly what all fiction is.

        • SMatheson says:

          Totally agree with your assessment. What a waste of good actors in something so vacuous to meaning that will not be revealed. Disjointed. I found myself only caring about the Police Chief and that was a stretch.

          • Miranda says:

            Since this is just the first episode of an HBO show that has the combined talents of people who have worked on some of the best TV shows ever such as Friday Night Lights, Lost, Doctor Who I think I will give it a chance.
            Seems silly to write it off so soon since the show clearly has a unique universe in which to explore its characters and tell its story.

      • Rebecca camlin says:

        On the beach….great movie…watched the Leftovers and verdict not in..will probably give it another try

    • Asta says:

      Being profound doesn’t mean totally depressing.

  2. L says:

    So far this show is really bleak and depressing… i see this as very hard to sit through week to week… not familiar with the source material and will give it a bit longer but so far not impressed.

    • Temperance says:

      And they don’t intend to answer what exactly happened and why.

    • Sokratis says:

      thats exactly how I felt. I liked it, but found myself having to pause from time to time as it just was overly bleak. Though I feel like there is space for a show like this to be overly depressing.

    • dude says:

      That was my biggest problem. It’s such a downer without any levity what so ever. I can’t see myself sticking through it week to week if it’s just an endless parade of “life sucks”

  3. rainey13 says:

    Hard to choose between D and F here. Lots of mystery, sure – but no one made me care enough to come back for answers.

    • Len says:

      There are no answers. There will be no answers.

      Sometimes people just do stuff ‘because’. This is a portrayal of people doing stuff in reaction to a devastating unknown event.

      People react differently if they know why something happened, compared to if they don’t know why something happened.

      This is showing life when you don’t know,

      Granted, it’s dark. But so was On The Beach. And it’s a classic,

      • Ian says:

        I think it’s that we weren’t made to care enough about these people to really give a damn what they’re gong through.
        You can’t just throw a family at us and expect me feel their pain based on 2 seconds of setup. There’s no investment.

      • davlestev1 says:

        What on EARTH is all this On the Beach stuff?? It has nothing at all to do with a show that by the premise alone should be more interesting than what we were presented with. A big cigarette and sex ad with some silent ass loony toons thrown in the mix who were really supposed to supply the drama and just ended up with a royal beat down. LMAO when the climax of the riot was over and the police were just standing around while a day player was kicking and beating the crap out of an actor on the ground non stop. I was looking at the screen like I KNOW someone is about to run up and grab this woman and stop her along with the other extra who was right alongside her beating another member of that silly silly cult. And by the way,,,this is the last time we talk. I would have been didn’t even to say that tho..for real. A TRUE HOT MESS!!!

  4. Underwhelmed – would have been cool to show a multiple closed-circuit feed all over the world with everyone just disappearing, planes crashing, cars crashing, whatever…instead, we get a mother screaming for her son and a boy screaming for his Dad. Sorry…I will not be tuning in.

  5. Alrisha6 says:

    I get bored before the hour and give up.

  6. Lili says:

    I loved it. Peter Berg directed the hell out of the episode. The casting is really impressive. And I really enjoy the feeling of not having a clue what’s going to happen. Can’t wait to watch next week’s episode.

    • kissfan says:

      Ya it was awesome the only part that got me really sad was the part with the dogs but I think justin theroux has a good role in this tv show

  7. victor says:

    Such a weird show.. I can’t even judge if I liked or not… but it made me curious so I’ll just keep watching

  8. Mia says:

    They killed a dog in the first five minutes. Not really how I want to spend my Sunday.

  9. Bl says:

    The meltdowns that the internet was having prior to the premiere about the dog shootings was a bit unfounded. Clearly, this is a foreshadowing of what is going to happen with The Leftovers(as in the people). Anyways, 1 in 50 does not seem to me to be that significant of a number. Yes, it would be terrible, but at three years out I would not expect humanity to still be struggling to come to grips the way it was portrayed. I will not be back for more. That said,the real highlight for me was Buddy Garrity and Peter Berg talking…Texas Forever

    • MrScreenAddict says:

      We’re not talking about 1 in every 50 dying of a heart attack. We’re talking 1 in every 50 people VANISHING INTO THIN AIR WITHOUT EXPLANATION. Yeah, it’s not a huge number. This isn’t a post apocalyptic world – the internet still works, trains still run, people still pay taxes. But underneath it all, the world would never ever NEVER be the same after an event like that.

