American Idol: 6 Most-Appreciated Improvements -- and 6 Biggest Missteps -- of the Season 13 Reboot

Like an inebriated guest at a limbo party, American Idol‘s ratings kept dipping lower and lower in Season 13. The show’s latest finale sank 25 and 28 percent from a year prior — down to a 10.5 million total viewers and a 2.6 demo rating.

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Now, the question for the show as it begins the Season 14 audition process in a few weeks is whether those numbers can be reversed — or at least if the bleeding can be stopped.

VIDEO | American Idol Winner Caleb Johnson Talks Bond-Theme Aspirations, R-Word Dustup and the Importance of a Full Band

I went back and took a long, hard look at Idol’s 2014 edition — its first under new executive producer Per Blankens — with an eye on six major changes that worked and six tweaks that landed more awkwardly than a Randy Jackson catchphrase.

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Check out my gallery of ideas — via the blue button beneath the photo above or by clicking THIS LINK — then weigh in with what you thought worked (and didn’t) in Season 13. And for all my reality TV news, interviews, exclusives and galleries, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. The first thing that doesn’t work, Michael, is your link in the article! lol

    • Michael Slezak says:

      Fixed! Sorry ’bout that!

      • Summer says:

        Your video of the Idol season is spot on and Hilarious! Thanks for helping to lighten up everyone’s frustrations. I agree with you that IDOL HAD magic. It has produced so many Real Deal artists. It was always about finding the BEST VOCAL contestant and not about the judges and their performances, camera time, and egos. Everyone writing on here should write the producers of Idol directly about our concerns. There is power in numbers and American Idol does need to be saved. they need to go BACK to what worked.
        I HATE the voice more then anything. I hate the way they do everything on the voice. It is NO competition with AI. And Adam Levine is nauseating in every way. I really hope the Producers read these comments and stop trying to copy any other show…keep what works and bring back or hire judges that keep their EGOS out of the limelight…it aint about them!!
        Keep the cameras on the CONTESTANTS when they sing. Get rid of JLO and HARRY C immediately and bring on humble judges that bring knowledge, honesty, experience, along with style.
        More detailed mentors segment.
        Thanks for all your work this year!

    • Crackdily says:

      The link is next to the article, and below Jlo’s face…

  2. kymbalk says:

    I would love to see them discussing their song choices with producers and lifting back the veil of secrecy a bit. I would also like to see them practicing their songs and getting real criticism that results in an improved performance. Eliminate Randy Jackson…sorry Dawg….but it’s time to go. Also, enough of the forced hashtags!

    • Larc says:

      The time for Randy to go has a long white beard on it by now.

    • Summer says:

      kymbalk..Yes..This would help save the show. The mentors should be the Best Top past Idols and current Artists that come in and show the process of helping them achieve an amazing performance. David Cooks segment was enlightening and they should have had Adam Lambert doing more detail mentoring because he alone made History on Idol….He had the most artistic jaw dropping performances and has the best Vocals of anyone. Idol should put Adam in the Idol ” HALL of Fame”.
      They should spend any extra time on mentors helping the contestants.
      Keep the camera on them while they perform and NOT on the judges or audience. We wait all week for the contestants short performance and don’t need the distractions of judges talking, laughing, or simulated pole dances. This needs to stop.
      Hope the producers listen so AI can be saved.

  3. I would love to see real mentoring sessions with the contestants truly working on improving their performance. The ones with former Idols this season was just the beginning of what they could be.

    Although I know it is vital for them to prove themselves relevant to the current music scene, even though this season’s winner didn’t do that, I’d love to see them have to work with some older music and different styles. Overall, there were a lot of songs chosen this year that I thought were just basically horrible songs, no matter who sang them. Can’t they have a mix?

  4. qj201 says:

    Not one mention of how stale Cheesecrest is getting. Same old, same old. I can predict exactly what Ryan is going to say. And the completely inauthentic way he interacts with people is almost Charismatic Robot.

    Why do we even need a host. Wanna cut the budget, ax Ryan and hire a mentor to do the behinds the scene stuff and the judges do the on stage hosting.

  5. Jim says:

    I actually hated the 30 minutes results show. It became about just revealing the result and 27 minutes of nothing. In the old 60 minute result format we used to get a performance from a superstar, a performance from an Idol alumni, a cheesy group number from the contestants ( which I loved), and even the Ford videos were kind of clever in the early days. Plus the slow reveal of who is in the bottom 3, dragged out over an hour gave us more time to speculate than the “you’re safe,you’re safe,ypu’re safe,you’re in jeopardy, you’re out” in five minutes we got this year. The only thing I kind of liked this year on the results show was the after-show dinner chat. But even that seemed more staged and producer manipulated as the season went on.

    • RD says:

      I have to agree. Without the peripheral stuff and extra performancesI found myself happily finding the elimination results on the web instead of watching the 30 minute show.

      • Emma says:

        I have a feeling there isn’t going to be a results show at all next season.

        • LeahKittyS says:

          Emma, they are seriously talking about getting rid of the results show. I would not be surprised if they follow through with that plan.

          • JayNC says:

            How will that work? Will they tally the votes instantly? Or will we have to wait a week to find out? It is making me anxious.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            I imagine it would be like they now do on “Dancing With the Stars.” When the Top 13 sing, for example, nobody goes home, but then someone is cut at either the beginning or end of next week’s show. I wouldn’t mind if they did this; it would free up another night for me.

  6. ChellemaBelle says:

    Love the points about transparency with the song selection list, but I’d also automatically include former idol contestants to sing each week in the results show. I’d also go so far as to say it would be very interesting to have duets with former and current contestants. Not only would they get the mentoring, but it would show how they can effectively collaborate. Essentially, revisit the Group Night concept, but with a little sanity (Psych vs Psycho). And no, hiding them backstage to sing backup doesn’t count.

  7. AW says:

    I would like to see Gene Simmons come back as a guest judge or mentor. I remembered him as one of best guests on American Idol a while back! He just knew how to coach the contestants really well!

  8. zaza says:

    I would love to see them pick good singers with actual personalities! I feel like contestants who are quirky and original (and who actually have talent and star potential) are continually passed over for contestants who are “safe” in a drab way. I get that a lot of these kids are diamonds-in-the-rough, and therefore not prone to sparkling right off the bat, but then give them some polishing, aka actual mentoring, so that they can improve and shine!

