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Baby Daddy Post Mortem: EP Talks Danny's Choice, Ben and Riley's Future

Baby Daddy Spoilers

ABC Family’s Baby Daddy wrapped its third season Wednesday, but did not wrap the ongoing Ben-Danny-Riley love triangle, which only became more complicated as the episode reached its “conclusion.”

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Below, executive producer Dan Berendsen discusses his thought process behind tonight’s emotional finale, and where the show’s central love triangle will go from here. (Plus, could a Bonnie/Tucker connection ever happen?)

TVLINE | Confession: I gasped when Danny and Riley almost kissed. Why didn’t you let them go for it?
Because I don’t think they’re there yet. They have a lot of places they need to grow. If you chart this, she’s just realizing that she might have feelings for him; I think that was a very honest moment when her emotions snuck up on her after he told her was leaving with another girl to start his future. The scene before that, she was in front of a huge crowd singing a love song to Ben, who she really does believe she loves. But in the back of her mind, there’s a thing about Danny, and it surprised her in that moment. … Also, Danny being who Danny is, he will never kiss his brother’s girlfriend. He’s a stand-up guy, and he’s never going to get in the way of his brother’s happiness. That’s one of the reasons he’s leaving.

baby-daddy-danny-rileyTVLINE | I can’t believe none of the characters have picked up on Danny’s feelings. He has the worst poker face.
It’s funny the way the show’s evolved, because [Derek Theler] really is Danny in real life. Originally, his character was going to be a little more Ben-like, and he was going to be out with a different girl every night — that professional athlete stereotype. But you just wouldn’t believe that with him. When he dates, he almost always falls in love. He wears his heart on his sleeve, as does Derek.

TVLINE | I try not to get too attached to Danny’s girlfriends, as they tend to pick up on his feelings for Riley and leave. How should I feel about Georgie?
[Laughs] I wouldn’t fall in love with her, but you can fall in like with her. To be honest, it doesn’t help that she was just cast as the lead in ABC’s new show Galavant. So I wouldn’t fall too super in love with her.

TVLINE | Good call. So will we see Danny leave and come back, or does he not leave at all?
He leaves and comes back. The start of the season is going to explore where we left off. Ben and Riley are finally a couple, but he just witnessed that exchange on the roof. And that episode was the first time Ben ever had a hint that his brother might have feelings for Riley. And it’s going to eventually come out that Riley already knew about Danny; if you remember, in Season 2, she heard that phone message from him, saying he’s in love, then deleted it. That’s going to come out. In the middle of the season, we’re going to break up this love triangle a little bit, and by the end of the season, you’ll know for sure who Riley is going to be with. The end of Season 4, you’ll know the fate of the love triangle.

TVLINE | Have you always had the same brother in mind, or has it changed?
I’ve known since halfway through Season 1. I suspected, but I’ve done enough shows — like The Nine Lives of Chloe King — where it changes based on the actor’s chemistry with people. But this has pretty much stuck since the beginning.

baby-daddy-bonnie-tuckerTVLINE | Speaking of chemistry, let’s talk about Bonnie and Tucker. Is that ever going to happen?
I think we’d probably be accused of jumping the shark, but it’s true, they do have this amazing chemistry together. I think they have an odd attraction for each other. Bonnie dated his father this season, so that’s not a huge [leap]. There’s obviously something in the Dobbs men that she finds attractive. What I like about these two characters is that they’ve developed into total frenemies; they can’t stand each other unless they need each other. … There’s a love/hate thing between them, but I don’t think it’s sexual. I can’t say “no” ever, but that’s certainly not part of my plan.

TVLINE | Should we expect a time jump between Season 3 and 4?
We typically don’t. I think we’ll be coming back within a week or two after the finale. We ended the season with such high emotions, I don’t want to cheat the audience of seeing that play out. Ben’s not going to be like, “Hey, remember when you were on the roof with Danny a month ago?”

Baby Daddy fans, how do you think the love triangle will play out? Are you Team Ben or Team Danny? And what are your thoughts on Bonnie and Tucker? Drop a comment below!

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  1. Liz says:

    It’s pathetic how much I want this to end up Danny/ Riley. I honestly try not to “ship” anyone too hard, but there’s something about them that’s awesome. The writers have never sold me on Ben/Riley.

    • Stamanah says:

      Exactly how I feel. Danny’s been the clear choice since the pilot; Ben is too flaky with his emotions to seem like a true contender. It’s driving me crazy how much the writers seem to push him and Riley together when it doesn’t feel right.

      • Christina says:

        Yes. I agree a little but I think it should be Ben/Riley. Everybody knows that Danny is Riley’s best friend. If they ended up together that would make their relationship really awkward. Danny and Riley almost kissed. But he hesitated to go through with it meaning that it just wouldn’t have been right. The producers aren’t pushing Ben to Riley their just doing whats happening. Ben has feelings for Riley and Riley feels the same way in return THAT has been extremely clear to some viewers who think like me. Danny really wants to be with Georige. When she broke up with him he was so upset. He did what he could just to make her feel like she was part of the family. Some people always use the excuse ” Danny loved Riley for so long.” My response to that would be “And, Ben doesn’t.” It’s not a matter of who loved longer or who judged her first. Or even who better looking. It’s who’s really perfect for her. Danny kept his feelings from Riley for a while. And it’s obvious that she’s done the same. As soon as she found out he was leaving that’s when she realized how she really felt about him. Maybe now she knows and I think she should tell him. Ben clearly told Riley that what happened in the past is different from who he feels now. He told her that he changed because he knew just how he felt about her. To do that for someone to me is true love. Danny wouldn’t have to change for Riley and I will say that but, it seems like he’s already found the one he needs and wants to be with. Danny and Riley still and always will love each other. That doesn’t mean they have to be together to still continue to feel the same way. And, I still stand by my statement and say that Ben and Riley should be together.

