Sleepy Hollow Season 2: Look Who's Playing Ichabod's Psycho Ex!

unnamed-1Another skeleton is about to fall out of Ichabod Crane’s 18th century closet — and this one is full-tilt cray cray.

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TVLine has learned exclusively that Turn actress Heather Lind will guest star in Season 2 of Sleepy Hollow as Mary Wells, an old flame of Ichabod’s from England.

While at first pleasant and sweet, Mary has a darker side — and will prove to be flighty, moody and prone to fits of extreme jealousy. (If only The Bachelor existed back in 1781…)

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Lind will squeeze in her Sleepy stint before beginning work on Season 2 of Turn. (Fun fact free of charge: Lind’s Turn spy, Anna Strong, is also a product of the 18th century.)

Sleepy’s new season kicks off on Monday, Sept. 22 at 9/8c. Look for Lind’s Mary to debut in the fifth episode.

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  1. Margaery says:

    These shows are going to end up crossing over, is that it?
    But for a man who only arrived in the colonies recently, Ichabod sure does seem to have a way with the ladies- Betsy Ross, Mary, Katrina.

    • Steve F. says:

      Must’ve been the hair.

    • uh huh says:

      Recently? Crane was in the colonies for years. The incident that created the headless horseman occurred in 1774, and he “died” in 1781.

      • Mary Farris says:

        Those events were the same battle. the horseman wasn’t headless until right before he killed Ichabod…however, if you’re talking about Abraham becoming Death…

      • Margaery says:

        Yeah but he was with Katrina for most of that time- unless we learn that they broke up, then got back together, then got married, then he died.
        When he met Katrina initially- he seemed unfamiliar with the colonists plight- and then changed his mind, and seemed to get together with her at the same time. He didn’t seem to have been in the colonies long enough to have dated two women before meeting Katrina.

        • herman1959 says:

          The article says she plays an old flame of his from England – meaning BEFORE he went to the colonies to fight. But still, a lot of ex-girlfriends for the 18th century!

        • tp says:

          That can’t be because he met Katrina when he found out about the goings on right? There had to be enough time for him to date others because she was with his friend long enough for the friend to be buying her jewelry and considering marriage. That is IF I’m remembering correctly. It has been so long since I’ve seen it.

          • Teresa says:

            It seems that Katrina was around the same “village” before she even became betrothed to Ichabod’s friend. Remember, she didn’t like him for a while when she first met him. It wasn’t until some time after she was betrothed before she decided that she was in love with Crane.

    • Well Ichabod in any century would have his way with any lady, ge has manners, class, and charm. His good looks are icing on the cake

    • ru says:

      Got my doubts…they are on 2 different networks. It’s just that the time around the Revolution figures in both stories

  2. Josh says:

    Eh not really excited for another woman in Icahbod’s life. How about a love interest for Abbie? Or some word on her parents!

    • uh huh says:

      Haven’t been paying attention, have you? Word is both of these things will happen. Any other unsupported complaints?

      • Francine says:

        Yikes, did you mean that to come across as rude as it did? Just wondering because your other posts seemed perfectly nice… They sounded like suggestions to me not complaints and not everyone has seen every post about the show. I hadn’t heard what you’ve referred to but if that’s the case then that’s good news indeed.

      • Alexandra says:

        Sounds to me you are the one complaining. Btw, I did hear that and if it does happen, I’m happy for Abbie myself. She deserves love too.

    • Moment says:

      If Ichabod doesn’t end up with Katrina, he’ll likely get Abbie.

    • moon says:

      Same. Give me more Abbie related stuff. This show is so fixated in love stories for Ichabod, it’s embarrassing. What about giving the leading some loving? Family? Backstory?

      • Angela says:

        I believe there’s been talk about seeing her mom next season. And there’s been a couple guys cast, as noted elsewhere in this thread, that could pose potential romantic interests for her (or her sister). So there is some consideration, or possible consideration, for her backstory thus far as well.

