Suits Boss Previews Mike Vs. Harvey Battle, Jessica's Love Life, Rachel's Work Struggle and More

Suits Season 4 Spoilers

When Suits returns this Wednesday (USA Network, 9/8c), it’s student vs. teacher as Mike and Harvey draw the battle lines in their new working relationship.

And that’s not the only duo that’s threatened.

Rachel and her beau find themselves dealing with a number of challenges to their romance, and his pretty secretary is, shockingly, the least of their worries.

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At least things seem to be going well for Jessica, who enjoys some male company.

Below, executive producer Aaron Korsh offers a character-by-character preview of Season’s 4’s hook-ups, break-ups, fights, interlopers and more.

HARVEY & MIKE | “When Mike left the firm and set up a situation where it was possible that [he and Harvey] were going to be working side-by-side on some things, we thought that might be good,” says Korsh. However, conflict makes for much more interesting TV, so Mike sets out to “prove himself” now that he’s out from the shadow of his mentor. But Harvey won’t easily accept that his protege is now his boss (in a way). “He’s not going to let this kid that thinks he’s smarter than him push him around.”

MIKE & RACHEL | Although Mike’s new Donna, pretty secretary Amy (played by The Newsroom‘s Melanie Papalia), is “a factor” in Mike and Rachel’s romance, Korsh warns that “she’s not the only factor.” In fact, as the season unravels, “There are other things that are going to be as much of a threat to Mike and Rachel’s relationship,” teases the EP.

Suits Season 4 SpoilersRACHEL &… HARVEY? | Rachel will go through quite a bit of “growth” as she becomes “more involved in the storyline this year,” previews Korsh. For starters, “She’s going to have much more involvement in the week-to-week happenings of the firm.” While that may be good news for fans of the legal eagle, it’s not so easy on her. “She’s also struggling with the exhaustion of being in law school and working at the firm,” he continues, which sometimes results in her “missing key pieces of information at key times.” Becoming an associate at Pearson Specter also means Rachel is “now working with Harvey, [which] is a new change for her. Obviously, she’s going to have a lot more scenes with Harvey. Their relationship is going to be explored.”

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JESSICA | Guess who’s getting some?! “When we open on the premiere, we reveal that maybe Jessica is enjoying her personal life a little bit,” teases Korsh. “The idea for the premiere is, enough amount of time has gone by that maybe Harvey is back in the swing of things and gotten over Scottie a little bit. Maybe they’ve won and they put all these battles behind them. Mike’s been gone, and all of them, including Jessica, have been enjoying life a little bit… She’s maybe got a guy. We’re not sure if it’s a regular thing or what. Then moving forward, we’re going to explore her personal life.”

Suits Season 4 SpoilersDONNA | Because she’s all-knowing and awesome, Donna “sees the trouble that Harvey and Mike are headed for long before anybody else,” shares Korsh. “It’s like when a parent sees two siblings playing and they’re starting to get intense about what they’re playing. The parent knows that’s going to end up in a fight, but the kids are like, ‘It’s fine. We’re having fun.’ The parent knows they’re having fun now, [but] this is going to end bad.”

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LOUIS | The season opener finds Louis “taking the bull by the horns. [He] has done some research on a thing where he feels like he’s going to have an impact on the firm that’s great enough for him to really step up,” previews Korsh. But Louis being Louis, things do not go according to plan. As the season progresses, “He’s going to have a ton of ups and downs. He’s going to have some great scenes with everybody. He’s going to have some heartfelt scenes. He’s going to have some victories, some defeats. Louis really has a lot in store for him this year.”

THE NEWBIES | DB Woodside (24) recurs as Securities and Exchange Commission prosecutor Jeff Malone, who will use his position to “strong-arm [the firm] into doing some stuff and put Jessica in an awkward position,” teases the EP. “He’s going to get his way a little bit,” which will bring about conflict between him and Louis as well as between him and Jessica. Meanwhile, Brendan Hines (Lie to Me) plays “a new client at the firm that is definitely going to throw some kinks” into the dynamics at Pearson Specter, as well as mess with the bond between Harvey and Mike.

 Suits fans, be sure to check TVLine after the East Coast airing of the Season 4 premiere Wednesday for even more scoop!

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  1. M3rc Nate says:

    Harvey & Mike: Im excited about this. I will really enjoy them going up against each other…but i’d really love to see Mike kick Harvey’s ass a few times. I’d love to see the role reversal and the apprentice outsmart the master and whoop his butt a few times in a big way…really prove to Harvey that he (Mike) is really really smart and good at his job. Now im not saying Mike does it in a mean way or anything, but just outsmarts him/out maneuvers him and wins a few times. Seems like a waste to have Harvey win a bunch in this new situation…we already got the seasons of Mike not knowing what hes doing and Harvey having to say his bacon over and over.

