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Scoop: Grey’s Anatomy Promotes Caterina Scorsone to Series Regular

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers

Dr. Shepherdess is staying put.

Caterina Scorsone, who resurrected her Private Practice role of Amelia Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy at the end of last season, will be joining ABC’s venerable medical soap as a full-fledged series regular in Season 11, TVLine has learned.

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Back in April, Scorsone told TVLine that she remained hopeful that Shonda Rhimes would keep Derek’s kid sister around next season. “There are so many complicated aspects to where this story could go in the future,” she shared. “I would absolutely be game to play in this world as long as she wanted me there.”

Scorsone’s promotion follows the spring departures of Grey’s cast members Sandra Oh (Cristina), Gaius Charles (Shane) and Tessa Ferrer (Leah).

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  1. s says:

    Hey Shonda, your next move is to bring James in. No pressure or anything. I mean…

    • rod says:

      That would be awesome, i didnt like that Amelia was just over James on Greys when they were perfect together on Private Practive.
      Shonda needs to make it right.

    • SiRaWa says:

      God yes! It would be perfect! James and Amelia are just PERFECT together!!

    • marnie says:

      I personally would really really love to see Cooper and Charlotte in Greys Anatomy, and I also though Sheldon would have been better suited for Amelia than James, Sheldon gets her. I Miss Coop bring back Coop! Lol xx

    • Pris says:

      Could see this Amelia/Caterina move from a mile away. Shonda Rhimes is exhausting her bag of tricks.
      And, it was really a douche thing for Amelia to just dump James like that. Then again, it’s not like Shonda has never simply overturned seasons of build-up, so what else is new.

    • Nancy says:

      Didn’t they break up though? She told Meredith it was too much pressure. She didn’t seem ready for marriage or kids. So I t hought she told Meredith she was going to break it off with him.

    • Toni says:

      Yes! April works in the ER/Trama and will be taking mat leave soon anyway. Put them back together and give Amelia her happy ending!

    • Bryce says:

      Ew no, I absolutely loathed James. He was too gung-ho about everything and had awful hair. Keep him away, please.

    • Justin says:

      Please no. I didn’t like James.

  2. Tom says:

    Excellent decision

  3. D. says:

    Yessss i have been waiting for this since they cancelled Privte Practice!

  4. Chris says:

    Ugh… awful news. Amelia had her happy ending… Shonda needs to learn to let her actors go.

  5. Ma says:

    Best news ever! ^_^ love her, she was great in the last bunch of S10 episodes. Hopefully the 4th Sheoard sis stops by as well.

  6. hello says:

    Fantastic news

  7. Aisha says:

    Not surprised but definitely excited, I really liked her and James though so I hope they don’t break them up for this move.

  8. Tracy says:

    Really hope they bring James ib

  9. Lea says:

    That’s a great news!! Can’t wait to see her more with Meredith and Derek.

    I think her and James are done, probably they will pair her with Owen.

  10. C says:

    Hmm. That’s fine, I guess. I was more wondering if the actress who plays Ellis’ and Richard’s daughter would end up being a regular or they’re just gonna ease her in as recurring.

  11. Justin says:


  12. MysteryRB says:

    I am very excited about this decision. However, I feel that having Matt Long appear in at least one episode would be beneficial if Shonda decides to end James’ and Amy’s relationship.

  13. Char Richo says:

    Yay! I was hoping this would happen :)

  14. team says:

    Personally I wish they would bring Kate Walsh back.

    • Hannah says:

      Kate Walsh isn’t interested plus she will be on Bad Judge in the fall

    • Jessica says:

      There’s no reason to bring her back. Her story is over, she got her happy ending married with a kid, the characters on the show don’t even know her. Plus Kate Walsh has a show.

      Excited about Amelia staying. Hope we’ll see her bond even more with her sister in law and brother.

      Hope they won’t make the half sister series regular too though.

    • Bec says:

      I’d rather them leave Addie out of this gross Shondaland mess. She’s suffered enough.

    • I cant agree more with you. I LOVED ADDISON!!! Wish she would return.

  15. NC says:

    No surprise here. Too bad Alex is already shacked up with Jo, I think Alex/Amelia would’ve been interesting.

  16. abz says:

    Awesome news!! But I hope Shonda doesn’t make her a love interest for Owen. I’m tired of all the Owen romantic drama and have no interest in seeing what happens to him really.. The only way I would probably ever be completely interested in his love life is if they bring back Teddy on the show.

  17. connornorton says:

    Yes, so happy that sheperdess is staying for season 11. Now all we need is for Addison to come back.

  18. Kim b says:

    Thats cool amalia is coming back to greys. Sad to see christina go. But my rel issue was how the show got rid of leah. She was not likeable but she didnt write the scripts. The writers made her unlikeable. Then shocked when the audience didnt like her
    Then when her character got interesting and funny. The show gets rid of her. She had the daunting task of going against calzona. Who has a huge following. To me it seemed like she was bound to fail
    Soapbox over.

    • Sharon says:

      The moment she bedded Arizona it was over for Leah, I’m a HUGE Calzona Fan but a bigger Arizona fan and even I felt crap for Leah for the way she was shafted. Great news about Amelia though! I LOVE her so much – My guilty pleasure is Arizona/Amelia although clearly not going to happen if Shonda stuck to the correct TL Canon Amelia and Arizona would know one another from Hopkins! James won’t be coming over I’d say that is over but I do love Amelia so interested to see where this goes would love to see some Arizona/Amelia interaction

  19. CarlaUK says:

    Good news about. Caterina Scorsone joining the cast. She is a talented actress with lovely facial expression and has a great vocal quality.

    This will certainly help me get over the loss of Sandra Oh in the series. She was one if the main reasons I watched the show.

