Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Good Wife, Once, Mad Men, Teen Wolf, Orphan Black, Falling Skies and More

Good Wife Season 6 Affair Spoilers

Is The Good Wife‘s hubby still a bad boy? Will Once Upon a Time pull a switcheroo? Who’s hunting a Teen Wolf? Who is Dixie‘s “super” new doc? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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I know it’s early yet, but do you have any scoop on next season of The Good Wife? –Suzanne
‘Member the flirty intern who popped her head into Peter’s office toward the end of the season? Well, where’s there’s smoke, there may be fire. “It all comes down to [actor] availability, but yes,” series cocreator Robert King says he aims to pick up that thread in the fall as the show explores the idea of a power couple’s public marriage taking very private detours. “How does that work? Can it work? Is it truly possible that you can have an agreement with your spouse that the sexual relationship is over and the love has to be put on hold, even though we’re going to use each other for what power we can give each other?” King poses. “Chris [Noth] and Jules [Margulies] seem very willing to take us there, so we’re up for it.”

After all the build-up of Once Upon a Time‘s Regina and Robin being soul mates, please tell me that we aren’t all the sudden going to find out that the lion tattoo is really common and Robin really wasn’t the man in the pub. –Megan
I’ve seen that “theory” floating around, yeah, but Once cocreator Adam Horowitz shot an arrow right through it when I ran it by him. “No, no, no…. That [flashback scene] was not a misdirect,” he reassures. “The man Regina saw in the tavern with the tattoo was Robin Hood.”

Give me anything on Teen Wolf to help tide me over until June 23! –Mary Kate
A member of Scott’s pack is about go missing in Season 4, and there’s only one man capable of tracking them down. The catch? That man doesn’t technically exist yet. MTV is currently casting the potentially recurring role of Dr. Vallack, a “distinguished” gentleman with a unique ability to “unlock the mystery of a disappearance.” In other words, this won’t be your typical vanishing act.

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I would love any scoop you have on Awkward. Pretty please! –Lindy
Two guess on what this means, and the first one doesn’t count: A casting call has gone out for a male in his late 30s/early 40s who “bears a striking resemblance” to Beau Mirchoff, to play “someone” who will stir up big emotions in Matty’s world at the close of Season 4.

I will take absolutely anything and everything you can get your hands on about Graceland Season 2, especially if it’s Charlie-related! –Sam
I just screened the season opener, which finds Mike returning to the house under extremely dangerous circumstances, in the midst of pursuing his dream job in D.C. Sadly, in his eyes, things at Graceland have changed, and not for the better. As for Charlie: There have been some developments with regards to her “thing” with Briggs, though as revealed in one scene, she appears distracted by a loose thread from Season 1.

Short of spoilers, do you have any early predictions about how Mad Men will end next summer? –Victoria
Predictions shmictions! I can confirm that Mad Men will end its seven-season run… literally under the watchful eye of its creator. Meaning, Matt Weiner is set to pen the series finale as well as direct the final two episodes of the acclaimed AMC drama. Also: It was all in Tommy Westphall’s mind.

Season 4 of Falling Skies looks insane! We’ve been hearing about potential new aliens coming in. Anything you can tease? –Ganon
That premiere I watched earlier in the week, and the cold open is pretty damn b-a-n-a-n-a-s. One of the new aliens you’ve heard about may give George Lucas reason to phone his lawyers. (IOW, we’re gonna need a bigger can of Off!)

Do you have anything on Hal and Lourdes from Falling Skies? I have been wanting them together since the beginning. –Breanna
Based on what happens in that b-a-n-a-n-a-s cold open, you’d be well advised to exhibit some patience. Because for one thing, when we next see her a few scenes later, Lourdes has… changed.

