Us & Them Update: 6 Produced Episodes of Fox’s Jason Ritter-Alexis Bledel Comedy Will Never Air

Us & Them is officially gone and forgotten, at least as far as Fox is concerned.

A network insider confirms to TVLine that the six produced episodes of the Jason Ritter-Alexis Bledel romantic comedy will not air this summer after all.

In fact, they will never air (not on Fox, anyway).

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As TVLine was first to report back in October, Fox — unhappy with the quality of scripts as they were coming in — trimmed the show’s episode order from 13 to six. The (now-scuttled) plan was to burn off the episodes at a later date.

Us & Them was a single-camera adaptation of the British series Gavin & Stacey, in which two very different people try to make a long-distance relationship work.

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  1. Stacie says:

    With the crap that FOX and other networks put out every day of every season, including and especially summer, it’s crazy to think that no one is going to put these shows on the air. That’s definitely saying something when they have something already produced and ready to go and still don’t air it.

  2. Eric says:

    Hardly surprising, extremely disappointing.

  3. This royally sucks…Gavin & Stacy is probably my favorite sitcom ever and I was so looking forward to the US version especially when I saw who was cast for some of the roles. Fox would be better off just re-airing the original G & S it was that good.

    • wordsmith says:

      I’m a big fan of G&S too, and I LOVE Jason Ritter and Alexis Bledel, so I was really rooting for this show to succeed, but just from the promos they released last spring you could tell it was not going to work.
      I’m actually glad they decided to keep it locked up. It honestly looked that bad.

      • It is sad that Jason Ritter and Alexis Bledel work hard on a show and the show turn out so bad that Fox don’t wanted anyone to see it. I hope that they will get another try at new show to work together.

  4. Seven says:

    I always find it crazy when a network doesn’t at least burn off episodes in the summer. You spent the money making the episodes and I’m sure it’ll do about as well as sitcom repeats so where’s the harm?

    • Mel says:

      They would be too embarrassed if the show turned out to be a hit and they had canceled it ahead of time.

      • I love your statement about fail pilot and fail series. I have seen one too many series that I wanted to know how they saw the light of day. My eye open wide when I read how CBS wanted to created new series/special year around instead showing rerun. Good luck to that idea.

  5. This sound like a dumb question but will the actor and crew get paid. It will be interested to see the Fox will get their money back from a fail pilot and show.

  6. knd says:

    Good just watch the original which is awesome.

  7. Mark says:

    This makes me laugh as with the loss of a number of my favourite shows. They expect me to invest in the new shows.. fat chance

  8. Lauren says:

    I wish with situations like this they’d just put the shows online. If they aren’t going to air it whats the harm? I always wish I could see some of the pilots that don’t get picked up. I’m not particularly desperate to see this one but it seems dumb that they spent money on it and now no one will ever see it. It can’t be worse than Dads or some of the other comedies that have aired.

    • Ally Oop says:

      I would love to watch all the pilots that weren’t picked up. Although it might be disappointing to see great pilots get passed on. In Canada, because most series get some government funding, they’re required to air their pilots even if they aren’t picked up to series. Recently there was a backlash because a failed pilot called Borealis aired and developed a real cult following. Because it was so good, the show was entered into the Best Dramatic Mini-Series or TV Movie category at the Canadian Screen Awards (our equivalent of the Emmys) and won. An interesting fact is that Borealis was passed on by Space TV (out SyFy equivalent) in favour of two shows: Bitten and Orphan Black. Apparently Bitten and Orphan Black were much cheaper to make so got the go-ahead. For the record, Orphan Black is my favourite show but after watching the Borealis pilot I have to say, it was really good too.

      • Hbomb says:

        This reminds me a little of what happened with Wilco when they were dropped from their label only to be picked up later by Nonesuch (another subsidiary of the same parent company) who released their record to huge acclaim.

      • Scott Johnston says:

        I loved Borealis. Its seems to have had a name change and been released as a movie now. I’d also like to see at least some failed pilots but its not straight forward. They’re not always fully completed. So there may be effects and stunt work omitted. I caught the “17th Precinct” pilot online a few years ago and I don’t think it had any special effects completed.

    • Dave S says:

      This coming from a network that aired Dads. It must be really bad!!!!!!!!

  9. JP says:

    And yet they keep Glee on the air, with those crappy ratings and low quality episodes. They should at least put the episodes online and give us a chance to watch. I find it really disrespectul to the cast and crew that worked on those six episodes no matter how bad fox think they are.

    • James says:

      Glee has a double season renewal so Fox has a commitment to it already.

      • JP says:

        I know, that was exactly their mistake. They have a commitment to produce those seasons just as Us & them did.

        • Thilia says:

          Glee’s deal helps syndication value and on Netflix. Us & Them is DOA. I believe they have to pay not only for the production of shows but broadcast fees for each episode aired and if there isn’t an audience they lose money.

  10. bjohns says:

    Can he go back to voice Dipper on Gravity Falls? I freakin miss that show!

    • I am glad that Jason Ritter got another role already but I still hope that they will get together to work another series that will see the time of day this time.

    • Joey says:

      He’s probably already recorded all the dialogue for the second season of Gravity Falls. Its just Disney Channel thats making it take so long. It’s supposed to start this summer. I’d put my money on late July – August.

  11. Aries says:

    The show must be ‘really’ bad for FOX not to air it. BTW, Glee is a great show regardless of the ratings! :)

    • Brian says:

      Obviously it’s a personal opinion only that makes you say that, as the ratings show otherwise.

      • Scott Johnston says:

        Ratings are no indicator of quality. They seem to be more a reflection of audience stupidity.