    • susela says:

      I agree! Where was this year’s Casey Abrams? I waited and waited for someone to surprise and delight me, but the season lacked any of those performance moments that leave you slack-jawed. I’ve watched since Season 1; this is the first year I didn’t bother to watch either night of the finale.

  9. syb says:

    Can’t argue with any of that, either the positives or the negatives! Everyone I know who watches would agree with every point.
    I would say, I think the whole mentor role for Randy thing was a sham from the git go, and whatever contestants depended on his advice did so at their peril. I have always assumed that most of the weekly mentoring, or at least coaching and advice goes on behind the scenes with anonymous vocal coaches and rehearsal musicians. Just like the “judges” commentary, the mentor sessions seem to me to have always been primarily designed for entertainment of the audience, and not education of the contestants. So while I have no problem waving goodbye to Randy Jackson as “mentor” and I would love it if some useful mentors did some mentoring on screen, I just don’t think the Dawg had either a positive or a negative effect on the performances we saw. He was just there like “#idolselfie.” White noise–time to peruse the fridge.
    Although this wasn’t an “innovation” that started with Blankens, I would like to see AI kick the obsession with youth, often manifesting in the form of vanilla contestants whose potential will not be developed over the course of a few months in a frantic fishbowl. Yes there are 16 and 17 year olds who are ready for prime time. Jena, Anyone?. But Sam and Malaya weren’t examples of that kind of musical maturity, and yet we had the judges doing verbal contortions to try to convince us that they were adept and creative vocal technicians with “gravitas!” Nonsense. Kids don’t want to watch awkwardly bad performers anymore than their parents and grandparents do. Let’s cast for the singing and performing, not the looks and age demographic.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Beautifully stated, Syb. I agree with every single point you made. The ageism in music pissed me off in general, and I’d love to see that go the way of the dodo bird. It’s kind of like size 00 models… why?! Let’s get more “oldies” like Kat Perkins from The Voice or Elise Testone from Idol a few seasons back. Sure, they’re “old’ by popular music standards, but maybe those standards need to change? No easy solution unfortunately, but I support your suggestion 100%.

      • HTGR says:

        Elise wasn’t even that old. 28 when she was on the show. That’s really not old even by pop music standards. Madonna was at the height of her record selling, Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles, etc. etc. back in the early modern pop days and today, I mean Gaga, Beyonce, Perry, plenty of late 20-something, early 30-something at the tops of the charts today too.

        • HTGR says:

          Perri too. Same age class and yet all over the charts in a big way.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Everyone you named got their starts as teenagers and were already either on top of the charts as a teenager or very early 20s. I’m talking about an unestablished artist in their late 20s. The cards are VERY VERY VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRY heavily stacked against them. Over 30 is basically a death sentence unfortunately.

          • HTGR says:

            I guess to some extent, although Madonna was more mid-20s. Maybe same for some of The Bangles too? Quite some number probably peaked sales more like late 20s to earliest 30s though. It’s probably gotten younger on average these days, especially after the 16 year old Britney thing dominating pop sales for some time in her teens above and beyond the rest and after that you started hearing some comments about how 20 might mean you should be…. done?!! Which was taking things to a crazy extension.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Katy Perry’s age when I Kissed A Girl released: 23
          Madonna’s age when Borderline released: 24
          Beyonce’s age when Destiny’s Child released No, No, No: 17
          Gaga’s age when Just Dance and Poker Face were released: 22
          Mariah Carey’s age when Vision of Love was released: 20
          The list goes on and on. The industry is just as brutal to the men, but I don’t feel like looking up more dates. lol Classical music isn’t much better unfortunately, which is monumentally idiotic considering the female voice isn’t fully mature til around 30 and the male voice can take well into the 40s if he’s a bass. So stupid. So very very stupid.

  10. Emma says:

    If you are not a Jennifer Lopez fan, this show is unbearable to watch. And I am most definitely not a fan of hers. I read Michael’s reviews and watch Reality Check and some of the performances online but I just can’t bear to watch the show as long as she’s on it.

    • Norma Torres says:

      Emma: thank you so much for your words – you are 100% right – JLo’s voice irritates the heck out of me. Her singing voice is even worse. OH MY GOODNESS.

      • JayNC says:

        That “luh ya papi” song and performance were hurl-inducing. Absolute rubbish.

        • HTGR says:

          I actually used to like her (the shame).
          But her Haley trashing 180 flip-flop and then her…. “luh ya papi”…. no es bueno!!!!

          • MamaLis says:

            Lu ya Papi was just the beginning. What happened on the finale was….. I mean…. it was like a bad accident. It was LAYERS of wrong!!
            → The lyrics to her song. Ewww. “Rockin me steady. Workin’ me out. Round after Round!” (Why is a sophisticated 47-year old woman singing that?????)
            → Ripping off her clothes to dance in the little bedazzled leotard.
            → The “down on all fours” gyration. WT -?
            → The Betty Boop singing on the piano.
            → The weird eye thing going on with her (right) eye – under her hair!!
            → The WAY WAY overdoing it with the tambourine and bouncy-bouncy on the lame group song, which I don’t even remember what it was. All I remember is that she was over-the-top.

            Like I said, LAYERS of wrong!

  11. Lking says:

    I was so fed up with Jlo on my screen each week, which seemed to increase the closer we got to the Finale. When she shared a screen with Alex during his home visit, I wanted to ask if Casper was Idols new cameraman. Jeeze enough already. If I want an overdose of Jennie from the block, I watch Selana, the one good movie she made. I don’t know how these new producers could make so many dumb mistakes in one season. Get the Idol base to mentor each week and sing a song, if they have an elimination night next year. Keep,Jlo,off the screen in her seat and tell zhardy to lighten up. Randy? Haven’t a clue.

  12. Jen says:

    I guess I’m in the minority that I am most interested in the performance as an end product. I am not as interested in seeing how it came to be. I don’t want to be told what I should care about. I don’t care about what could have been.

    Also, I don’t understand how Keith gets off so easy. There were just as many cut aways to him dancing, singing along, etc. I didn’t want to see either of them during the performances.

    • moonriver22 says:

      I don’t know how you can say there was as much footage of Keith as JLo! It wasn’t even close. And imo Keith looked like he was enthusiastic and having fun. JLo looked like she was at a strip club and not even a nice one.

