Hot Topic, Two Takes: Should Revolution Be Powered Back Up?

Revolution Season 3

Can a passionate faction of Revolution fans get the lights turned back on? (Should they?)

Soon after NBC dropped the axe on the post-apocaltypic drama, the “Relocate Revolution” effort started up, aiming to drum up enough support for the series that someone might offer Miles, Rachel, Charlie et al a new home.

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Alas, not every admirable show is always ripe for resurrection. Genre-TV fans need to pick and choose their fights, and this one might be a losing cause, as TVLine Editor-at-Large Matt Mitovich and West Coast Editor Vlada Gelman discuss below.

matt_mitovich_final_miniSo, this “Relocate Revolution” movement is nearing 40,000 signatures. As someone who probably paid 33 percent more attention to Season 2 than I did — we both endeavored to juggle this show with Arrow! — is Revolution screaming to be salvaged?

gelman_vlada_final_miniStorytelling-wise, I did not feel a sense of urgency in the second half of the season. Although the stakes were high for the characters, the plots seemed to be moving along as slowly as travel in the post-blackout world.

matt_mitovich_final_miniWhen you say “plots,” do you mean “gunfights”? Because pretty much every time I tuned in, one exchange of bullets or another seemed to be at hand. Even the Season 2 finale — I tuned in a few minutes late and there’s some endless shootout underway, unclear who’s siding with who…. I guess I feel bait-and-switched, ultimately. I was sold on a series about this big blue marble called Earth losing all its power and the greatly mysterious origin of that inexplicable anomaly, yet by Season 2 all that arc left behind was… nanos.

gelman_vlada_final_miniYes! I liked the darker world building that they did at the start of the season, showing us the culture/entertainment of the post-blackout world — David Schwimmer is the lone surviving Friend! — but I definitely started to miss the simple premise as the season went along. And don’t get me started on the nanos who overstayed their welcome. It’s so hard to fear/care about a villain that is all-powerful, yet oddly passive.

matt_mitovich_final_miniI agree about the world building — give me makeshift casinos, show me what the new currency is…. One of the most fun things Fringe did was make walnuts-of-the-dystopian future worth their weight in gold! I feel like Revolution made the same mistake as Heroes: It gave us what we wanted too soon. With Heroes, it was the epic — sorry, “epic” — showdown between the heroes and Sylar. On Revolution, it was getting the lights back on. I could have easily entertained another half-season inching toward solving that mystery. But at the end of the day, this series was about re-staging a revolutionary war. Yet talk about underwhelming villains! I love Steven Culp (who played Truman), but he doesn’t put the fear of God into me. And all I remember about Evil POTUS is his uncanny resemblance to George W. Bush. If this was about “us against them,” I never felt a great, terrifying sense of who “them” was. ♦ Now, turning specifically to what Season 3 would have looked like: Did that end-of-season tag leave you enthralled, or not so much?

gelman_vlada_final_miniLike so much of this season, I found it way too passive. A bunch of zombie-like people walking towards a clown sign isn’t exactly an action-packed cliffhanger. And it meant more nano, which… no thanks!


matt_mitovich_final_miniExactly. When I saw that the big cliffy was nano-centric, I was like, “Mmm, yeah. I’m good with just two seasons.” But what about character dynamics left unexplored? Is there any relationship deserving of more story, if there was a Season 3?

gelman_vlada_final_miniHow about every relationship? Aside from Miles and Monroe, who were at least getting along in the finale, we saw no substantial progress or closure for Miles/Rachel. There’s still plenty to mine with Rachel and Monroe, and Charlie/Connor. And of course, there’s those Charlie/Monroe vibes… Were they real or just a figment of ‘shippers’ imaginations?

matt_mitovich_final_miniRight? I know that Charlie/Monroe made some people fidget in their seats, but a bold, “age-inappropriate” move like that could have served to underscore how desperate times make for strange bedfellows. Because I can assure you, in a post-apocalyptic society where people are happy just to be alive, you’re gonna git with who you wanna git with. “Charloe” could have been noisy. And Rachel/Miles, we know for a fact that they held back on pulling the trigger with those two at least once. Gosh, Neville and his sometimes-dead wife may have been the swoon-worthiest sweethearts of the bunch! ♦ In closing, do we think Revolution fans would be prudent to brace for the worst? Because these actors are going to start landing new gigs and soon, I am sure, and talent availability is one of the biggest of many hurdles for shows being “plucked from the ashes.”

gelman_vlada_final_miniI don’t even think the Charlie/Monroe age difference was that big of a hurdle. It was more their history — he was responsible for destroying her family, killing her brother, etcetera — but hate/love stories make great TV. It’s a shame they didn’t at least try to do something there. But here’s the harsh truth: 40,000 signatures does not equal ratings.

matt_mitovich_final_mini Yeah, there was a meme being tweeted about the Season 2 premiere ratings, but as I told one follower, “TV is about, ‘What have you done for me lately?” — and by the finale those numbers had fallen 40 percent. Revolution is not a cheap show. It’s got some very good, tried-and-true actors, a tremendous amount of location shooting, pyrotechnics and… fireflies. Syfy couldn’t begin to afford this show. Mayyyybe TNT could look in its general direction, given their new slant toward genre fare. But even if I’m a Revolution diehard, I’m prepared for the lights to stay off.

