Daytime Emmys: NATAS Owes Apology for Red Carpet Show, Rape 'Joke'

Daytime Emmys Red Carpet

When it was announced that this year’s Daytime Emmys would be streamed online (and not broadcast), surely no one imagined that the accompanying red carpet pre-show would set the bar so unacceptably low, with an interview team that would lob rape “jokes,” talk about “go[ing] lesbian” for one actress and quite possibly not recognize more than five of the people they spoke to.

Rather than recruit any number of proper reporters who cover the daytime-TV genre, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences issued a casting call for “millennials between the ages of 18-35… who have a strong entertainment news background and/or very strong social media following (300,000 followers minimum),” Soap Opera Network reported.

What NATAS in turn hired was a quartet  of “social media experts”: Brittany Furlan, Lauren Elizabeth, Jessica Harlow and Meghan Rosette.

Among the red carpet team’s more egregious affronts — and this is barely scratching the surface:

* Furlan said to nominated The Young and the Restless alum Daniel Polo — whom she didn’t know was no longer on the show playing Jamie, but that should be the worst of her shortcomings — “I don’t want to go to jail for this one.” Upon learningDaytimeEmmys_gering_shade copy the young actor is in fact (barely) of age, she then remarked: “Oh, so he’s legal!”

Furlan literally came onto, and hard, every male in attendance, to a degree that makes E!’s Giuliana Rancic look positively demure. Even Days of Our Lives‘ Galen Gering couldn’t help but throw shade at the brassy brunette as she squealed, “Oh my gawd!” at his castmate Greg Vaughan (Eric); see photo.

* Harlow asked Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter, The Bold and the Beautiful) — “a beautiful chocolate man,” as she introduced him — “What’s it like to be a black man on a soap opera these days?” Not coming from any place of social insight, but simply for lack of anything else to ask him.

* Elizabeth asked veteran actor Joseph Mascolo (Stefano, Days), who had been introduced to them as a daytime legend: “What is so legendary about you, sir?”

* When presented with Monty Hall, Furlan and Elizabeth befuddled the iconic game show host by trying to explain to him what “shipping” is — in the context of Furlan ‘shipping Elizabeth and the 92-year-old Hall.

* After she and Elizabeth came onto Ryan Paevey (Nathan, General Hospital) six ways to Sunday, running the full gamut of clumsy doctor and policeman/handcuff innuendos, Furlan said as the actor left, “We’re going to get you away from us before we rape you.”

Imagine for a moment — but don’t, because it is sickening — if a male reporter had directed that comment to an actress.

Again, the above is but a small sampling of what the four “social media experts” (though mostly Furlan and Elizabeth) got away with over the course of the two-hour pre-show. (And all while asking barely a single storyline-related question, because being familiar with soaps of course was not part of the aforementioned job description.)

Many on Twitter have asked for NATAS to apologize for the red carpet car wreck, which many proper daytime-TV journalists repeatedly and vocally derided in social media. The soap opera acting community has enough problems claiming deserved respect for their work; associating them with such an inane production does no one any favors. Were you among those who “tuned in” to this mess?

UPDATE 6/23: A NATAS rep has declined to comment for this story.

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  1. Staci says:

    Tuned in and quickly tuned OUT after the rape comment. What an insult that these actors had to endure this abhorrent behavior.

    • Jenny says:

      I did the same thing. I only watched for 5 minutes and thought it was horrible. There are tons of soap bloggers and writers who should have done this. At least they could have gotten someone who watches a soap.

    • CHH says:

      The entire NATAS board need to be fired and replaced. Not securing a television broadcast and then embarrassing the hardest working people in entertainment with these bombings. Disgusting.

  2. Gilded Lady says:

    You meaning saving money by hiring a bunch of nobodies with no actual interest in the awards being presented ended terribly? Who could have seen that coming?

  3. DV says:

    Someone sounds a little mad they weren’t invited to report. Jk jk (kinda)

    I tuned in and promptly tuned out. I do agree that the pre show was awful. They people doing the interviewing knew nothing about soaps and while I get that they were trying to net a younger audience, they went about it entirely the wrong way. Many of the younger actors on the show have great social media followings, they should have been asked to do the pre-show. This show was another nail in the coffin.

  4. Cindy Johnson says:

    It was painful, it was awkward, & many actors were on social media warning attendees to stay away from the red carpet. They made a huge deal about how this was being seen world wide. God I hope not. Because the image they were getting is NOT what soaps are about. This “red carpet show” was disgraceful. At one point two of them said “the more you drink the funnier we are.” Wrong again. There’s not enough whiskey in the world to make those idiots funny.