      • Temperance says:

        Carl Sagan covered all this in his book Contact (which was inbelievably better than the movie (which I liked, but was very, very different). Only he told a story with a plot and a point. Watching weekly misery from folks that couldn’t move on in three years is kinda dreadful.

    • Josh says:

      Welcome to the internet where people sit and do nothing about child murder(whether on tv or in real life) but freak out about dogs getting shot. It’s a scary world

    • Len says:

      Really? In real life people take ears, sometimes never get over the loss of a family member.

      I come from small family. 2 kids in most branches. There’s still 50 at least in the extended family. One of them disappears for every extended family across the globe.

      That’s not going to be gotten over in three years.

      Or maybe from a work perspective or a group activity perspective. 1-2 co- workers suddenly vanish.

      Go ask how many people that lost family, and I don’t mean confirmed dead, but status is unknown in Vietnam and ask how many got over it in the decades since,

      It’s been thirteen years since 9/11, I wouldn’t say people are over that, those who lost family without shy body or DNA found.

      Three years, not near enough time to get over it, it is enough time passed to see how people reacted and will continue to react, and they is what the show is about. Not the why.

      • I get that 3 years might not be long enough, but the show depicts a society which has fallen into a total decline since “the incident”. I believe people are more resilient than that. Everyone will not sink into “I don’t care about anything any more” and ” I don’t care if I live or die”. But the only characters the show had to counter that were the twins, and they were barely in it.

        • Ian says:

          I agree.
          The show would be better focused on the decline of society as a result of the fear something like people vanishing into thin air might happen again, instead of them all still being in mourning for the people they lost in the first Departure.

        • Rain388 says:

          I don’t know, if one day 2% of the population just vanished like that I think there would be a lot of people who’d react in the same way the people in the show reacted. I also read somewhere or maybe heard it when I watched the Making of The Leftovers that the town itself lost a higher percentage than the norm for a town. And we’re only seeing how this 1 small town has reacted, if their loss was higher they’d probably decline faster than cities and such with larger populations.

  10. Mary Ann says:

    I recorded this with plans of watching it later, but I will be deleting it because of all the animal cruelty. So glad I read this.

    • kath says:

      I agree, the dog thing happened almost immediately and I ended up turning it off. People are going to be a**holes and say “it’s not real” or “but you don’t care if it’s a person that’s killed?” but I can’t deal with the animals. It’s just so unnecessary.

      • Velocisexual says:

        Both of you ladies need to grow up. You see more “animal cruelty” in 10 minutes of any nature documentary or show than you do in this episode.

        • sarah says:

          hahahahahhaha thats so true this show was great and if people dont like it they should stop watching and stop complaning because there is way more people who like this show and you people are giving it a bad name when it amazing …… DONT LIKE IT , DONT WATCH IT, so simple

        • Michele says:

          The animal cruelty theme runs throughout the whole series and is a bit much w the dogs body then after it being killed and then more animal killing. Not just dogs. There’s no point in it.

        • Mary Ann says:

          And that is why I also don’t watch nature documentaries. I know it goes on, I just don’t need to see it.

      • thinkingman55 says:

        Mary Ann and kath, I think your concerns are legitimate. A documentary showing animals behaving naturally in their environment is an entirely different work from a drama where, as part of production, humans inflict discomfort on nonconsensual beings for the sake of “entertainment,” and to lump both in the same category is simplistic and fallacious. The dog-in-the trunk scene, while disturbing, was believably a special effect, but I do wonder how AHA monitored the action with the flopping fish and bird-in-a-box (Season 2), which looked like live-action (no info online). Good fiction is always good fiction, even when someone dies (human or not), and I appreciate a show that stays true to the author’s original writing, which “The Leftovers” seems to be given Perrotta’s level of involvement in the series. But bringing it to the screen must be carefully (and preferably transparently) handled so we can focus on the story (fantasy) instead of wonder whether the animals involved in filming (reality) were in any way harmed… we grownups, anyway.

  11. Pauline says:

    Will not be watching again .

  12. cj says:

    We were confused… Early in the episode when they were planning the parade, etc., weren’t they talking about it having been one year since the incident? Later, they were saying it had been three years. We were trying to figure out where those two years went?

  13. Iona says:

    Underwhelmed. Compared to Breaking Bad or True Blood or many other shows, this one doesn’t draw you in. There’s no hook. Or maybe, “there there”.