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  1. Hallie says:

    I don’t think I could handle another full season, but maybe a tv movie or 6 episodes to finish the story.

  2. GuessWhat says:

    the problem with so many of these shows is that they get canceled without wrapping things up. and viewers give up on them. why should we invest so much time and left hanging. at least give canceled shows a 2-hr wrap-up movie.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      This is a key reason i evaluate the pilot teasers as blunt/harshly as I do and only watch shows that i really, really look interested in. Even though i have the free time/DVR capability to watch them all most likely, i choose not to but i can tell with id say 80-90% accuracy what shows are going to get cancelled. And i HATE getting burned, getting super into a show, it getting cancelled and not getting a ending, ESPECIALLY when it ends on a cliffhanger. I dont understand why the showrunner/network doesnt patch things up with the fans and tell them what the ending would have been like. (Peck did that for Kyle XY, and its awesome that she did, and i felt satisfied knowing her plans for the series and her ending). But shows i really enjoyed that ended abruptness and leave a wound, making me more and more critical of future pilots, not giving them a chance; The Glades, Breakout Kings, Alphas, etc.

      When i first heard about Revolution, i thought wow; produced by J.J., directed (pilot) by Jon Favreau, a awesome plot (Power around the world goes out, then time jump xx years into the future to see what life is like on Earth, mystery of finding out why the power went out, conspiracy, and turning it back on if possible). But when i saw the pilot and next 2 episodes…i said “CANCELLED”. Now i was partly wrong, it had big numbers, but what i saw (lack of interesting characters, lack of great ideas, annoying characters, etc) had to lag along and get worse before others saw that, lost interest and bailed, the viewership finally falling enough that it got the axe.

      The show had 20 episodes, then 22 episodes….wow WAY too many episodes for this type of show. Matt and Vlada talk about the horrible pacing, lack of episodic plots, repetitious shoot outs, and either getting answers way too soon, or way too late. This doesnt happen (or is way less likely) if they actually PLAN out the series (like Arrow) and have 13 or 16 episodes a season. Remove the filler, remove that D plots and E plots…stick to the important stuff that has substance, A plot, B plot and over-arcing C plot that spans a entire season.

      This show didnt get one short 13 episode season like Almost Human, got cancelled and deserves a better shot, this show got 42 freakin episodes…it got its shot, the writers/showrunner proved they didnt know how to write/create interesting quality story telling and the show needs to stay dead. Bring back Almost Human.

      • Brad says:

        This show may have been the first show I was actually interested in for a very long time. I’m a film school student and have been through a little more training in Film and Television vs the average watcher. Even I can tell you that this show was definitely different and most shows that I like, usually end up getting cancelled.

        It’s the shows like “Almost Human” that I don’t end up getting interested in. Those shows are the ones that I watch 1 or 2 episodes and end up changing the channel before it can finish. Those shows are boring because they follow the same standard formula for television shows, making them just like other average shows. Nothing interesting about them because it’s completely predictable.

        That’s what made Revolution great is because it was different, it threw people curveballs, and it showed people that you can take risks and have them pay off. But then what do I know, I liked shows like “My name is Earl” and “Reaper” and both of those shows ended with the same fate as Revolution.

        Well, there will be one day when someone like me ends up running a television station and maybe then, we won’t get tv shows that get the boot without a proper sendoff. But then, maybe those are just delusions of grandeur.

        • S. says:

          I don’t think they’re under an obligation to give them an opportunity to wrap things up. I feel the pain of fans (and I’ve had this happen to me on other shows and wished for a wrap up) but in the end if people weren’t watching the series to justify the cost, the network can’t just pour more money down a hole in some sort of goodwill gesture–if people weren’t watching the show before they might not come to see the finale so that alone’d make it cost prohibitive. They cancel a lot of shows, a lot that need it, and they’re supposed to do what? Give all of them a sendoff? It’d be hard to fairly draw the line. Also, the showrunner had to see the writing on the wall in terms of renewal. Nothing stopped them from coming up with something that could’ve served as a series finale. You might say given the nature of a show like Revolution that’s harder than you’d think. I think the fact that they put themselves in that position is part of the problem.

          • Dylan says:

            I disagree. They rely on Nelson ratings not the number of people who really tune in or have to DVR it because they had it on at a crappy time slot.