        • Skylar says:

          I think that you are completely wrong! Danny kept his feeling from Riley because he thought she didn’t feel the same way and he didn’t want to ruin what he had with her. Now, if and when they DO get together, they will have a few adjusting problems but they belong together

          • Loyda Ott says:

            So True ‘ 👌.

          • marie says:

            so you are saying, even though he is soo big, he is just a “quack quack”, who cannot be honest with himself!
            she should choose ben.

          • Damion says:

            Lol I definitely don’t agree that Danny belongs with her … He is a good friend and a great brother but Ben has changed a lot and you can tell how much w truly cares and I believe that’s the way it should be … Id be quite disappointed if it were Danny and Riley …

          • Montii04 says:

            AGREED!! Ben has changed soo much to be with Riley. they belong together.If her and Danny get together who will be her close guy friend? she will no longer have that guy to save her wen the other guy is gone:/

        • YellowPiggie says:

          I agree 100%

        • Emily Fitzpatrick says:

          THANK YOU FOR PICKING THE RIGHT COUPLE ALMOST EVERYONE WANTS danny/riley GO BEN AND RILEY oh and btw nice paragraph really powerful!!!

        • Rachel says:

          I think that you are COMPLETELY WRONG. Danny and Riley are truly right for each other, Danny almost told Riley and Georige that he loved and is still in love with Riley several different times and he only started to date Georige because people told him to move on. In the episode where they go to the Renaissance Fair he says “mom you told me to move on” so hes just trying to make Riley happy and give her what he thought that she wanted we can now see that she wants Danny from the way they almost kissed!!! He had to hold himself back and if he really was in love with Georige he wouldn’t have done that!!! So it just proves it also my mom says that you never really fall out of love with someone and if you did then it wasn’t true love at all!!!

          • emma says:

            your wrong tbh
            if they both loved each other why didnt they give it ago the way riley and ben did
            and if you say danny didnt want to ruin their friendship your wrong because he saw when riley and ben broke up that they were still friends !!

          • I don't know says:

            I just don’t think Riley and Danny should be together, they know each other too well, and it’s just not funny if they are together.

        • guest says:

          I completely agree

        • jonathan says:

          lol listen ben love for riley gets on my nerve, ever thing he does is off an whim…. honestly speaking riley love for ben is just a kids crush thats wants to be explore and ben like or loving jus seem so fake because your brother tells you riley have feeling and next thing you kno your madly in love yeah right danny love for her is genuine lol plot kinda reminds me of vampire diaries and i hoped damon got the girl because he was an total badass

          • emma says:

            if rileys crush is just a kids crush then so is dannys since they had a crush from around about the same time
            rileys love for ben is just as real as dannys crush on riley

          • Damion says:

            Ben goes through hell trying to get her to like him ? He is heart broken every time she says no and rejects him but he NEVER gives up on her… He loves her and he proves it … Congrats … Danny can’t even tell her he likes her and Ben does everything to show her how much she means to him … Danny is where e belongs … As a friend … A best friend but Ben DEFINITELY deserves Riley whether not Riley deserves everything Ben did for her ? Idk… Guess we need to wait to find out

          • Matt Blance says:

            I think u are wrong. I know Ben has been bad to Riley but she is good for him and makes him a better person. Danny falls in “love” with everyone he dates and will find the “perfect” girl for him, wehereas

          • Kahrynna says:

            Emma but don’t u see Danny liked Riley for who she was even was she was fat Ben likes the new her the skinny pretty one and to Danny that didn’t really matter to him

        • emma says:

          ben and riley yes
          everyone says ben doesnt know his feeling because he messes around with girls and if you have watched baby daddy, so has danny
          riley has clear feeling about ben and so does ben about riley
          so why not
          they are clearly meant to be
          danny and riley are just friends and anything more will ruin the show for me tbh

          • Chris says:

            I agree. Ben and Riley should be together. She has been there with him and helping him raise the baby. I can’t believe I’m using this as a reference but Ben/Riley/Danny are like Bella/Edward/Jacob. Ben is Riley’s true love but Danny is important.

            If this goes the Danny/Riley road I Will stop watching it. I’m stilled scarred from fiasco that is HIMYM.

        • Elsy says:

          I Super Agree With You

        • Haley says:

          I totally agree. I have wanted Ben and Riley since the first episode… Not Danny and Riley. It jut doesn’t feel or seem right. They have a brother and sister relationship and if they dated that would be awkward weird and it would most likely ruin the amazing relationship they have already. Ben and Riley should end up together… And if they don’t, than hopefully Danny treats Riley well and Ben finds someone else.

        • Dylan says:

          well, that danny an riley always loving each other comment does not sit quite right with me but apart from that, I LOVE your comment. Ben&Riley DEFINITELY!!!!

          • Aracelli says:

            OH MY GOD!!! You are totally
            Danny and Riley deserve to be together… Since the beginning… They have so much cemetery and romance and it doesn’t matter I Danny didn’t tell her!!! For gods sake he thought she wanted that… Plus he was afraid that se would reject him… Now tell me you haven’t felt like that every time you saw your crush and thought of telling them!!! Also Ben fell for Riley right after she got all skinny where as Danny as been in love with her ever since she was in high school and even if she was fat!! So yeah in obviously team Danny and Riley and yes your WRONG!!!!!

        • lace says:

          Ben and Riley!!

        • Alex says:

          I TOTALLY agree!!!! Ben just feels right and Danny should have the role of friend, not boyfriend. Like it’s always been

        • Sarah says:

          I totally agree.! Danny and Riley’s friendship is so much more important. And lets be honest what relationship that evolved out of a 20 year friendship, is really going to work… its always going to be a friendship and nothing more.

          • zynpbilal says:

            Have you ever considered the possibility that the reason why Danny and Riley are so close together for 20 years is that Danny has always been in love with her and thus he always has been there for her, no matter what. Ben, on the other hand, proved several times that he cannot “always” be there for her.

        • Mariah says:

          I agree with you 100% !

