Glee Bosses Reveal Final Season Theme, Confirm 'There Will Be a Lot Going On In [Spoiler]'

Glee Recap End of Twerking

Glee is going old school in its final season.

Series co-creator Ryan Murphy told TVLine at Thursday’s Critics Choice Television Awards (where he was honored with the Louis XIII Genius Award) that the show will shift back to its original conceit in Season 6.

“We’re working on the last season now, and it really feels like it’s getting back to its roots, which I love,” he shared. “I’m sort of reinvigorated about it. It’s getting back to what I was initially interested in with the show, which was arts in school. The last season is really about the importance of arts education in our high schools… I think people will like it.”

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Murphy’s quotes — as well as fellow EP Brad Falchuk’s assertion to TVLine that “there will be a lot going on in Lima” in Season 6 — all but confirms speculation that much of the action will once again take place at McKinley High.

Murphy, meanwhile, admitted that he “sort of stepped away from Glee a little bit” last season to focus on directing HBO’s The Normal Heart. Cory Monteith’s death also made working on the show challenging. “To be honest with you, my heart kind of broke a little bit,” he conceded. “It was very difficult, not just for me, but for everybody.” (Additional reporting by Scott Huver)

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  1. chloe says:

    Lmao, he has been saying about going back to the roots of the show since the start of season three. This show is a mess. You have Rachel finally reach Broadway, decide to move to LA, now back to McKinley. Awesome!

    • "A" Has Risen says:

      There will be a big time jump apparently so its not really picking up after she had left NY so they will probably tell us what happened and stuff. So just wait and see what happens.

    • Shazay says:

      Yasssss!! Preach my friend. Yes to everything you say! The show is a straight up MESS now. Filled with total nonsense. Loved the show, now I “hate watch” it because I always try to finish shows I started. It’s a chore, and not fun. I’m hoping they can tie it up and leave us with something that redeems the original concept of the show. I’m usually upset when they order shorter seasons of my shows, but in this case I was relived.

      • Agree. I struggled to get through seasons four and five. I don’t think I could do a whole season. They can’t fix it and bring back a credible number of viewers. It’s too late. My guess is the only people watching the ending will be the Klaine wedding fans.

    • Mike says:

      Then don’t watch.

  2. Samantha says:

    Well this is the worst idea. It was finally getting good again and now you’re going to introduce more characters we don’t care about? Ugh.

    • Angela says:

      …that’s not said anywhere in the article? Just because they may be going back to Lima doesn’t automatically mean they’re going to introduce new characters. Maybe they’ll have the originals slowly working their way back for whatever reason (not necessarily permanently, but they might come back for a visit or something).

      • Dani says:

        They will need kids for the Choir room, that means more new characters.

        • Angela says:

          Or they may just be random background kids, too. Or they may not even focus on a whole new choir at all, instead bringing the originals back to hang out in the choir room for this and that. This is going to be their final season, and it’ll be a short one at that. It would be kind of pointless to bring whole new characters as a result. It could happen, perhaps, sure, but I don’t see them really going that way.

      • Mike says:

        That’s not said anywhere in the article? Are you asking a question?

    • "A" Has Risen says:

      Well that was the original idea technically. Graduate the originals, bring in newbies, graduate them, and so on. But they changed their vision before season 3 and kept them all around. I personally like that they are going back to their roots with the show. They were mainly focused on the arts in the schools in seasons 1-3, mostly in season 1 but seasons 4 and 5 took that away a little. That was to concept of the show really and that’s what I really loved about it. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the previous 2 seasons but I really missed that aspect of the show. I was fine with new characters coming in because I knew that’s what they had envisioned originally so I didn’t really get THAT attached to characters till I heard they had changed their plans.

  3. Scott Johnston says:

    The nice thing about the show finishing up is that the creators can do whatever they want to, and all the hater comments they’ll get for that will have no impact whatsoever.

    And it serves all the so-called fans right.

  4. Allen says:

    They should have just gone the PLL route an had their senior year last five seasons lol.

