Orphan Black Recap: Brave Little Girls

Orphan Black Season 2 Recap

We’re nearing the end of Orphan Black‘s sophomore season — nooo! — and this Saturday’s episode brought us a Helena showdown and one step closer toward saving Cosima.

Last week’s trans outing got some criticism in the comments, but for me, this was the first episode of the season that didn’t quite work. It wasn’t bad — because even a less-than-successful episode of Orphan Black is still an interesting one — but it didn’t have the momentum and progress you’d expect from a penultimate hour.

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Still, there were some significant developments — a victory for Donnie! — so let’s review the action:

SARAH & RACHEL | Rachel makes Delphine interim director of the program because she’s “uniquely qualified,” and because she needs Delphine to plead their case to Sarah. But as Mrs. S points out, at the end of the day, the choice of whether or not to donate bone marrow to Cosima is Kira’s. The little girl doesn’t want her auntie to die, so she agrees, but Sarah and Mrs. S will only let her go through with it on their terms with their own security at a private pediatric clinic. “What kind of mother am I?” Sarah tearfully wonders as Mrs. S’ doctor friend inserts a giant needle into her daughter’s hip. “The best, the bravest,” replies Delphine. “And a very good sister.”

Meanwhile, a “bereft” Rachel assures Marion that she “know where our girls are, and I’ve only just taken charge.” She heads to a private room to enjoy her cocktail and watch home videos. The release of laughter and tears is enough to make her start slapping herself back to stoicism. She then tries on a hoodie as she stares at a picture of Sarah. You could see the writing on the wall as to Rachel’s plan, which made the twist that she compromised Benjamin in order to sneak into the hospital and kidnap Kira not that shocking. Also, Mrs. S and Felix really should have picked up on her iffy imitation of Sarah’s accent. Kira wakes up in the definition of a little girl’s room, all pink and pretty princess. “You’ll get used to it. You may even grow to like it here, just as I did,” Rachel tells her. Is this Rachel’s old bedroom at Dyad?

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Orphan Black Season 2 RecapHELENA | Finally, she’s back – and she might be preggers! Helena’s become a part of Henrik’s twisted family, spending time at the nursery/preschool where she bonds with a little girl. But when one of the caretakers spanks the girl, we see that the old Helena is still in there. She pushes the woman up against the wall. “You touch her again, and I will gut you like a fish,” she threatens. Meanwhile, Henrik says it’s time for Gracie to bear fruit – shudders – and asks Mark if he’s ready to stand by her as her husband. But he impregnates his daughter with his and Helena’s babies, as well as the other women. Unlike Helena, we’ve been listening, so this isn’t a huge surprise. Gracie and Helena bonding over their disapproval of what Henrik’s done – “You love her like puppy, but you let him make her broodmare,” Helena says to Mark – and trying to run away together, however, is. Unfortunately, Henrik stops them and locks up Gracie. Mark stumbles on the scene and finally stands up to Henrik. “You had to put your own child inside of her? You had to be the father, too?” he says before letting Gracie go as Helena attacks Henrik. Let’s just say Helena ends up giving Henrik a taste of his own treatment before burning down the farm. (But his wife is still out there somewhere…)

ALISON | Donnie wants to dump Leekie’s body in the lake, to which his wife hilariously replies, “Do we have a boat?! Have you ever seen Dexter? Random scuba divers are finding everything!” They decide to bury him in the garage instead, which has its own set of challenges like Donnie can’t bulldoze the cement. Don’t fret, Alison steps in and does it easily. Then Vic comes snooping around the garage. Donnie walks up behind him with a gun and manically threatens to shoot him until Vic confesses Angie’s outside in a van. Turns out Donnie was just bluffing, not that it makes Vic feel any better (“God, I hate this garage”). Donnie pops into the van to confront Angie. “All these women, and you just can’t put it together,” he says. “You don’t want to know what we know. If you come near my home or my family again, I will bury you. Smile” – he snaps a photo of her and Vic – “Have a shitty day.” With that, Donnie walks off so very proud of himself – and he kind of deserves to be. He finally did something right! Alison is pleased, too, when he draws a heart in the wet cement over Leekie’s body. “I have never been more attracted to you than I am right now,” she says breathlessly before they start going at it. “I want to be nasty.” (So much for Alison never having done the nasty!) While I thoroughly enjoyed the dark humor of Alison and Donnie’s story, I miss her interaction with the other clones. Their brief Skyping scene and Alison lamenting how wrapped up in her own problems she’s been just reinforced how isolated the character has been from the main action.

Orphan Black fans, what did you think of the episode? Got any theories as to what Rachel wants with Kira? And where are Hot Paul and Cal?!

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  1. Andy Reid says:

    If this show doesn’t get an Emmy nom so help me God

  2. Jerry says:

    Next week is the season finale already? Wow. There is a lot of stuff to wrap up!

  3. webly3 says:

    That episode was amazing! I say that after every episode, but it’s almost like I forget how good it is. I can’t wait for next week’s finale. But, maybe I can. I’m scared to find out what’s going to happen, but this season has been so good. I wonder where they’ll go for season three!