    • Liz says:

      Keith’s delicious, and his criticisms come across in a nice manner also. We all have our fav’s, but most agree that the middle chair could be occupied by someone with a less self-centered personality.

  13. ME says:

    I agree with all of your points. The only thing I would add is that they should have not glossed over their 500th episode milestone. I thought the fans and former contestants/winners should have had an episode all to themselves. Remember when they did idol gives back for a couple of years? They should have down something like that. It might have helped with the ratings!

    Also, AI and The Voice need to have someone do their homework and not have the contestants on both shows doing the same songs. It is annoying and it makes people less interested in both shows if different people keep doing the same list of songs year after year.

    They should also have a mandatory performance from a former idol contestant/winner on every results show next season. And if they mentor, they should get to perform. I would’ve loved to see Adam perform.

  14. patdamico says:

    Michael, as usual, these were all clear-headed, excellent suggestions. I found it curious, though, that on the one season with the most positive changes in the history of this show (limited vote system, more current song choices, no stupid theme weeks, better panel… excepting the JLo monopoly, etc.), it turned out to be one of the least entertaining and talented ones. The bottom line is this: in order for any improvements to be effective they have GOT to start putting through real talent. I don’t know who is on their committee that decides who makes it through to actual auditions in front of the judges, but it seems obvious to me that’s where the biggest problem is on this show. I find it impossible to accept that out of all the thousands who try out, the best of those have made it through. You want proof? Just compare the level of talent that continually gets showcased in The Blinds on The Voice to that of AI’s early audition shows. There is no comparison. Fire those guys, comprise a new filtering committee, and stop putting through “sure bets” (based on YouTube fandom and industry word-of-mouth), and just put through the best talent.

    The only other suggestions I’d make in addition to Michael’s:

    1). Find a new sound engineer. Holy cow. I mean, for a show as rich as this one, the sound engineering is atrocious. I cannot emphasize this enough.

    2). Allow more original music. The days of the karaoke novelty are lonnnnng gone. The one thing I will never agree with Michael on is this obsession with forcing these singers “outside their boxes.” I have never understood the logic behind that. I won’t ever buy a CD of these people doing cover music. I want a better idea of what kinds of artists these singers can be before I bother voting for anyone, and the best way to do that is to let them sing their own stuff, or to continually choose music that represents them better/that they can change up for their styles.

    3). Start producing two separate Reality Checks: one for AI and one for The Voice. Melinda made mention of not getting to know The Voice’s contestants as well as AI’s, but how could you when you only talk about them for 5 minutes out of each video? It’s high time you gave equal time, and, c’mon it can’t be that hard to add one more 15-20 min. vid per week. Show the love for your loyal fan base! Plus, I just can’t get enough of Jason’s editing, so there’s that selfish reason, too.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Yes, yes, and yes again on point #2. I don’t need to hear an R&B artist covering Shania Twain or a male pop crooner covering Etta James. Moments like those make me gag and gag hard. I’m ok with boring and predictable if boring and predictable means awesome vocals. That’s why I never understood the criticism of season 12 and all the ballads. I mean, those kids could sing the bejesus out of those ballads, so why not? I thought (most of them) were awesome.

      • Ed says:

        I fully support allowing the contestants to sing songs they would like, that are in their wheelhouse AND that represent the type of artist they want to be. NO ONE is trying to be a disco singer anymore.

      • Mary says:

        Angie because it became dull. I love me some ballads but man They were putting me to sleep. I for one like variety fast and slow. Yes season 12 could sing but really none of them had uptempo in their bones.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I guess the difference here is I was ok with that. If someone can’t do uptempo, I’m ok with ballad after ballad if they can sing those well. That doesn’t bore me one bit. They’re playing to their strengths. I’d rather that than them being forced to sing uptempos that they can’t sing well. I’m not a proponent of variety for the sake of variety.

      • HTGR says:

        But if you think about it, when they forced them to go out of the box and actually change up, they got their best winners!
        And honestly even with the southern vote and Scotty love and manioulations, no way Haley would not have walked away with S10 if they had forced them to truly change up and try to handle each style.

    • Ed says:

      I agree with all you have said!! Great additions to Michael’s list. I thought (at least the last 2 seasons if not 3) the sound was terrible!!!! I found it often hard to hear the singing for all the blaring music.

    • elizabeth3613431 says:

      Thank you for mentioning the sound engineering. The horrible driving back beat that they featured at the beginning of each show as the judges came out was crazy bad.

    • CM says:

      I could be wrong but, the auditions for AI are the open-call auditions that anyone can go to. For the Voice, people have to go through open-call and then they get the Blind Audition.

    • JayNC says:

      A long message, but worth reading. I agree with everything you said.

    • syb says:

      On your point two–I think for me the reason I enjoyed hearing the contestants take on themes outside of their preferred genres is that it did give me a better idea of the kind of artist the contestant would be. It’s my impression that most of the covers the contestants choose from their own genre more often than not do sound karaok/ copycat. Taking on an unfamiliar song out of genre is more like singing an original song than an Ed Sheeran type singing Ed Sheeran or a Whitney type singing Whitney. Those performances are almost inevitably unmemorable. Even established artists do covers occasionally. But when they do, they do it because they can spin it in an interesting and different way.

  15. Julie Anderson says:

    I’d love for them to be able to sing longer.

  16. karen says:

    I’m not liking the new website design. It cheapens It looks like

  17. patdamico says:

    I’d love for them to be able to sing longer.


  18. Spurs says:

    IMO… judges are bland. Some conflict and drama is exciting. As a casual viewer I found Harry like a boring professor giving a lecture, who the heck cares about the technical stuff mumble jumble…. Simon said it in layman’s terms. The judges were just bland, predictable, and boring. I would of gotten rid of all the judges. Besides, where’s the token black guy or person? I rather see Nicki Minaj on the panel than J.Lo. Minaj is looking good these days without the wigs. lol

    Themes were too general and the contestants picked songs in their comfort zone = not many songs outside their wheel houses = boring. I like to see Dexter, CJ, Alex sing a disco theme song. I missed Beatles, Country, etc themes.

    The outfits these contestants were wearing seem like out of a second hand store or high school attire. Season 12 you had Amber and Angie wearing some glam outfits and looking glam. Also, the fugly looking contestants for both the girls and guys.

