Pretty Little Liars Renewed for Season 6 and Season 7 By ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars Renewed

Can’t get enough Pretty Little Liars? Then you’re in luck, because the ABC Family drama is showing absolutely no signs of stopping.

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Just hours before its fifth season premiere, the network on Tuesday announced that PLL will be returning for a sixth and seventh season.

Season 6 will begin airing mid-2015, with Season 7 following suit in 2016.

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“We know the ending of the show, and it’s not in Season 5,” executive producer Marlene King told TVLine in March. “I know the show does not end in Season 5, even though we don’t have a Season 6 pickup. The end of Season 5 definitely launches us into a Season 6. I think, as soon as they tell us [the end date], we will write to that. We know the ending and we’re prepared to get there, but we need a 12-episode notice to get there.”

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  1. I need to make time to watch this show.

    • Ally Oop says:

      One of these years I will get to it. It’s one of those shows I just missed the boat on but it’s on Netflix Canada so I have the option. It would take me a while to catch up though.

      • Same. 100 episodes is a lot.

        • shania says:

          It wont take that long, I watched 3 seasons in a week…

          • I watched the whole thing over the summer, up to the most recent episode prior to the X-Mas special. Good show.

          • Emily janeth says:

            I’m almost twelve I look like Shay lind of I’ve watcxed all season in a week I’m about five one or so

          • Kaitlyn Noll says:

            I watched all of season 1 to season 5 all within 12 days.. With other movies and shows being involved. But damn that’s a short time. Then again when something that keeps my interest to it, I would rather lose sleep than to miss out on something.. that I wouldn’t miss out on anyway. I’m cray. LOL

          • steven says:

            season one = 22 episodes 45mins x 22 = 990 minutes.
            season two = 24 episodes 45mins x 24 = 1080 minutes.
            season three = 25 episodes 45mins x 25 = 1125 minutes

            990+1080+1125= 3195 minutes. 1 week = 10080 minutes – 8 hours a day for sleep(480×7=3360) – 8 hours for school/work = 3360. 3360+3360=6720

            then 2 hours a day for, food,shower, family etc etc 2×60=120, 120×7= 840 minutes.

            6720+840+3195=10755 minutes!

            proving you dont have enough time in one week including your sleep, work/school life and family,eeating,showering etc to watch 3195 minutes of pretty little liers ( 3 seasons in total!)

      • aileen says:

        You really need to see its aswome! (:
        Ones you see it you won’t stop (:

    • WTF says:


  2. StanJS says:

    YAY!! 2 more years

  3. Sara says:

    Honestly, I’m a little disappointed. I love the show but I can feel it losing steam. I’m ready for it to end.

  4. dji says:

    so what’s up with twisted? is it canceled?

  5. Andy says:

    I was expecting a Season 6 but a Season 7 was a bit of a shock. Here’s hoping it ends there so the show doesn’t begin to drag more than it already has. The events like the season 4 finale can only reinvent the show for so long.

  6. Nancy says:

    So happy about this. Great show!

  7. Andrea says:

    Assuming S7 will be hte last then? I mean Torian will be what, 30? I read somewhere about them “jumping” college, but how many times can that not reveal A in 2 more years!

  8. Season 6 and 7?! One of the only reasons I was still putting up with this show was me hoping that they were winding it down and I wanted to see how they bulls**t their way out of the convoluted mess they’ve made of the story. Now they’re gonna drag this out for two more seasons including Season 5?! I don’t think I can take any more of the nonsensical empty reveals, leaps of logic and just the general air the the writers don’t have any kind of coherent plan at all. To stretch out a show that 4 seasons in not only doesn’t make a lick of sense but isn’t particularly interested in making sense or having coherent plotlines and giving it 40+more episodes? I think it would have been better to wrap it up than keep going on as it is.

    • Rhona Xerri says:

      Cannot agree more with you. !!!! its real dragging now

    • Mya says:

      So just stop watching it

    • krissy says:

      stop saying these kind of things keep your opinions to yourself find I happen to love pll so does other people so stop do you realize what your sayingyou are saying things that are hurtful to the people who put effort in to this show and for you to say that I mean just STOP

    • Eden says:

      So you don’t like the show. How about you don’t watch it then!! Because, believe it or not, there are actually some people who like it, me being one of those people. So don’t ruin it by posting a rude comment about how it drags on. If you really hate the show, then why should it bother you if there’s a season 6 (which I’ve already watched) and a season 7 coming out in 2016? It shouldn’t affect you in the slightest. The acting in Pretty Little Liars is brilliant, the story line is awesome and maybe it’s “dragging on” because it’s so good and so many people love it!?

