Pretty Little Liars: 'Significant' Death, Time Jumps and More Season 5 Scoop

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Spoilers

Pretty Little Liars returns for its fifth season tonight (ABC Family, 8/7c), but while the girls are still trying to solve the Ezra-shooter mystery, executive producer Marlene King is already looking to the future — one that, sadly, not every fan-favorite character will live to see.

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King participated in a Reddit AMA in advance of the season premiere, in which she dropped quite a few hints about the drama to come, including a “significant” death and a game-changing time jump. TVLine sifted through the madness for the 10 most important teases:

* Several characters will learn A’s identity in Season 5, but as always, the audience will only be given clues.

* A “significant” death is on the horizon. In fact, it’s such a big deal that King says it’s a call she “won’t want to make.”

* When Caleb returns this season, his time in Ravenswood will be discussed. Additionally, King says, “There may be a Ravenswood episode in 5B.”

* Shane Coffey’s Holden will return to Rosewood this summer.

* Detective Wilden’s killer will be revealed in the season premiere.

* Alison’s sexuality will be addressed in Season 5, and her history with Paige will play out in an “emotional” storyline.

* Speaking of Paige, King says there’s hope that Emily will reconcile with her ex(?)girlfriend in time for the holiday episode later this year, which will be titled “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas.”

* Among the many storylines currently being discussed for Season 5B is the introduction of the show’s first gay male character.

* “There will be a time jump,” King says. “It may be on the TV show, or the movies we are starting to talk about, but there will be a time jump. We will ‘jump’ college.”

* Pretty Little Liars‘ end is in sight, and King says she hopes to announce the show’s final season “soon.”

OK, PLL fans, it’s time to start theorizing: Which “significant” character will bite the dust? Are you rooting for a Paige/Emily reunion? And which season should be the last? Drop a comment with your predictions below.

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  1. Sam says:

    Seriously? Final season soon? It really should be this one. I only read recaps now and stopped watching a while ago b/c they are just not moving the story forward at all.

    • angie says:

      there has been a crazy thing that people have been saying that Hannah is Alison’s twin and she’s a. I don’t think she’s a because she is getting texts and remember that in season 1 or 2 she had to sit there and eat pig cupcakes so if that was her being a she wouldn’t do that to her self and remember last episode of season 5 that she was on the roof when everything happened and she gripped the gun about to shoot a if they didn’t take off there mask so that’s why I don’t think she’s a and al that’s happened to her and the girls she could not have done that to her friends how ever I don’t think it would be so crazy if we think that ali’s a because all shes doint to the girls.

  2. Sarah says:

    Movies? Oh God.. And why skip college? Do not tell me A will be following these girls all their lives?

  3. Amanda says:

    Movies? No. Stop this trend of tv to movie right now.

    • If it’s any consolation, they said that if they DID do a movie, they would only settle for a full-scale film in theaters, not a TV-movie. I’m not thrilled about a movie either cause of how stupid story ideas are always made up just for the sake of having a movie, but I don’t think Marlene would allow a subpar movie to be released.

  4. lana says:

    I haven’t watched since idk what season so ali was alive the whole time?

  5. Chantel says:

    This should be its last season.. Its just been dragging on for so long. I use to get excited for the season premieres but now it’s just the same thing over and over.. It’s starting to get anyoing.. More and more questions instead of answers..

  6. z says:

    I love this show….. I hate to see it end.

    • Tyler Tyler says:

      Little did you know later that day you would find out that u would still have 3 more seasons to watch.

  7. LK says:

    Oh just reveal who “A” is already… its gotten really dumb by this point.

  8. Dave says:

    I think 6 seasons is the right number of seasons for every show, I hope they’re gonna make something big with the movie!!

  9. Kay says:

    Bad feeling they might kill off Toby!

  10. Patty Stamps says:

    Thanks, Andy. This confirmed what I’ve been threatening since the season finale. I will be quitting #PLL and just reading recaps. Keep those recaps coming though; :)

  11. Eric7740 says:

    Season 6 should be the curtain call. As much as I love PLL, there is only so long you can stretch this out; but I will definitely watch till the final episode!!!

  12. Jessica says:

    I think that the significant death will be Mona’s, and that this or season 6 will probably be the last season since Ali is back.

  13. webly3 says:

    I have a feeling the significant death will be Melissa. Then, they’ll reveal she didn’t actually die and she was the lead A all along.