    • Brittany says:

      No hook? You’re not the least bit curious how all these people disappeared? Or why the dogs are turning into rabid beasts? What the cult in white is working toward?

      I’m totally grabbed. Yes it was dark, but that’s part of the intrigue. It wasn’t the least bit thought provoking? Did you all hate true detective too?

      • puredieselbc says:

        “You’re not the least bit curious how all these people disappeared?”

        Brittany, the creator has already stated that the show will not answer how or why the others disappeared. So yeah, there’s no hook.

        • Em says:

          I disagree. Being curious about how everyone disappeared IS the central hook in the show because that mystery catalyzes all other events/characterization in the show. It doesn’t matter that we never find out. It’s the fact that no one knows that makes it so interesting.

  14. harps says:

    The premiere of The Leftovers left me feeling exhausted… And disturbed.

  15. le-le says:

    “The LeftOvers”(I can’t wait for the next episode!) had a better pilot than “Under The Dome”! I’m a FAN of Stephen King but I was not enthusiastic for the 2nd episode.

  16. lorinda says:

    I had to force myself to keep watching. I understand that the show focuses on the aftermath of the lives of those remaining, so why then did it bother showing the sudden depature of 2 percent of the people ofnthe world. And by 2 percent, I mean they showed a single, very poorly executed scene co sisting of one person ignoring a crying baby for sev e ral minutes only to illustrate the baby disappeared suddenly by having him suddenly be quiet. Too Predictible, and horribly acted. The scene felt rushed, and out of place. I didn’t identify or have feelings for this character. After all, we watched her go to the atm, shop, and talk on the phone all the while never acknowledging the baby. Thus, when she is desperately screaming the infants name, i deel nothing except, the kid might be better off. Then you habe peedi c tible #2: random kid yelling for disappeared dad. eAnd #4 an empty grocery buggy slowly sliding in the steeet. And #5 was, predictably, a car rollling in the street empty. All of these shots were all the same subject material. No originality. I expect this
    Sort of scene on the sci fi channel. Shot in t he.most boring, low budget.manner. no mystery. No creepy music. Then it fades to black and in the background 911 calls blended togther illustrating the same stuff. I really doubt anyone came to this premiere NOT knowing the premise, so if no time was being spent on The actual disappearances then why bother at all? They should have just started wi th the attack on the hero day since the cult didnt do anything that sparked any interest or further characterize them. Why is that the world going nuts exactly? Characterization was off; i didn’t care about any of the people. Wayne seemed too much like The Stand black woman. The cult might have been interesting if some information had been given up. Too much “mystery” left me thinling the writer doesn’t know either and its going to be disappointing when I find out. I am reminded of the smoke monster disaster of Lost. Neat mystery. Now what?

    In the end, the pace of this is way too slow. I don’t have patience for a drama to take 12 episodes to unfold to tell me nothing and try to leave me with cliff hangers at the end. Because, like all shows. They want a second season. The only reason ill want to know anything about what id or has or will happen is because i invested time watching. But, like right now, I’m j don’t care enough about the characters. The daughter now has an attitude: but since we have no back story we have to be slapped in the face several times and told about her attitude. Writer did a poor job when the viewer is left being told a lot of what was then and what is now. The show tried too hard to make us care through predictive plot devices and shock value scenes like the killing of the dog scene. Again, what is up with the town people becoming looters, and gun happy murderers? Are they this stressed? Is the economy bad? Did everyone becone bitter at the same time? Is that part of the mystery and tied to the day everyone disappeared? Sadly, my questions sound like a better story. Thisnshow has the big flaw of having too much mystery that people arent interested. You have to give the viewer something, even if it is hiddend And it was very unrelalistic. Even 2 percent of the entire world would hardly be noticable unless, at fhe same time, birth rates ceased too. Parks and highways wouldn’t be empty three years later unless this hard hit town was abandoned due to economic factors not me tionedm and three years later, everything would ve been back to normal save for things the show didn’t illustrate like stock market crashes and economic hardships. For the show only to focus on a single, aparently very small town, closed off the story. I will watch a second episode just cause nothing else is on but i don’t really care.

    • Velocisexual says:

      “The scene felt rushed, and out of place.” So does your rant mate.