Got any Orphan Is the New Black scoop? And by that I mean any Orphan Black or OITNB news. –Khaira
Sadly, OITNB is almost un-scoopable, since someone is bound to show up in Comments and bark, “Well, I binged all 13 episodes by 1 pm, and this is what happens….” So I’ll choose Door No. 2 tell you that if you think you know what Orphan star Tatiana Maslany is capable of, prepare to have your mind blown this Saturday — and see a lot of great Felix scenes as a result. Meanwhile, Alison and Donnie turning out to be more similar than they’d both like to admit may just be their blessing. As for our science geeks, Delphine will be on the outside looking in with Cosima after last week’s betrayal.

Are we ever going to see the Major Crimes team together in a relaxed situation — a party or a dinner, for example, in a bar or at Sharon’s condo? –Giulia
Keep your eyes peeled for Season 3’s eighth episode, G, and you’ll get your wish! “After they solve the murder, everybody is hanging out in a happy setting at Sharon’s condo,” show boss James Duff shares, “and for a very good reason.”

Is Anne Dudek set to reprise her role in Season 5 of Covert Affairs? – Mark
I can offer a firm… maybe. I’m hearing that in the episodes broken to date, Annie’s sis has yet to resurface, though “there’s always the possibility” that she could be written into one of the later episodes.

I was disappointed to find out that Crossing Lines won’t be returning to NBC for Season 2. Do you know if Netflix will pick it up? –Bernadette
Sorry – Netflix has no plans to offer Season 2 of Crossing Lines anytime soon.

Can you give any spoilers on Hart of Dixie, please? –Carol
When the show returns at midseason, expect to meet Dr. Henry Dalton, a gent in his late 30s/early 40s who is not only handsome and charming but also one of the richest, most connected men in the South. Dalton is described as “the man that women want and men want to be… a walking Superman.” (Mr. Welling is 37, just sayin’!)

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  1. Ha! Tommy Westphall better not show up in Mad Men’s finale! LOL!

  2. lisa says:

    mm, thanks for letting us know that we’re stuck with Sean Maguire. I was hoping to get a better actor

  3. Valerie says:

    A St Elsewhere reference! We are such geeks

  4. Mary Kate says:

    Thanks for answering my question! Wonder if this Teen Wolf kidnapping is Derek or someone else…

    • Nunaya_Bidness says:

      It’s more likely to be Isaac, I can’t wait to see it all play out.

      • "A" Has Risen says:

        It won’t be Isaac seeing as it appears the one going missing is STILL apart of Scotts pack and is likely going to appear in the season. Isaac won’t be in the season at all since Daniel Sharman isn’t returning..

        • SallyW says:

          It might’ve been in an article on here that I just missed, but any chance you have the link? My guess was that Isaac is the one kidnapped since he’s missing from the ads. He’s one of my favorite people, so it would suck if he isn’t in any episodes this season. Especially ever since other cast peeps called him grumpy cat; makes every episode much more interesting! :)

    • Scott Johnston says:

      Its already been well publicised elsewhere who it is. If you can believe spoilers that is. If they’re correct its a kidnapping and the character will still be in the show. He kind of has to be really.

  5. James D says:

    darn it Matt now I’m even more excited to see Falling Skies, making the wait unbearable. I’m stoked to see where they go this season.

  6. Yule says:

    Can someone please get some Homeland scoop? What’s the deal with Carrie x Quinn this season?

  7. April says:

    Thanks for the Orphan Black scoop! I’m glad to hear Delphine is still on the outs with Cosima. I love the two of them together but that was a pretty big betrayal. I don’t think Cos should forgive her so quickly.

    • jenna says:

      i’m really hoping we get to see a scene of bumbling donnie trying to clean up the evidence of his….accident ;)

  8. Martin says:

    Any confirmation yet on the amount of episodes for Season 4 (let’s be honest with ourselves, the final season) of Hart of Dixie. Will bit be a full 22 either doubled up or allowed to bleed into summer or will the season be shortened?

  9. Bianca says:

    Whew, glad it was Robin Hood! Hope OQ prevails next season, love them together!