          • efi says:

            you cannot say that people didnt watch it because they use to switch the time! no one is obliged to switch their personal schedule because nbc has a crappy organisation!

          • marty says:

            yeah but they keep crap like big brother and other reality shows running. Mind numbing garbage for the masses. Maybe the reason people are not advertising with the networks as much anymore has more to do with the dribble that passes for television these days than the amount of people watching it. I feel the network directors need a good swift kick in the arse to get their mind off instant profits and reduced production costs. They also cant seriously expect us to think they are not making money, CGI has reduced the cost and time of making these types of shows dramatically. Get a grip :)

          • Travis says:

            Cost? Nbc doesn’t pay for air anything…they get paid for airing…..they get nothing but profit…..greed is what it comes down to..that’s all

          • I don’t agree. I don’t believe cancellations have anything to do with ratings. Of course that thought comes with no practical knowledge of such. But I have seen good shows all my friends are watching, cancelled, just to get picked up by another network. So for me, it stands to reason the intention for these short running shows that are actually good, is to sell it to a company who wants to further develop it, or sell it to a competition for less, to get it out of the way. Sounds crazy I know, but the level, the game and the ridiculous amounts of money that are at play in this arena….makes sense to me.

            This show I really enjoy, for the same reasons. It isn’t the typical show we see regurgitated time and again. One of the reasons I fell in love with the show ‘Weeds’ was how daring, well written and different it was from anything else I had ever seen.

        • Thank you, Brad. We definitely need people like you in charge of TV networks so we never get such a unique and smart show like Revolution cancelled. #RelocateRevolution

        • patv3dgamer says:

          I’m right there with you. I think this show is great! It doesn’t follow the same television centric predictable outcome. It leaves you always guessing what might happen, and if you understand the overall capabilities of nano tech then it is very predictable, but that made it fun. As a visual effects artist in this industry i feel, just like with Fringe, this deserves is just as much compelling and imaginative and deserves proper sendoff. Maybe Netflix should own it.:-)

      • Kathlyn Domitrovich says:

        I really enjoyed ALMOST HUMAN, ALCATRAZ AND REVOLUTION. I suppose that says it all.

      • Sweber says:

        Bring back Almost Human whilst leaving Revolution dead in the water with a much larger fan base? Yeah, sounds like a really dumb idea. Not to mention the fact that you obviously didn’t pay as much attention to the show as you think you did, and comparing it to a series like Arrow, that’s taken every single piece of it’s plot from previously written materials, only shows how little you really know about television and writing in so, you’re telling me that you couldn’t follow the plot? And that the whole plot of the first season was to turn the power back on? And that the second season had absolutely no plot that you could follow? Maybe you should pay attention to the lights in front of your face instead of piggybacking off of editors and crappy journalists ideas.hahaha so I guess you completely forgot about Danny. Oh, and stopping Monroe and the Militia, stopping the Patriots, preventing a war, the quest to fix the dying Nanos, the introduction of a new villain and building of season 3’s plot, and creating a more in-depth origin story, etc. Maybe you should stick to more simplistic shows, like Jersey Shore and Real Houswives.

      • Zack says:

        Arrow blows! Horrible acting and EVERYONES a supermodel… and the arrow is more of a supporting character instead of a completely douchie main character… I’d like a whole series about his flashbacks bit as is I’d take revolution over arrow in a heartbeat

    • Tammy says:

      amen, I agree…starting to give up on tv shows. They are always cancelled on us! :(



    • josh says:

      Stop canceling shows without endings .. that’d be great

    • dan says:

      I completely agree ,it needs an ending I didn’t waste 44 hours of my life

  3. Tourniquet says:

    This show is such a great show and it deserves another season. The actors are awesome, the set is great and the story is very compelling too. #RelocateRevolution

  4. Tran says:

    Revolution move to Wednesdays at 8 was one of NBC’s biggest mistakes and the ratings were the reasons why and it did all right with a Voice lead-in during its first season. Why not move the series to Syfy? There’s a reason why Revolution is really a serialized drama the same format it had with Heroes, Lost, 24 and several others.

    • klown says:

      Syfy may be owned by NBC but networks can’t just move shows whenever they want to. If they could then the frequent chatter we hear about how certain shows should do so, would become a reality, not just (usually) a bunch of rumors.

  5. Sara says:

    While I would love to see some sort of wrap up for the show, I just don’t know if they could do it. Further, I am actually annoyed that the producers didn’t see the writing on the wall and wrap up the storyline in the finale. The ratings this season were awful and they kept falling. It wasn’t that much of a shock that the show got cancelled. They should have seen that and done the right thing by the fans that stuck with it.

    • Sally says:

      Revolution actually increased the ratings for that timeslot by 40% from the year before. No publicity, yanking it off the air for weeks at a time. NBC set it up to fail.