    Mike & Rachel : Im really hoping they play the “secretary Amy” relationship in move of a friends/co-workers who have some chemistry, but they respect the fact that Mike is in a relationship. So she is professional, not hitting on Mike, not trying to steal him etc…but Rachel is a little insecure when she finds out what his secretary looks like, let that be the “factor”. As for “other things that are going to be as much of a threat to Mike and Rachel”…i dont mind that as long as 1) they dont allow them to actually be happy and together for a significant amount of time 2) it has to do with cheating/being a bad BF/GF. Im so tired of ships that go through hell to get together…then the writers dont let you enjoy the fruit of their labor, they go straight to making it hell for them to stay together, then break them up. Take a page out of Flashpoints playbook, not Covert Affairs playbook. Yes bring trouble into the relationship but dont break them up, dont have any cheating or crappy BF/GF stuff (flirting with a co-worker etc), and let us enjoy the happy/flirty good relationship time.

    Rachel & Harvey: I love the idea of them becoming friends or co-workers who are working together more and have a mutual respect…however if there is even a hint of Rachel having feelings for Harvey or vice-versa…im gonna be PISSED and call BS. Let them have a STRICTLY friends/co-worker relationship.

    Good for Jessica.

    Donna: I like this character plot a lot.

    Louis: I’d like to see more Louis successes…hes gone through SO much, but i like him having ups and downs.

    Im curious about this Brendan character and what he brings to the story that effects Harvey and Mike. I presume he impresses Harvey and Harvey starts to (not consciously) bring him under his wing, and befriend him, and Mike gets pissed seeing Harvey have a new “Mike”.

    • Juliana says:

      YOu spoke my mind!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! hahaha esp I love Rachel and Jessica spoilers :) Cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!! S4 is gonna be great!

  2. Finally, more Jessica! Love her character.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I agree. What i love about her most? How when someone steps up to her and shows their brains, she always acts “beat” but turns around and to the camera, smiles, shes proud of them for being great, for beating her (Mike, Harvey, etc). IMO that is a STRONG female character…and i love it. (Different when shes actually betrayed like Harvey did to her, but like when Harvey in the pilot tells her that he keeps SR Partner or else he brings her down with him…that smile to the camera? LOVE it!)

      I think another thing that proves what a great character Jessica is, is that if you remove gender from the character, its a fantastic fun character that could be played by an actor or actress. I think thats how you know a character/role is great, especially for a actress. Perfection.

  3. bigdede says:

    The writers of this show must read twitter. Another tweeter follower and I were talking about Suits and the fact we wish Jessica would have a real relationship and we said D.B Woodside would be great since he’s tall enough. Then two months later we read he’s gonna be on the show. I bet they read our tweets

  4. sarah says:

    Can not wait!
    I read that Aaron wanted Mike and Rachel to break up last season! So sadly I do not have a good feeling about their relationship!

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I dont like hearing that at ALL. Im sorry but you happen to cast 2 fantastic people, the actor and actress who have FANTASTIC chemistry, and you wrote the show from the pilot with them being into each other, and having fantastic rare chemistry and watching them happy together is so much fun. Why in the world would you break them up? That goes for this upcoming season as well. My advice to the writers, dont go overboard, and dont blow up one of the best things this show has got going for it. Dont take for granted the fantastic relationship/chemistry you got on this show between Mike & Rachel, and how rare it is for shows to have a couple of this quality.

      • Juliana says:

        completely agree on what you said!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls just dont break them up and keep em together,, other shows always do stupid things to create drama like break it up or throw somebody b/w them..etc.. I dont mind some angst but just dont break them up.. they are end game clearly :)

  5. Joey Padron says:

    Great scoop about new season and characters. Can’t wait to watch season premiere tomorrow night.

  6. A says:

    Donna is the best

  7. Bec says:

    Suits is the best show…I feel like it’s the best kept secret on television. I am looking forward to more Harvey and Rachel scenes, they are always amusing together. As for the rest of it…bring on the conflict!

  8. tca says:

    This show is amazing!! love the relationship Mike&Harvey…..I was happy when Rachel broke up with Mike(sorry guys not a fan of Mike&Rachel),and I do believe that S-4B she will be a problem for Mike,because of the dream Mike had seeing her in the office telling to the associates his secrete,Yep is premonition guys!!! I now the show will have s-5, very happy with that, but if they wont to go father then that ,you better give us some gay relationship with the men characters( Mike&Harvey), the show don’t have no LGBT representation.So big numbers of viewers are not seeing this magnificent show and the chemistry Mike&Harvey…This show reminds me “Withe cooler”, it last 6 seasons for lack of LGBT representation!! Ok guys hop you are not mad good lock with the no “homo” show!!