        • April says:

          I am DEFINITELY team ben all the way and that will NEVER change . Ben Riley and Emma just make me so happy when they’re acting like a family together ! Riley is practically already like a mom to Emma so when I see them altogether it malls me so happy ! I REALLY hope she chooses ben

        • Scruffy0117 says:

          I agree 201%

        • Jim says:

          No way, Ben is still pretty flaky…. and the only reason Danny hesitated is because hes a stand up guy

        • Grace says:

          I totally agree with you! Ben and Riley belong together!

        • heather says:

          i agree i think ben and riley should be together and it would be awkward for her and danny to betogether.

          • alonia says:

            It would not be awkward he only hesitated because of Ben at that moment. The danny and riley chemistry is unmistakeable its not the friendship its the love and attraction for each other.

        • Gladis says:

          I totally agree. I do hate that she might end up with. Danny ;(

        • Feras Shareefi says:

          don’t you think that ben started loving riley because she became so attractive after losing all that weight ? in my opinion , he is kind of shallow for loving or disliking a person for their body image

      • Unicornsrcool says:

        Oh my gosh thats exactly what i have been waiting for someone else to say because its exactly how i feel about the relationship there is between riley and danny they are perfect for each other. I dont get why riley has been throwing herself at ben when he never like her untill she changed her looks after highschool and then there is danny who liked her before all of that. Danny carved DW + RP in a heart in the tree house and even when he was with gorgie u could see in the backround how he was sad when riley was singing that song to ben at the neighborhood party in the last episode. I really want rilay and danny to end up with eachother! Danny has loved her for sooo long but riley never noticed how much he cared when he did sooooooooo much for her! It actually makes me kinda mad that ben was mean to riley all of high school but she still always had a crush on him. Ben doesnt deserve her i think she belongs with danny

        • love says:

          Danny’s the guy i want to want Riley to choose. Because he knows what he wants. We know he would never hurt her. He’s loved her for so long. But I’ve never been drawn to them as a couple. When i see Ben with another girl… it irks me so much. How can he move on so fast. How can he claim to feel the way he feels about Riley when it doesn’t take much for him to give his attention to someone else. But still. No matter how dumb he acts. Or the number of stupid mistakes he makes. I still can’t help wanting Riley to choose him. Riley and Danny seemed inseparable as kids; they’ve kissed, comforted each other, been there for each other. But for some reason Riley never seemed to consider him as an option. Not until she realized how he felt. I think that says a lot. I think if the feelings were there she would have realized them by now. And the things she’s feeling now. I think it has more to do with not wanting to lose her best friend than anything else.

          • jonathan says:

            but wouldnt that be said for ben who never consider riley an option til danny told him about her

          • Sarah says:

            I’m sure danny is sad.. but he’s also probably just causious… Riley is like a sister for him to protect, I think he’s more worried about Ben hurting her not himself being with her…. thats why he’s going to PARIS!

        • saulRico says:

          Im with team ben here , ur wrong when u say that ben only started lliking her after she change her looks after high school , he was just a kid and so very immature , he did not start liking her when he seen how she look , he hung out with her alot talked with her alot laughed with her alot so thats when he started seeing something in her

        • But I mean Ben and Riley do seem cute together when they are taking care of Emma!

        • katie pugach says:

          I agree 100%

          • Team Ben says:

            Honestly your defenitly wrong because Ben and Riley are perfect for each other! Oh my gosh when is season 4 airing!!! The suspense is killing me!!!

          • Ali says:

            ok so just wondering ~your comment was the most recent one I noticed~ but is season 4 aired yet? I posted this earlier and I have looked on like netflix, hulu, and even the baby daddy website on abc family and I still haven’t found one episode.

        • brandon says:

          Couldnt of said it any better!!! Nailed it…

        • bdoll78 says:

          I don’t think that Danny and Riley should end up together, since what if they don’t mesh together aa boyfriend and girlfriend and then they break up the relationship will change. I also don’t want to see Ben hurt because he is so happy when he is with Riley. If his brother wins Riley then I think Ben will probably never be the same. In the last episode, he was already doubting his relationship with Riley.

      • mia gonzalez says:

        i agree Danny has been there for her ups and downs he is the best for her since season 1 in pilot ^.^ ^.^

      • Garafreakinbetian says:

        Y’all are totally right. Danny and Riley just make more sense…I doubt this is the writers intention because it seems just too deep for such a shallow show (that I love) by the way…but its a little like “No Exit” by Sartre….that’s my nerdiness popping out.

    • Sara says:

      Ben has just always been too self-centered for my taste. It’s always been Danny for me. He’s loved her all along…chubby girl or not. It has to be them at the end!

      • mia gonzalez says:

        true since they were kids he even carved it in there tree house that was so cute OMG there are perf omg so want them to be together in season 4 i think ben is okay but danny is perfect for her sorry team ben got to go for team danny he is the best for riley #teamdanny i wonder whats going to happen in season 4 i want it to come out already #opinions #on #my #comment #awesome if there is any opinions on or comment am mia so comment or reply on wht i sayed :) #update

        • Team Ben says:

          Sorry team Danny I’m team ben Riley lives ben and so does ben now! OMG can’t wait til season 4 please do some research on when season 4 is airing!!!!

      • Molly says:

        Danny’s not in it for a sexual relationship either, like Ben typically is. It’s clear that Ben wants sex as soon as possible, and that isn’t how Danny feels. Danny is willing to wait for Riley and for when the time was right. It was almost right in the season finale, but Danny couldn’t do that to Ben. It said TLA, true love always, next to the heart in the treehouse, and Danny has clearly realized that sometimes true love means waiting.

        • emma says:

          just because he wants sex doesnt mean he doesnt love her

          • zynpbilal says:

            wanting sex “before” really getting to know her actually DOES mean that. He didn’t even know her favorite flower or wine until Tucker and Danny told him, actually Danny told him EVERYTHING about him, since Ben has never bothered paying attention to small (or important) things about Riley at all. Actually, that is the usual Ben, the boy who does not listen and learn unless he makes a really huge mistake which occurs to be happening in each and every episode.

