24 Boss: Time Jump Is Coming -- Plus, Might Jack Pass the Baton to Kate?

24 Time Jump 24 Hours

Jack Bauer’s latest terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day will span a full 24 hours… dammit.

Thus far on Fox’s 24: Live Another Day (Mondays at 9/8c), events have, as is tradition, “occurred in real time” — meaning, only seven hours have elapsed to date, with 17 more to pass across five more episodes.

But every one of those 17 hours will be accounted for by the time the finale fades to black on July 14, executive producer Howard Gordon confirmed for TVLine during a Friday conference call.

VIDEO | 24 Sneak Peek: Will Margot Al-Harazi Actually Call Off the Drone Strike?

Gordon however would not elaborate on the nature of the time jump (e.g. Does someone take a plane flight somewhere?) or whether there would be multiple skips in time over the coming five episodes. “We’ve been sworn to secrecy,” he hedged.

TVLine also asked Gordon and series co-creator Robert Cochran if, should 24 return again in one form or another, Kiefer Sutherland might pass the baton, leaving, say, Yvonne Strahovksi’s spunky Kate Morgan to fight the next good fight.

“I think it’s a possibility,” Cochran allowed. “There are no specific plans right now, but that’s the kind of thing we’d consider.” Added Gordon: “The format itself is very sturdy and with the right story it can be compelling. So if a [Jack-free] story presented itself to us, we would be open to it.”

All of which leads to the larger question: Could there be more 24 in Fox’s future? “We learned to never say never,” Gordon said during the call, “but I think everyone is feeling the appropriate bruises and wear-and-tear that the show takes. So right now is probably not the best time to answer that question!”


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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    24 is not 24 without Jack Bauer.

    • I remember around season two i read some comments from fans online voicing their opinion that it would be unlikely Southerland would doa TV series for several seasons, and some of them suggested that Tony might replace him as lead. Back then people were open to the concept of that happening. Now, not so much.

    • cjeffery7 says:

      i respectfully disagree (mostly). thanks to the years between the series ending and now, as well as the good job the writers have (almost) always done of painting interesting supporting characters, I think 24 could see success w/o Kiefer. i dont feel its particularly necessary in the current scripted series landscape, but what will be will be (or not).

      • Pikaba says:

        There is no way it would meet the same success without Bauer . And it’s greedy to even consider that . The serie already ended , it’s an encore , so far on a big high . Best end it well … and just try another similar new serie

    • Kassie says:

      Totally agree, Kate is good, however she just doesn’t carry the show on her own!

    • acurat says:

      24 can be done without Kiefer Sutherland – Kate (Yvonne Strohovski) proved herself on comedic/action Chuck for five years she does stunts as well as anyone out there. She has already been “tortured” on 24 and been beaten up “Jack style.” She has also had her own take on Jack’s way of getting information (clubbing a gang member to knock him out, bringing him to the “oppostition” to get him to talk or leave him to get beaten up and die). The show would work with her, but the only question is will fans accept her? Just be glad Sutherland came back for 12 more episodes – it was not certain he would do this but he did it for the fans of the show (and the money, which is appreciable).

    • Irellevant says:


  2. Chris says:

    Ok, I was wondering how they would do that time jump. A Jack Bauer-less 24 would be a tough pill for fans to swallow. But Yvonne taking the lead, bring back Tony and keep Chloe. I’d stay on board.

    • ron says:

      Isn’t Tony incarcerated after the events of season 7? He actually killed an FBI agent, Jerry Nordling, so they would have a heck of a lot of explaining to do to wipe that sin away?

  3. Mike V. says:

    Good to hear the time jump is coming. I was starting to think they forgot! :) Of course, the ridiculous thing that keeps me up at night (no not really) is what would happen if the show changes time zones in the process? What time would the clock show? lol I’m sure they’ve figured out some creative way to handle the jump. Looking forward to seeing what they came up with.

    • Scott Johnston says:

      Jack could always have a good night’s sleep while a clock ticks down the passing hours in the background. The lack of sleeping is something that always annoyed me in the earlier series. I’ve done all-nighters before and I’m practically dead on my feet after 18 or 19 hours.

      • Mike V. says:

        Yep. That the no food or bathroom breaks are the longest running gags of the series. Lol Maybe he’ll be knocked unconscious and wake up a few hours later.

        • Brian P says:

          At least Chloe had a chance for a bathroom break at a gas station in the most recent episode

          • Marilyn says:

            I was shocked that the show actually gave Chloe that bathroom break. I expected her to come back to the car with guns blazing, Jack on the phone, and a revelation that she “got” what her boyfriend really is!

  4. Fido says:

    They could give us another special event series by setting it on the day the clocks go back so giving us a 25 series :) – or maybe not.

  5. Mel says:

    24 is Jack Bauer. Jack Bauer is 24. Accept no substitutes!

  6. SonOfCoul says:

    As much as I love Jack Bauer, i’d watch 24 with Kate as the lead. Hell, I’d watch Yvonne Strahovski in pretty much any role, let alone one as awesome as she’s been as Agent Morgan. That being said, I doubt the general audience would go for a Jack-Less 24.
    Also, it wouldn’t be a baton Jack passes….it would be the Jack-Sack! Which coincidentally….Agent Morgan held during the last episode.

  7. lins says:

    I won’t watch without Jack. But if he’s still in it in some form of capacity I will still watch….

  8. Suz says:

    24 without Jack: Jack is in surgery/coma and Kate is tracking down the antidote to save him; Jack is berried alive and Kate is trying to find him; Jack is on a boat in middle of Pacific w/out tech or power with hurricane approaching and Kate is looking for him.

    Kate can carry 24.

  9. Rita says:

    I could NEVER watch 24 without Kiefer Sutherland as Jack. HE is 24 and that will never change! Crazy idea IMO to try and do 24 without him!

  10. Lisa says:

    I would never watch 24 with out Kiefer Sutherland. Hope there is no truth to this. Been a fan since EP 1 in 2001. Would never watch again if they go forward w/ out him. Very sad to even read this. :(

  11. Tran says:

    I always been a huge 24 fan since the beginning but July 14th could very well be the end for the show if Jack Bauer survives to the end.

  12. NIna says:

    No Jack? No thanks.

  13. Joe Ari says:

    Don’t even think about it :) 24 isn’t 24 if its Jack-free

  14. Mike says:

    I love Yvonne as a full time partner for Jack in the future. But, without Jack there’s no 24

  15. I’d rather see a spinoff show about Sarah Walker than Kate Morgan.

  16. Keifer is 24! Give me a break! Don’t tarnish Keifer’s legacy by keeping other people in the show he made famous and by tarnishing his iconic character Jack Bauer!

  17. Sky Tyler says:

    Your show would be so much better if you could stop using shaky cam. I see enough shaky cam home videos that no one wants to sit and watch and then a good show, like 24, looks like it was shot using and old smartphone. Just sayin.

  18. Cybered says:

    Keifer is Jack and Jack is 24. Without Keifer there is no Jack and without Jack there is no 24. It is as simple as that no matter how much we may enjoy watching the other characters.

    • That Guy says:

      The only “problem” with that idea is that everyone knows that Jack would go into the field before the season was out. And the only problem with THAT is that we all know what happens to superiors when they go out into the field…

  19. Teal'c says:

    Perhaps Kiefer could fill a role in upcoming shows that requires less “field work” and more of an administrative role? Just throwing idea out.

  20. Chlojack says:

    It would be really cool if the time jump occurs during the finale, setting up an epilogue where Jack returns to US soil and reunites with Kim. He deserves a happy ending. If they do a Kate Morgan spinoff, I hope it’s a totally new non-real time show featuring her character and a new supporting cast.

  21. Tran says:

    In my opinion, Kate Morgan is the female version of Jack Bauer.

  22. annalyn acosta cruz says:

    You may condider agent cole ortiz from season 8.

  23. Drew says:

    Yvonne Strahovski is slumming it by doing 24. She certainly shouldn’t tie herself to the franchise for years to come.
    24 is horribly written and always has been. The writers never planned ahead, and for a series that takes place (supposedly) in real time, planning a tight story is absolutely essential. Add to that the fact that they should have switched up the story styles each year, rather than try to recreate the same story every year. Passing the baton is the right idea… But it is about a decade too late.

  24. Kassie says:

    No way would it be even remotely 24 without Jack Bauer. I like Kate however she is in no way Jack’s equal, if they continued working together then yes, Kate on her own a strong NO thank -you!

  25. Tabitha says:

    The day we lost 24 with a very sad day in the TV world I really get involved in any show that I’m watching but this one really got me I could never predict it and I believe all the characters all the time gullible okay maybe but it never got old. Unf
    Unfortunately I did not watch 24 when it was actually on the recently started watching it from the beginning straight to the end I was captivated and so so sad to see it over please Kiefer consider coming back 24 was wonderful wonderfulgreat

  26. Tabitha says:

    Kate fine but I got agree with everybody else Jack Bauer is 24 and Kiefer Sutherland is Jack Bauer

  27. Daniele says:

    He’ll no Kiefer Sutherland makes the show..if they passed it over to someone else I would no longer be interested in watching it. You can’t replace Jack Bauer.

  28. Dan McCormick says:

    Need 12 eps for proper assessment but glad Jack back. Needed 4 years to appreciate how deeply missed he was. I’d love a Jack and Kate Season 10. Loved Chuck. Miss Chuck. Yvonne talented and gorgeous. Kiefer awesome beyond words. Keep it rolling!

  29. 24 without Jack would be even worse than CSI without Grissom.

  30. I thorn says:

    If Jack leaves, I leave. 24 is Jack Bauer. Jack Bauer is 24.

  31. Marc says:

    Didn’t we hear the same talk in 2009 about Renee Walker taking over for Jack? And then they offed her.