  3. Yule says:

    *yawn* another boring white girl. Wake me up when this is over.

    • Danyelle says:

      You must be joking. This show does a great job with minority representation. Do you even WATCH? Or one of those complainers by default?

      • Yule says:

        I’m guessing your white and also I’m talking about the love interests so quit whining. OMGzzz they have minority representation, yeah that means squat if Abbie is thrown aside for these white girls.

        • World-Traveler says:

          Thrown aside by whom? Ichabod? There is no romantic link between Abbie and Crane. In any case since the article indicates Mary is from the 18th century, that means she will be seen in flashback scenes, not in the present day. Seems likely fits of jealousy will be directed towards Katrina.

        • Moment says:

          Fact remains, for the most part, during the 18th century the majority of Britains population were white.

          Also they don’t need to cast a minority for the sake of doing so to please those taking political correctness to the extreme like yourself. They cast people who they feel are suitable for the role.

          • tp says:

            It’s not always about being politically correct. It’s about being represented. Why is it that every time someone says they want to see more POC the usual response is that they choose who is suitable for the role? I can not believe that there are not more POC that have the acting chops to pull off some of the roles occupied by a white person. Prime example is Tyrant. The very time there should be a POC in the lead role they cast a white British dude and give him a tan. ( I like the actor in general so no slight to him) Lately it seems that it’s ok to want to see a person of different sexual orientation that a POC.

            Now I’m not saying Crane’s ex should a woman of color because as you stated it is 18th century England, I’m saying the original poster has a valid point. Not just trying to be politically correct.

          • Moment says:

            But respectfully, why make an issue over skin color? Why not just move on from it? There’s no racism going on here, people are cast on their suitability for the role. It’s just a shame that people have to otherwise spoil a good shows hype by playing the race card whenever possible.

            Casting people for the sake of doing so to make up the numbers in the minorities is just wrong. Why should that actor or actress feel like she or he only has the part because he/she is black, Asian, etc?

            Earn the role I say. If you’re good, you’ll never be short of work in the TV industry.

        • uh huh says:

          Crane is married, you know. The show has done nothing to advance a romance between him and Abbie. Why does it have to be all about romance with people like you? It’s actually far more interesting and novel to depict a platonic male/female relationship based on mutual respect and trust and friendship on television.

          • Francine says:

            I agree. I love their relationship the way it is. It doesn’t always have to be about the romance.

          • Dav says:

            If there is anything *yawn* worth it’s the idea of another will they-won’t they, unresolved sexual tension plot. TV is positively inundated with those and I am so tired of being teased by the writers for five to seven years while the fandom bickers amongst themselves over who belongs together. Ugh! Give me what Uh Huh was talking about above. My favorite male/female relationship of all time was between Mal and Zoe on Firefly. Now that was a true friendship that was interesting to watch.

          • This is why I’ve grown to loathe shippers. They see everything through the lens for their couple. I hope the show doesn’t fall into the trap of catering to shippers. I don’t need a repeat of the LOST Skate/Jate wars.

          • Angela says:

            @Marceline: Not all shippers are that bad, though. I’ve got pairings on TV shows I watch that are fun to play around with in fanfiction and whatnot…but I’m certainly not going to sit here and raise hell because the show isn’t catering to my whims by putting together the pairing I want. My attitude on that has always been: if it happens, cool, if it doesn’t, cool. I’m fine either way. And with this particular show, much as I adore his chemistry with Abbie, the fact that Crane’s so devoted to his wife is a big part of his charm for me, and I would never want the show to mess that up just for shippers to get their way.
            You are right, though, that some shippers do unfortunately tend to ruin the experience for everybody because they can’t handle the fact that they’re not the ones writing the show, and that their favorite couples getting together isn’t the sole point of a TV show in the first place.

        • Alexandra says:

          Interracial couples exist in real life anyway, regardless of how anyone posting here feels about it or anyone anywhere else. So you needn’t worry. (Considering my own marriage).