  4. Tess says:

    There are a lot of storylines up in the air right now, which may be a good thing because they won’t wrap them all up next week so we’ll have storylines to still look forward to in season 3 rather than a clean slate. I’m happy that Alison and Donnie have found themselves to actually be perfectly paired up and Donnie finally manned up when it came to his family too. And I loved that Helena bonded with Gracie and that they and Mark all stood up to Henrik – and who didn’t love seeing her extract her revenge on him before burning the place down. She left with “her babies” in that liquid nitrogen tank so is it possible that she inadvertently holds a cure for Cosima? I think Rachel is still reeling from the fact that Sarah was able to have a child and she was not and you could see it burned her when Marion noted that Sarah developed by chance and yet is more Rachel’s equal than any of the other monitored clones and in fact Sarah surpasses her just for the fact that she is the genetic anomaly that can have kids (well, and possibly Helena) so how better to exact your anger for that than by taking Kira and hiding her away – they all will have to fall in line and do Rachel’s bidding or the source for Cosima’s cure (and possibly for any others who also get sick) is off limits. We don’t know if Kira’s bone marrow made it to Cosima so Rachel could well be holding it all for ransom… I do hope we see both Cal and Paul again before the season ends – I definitely want to know what was up with the message Tony had for Beth about Paul and I’d hate to think Cal was only brought in to be a babysitter for a couple of episodes so surely there’s more to his story too. I can’t believe this season’s almost over already! It’s been far too short!!

  5. abz says:

    I was LOL-ing at Alison’s Dexter line. Seriously all of the Alison/Donnie scenes were hilarious.
    This was such a good episode. I don’t care if the show itself gets an Emmy nod, but if Tatiana doesn’t then the Emmy’s should just stop doing anything ever again.
    I can’t believe the season is almost over already. Wish it was 13 episode seasons.

  6. Kat says:

    Compared to season one I do think the pacing of this season has been off, with too many storylines disjointed (Alison is amusing but she’s so freaking isolated this season), and not enough movement on others. I like Paul a lot more than most viewers seem too, but his mystery is getting old. Assuming he shows up in the finale he will have been in only half the episodes, and barely had anything to do for half that time. Even if you assume he’s got some big twist coming up (the message from Sammy, the writers literally saying he’s important), at the end of the day they did too little to ramp up his story this season. He was just kind of there as scenery except for a few cryptic scenes that weren’t enough to significantly ramp up the momentum. Either do something with him or tie up the lose end and move on. I hope for the former, but if the latter at least then we’d have one less character randomly popping in and out. Additionally, a few of the storylines I haven’t been super fond of, although the right payoff could change that (Helena reclaiming her agency and burning down the farm helps that storyline immensely). Overall, yes, slightly weaker than season 1, but if this is their sophomore slump, they didn’t do too bad. I just hope the finale is solid. I’ll be looking forward to season 3 no matter what, but I want to end on a high note, not go into the likely year long hiatus disappointed.

  7. m2b says:

    Loved this episode. Back on Track telling the main clone stories. The scenes with Sarah and Kira were heartbreaking and Helena too when she finally understood what Gracie was telling her about her babies. Tatiana is brilliant as those characters. I was worried last week that Duncan might have evil intentions but I liked his interaction with Cosima felt like he cares about her well-being. I am not expecting the stories to be wrapped up next week. The show thrives on cliff hangers so there will probably be a few doozies I just want to find out when the showing is coming back. As long as I know that it is then I am okay with cliff hangers. I need closure someday but hopefully years from now when all the stories have been told and they’ve won all the awards out there.

  8. Alichat says:

    Rachel’s line was “I know what our goals are, and I’ve only just taken charge.” I think the Donnie and Alison scenes were my favorite in this episode, especially Donnie going after Vic and Angie in the van. I also liked that Helena was the one who took care of Henrik, but what happened to the children? Did she kill them too? Did she let them all go? Or did she just burn the barn with Henrik in it? Plus, if that’s the end of that story, it got wrapped up too neatly. Also, I expected to see Paul somewhere in this episode. Where is he? And why isn’t Rachel wondering where he is?

  9. TV Gord says:

    “Work bench. Freezer.”

    Up until tonight, I might think this is a partial inventory list of household items.

    Not anymore.

  10. madhatter360 says:

    I wonder why they couldn’t use Sarah’s bone marrow. Wouldn’t she be an even closer match for Cosima than Kira? The fact that she had Kira indicates that she’s not going to get the same illness.

    • Alichat says:

      I’ve been wondering that myself. Especially since Kira is a combination of Cal and Sarah. To me, a pure source would be the original…..whomever they cloned, or Sarah, who is a genetic anomaly…..or as Duncan said, the failure since she can conceive. Sarah didn’t develop with the genetic alteration preventing conception, and it’s that alteration that is causing the sickness.