    • You’ve missed the whole point of the story then. The story is about one small town, and a group of characters. Its not about what happened (or why/how), and it has no interest in the rest of the world. Its dealing with the small things..the small people. Which is why it started as it did with the supermarket carpark and what happened to a few individuals.

      One of the other commentors said the problem was we had no attachment to the main characters., and that’s pretty much the case. We’ve come in three years later and am seeing them still trying to pick-up the pieces of shattered lives. Maybe we’ll get to see more flashes of their pasts, and maybe we won’t. But for us as audience we don’t know (or understand) what many of them lost, and that is partly why we can’t really empathize with their actions. For a character driven show that could be somewhat fatal.

  17. Brendan says:

    They had Left Behind. And they are making a remake of Left Behind. Frankly, once was more than enough for me – and a TV show about the same thing is not really something that interests me. There’s just no way to do a show or movie about the Rapture without being preachy or judgmental since it’s about something that has not and may not ever really happen but people that believe it will take it as a fact. And that’s probably the most disturbing part.

    • Temperance says:

      But it’s probably not about the Rapture, as they point out that quite a few of the missing people were horrible people. Maybe it’s aliens. And the makers have already said that they’re not interesting in telling us why.

  18. Kelly says:

    WTF is this show about? Now I am going to have to watch it to see how things unfold… Get ready for Religious nut jobs to start either saying this is the “Rapture” or it is blasphemy…

  19. Alfonso Philippe says:

    Nonsensical garbage that panders to religious fantasies. A complete waste of time…

    • Len says:

      We clearly didn’t watch the same show.

      They more then made it clear it wasn’t about a Rapture.
      They made it clear the cult isn’t about religion.

      In actuality we don’t know what any of it is about. Nor will we ever know, it’s about how people react, not why. I thought they did an excellent job of getting that point across, they more then downplayed the whole mystery behind it all, making it clear there is no mystery and not to wait for answers to a mystery that isn’t there.

  20. Leah says:

    On a lighter note, am I correct in remembering that the woman who was Laurie’s tag-team companion for stalking Liv Tyler, is the save actress who played the also silent, head-of-NBC’s daughter on 30 Rock? The one who became Jack Donaghy’s rival? If so, pretty funny!

  21. Todd Out West says:

    I freakin’ LOVED this premier.

    If you are unprepared for adult themes late Sunday Night you should tivo some Sponge Bob Square Pants, and have yourself a hoot that way.

    Something unprecedented, profound and inexplicable has happened on a global scale. Even man’s best friend has been impacted.

    So, yeah, maybe this show isn’t going to be for everybody. It’s dark, intense, and there’s a massive mystery that challenges the limits of people’s capacity to understand. But I’m hooked. I wan’t to know what happens to the cop and his family, the lady who lost her baby, the cult people.

    I want to know why the dogs are nice enough to people, yet absolutely insane when it comes to the deer.

    Speaking of the deer, don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, but everybody’s crying about the dogs, OMG, what a bunch of internet whiners – get a frakkin’ life !

    “We’re you in my house last night?”

    YEAH ! What about the deer ? ! ! !

    Far as I can tell, the deer was more sentient than any dog has ever been. It was almost as if the deer was ready, right on the verge of telling us something. Was I the only one paying attention ?

    This show IS strange. Not as strange as say Les Reverants, but an American audience really lacks the sophistication to appreciate something so subtle and beautifully weird.

    I hope the boorish and typical negative reviews from people who should have probably gone to bed early in the first place do not drag down the ratings for this one. This is a rare gem. It’s going to be fascinating.

    That is, if you can muster some basic empathy for humans and supernatural deer, as well as dogs.

    Good acting, sweet cast, unusual and unique story-line, and more than ample intensity.

    You can run with the big dogs and watch, or you can stay on the porch and whine.

    • Brittany says:

      Yes to everything. Hallelujah!

    • Velocisexual says:


      “If you don’t like this show you are unsophisticated and boorish!” Intellectual elitism at its finest.

      • Todd Out West says:

        What’s that a quote from ?

        Oh yeah, it’s not a quote from anything anyone wrote. You just made it up to prove what ? That you can’t read ? To be insulting ? To feign feeling insulted ?

        I wrote that the negative reviews from people who had specific expectations that run contrary to what this premier was all about are boorish, and that this show reminds me of Les Revenants, which is not really the kind of thing an American audience is accustomed to. It does require a level of sophistication to watch this kind of thing, because it’s not the kind of formulaic TV most Americans have come to expect.