  5. S Scully says:

    Beyond tacky and tasteless and such a slap in the face to the talented actors and actresses of daytime.

    • Mary says:

      I agree. Tasteless and tacky. It was an embarrassment to ”Daytime television.” The S
      oap stars work hard. They should be respected,,,not humiliated. It was a debacle. Shame on the people who put this show together. Using profanity has no place during a show where dignity and honor should be the priority.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thankfully didn’t watch. But I know they could’ve gotten soap stars to host for FREE!! And they know the storylines, eachother, and how to have fun but be PROFESSIONAL!!

  7. Sheri odom says:

    I was embarrassed for the actors and actresses tht deserve so much more respect than what they got on this red carpet show. They did no research at all it was wrong on so many levels I can’t even express how it made me feel. My 25 year old son who doesn’t watch soaps could have faked it better than the 4 jokes of a host

  8. Tasha says:

    Worst red-carpet show ever. So embarrassing and very disrespectful to the genre. i don’t think any of the team knew the people they were interviewing. Can’t believe I sat 2 hours on my computer watching that crap! Never again.

  9. Brenda says:

    Worse red carpet show I’ve ever seen. Very awkward to watch! I feel so sorry for the actors and what they had to put up with during their interviews. Daytime Emmys should rethink their choice next year

  10. kittykatsam says:

    Yes. And I’m so glad that when I thought it was a train wreck, I wasn’t wrong. Just awful!!

  11. Jen says:

    I agree with everything you said. It was insulting to the actors and shows (and the fans) on too many levels to list.

  12. susan says:

    I was absolutely appalled by it. I ended up muting it after a while. I kept up on twitter by Paula Tudor from Paula’s Soapbox. I nominate her to be a red carpet host for next year.

  13. muchtobesaid says:

    Thank you for addressing this absolutely cringe-filled travesty. I watched for exactly one half hour before I turned it off, literally sick to my stomach. I kept up with the goings-on on Twitter, though, and could not believe the things people were saying that were going on during the Red Carpet broadcast. Brittany Furlan should never, EVER work in any type of broadcasting again. She was disrespectful and blatantly ignorant about daytime television. Luckily, the entire trainwreck will probably live on in infamy on YouTube – Brittany and her pals will never be able to outrun this as long as they live.

    • Fairy May says:

      From your mouth to anyone’s ears that matter. PLEASE. Brittany Furlan was the worst thing I’ve ever seen in any journalism position. The most unprofessional person I’ve ever seen. She should never work in that town or anywhere in broadcast for as long as she lives.

      • She has 6.5 million followers on Vine. Just… for some perspective…

        • BigDeal says:

          Knowing your subject matter and being able to think quickly on your feet as opposed to churning out an edited video are two different things. And having a lot of followers doesn’t mean one actually has any particular talent in a given area — after all, Britney Spears has millions of fans, but that doesn’t mean she can sing on key live!

        • Fairy May says:

          Which means absolutely, positively nothing. A “follower” is not tacitly a fan, and having alot of followers doesn’t mean you are a journalist. She’s a media presence. Extremely different things. Watch the playback of the red carpet and tell me her constant litany of meaningless “hey”s and discussion of nothing but physical appearance, rather than the substance behind the person is of any value at all. Unprofessional and shameless. The rapiness was bad enough, but the shameful interview of Monty Hall was criminal.

    • justme says:

      I was just looking at her Twitter feed. Unfortunately, she doesn’t care about all this criticism. She’s still very popular in social media, and people seem to care about that. I’m an just an old fogey and can’t figure out when and why Twitter/Vine/YouTube decided who is so important in our culture and society.
      However, I don’t know why she’s so popular with her “followers.” I didn’t find her the least bit funny, smart or insightful.

  14. greytfriend says:

    The number of actresses they commented to about their boobies was also incredibly inappropriate. And the amount of cursing. And making most interviews about themselves and not the TV stars. And their insane amount of insecurity about their looks and constantly commenting about their own looks in relation to the TV stars’. It was shocking that there wasn’t a producer or director to at least give them feedback to tell them to stop cursing and to stop talking about themselves so much. They’re young and inexperienced broadcasting live, someone should have been giving them guidance. But they also should have hired some people with experience, not twenty year-old kids.

    • Travis-Tyrell Thomas says:

      I think the real problem is that they went after the younger demo the wrong way. I trained for 2 years at a NYC Acting Conservatory with a focus on Television Hosting, so watching this trainwreck was a slap in the face to all the hardwork and training I endured. I may not have a huge web presence as big as theirs, but I take the genre seriously and I know how to do a live interview with dignity, respect, and professionalism. These chicks didnt even know the names of most of the actors and they had ear pieces on. Before any major interview, you study the heck out of your subjects so at least you know there body of work, and there NAMES. This was a disgrace to the actors and anyone that wants to get into TV Hosting.

      Im in my late Twenties, Im hip, cool, trendy, and very fashionable and even I knew every single name of the actors on the red carpet. But then again, I know and care about the genre. It angers me that these Vine/Youtube chicks GOT PAID for this crappy job. A simple audition could have eliminated this disaster. They gave these chicks jobs based on their Vine/Youtube follwership and not on any legit hosting credits. Tweeting from your bed or making youtube vids in front of your computer cam doesnt equate to legit hosting training. They would NEVER do this at the Primetime Emmys. So why do it at the Daytime Emmys??? Reality TV/Homemade Youtube Stars is ruining Legit TV.

      • I could not agree more with this entire posting. I literally just turned 26 years old- what is Vine? But I grew up watching these stars and I cannot even believe they did a casting call and the only criteria was a large online following- FAKE ACCOUNTS HAVE MILLIONS OF FOLLOWERS! I joined Twitter and had 2k ‘followers’ the first day- it does not take talent, but who wants to constantly degrade themselves and others for the sake of an additional follower? You are so right. Reality TV/You-Tube ‘stars’ are ruining television. These people are not funny or insightful and instead selfish, talentless, and self-absorbed. These girls are 5 ‘followers’ away from ‘accidentally’ releasing a sex tape. Such class..

    • Fairy May says:

      And let me tell ya, they made those constant boob comments cuz they had nothing else to offer. They were deers in the headlights. No clue what to do or where to go, they just froze. Choked. On alot of boobs. Ugh.

  15. Carol says:

    I was excited to at least be able to watch online. After 10 minutes I had to turn it off and watch soccer. It was horrific. Kathy’s cussing not my favorite either.

  16. prish says:

    Hey, they wanted the “young” with followings, and that’s what they got. Good taste and youth have never be coupled in any culture, at any time in history, I’m sure. The bottom line is were the youth watching numbers up. Then it would have been a success, in the producers’ world, probably. I didn’t watch it, nor do I watch soaps, but I remember my high school days of coming home to watch Dark Shadows, fondly. Soaps have done a good job, over the decades, imho.

    • DV says:

      You’ve also just insulted all the young actors and actresses who perform in the shows you so adore by lumping all youth together and saying they have no taste.

  17. jj says:

    how embarrassing.

  18. Angela says:

    “What’s it like to be a black man on a soap opera these days?”

    Uh. Wow. Really? And the “rape” joke…yeeeeeeeeah…*Puts head in hands*
    I didn’t watch this, so thankfully I missed out on all this inanity, but this just further reminds me why I tend to never watch red carpet interviews as it is for any awards show. Because so often, all it is is moronic, unprofessional ramblings like this from people who haven’t the first clue how to actually interview or talk to somebody. Holy crap.

    • Tony McGrath says:

      Two things there. The black thing? Maybe she was making an ironic comment about how racist casting is in your favourite crap soaps? The rape thing was a JOKE. By four WOMEN to a MAN. As a joke. If your point is you can’t use the word rape in any context, then your part of the current problem with society and it’s policing of language. Personally, as a male, i’d be more than happy to be pack-raped by that group of 4 women! Get a sense of humour. and some taste in television programming while your at it.

      • Angela says:

        1: Yeah, no, somehow I doubt that. It sounds much more like her being an airhead than actually making some provocative commentary on the lack of black people in soap operas-look at all the other questions not related to the rape or black topics that were asked. Nothing really all that profound or intelligent there. Even if that’s what she intended, there’s ways to ask such a question that don’t make it sound so ridiculous.
        2: I know it was meant as a joke. It was still stupid. And not funny. To me, at least. I don’t recall ever saying they couldn’t say that stuff, either, just shared my own cringing reaction to a dumb remark. They can say whatever the hell they want, and I also have the right to find what they say dumb. For me it has nothing to do with offensiveness, it has to do with the fact that they tried to be cute and funny and failed-you’re not comedians, so don’t try.
        If that’s how you feel, good for you (and being happy to be pack-raped…well, that tells me quite a bit about your attitude right there). I think there’s way better ways to phrase such comments than that. I do have a sense of humor, and feel my taste in programming is just fine, but thank you for your completely unsolicited and unwarranted judgments all the same.

        • Cindy Johnson says:

          Amen Angela! Obviously this “gentleman” (using the term very very loosely here) has a high opinion of himself & not of the daytime genre. My question is, why is he commenting on this if he has no interest in it? Bless his heart, he made himself sound as dim as an underground cave on a moonless night.

        • Tony McGrath says:

          Okay, so my pack-rape comment was also a joke. C’mon. If, as you say, “they can say whatever the hell they want” then why are people complaining? This was an awards show for soaps. By definition, it shouldn’t be taken seriously.

          • Amy Cooper says:

            as part of the media, whether they are joking or not, have a responsibility to the public. To make a joke out of rape is disgusting and teaches people that it is a joke rather than a dangerous and violent crime that violates somebody for the rest of their life!

          • Tony McGrath says:

            Ah, no it doesn’t Amy. That’s just you being language police. This is kind of a puritanical American phenomena. I’m Australian. Watch Australian TV if you ever have the chance. We say f*ck and c*nt on air, in parliament, on the street constantly and no-one says boo. Women breastfeed in public, go topless on every beach. No-one says anything about that either. I didn’t realize how puritan America was until I moved here. You can’t ANYTHING without people jumping on the hate bandwagon. And I’m here at your sad little page because I know some of the people you are attacking.

          • Cindy Johnson says:

            Tony, if you are so offended by our American Puritanical leanings, maybe you should take yourself back down under. Just an FYI–we don’t consider it “puritanical”, we consider it having class. A concept which obviously escapes you & those intellectually challenged twits that did the red carpet show. If you don’t like it here, the door is that way.

          • Amzy Cooper says:

            AMEN! if language and behavior is acceptable like that in another country I find that disgusting. But certainly should not be acceptable in this country where I live and where I raise my children to have respect for others.

          • Angela says:

            Yes, I know that.
            Being able to say whatever you want doesn’t automatically mean you are immune from complaints about what you say. It’s amazing how people seem to forget that simple fact nowadays in this country. They can say the sorts of things they did, and if someone has an issue with what they said, they’re also free to express their views.
            I agree that this should just be a sort of fun fluff thing. But I also don’t blame fans for being a little irritated when they look forward to seeing interviews with actors they love, only to have to listen to people in love with the sound of their own voices and “cutesy” jokes and whatnot instead. The fans aren’t here to watch the interviewers’ attempts at humor, they’re there to hear about their favorite actors and what’s going on on their favorite shows. And the interviewers’ focus should’ve been far more focused on the latter rather than the former.

      • Amy Cooper says:

        I I have personally been attacked and it is never funny to joke about something so disgusting and a horrid as rape!

      • TV Gord says:

        Tony, you clearly didn’t watch the show, so you are commenting on something of which you have no knowledge. The fact is that if these nitwits had done a little research (which all reporters do, to have knowledge of the story they are covering), they wouldn’t have had to fall back on the first thing that entered their empty heads, such as the black question and the rape comment.

        Your cute little observation about how you wouldn’t mind being raped by four women might fall apart if those women confined you, restrained you and then belittled you as they ridiculed you for failing to perform to their standards. That might change your opinion, since rape is not some romantic fantasy. It’s an act of violence that belittles, demeans and destroys people’s lives. If you were left by these four unsatisfied women who did everything they could to make you feel as though you’d rather die than hastily assemble your clothes and try to get on with your life (which now includes regular nightmares about every insecurity you’ve ever had about yourself), then maybe you could start to understand what it’s like to be raped. And if you do manage to pull yourself together to “get on with your life”, you have to deal with insensitive clods who make rape jokes and dismiss it as just another romantic sex scenario.

        You really need to think about the things that you say, and how they affect people who have been through the worst experience of their lives.

        • Amy Cooper says:

          WELL SAID! I was attacked 9 years ago and PTSD stays with you to some extent for the rest of your life. Disgusting”jokes” and disgusting that people think we are whining about it. If its not brought to people’s attention that rape is not a joke then people find it ok to hurt others physically and emotionally.

          • Tony McGrath says:

            Well, I completely agree that making light of a woman being raped is completely out of line, but in this context, from a group of women lightheartedly to an attractive male, that’s different. Like Lenny Bruce said, it’s not the words, it’s the context. I would argue that female to male rape is next-to-impossible anyway. There no way any woman could have sex with me if I didn’t want to. If she’d just said molest instead of rape i don’t think they’re would be this controversy. My point is it’s just a word. It’s how you use it that matters. If you recall, one of Nirvana’s biggest songs was called “Rape Me”. Kurt Cobain was attacked relentlessly. Again, context. “Rape Me” was an anti-rape song.

          • TV Gord says:

            If it’s all about the context, then here’s the context: we (those of us who actually watched, Tony!), already had several examples that these women were in way over their heads. They didn’t know any of the people they were talking to. They were clearly grasping for something to say because they had done no preparation. So, they see a black guy, and the only thing one of them can think of to ask what it’s like to be a black man on soaps. He;s am actor with a fan base, and in that one moment, he was reduced to being a “black guy”.

            By the time the rape comment was uttered, we had already seen these women stare blankly at people who have worked in their genre for years. One of them was reduced to “the boyfriend” of his colleague, when he has been on General Hospital much longer than she has. They should have known who he was, but in that one moment, he was reduced to being “the boyfriend”.

            If Joan Rivers had made a rape joke, it would have been criticized, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as egregious as it has been in this case, because this was clearly a case where these twits had no idea what to ask or what to say, because they had done NO preparation for the red carpet (which was their only responsibility for the night). They were grasping for things to say, and they said the first things that came into their heads. Their deer-in-the-headlights glare was obvious. They didn’t know what they were doing.

            I’m shaking my head that you bring up the Nirvana song. Yes, it is clearly an anti-rape song, and the criticism at the time was just as misguided as your defense of the absolute ridiculousness of these women. Cobain’s song was carefully thought out, and anyone with Kurt Cobain’s work was aware of that. I don’t recall any Nirvana fans turning on them, because they (we) “got” what he was saying. The criticism came from people who didn’t get it. To compare that to these “what do I say next?” moments from these drowning “correspondents” is laughable.

          • Tony McGrath says:

            Well whether you like their tactics or not, the PR team that organized this succeeded. All publicity is good publicity right? Until yesterday, most people – like me – didn’t’ know the Daytime Emmy’s even existed. Now they do.

          • Amzy Cooper says:

            the idea is for people to respect daytime and the people that work hard everyday to do good work on their shows. This travesty gave daytime a bad reputation which to me is not good publicity

          • TV Gord says:

            It might be good publicity for the awards, but I don’t think it will be good for any of these women’s careers. It has pretty much guaranteed that they will be bloggers–and just bloggers–for the rest of their lives.

          • Amzy Cooper says:

            I don’t think they should have any job where your mouth is open. I’m voting for a job at McDonalds flipping burgers.

          • Tony McGrath says:

            I don’t think so. I think it will help them. Several are already in talks for their own tv shows. Times are a changing, The current generation are far less politically correct and really don’t care what older people think. and are being defended by a slew of older celebs: Howard Stern, Opie and Anthony, Joan Rivers, et al.

          • Amzy Cooper says:

            makes me incredibly sad that my two children are growing up in a world of behavior like that is acceptable and awarded!

          • TV Gord says:

            Okey-doke. Enjoy that. I’ve said everything that I wanted to say.

          • Lauren says:

            “Talks to get their own shows”???? Thanks for the belly laugh, Captain Delusional!!!!

          • Tony McGrath says:

            I understand from your perspective that this was inappropriate for your show and you would rather had others on the red carpet who knew this world. I get that, but someone in the heirachy made the decision – not the 4 girls on the red carpet – that they should be there. I apologize if I offended anyone with my remarks. All the best.

          • Angela says:

            @TV Gord: Awesome post. Thank you.
            Also: I would argue that female to male rape is next-to-impossible anyway. There no way any woman could have sex with me if I didn’t want to. If she’d just said molest instead of rape i don’t think they’re would be this controversy.

            And “molest” isn’t exactly any better a term.

  19. Dawn Mac says:

    Train wreck does not even begin to cover it!!

  20. Belinda says:

    Disgraceful…it’s bad enough that the soap industry no longer get’s the respect they deserve and the fans are no longer able to watch their award show on television..but let’s watch Miley hump a teddy bear…but the actors have to endure the ramblings of rude.. babbling…yes I’ll go there..idiots….shame on them…

  21. Babybop says:

    I’m not easily offended, and even I think that rape comment was bad. Not good. And what kind of question is, “What is so legendary about you?” Did they even test these people before they allowed them on the carpet?