      • leo21 says:

        On Sarah: It seems to me she took Kira to be her own daughter. She’s really snapped over the idea that she is sterile because her beloved parents designed her that way.

        On Helena: I saw that beatdown and the fire coming along time ago. It still should’ve been more satisfying, though.

        On Alison: This whole arc should have been a stand alone episode. Chopping it into this episode is what made this not work. And I think Donnie is kinda hot now after all of this, too!

      • mindy says:

        madhatter and Allchat: I also couldn’t figure out why Sarah’s bone marrow wouldn’t be used. Then I realized a major hurdle that had not been overcome: Sarah had refused to have any relations with Dyad, so Leekie had never gotten a blood/tissue sample from her. He had only gotten a hold of Kira’s stem cells after stealing the tooth from the hospital. So I think we can assume Sarah is actually a match for Cosima, but it couldn’t be confirmed without actually testing Sarah.

        • Alichat says:

          Actually, Leekie had Sarah’s blood and tissue from when she was pretending to be Beth, and Paul let the Dyad people in to gather information. That was how Leekie determined that Sarah wasn’t Beth.

  11. Et al. says:

    My favorite episode of the season and a brilliant showcase of Tatiana and all of her characters.

  12. Scott Johnston says:

    Its all very well for the recapper to criticize the episode but she then doesn’t offer any suggestions as to how it could have been improved. Least you can do is put your money where your mouth is.

    I’d have thought Rachel finally getting her hands on Kira was more than enough for “a penultimate hour”.

  13. Pix says:

    Heh, after Allison’s Dexter line, I thought the next one would be about dissolving bodies – Breaking Bad style. I loved Allison and Donnie this episode.

  14. Shirley says:

    Donnie has got balls now. Got it like it. One thing I thought I would never see is Donnie bum. I wonder what Helena is going too do with the package that she had in her hand after burning down the stable. More then likely it is her eggs. My step son watches this show too. It was funny he said too me do not tell me anything, I have not seen the second season. I asked him why he said she is HOT!!! He will not think so when he see her with a hair on her face. LOL!!!

  15. Sammy says:

    I agree.This was one of the weaker episodes. It just lacked something…momentum, action,edge-of-your-seatness. I don’t care for the Alison-Donnie relationship and wish someone would kill him off. She deserves somebody with a brain. Helena was great as always though but did she kill everyone? Are all those kids being burned alive? I mean, none of them were cute so I guess it doesn’t matter, but that was a little harsh.

  16. Shirley says:

    Well both Sarah and Helena can have kids. I think they where meet too be in Rachel place. Both of them where not lab rats. Would you want too make your child sick or not let them have children. I think Rachel was a second choice.

    • Aimee says:

      No. Duncan specifically said that none of the clones should be able to reproduce. They were designed that way on purpose.

  17. Lyn says:

    Does anyone else think that Proleathean Marks’ military past with him going AWOL could connect him somehow to Paul? And does anyone know if Cal is coming back next season? He was a great addition. Interesting episode….

  18. Bryce says:

    That ending was literally terrible. Finale: Sarah storms Dyad. How. Predictable.

  19. Alan says:

    benjamin isnt compromised, that information was planted so delphine would find it and go straight to sarah giving rachael the opening she needed to get in and take kira.

  20. supertech14 says:

    I liked this episode. I laughed through ALL of Alison and Donnie’s scenes. I’m just sorry this season is almost over.

  21. Ally Oop says:

    This was an awesome episode, a great rebound from last week’s not-so-great episode. Loved the Donny/Alison moments and the Rachel kidnapping was well done.

  22. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on THB Files and commented:
    Can’t wait the epic season two finale on this Saturday because it’s gonna intense and stuff.

  23. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Donnie TO Vic and Angie:”Have SH#@TY day”! That was a funny scene. Kira is a brave little monkey trying to save her auntie Cosima! Is Rachel that F**king DESPRATE to have a kid or what?……Sarah needs to beat her ass again I hope Helena finds out and kill that B! Can’t wait for the finale it’s GAME ON now.

  24. mhm says:

    I’ve got a theory for a plot development in the finale: Cal to the Rescue. At least as far as Kira is concerned. Remember back when Cal had Kira memorize his telephone number AND he asked Sarah to at least tell him the name of the evil conglomerate [or something to that effect], at which point she mentioned Dyad? I think this is the episode where those details come into play. Because that’s where Rachel is holding Kira, no? The same place she was raised?

    Either that or Helena builds a nitrogen bomb and blows up Dyad, leaving a 25-mile crater in and around greater Toronto. End of series. Pity.

  25. Bulldoze the cement? Just saying it was a jackhammer :-)

  26. Nicole B says:

    Did Helena burn the women and children?

  27. Did Helena murder those children?

    • mindy says:

      That was my first thought after watching episode 9, too. Fear not: A reporter on another TV website said he’d been told by OB producers that a scene showing the women ushering the children away from the house had been left on the cutting room floor due to time constraints. Seems like a rather not-insignficant scene to leave out.