        To be fair, you DO have a point – what I meant specifically about a lack of sophistication was that so many people who admit they didn’t even watch the premier, people who admit that they turned it off, think their opinions about it are somehow interesting. No, your opinion about something you didn’t even watch, much less admit you didn’t really understand, are not interesting opinions, you DO in fact like sophistication.

        Sorry to break it to you !

    • Karin says:

      You do know that you are not gonna get any answers to anything in your so called adult themed show, right ? That said, for a Pilot it was extremely boring. The storyline is ok I could get hooked but knowing now that nothing will ever be explained, I don’t know. I guess I rather watch Sponge Bob Square Pants at least I’m entertained and not bored and left with a million unanswered questions.

  22. kath says:

    Before some douchebag internet trolls point out the obvious- I’m aware it’s not real, and yes, it bothers me more to see animals killed than people, maybe we are a desensitized society, but a lot of people feel the same way. Animals and children are “innocent”- I don’t need to see anything happen to either. If you aren’t bothered at all (fake or not), what does that say? Regardless, that said- was the dog killing necessary? It may seem stupid, but I can’t enjoy shows that kill animals like that. I ended up turning it off. I really wish there was a disclaimer or something (other than just “violence”). I know it’s not real, and it if it actually moves the plot forward in some way, even though it still bothers me, I can understand once, maybe- however, just to prove a point that they were rabid? Couldn’t they have just mentioned it? I don’t need to see it. From what I’m reading, the consensus seems to be that I didn’t really miss out anyway. Maybe I’m just an overly sensitive person, but they lost a potential viewer. Oh, well…

    • kath says:

      And after reading the recap, glad I turned it off. It’s not just dogs- don’t want to see ANY animal killed. It’s just unnecessary.

  23. carol morton says:

    This show did nothing but horrify me. The dog getting shot in the beginning and then the deer being mutilated by a bunch of wild dogs .What are these mutes trying to prove. I am still sick . Seeing animals killed in a movie is that necessary. i will not watch this again .The teenagers and their sick sex games another thing. Come on cant anybody do any better than this. stayed up late to watch it. Call me ignorant or old fashioned but this show is disturbing.

  24. Francine says:

    I really enjoyed it. Its dark and depressing and won’t be for everybody. If you want every answer handed to you, its probably best not to watch. You won’t find that in this show. Yes I found the dog killing horrible to watch- but then again, I don’t enjoy watching humans getting killed either. But its unfortunately happens in this world, which makes it all the more realistic. I’m definitely in for the long haul.

  25. Ncooke says:


  26. vance99 says:

    Wow. I had to watch a dog get shot. It was so unbelievably gruesome. I think I’m scarred. Don’t know if I will recover from that. I think TV has officially been ruined for me forever.

  27. Casey says:

    I quit watching about halfway through. I just didn’t care about these people. The fact that the disappearance cause will not be addressed means I won’t be back. I also don’t understand all the horror about a stupid dog being shot. I thought it kind of fit with tall the bizarre weirdness being portrayed. Without the payoff off of the mystery I’m not interested in watching people suffer

  28. knd says:

    It was so weird I don’t know how to grade it what to think of it yet. I’ll keep watching though.

  29. sheri says:

    I read the book and I won’t be tuning in. It’s just depressing in a relentless–no, monotonous–way.

  30. Bill says:

    Fell asleep during part of it.

  31. Rain388 says:

    It’s just weird enough that I’m already hooked wanting to see what insanity comes next. However, I’m worried to keep watching because of Lindeloff being attached – all those years of staying with Lost only to be so disappointed has made me weary of sticking with a show that I already know won’t give me any satisfying answers. At least this time around he’s already said not to worry so much about what happened so I know off the bat that I’m not going to find out.

  32. Iona says:

    Breaking Bad, The Soprano’s, True Detective, True Blood, The Wire, Six Feet Under, (I could go on), ALL had great first episodes. But I was seriously underwhelmed with The Leftovers. The characters are more like caricatures. Why should I care about them? I especially find the cigarette smoking of the cultists a weak, and repulsive mechanism. (Lets show how neurotic and cultish they are, we’ll make them chain smokers). Really? And while all of the shows I mentioned above dealt with subject matter that could be dark, each one had something charming and funny going on. This series is just poorly written and depressing.

  33. Jared says:

    I personally couldn’t get into The Leftovers. Turned it off 45 minutes in.

  34. I’ll need to give it an ep or so to make my decision. The pilot was a bit slow, but had a few things that intrigued me. We’ll see…

  35. ME says:

    I watched because I am without a good sunday night show at the moment. Still mourning the end of GOT season and waiting for Masters to start. A show doesn’t have to be fantastic on the first episode in order for me to watch, just intriguing and different. I found myself curious after this premiere. I wasn’t crazy about the first episode of GOT either (white walkers and incest) but glad I stuck with it. I usually like everything Amy Brenneman does and Justin Theroux is not too shabby.

  36. Sheldon W. says:

    I’m still waiting for something other than eyebrows to differentiate characters.

  37. Karin says:

    This was so boring and actually upsetting I wish HBO could give me my time back. Wtf is up with all the dog killing ? I can not stand that in any TV show. The perspective that we are not gonna get answers to all the whys and hows (read that in another comment) is not good. I don’t think I will watch it again. I’m hooked with shows like Falling Skies and the awesome new one The Last Ship. So, bye The Leftovers.

  38. sarah says:

    its was so good and i hope they contunie the season and many more to come because i loved it

  39. DavidSask says:

    The show is polarizing and the ratings, comments and reviews reflect that. The creator of the show is just not liked for what he has done with other shows. If you don’t give enough answers even in a pilot who will continue to follow, even cults know better!!!

  40. Deborah says:

    It was creepy; so many shows with smoking lately – been watching episodes of – True Detective- with Matthew m chain smoking too– the scene with the buck got to me; I thought do I want this in my head/ dreams late at night? Will watch again to see where this goes.

  41. Dark tones, unanswered questions, sex and canine-killing. That’s HBO for you. I’m really not sure what people were expecting this show to be, but the bizarre and dark themes that populate many HBO shows is exactly why I tune in.

  42. Tania says:

    I did not like it. It was hard to follow and found the profanity over the top. It seemed as if it was trying to be mysterious, but ended up convoluted. The profanity seemed like little kids saying bad words for the shock effect or an attempt at being gritty. I did not like any of the characters and do not care to find out what happens to any of them.

  43. Michele says:

    We won’t be watching again for several reasons. This show is all shock value and we were leery watching it anyway bc of the association w Lost. The animal killing and teenage smut scenes were just too much. And the religious overtones were bleh.

  44. Jackie says:

    Interesting and waiting for more

  45. Tahoe Mike says:

    This show was high on the weird factor. The one thing I will tune in to see more of is that girl who plays BFF Aimee, yowza is she dead sexy.

    As for the “OMG, they killed a critter” crowd, if you own even one pair of leather shoes, a handbag, belt, wallet, or car seats I don’t want to hear it. Valar Morghulis, and their doggies too. If you want to see PG TV, where nothing bad ever happens to anyone or anything, try the Disney channel (but don’t watch Bambi, or Old Yeller). Personally I usually like shows where the writing challenges my limits and sensibilities.

  46. Petra says:

    I think rather than explain the mystery of the “rapture-like” occurance in the show, they will instead focus more on the reaction the people affected by the occurrence and their state of mind. Though I am intrigued by what really did happen to those people, in the end I’m more interested in the psychology of it and how more profound it would be without having to go through the played out mystery aspect of supernatural shows. ( Hopefully it can do this with good story telling ) If I was you I wouldn’t expect answers but I think that the show is weird enough to have peak my interests like other shows this year like Penny Dreadful and such

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Make NO mistake, this show will absolutely NOT explain the nature of the vanishings. That has been made crystal clear in every interview.

      • Todd Out West says:

        Does it even matter what the cause of the disappearances is ?

        It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

        Life is not all about how you are going to inevitably die.

  47. Tyler says:

    Booooorriiiii Zzzzzzzzzz….

  48. Sue says:

    It did not intrigue me. It was a giant yawn…

  49. Deion says:

    I just..I dunno. There isn’t even a mystery to be solved? Just miserable people in all their great miserableness? That’s entertaining? I loved Lost, and also enjoyed it’s ending because I “got it”. But I can’t devote hours of my life to seeing just how sad people can be. I’m out.

  50. Phantom says:

    Not too impressed……slow moving….acting not that great…..rather depressing and didn’t seem to have much story…..another series that will “go no where and give no answers”…..don’t even want to get involved….too many other good shows on to watch this summer.