  5. I think that Ryan Murphy definitely stepped way back from the show after Cory’s death. Regardless of the multitude of other projects, that couldn’t have been easy to try and redirect a show that basically built its last couple of seasons around a character/couple that is no longer there. Between the HBO movie, and American Horror Story, where does Glee fit in? Some shows start out so strong in concept, but sadly fall apart when the idea gets muddled down with so many problems. The core kids that made that show so special are graduated and moved on. So you are now filling spots with what feels like a cheap imitation (no disrespect to the actors, but they are filling a type-cast) and the charm diminishes. It was the main cast, combined with the school and teachers and music that made Glee such a fun, touching show to watch. They should have let it go after this season, and maybe he could go full steam ahead and spend more time fleshing out AHS with a better story then try to direct an already sinking ship like Glee.

  6. Nick says:

    When Glee first started I always figured the show was seen through the perspective of Will, since he was the main character in the beginning. So I always thought all the musical numbers were an escape in his head from the hellish reality of his actual life. What he wanted his life to be like versus what it actually was. But that never happened, so maybe they are going to retcpn all the previous seasons as being in his head? Just a thought.

    • Steven says:

      You may be too young but that plot device has been used so often from Newhart to St Elsewhere to Dallas… Its not original anymore & audience won’t buy it

  7. "A" Has Risen says:

    I think its good that they are going back to their roots. People will say “its not true that they are” and that “Ryan lies all the time” but I’m certain Ryan is serious about going back to their roots. So I’m excited about the final season and can’t wait for it to air. And besides, its the final season. If people want to hate because its not what they want to happen then oh well, it’ll have no impact really haha. Here’s to season 6! :D

  8. Heyer Chick says:

    Oh, dear god. We finally broke free of Glee’s own 7th circle of hell, the endlessly repeating groundhog day with showchoir, only to get sucked back in. Nothing good can come of this for any of the graduated characters.

  9. cindi says:

    It doesn’t matter what Ryan says, nobody is watching any way. But Ryan’s heart only broke a little bit from Cory’s death, is that all he can say, really.

  10. Moretti says:

    Does somebody in its conscious still care about this show?

    • Angela says:

      Well, considering all the replies here (yours included), I’d say, yeah, there’s still some interest.

      • karen says:

        Well, Glee lost 45% of their audience in the course of a season, so not too many people left, if you ask me

        • Jillian says:

          You act like the Nielsen ratings are the end all-be all for Glee fans. Just because 45% of Nielsen “fans” stopped watching the show doesn’t mean much.

        • Angela says:

          All you asked was whether or not people still cared about this show, though. Even if the number is small, the fact remains that yes, apparently people are obviously still interested on some level.

          I will always be amused by people who come into comment sections about a show and are like, “Who cares?” or “People still care about this?” or whatever. If you don’t care or don’t think anyone else does, then why are you even bothering to comment at all?

  11. TJ935 says:

    I’m just going to pretend Glee ended in S3. Going by the leaked spoilers S6 is going to be Rachel stuck back as a Lima Loser along with the Real Loser that is Sam and Blaine along for the ride. Glee with Chord Overstreet as the male lead is a crapfest waiting to happen. As is bringing in more Newbies. The last ones sucked! They need to give Ryan an award on being a genius on destroying the best parts of a show. Glee’s real message is don’t dream big because you will end up back where you were bullied and tormented as a teen. As far as the Arts matter, well that message is it’s not worth the time because you will be bored 3 weeks after you achieve your big dream and quit. Oh and Ryan, I didn’t even know Cory and my heart broke more then just a “little bit”

    • cindi says:

      My heart broke more than a little bit, too. This just shows Ryan’s true feelings about Cory. I am glad others of the cast , crew and writers acknowledged how important Cory was to the show.Karma is a bitch Ryan and look what has happened to your show without Cory.

    • netta says:

      TJ935… I think you pretty much said it all. Thank you, especially for highlighting out the implied “don’t dream big” message, since Glee has turned into treating the characters’ dreams as cute little bucket-list items, check ’em off and go home. I sicken to think that there are any kids out there who might actually think this is what they should do. That it claims to be inspiring just makes it all so much worse. And that they claim it’s anti-bullying but consistently show Rachel being bullied with impunity by her so-called close friends is yet another way in which the show fails to come anywhere close to what it claims to be.

  12. Katy says:

    Let me guess, Rachel’s pilot fails in LA, she’s already been told that if she leaves her current show that she will be mud in NY sooooo now she’s going to be time jumping to teaching at McKinley.

  13. Not the direction I thought the show would go in, but certainly the direction I think the show should go in. Ironic, though, that a show about a glee club called “New Directions” would go backwards in an old direction rather than forwards in a new direction.