  14. 1. I know which character is dying tonight due to a spoiler and it’s not very significant. I wonder when the big death will come. I feel like it will probably be Jenna which scares me deeply because she’s my favorite character and I do NOT want her to die.

    2. I want Paige written off this show already. So annoying and filler. I’d much rather have Emily and Alison together, or if not, then just single Emily.

    3. I definitely do NOT want Season 5 to be its last. I love this show with all my heart but I GUESS Season 6 would do as the final season. I’d prefer a Season 7 though cause so many fans are still just as hooked as ever and it’s still very high-quality.

    • Lauren says:

      I don’t think the character to die will be Ezra. It’s too expected. I think Emily and Paige won’t get back together. And the show should end never. Or it should at least keep going until the whole cast is no longer alive

    • EJ386 says:

      High quality?!?! You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s entertaining, but definitely not high quality. You should try broadening you horizons, there is so much real quality TV out there.

      • Wayne Adney says:

        It’s not in terms “high quality” as in shows like on AMC or CBS…but for a teen drama it’s very well crafted. It’s hard enough thinking how the writers come up with each episode plot that keeps you guessing with questions and handing out clues instead of getting complete truths and answers. You can only take quality so far in any TV series to the point over-quality ruins the plot, character development, storylines, etc. and in PPL’s case it would become a boring adult show if they dressed it up or went a different direction then everyone involved intended.

        So quit complaining and BTW 5-7 seasons are good for a show and No. 7 ensures that ait can properly be completed even if the show dips in any quality (i.e. script) and the questions answered minus a few big ones to keep you hoping for that big screen or TV movie splash.

        Yes, I am a man and I watch Pretty Little Liars. I have watch daytime soap operas before off and on since I was kid…only because my watch them and they we’re on the same time as my afternoon cartoons and there was no arguing with the boss of the house…so it was basically join in and have new experience to remember like “Sammy Brady scheming against Kate Kiriakis”. LOL.

    • Ashlynn says:

      there will be a season 6 and 7 its already confirmed:) I don’t ever want it to end. lol Im hooked!!!!! I mean I do want to know who A is , but I have a feeling its going to be like someone off the wall that no one has ever suspected!!!!

  15. Michael says:

    A movie? She know’s when the show will end and then they’ll probably make the movies after that. They seemingly can’t tell us who A is at the end of the show since they clearly believe it’s the only thing keeping their audience now. My guess is they don’t know who A is and this way they’ll never have to tell. Or maybe the whole thing will get cancelled and then we’ll be left with speculation forever.

  16. Sarah Brennan says:

    I think season 5 should be the last season. I am a huge fan of Pretty Little Liars , but I think trying to find out who “A” is, is becoming a drag. I think we as the audience should find out this season because I think we would all agree that we’re getting sick of waiting.

  17. Lovell says:

    season 5 and they are still in high school. What i hate mostly Aria said they had 7 months till graduation in season 3

  18. Bailey says:

    I hate Paige…#teamemison and I think either season 5 or 6 should be last. It can’t keep going on and on.

  19. Sasha says:

    I think it have to be a season 6!!!

  20. hi i think there should be 6 seasons and a movie

  21. Eisha says:

    to be honest i think season 5 should be last season cause everyone will eventually get bore of the show, they should just reveal A. Okaii soo i think jason- thaa cutie is A because he is never in the show and why would ali’s mom snitch to the police that jason her son hit ali but i dont know why she buried her tho

  22. Cate53 says:

    They better not kill off Paige! Love Paily! However, the twists and turns really have gone on a bit tong. With the news about 2 more seasons, and comments about movies/ time jumping college I am a bit worried. The fact that they are still supposed to be in high school is surely pretty ridiculous now. They dress like runway models!

    • mika says:

      The way they dress is irrelevant. If you read the books at all. You’d know that they live on phillys main line. Being a native Pennsylvanian, that’s where all the old money folks live. Which is also explained in the books. It is also old in the books that they were wealthy with the exception of Emily and aria. The show is loosely based on the books. I knew plenty of girls who wore designer clothes in high school. So the comment about their fashion sense is ludicrous.

  23. Cece says:

    Season 5 Should Be The Last ! We Need To Know Who A Is Already

  24. Liz says:

    I think Season5 should be the last season. I love the series but it’s getting boring… I want to know who A is. If I don’t find out in this season, I will stop watching PLL!