  9. Diz says:

    Good grief, let it die!

  10. MJ says:

    That means two more seasons to find out who “A” is………

  11. Ray says:

    PLL was great in its first couple of seasons, but the mysteries have been drawn out for far too long and have become so convoluted they no longer make any sense. This show lost its way a long time ago.

  12. S says:

    so 3 more seasons of No Answers yayyyyy NOT!!! The show needs to end its already dragging we need answers not more questions

  13. Joe R says:

    That’s it, I’m done. How much more abuse can they expect to drag an audience through? I thought Season 5 would be it. Two more seasons of this????? That’s just cruel.

    • Celanie says:

      Amen to that, I already hate that I watch this show but not knowing makes me keep watching it’s torture. Knowing there are 2 more seasons of this I can’t do it. Sticking to episode summaries from now on.

  14. Dave says:

    Hoping they’re bringing new misteries besides the whole A stuff…anyway, I’m really excited!!

  15. K says:

    Wow, Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna all literally going to be 30 years old by the time “A” stops stalking them.

    • 5654funny says:

      Lucy Hale said 7th season is the last season but I am not buying that OMG there’s Sarah Harvey And Jane doe drake that needs to be revealed in the sizith season

      What do you think should there be pll season 8

  16. abz says:

    Wow. This has to be one of the stupidest decisions I’ve seen. I don’t care how big of a success the show is for the network is, creatively the show has been lacking for quite some time and the writing has not been great. I also find it hard to wrap my head around how exactly they will continue with this season and two more. Will they ever graduate? My viewing will entirely depend on how this season goes.

    • Wow ! A lot of PLL haters here!! The fans are happy for two more seasons and are hoping for more. If you think the entire point is just to find out who A is then obviously you have never really watched the show. First off, it’s a A team. Discovering who is the boss behind it really does not matter at this point. The show is doing great because its great. The writers always have a plan. I cannot wait to watch todays premiere, I am sure I will be at the edge of my seat, like always !! #longlivePLL

      • abz says:

        “Discovering who is the boss behind it really does not matter at this point.” –> Yes it does matter because each season so far has been about an unknown figure who has been torturing the girls for years. Yes, there is a team but obviously there is someone calling the shots and behind all of this. The other people who joined the team (Mona, Ezra, etc.) joined because they had their own beef with the girls, but someone is behind all of it. You may be happy sittiing around watching pretty nothing progress each episode but I’m not.
        I highly doubt the writers ever had long term plans. Maybe recently since the end was thought to be near before this renewal, they may have started working on it, but for several seasons now, they have never inspired confidence that they know what they’re doing. The story has become so convoluted.
        Lastly, you should take all the negativity about this renewal as a sign of the widespread disappointment that people have in the writing and continuing plot of the show.

        • ashley says:

          So who was texting alli before she had gone mssing someone was torturing her too but now season 5 they think alli is a so who was messing with alli then cause alli was the first one who got the A messages???????????

        • krissy says:

          are you seriouse you just said that shutyour mouth now I don’t wanna here it from you from any of you pretty little liar haters im a pretty little liars lover so STOP and look at what you just typed

          • PLEASE end the show says:

            Krissy, you need to get a life and stop taking people’s opinions of a fiction show so personal. Your attachment to something that isn’t real, is unhealthy. Maybe you can devote some of the energy you put into defending the show, into learning how to write and speak properly.

          • Eden says:

            Um, you’re telling Krissy to get a life when you’re the one who’s name on here is “PLEASE end the show”. Just saying. ._.

          • Eden says:


      • Bella says:

        then you dont watch it religiously lol. the real fans like me who watch it every tuesday, are done. dragged out way too far. they should reveal A now and if they wana keep going set a different mystery. this is just annoying.

      • Mya says:

        I know right o many HATERS😡

      • krissy says:

        thankyou someone understands

      • Eden says:

        #longlivePLL Screw the PLL haters.