  10. Maxsmom says:

    Peter and Alicia are my couple, I love them together. I thought Will was useless and as much as I love Nestor Carbonell and his beautiful unlined eyes, I want Peter and Alicia. To Mr. and Mrs. King, I say I want Mr. and Mrs. Florrick.

      • Elaine says:

        Not me. I want some new man to come in and sweep her off her feet — someone sweet, romantic and honest ….. and long term………… complicated, of course, as relationships have to be in order to be interesting in the long-term on TV, but I’d really like to see her with a great guy who can have her believe there’s a man she can trust out there. (and I will thoroughly enjoy watching Peter be his bad-boy hunky self with whomever). Just not together.

    • cindy says:

      I agree — (see my comment Cindy

  11. James Butler says:

    I personally have a problem with TGW being promiscuous and dictating to her husband how life will be for the priviledge of her standing by his side when he makes a speech. Peter has been the only constant and positive thing in her life , he has been loyal and has done everything to support her no matter the circumstance. He truly is the “GOOD” guy so far in the 5 seasons just completed. Now the Kings are whipping up some other scheme for him to be the bad guy. Give him a divorce and let Alicia do her thing. Don’t keep blaming him for her flaws.

    • Elaine says:

      1. Both Peter and Alicia agreed to this “other people” arrangement as ultimately they both realize it’s best for their careers.
      2. Peter cheated. Publicly. Humiliatatingly. Including Kalinda (yes before she was Alicia’s friend, but still.. Kalinda) Yes, he’s been trying to make up for it, but don’t paint him as saint because he’s now doing the right thing. Let’s not forget how she stood by him after all that either. Let’s not blame her for his faults either.
      3. Frankly, the idea of them appearing to stay together, but seeing others for career purposes is going to make for some really interesting fireworks down the road. I’m looking forward to it.

      • James Butler says:

        Surely you jest. I take it you believe adultery is the way to go. Alicia’s character has no positive effect for Peter because of her cheating. Peter has had to fight an uphill battle from season one to become who he is today while Alicia has been deceitful and shameless in her infidelity. Let her find another man but don’t pretend she is serving Peter by staying married. Her character took on the same persona of her dead lover when he found out she was leaving L/G. He attacked her with pure hatred and she did the same thing to Peter when the scum bag lover died. Divorce solves everyone’s problem don’t you think?

    • Jean says:

      Think they are both nasty people to cheat on each other. Show drags.

  12. RAGGEDT says:

    I’m confused about the Crossing Lines issue. As I understand it, the show’s European producers greenlit a second season — and production began last fall. So, the issue over here is just whether NBC — or another outlet — will pick it up. Is that correct?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Correct — and thus far there are zero takers.

      • homzy11 says:

        A&E has room, they cancelled “The Glades” and season 4 ended just days after the cliff-hanger, another good show bites the dust.

        • Elaine says:

          Wish another network would pick it up. Excellent cast. Interesting locales. I really enjoyed it (repeat, repeat).

      • Prissi says:

        Can you explain to me why CL is the number one show in Europe where it is being seen and we can’t get it picked up.

      • Susan says:

        Yet the Crossing Lines facebook page says that they will have an outlet in the USA; they just haven’t announced it yet.

    • arial2 says:

      My take on Crossing Lines: NBC only used it as a summer filler, never intended to pick it up. It’s no wonder it got few viewers; NBC never spent any money advertising it. Really sad because it’s a great show and the most truly international drama I’ve ever seen on a U.S. network.

  13. homzy11 says:

    Why is it they cancel the good shows,like Crossing Lines and keep crappy ones, just my opinion.