      • Carolyn says:

        Definitely an unfortunate set up, Sally. I do think the show wrapped up as well as it could have with such short notice, though. I didn’t want a fairytale ending… that’s so Disney. At least it ended at a significant transitioning point, leaving much to the imagination. I was more happy with it than I thought I would be.

      • S. says:

        I don’t know why people claim that. You think NBC didn’t wanna make money? They’ve got some reason for not doing a thing you think is logical. Maybe they’re concerned it’ll bring down another show. Maybe according to their testing, the audience isn’t the same and wouldn’t be a good fit. It’s not like they just thought ‘well we could put it there and it’d be more highly rated…..naaaah.’ There’s probably a reason. The problem is doing a cost/benefit analysis isn’t enough. There are intangibles that they don’t account for but people need to use their gut on what would be a good decision. Don’t let accounting or marketing make the call as much as they do.

        • efi says:

          so why everyone to watch a series if they are going to cancell it without ending the story?
          they have to think their viewers! that is were nbc gets the money from!
          if someone spends time to watch a series and they cancell it this way, at the end they will have no one to watch their network!

          • Patti smith says:

            I agree. The only word nbc know is cancel. Revolution is a great show. Just because it is not one of those silly comedy shows. Revolution. Needs to come back and let us have some closer. We are An audience. And it is obvious the people that run network do not give any show a chance. Great actors on the show also. So let us have season 3

      • Sara says:

        And yet, as stated in the article by Matt, the ratings fell 40% from the season premiere. And the ratings in the season premiere, if I remember correctly, were lower than last season as well. Yes, there were issues with scheduling. But to say there was no publicity is a fallacy. This is not an inexpensive show. The producers took a gamble that they would get renewed, against all odds, and they lost.

        • efi says:

          so ift their numbers were so low that they couldn t afford it, they should give an end! a real end! no that!
          so that the fans, who spend their time and give nbc ratings, be happy too!

  6. Kristin Cook says:

    Yes! This show is amazing. It should be given a second chance.

  7. Katie_Mead says:

    Just get Billy Burke back onscreen in a regular action role again pronto. If it’s more Revolution, I’ll continue to watch it disinterestedly, but if it’s something new, all the better. Season 2 botched the plot to much for this show to be easily turned around, even if the show did get saved. Obviously wouldn’t mind seeing more Mitchell, Esposito, Lyons, or Orth, but Billy Burke’s the main reason I started to watch the show and then stayed with it all the way downhill.

  8. Kar says:

    If they get rid of the nanites story and do Charloe, then yes renew it. If they intend to go down same road planned for season 3, then no leave it cancelled.

  9. wrstlgirl says:

    I’d definitely tune in if another network picked it up.

  10. Teag says:

    I think 10 episodes would be fine.

  11. Drew says:

    Revolution was a concept that was ordered to series before there was an actual story. From day one, it just didn’t make sense. Nothing about the world they lived in seemed like a natural, logical progression of our society if the power was turned off. It was simply a series of convenient elements that served the writers. Season 2 even changed some of those elements (more guns and more non-electric technology) but the world never started making sense.
    The characters were kinda the same problem. None of them were well developed. They never took over the story. The writers were always the driving force behind every plot and every line of dialogue.
    The nano was stupid. They tried to explain what happened with a McGuffin and then they tried to make a McGuffin into a major element. Didn’t work.
    The concept of the series, a modern world forced to adapt to life without technology, is interesting. It was just not properly developed before they started making the series.
    And what was with the fact that nobody seemed to age in 15 years? Hell, the flashbacks stretched back 20 or 25 years at times and the biggest difference to our characters (Charlie aside) was slightly longer hair for Rachel.

    • Sally says:

      Sounds like they needed to get a new writing team.

      • Drew says:

        I’m not sure that would be enough at this point. The world within the show is flawed to its core. They have some good writers on the show, but there isn’t a story to work with.

    • Important feedback. says:

      This is exactly correct. I’ve seen every episode because I love scifi, and this just wasn’t a good show. Plots consisted mainly of guns going off, and the characters’ motivations and sometimes personalities were inconsistent from week to week. Not to mention the mountain of missed opportunities . . . the show was called Revolution, why wasn’t it about a bunch of “Americans” looking to restore the United States against a brutal dictator, with a lot of flag waving, along with the scifi elements in a futuristic Revolutionary War of sorts? It almost was, and then it wasn’t. The dictator became the most interesting character simply because he was the only one with nuance once he became a freedom fighter himself. Then there was the opportunity to portray the “nano” as some sort of wandering god-force in the second season, an inscrutable, philosophizing young consciousness trying to understand the world and the humanity that birthed it, that could maybe, if it chose to, intervene in human affairs sometimes for the lessons it would learn as a result. How interesting would that have been for the characters, if they knew such an unpredictable, powerful force existed in the world, but with the potential to be benevolent? But no, they just made it evil, end of discussion, no shades of grey. And we get bad mind control plots and evil people cloaking themselves in the regalia of America rather than the heroes, always showing us the worst of humanity and our nation rather than the best we’d like to believe would be on display under such adverse circumstances. Every week I tuned in to this show I expected better, and every week I was disappointed.