  14. Nobae says:

    Ryan Murphy and the rest of the Glee writers knows how bad Glee hasn’t gotten since season three. It’s just none of them are admitting how much they screwed up. The show is dead, barely drawing in more that 2 mil viewers. It’s just the best for them to end the show with as much dignity as possible. And for god’s sake, they really should stop blaming it on the death of Cory cuz that’s just pathetic

  15. netta says:

    What is being designated a “Louis XIII Genius” supposed to mean? Given that Louis XIII is often considered to have been quite inept as a king… well, seems appropriate in this case.

  16. Alex M. says:

    WHY?!?! :((

  17. dude says:

    I feel like he says he’s “really invigorated” by Glee basically every season. He was really excited about Glee’s fourth season and we know how that turned out.

  18. RichieS says:

    All for the return to Lima as long as they bring back Will’s quartet the “aca-fellas”.

  19. Fabe says:

    I don’t think even the creators understood that this show should have been about Rachel the entire time. It was my perception that she was the main character of the show, and deservedly so, until the show started deviating from her talent and focusing on inane characters and storylines. I’m very disappointed in how they handled Rachel’s story arc. We should see her journey through to the end, and it should only be about her, not the school. However, I am very proud of the work Lea Michele has done on the show–she’s a true star, just like Rachel Berry.

    • dcl33 says:

      perception that Rachel was center character shifted mid season 1, or towards end of season 1. before that Will was center character, it was his dream about directing show choir. They tinkled with Rachel being main character untill they introduced Blaine. After that it was all about her and him and Kurt. And then season 4 happened, and they’ve put all the original cast in the background ( remember NY plot was small and boring as hell before they moved Santana there) and pushed the newbies in front. Rachel was never main character, it was whole cast. Pushing her and Blaine forward and others in background made people leave the show, that and the horrible atrocious lazy writing.

    • Tracy says:

      I agree! Lea is the star of the show and it is Rachel’s journey to become a star that we want to see!

    • Ruby says:

      They started deviating from Rachel because of the contingent of fans who were constantly whining about why other characters didn’t get equal attention. Like Tina has even a half ounce of the talent that Rachel does or something. That’s the thing that showrunners need to stop doing, paying attention to the internet. Because the opinions are so varied, and the haters have the biggest voices. Showrunners need to block all that crap out and remember that it’s THEIR story they’re telling, and do their thing.

  20. mike says:

    I am excited about the return of the glee club, that is the true heart of the show!!

  21. ewwww! says:

    How long are they going to milk the Cory M. death? Yeah- it was a tragedy that the guy died and all but let’s get real, that guy was no James Dean.
    At this point, it just seems disrespectful to his memory that they keep bringing him up.

  22. Sweetest66 says:

    That’s a terrible idea. The last few episode in NY were so good, why change things??? I mean Rachel makes it to Broadway (for about 1 month) and then she moves to LA and now what?! Back to Lima?! And what about Kurt and Blaine??? They can’t get married in Ohio (and the wedding NEEDS to happen) and June was going to make them become stars!!! That can’t happen in Ohio!! Do we have to endure the newbies again?? And please please please please don’t introduce any new characters…

    • KC says:

      I agree. By focusing on NY only the show got so much better! The focus on ‘new’ kids in Lima and rehashing all the same old stories was terrible. By moving on to more adult Glee, the better it became. I’ll still watch S6, but I’m sure they will not do the characters any justice by putting them back in a HS setting (if that is what is happening)

  23. Dr. L says:

    Great! The show lost focus with the NY-split and the total NY attention backfired. A little reboot would be nice because the high school music thing was amazing early on.

  24. AdamJ says:

    Here’s how you do this, its 10 years later and Mr.Shue is in the garage going thru old boxes, moving stuff around and he finds a folder full of his old lesson plans for the new directions…He takes them inside to Emma and their kid/kids and starts to tell the story of how he would start each week by writing something on the whiteboard……each week is a series of flashbacks to that weeks lesson and songs.

    How you get Quinn and Finn’s characters back well that will take some Hollywood magic(cutting room floor).