    • kally says:

      I think the issue you have with the show is your lack of understanding. Yes the writers have brought us around the world and back but they have always managed to connect the story and make sense of nonsense by revealing just the right amount of information at just the right time. The writers have been very creative in keeping up the mystery for so long constantly making you feel like the possibilities are endless and yet the answer is ‘right under your nose’. Just to help with your understanding i’d like to give you a quick synopsis of what has happened so far and offer my personal opinion on how they can carry on the show even after telling us who A is which is why I think the show could continue for multiple seasons.
      First things first, the writers haven’t been completely mean. They let us all in on a secret… Mona was A. She started the game by electronically bulling Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily. We learn later in the series that Ally was being bullied initially as well and chose to run away. Mona politely helped her out of rosewood pleading for her never to return. Ally was gone but Mona still wasn’t satisfied. She still had hate for the group that terrorized her in previous years and wanted to run rosewood in the same fashion Ally did. Mona sought her misguided revenge on the girls. The whole mess of a situation made her crazy… that’s assuming she wasn’t crazy before. As a result, when the whole situation came to a close she was shipped off to Radley Sanitarium. This takes us straight up to Season 3 before a new mystery arose. This is when the game changed as a new player took over and dominated the ‘A’ game. This new A is much more vindictive than Mona was which leaves us to wonder… why? Anyhow, the story line shifts and has centered itself around the possibility and then the fact that Ally is alive. When Mona was ‘A’ Ally made many a mistake trying to help her friends which revealed to those watching that she was alive. When the new ‘A’ took over from Mona, Ally being alive was just one more secret he or she could use to torture the group. Unnecessary villains found their way into the mix like Shauna that just caused more problems and stirred up more secrets among the group. We crossed a bridge and Ally went home to rosewood. Ally being back caused a lot of controversy. The night she went missing someone fitting her description was murdered and buried in her backyard. So I’m a full believer that the threat to her life or Bethany’s life was real. Just in case you don’t know who Bethany is, she is the girl whose body they thought was Allison’s. The ‘A’ we know now could very well be the same person who had it out for Ally initially. I will admit that part wasn’t properly explained. Was Mona the ‘A’ threatening Ally? Was it the new ‘A’ that was threatening Ally but learned how to step their game up from Mona? The answer to the second question being yes is the most plausible explanation for the series of events. See, the writers allow you to use your imagination and with 2 more seasons they have enough time to explain. It seems as if ‘A’ took over tormenting the group of girls to draw out Ally and ultimately bring her misery if not death. Whoever A is have obviously grown fond of the girls; as messing with them has now become more of a hobby than a means to an end. I’ve finished Season 5 so i know a little more than you did when you made this comment. To me Season 5 ends with A getting everything he or she ever wanted. Ally is in prison for murdering Mona who we later learn was kidnapped and is being held hostage by A. While Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily were all arrested as accessories to the crime. If A’s end game was to get rid of them all, he or she would have let the girls rot in jail but instead he kidnapped them and is holding them hostage in the ultimate psychopath layer. The police now know A is real and is on the hunt even though we don’t know for-sure who it is and why they chose this path. With that being said I know season 6 is going to spend some time around finding the girls and releasing Allison from prison. Which means we need a season or 2 to get to the meat of the matter. Who is A? Why is he or she doing this? What really happened the night Bethany was killed and Ally went missing?

      One part of the story i didn’t like and wouldn’t blame you if you thought it was complete rubbish is ravenswood. It was unnecessary and subtracted from the ‘realness’ by adding a somewhat supernatural element to the story line to satisfy an unsuccessful spin-off. Otherwise I find the show very compelling and let’s be real, the same mystery that’s driving you crazy is the same mystery that’s keeping the show alive. Enjoy the mystery while it lasts because once you know… that’s it.

      • 5654funny says:

        What really happened the night Bethany Young and Sarah Harvey were killed that night Ally didn’t want to be found there are so many words i can say Marlene King in the cast and the crew totally forgot to bring up Sarah Harvey and the Unidentified Person which is in allison casket which is creepy

      • abz says:

        Thank you very much for your condescension. I am perfectly aware of what is going on. That doesn’t mean that the plot of the show has become any less convoluted or ridiculous.
        “I’ve finished Season 5 so i know a little more than you did when you made this comment.” –> I’ve finished it as well. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but this article is from almost 9 months ago.
        And I personally don’t think they’ve done a good job connecting the story well and that the writers themselves don’t come across as if they’ve had a plan in motion about who A was and they’ve just been coming up with things at random each season and showing fakeouts after fakeouts.
        Smart and creative television does not need to rely on dragging out a mystery for five seasons and in doing so doing a great job of dumbing down their characters and raising more questions than they end up answering. If the writers had wanted to do a great job they’d have put some effort and creativity into wrapping up this A mystery and developing a new mystery or at the very least make it feel like progress has occurred on the show. Mona being A. Toby, Ezra, Allison, and now Charles. That isn’t good writing. That’s just insulting the intelligence of viewers.

        • 5654funny says:

          Let Start singing Oh Radley OH Radley OH Courtland Oh courtland are you with me should they start bring up sarah harvey and bethany young questions and fiquried out why their dead

          I can’t not believe they left out sarah harvey and unidentified person that we never seen

  17. sarah says:

    So excited!

    • Emma says:

      I feel as though we are the only two. I’m only on season 2 and I want a chance to watch the new episodes on TV, because I can’t right now. I feel everybody’s in a rush to know who ‘A’ is.

  18. abz says:

    Also, basically with these renewals, they’re saying that we will have to wait another 3 years to find out anything definitive about A and there will just be more and more fake-outs.
    Why don’t they just wrap up this A storyline once and for all and bring in something new? The show is called Pretty Little “LIARS”. Have them do something new that’s bad or sketchy and we’ll watch how they LIE their way out of it.

  19. Larry says:

    Now is the time when you see the network trying to keep costs down for a successful program. These type of 2 year deals happen when the networks starts to see an end to the show and want to keep it as low cost as possible. Although 7 years is great -I’ll be surprised if the show goes past it.

  20. Federico says:

    In season 3 we got halloween, this year (season 5) christmas… wait, 2 months through 2 seasons? That’s impossible!

    • ZMaX says:

      Haha yeah, they have a very slow timeline within the show. Episodes are a day or two apart from each other. I thought seasons 1-2 was a long time for the Begining of their Junior year to about Feb of that year. But these girls have been in their senior year of high school since season 3!

  21. KC says:


  22. Et al. says:

    That’s nice of ABC Family to warn people not to bother anymore. I almost made the mistake of watching tonight.

  23. Josh Emerson says:

    This is ridiculous. I sure hope they reinvent the show, because they can not keep it going at this awful quality. The best idea IMO would be to reveal A and end the mystery storyline. Turn it into a One Tree Hill-type show for the final few seasons. Because the quality has already gone down so much, it’ll just go further.

  24. Tran says:

    Really hope PLL ends after seven seasons.

  25. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on THB Files and commented:
    Two more seasons for PLL!!! Heck Yeah!!!

  26. maria says:

    is this serious?!?!?!?!! I really love the show but it is getting boring as time passes by, well be 80 when the show ends :/

    • How can you say you “love” the show and then say it’s getting “boring” ? It’s one or the other.

      • katey says:

        For me it’s: Yeah, it’s still pretty good, but the quality has been going downhill lately. I hope we find out who A is, so we can put it to rest.

        • Mya says:

          I don’t know what everyone’s tacking about.U all say u like pll but then u say its boring!
          Is it boring or a good show 😡😤

      • Mars says:

        Are you serious right now? I’ve read most of these comments and guess what? I’m with those who disagree with this idea! And A LOT of people have expressed this point of view and there you are replying to every comment like you’re the official “PLL defender”. And for your info, yes, it is possible for someone to love a show and then be bored by it cause that’s exactly whats going on here! I used to LOVE this show! LOVE IT because the first 3 seasons ehere AMAZING! But we all have to admit that that was the point where the show should have ended! Because since then all that happens is that the story is dragging to an extent that is extremely annoying and all that just because the show was a huge profit at the beginning and the people responsible for it obviously dont want to let that profit go! And to achieve that they just put a ton of irrelevant and incoherent stuf in a mixer and serve them to us with the title of “the new pll seasons”…… It has developed into a chore where I force myselfe to watch the show to see whats gonna happen!! And now they decided to have TWO more seasons?! In the end even you will realize how tiring this whole thing is… I’m really disappointed in them.

  27. Elyse says:

    Awesome!! Can’t wait!

  28. dji says:

    i would still like to know if anyone heard if twisted was canceled

  29. Kai says:

    This awfully reminds me of the early renewals announcement for Glee last year. And look how that turned out..

  30. Jacqueline says:

    I’m embarrassed to say that I’m a 50+ mom whose daughter got her hooked the first year. Now she’s a college student who doesn’t watch it. I happened to catch it tonight–didn’t realize it was it was starting–and I’m totally confused. Was A caught or not?