      • Drew says:

        I always got the feeling that they shied away from the idea of patriots fighting to restore America because they worried that it would look too much like supporting the Tea Party or something. So they came up with the idea of the heroes fighting against “Patriots”, only there was nothing backing up that story. They sacrificed relevance because they were scared that they might accidentally ask wrong questions. And by avoiding the obvious, they only drew more attention to what they weren’t doing.
        In the end, the show devolved to a bunch of people running around and shooting guns for no real reason at all. It was pointless and silly.

    • Agreed completely. Based on the conversation in this article, I’m glad I gave up after season one, but I wish I’d given up on bothering altogether. It was such a boring, terribly-written waste of time and talented actors. How does Giancarlo Esposito go from Gus Fring to Angry Dad? As best he can, that’s how.

      • Drew says:

        I know that Breaking Bad fans will hate me for saying it, but I couldn’t buy him as a hardcore bad guy. He just wasn’t right for this role at all. He tried his best, but it just came across as “grumble grumble, angry voice” and he just wasn’t intimidating.

        • Can’t really blame him for that. Credibility is one of the worst things about the show and the writers didn’t write for their actors. Esposito is fit, but he’s not The Rock and they shouldn’t have shown his skinny visage without a shirt if they wanted us to think no man, no man at all could beat him in a fight.

  12. Ally Oop says:

    Revolution was my favourite show on TV but by the end I was only in it for the characters. Monroe, Charlie, Miles and Rachel were my favourite characters on TV and the post-apocalyptic setting and seeing how the people survived and fought in a world without power were exciting to watch. Where the show went off the rails was the nanites storyline. I HATED that storyline. As soon as Aaron started seeg apparitions I felt the show was going into ridiculous territory. I wish the writers would have abandoned that plot line and focused more on the war one and the last few minutes of the finale made me angry because I feel that it ruined the show. I was relieved I wouldn’t have to see how that whole story turned out. I wish we could have gotten the big Miles-is-Charlie’s-dad revelation or something happening between Charlie and Monroe. Anyways, RIP Revolution; you were good while you were good.

  13. TB says:

    I would love to see another season. I know the show has it’s flaws, but I fell in the love with the characters, especially Charlie and Bass, and I’m just not ready to say goodbye to them yet. I will take whatever I can get, be it another season (or two) or a wrap up mini-series. I think a 2 hour tv movie just wouldn’t give them enough time to finish the storylines, but I would take it if that’s all we get. Thanks so much for taking the time to write about the #RelocateRevolution movement!

  14. AW says:

    I prefer that it gets another season as limited summer/winter series instead (like Under the Dome)! The fall and spring schedules are just too crowded with other shows.

  15. Yes went want another season!!!!!!

  16. Becca says:

    Eh. I think they had a definite sophomore slump. I’d just like to know if Charlie’s dad really was Ben, or was actually Miles (or am I the only one who got that vibe?).

    • nope, been shouting that at the tv and to the twittersphere since the middle of season 1 lol!

    • Katherine says:

      It is Ben. One of the writers gave an interview after the show was cancelled and said they never intended to make Miles become Charlie’s father. Eric Kripke once thought about it but they thought it was better to keep people discussing and wondering about it. He also said if you think Miles is her father, then he is. If you think he’s not, then he’s not. They weren’t going to touch on this subject.

  17. James says:

    The cw should do like a ten episode wrap up season.

  18. Seena Patrick says:

    This was a great show. NBC was stupid to cancel it, they should have just moved it to another day and time. It was crazy to put it up against Survivor, Arrow, etc.

  19. Thank you for noticing our campaign to #RelocateRevolution!! It means a lot that you even took the time to talk about it. We are certainly a passionate fan base and will keep at it in the hopes it will find a home!

  20. Maureen says:

    It is obvious that your reviewer did not watch the whole show. I saw a lot of character building in both seasons. A lot of gunfights and sword fights as well (gosh how I loved Miles fighting with his sword), but the quieter episodes (often called the boring episodes) dealt with the character issues and for a fan like me they were often the highlights because we got to dig really into what made each character tick.
    The problem with shows like these is, that they are not for the casual viewer because if you tune out for a minute you lose a lot of the development.
    I love this show, and for a non TV watcher like me, it kept me tuned in every Wednesday, sitting at the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next. Are there some holes in the story line, yes, and I think it had to do with too many writers being involved, but I can look past those points, because the awesome actors, led by Billy Burke and David Lyons, did a wonderful job giving their characters new depth that made you feel with them, and yes sometimes you wanted to reach thru the TV to give them a good shake. Isn’t that what TV is feel passionate about what you watch?
    I loved the ending…not everything has to end with a bang and I loved that Revolution S2 didn’t end with the same bang as S1 when nukes were on their way to the East coast. For the regular viewer it was an eerie ending…you see the laughing clown, lights turn on (in a world with no electricity), then the lights in the town turn on one by one and you see zombie like humans walk into the town, knowing these are possessed by the Nanos. To me this was more eerie, than if another bomb had gone off. but then again, I am a diehard Revolution fan.

    • Bonnie Benson says:

      I have to totally agree with much of what you said. Yes there were plenty of sword fights and gun fights but there was amazing depth and connection between all the characters. Sometimes I believe that is part of the problem – too many people want these reality based shows or simple shows that are just surface ridiculous. For those of us that had the ability to see the psychology of each character, to understand the sociological aspects of each episode and to fully understand the group dynamics – this was an awesome show!!

    • Patrick says:

      I sort of bailed after the hiatus in the middle of season one. I saw a few of the episodes back from the break, and they were only OK. Eps stacked up on my DVR, and nothing I read about previews hooked me. Eventually I just deleted the shows.

      This show was lost in the wilderness. It went off the rails in S1. They had no long term plan for the show. This is why promising pilots don’t make it to series. The ability to make a great pilot does not translate into a long term hit show. Creatives seem to whine a lot about the producers, studios, and nets asking about season 2, 3, 4, and beyond. They want to know there is a plan.

      Lost made the best hour of TV I have ever seen in the pilot. They lost me in mid season 2. OUAT was great all S1. Quit watching early in S2. And I wasn’t alone. It isn’t that serialized shows are hard for viewers to connect with and follow. Its that some shows simply have no long term plan, and when that eventually comes home to roost, viewers bail.

    • Carla Krae says:

      Thank you, yes, exactly. And I have NO problem with the nanites story. AI’s rising against their creators has been a story in fiction since Asimov and has been done all kinds of ways. I love the creepy extent hinted at in the finale.

    • Agree with everything you said, Maureen. Revolution was the only show I actually watched and despite the sci-fi stuff the show quickly became my favorite. Revolution was like a highlight of the week (or my life) during those two wonderful seasons. I loved and enjoyed every minute of it and as another diehard Revolution fan I need Season 3 and more of the amazing show.

    • AGREE!!!! @NBC if you don’t bring Revolution Back, Another network WILL undoubtedly CASH IN on your Loss!!!!

  21. I am just so happy that you guys even took the time to talk and write about it! The Revolution fandom has been really diligent in finding a new home for this show! We believe in in whole-heartedly and aren’t ready to give up. So, lets Firefly this b***h and get it relocated! (or a movie, yeah, I’ll take that too)

  22. John says:

    Revolution was one of my favourite shows and was gutted when I found out it had been cancelled. Maybe it wasn’t for everyone but there a lot of fans wanting to see a season three. After the season two finale I think it’s only fair the fans deserve a season three! I mean with the nano taken over a whole town you just know something interesting is going to happen..

  23. Jeff Creech says:

    NBC buried Revolution. It was in hiatus for several months after season 1, & when they finally brought it back, they never advertised it at all. Then they canceled just before season 2 ended because the ratings were “too low.” Well now there is an international army of fans working together 24/7 on social media, emails & writing letters to every network they can think of to try & relocate this unique, imaginative epic series.

  24. Sally says:

    Awesome show. While I realize the writers of this article are not that enthusiastic about #relocaterevolution there are millions of devoted fans worldwide. The 8 pm time slot is family time viewing. This is more of an adult show and should have been scheduled for a later time. No wonder ratings dropped. What was NBC thinking? Going to cable would be the best thing for #revolution. More freedom for the writing team to expand storylines. The Walking Dead would not have succeeded if it was on commercial tv. Revolution is of that caliber and could be a great success with the right publicity and management.

  25. David Tyler says:

    Yes the world needs more REVOLUTION… It is fresh, exciting, and makes one wonder “what would really happen if the lights to go out permanently”. So therefore I say bring it back!!!

  26. Bonnie Benson says:

    I wasn’t sold on the nano becoming the main focus but I believe the story, the characters, the actors and the fact that there was collaboration with the United Nations to bring awareness to the millions that live without power today, are great reasons to bring this show back. I agree there may have been too much too fast but I still think there is plenty of story potential. I want to know more and I want to see more. I don’t believe that the ratings would have dropped if NBC didn’t switch the show to Wednesdays and didn’t have as many gaps in between shows. Revolution was and could be a great show that goes for many seasons.