  32. Lev says:

    I think Strahovski deserves her own series, just not a spinoff of 24. To have her tied into a contract for a series and have it be a series where she would never smile would be a crime against humanity. Give her show but make sure she smiles for us on occasion. It would benefit us all just like puppies and children do! If you haven’t caught on yet, I am letting you all know – Yvonne Strahovski has the best smile in the world…

  33. Patrick Charness says:

    Yvonne Strahovsky is superb & could handle the hand-off perfectly..but now that Kiefer Sutherland is back as “Jack” & FOX is scoring a huge summer ratings coup, why not continue the pairing! Yvonne has mire than proved herself a a huge asset to “24” and is great as an action hero..so to pair the two for Season 10 WOULD be the best for “24”! Plus why risk a loss of ANY viewership without Superb Kiefer? Fans..FOX..And the advertisers are happy so keep them going!!!

  34. Daniel Armour says:

    I love 24 just as much as the next person and Sutherland/Jack Bauer is a huge reason why I love the show. However, I’d actually be willing to give Kate Morgan a chance as the lead. Hell, I was (somewhat) open to the idea when rumors about Renee Walker taking over for Jack popped up during Season 7.

  35. 24 is nothing without Jack, but I would totally watch a spinoff featuring Kate.

  36. bluedevil says:

    They’ll go to Cape Town, which is just a one-hour timezone from London. Timelapse perfectly handled and explained.

  37. GA says:

    We are so sick & tired of the loud, lousy, annoying background music on all the network shows. Can anything be done about it?

  38. Bark Star says:

    Time jump ? They are not gonna fill the unused time with ridiculous, boring, cliche storylines and unlikeable, unnecessary characters ? Could it be the writers actually learned something from their mainy mistakes during original the run of the show ?

  39. marcia gay says:

    never get rid of jack. he is the heart and soul of the show. I would not watch if he was not on it.There are dozens of fbi shows on that are all the same. 24 is different. keep him and keep coming back. marcia

  40. James D says:

    If I had to guess they’re going to take a plane ride somewhere, I could be totally wrong. I love the character Kate, and I adore Yvonne. So I would certainly watch a 24 with her in it, but I don’t think I would be as into it as I was with the original. As good as Yvonne’s Kate is it just wouldn’t be the same without Jack. Maybe Kiefer could make an appearance or two to ease us into it.

  41. I want this show renewed. Keifer and the cast are amazing and he took Jack Bauer to another level. This should had me hooked for 8 seasons and still does. Cannot imagine it with Keifer Sutherland and would not survive. Even if it comes back at limited weeks, we would be happy as fans. It would kill me till the next time, but please Keifer if you read this come back and bring Chloe with you. :-)

  42. Kate CANNOT fill in for Jack just as Miss Moneypenny couldn’t fill in for James Bond and NOBODY can fill in for Jason Bourne

  43. 24 is not 24 without Jack Bauer in some capacity on the show. Make him the head of a new and improved CTU with Chloe as his right hand man. She is his only true friend. With Jack as the boss its easier on him physically and he would have first hand knowledge of how to handle things in the field with new characters.

  44. rja444 says:

    Cant see 24 with out Keifer Sutherland.

  45. Alan says:

    24 is Jack Bauer! With that being said, I don’t see why a spin-off featuring Kate wouldn’t work; I’d watch it. Why does 24 have to end (again) anyway? Jack is not getting old, he’s just 45. There are many action heroes in their 50s and even 60s that are active. To make it easier on Keifer, they could still do 24 with the 12-episode format. I love this show but they need to bring Chloe out of that goth-look. She is a big part of the show and if 24 ended and Kate had a spin-off, I think that she would be a great supporting cast member.

  46. That Guy says:

    Maybe this is a long-shot, but I could see a time jump coinciding with the attack on London. The drones launch the missles, everyone stares horrified at their screens, ker-THUNK ker-THUNK ker-THUNK…then the next episode picks up with the aftermath and the destruction, while the characters are still picking up the pieces and trying to find survivors. Keeps them from blowing the budget by showing the actual destruction, while still upping the stakes.

  47. Seamus says:

    this was a useless & worthless article! whoever wrote it: “you’re fired!” no Jack & Chloe, no pgm.

  48. Kathleen says:

    Kate is amazing. she is so perfectly cast in this role. She is is such a good actress I have not even thought of Chuck

    • Ben Quarcoo says:

      The best way to move forward without jack is to have an unsamble. Over the years, Jack has come to work with some characters who didn’t see his way of doing what was necessary but in the end came to see things his way. Cole Ortiz and Tony Almeaida comes to mind. Along with Kate, these three could be brought together to stop an attack. Work together as they are all characters who will be doing what is necessary to get the job done. These characters, like jack has not only been betrayed but burned by their own country and therefore will have no alliegiance to it but to do what is right.
      Jack has always been an army of one and the best way to replace him is to do it with an army of people like him. They’ll be like the avengers only without the costumes

  49. Carla Letsch says:

    24 wouldn’t be 24 with out Jack! I don’t think I would watch if he isn’t in it.

  50. Somehow they could get Tony A. back. Only Tony could carry the torch. Not the season 1-3 tony but the season 4,5 and 7 Tony.