  25. Cate53 says:

    I’m a huge Gleek, but let’s be honest, the show should have ended with the graduation of the main cast. Maybe a few episodes to tie up what happens to them post-high school. There is something charming about kids chasing their dreams at school, that becomes less sweet when they are young adults.
    Another real problem is the new batch they brought in – Marley, Jake, Ryder etc. only Unique was any sort of misfit – as the original bunch were. Anyone who watched S2 of the Glee Project knows there was a really diverse interesting group of potentials and who did Ryan Murphy pick as the winner? The handsome white dude! It was the driven and slightly insane Rachel, wheelchair bound Artie, goth Tina, gay teen Kurt, bad boy Puck etc that captured the imagination. Yes, Finn and Quinn were the more traditional cheerleader/ football player types but we had the teen pregnancy storyline too. Apart from Unique, the new kids were all much too pretty too be much of an underdog.

  26. Kate says:

    The writing/long term vision of this show is such a mess and it didn’t just start this past season. It says a lot that one of the better episodes in a while was written by one of the actors. The last straw for me was Rachel quitting on NYADA to focus on Broadway and then quitting on that after a month. I don’t see how they can fix things by going back to Lima to be honest.

  27. dan says:

    Rachel’s television show is “Glee.” They film it at the old school, and all the kids who are grown up play high schoolers in her TV show. Lots of in-jokes about people who clearly aren’t teenagers playing teenagers. They don’t have new characters, other than a few, and get to tell more high school stories with the cast.

    And everyone hates it because it’s too “meta.” Just a guess.

  28. Mark says:

    No one cares

  29. Cheri says:

    It is too late to give to sheets about. Glee sucks. It was ruined in season 3. It should have ended when they graduated. Season 4 was the worst television that I have ever seen. I didn’t give a hoot about season 5. Now, season 6, it is way too late to care.

  30. Tracy says:

    Glee’s last season sounds like a mess! They should get rid of Ryan Murphy – he obviously doesn’t know what he is doing and doesn’t care about what people want to see! Sad the way he has ruined Glee!

  31. Tracy says:

    If they have Rachel fail and end up back at McKinley I won’t bother watching the last season! We’ve spent years watching her grow up to be a star so that would be a total waste!

  32. Steven says:

    Too bad no one cares anymore

  33. Robin says:

    I think as last season ended, I figured out what’s going on. No, Rachel’s show doesn’t flop. Glee, is Rachel’s show. What we’ve seen for 5 seasons, is Rachel’s story. Rachel now has been offered the TV show, but in essence, what we’ve seen all along, IS this show, that now has coming to Rachel’s plate. Seasons 1-5 have been the past. Rachel has always been the narrator. Ryan also always said, even with Cory, they would have all ended up in Lima. Rachel coming home to him. Him having taken over the Glee club. After probably bringing it back, now that the club is no longer there. Just as Will did season 1. He was a member as a student. The club went under, and season 1, Will is back as a teacher, starting Glee club all over again. And I think that’s what Cory would have done. Become a teacher, and renewed Glee Club. And after winning her Tony.l Rachel comes home to Lima and to Cory. So, now someone else I think will be taking over Glee Club. Reviving it first. Maybe Rachel. Maybe Sam.. Or well, one of them. And Rachel comes home, maybe also being a part of it. Anyway.. The fact that Rachel has been offered now this new TV show.. That show, is what we’ve all seen the past 5 seasons. Rachel’s story. Ryan always said Glee was Rachel’s story. Also, I don’t think Ryan meant it literally, that Cory’s death broke his heart, a little. I think he meant really, a whole lot, and that’s why his focus was sidetracked last season. I for one, am one who does still care about this show. It’s not the same without Cory. Miss him a lot. But I still care about this show and these characters.

  34. I.R.E. says:

    Yeah, even if Jayma Mays is doing well in The Millers, she just made a wrong move leaving Glee too soon when her Glee role is already married to Matthew Morrison’s role. We know that FOX had a general financial network collapsing incident situation and member Kevin O’Reilly is already been pinkslipped for that cause.

    Jayma should return to Glee as a recurring guest in some Season 6 episodes.

    Rachel may have move on from Finn and meet a better new boyfriend and then get married.

  35. Rod says:

    Glee, at its core, was always about how the Glee Club helped misfits feel better about themselves through song. Getting back to the concept is the right way to go. It will probably start with all the former students coming back to take down Sue once and for all as all Arts at all the schools will be in jeopardy. The last season was an unfocused mess because of the loss of Cory and now they can get back to one narrative. And if they bring in some new talent, I say great, as long as they ground them in a little reality than the over the top situations they saddled the last new batch with.