    • Carla Krae says:

      That’s another thing that was never talked about – I didn’t know about the UN collab until I saw it on NBC’s site for the show. No promotion for a wonderful cause!!

  27. Janet Logg says:

    Revolution should definitely Be Powered Back Up! 40000 signatures and growing by the day speaks volumes along with 7 million viewers, awesome writing, production and casting makes a show worth watching, I fail to understand why they decide to take something of air that is obviously pulling in the viewers and keep utter rubbish, makes no sence.
    This constantly happens with great story lines and great shows, the viewer gets hooked and then midway through it’s axed without any conclusion, why? I for one among many have come to the conclusion that it’s pointless watching something that has you longing for the next episode to be aired because deep down you know that sooner or later it will be axed never knowing how it will end, TV is getting very disappointing!
    I do not agree with your comments about Revolution when the TV is filled with utter rubbish most of the time, reality programmes, gardening, cooking it’s full of them.
    You only have to look at Twitter/ Facebook and read the fans comments to understand why the show is loved by so many!!
    So Yes!! Please Power Back Up Revolution!!

  28. Mary Greene says:

    I loved Revolution. I never missed one episode in the entire 2 years. I would be so happy for it to come back.

  29. Brynna says:

    I would love to season a third season. After The Crazy Ones, this is the show I was most disappointed to lose.

  30. Kathy Lukins says:

    this is the most orginal story ive seen in a long time. please dont let the story end.

  31. ashapark says:

    Reblogged this on UCShipperchick's guide to all things fangirl and commented:
    These things need to be addressed and unless they get fixed, S3 isn’t going to happen. I need some Charlie/Monroe to keep going, not the grossness is Rachel/Bass.

  32. Taylon says:

    Yes I totally agree or if this show is to come back on for sure then at least bring back Jason it’s just kit the same without…. Otherwise, just make a few more episode or a movie (that is a better idea) to finish it! I mean there’s no ending it just leaves me a little more angry with this whole show, but yet relieved because I really don’t care about anyone beside Charlie & Jason in the show so..,… I guess I’m really kust up in the air….

  33. Taylon says:

    Plus this show is the only reason why I like NBC & whatcha it more then often

  34. Taylon says:

    Plus this show is the only reason why watch Nbc or even watch it more then I normally would! 😒

  35. Fourat Sakka says:

    #RelocateRevolution !! best show ever !!

  36. David4 says:

    No and no.

    Next topic please.

  37. Gwen McGraw says:

    I loved this show since the pilot in 2012. I love it more today than back in 2012. This show deserves to be renewed by NBC or picked up by TNT – BOOM! NBC, give this show another chance…you will not be sorry!

  38. Cynthia Orr says:

    I really like the show and think it should be continued.

  39. @tonyaarroyo13 says:

    The show touched the lives of the viewers in ways that surprise even me. The story showed characters facing life with no electricity, cancer, depression/mental illness, unsafe food/drinkable water, unsanitary conditions, injuries, lack of proper medical care and so much more. They dealt with this issues with fear, anger, hatred, faith,hope and love. This story made us think and made us care.
    Let me just tell you that I have never fought for a TV show before, I might have even said it was silly to get that attached to entertainment, but I was wrong. The issue that connected me to the show, was my battle with cancer. The characters and show became an outlet for me, providing me with entertainment, a distraction and a wonderful glimpse of bad ass warriors fighting for their cause. My story is just one of hundreds that I have heard, people have been affected by this show regardless of what anyone thinks. What other show had viewers, looking up the United Nations to see what they could do to help others around the world?

    There is more story to tell, a wonderful cast that can tell it and fans willing to consider Kickstarter campaigns and pay for viewing sites like Netflix and Hulu. 40k signatures on the petition, 6/7+ million viewers according to 7 day ratings, hundreds of dedicated people sending emails, using Twitter, using Facebook, writing letters and making calls – maybe we are on to something great here and we just need someone willing to step up and save it.

    • @fifiring says:

      I couldn’t agree more Tonya! I loved every second of this show because it was different from all of the other shows in the genre. I loved how the powers that be weren’t afraid to kill off popular characters, even if I didn’t particularly want that character gone – I felt it added to the overall suspense & tension levels when one of them was facing a particular situation, because there was no mental safety-net telling me that everything was going to be ok…
      I loved all of the main characters, and I loved that we got to see how the characters developed from one episode to the next. In such as dystopian future, the temptation would be strong to have an “every man for himself attitude”, but our rag tag crew put everyone else’s needs ahead of their own, and in doing so developed into a makeshift family. Of course, as with all families there’s bickering, snarkiness, and attitude every now & again but at its very core is love, and a steely determination to protect the other members – THAT is what made Revolution viewers return week after week, the all too human nature of its main characters! Time and time again we saw them make mistakes, time and time again we saw them work to fix them, because in a post apocalyptic world, the thing that people need most to survive, is other people!
      Of course, viewers also loved the sword fights, the hand to hand combat, the explosions(we are, afterall, only human…), and the machinations of the villains (most notably Tom Neville), and we were finally getting to the crux of the whole matter with the Nanos!
      Like Tonya, this is my first time fighting for a t.v. show, but I think Revolution is well worth the fight! #RelocateRevolution has become my battle cry, and I am proud to call others to arms… To say we were bloodied & bruised by NBC’s decision to cancel Revolution would be an understatement, but we’ve learned quite a lot from our erstwhile heroes – we’ve learned to get back up, dust ourselves off, and fight each battle as it comes ’til we win the war!