    Unfortunately, the same judges are coming back. If Randy comes back too… then it’s going to be the same as this failed season. Too bad.

  19. Matt Barnes says:

    we get it! you don’t like Randy! shoot… i don’t care for him that much either, but i’m so sick of hearing about how much you hate Randy every time you talk about Idol that i almost miss the fact that you have other points that are actually really great! i still tune in because you do have great things to say, but i’m getting to the point where i can’t sit through the Randy-rants anymore. can’t you just, once and for all, make an “I hate Randy!” statement that never needs to be made again because we all get it and all know it and (mostly) all agree with it? you should make a banner that goes at the top of every Idol article you write and a disclaimer for the beginning of every Idol video you make so we don’t have to hear about it anymore.


    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I never tire of Slezak’s Randy hatred. It energizes me and gives me the fuel to finish my day. So I will respectfully disagree with you on that point. Randy hate in any and all forms and preferably increased frequency is fine by me!

  20. Jerry says:

    They should also take away the ridiculous “Vote to keep everyone together, or send someone home tonight” twist. Though it did give us a “Survivor Tribal Council blindside” moment when the judges were absolutely shocked when two people decided to play the game!

    I always think it’s very unfair to Jena and Alex for them to receive criticism that way. In hindsight, 4 out of 5 contestants can be argued to play selfishly. Jena and Alex wanted someone to leave, while Jessica and Sam wanted to keep everyone together, knowing that they are most likely the ones leaving. So while Sam’s fans were talking trash about Jena and Alex, the truth is Sam also made the selfish decision to keep everyone together (i.e. advance himself to another week undeservedly) when he should have been the one leaving.

    I quite literally LOLed when Jena said in an interview that she voted to send someone home because the season has been going on forever.

    • Idol Zombie says:

      All good observations by Michael – IMO they will have to oust both Randy & J. Lo to even have a chance at retaining a good share of the Idoloonies that were still watching from this year, and getting much “hopeful” good press for next season.

      This panel of Judges along with Randy and the asst. Producers, created and manipulated a talent funnel that put 3 really incredibly poor acts into the top 13, which undermined the quality of the show, causing more viewers to drop-out and lose interest.

      They tried to dress them up with human interest side stories which kept some around a while – but it was never a real show until the top 5 started.

      By then, it was too late to keep building audience. Not just my opinion, many others who write and cover Idol around the country for their publications or local stations, were fed-up with 2 hour shows when some contestants seemed more like a Friday night act at the local city park than “the most talented Idol top 13 ever”.

      Is TV Line going to cover “Rising Star”?? Starts June 22nd.

  21. Ed says:

    It is like you were watching over my shoulder when I did my iCount survey on the AI season as a whole. So many of the same hits and misses. My biggest, of course was the return of the Dawg, but one of my faves was the shorter results show… thank God… the only thing better is the elimination of the results show next season. Oh, and YAY no bad/ridiculous auditions!!

  22. I was ok with most of the changes this year and WOULD have stuck around if it wasn’t for the show assuming that it is the center of the universe and posting spoilers on Facebook minutes after that week’s contestant was sent home. Some of us can’t be home right when it airs and DVR it to watch the next day. After three weeks of them TELLING me who went home via other sites their message came through loud and clear. I didn’t need to watch any longer and dropped the show for good. I even returned after the train wreck Minaj beast drove me away last year. On a positive note….LOVE Harry Connick as a judge!!

  23. Nichele says:

    Great list. Yes, you did miss the all important Ryan Seacrest and his phony feeble attempts to become cool. He was clearly trying to be more like Carson Daly, engaging more with contestants, more touchy-feely, more “everybody’s buddy” than stiff host. He even teared up during Jena’s hometown video! His new character this year made me feel like he and the judges were specifically told to try and recreate the magic found over on The Voice. It never worked because it all fell very short. The attempts to do something off the wall (ie. Ryan’s shoe, Harry hoisting young girl, selfie garbage, Ryan’s hots for JLo, Ryan’s song) were also obnoxious and clearly staged to fill air time (as you mentioned) and try to make it into the next days’ trending news stories to stay relevant. Ryan being more friendly was a plus, but it was taken to a creepy level with him constantly touching the contestants and judges and sometimes steering the in-between banter with very awkward questions and comments.

  24. Sara Vander Fliet says:

    There are far too many shows on TV that are all trying to gain what AI did in the beginning. Too much of a good thing makes them all fall into a “nothing special” category. Being unique, as AI once was has gone by the boards. This years panel was wonderful, and Ryan Seacrst is the pernultimate host. However, the talent this year although good, did not differentiate themselves from anyone else on the networks.

  25. Mary says:

    Michael you have some valid points but I for one liked the newer songs. I wouldn’t mind theme week but they have to update those because sorry the contestants are from a different generation even if the audience isn’t. I am in the minority but I didn’t mind seeing the judges reaction when the contestants sang and to be honest the majority of the them were not entertaining to watch, it could of been less Jlo, maybe more on the audience but whatever. The show is old don’t know if anything will give it a boast enough to swing it around but I will say they have to put in a diverse group of singers that are good enough to have a shot at winning. I know their are always some fodder but put in contestants that all of them have a shot of winning and let the best be the victor. I am not the biggest fan of Randy but I do not think it is fair that he gets the blame for some of the contestants not showing growth. If you watch closely even with the other mentors some of them were incapable of doing what they suggested. Part of me like the idea of past idols mentoring but then another part of me not sure it I want my favorites to be associated with the sinking ship Idol has become. Oh well for the most part I enjoyed season 13.

  26. LeahKittyS says:

    I have been reading your columns regularly since Season 6, and I dare say you have never been more right. Unfortunately the higher-ups at Idol probably won’t be listening.

  27. RTW says:

    Uh oh, this topic got me a little heated, but it’s the internet so…carry on I suppose, haha!

    #1 – Listen to TVLine’s Michael, Melinda, Jason and some of its commenters.
    AI producers, we may not entirely agree with one another, but we actually have relevant and intelligent things to say. This is coming from your target audience!