      • Candi says:

        I agree with you about Danny likening Riley even when she was heavy in high school so they have to be together.. Pfft if she doesn’t marry Danny I will XD

        • Fergie says:

          OMG! You are absolutely right , i mean look at him. Not just his wonderful eyes , abs or smile – the caring , comforting or just him being always there for riley is incredibly sexy and sweet at once. Im definitely Team danny , cant wait for season 4 :)

      • Steph says:

        I agree!!

    • Bree says:

      At first I rooted for Danny, but at point his continued clinging to a girl who had given him zero encouragement till this week became a little weird. Especially when she was so hung up on his brother. Frankly I was always uncomfortable about a love triangle with brothers anyway. In a sitcom? I don’t see how that’s funny. Which is a shame, because the show is otherwise very good, it just seems to have forgotten it’s supposed to be about a man navigating unplanned fatherhood and it’s morphed into the same tired team Danny team Ben twilight trope you see everywhere nowadays.

      • Mariah says:

        While I am completely in love with the chemistry of Danny and Riley and the romantic in me will probably do a happy dance if they end up together; I agree you have a really good point. The show is less about Ben becoming a young father and more about the guys relationships and the focus of the show instead of being on growing Emma, is on who will win Riley’s heart..
        Still invested in Danny and Riley’s relationship but the show should get back to more Ben being a father to Emma

        • Team Ben says:

          I disagree Danny and Riley should never be together! Riley has always loved ben so… I will never watch baby daddy if Danny and Riley end up together!

        • I disagree, we still get a great understanding of who Ben is deep down while interacting with Emma, but I enjoy the love triangle with both brothers. I am torn between being a #teamben and/or #TeamDanny on every episode, and the writers are genius in creating such great dialog with both “couples”! I love this show!

    • Amanda says:

      Same here. I feel like Ben needs someone who is kinda like him because I feel that Riley and Ben are too different I mean they’re all goofy and stuff but I think they are too different from each other to really bond.

    • tammy says:


    • wendy says:

      Absolutely am a Danny/Riley fan because of the connection of the actors. However, having had the same male best friend my entire life, I have to say that this could be worse in the end for the friendship, I have seen it go there with so many best friends and it always ends up making things awkward in the end.

      • catherine says:

        I agree it should be BEN WITH RILEY!! Bc if u think about it danny is like that childhood friend u think u owe it to ur self to find out if there is something there but there is nothing they would just loose their friend ship and nobody wants that and Ilike bonnie wit tucker’s dad but not wit tucker the age difference is just to much.

    • Maya says:

      I know right!! And it’s driving me absolutely nutsssss, but at the same time I want Ben to be happy so much because honestly he’s gone through a lot – and sometimes yes he may be such a dumb person making mistakes – but he’s done a lot that’s good and he deserves Riley but I think Danny and Riley are just made for each other, he’s the one who loved her through all her imperfections all the time.

    • Hannah says:

      100% agreed!

    • morganscriv says:

      i know in my heart that riley and ben are in love they have a spark and danny and riley are like brother and sister so no offence but you are sooooooo wrong :( xxx i beleive in you ben and riley oh and emma your just so cute and also ben and riley have a spark in real lofe tto i love you ben and riley and emma xxx

    • maryfoles says:

      totally agree.

    • Ella says:

      I disagree about your opinion. I know Ben and Riley are meant to be

    • thomas says:

      I personally feel that danny deserves Riley and that Riley doesn’t deserve Ben. Ben dates but never truly believes that there’s anyone for him except Riley. He tries so hard but she just only thinks badly of him and pushes him away. In the end I want Ben to get Riley because that’s what he wants but I think he should move on because she’s not satisfied with him. And who knows if she’ll ever be. She’s just so unsure of him, no trust. You can’t proof a relationship if you think there’s a problem as serious as,” should i be in this relationship, is he really the one.”Danny knows how handle a Rileys, he would do great in a relationship with her. Danny ending up with Riley is like a highschool fairy tale ending where the friend wins and not the crush. Riley loved Ben but her bestfriend Danny was actually the only one for her in the end. Then Ben will have get over it and find someone new that he really loves but wedged in his heart for the rest of his life is his love for Riley. But the show could be the typical fairy tail where danny and Ben get switched. Ben gets the girl and danny moves on. Could go either way but I think danny should get her because she trust him and not Ben. If she always doubts him, she won’t be happy and always wonder about life with danny. Ben deserves better and danny deserves Riley

    • NiceGuyVan says:

      For me it was obvious from day 1 it would be Danny/ Riley after Riley settled her feelings with Ben.

      I saw it as, 2 Brother’s they need to find The Girl, Ben already got his(the Baby) no one else will be as important to him anymore. What was left was Danny, and that is Riley.

    • Liam says:

      Danny and Riley have been my clear choice since the start.

    • Mia says:

      I know Danny and Riley belong together. Danny loved Riley for who she was when she was fat and he cared for her and was her friend. We’ve all gone through tough times and needed a friend. They would be a perfect couple after they figure out the little kinks. On the other hand Ben was mean to her and now that she’s skinny and pretty he loves her. That’s not true love. I think Danny and Riley need to talk it out. They are meant to be. I know for sure.

    • Bob says:

      I totally agree that Danny and risky are perfect and Ben and Riley never were.

  2. Jen says:

    team danny all the way!!!.. and no i do not want bonnie/tucker to happen. thats to much of an age difference.. tucker is like a son to her.

    • Gigi says:

      Not to mention the height difference!

    • Kitty says:

      I agree it would be weird and awkward and practically incestuous. Give Bonnie a real man, maybe with a hint of silver in his hair, and give Tucker a smokin hot tall girl or a sweet, adorable cute pixie girl that looks like they belong together.