    • David Keyes says:

      Don’t worry about being 50+ and being hooked on PLL. I am 75 and have been hooked ever since the beginning. I don’t even care who A or the team leader really is anymore–I just find PLL really fun. PLL directly helps my weight and health. I exercise on a stationary bike for 45 minutes about 4 days a week. During that time and only during that time do I watch an episode of PLL. It makes the time fly by. In between seasons or when I get caught up on having bought and watched all the available episodes, I don’t exercise nearly as much, and I get out of shape. So thanks to PLL, I can for a while longer try to be like 50 instead of 75.

  31. brandy says:

    YES. So excited about this.

  32. Melanie says:

    I hate that thing of “we’ll get there when they say it’s over”. A lots of shows just get cancelled, so asking for a 12 episodes notice can be a lot as everything goes with ratings. And ratings goes away pretty fast. I’m surprised there is still ratings following that crap. I mean, last night episode was good- the show in general though has taken a lot of detours and add-on annoying stuff. I don’t think I can keep up for at least two more years, and that even if I love the actors. And I can’t believe that Mona can get that many people to get Alison down. I get that she was a bully, but most people are not willing to get someone down as payback and becoming bullies themselves.

  33. anonymous says:

    I love this news!!! :) I was just thinking about this before the premiere and then it happened! So awesome!! I’m so excited about this!! Also all you punks who are complaining about this need to shut the hell up and move on!! A TON OF PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD STILL LOVE THIS SHOW AND STILL THINK IT’S AWESOME!! SO IF YOU DON’T KEEP IT TO YOURSELF AND FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO WATCH OR BETTER YET GET A LIFE!!! thanks :)

    • Tasha says:

      Hey anonymous idiot. YOU are the one who doesn’t have a life if this show makes you so excited. Different people have different opinions moron. Have a nice so-called life!

      • Unknown says:

        YOUR THE IDIOT, if you don’t like the show then don’t watch it seriously it’s that simple. I mean the show is lovely and amazing its full of mystery and thinking its awesome so if you don’t like it it’s you freakin problem

  34. This show started when I ended 6th grade. That means season seven will premier when i end high school and finish when I end my first year of cOLLEGE.

    honestly at this point, i am about to give up on the show. literally, every episode just gives you more questions and no answers.

  35. Emma says:

    I’m actually excited, I’m only on season 2 and I’ll be able to catch up to where I can watch the new episodes on TV!

  36. Anon says:

    I thought there would only be up to 6 Seasons, but 7? Come on, ABC Family. You’re killing me over here.

  37. maya says:

    seriously it would hv ended in sn5. it has started to bore me.

  38. Chichi says:

    I want Emily to be that person who know one has suspected?! It’s usually the quite it ones?!

  39. Chichi says:

    When the end is finally done. I want Emily that no one suspected from season 1?! No one would have suspected Emily of any wrong doing! Personally I will never find a show with so much mystery, suspense, humor, drama, love stories and many more all wrapped in one show?! I have had many different emotions watching pll. I love it! Bravo and thank you.

  40. Patrick says:

    I say yeeeeyh :)

  41. kelsey says:

    this is some B S. i have been watching this since i was 16 every tuesday and i just want to know who A is!!! i can’t even remember what happened during season 1 and it is now season 5 and i am a junior in college. this needs to be put to an end and to be A revealed. Thank you, and have a lovely night.

  42. april corbin says:

    This is. My favorate show .please dont stop @season7 take it up 2 at lease 12 season.

  43. sarah says:

    whyyy whyyy i thought that season 5 is the last season, when will you announce who A is??? after im dead? lol

  44. Courtney says:

    Im so ready for this to end I love it but I hate the suspense and waiting

  45. Kelly says:

    All of these new ideas and twists are losing viewers. It’s time to end it already! I’m pretty sure 4 years is long enough to wait for one answer! Now we have to wait 2 more years, maybe even longer, just to see who A is.

  46. imic says:

    really?season 6 2015 and 7 in 2016? in 2 years?thats very long time!they should shrink 2 season in 2015 in late winter and early summer or smth like that

  47. anonoyms says:

    I swear guys it the Illuminati they are brain washing everyone, ABC Family could make anyone watch the most ridiculous show with the right advertisement and manipulation behind it. What about the stupid chasing life show that they have on repeat as ads that’s going to be the next pretty little liars.

  48. Kat says:

    I was a huge fan of the show until it started making no sense at all. If you are making a tv series from a book series don’t ya think it should follow the books?!? I’m soooo tired of this show. Give it an end already!!!