    #2 – Cast Winners
    Remember what made American Idol so feverishly awesome in the beginning? It was an open casting call to America – just about anyone could try out, even the delusional! So when I see these top 13 from this season, I ask myself, “Out of thousands of people who auditioned, this is the best America has to offer and how do they measure up to contestants from other seasons?” Compared to the earlier years, I suspect most wouldn’t have even made it through the auditions. Also, what are their motivations for trying out? “Well, I never really thought about a career in music but my friend persuaded me to try out since they were in town.” Wrong answer, and unfortunately this remark is becoming all too common as seen in the Reality Check interview videos. I want to be invested in people who use American Idol as a platform to launch their careers. C’mon, no more high school talent show, give us the best of the best, this is national television!

    #3 – Randy Jackson has always been AI’s Achilles’ heel
    Producers. Wake. Up. Randy Jackson is an unintelligent, incomprehensible failure. Here’s a question for you TVLiners: how many of you have sung in a choir or played in a school band. Now, have you ever had an instructor/teacher who could just single out a sharp/flat instrument or singer while performing a concert C, someone who was so good at their craft you actually felt humbled by being in their presence, and that this person would rather die than call in sick? If not an instructor, how about a college professor or teacher dedicated to a field of study and made you a better person at the end of the semester? I’ve seen many of these exceptional folks and this is the mentor AI needs. We are still in a recession and there are so many highly qualified people who can see that something special in contestants and bring that out. We know Randy’s only been around so that he would stick to the producer’s script, like a “dawg” taught to roll over and heel. The growth from this year’s contestants was nonexistent and improvement has always been something the audience loves to root for. AI needs the Mr. Miyagi of mentoring, not Cobra Kai.

    #4 – This is American Idol, not the Jennifer Lopez hour.
    Seriously, these multiple camera cuts are p****** me off. Why can’t the contestants have 90 seconds of mostly uninterrupted airtime to themselves like in the previous seasons…OR LIKE IN ANY SPORT!?!? Aren’t these singers the ones competing and don’t they deserve it? Does AI realize they cut to the panel nine times during one of Caleb’s songs. NINE! The Reality Check that fabricated cuts during Adam’s Mad World was both frightening and right on. TV magic and Idol moments are created when we can actually see WHY THEY MADE IT THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!

  28. david7118 says:

    How about no theme weeks? Instead the contestant’s must select, with the help of past Idol contestants, all the songs they want to sing for the entire run of Idol and the producers work on getting clearance for those songs. You could even then make the contestant draw blindly from all their songs to see which one they will sing that week. The lists could also be made available to the public so we’d know what to expect just not necessarily when.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      David, you win this thread. Forget up-votes, here’s a trophy.

      • GuitarBlue says:

        Ever notice that “The Voice” seems to get clearance on any song they want, both old and brand new? ………………………..

        Might be possible that Idol is playing a lot of games with payola agreements with some of the Publishing Companies that control the copyrights. Therefore they pare-down to a list that they have the better agreements with. ………………………………………………

        Sometimes these songs will re-chart and also the original version by the original artist will sometimes jump back into the top 400 as well. …………………………………

        It’s partially a $$$ interest in these “approved song lists” for Idol, as well as whether the band can learn a new song arrangement in the allotted time.

    • Nichele says:

      YES! Something like this would be so much better and more entertaining. Or even if these kids had more time to prepare (like they do on The Voice) so that their performances can be better than last minute karaoke.

    • CM says:

      So much sense in one comment

    • MamaLis says:

      Except how would this differ in any way from the conundrum created by contestants wanting to pull every song they’ve ever sang from their Set List? Sorry, I actually think this misses the mark.

  29. Summer says:

    Every year on every singing competion show proves how Rare it is to find Extraordinary singers and artists. Idol was the best format at trying to find a “Worldwide Star”. Idol has delivered more real exceptional talent then any other show. I hope the producers will listen to critique so American Idol can be saved.
    The judges and mentors chosen should play a vital part in HELPING contestants in all areas of performance. Stick to this format..cut out judges performances and limit their camera time. Camera should only show the contestants when they perform…no audience or judges reactions. The judges are their to critique AFTER the performance not persuade during with ear whispers, talking and shots of simulated pole dancing. This is ridiculous and should stop. Let the viewers experience the contestants entire performance without distractions!
    The best addition is the real solid advice coming from past Idol superstars like Adam Lambert, David Cook, Daughtry and they should have others on who did unique and Jaw dropping performances because they are truly what the contestants need to aspire to. Their advice is so valuable because they walked in their shoes and should be respected for that.
    The current judges would be great if they could take egos out of the game. Humor Fun and joking around is great, but not to overshadow the limited time there is for real critique and help.
    Showing a real mentor collaboration between past Top Idols and contestants bring to life a great performance would make the show more exciting. Stop the silly fluff and get down to what matters…showing how the industry helps develope a new SUPER STAR.

  30. Summer says:

    I must add that when a Judge takes the risk at performing on American Idol next to the contestants they need to sound better then them. This year’s judges group performance showed they aren’t “All That”. Harrys voice was so weak, pitchy and off key it was painful to watch. Karma got you Harry. Keith was Vocally weak as well. JLO did well. The judges risk losing all credibility when they take the stage and can’t deliver a Super Star performance.

    • Jill Moy says:


      EXACTLY! I said right away how horrible they sang! But unlike you, I felt JLO was just as bad. It is funny how Harry thinks he knows it all but could hardly sing.

  31. Yo says:

    Holy cow. I guess smartphones and people’s habit of reading on them means the death of graphics? Pretty spare looking.

  32. Jill Moy says:

    I feel this was the worst season ever! Obviously, less JLO is needed since she’s returning! Actually, the show needs new judges! Harry was awful! Have judges that keeps the good talent, not like this year, with it’s awful talent! Let it be a surprise to everyone, who’s eliminated and the final as well! Even producers shouldn’t know results until envelope is opened! Jena, who offers nothing, comes in second? That is a joke! The ratings were so bad, AI by rights, should have been cancelled. The talent and judges turn people off.

    This year, to me didn’t have much to offer except great singers being eliminated!

    • JayNC says:

      Do you ever have anything nice or positive to say, Jill?

      • Jill Moy says:

        Positive, well, Doolittle is great, Clarkson Clay, Hudson, Sanchez, Lambert, all great! Briana Oakley was the best this year, Melanie Porris had best 1st audition, Caleb was good, etc, etc, etc. Positive: Harry great for a couple episodes. Majesty very entertaining on Rush Week! Great that results show became one-half hour. Lots of positive things I can say!

        I just don’t feel there was much this season to be positive about, that’s all!

        • Jill Moy says:


          If someone can sing, I have no complaints! Check out 15 year old JULIA GOODWIN, who sang New York State Of Mind on AGT on Tuesday. Now, she can sing and she’s good looking and speaks well!

        • Jill Hi there! I wonder if we should be blaming Judges for the talent, because I know when AI came to my city for auditions, I was told they go through 3 sets of people before they make it to sing before the judges! Its a 2 day process! And they are told whether to come back the following day or not! WE cant even guess who these “people are that pick the talent and put them through each step of this process! Do you see what Im getting at? So maybe by the time they get to the ACTUAL judges, Keith, Harry, Jennifer, what they are handed is all they have to work with. So maybe those individuals putting the contestants through the 3 steps, before they see the real judges, should be more careful and experienced at what they are doing! The reason I know about the 3 step process is a friend of mines daughter auditioned here in Portland. In fact for the “final judgement with REAL JUDGES everyone had to wait another month and then the REAL judges came in September. It was weird. The judges were NOT even here for the first 3 step process in July. I think it was “producer type people” listening to the singers.The ones picked to actually sing before judges had to wait until early September and that is when the judges arrived here!! I also remember that from the local tv news announcing this! By the way, that is when they had Steve Tyler! We have a nude beach called Sauvie Island and Steve Tyler was on the news renting a motorcycle and said he was going to ride out to our “nude Beach”. It was on the news! HILARIOUS But my whole point is WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE THAT DO THIS 2-3 STEP PROCESS. AND HOW QUALIFIED ARE THEY TO PICK TALENT FOR THE FINAL STEP, Which is the actual judges? What do you think?

          • And now the “idol bus tour” for auditions is coming through Portland and I guarantee it wont be the REAL judges but “someone” hired to hear the singers and the probably giving them a callback. So once again, WHO is going to pick the talent to go through?

          • Jill Moy says:

            I think your point has a lot of merit. Great point! But don’t forget, we witnessed the 3 main judges let through bad singers as well!

          • Jill A little blame can go to both! And why were they all sooooo young this year?

        • S Y says:

          I read thru all of your comments and I know who you are. Do you need this extra attention? Don’t you have enough already? You are so negative and you and Becca are off topic all the time. You are so conceted. I have two things to say that will make you know I know who you are. You said in a q and a a few years ago, If you’ve got it why not flaunt it baby. Remember that? Second, Summertime. Why don”t you stay on topic and say something positive. I ‘m going to make you squirm. Answer me, and tell me I’m wrong about you. I just can’t figure why you need this. Maybe to show your superiority. You don’t give your name so you can’t achieve that. Keep your negative thoughts to yourself.

  33. Sandi Cohen says:

    I am more than happy that Caleb won! Jena sang like she had marbles in her chipmunk cheeks.
    Next year, they need to concentrate on the contestants, and a lot less on the judges. No one needs to see a closeup of JLo when Alex goes home.

    • Jill Moy says:


      I am so envious of you that you thought of the perfect description of Jena (or is it Gina), the way she sings! You described it perfectly! Kudos to you….BRAVO! I meant, envious because I thought I had the perfect descriptions of her horrible voice…LOL!

  34. JayNC says:

    1. Let them sing the entire song instead of a snippet.
    2. Reduce the volume of the band so we can hear them sing.
    3. Eliminate the Save. Please. The judges shouldn’t be able to override our votes.
    4. Increase the lower age limit AND the upper age limit.
    5. Remember that the show is about the singers, NOT the judges.

  35. Jill Moy says:

    Good feature letting JLO lumber around the stage with her huge ox legs. She was hilarious, especially banging her head in I LUH YA PAPI! That will be in comedy deals for years and years! She needs to act her age! She can’t dance or sing….PERIOD! Maybe Harry, who has a crush on her can mumble like he does to JLO looking like an elephant on stage, trying to dance! Circus Circus in Las Vegas is calling!

    • Jill I read somewhere that papi means “daddy”. I luya daddy? That is so sick if that meaning is true!

      • Jill Moy says:


        IT does mean Daddy but not really your father! It’s more like a pet name(you know how a woman calls their boyfriend or husband “daddy”)? I hope you know what I mean.

        • Jill Moy says:


          It’s used by Latinos the same way a woman would call her man daddy as a pet sort of name.

        • Jill I saw that you liked Nikki as a judge! I frikken loved her! (I didnt think I would). Fantastic, actually Mariah was too! They were very good with the contestants and the camera was not on them all the time, not as much as they are on J-lo. I really liked nikki! Great personality too. She told Candice she wanted to skin her and wear her! LOL And also, there were no SHOW OFFS like Harry was being all the time. Starving for attention, the 80’s night was the night Harry should be ashamed and embarrassed! If Keith acted like that, Nicole would kick his butt! Harry carrying around the pre-teen girl in short shorts!

          • Jill Moy says:


            We think alike. Nicki told it like it was and she was humorous too! Everyone on these threads hates her! She had personality and spoke her mind!

            You say the same things that I have always said about Harry, the JLO worshipper! He can’t sing anymore and made a complete dunce out of himself and the show! He needs to go! I’ve also said he’s a HAS BEEN!

            Back to MINAJ…….She said a lot of funny things! I love to laugh! People are so serious and can’t laugh. And she was spot on most of the time with her comments.

          • I went back and listened to Briston Marony! I had forgotten just how awful he was! Geeezzz

  36. Jill Moy says:

    Meant JLO will be in comedy REELS for years! I laughed so hard I cried….honestly!

    • Jill Moy says:


      Don’t forget, these bright judges put BRISTON through top 15 boys! Would Nicki, Carey or Simon put him through even a first audition?? NOT A CHANCE!

      • Jill Moy says:


        When I was first hearing Briston, I thought he was one of the planted funny contestants! I really did!

  37. grandma Jane says:

    One other thing that I thought was an improvement. They cooled down with the human interest stories. I like a little background. I like to “get to know” the contestants. But when the sob stories start to override the talent level you get Lazaro. I think he was the biggest embarrassment ever. He was clearly way over his head, and putting him through because of his back story was a actually cruel. Then he got an attitude to boot!

  38. MamaLis says:

    You did a GREAT job with this, Michael!!!
    You’re DEFinitely the best IDOL consultant and visionary in the Idol landscape. Per needs to take notice and access your ideas in a big, big way!!
    Nice job!!