  3. boytoy23 says:

    team danny since the pilot!!!!

    • Lauren says:

      Team Ben

      • Mike says:

        I am for team Ben for one reason because Danny is a coward and could have told Riley is true feelings years ago and just because he has like her sense they were kids does not make him a good guy it make him a dirty back stabbing a-hole and if he was a good guy he should have manned up and told his brother about his true feelings about Riley when his brother Ben asked him about his own feelings about Riley and Ben would have let his brother Danny seek his feeling for Riley and see if a relationship could have worked out but he didn’t and waited until there was a relationship between Ben and Riley and that makes Danny a back stabbing a-hole of a brother

        • Christina says:

          I agree that Ben and Riley should be together but, Danny’s not a coward. He’s an awesome brother and a great best friend. Do you know how hard it is to spare your feelings for someone when it’s clear that she and your brother love each other. Ben and Riley should be together and Danny and Georgie should be together. Georgie deserves Danny. He’s a sweet and caring guy. They need each other. Danny was good for not telling his brother ( when he asked what he thought about Ben and Riley being together.) what he really thought about them being together. He did it to avoid disappointing his brother. That is a true and caring brother.

        • catherine says:

          If u think about it ur right bc he tried to not make it happen even on the last wpisode in the fone call he tried to not let them be together in the fone call he told ben to lay low when riley had told him she loves ben and is going to throw herself at him

          • Team Ben says:

            I’m on team ben because Ben and Riley are meant to be ben has changed for Riley Danny is in their way and I can predict that Ben is going to break up with Riley because of Danny. I’ve got one more question when is season 4 coming out??

        • mia gonzalez says:

          i think danny is right for her ben is not a good guy for riley they barely even lasted a day or two together i think it better danny and riley they have more connections than ben and riley #teamdanny

        • jonathan says:

          actually will say ben the backstabber for being so self center and oblivious to danny feeling for her ben only cared about his self and for most part like i said ben would of never had anything for riley if danny didnt tell him

    • Lizzie says:

      Agree! I’ve always watched this show because of them and they’ve finally gotten to a good point. I think the major hold back was Ben having no clue about Danny’s feelings which was stupid cuz they were obvious. That question about everyone else knowing is weird because I thought Bonnie knew and Tucker knew. Danny was not subtle that first season. Ugh please don’t make us wait. The new season starts in the fall right?

  4. Brianna says:

    I will stop watching this show if it ends with Danny/Riley!!!!! Ben and Riley are so cute together and it would be weird if you ever date your brothers ex-girlfriend!! Biley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Leanna says:

      I am with you!!! Plus all his time it has been Ben! I mean from season one I think it was, when Ben put up that sign for Riley to see that he liked her! Yes, he has beena flirt, he wasn;t perfect but he has been a better person this season and his little comments like him waiting for her, never giving up! I think Danny needs to get over her. Maybe they need to see where things go before they realize they are great best friends but lie you said that would be so weird! If she dates Danny, I don’t think anything would ever be the same! they wont be able to just be friends. So I think its best that Danny just remains her friend and she dates Ben!

      • Nancy says:

        I disagree!!! She and Danny are made for each other and I think that Ben will notice that. Danny has always been “enough” like she said in the last episode. He’s made her feel safe since they were young. Ben is going to notice this. I’m surprised he hadn’t seen this already! Danny + Riley!!!!

      • Amanda says:

        Sam her!! I think that Ben and Riley look so cute to ether, and Ben and Riley looks like the perfect family. Riley is like Emmas mom. Ben has also become a much better person. Danny seems also like he has moved over Riley, and it would might get very weird beteewn them.

    • Lauren says:

      Thank you I totally agree

    • Stacy says:

      It would be weird to date your brother’s ex-girlfriend of five minutes, even though he has a hundred ex-girlfriends and this one you’ve been in love with since probably elementary school?

      • Belle says:

        Exactly my point. Danny has loved her since they were kids.

        • saulRico says:

          What yall talking about , danny has to get over his crush for riley they wont be right together , danny practically falls in love with every girl he gets then all of a sudden riley pops to his head for little things , riley has love ben ever since danny loved her , I think it was always the thought that she always loved ben and not him that makes him still like her

    • Vanessa says:

      Your crazy I would stop watching it if they got together Danny loves her way more her and Ben is just a time for her to see her feelings for Danny!!! Danny and Riley need to be together

    • I don't know says:

      I totally agree with you.

  5. Leanna says:

    Team Ben!!

    1) he loves her…and yes he was a player but this season he has grown in my opinion and everyone changes and deserves a second chance. 2) emma eventually needs a mother and it shoud be someone who loves her and has always been there for her 3) sure danny loved her all along but riley loved ben all along…4)everyone says ben sleeps around but well danny does just as much! 5) danny kept his feelings private, he had so many chances…now that ben is with her he chooses to say how he feels? 5)everytime ben is with riley, danny just refuses to deal with it and runs…season one he wanted to move out…now hes thinking of moving again… I mean when people have a problem they don’t get run away until they get what they want! At least not where I come from. ….I think I could keep going but I will stop! Again this is just my opinion!

    Team Ben!!!! Team Ben!! Please!! I will cry if its not Ben!!

    • amber says:

      I agree here. I think there are some lines you don’t cross when it comes to family and that is dating a family members ex. That is kind of sick in my opinion. If they wanted to play this out they should have never let Riley start dating Ben. Once he told her his feelings danny should have stepped up and told her how he felt and then let her choose

      • Lyss says:

        That doesn’t work at all as an argument since Danny is with Georgie who was dating Ben first. Fact is, Ben’s just too flaky. He spent most of the season flaky and in the last 2 episodes decides he has to get back with Riley? I don’t buy it.

    • love says:

      You get me. It’s always been Ben & Riley. But reading this interview scared me. For the first time ever i’m starting to doubt them. I never thought they might not end up together. I’ve never considered Danny as a threat because Riley’s never seemed all that into him. Sure he’s sweet to her. It would be easy for her to fall into a relationship with him. Because he’s always been there for her. She loves him. I don’t think she’s in love with him. Now i’m scared they might not end up together. And Danny’s sweet and all, but in my opinion, even Fitch is a stronger contender for her heart than him. I mean she’s kissed the guy. If sparks were gonna fly they would have by now. He needs to let it go so Ben, Emma, and Riley can be together.

    • vanessa says:

      Team ben I love them so much and ben does love her cause if he didnt he wouldnt tried so hard on getting her back and he wouldnt have brought that tree house all the way up they are cute amd there love is so true they go out in real life that , akes me more happy team ben all the way no matter what :) :*

  6. julio says:

    Team danny all he way. They belong togethere. And noooooooooooooo to bonnie and tucker just no. If tucker does then ben and riley should just excommunicate him from their lives. This would definitely be a jump in the shark moment.

  7. Rachel says:

    Danny and Riley since the pilot. Danny has always been selfless when it comes to her. He loved her since they were kids and was always there for her. If I was Riley if choose Danny. Hopefully she makes the right choice. And honestly I think Ben can move on to another girl pretty easily, while it’s obvious with Danny that he can’t (like leaving for Paris because it’s too hard to see Riley and Ben together).

  8. Annie says:

    Team Ben all the way! I love Danny and Riley’s friendship but I think Ben and Riley have way better romantic chemistry and after Ben said Riley was the only one for her on the train he clearly has very real feelings so I just don’t see how you could ever switch to Danny and Riley and have it not be way too weird and sad. It is a comedy, not a drama and I just don’t see how it wouldn’t seem forced or contrived to have Riley start dating Danny and have everything be ok between the three of them. I want Ben and Riley together and I want Danny to find someone to be with and be happy.

    • Cami says:

      OMG I totally agree!!!!!!!!!!! Ben and Riley are such a cute couple, and with Emma they are just the cutest family! I see riley and danny as best friends, not as a couple.

  9. meni says:

    Seriously showrunner or Danby Riley fangirls people pleaser. If you guys want to have Riley Danby why break bens heart. Now I don’t wat bailey its just going to end badly for ben whose now in love with Riley

  10. Kristy says:

    Danny! I wait each episode for their sweet little moments. Crossing my fingers that they are endgame.

  11. MoshiMoshi says:

    Riley and Danny needs to happen!!!!!! too much chemistry to let it waste…

  12. Happy says:

    Baby Daddy is the best!! It’s so funny, even funnier than, *gulp* The Big Bang theory. Tucker and Bonnie have that mother/son or best friends chemistry, not more than that.

  13. Asia says:

    Man, I stop watching this show a while ago the love triangle thing really killed it for me. Love triangles are exhausting enough but between siblings— just no. This is a sitcom not a soap.

  14. cjeffery7 says:

    Team Danny all the way. since day 1. no question. you can argue all you want for Ben growing up and becoming a better person after becoming a dad, but Ben isn’t the heart of the show, Danny is.

    • Stacy says:

      You make a good point about Danny being the heart of the show. I don’t know what the show will do, but I think it will be easier and more effective to show Ben falling in love with someone than Danny.

    • saulRico says:

      Ben is the heart of the show its all about benn , that is why he star’s the damn show , danny has to let go of that crush already , the writers and producers should stop makin this show drama instead of the conedy cuz thats what its about , and it was suppose to be about ben raising his child with his friends and family with riley on his side ben ben ben its all about ben

  15. sara says:

    Team Danny. Danny has always loved and noticed Riley. Even when she was overweight. He has always been there for her and that finale proved she does feel something back

  16. Terri says:

    I’m definitely Team Ben! I just can’t picture Riley & Danny together. They’ve been such good friends for so long that if something would go wrong between them romantically, it might ruin the whole friendship. Ben & Riley are so cute together. I think throughout the course of Season 3, Ben grew up & truly figured out how to be with just one woman & have a truly adult relationship. He truly realized that he is in love with her & she really is The One.

  17. Ashley says:

    I’m for Danny and Riley all the way!! Ben moves on too fast. He finds someone, sleeps with them, then moves on in a couple of days. Danny will care about the person he is with and if it doesn’t work out, then he calls it quits. Plus, he has been there too much for Riley not to be able to live her like he has in his mind all these years. Been will just keep making the same mistakes. Riley deserves a man who will treat her with kindness and love and will move out of his way to make sure she’s happy, just like every girl deserves. Move out the way, Ben! Diley forever!!!!!!!

    • Ashley says:

      I’m for Danny and Riley all the way!! Ben moves on too fast. He finds someone, sleeps with them, then moves on in a couple of days. Danny will care about the person he is with and if it doesn’t work out, then he calls it quits. Plus, he has been there too much for Riley not to be able to like her like he has in his mind all these years. Been will just keep making the same mistakes. Riley deserves a man who will treat her with kindness and love and will move out of his way to make sure she’s happy, just like every girl deserves. Move out the way, Ben! Diley forever!!!!!!!

    • Ashley says:

      Sorry. Like her like he has in his head.

  18. Gevorg says:

    I don think bonnie and tucker should date because she’s 46 and he’s her sons age so it would be growse

  19. Gevorg says:

    But i like ben and Riley together Danny already has a girlfriend so he should have asked her out along time ago but he didn’t so .

    • Tk says:

      I love every character. As much as I love Danny’s infatuation with Riley, it’s gotten lame. Man-up or shut up. He’s confident around every woman, but Riley. I get it, he loves her, but I think he’s had plenty of chances to say/do something. There was also the kiss when Danny was in the hospital…still neither if them acknowledged it. I think Riley is scared of what could happen with Ben so she’s falling back on her trusty old Danny crutch. Hell, she didn’t even want him when Georgie wanted him – so her feelings are defensive IMO. TEAM Ben!! (But I DO love Danny!!)