  14. fiona walsh says:

    not that i am surprised but delighted for the regina/robin stuff. bring on season 4

  15. sladewilson says:

    Crossing Lines should be picked up by someone – Hulu, Netflix, somebody because it was damn good. The same for Crisis. Lately NBC has taken absolutely zero chances with shows that have a ton of promise. They’re promos and placement for some of them border on pathetic…

    • Boston2AZ says:

      Gee, which new shows are you talking about? The one with the drunk, oversexed judge, or the one with the young former CIA agent who becomes US Secretary of State, or the one with Katherine Heigl playing an undercover agent operating at the President’s behest to fight terrorists? They all sound stellar to me. LOL! What a crapfest!

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        CBS’ MADAM SECRETARY is actually pretty fantastic, but keep that positive attitude!

        • Elaine says:


        • Boston2AZ says:

          Hey, Matt – I enjoy science fiction as much as the next guy, but in which alt universe version of the United States does the Senate confirm a 48 year old former CIA agent with no foreign policy experience (at least that can be talked about) as Secretary of State? But I guess if I can suspend all rational thought to enjoy shows like Arrow and 24, I guess I can do it for Tea Leone, too.

          • Angela says:

            Hey, the GOP thought Sarah Palin would make a good vice-president despite her lack of experience/knowledge, so if that can happen, well…

          • Jackson says:

            Yes, because television is all about portraying life accurately. I suppose you think CSI techs actually carry guns and participate in interrogations.

      • sladewilson says:

        Actually you’ve made my point because you’re absolutely right – every last one of those shows are crap. So, why cancel two good shows for three crappy ones? Welcome to NBC!!!!

  16. Stephanie says:

    Is this Hart of Dixie’s last season?

    • Brandy says:

      Almost certainly .Its ratings are very low,and it will be have enough episodes for syndication

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        I will be so happy for you if/when HoD enters syndication. I feel like you single-handedly willed it to happen.

  17. Elaine says:

    Too bad about Crossing Lines not being renewed on this side of the pond. I had hoped North Americans would take to this international show because I really liked the international locales … was really nice to see something different and even the slightly different attitudes of the officers involved. Dang.

    Can’t wait for Falling Skies!

    Waiting again for the MM series finale is irritating. Wish they’d had ended it all in one fell swoop. Hopefully this will mean the final episodes will be more interesting than the ones from the first half of this last season. It was pretty boring until the last episode.

  18. Luis says:

    Given the whole “Annie faking her death thing,” any reunion is bound to be a teensy bit tense

  19. Splash101 says:


  20. rachelle says:

    YES! I’m soooooo happy to know that it was Robin in that tavern! Such a weight has been lifted from my chest. I’m super hopeful again. 😄😄😄 #HopeForOutlawQueen

  21. Jared says:

    Isnt Awkwards season coming to a close? Or has MTV renewed or extended its current seasin?

    • torimelching says:

      I stopped watching after this last episode. But there are 20 episodes to season 4. I *think* they will air 10 and take a break and air the other 10.

  22. Prissi says:

    I just read that Netflix is not planning to run season 2 of Crossing Lines. Is there another place to find it. I am beyond disappointed in NBC for not carrying it this summer.

  23. Marli says:

    About OUAT.

    Ok, so that means that Marian is not Robin’s true love, Regina is. Since Regina wasn’t the Evil Queen and Marian was still alive.
    Nice, I really like this pairing.

    • prish says:

      But what about her kid? This might be an emotional mess for the viewers. I hope the writers know what they are doing.

      • Splash101 says:

        Honestly, I think the audience is much more invested in Regina than Marian. This show shows a lot of dysfunctional families. I think that this is better for the kid in the long run because now Regina is no longer the person who killed his mother.

    • Raven says:

      Who says a person can only have one true love in a lifetime.

      • Louise says:

        This, thank you. I’m not sure I understand where the idea is coming from that one person can only ever have one true love in their life.

        • Stallion says:

          That’s true. You make great points. Marian and Robin can have true love. Daniel and Regina had true love (according to Regina). As we have seen on the show, true love means a variety of things, we have witnessed true love’s kiss between husband and wife, and mother and son on more than one occasion.

          We just need Robin to love Regina more! That is what I am rooting for.