  25. Hot Dumb Italian Mike! says:

    This is surprisingly a great entertaining show, I have a strange guilty pleasure for shows on the CW and ABC Family. I know, l I know stop laughing.

  26. says:

    Well I guess the end isn’t in sight, seeing as they just added season 7 on… Come on already!

  27. David says:

    Reveal Wildon’s killer?… wasn’t it arleady revealed that it was Cece, that is why the police were looking for her. now i’m conufsed

  28. brianna says:

    I hope the girls don’t befriend Alison after how mean she to them.

  29. joe says:

    the death will probably be tobys

  30. Crystel says:

    Idk why she says that she wants it have the seri send when they were just signed for TWO MORE SEASONS after the 5th one. So it’s not ending anytime soon.

  31. mika says:

    Skip the film. And end it all with this season. One, the books were better. But the books dragged on in three arcs. So this will drag out til season 6. It ended with them going through college admissions. Spencer losing her acceptance to Princeton etc. That alone proves it’ll drag out. As well as the fact they do 2 seasons per arc. The show is so loosely based on the novels by now i only stick around to find out who they pin it on since there’s no evil twin apparently… and what about all the juicy stuff that happened in the books. Like Emily being bi and getting preggers by the hipster boy? Or Spencer dating that genius pothead. Or tabitha Clark. Or the fact aria was with noel after she caught ezra cheating with that Finnish bimbo… or Hanna actually becoming friends with kate? Or hmmmm how about the preserve? Ali and her evil twin were spencers sibling not Jason. Ask me. The books are totally better.

  32. A.R says:

    Okay first of all there should only be 5 season in total and although I haven’t read the books I know for a fact there are 13 books so I highly doubt that there is ever going to be 5 seasons. Next I think that Mona and her new posse will all gang up on the girls and try to destroy them but their plan backfires and I think Mona will die. We will get to know who A is but I don’t think A dies. I think Cece didn’t kill Willdon but I don’t know for a fact i’m just guessing anyway i am a huge PLL fan but I am kind of getting bored of all the questions and not enough answers Jokes! I love PLL it’s sooo exciting. However having 6 seasons will be dragging on too long.

  33. Sofh says:

    ” Pretty Little Liars‘ end is in sight, and King says she hopes to announce the show’s final season “soon.” is a lie. It’s been announced today that there is a season 6 and 7.

  34. Kendra King says:

    I hope Emily and Paige gets back with each other ..

  35. Jenna says:

    I’m sorry but every show on network tv does not need to have a gay character. I get ppl are slowly trying to incorporate this type of storyline into most shows nowadays, but come on! ( And yes I am a homophobe. Please feel to bash me as much as you love for it, ) Also I agree this show has gone on for far too long.A isn’t even real.

    • holly says:

      Sorry but if you’re homophobic why do you even bother watching the show? Emily is one of the main characters and her sexual identity was and sort of still is, a big part of the show.

  36. jake says:

    I don’t want you to end this show its to amazing to be put to an end like Abcs the lying game.
    The lying game left us with the biggest cliff hanger ever on Abc
    and if pll is cancelled what will I do with out it
    and I hear there may be a pretty
    liars movie is this true I hope it is and will a main person die in season 5 like Mona or Lucas???!!!… I demand to know lol I’m
    a huge pll fan so yeah

  37. Pokey says:

    I love “Pretty Little Liars” & have never missed an episode. I’m a 26 year old, stay at home, single mom of a 1 year old & this is the ONLY show that I make a point to watch! I know it will soon come to an end & don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to know who -A is, but I so hate to see the day when I no longer have my one hour on Tuesday night to set down & watch some PLL.

  38. Jenny Ernest says:

    Will love for Maya St Germain to be back but if she’s really dead Emily and Paige should be together

  39. Mary says:

    I don’t care how much I love this show, if they time jump I don’t think I’d be able to watch it. Skip over college? So they’re going to go from highschoolers to adults without us seeing what happens in between? Sometimes time jumps are good in shows and needed but in this show I think it’s stupid and it’s going to make the show go downhill quick.

  40. Laken says:

    I hope it’s none of the liars. The show wouldn’t be the same without the four of them. Ali just came back so I don’t think it’s her. I’m thinking Mona or Melissa.

  41. Reagan says:

    One more season or two plzz :)!!

  42. Dee says:

    There will be a season 6 and 7. They need to just reveal who A is and let the show end. I think CeCe Drake is A honestly.