  20. Mel says:

    This is the love triangle that won’t die. At least for another season. It’s obviously Danny, or it better be…what a waste of time otherwise!

  21. Nicole says:

    Danny. Only Danny…

  22. Babybop says:

    Well after this, I think Ben should go find someone that actually wants to be with him. I was a little proud of him for sticking up for himself when Riley was mad he told people they were dating. He shouldn’t waste his time if she’s just going to up and leave him for his brother. I mean, what is this, Vampire Diaries?

  23. Carl says:

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  24. Lauren says:

    Team Ben all the way!!

  25. Courtney says:

    I am definitely a Danny/Riley girl! From the start Danny has loved her! Even when she was rigantor and she was in love with Ben, danny never have up! And although I believe Ben’s feelings for Riley are true now, he never saw her like that until she showed up like 150lbs lighter.. Danny truly loves Riley!

  26. Courtney says:

    Danny and Riley all the way! Danny has loved Riley ever since she was rigantor! Ben could never see her like that until she was like 100lbs lighter! Danny has been the number 1 choice since the pilot!

  27. soflirty84 says:

    I’m totally team Danny/Riley and not looking forward to a whole season of will they/won’t they. Also, did this producer even watch the show? Riley has shown feelings for Danny in the past. After she heard his phone message she started developing romantic feelings for him. It’s why she couldn’t accept that dr guy’s proposal. They even shared a kiss in the elevator when Danny got knocked out and it was obvious she felt something. She kissed him back, but now we are supposed to believe this is the first time she’s ever felt romantic feelings for him? The show went back and forth between her liking Ben and Danny and now they’re trying to say it was only Ben this whole time? If she doesn’t end up with Danny I won’t be watching anymore. 4 seasons is 2 long to drag out a love triangle, especially when there is an overwhelming majority of shippers for a couple that has yet to get together. It’s just screwing with the audience and that’s not a good idea.

    • GS says:

      This, this, this! I thought I was the only one who remembered the elevator kiss b/c they act like she never realized it AND Tucker knows too.

      • Molly says:

        I forgot about he Tucker factor, and that’s definitely gonna come up. Tucker and Danny will be talking and he’ll be like remember that time you and Riley, idk MADE OUT? What was THAT all about?? I just cannot wait for the fourth season. I understand the arguments of Riley/Ben but the connections with Danny are to strong. Riley’s gonna break eventually, and something big is gonna happen in the Wheeler family. I wanna know who Bonnie is rooting for, it’s son against son, and Bonnie’s been trying to get Danny to move on.

    • Bree says:

      The problem with her going back to Ben then almost kissing Danny is that now, Riley s screwing with two brothers. This triangle was a bad idea. If she was going to end up with Danny, Ben should have been left as an old crush that never noticed her and she got over during the course of the show. They’ve created a situation that needs to be cleaned up very quickly or it’s going to turn really ugly.

    • angel says:

      Yesss yesss I will stop watching it too!!!

    • brenda says:

      He also kissed her in the locker room after his interview he was so scared to do (she was helping him overcome his fear). You could see she felt something there as well. Danny and Riley definitely!

  28. tania says:

    I want her with Danny

  29. tyrone says:

    I really like the direction the exective producer is taking this. I’m glad that they finally acknowledged that Danny has feelings for Riley. Now personally I wouldn’t mind it if she were to be with either man, but the only thing I found interesting is when Danny said that he was leaving Riley’s first question was: “What about me?” She knew Danny was with Georgie, but she asked the question anyways. That was good. I wonder what Ben will say though?

  30. tayla-jayne says:

    Danny and riley all the way. One thing that sticks out for me is that danny has regardless of her appearance

  31. Rejeane says:

    i alway jump in excitement when its danny & riley x

  32. Lee says:

    Ben! Or else the first three seasons were pointless!

    • Bree says:

      @Lee’s comment encapsulates the core problem with this love triangle. It’s become so much of focus puller that people are in danger of forgetting that the show succeeded as a show about Ben and his Baby. NOT Ben and Danny fighting over Riley. And when a show loses it’s focus cancellation is never more than a season or two away.

      • Cassie says:

        The shows pilot started off the triangle. Danny showed feelings for Riley in the first episode. So naturally in that first episode fans started routing for either Danny or Ben. The triangle has always been a main focus of the show because Danny has loved Riley since day one. He has been there through her good times and bad times. Unlike Ben who can’t seen to stay romantically attached to Riley for more than 2 episodes in a row. He doesn’t really love her otherwise he would have proved it by now. Ben doesn’t deserve her. Danny has proven he loves her by being there for her when Ben has not. And in the season 3 finale after he kisses her on the cheek, Riley was the one that leaned in for the kiss before he pulled away. So she is starting to realize that she does have feelings for him. Because he is a good person he didn’t kiss his brothers gf. He is the heart of the show. And honestly I think Danny Riley would work out better because they have been friends for so long. When a friendship transitions to a relationship those are the best romances in my book. They also have the most stability because the two people already love each other and will be less likely to hurt each other. They also have more passion when sexy time finally comes around. Can’t wait for that

  33. Holly says:

    We need Danny to break out of the friendzone and become Riley’s number one man. They’re already a complet,e set together and why shouldn’t you love your best friend

  34. Kira says:

    From the beginning I’ve always been Team Riley & Danny. He knows her better than anyone and he’s loved her since before she loved herself. Danny is always selfless when it comes to what Riley wants/needs. He’s even selfless when it comes to Ben, which IMO Ben does not deserve. Yes Ben has done some growing up but he’s still too self absorbed for my taste. Its always the same with Ben. Ben gets caught up in what he wants without any regard for anyone else until the person gets mad at him. Then he apologies and tries to fix it. Almost every episode is like that. I’m glad he’s not like that with Emma but until he realizes he’s not in the fact the center of the universe he’ll never be happy. I would rather have Riley with someone who puts her first than with someone who puts her first, but only after he’s messed everything up for the 1,000,000 time.