      • JRA says:

        I’ve seen “Yule” on another site…..said the same silly clueless negative things….best to ignore her comments….

  4. Ian says:

    I think Abbie’s going to have plenty of romantic prospects in the second season, nobody worry. There’s Matt Barr’s character, and then there was news today of Sheriff Joe’s son that’s going to be hunky and arriving in episode 6, although it’s possible he could be for Jenny. Plus, there’s always Abbie’s hispanic cop ex who might still be around and John Cho could possibly be back.
    I just hope the show doesn’t derail too much into romantic problems for both Abbie and Ichabod, and that their relationship remains the highlight.

    • Angela says:

      I just hope the show doesn’t derail too much into romantic problems for both Abbie and Ichabod, and that their relationship remains the highlight.
      My sentiments exactly. Their love lives will be fun to explore as side stories, but I’m all for continuing to watch the two of them fighting all the big supernatural bad guys they encounter first and foremost. And now that Katrina’s reunited with Ichabod, I’ll be interested to see how their relationship fares as the season goes on. Especially if she becomes an ally for Ichabod and Abbie :).

    • herman1959 says:


  5. Oh gosh, just re-watched this show yesterday and it is GOOD. I forgot how much I liked it. I guess because it was a pretty short season but man was it pretty much perfect. My only complaint is a petty one – Cranes hair is always hanging in his face. I understand the long hair but it’s the two wings on the side that fall out of the pulled back part I can’t stand. Can’t wait to see this new season and how it plays out. I hope they feature more of Jenny, her and Abby working/fixing their relationship was part of the show I enjoyed most.

  6. Moment says:

    I’m genuinely interested to see if they will show Heaven or Hell in the show. They’ve shown purgatory, they’re about 2/3rds of the way there with the religion.

  7. Ava says:

    She is great on Turn. Can’t wait for this next season of Sleepy Hollow!

  8. Nate says:

    I was about to say “is that Leighton Meester” i almost screamed a little

  9. RyanC says:

    Not to alarm anybody, but I’m pretty sure Leighton Meester has been Orphan Blacked…

  10. Pat says:

    I am happy for any news on Sleepy Hollow. I assume that this ex-girlfriend character will be shown only in the past and have nothing to do with what is going on in the present. I cannot wait until Fall season arrives.

  11. ruth thomas says:

    im so happy to hear that sleepy hollow is returning

  12. ruth thomas says:

    abby has a strong connection to that era

  13. zedd says:

    I just want someone to tell Ichabod, “Dude, your ex is cray-cray.” Just so we can see his bewilderment/defend his past choices/bemoan the fate of the English language. Scenes like his pitying statement to Abby of “You paid? For water?” are classic.

  14. Nick says:

    Ichabod has got excellent taste in women. Both his wife and his ex-girlfriend are very good looking!! I’m a huge fan of Heather Lind on TURN.

    • Vincent says:

      I think Abbie and her Sis’ are just as good looking. And this coming from a an Englishman.

      • Angela says:

        Absolutely. This show is just chock-full of attractive women all around. No argument there :).

      • Alexandra says:

        Vincent, I love that most English guys I come across are so open-minded! ;) Thank you!

      • marie says:

        Vincent, I’ve visited England. And I have to say I felt more beautiful there, then I do here in the U.S. I agree with Alexandra. Most men from the U.K. are very open-minded. The standards of beauty when it comes to certain things are very different from the United States

  15. Don’t worry Katrina got this.

  16. Leeann Johnson says:

    When does sleepy Hollow season 2 start in Australia

  17. Keith Crossman says:

    Go Ichabod you old rum beggar! Two hot women in season two!

  18. mclarty77014 says:

    What happened to SAFE that use to come on Sunday night on CW

  19. zachary says:

    hey my name zachary

  20. Ed says:

    I think you all should not take all the details about ichabods love life seriously after al its just fiction. And may if you stop living your lives through these characters would be good for you.

  21. bette evert says: