True Blood Stars Preview Sookie-Alcide Sex, the 'Hunt' for Eric and More

True Blood Season 7 Spoilers

True Blood may be getting back to its small-town roots in its final outing — beginning Sunday at 9/8c on HBO — but after speaking with the cast, we’re prepping for the biggest season yet.

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TVLine caught up with the stars earlier this week at the Season 7 premiere in Los Angeles for the scoop on what’s to come, including when we can expect to see everyone’s vampire viking — dead or alive.

SOOKIE & ALCIDE: IT’S ON | Now that Sookie and Alcide are officially a couple, will we finally see them do the deed? Joe Manganiello would neither confirm nor deny the occurrence of “coitus non-interruptus” (his words), but he did discuss a racy scene with Anna Paquin in Episode 1 — awkwardly directed by Paquin’s husband Stephen Moyer. “I have to attribute that to his level of professionalism and our friendship,” Manganiello said. “I know him, and we’re friends. If I had to play out that scenario, I was so happy it was with him [as director].” (In summary, there will be skin.)

True Blood Season 7 SpoilersPAGING ERIC NORTHMAN | With Eric still M.I.A., his progeny is a woman on a mission. “I’m on the hunt for Eric; I would cross oceans for him — and I do,” Kristin Bauer Van Straten revealed. “It’s a huge year in terms of emotions and relationships, which is so fitting because it is the last season.” And during her maker’s absence, Pam will struggle with one all-important question: “Who is Pam without Eric? That’s a huge question for her this year.”

TARA-BLE NEWS | Tara and her manic mama haven’t always seen eye to eye — for so many reasons — but Season 7 will prove to be their most trying yet. “In the first episode, she’s in the middle of working out her issues with her mother… but then the vamps show up,” Rutina Wesley said, hinting that their mother-daughter moment will hit a serious bump.

NEW ALLIANCES | Whereas every season up to this point has had a designated “big bad,” Chris Bauer said that’s not the case this year. “It’s more about the momentum of all the events leading up to now,” he explained. “We now have to deal with the consequences of our actions, and that’s about as scary as anything.” And in the midst of the chaos, Andy will have to trust the very people he’s despised for six seasons — vampires. “He has to trust Jessica and team up with Bill,” Bauer revealed. (Bonus scoop: Andy also has plenty of relationship drama this season.)

True Blood Season 7 SpoilersREDHEAD REDEMPTION | Seasons may change, but one thing never will: Jessica’s angst. “She hates herself right now,” Deborah Ann Woll explained. “She’s in a lot of pain. She did something really terrible, and it’s going to take a lot to climb out of that hole.” (Editor’s note: She’s referring to killing Andy’s fairy daughters.) “I’d say that’s what she’s working on this season … putting all her energy into making it right with Andy and the fairy daughter that lived.”

JASON’S GIRL | As the new vamp on the block, Violet “knows what she wants and she goes for it,” Karolina Wydra told us. “A lot happens between [Violet and Jason] this season. She’s there to protect Jason and they are buddies in crime fighting. … She comes from the old world, and it’s not about dwelling or emotions. That will serve her well when the infected vampires come to town. There’s a war to be had.”

A NEW FANG-BANGER | Arlene’s got a new man in her life — and he’s a biter. “He’s just sexually attracted to Arlene at first, then he falls in love,” Riley Smith told us of his character, Keith. “She has a line where she says, ‘I’m not a fang-banger. I’m not going to go there.’ And I have to woo her into it.” And woo he does! “I had to get nude,” Smith admitted. “It was a 16-hour day for one sex scene on a pool table, but by hour three, Carrie and I were so comfortable and normal with it.”

Truebies, what do you hope to see in True Blood‘s final season? Are there any characters you secretly want to meet the True Death? Drop your confessions in the comments section below. (We won’t judge.)

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  1. Wtactualf says:

    I hope Bill dies a violent death. It’s all he deserves, really.

    • Deborah Ann Pease says:

      Witactualf thats Bs Bill. Does not deserve it Eric the one who deserve it its hes the reason the govement declaired war on all vamps he killed that got in season 5 hes to blame for vamps getting infected n his sister being killed n n what he did to lala pissed me off he should get a violent true death bill is a good man Lillian had him brain washed

    • D Nelson says:

      Seriously… But I bet he doesn’t … I’m seeing HEA for him on the bloody show (no pun intended)…you can usually tell the book fans from the show fans…

  2. DebFransen says:

    I hope Eric dies the true death… Every one hates Bill, but Eric was worse than Bill….He tried to kill Lafayette….

    • alistaircrane says:

      Not “everyone” hates Bill. There’s just a vocal minority of Eric fans on the internet who like to bash Bill. Most people like Bill and want him and Sookie to reunite (and rightfully so).

      • LW says:

        Most people actually have more intelligence than to wish to condemn Sookie to the clutches of slimy Compton.
        It is indeed the Billusionals who are in the minority and who troll websites to prop up their ‘hero’, just as TB has had to prop up this rather pathetic character.
        The predictable insults directed at other fans are just a pitiful attempt to distract from the reality that Compton is a serial abuser of women, particularly Sookie.

      • TruetotheEnd says:

        There’s a time I would have agreed with you – but I don’t like how Bill’s character has evolved. He was sweet and loyal at first – then developed into a completely evil narcissist who has had moments of showing he still cares for Sookie – but mostly when it’s convenient for him. It looks like they’re going to try to bring out Bill’s good side again this season, and I am guessing he and Sookie will get another shot at romance this season. But his character has strayed too far for me to redeem him. Eric’s character on the other hand has (mostly) evolved in the other direction – started out as a completely unfeeling, diabolical character and has evolved into mostly a hero – and often an unselfish one to boot.

      • D Nelson says:

        No most True Blood fans like Bill..Southern Vampire series fans are prob 99% team Eric …and for good reason

    • Wtactualf says:

      Really? A Bill fan wants to talk body count? That’s laughable. Guess you guys forgot about Bill almost killing Jason last season.

      • Not to mention it was Bill’s idea to blow up the True Blood factories which lead to the current Hep V mess.

        Bill also allowed Sookie to be beaten nearly to death just to get his blood into her, he lied and manipulated their whole relationship while he became addicted to her blood, he’s called her an abomination, told her she was dead to him and wouldn’t help her get out of marrying Warlow. Yeah. He’s a saint. NOT! Why anyone would think these are acts of true love is totally beyond me.

        I’ve come to terms with the writers not giving us a real non-amnesia Eric & Sookie relationship. In my opinion, that was a major loss! However, the only thing that could redeem this show and make it go out in style would be to have Sookie end the series standing on her own two feet without a man, vampire, fae or were and having it be her choice. A Bill/Sookie reunion now is just lame and forced.

        • Kerrielynn says:

          You are so right. So many years ago they strayed away from the books and the show really leaves you wondering! We have never seen Sookie and Eric hook up and that is sad. Eric is a real pill at times but when it came to Sookie he did his very best to treat her well help her when he could of course he did some trickery by getting her to take his blood but that is not quite like the Bill Sookie relationship. Alcide needs to find another were to be whole. I wonder if they will put Pam and Eric together at the end. You never know with this show. They may go as far as killing Sams woman off so he can hook it up with Sookie another cliff hanger.

    • Deborah Ann Pease says:

      I agree with you defranse

  3. I’d like Bill to die, but we’d never get that lucky and he won’t.

    I’d like Sookie to end up with Eric, but Alexander Skarsgard left the set early so she won’t.

    Hopefully the season won’t actually suck as much as everyone thinks it is going to. That would be a very pleasant surprise.

  4. Autumn says:

    So that means that Eric is going to be M.I.A. for most of the season? Ugh. I couldn’t even watch the last two seasons (except for a couple of scenes online). At this point, I will read the ending to see if I like it first.

  5. alistaircrane says:

    I love Bill! Can’t wait for the long-awaited Bookie reunion! I have been rooting for them since Episode 1!

  6. Hoping Pam saves Eric…don’t want him to die.

  7. Looking forward to True Blood Final Season premier. I’m going to have to rewatch some of the last few episodes as it’s been so long I can’t remember what happened last year. Overall, it’s been a great show with some twists and turns.

  8. Fernanda says:

    My worst scenario is that the True Blood finale will be the same as the books ending. Also, I will love to see Sookie out of Bon Temps and all the craziness ala Six Feet Under finale. But the body counts would be bigger even with the original cast members. My deathly wish list: Arlene, Sam, Holly, Tara’s mom, Andy or maybe Jessica.

  9. mmcmillan says:

    In the book Sookie ends up with Sam. Baa has haa

  10. Tonnia Burge says:

    I am a 54 year old woman who has never read the books and I am so sad this show is ending it has been my number one show I look forward to there goes my tv why

  11. larakingsley says:

    I’m so sad this is coming to an end, especially with the way it seems it will end. And this whole war between fans regarding Bill VS Eric and or any other male… It’s getting quite old

  12. chloe says:

    I love Eric more than bill, he showed a side of love, compassion, honesty. Bill lied from the beginning, sent by the Queen only to kidnap Sookie, the horror. Alcide is the best men for Sookie hands down. Honest, loyal, strong and absolutely beautiful(oHHHHH GOD!)

    • Robin Taylor says:

      But, Fernanda, if you have read the books, then you know that Sookie ends up with SAM! There has been such a wide detour from the books that I don’t really expect to see that happening, as that would require some disaster to that nice girl Nicole (portrayed by Jurnee Smollet) who has had Sam’s baby buy the end of last season (off-screen). I wonder if it’s a shifter? Would the off-spring of Alcide and Sookie in the TRUE BLOOD universe be a werewolf? If those are genetically transmitted, then, are they recessive or dominant? Remember, in the books, Jason IS turned into a were-panther!

      Chloe, I agree with you! Eric (Alex Skaarsgard) is too pale and too skinny. Joe Manganiello really is a body-builder, and I’m just furious that he had so little screentime in MAGIC MIKE!

  13. personally says:

    Just rewatched the whole series, and I would personally prefer she end up with Alcide. I don’t know, maybe it’s just leftover feelings from reading Twilight and wishing Bella had ended up with Jacob. It just seems like a similar situation in a way (yes, I know, most True Blood fans probably want to throttle me for making that comparison right now). But what she has with Alcide just seems smarter. Heck, they both said it themselves. The feelings there aren’t so strong that it seems unhealthy like with her and the vampires. Plus, there’s the whole being able to grow old with him and have babies with him and not having to worry that he wants to drink her blood.

    • jbj says:

      Agreed! While I don’t care much for Bill, I do like Eric and Sam, in their own way. In the end, though, I feel like Alcide is the most honorable and least manipulative of her four suitors.

      • jbj says:

        I also have been rewatching the first 3 seasons (thank you, Amazon), and the signs of Bill’s deceit are so glaring that I don’t get how people can still root for him. Sookie fell in love with a completely different person, and sacrificed a lot for him. He was driven by obligation and the taste of her fairy blood.

  14. amy says:

    Bill between he and the late Steve Newlin they cause more pain than any other. Bill lied to Sookie, over and over! He deserves the true death.

  15. Truefan says:

    I wish the season would end with a coherent storyline. Seasons 1 and 2 were great. I don’t have high hopes for season 7 because the writers have made such a me
    ss of this show, there is little chance of fixing it.
    If there aren’t many scenes with Eric, I probably won’t watch the show consistently. Eric is by far the most interesting and compelling character . The other person I really liked was Russell .
    Sookie should end up with Alcide. The two unlikeable characters deserve each other.
    Who should meet the true death? I pick Sookie, Alcide, Tara, and Sam.

  16. Cas says:

    I think Sookie should end up with Alcide or Eric but since Eric obviously won’t be happening I just hope not Bill at this point. If anyone can watch the seasons all over and see how Bill treated her and still want them to end up together well that’s beyond me. At least Eric was always honest with his intentions I feel like from the beginning, he never portrayed himself as something he wasn’t. I remember when Bill first hooked up with Sookie, at that time I wanted her to be with Sam. But when I read that in the books she ended up with Sam, it made no sense to me to have her do that in the series because Sam and her have barely interacted over the last few years. At times I wasn’t even sure they remembered each other. Either way the fact that Eric won’t be in the season much means it’ll be lackluster. But hopefully still decent.

  17. Junie says:

    Bill and Sookie…Sookie and Bill. I am so hoping for them to end up together. They are electric together on screen ( and there are plenty of people who feel the same way I do)

  18. ME says:

    All I want for this season is to see M. Cataliedes, Quinn, Amelia Broadway on! And FF Alcide

  19. Eireann says:

    Personally I like Eric and Sookie together because I love Eric. Also can I just say that for those who say Bill and Sookie have such good chemistry, well obviously they do they’re married. Eric better come back soon he’s one of my favorite characters, along with Jason, Jessica, Andy, Adilyn and Holly. I also wouldn’t care if Bill was killed and probably wouldn’t care if Sookie died, besides the fact that I want her and Eric to end up together. Totally bummed this is the last season.

  20. Mel says:

    Am I the only one who wants Sookie to stay with Alcide? I love him. He is so good to her and so good-looking. If he dies or they break-up I will feel like TB wronged me.

  21. Wes says:

    Death to Sarah Newlin.

  22. Mary says:

    I’d like Sookie to end up with Eric but I doubt it’s going to happen. Sort of dreading watching this final season and scared of how much the writers may ruin this show. I feel like Eric is the one who cares about Sookie the most. Yeah he may like to see if he can get something in exchange for helping her mostly to annoy her and see how far he can push her but he’d do it anyways because he loves her. Out of everyone he’s the only one to truly respect her wishes and feelings. Sookie needs to accept that she’s not normal and cannot lead a normal life. Normal is overrated. And she needs to stop being so stubborn and open her eyes to the truth that’s staring her in the face. Eric loves her and would do almost anything for her. He bought her house for her because he wouldn’t give up on her, he walked away because it was what she wanted and he have her back the house. All he ultimately wants is her happiness. I liked Bill in season 1 but his character has gone too far astray for him to be redeemed enough for sookie to go back to.

  23. toriluv says:

    I believe Eric and Bill should die a violent death they both caused people great pain brainwashed or not.