    Have never watched Private Practice but have seen Caterina Scorsone in other shows . She’s good very good

  20. Andrew Hass says:

    I’m not surprised by this news.I think there’s a lot of story possibilities for the character of Amelia on Grey’s.She could help Derek and Meredith with their kids.Plus Meredith needs another friend and having it be Derek’s sister could be interesting.Plus now that she’s a regular the show might focus on more why Amelia left James and open the door for him to come later.

  21. dude says:

    Someone needs to be Mer’s new bestie.

  22. Sophod says:

    Yes, i’m really excited about this.They have a lot of potential story lines with her. I just hope that they don’t pair her up with Owen. Personally i don’t think it is realistic. I think Alex and Amelia would be a better couple, but there is no way Shonda is going to break Alex and Jo up.

    • Why not? Alex and Jo aren’t that perfect together…I’d like to see Jo and STephanie shine a little more on their own, and not have their every storyline be subject to their current romantic relationship status.

      • Sophod says:

        I think the way Camilla (Jo) has been speaking about alex/jo in the media implies that it is at least a long term relation. Although I do agree with you that Steph and Jo deserve more independent story lines.

  23. Fiberlicious says:

    Amelia is worth way more than than two useless interns!

  24. karen says:

    Awesome! Bring Charlotte on and more of the private practice casy

  25. Tracy says:

    I love Caterina and Amelia was one of my favorite Private characters. I’m mostly excited that she’ll be on Grey’s. I am just worried that she’ll be shoved into being the babysitter and not have a real story. I’d love to see James come to Seattle and let Amelia’s story that began on Private continue.

  26. I really like Amelia, but if they decided on getting some of the old Private Practice crew – they should have started with Addie !

  27. Victoria Schutter says:

    One more reason not to go back to watching GA. She was my least favorite character on Private Practice.

  28. ggny says:

    I think we all already knew this. But good news. Im betting she is a love interest for Owen because it is strange that she just moves on for James like it is nothing

  29. jenn says:

    don’t forget to bring the HOTTIE bf too! James is ALMOST as good to look as Jackson… <3

  30. ggny says:

    Also any news on new Interns? That is what im waiting to hear about. The old group is pretty much all gone expect 2 so a new batch should be coming in. Hopefully some good ones

  31. David says:

    Yay! Amelia is a great addition to Greys. Some new blood is needed. Would be fun to see Charlotte too … she could become the new hospital administrator or something!

  32. Teressa says:

    I have not read all the post too many, to see if this was brought up but I am confused cause I seemed to remember the last episode of private practice in the scene of passing out the books she was pregnant but there was no mention of this when she came to Gray’s

  33. luli says:

    I guess amy will be sort lf like the new Cristina?? A new support system for Meredith now that her person is gone…. we’ll have to see…

  34. erin says:

    Omg !!!!! I love Caterina she is awesome!!! I’m so freaking happy love her character Amelia Shepherd

  35. Babygate says:

    Yes! I had been waiting for this. Now I’m more excited about the new season. Hopefully the 8 p.m. slot won’t be the kiss of death and we can enjoy Amelia for a while.

  36. Sonya says:

    That’s awesome! I loved her in Private Practice and I know she will be awesome in GREY’S!!!

  37. alan says:

    Amo Grey’s Anatomy, sou Brasileiro quero falar que Grey’s Anatomy na minha opinião é o melhor seriado do Mundo. <3.

  38. Laura says:

    Love love love her- was hoping she would be a regular!!! Can’t wait for Season 11!

  39. DarkDefender says:

    Yup. Derek heads to DC (and Dempesy keeps racing) he gets to phone in his final couple seasons, while Meredith raises their kids in Seattle with Shepherd lite running the neurology department. I hope he flops and Meredith gets it together and thrives. She should become superwoman. Be everything Ellis could not be. That would be a great way to end the series in 2 years.. Have McDreamy come crawling back after he finds out they are just using him and classify ther project so it can’t be shared with anyone (therefore not helping anyone except in a military context). That’s how I’d write it.

  40. kim says:

    Would love to see Kate Walsh back on Grey’s.

  41. Emily says:

    Nooo! She’s such a turn-off. Gosh.

  42. Jenny says:

    Am I the only one who finds her incredibly boring? I couldn’t get into private practice so when she came over I just didn’t care about her stupid James drama.

  43. Jackie says:

    I want George back. No one ultimately confirmed his identity. Only Callie with birthmarks. It would be great that he came back from a classified mission. Maybe someone sees him in passing at first before he’s presented.

  44. Anj says:

    Boo….only because I foresee a falling off the wagon drug storyline coming that I have no interest in. Much like when they had the Chief fall off the booze wagon. I have been re-watching Greys and remember how much I used to like it. Of all the characters that have gone the 2 I feel I missed the most are Lexie and Mark and I’m sure I’d miss Christina if I watched next season.

  45. Deb E says:

    Never liked Amelia’s character. Here or on Private Practice. Too much arrogance is nauseating. Truly disappointed. I don’t want to sit and watch that each week. We have enough in all the other shows. Trust me, Amelia’s character is going to quickly become the center of attention. The show will revolve around her. Yuck.

  46. Never liked Amelia’s character. Here or on Private Practice. I’ve had enough of female arrogance. Trust me, Amelia will quickly run the show. She’ll become the center of attention and the show will revolve around her. Yuck.

  47. MJ says:

    Yes! I was really rooting for this!

  48. John says:

    On a Shonda Rhimes show, white males need not apply. Look at the entire class of 1st year residents – not one.

  49. Juan says:

    Yesssssss, I love Amelia and Caterina Scorsone is just amazing.

  50. Tiffy says:

    YES! Amelia and James!!! I’ve missed them so much, Shonda better not mess them up!