  40. Sarah says:

    Personally, I love Revolution and think that a third season would be amazing! The show has phenomenal actors, cast and the best combination of genres on TV. I love scify, comedy, action, mystery and drama and Revolution has just that. I have many favorite show, but I have never fought for one as much as I have for Revolution. I think that what hurt the ratings was that there were too many and too long of breaks. I’m hoping that someone will pick it up so that we can have more episodes with our favorite characters. Please relocate Revolution!

  41. Kanani says:

    Revolution is a great quality show!Amazing & Talented cast,incredible storylines,Awesome stunts thanks to Jeff Wolfe! best Bromace on TV w Billy Burke & David Lyons,they work so great together!Edge on the seats action pack adventure!So much story left to tell,this show deserves a Season 3 & more!It has a HUGE loyal Fanbase that love & believe in this show!Fans are doing everything in their power to Relocate Revolution to a new network!
    We want,need & deserve a Season 3 for this great show!

  42. I would like to see at least a 13 episode season to wrap up the story. I feel like I have no ending for Revolution. NBC moved it to Wed. and also only put it on the schedule one or two weeks every month. Did NBC want Revolution to fail? I think they did. Even though Netflix has not made new episodes of Jericho yet (I still have some hope left) I do hope they will consider making new episodes of Revolution!

  43. i LOVE this show! there is SO much story that could be told, and it could take any direction. it needed more than two seasons to get going as it’s such a vast story with great potential! yes, please bring it back for the millions of devoted fans such as I!

  44. LK says:

    The Miles/Bass bromance is what makes me love this show and why it needs to be renewed – we are beginning to see the humor and definitely feel the passions that make us love these characters. I think Season 3 would set the world on fire!

  45. M3rc Nate says:

    What this show needed to do to have substance is have the writers/showrunner play Fallout 3/The Division/many other post-apocalyptic games, and watch all of The Walking Dead and Jericho. Tones and stories and threads from those games/shows can be taken and adapted to a world where the power went out around the world and didnt come back. Mix in some actual realism with real life survivalists and preppers and experts who can inform you of what the world would look like and how humanity would devolve and what things would get better (if any).

  46. Jenn says:

    Yes! Revolution deserves a Season 3! With a great Cast, characters, stunt crew, and writers, Revolution gave us an hour to escape to each week. There is still a lot of story to tell, and chatacter history undiscovered. Hopefully someone will pick up this great show!

  47. Mark D. Moss says:

    Shows like this need writers with a firm, known endgame, a religious adherence to an inherent internal logic, and a concise set of arcs with shorter seasons than is common with American TV. Revolution had a very good cast, but *none* of the aforementioned … so it meandered, often made little to no sense, and whiplashed relationships in an almost laughable way. There is a long list of way better shows with way more of a likelihood to be worth the effort. Move on.

    • Gwen McGraw says:

      Over 7.7million viewers don’t agree with you. Every scene in Revolution had some type of meaning. The writers intricately wrote these nuances in their scripts. The viewer had to be sharp and on que to catch the sardonic references. We fans will not move on because we want more #Revolution. There is still so much more story to be told.

    • Dylan says:

      Obviously you didnt watch it faithfully like the us fans. We were perfectly capable of following along and never had moments of things not making sense. It all made perfect sense to us. i also dont understand your whiplashing relationship comments. I didnt see that at all.

  48. Ben says:

    Love the concept of this column – lets see one for Almost Human too.

  49. @fifiring says:

    Revolution deserves at least one more Season! Why? Revolution had a great storyline, it had heroes, it had anti-heroes, it had lots of action, it had a slew of awesome characters (none of whom was perfect – but they were trying), it made a person think about what kind of person they’d ultimately be – given the same circumstances, it was funny with some quite poignant moments, it had an awesome cast with obvious chemistry, and it had sword fights – lots & lots of them, but I believe its main selling point was its characters and their devotion to each other (that and the fact that it had a cast that was exceptionally easy on the eye! It also had unfinished business, which needs to unfold as originally planned – with a Season 3!