  22. Nancy says:

    The red carpet show was terrible and embarrassing . Can’t believe the fact that these girls had no idea who anyone was. Talking to Kristan Alderson and totally not knowing Chad Duell was a star as well. They should have done some homework before doing the show. Did they have to talk about “boobies” at least a couple times. Very poor taste. Did the two on the red carpet have to come on to all the guys. Very tacty. I feel the soap world is a very important one and they are great actors and surely deserve better respect than the Red Carpet Show gave them. I hope next year you do a better job of finding interviewers for this show or I will not be a return watcher.

  23. Chris says:

    They hired one of the girls from Vine to cover the red carpet? Oh boy…

  24. Gabe says:

    Thank you, Matt! It was so insulting to the people who were there to be honored that evening. It was a bit of a slap in the face to them to have these poor girls interview them. When Kathy Griffin jokedly said her alcoholic mother was in attendance, one of them went: “I’m all for alcoholism.” It was so awkward.

    • Susan says:

      Kathy Griffin was just as disgusting. I will not watch this show next year if it is on cable again. Even Sharon Osborne was her usual vulgar self. Whom ever was in charge of this filthy show should be fired! The stupid guy that would run up with a star for the moron interviewers was also unprofessional. He brought Monty Hall over and they were very unprofessional with him. The soap stars are hard working people, they deserved better than the red carpet morons and a better host for the show.

  25. donna goldsmith says:

    Mortifying. Lawrence St Victor is a friend – and he handled the awful questions posed in the most professional way possible. I’m a business women who loves soaps and am completely mortified by the preshow. I could have done a more respectable job than these embarrassing, inappropriate, uninformed hosts.

  26. Jill says:

    I only watched a little of the ceremony. The 10 minutes I watched had 2 major whoops! When Steve Harvey’s show won & Mo Rocca was told he wasn’t there & he acceped the award on his behalf, WHILE all the producers were walking to the stage. And when Kyle Massey’s reel was shown for young actor, they showed a clip of the not-so-great actor that replaced him. And I swear the announcer said Mo’s last name incorrectly. What a train wreck. Glad I wasn’t able to watch the red carpet

  27. Mick says:

    This is depressing on so many levels. On top of daytime soap actors not being respected, they are now being sexually harrassed as a part of their “celebration”

  28. TV Gord says:

    Some of the other gems:

    The idiots recognize GH star Kristin Alderson, but not her boyfriend, who’s been on GH longer than she has, Chad Duell. They keep referring to him as “the boyfriend”.

    “You look beautiful! I can’t believe babies came out of you!”

    This is what passes for a compliment on the red carpet: “Thanks for making everyone feel like sh*t [not censored, of course] about themselves (to Chrishell Stause and Justin Hartley)”.

    Idiot: “We love that you’re wearing a breast cancer awareness ribbon.”
    Bradford Anderson: “Well, actually, it’s a testicular cancer awareness ribbon.”

    Awards Show Director Spike Jones: “How are you doing?” An idiot: “We’re like zombies!” Jones (after a slight pause): “Yes, you are.”

    And then there was that old hag, Sharon Osbourne, who dropped the F-bomb four or five times! You may be able to say anything on the internet, but it’s still the Emmys. Just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. (That only works for dogs who lick themselves.)

  29. It was a hot mess of ANNOYANCE and VULGARITY, that made me tune out until 8pm when the real ceremony started! I was embarrassed for all of the people those twits talked to!

  30. TT says:

    Omg u guys enough with this weird sensitivity with the rape stuff. First game of thrones now this. It’s a JOKE. Again it’s a JOKE. Enough is enough. This was not offensive at all. I’m a girl and I’m not offended by it. Geez u people will grasp on anything ugh.

    • emilypickart says:

      Rape “jokes” are not funny. Ever. In any context. It’s not sensitivity, it’s human decency.

    • Joey says:

      Honestly this sounds like a comment from one of those four “hosts”.

    • TV Gord says:

      Just because it doesn’t offend you doesn’t mean nobody should be offended by it. How self-centered can you be? You must be one of the lucky people who has never been raped or never known anyone who has.

    • Angela says:

      1. Jokes are supposed to be funny. That “joke” just sounded stupid and infantile.
      2. There’s no reason they needed to make a joke of that kind at all. I can find plenty of fun, flirty, joking ways to talk about celebrities I find attractive without using the word “rape” to do so.
      Besides that, the bottom line is, the focus should’ve been on actually interviewing people about the shows they’re on and things along that line, instead of trying to act funny and cute and hit on them or whatever.

      • TV Gord says:

        They clearly went into this show with no preparation at all, which is why they were saying the first thing that came into their head (wheels turning…here comes a black man…uhhhh…”Hi. What’s it like being a black man on a soap opera these days?”


    • BG says:

      Or maybe it’s just tasteless to make jokes about rape at an awards show. It’s not about being sensitive, it’s about having a little decorum. The red carpet ceremony for an awards show is not the time to act like dogs in heat. A little playful flirting, sure. But acting like a drunken fool trying throwing a Hail Mary at last call is a bit tacky.

      By the way, you’re being a little touchy too with your whining about others’ complaints.

    • Fairy May says:

      Ok, Lauren.

    • Linda says:

      Stuff it TT rape is not a joking matter EVER

    • Marea Rameer says:

      But had that been a male reporter to a female star….. oh heads would of spinned then?

  31. Emily says:

    That was AWFUL. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have hired some soap bloggers (for probably the same amount of money as those morons) who actually KNOW the actors there for the awards. That would’ve been interesting, entertaining, and not totally disrespectful like that horrible monstrosity was. (P.S. I vote for Dan Kroll to be one of them! He did a great job!)

  32. karen mchugh says:

    I’ve never seen anything so awful in my life ! The 4 girls should be ashamed of themselves and go hide under rocks. The person(s) responsible for hiring the should be shot at dawn and shunned by the entertainment community. The technical folks should be jailed for the bad audio. Come on kids, there is audio equipment to block that background noise. Wonder if that would have stopped Furlan’s screeching? Oh, then theres the bad camera shots where the stars were blocked either by those dim wits or by each other. The cameras can’t move? The whole event would have been MUCH better without the RC. I am so glad to see all the bad opinions posted, maybe those responsible for such a debacle will be banished from doing it EVER again. It was a big blow to an otherwise special nite recognizing the hard work of the artists.

  33. TV Gord says:

    If the logic behind hiring these idiots was to attract the younger demo, they are seriously out of touch. None of the twentysomethings that I know would ever watch daytime TV! They hardly ever watch shows on an actual television in the first place!

    • That’s far from true. I’m 19 and have been watching soaps my whole life. And I’m certainly not the only one I know who does. The thing is, the young people who do in fact watch daytime, aren’t interested in mainstream hipness anyway. That’s why we watch daytime!

    • Debbie says:

      I think the crowd they were trying to attract is too busy watching all that garbage MTV airs. That’s were those bimbo hosts belong.

  34. Linda says:

    I hope you get as mad about the rapemance stories on the soap operas as the girl’s comments. I find it digusting to joke about rape but even worse is that several soap opera’s most popular couples were built on the backs of a rape story masquerading as true love.

    • Angela says:

      This is a good point. I’ve only ever watched one soap (“All My Children”, thanks to my mom :D) on a regular basis myself, but lord knows soap operas in general are rife with some…questionable relationships, to put it mildly (Luke and Laura, anyone?).

    • Jj says:

      There are plenty of people who do have a problem with soap rape. I’ve participated in many a heated discussion on several forums with people who do, and people who choose to forget it or deny it over time. That said, using said soap rape as a joke is also unacceptable, and generally the online posting communities agree that those type of jokes are not tolerated. Boards that have good moderators delete those few offensive comments to reinforce the fact that the majority of us aren’t cool with rape jokes.

  35. Joan Faist says:

    Tasteless, awful and insulting to the tremendously talented Actors, male and female that entertain us so splendidly. Shame on mainstream TV for not giving the Daytime Emmys their proper due.

  36. . (@yikes77) says:

    What a way to degrade someone, social media “experts.” I know Daytime Emmys are scraping the bottom of the barrel these days, but for these actors, the award still mean something to them. Even if you don’t know jack about them, take the 5 minutes to research them for God’s sake. I hope that next year, the NATAS take the time to find hosts that can do a decent job.

  37. Diane says:

    Well, I’m almost rendered speechless with tonight’s Daytime Emmy Awards show! Where to start…first of all, the interviewers(if I can even call them that!) were a disgrace! In fact, that is probably the word I would use to discribe the entire program… Middle fingers flying, joking about rape, floundering presenters, etc. Are daytime soaps not fighting their last fight as it is? I can only assume that many celebrities chose not to attend on purpose????!!!! I truly cannot blame them! Please, please end this award ceremony if this is what it has come to!

  38. David Voss says:

    I was appalled when they interviewed Joe Moscolo and had NO idea who he was. Who hired these interviewers? Then at the end, all the screaming that as they ran to the ballroom, their nipple slipped out of their dress. The nominated daytime actors deseved respect for thier work, not giddy oversexed, uninformed people running shows.

  39. Well said Matt! I found the behavior of these “social media experts” to be offensive and disrespectful. I would like for NATAS not only to apologize but assure the daytime community something like this will never happen again.

  40. karen says:

    I did and it was horrible – the pre show and show.

  41. Carol from Vancouver says:

    I was really looking forward to watching the red carpet show and seeing the stars all glammed up & sparkly and each one answering a couple of intelligent questions about their show and their character. Those of us who are fans of the hardest working actors out there are interested in what they say. We appreciate and have respect for them. Those 4 so-called ‘interviewers’ insulted & disrespected everybody’s intelligence. Why 2 interviewers? They did more talking than the interviewee(s). They talked over each other. They interrupted the star as he or she was talking. They talked about themselves a lot. :-/ They came across as four immature airheads. I thought the Daytime Emmy show on HLN last year was pretty lame, but in comparison with this it was magnificence personified. Soap bloggers who are passionate about the shows, and who know all the details of storylines right back to 1970, and know every actor who has portrayed all the characters should be hosting and interviewing. Can you imagine the fantastic, educated, deeper questions they would ask! Excellent article, Matt. You hit the nails on the head. After a while I had to turn the volume off. Still wanted to see the gowns, etc but could no longer continually be bombarded with their pathetic immature airheadedness.

  42. Jamilla Geter says:

    The rape comment and the black comment aside there was just so much wrong with this Red carpet p[reshow. Not only did it seem like the hosts had no clue who they were talking to half the time, they were very unprofessional as well. There are certain rules that any member of the press knows, even those who do it as more of a hobby then as a profession. I could ask any of my soap blogger friends and I guarantee we’d be able to pinpoint a laundry list of what went wrong here.

    one rule: yes be a fan, but no fawning over the celebrity you are supposed to be interviewing. Yes it;s okay to admire them, yes its; okay to mention that you love their work, but the best thing to do is to say it and move on.

    next rule; know who you’re talking to. To avoid embarrassing moments like asking the actor who recently separated from his wife, when he’s marrying a happily married actress, you should know a little bit about him or her. Three different times the hosts stuffed their foot in their mouths with that. At least three times that I saw. I also think i cringed when they spoke with one actress and identified her costar as just the hot boyfriend. No matter that he was a nominee tonight too.

    Also it would be good to know a little about the genre the red carpet is for. I mean the reason why Ryan Seacrest does so well is because he knows his audience, he knows his genres, he knows his entertainment. He knows the right questions to ask, and there are others like Billy Bush and Shawn Johnson and Kelly Ripa who would have also done an admirable job because they KNOW the genre.

    and finally, really the cussing? There was one good thing about this show and that was that Dan Kroll came in there and reminded us why Soap Central is one of the best sites out there. Maybe he should be hosting this thing.

    • Amy Cooper says:

      Agreed. I can’t name a single thing these hosts did right. They didn’t have a clue who they were interviewing or hoe to do an interview.

  43. Jayme says:

    I actually watched most of it to get to the actual awards show and Kathy Griffitg wasn’t much better than the four nobodies that botched the red carpet and media room. In the first 5 minutes of her opening she said the F word and continued with vulgar profanities throughout. The four girls on the carpet sadly thought they were funny but absolutely ruined what credibility this award show would have had. Very dissapointing through out.

  44. Helen Schuckman says:

    I agree with your comments. I love my soaps and was looking forward to the Red Carpet interviews. This was just disgusting.

  45. A. says:

    Yeah, it became a disaster as soon as they wanted “social media experts” to ask questions. These are the people who can’t look away from their phones while driving or walking. Idiots, for the most part.

  46. Bandele says:

    I didn’t see this but I read about it all I can say is glad I took a pass.

  47. Androme says:

    Who the hell Hired these people?
    They must’ve been drunk.

  48. Dena says:

    The red carpet show was absolutely terrible! Were in the world did they find these girls? Absolutely a shame and disgrace!#Emmys

  49. Debbie M. says:

    Watched General Hospital for pretty much my whole life since my grandparents and mom all watched it as well as the defunct ABC soaps. Didn’t watch the Emmy’s. Sounded horrible. GH got snubbed, but I will admit that Ryan Paevy is beyond hot but a rape joke? Really?

    • Amy Cooper says:

      Agreed. He is a hottie who handled a horrible interview ,if you can call it that, with grace. He seems to be very humble and kind. Rape is not a joke no matter what someone looks like!

  50. DavidSask says:

    I saw some of this as well and then had to mute and find something else to do. On-line or not this was insult to daytime TV and as mentioned established reporters and true fans!