  24. Hot Dumb Italian Mike! says:

    Been watching “Falling Skies” since it began. True to form, first season was unbearably slow. But ,this year so far has been pretty kick ass. Special effects and the writing have gotten better. Kudos to all the people on this show obviously working very hard, especially since the sci fi drama is very difficult to do on television.

  25. Tahonia says:

    I just don’t want Liam/Cal to die. I like his character!

  26. cindy says:

    Well, hubby and I won’t be watching Good Wife in that case. Stick to interesting legal issues: cases or conflicts between the firms. On the other hand, if you can find a romance for Diane or Eli I’m back; and I’d love to see more of Michael J. Fox, if he’s able; he’s a wonderful actor and his character adds a nice — not exactly evil — cunning? note?

  27. Jon says:

    Matt is acting like a real jerk on these comments here. That’s how you keep people visiting your site; make fun of them and refuse to answer their questions!

    • Ally Oop says:

      Matt is being particularily snarky today but I welcome the commentary from the TVLine staff. It makes the commentary more interesting to read. P.S. Madam Secretary will appeal to you if you like The Good Wife but for myself, I don’t and as for Hart of Dixie, I’m not sure it would syndicate any better than The Good Wife.

  28. Carolyn says:

    I don’t know if I like the idea of Peter with someone else at this point! He really turned his act around in five seasons, and it really seems like he would only be with another woman now out of spite or revenge. At the end of this season, he seemed to understand that Alicia is still mourning Will, and he didn’t really agree to her terms for their marriage, but he didn’t press the issue. I think the young intern would be more of an Amber Madison rerun at this point! Although, I will say Nestor Carbonell or Matthew Goode would definitely spice up Alicia’s life! A short affair might be just what she needs to realize that Peter is not such a horrible husband after all! As much as I liked Will, I’ve always thought the chemistry between Alicia and Peter is great! They seem to really understand each other’s needs. Even though she gave Peter permission to cheat, she did tell him she didn’t want to know the details when he did! Whatever the outcome, I’m sure season 6 will be just as wonderful as the last 5! Just keep up the great writing and acting, and I’ll be around for next season and every one to come!

    • James Butler says:

      Carolyn I think your comment is more on point than most. The tv show is suppose to be about TGW and most fans seem to be pulling for Alicia to be anything but. In order to be a good wife you need a husband and sleeping with other men don’t add up to that goal.

      • Angela says:

        I thought “The Good Wife” was supposed to be a sarcastic/ironic title, and not meant to be taken literally?

  29. Mark says:

    Thanks Matt for the confirmation about Covert Affairs — sad though as I feel that would have really been fun to see Annie explaining herself to her sister who probably has had her buried by now.

  30. Cate53 says:

    Well I’ve just finished all 13 episodes of OITNB and am shocked no one else has hit the comments to say that yet! (Unless I missed them)

    Just so good still! The benefit of the binge watch is that the slightly too long Blacks v Latinas battle, the Alex shortage and other minor gripes can be overcome in a few hours.
    Unexpected stars – Miss Rosa, this years Miss Caludette. An older inmate whose story was really engrossing and touching. The rise of a Black Cindy a character, although a bit too much of Vee squashing her and the other girls for me.
    Did we really need more about the guards ( but not much Pornstache!)?
    Loved Lorraine Toussaint’s performance as Vee. Took a while to figure her out and I really didn’t like seeing the girls become her doormats but great ending to the story! Don’t fear thr reaper Vee!!

  31. Ruthie says:

    If Daniel Sharman is not returning to teen wolf,,,he should be cast in arrow for felicity…or once as kristoff….

  32. margot says:

    TOM WELLING would be great! Unfortunately Tom thinks only movies and has put aside for now the television, I hope to see tom on TV and in the movies.

  33. Anon says:

    I love Peter and Alicia,as dysfunctional as they are I want them together.Power,beauty,scandals,controversy and sex!I hope they find their way back to each other.