    • Cassie says:

      Yesssssss exactly!!!! Ben always learns the hard way and makes it hard for everyone. Danny has already proven that he always treats Riley with respect and love. Almost every episode is centered around something stupid that Ben did to hurt one of his friends and him trying to make it up to them. U almost never see that with Danny. Why? Because he is a good person and knows how to be kind and make his friendships and relationships with people last. That is what Riley needs to realize and I’m sure when she does Danny and Riley will be endgame

  35. Dianna says:

    I started watching this show on netflix. During the pilot, I was like ‘This show’s okay.’ until the scene in the bar with Danny and Riley. I completely died. The I was hooked. I watched this show only for the two of them. Their endgame.

  36. Team Danny!!!! He truely loves her unlike Ben

  37. Val says:

    I stopped watching the show back in season 2 but still kept with the show debating if I should watch again or not. The show seems to be the same one ep Riley has feelings for Ben the next its danny and vise versa. That’s why I stopped watching the show it was inconsistent and now the writer is saying Riley is realizing she has feelings for danny?! Umm what happened to the voicemail she got from danny or the kiss in the elevator or even when he was dating that chick to get over her and she got jealous. I really like the actors in this show but the writing needs to make a decision and stick with it instead of going back and forth.

  38. I hope to see Danny and Riley together . And I love Melissa peterman she is so funny. I think the writers need to find her a great older man. I love this show!!

  39. Janet says:

    Danny and Riley? Absolutely yes!
    Bonnie and Tucket? Absolutely not!

  40. Sarah T. says:

    Though I like Ben & Riley together (the actor who plays Ben is great), I prefer Riley and Danny. I think they’re more genuine together and have better chemistry. As for those who say the show keeps flip-flopping between Riley/Ben and Riley/Danny. Not really. Riley has always had feelings for Ben, just as Danny as always had feelings for Riley. I think there have been a couple of instances where Riley thinks there’s a possibility that Danny might care for her but she hasn’t let herself completely go there because Danny has never told her that and she doesn’t want to risk a great friendship. It’s easier for her to stick with Ben because that was her love all along and he’s starting to have feelings for her so she wants to give that a chance. I think this season finale showed that it’s really starting to hit home for Riley that she might care for Danny as more than a friend but she’s still not quite sure what to do with that since she’s with Ben now and Danny is leaving. As for Tucker and Bonnie, leave them as they are, a comedic duo that’s hilarious when they team up. The ick factor would be too much if they got together simply because he’s friends with her boys. I love that we’ve gotten more Tucker this season too because he’s hysterical. Tahj Mowry has great timing. Definitely a pro! Great show.

  41. Babydaddyforlaughs says:

    If it’s not Danny and Riley, all the build up would be such a waste. I just can’t get into Ben and Riley. He’s good comic relief but he’s wishy washy and in all honesty I don’t buy she’s a great love of his life. In all honesty, I don’t think he knows. Danny would marry her and commit his life to her this.second. Not in three or four years. The simple fact is Danny has loved her, been there, supported her, made her feel safe all along and he’s never let her down. He’s the guy. And it would be an incredible waste and very disappointing if they spent years showing how he loves her, looks out for her, only for her to break his heart anyways.

  42. Sarah says:

    Team Ben!!! ❤
    Ben and Riley are so cuteee together, Ben totally showed that he’s truly in love with her and she does since ever. Riley and Danny should just be Best friends, Danny has to move on and get another girl. Biley forever ❤❤
    No to Tuck and Bonnie.. Their relation should stay like this :)

  43. Carm says:

    Team Danny. He has loved her all along, even when she was overweight. He would do anything for Riley. Ben didn’t look at her twice when she was overweight. And would probably leave her in a second if she gained weight again.

  44. Ram510 says:

    When this show eventually ends they can always do a spinoff with Tucket and Bonnie, they are HILARIOUS! I would’ve never thought to put them in a romantic relationship and I don’t want it either. They have a mother/son and frenemie vibe and causes funny outrageous antics. Here’s hoping this show lives on for a long time, it’s great! More people need to be watching

  45. Jo says:

    “Team Danny” for me too!!! I love Ben to be silly and all over the place – that doesn’t make for a good boyfriend, but makes for a fun great character to watch :)

  46. Jo says:

    A BIG FAT “NO” to Bonnie and Tucker for sure! That’s gross!!!

  47. Morgan says:

    I use to ship Ben/Riley when I started watching mid season 2…then I got sick and had a Baby Daddy Netflix marathon…Danny has loved her from the get go! So I ship Danny/Riley now…I don’t think this is a show that you can just start watching and understand (in a way) You have to watch from the beginning to really understand everything (when it comes to Danny Ben and Riley)

    • may says:

      Team Danny since the first episode!! The romance you feel in the show that can happen between Riley and Danny!! First episode Ben calls her fatpants that how he always seen her!! True love that Danny has always seen past the weight shows real deep true love!! Its Riley that is stuck in childhood and needs to find a man that appriciates her not the guy in high school that just seen fat!! The best love and relationships start and stay strong with a solid foundation of friendship!! Riley wants to feel safe, who has always made you feel safe??? DANNY!!! Please Baby Daddy Riley and Danny and find Ben a nice new girl!!

  48. Hailey says:

    Team Ben! Riley and Ben make an adorable couple, I just can’t see Riley with Danny! No to Tucker and Bonnie, that’s Tuckers best friends mom. Wrong on every level. I don’t think tucker should be with Bonnie.

  49. Kelsey says:

    #Teamben He is right for her! He loves her and emma does need a mom !!!!

    • Clarissa says:

      I totally agree with you! I am team Ben all the way! I hope Ben and Riley do end up together in season 4! Can’t wait till the season airs

  50. Emily says:

    hey everybody! from the beginning i have been a team ben fan. i have a feeling that danny will end up being with riley but i really hope it is ben !!!!! PLEASE BE BEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!