  39. e says:

    Jlo is just using Idol to enhance her career, she care less for the show, season 13 proved that she was only using Idol, Jlo need Idol and she know that and so does her management team Media, they secretly use the show to plan JLo music & movie career and she’s getting paid for using Idol, JLo and Media are a pair of swingers and it’s about time the producers wise up on to their intentions on how they use Idol time and money to enhance her career?

    • Idol Zombie says:

      You have to wonder if J. Lo and Randy have a lot of “stock” or insider interest in the Idol operation. They may have enough clout through back-door financial links to vote themselves in or out of the show as they please……………………………………..

      Common sense for a legitimate board of producers would cause them to look at the ratings and get rid of them both. Between the two, a reported 27 million price-tag could get Idol a much, much, much better deal…………………………………………………………

      Also, Randy was Mariah Carey’s “Agent” when she got her ride in the chair. Interscope Records (Jimmy Iovine) is part of the mix as well. Jimmy is reportedly worth over a half Billion dollars in assets – and that’s where the records are generally cut. ………………..

      The show has become a self-interest, insider promo machine and they would rather ride it down to the ground while pulling big contract checks till the pony dies from the celebrity weight on it’s back………………….when the season is over, they are into their own careers and could care less if the kids who made the show, get a foothold in the biz…………..

      . 2 years of Keith Urban has done nothing for ratings. Adding Connick Jr. did not help ratings at all. Seacrest makes a king’s ransom from the show. Yet, other little things concerning the contestants are subject to “budget constraint”.

    • Jill Moy says:


      JLO has sold over 80 million records, made a billion or 2 making movies, and millions on her fashion lines, etc. Do you really think she needs AI to further her career?

      I don’t like her at all and she never could sing or dance. Her acting is so so. But, she cares for the show as much as Keith or Harry and I realize she makes 17.5 million to be a judge, but this show will not boost her career in any way. THINK ABOUT IT!

      • Summer says:

        There’s no disputing JLOs mega success in the business. It’s so revealing how transparent these “STARS” are when we see them interact week after week. I used to love JLO until IDOL! Her EGO makes it hard to like her. I was so disappointed when her TRUE self came to the surface. Same with Harry. He really repulsed me. His demeanor and aura give off such negative vibes.

  40. My addition to the list of improvements would be giving the contestants one number for the whole series of finals performances.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Yes, I also appreciated that change. I just added the numbers of contestants I liked to my contacts list and speed dialed them on voting night. It made voting so much easier.

  41. dbaier says:


  42. Deb Haigh says:

    For the most part I enjoyed this seasons contestants. There were a few that made it to the top 20 that I thought were not as good as some that were eliminated but they were quickly voted off. As far as Randy.. I don’t mind him being there because he is the last of the originals and for me is the last reminder of the early seasons. I agree that I would like to see more mentoring and lots less of the judges. As a viewer I found Harry extremely obnoxious and inappropriate, He seemed more concerned with keeping the camera and attention on himself and trying to impress Jlo than anything. I also did not appreciate is constant sexual innuendos toward Keith.. I think they were his attempt at being funny but it fell very short and at times seemed to irritate or embarrass Keith. But when he commented his comments seemed valid. Jlo just needed to dress her age. More times than not her style of dress would have been better suited to a 4 yr old.. She is such a beautiful woman and should be an example of class for these up and coming stars. I do agree that way to much camera time were given to her and the others when the stars were performing. I was very unimpressed when the judges would be shown laughing or not paying attention to the performances.. IT WAS RUDE. I really like that Keith can give a critique in a very positive and nurturing way even when he finds the performance lacking. He appears to be offering advice on ways to improve rather than Judging.

  43. Merry says:

    Nicki was Idol #1 mistake. #2 for re-hire of jLo, and #3 was the first contract hire of jLo. There is no hope for Idol as long as they dish us more of her.

    • Jill Moy says:


      I disagree about Nicki! What I liked about her is she spoke her mind and didn’t go along with the other judges! If the others said they loved a singer, she’d say it was awful if that’s how she felt!

      Harry needs to go! He behaved like a total jerk and gave critical reviews when he himself sang terrible on the show! He mocked the show with his crazy antics. He let through horrible talent….BRISTON MARONEY, the worst singer I ever heard made top 15 boys! He shouldn’t have made top 15 cows!

      JLO improved as a judge. She started being her own person and wasn’t a softy anymore! She had good advice and Harry and Keith let through bums when JLO knew better. They eliminated singers who were good that JLO loved; JESSICA BASSETT is an example! I do feel JLO is showed on camera too much and her performances were pure comedy! I LUH YA PAPI is the most hilarious performance ever! Sheer comic genious!

      • Summer says:

        The real downfall started with Nikki. She was a train wreck. There was nothing likable or admirable about Nikki. They need judges with CLASS in addition to proven artistic success. There’s so much they need to fix about AI to gain viewers next year. I hope they listen and save the show.

        • Jill Moy says:


          Well, up to now I agreed with ALL your comments! Harry does need to go. He sang well when he was young. Now he stinks.

          I don’t agree about Minaj. Compared to these dingalings she was a breath of fresh air! She said what was on her mind. Well, to each their own I guess. She made me laugh at times and I liked that! Like AGT….the judges have a lot of fun and make me laugh. Everyone needs a laugh now and then.

        • Cindy says:

          I agree with you about Nikki. She was rude to contestants and fellow judges. My favorite of the 3 judges this year was Harry. He knows his music, and maybe his expertise would be put to better use if he were a mentor. Randy needs to go because he has little to offer the contestants. Too much emphasis was placed on the judges and their drama and remarks. More time should be spent listening to the contestants sing. The judging panel should be comprised of humble people such as Gene Simmons, David Archuleta or Adam Lambert. They would offer comments to the contestants in a succinct manner and not create unneeded drama.

          • Jill Moy says:


            Harry made a fool out of himself! Making JLO repeat things “because it was sexy”, blowing in hair saying he’s her new hair dryer, taking videos of her when she repeated things, etc, etc, etc! He has a crush on her! Lifting up a young girl on his shoulders is crazy! Plus, he critiques singers and when he sings, he has the same bad traits! He liked bad talent and disliked great talent! He made a mockery of the entire show! He was the “class clown!” He always wanted attention! He was great for 2 episodes! But his antics and worship of JLO ruined the show and as long as he’s a judge, the show will have bad ratings! Nobody wants to hear a Sinatra crooner who used to be great!