        • You can only fool the fan so far. I can’t wait to learn how many pilot that was make and left on the shelf because it came out so bad. I wish that Gavin and Stacy was air on Fox channel during the summer. I know the series will be a hit.

  12. Rosy says:

    The original “Gavin and Stacey” didn’t need to be remade. It was perfect! Watch that instead…

    • I agree that the original series Gavin and Stacy should be show on fox this summer or next summer. I know that the show will be a winner.

      • Carrie says:

        There is just something perfect about Gavin and Stacy. It’s genius. I was semi looking forward to this remake just to see what they would do with it. But airing the original would be great.

  13. ggny says:

    Dam was it that bad?

  14. cuius says:

    Have to continue to rely on Fox News for comedy

  15. Nancy w says:

    Now that’s sad… We were looking forward to it!

  16. Josh Emerson says:

    Well this sucks. I’m a huge fan of Gavin & Stacey so I at least wanted to see the US remake. I don’t understand how they could spend the money to produce episodes and then not at least let us see them?! At the very least, can’t they throw them online on Hulu for the few of us that were wanting to see it?

  17. liz says:

    This comedy looked really promising. Sad news. And I don’t understand why networks make shows and then never air them

  18. Jerri says:

    Fox should just stop airing any kind of scripted programming aside what they refer to as news.

  19. Diz says:

    I would have liked to seen it.

  20. Ally Oop says:

    It was probably a show that I would have liked. FOX chose to air both Dads and Brooklyn Nine-Nine in the fall while not airing Surviving Jack until April and not airing Us and Them at all. Surviving Jack was by far the funniest comedy of the season yet it was wasted as late midseason spackle. I was really looking forward to seeing Us and Them as I really like both Jason and Alexis.

  21. Williwasnt says:

    I don’t really know much about the allegedly great show this was based on, but I do know that it had what would have had the greatest cast in the history of television series featuring an ampersand in the title. Jason Ritter? Good. Jane Kaczmarek? Good. Aasif Mandvi? Good. Kurt Fuller? Good! Michael Ian Black? Goooooooood! (that clip of Black getting out of the trunk in the promo killed me. Literally. I am typing this from Heaven.)

  22. emor says:

    I saw the pilot ep. It was cute. I thought the best friend characters stole the show. But it won’t be that big of a loss.

  23. Ryan says:

    I don’t particularly understand why you’d product a show and NEVER air it? Isn’t it better having received some ad-rates for first run content rather than just leave it to collect dust?
    Horrible or not I think it deserves air play – summer…. Fridays, hell even Saturdays….. first-run content is better than repeats.

    • KCatty says:

      See: Wonderfalls.

      Just not worth the risk of instant bad press when a show you’ve already decided not to pick up develops itself a little cult following.

  24. Brian says:

    Advertising pays for the shows in the long run. If the show is so bad they can’t sell advertising for it, then Fox would lose money airing any episodes, and possibly more than they spent already making the episodes. As and advertiser, would you pay for a show that is known to have 6 episodes and has already be cancelled knowing that the viewer rating would be in the toilet??

  25. Ray says:

    Probably for the best. I remember being initially interested in FOX’s Goodwin Games which got similar treatment. It had its episode order cut and was then relegated to summer burnoff. Goodwin Games wasn’t worth tuning in for, so I trust FOX’s decision to scrap this show entirely.

    • I forgot about the Goodwill Games about the two brothers and sister fighting over the money and estates with a four person throw in the middle of the mess. It will be interested to see if two producer will decide to release both show on DVD combo pack.

  26. How incredibly insulting to the cast and crew.

    • I agree with you about not showing US & Them. The cast and crews work hard to make the six episode come alive. At first I thought that Fox did the right thing about not showing the series until I remember how the cast and the crews work hard to make those six episode come alive. The producer should release the six episode on the DVD format and let everyone see how the series was created and developed.

  27. Grey says:

    I’ve seen this situation before and you should never say never. I remember a few years back there was a Jackie O mini-series starring Katie Holms that supposedly would “never air” for whatever reasons and it eventually aired. If there’s enough public outcry and more importantly the potential for FOX to make money, it will air. Mark my words.

  28. MLO says:

    Wouldn’t have watched anyway. As much as I like AB, that’s how much I don’t like JR. He reminds me of Jim Carey somehow and I HATE Jim Carey and his stupid rubbery face.

  29. It is amazing how many show that Fox Created got cancel and replace by another show that no one will remember. Thank god for on Demand because there is too many show that air at the same time.

  30. Iakovos says:

    It must be bad to not a two-a week, three-week run at least. Would rather this than reruns anyway to see for myself. FOX is no slouch in the crap department. DADS? That Prince Harry stand-in reality series… really? Give me a poorly received sitcom any day.

  31. Braddock says:

    Ever since FOX cancelled so many good shows in the past. Dark Angel, Dollhouse, Terminator the SCC, almost human, Surviving jack. It doesn’t really surprise me

  32. Bonnie says:

    This is crap. Why not air them if they’ve already been produced?? Let’s hope another network will pick it up?!

  33. E.F. Coleman says:

    Bad move Fox, sounds better than what’s always on. Love Ritter and Bledel.

  34. Lisa says:

    extremely disappointing

  35. Unbelievable….Gavin and Stacey was an incredible series on BBC…another reason FOX Sucks…and Bob’s Burgers is proof.

    • cdhaskell says:

      I would love to know how Fox mess the USA version of the series. I still hope that the producer will try to release the series in the syndication market. I know that the series will be a winner.