  36. Pat says:

    That’s kind of a bummer. I stopped watching after season 2 because high school melodrama got old. This year I came back because of Adam and stayed because the characters and situations were a little more interesting. I don’t think I can return to McKinley, Ryan, sorry.

  37. Monica says:

    The only thing I care about is to know if Naya Rivera is coming back and if she is going to have a storyline. I’ve had enough of Glee and the only actor and character I like is Naya/Santana.

  38. I enjoyed seeing the guys in New York being adults,It was refreshing for the show.If were going back to mainly focusing on Lima for a while then I hope this final season takes a different path then the last.If we get one more love triangle between two boys fighting over a girl,I’m going crazy.Make Jake and Ryder forget about Marley and fall in love with each other,that could be interesting lol.Give us more back story on the other characters that haven’t graduated,give us more depth.

  39. KevyB says:

    What this sounds like is everybody on the boards hollered about how awful the entire Rachel-on-TV idea was, so Murphy decided that what we want is for the show to go back to Lima. No, Mr Murphy, what we want is for your characters and plots to have some friggin’ continuity! Or I should say what we WANTED was that, because most people abandoned this show last season and a large portion of the ones who stuck around won’t be back for whatever new idiocy you’ve concocted.

  40. acurat says:

    Bigger question for Glee – does anyone still care? Many tuned out the last two seasons and the ratings tanked big time. Adding former Disney star Demi Lovotto added a small bump for a few episodes, and so did American Idol star Adam Lambert (both together with an original song was a strength of last season). However both are busy now as Lambert is fronting a Queen reunion and Lovatto is busy promoting her new album on tour. Not sure this old show has enough in the tank to generate more than a pathetic 1.0 in the Nielsen’s as it finished last season with that rating (about what “The Glee Project” on Lifetime gave them in its hay-day four years ago).

  41. What? says:

    So it’s going to be a show about a high school show choir again, then? Not a forum for the gay rights agenda?

  42. dc says:

    “. . . the show will shift back to its original conceit. . .”
    I love a good Freudian slip.

  43. Sooooo wait. I thought they were going to focus solely on NYC from here on out? Wasn’t that sort of the point towards the end of last season? They were cutting all those Lima kids out? Now will Kitty and the gang be back on the show? Get it together, Glee.

  44. Angel.myau says:

    I don’t care actually about the show as long as I see as much Klaine as possible ))))

  45. 3knights says:

    I really enjoyed the 1st season and 2nd season with The Warblers was fun! Handled the 3rd. After that it seem to lose something. When the newbies came on, it was ruined. I have watched it, d v r so I could just hear the songs. Will watch final season to see how this show will finally end!!

  46. Ellymae says:

    Ryan, Ryan, Ryan… you are so good at writing incredible, loveable, (and more importantly likeable) characters… but you’re equally good at getting bored with them and killing them. Except your killing isn’t immediate (as you had us thinking about Quinn in her texting accident cliff-hanger). No, your killing is slow and painful and torturous – not for the characters but for the audience. You build us up, then drop the ball on story lines and relationships. Sometimes that happens over time, sometimes it is week-to-week.

    I’ve not bothered to watch any of your other shows because I don’t want to invest any more of my time in vanishing characters and dead-end plots and subplots that started strong then simply stop. It’s a shame, because I think you’re probably one of the best creative minds there is, as far as concepts go.

  47. Liza says:

    I am predicting time jump and a possible 10 year reunion thing for the whole 13 episodes.

  48. di says:

    I hope this is true. Glee was at its best when it took place at the school and they had multiple group numbers. I miss some of the characters from the school, especially Sue, Mr. Figgins, Beast. Jacob Artist was very talented, he had some excellent songs he did. The last season was mostly the Rachel Berry show and I did not enjoy it. A happy Rachel is an annoying Rachel. The best singer was Cory Monteith though, really miss him.

  49. nunya says:

    I cannot stand this show it is so annoying talk talk talk sing sing talk talk

  50. Abbie says:

    All I care about seeing in Season 6 is Kurt and Blaine’s wedding. I will be really disappointed if we don’t get to see it. I also would love it if Matt Bomer came back to play Blaine’s brother Cooper.

    • Angel.myau says:

      Same s*it! Really, those two are the only reason to watch all the show ))) and I barely noticed what was going on in season 4 as newbies were beneath ground.