          • Summer says:

            AMEN!! Everything you said perfectly fit Harry C. He is such a Creepy Baffon. Like I said when these Stars get serious air time they can’t hide their TRUE SELF. ..and they all showed who they are. Then after ALL Harrys rants on technique he takes the stage AND SINGS HORRIBLE. ..JUST WOW!
            Listen up Producers to what the viewers are saying…WE are what you need or the show will die.

      • CM says:

        The problem is that JLo (or Nicki) can’t sing without auto-tune. I would like to see the middle chair filled with a woman who can actually sing. Kelly Clarkson maybe? It’d be great to have a judge who knows EXACTLY how the contestants feel.
        Harry may be a jerk at times, but he knows what he knows what he’s talking about (intonation, pentatonics). Keith can sing and gives constructive feedback.

        • Jill Moy says:


          Well, I guess Harry is coming back as it was announced a long time ago. That’s a shame. God I hope he doesn’t sing anymore on the show. We both feel if he’s giving advice to singers, he should be able to sing himself, as precise as he tries to be!

          • Hey Jill! I was watching an interview with Caleb with “Sway in the morning” and Caleb said Ryan Seacrest was holding “The Winning announcement card ” completely open and facing him and Jena! He saw his name on the card before they even announced his name and Jena was looking down the whole time so didnt notice! So I went back and looked because I still have it on DVR. Its true, Ryan was not careful at all. He had the card wide open and facing the contestants! None of us would have noticed that unless you are aware to look at it! Ryan knows better, he is supposed to hide the name on the card until it is announced! He just had it wide open in perfect view of the contestants!

        • Jill Moy says:


          Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. Harry is a real jerk. He was part of putting through BRISTON MAHRONY through to the top 15 boys! He was the worst singer ever to appear on an Idol stage!

          My point is anyone who would put him through to the top 15 boys should not be a judge. Same goes for Keith and JLO! Listen to this kid and the only thing you’ll be trying to figure out is which animal’s mating call does he sound like. I’d rather listen to William Hung!

          • Yah Jill, I dont like Harry’s demeanor. He sits with a BLANK look on his face through all of the performances. At least with simon, when he liked somebody’s performance, you could totally tell by the look on his face! Harry thinks sooooo highly of himself, he just kept that HARD poker face constantly. I have news for him! Harry, you are not Simon! I dont care about intonation! Especially coming from him, because he did not have ANY the finale night performance. In the auditions, he kept passing on good contestants. He better calm his ego down! Being on this show probably inflated his ego, because he is a HAS BEEN! This is giving him attention he hasnt had in years! Like Jill said, no one wants to see a Frank Sinatra crooner that isnt as good as Frank Sinatra!

          • Jill Moy says:


            I have always felt that nobody should know the results until the SEALED ENVELOPE is opened, on any round of AI! I didn’t know that the results were visible to Caleb and Chipmunk!

            I feel that breaches the integrity of the show! I told everyone who got the most votes and the vote was closest ever! Nonetheless, I’m glad Caleb won over Mumbles!

            Also, I think people are confusing confidence with arrogance where Caleb is concerned. He has a tiny bit of being self-centered, but far, far less than most rock singers. He didn’t come off as rude in the interview. I kind of wish he WOULD want to please his fans as they make or break you. He kept saying he was in it for himself, not for others. He should keep that to himself. I myself went through a slightly similar thing. People take things way out of context. I feel just a tiny bit of arrogance about him! But, I think he is generally a good guy and I wish him the best. He needs to think about what he’s gonna say!

  44. Fay McCoy says:

    Let’s hope American Idol LISTENS to what you’re saying because you are absolutely right!!! I lost interest in American Idol early in the show. WHAT HAPPENED…to much focus on judges and JLo’s outfits.

  45. Susan says:

    Mentor must help singers with song choices. . . clearly when it gets down to the world voting, they want to KNOW the song they are singing. Original songs should be out completely so as not to muddy the waters in the competition.

  46. gigi says:


    • Summer says:

      Caleb did just sing the song at the Whitehouse or in Washington DC. He was struggling. I agree so much about Caleb. His ARROGANT looks when the camera went on him watching others sing…his insanely RUDE CRUDE DEGRADING comments about Retards Hookers and Cocaine and ANNOYING FANS ..his flippant apology AND. ..If you really want to get nauseated listen to his Exit Interview with Micheal. .OMG…He sits there like he’s Rock Royalty…his comments on the business like he will “Call all the Shots”. WOW! YES..HE IS A TOTAL EMBARRSSSMENT to America. JEEZZ I really want them to save AI…and YES ADAM LAMBERT WOULD BE EXTRAORDINARY in any way on the show. They need to put Adam in the Idol ” HALL OF FAME”.

  47. Liz says:

    It’s clear that JLo is certainly not an asset to the show. OTOH, if she has an iron clad contract, Idol’s stuck with her. It must have been a little confusing for the contestants not knowing what to expect from Harry this past year. Would he be the surly judge, expressionless the entire show, or the silly acting guy; wildly running around to attract attention? But actually, for all the bad press the show has received, a lot of it wasn’t warranted. After watching the ‘Tony’s’ fail miserably Sunday, it’s apparent how hard it is to present a program showcasing talent week after week. The producers of the Tony show have all year to polish the show and some of the greatest talent in the country, but it turned into a major mess.

  48. ces says:

    I think they need to get rid of Ryan and JLo…

    • Jill Moy says:

      If they would stop showing JLO so much and not let her perform; use her for a judge only, it wouldn’t be so bad. She improved as a judge and for many episodes, she was spot on! The couple episodes where she went first, before H & K spoke, she was excellent! Overall, Harry was the worst of all, trying to show how great he was!

      I feel Ryan is the best part of the show… He speaks very well and holds the show together!

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  50. Sara Vander Fliet says:

    Part of the problem with American Idol is that there are too many other similar type shows on the air and the uniqueness it once had is lost. There are only so many singining types that you can watch in a season. Randy Jackson is very boring in his new role and I don’t think he is a positive addition in his new role. I don’t watch any of them any longer because they all seem to just meld into one another. In years gone by, I was truly addicted and couldn’t wait for the show to return each season. The amount of commercials is a definite turn off.